March 26th, 2010

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What are you finding it difficult to remember to do lately?

It's hot as fuck in my room for some reason and I'm constantly almost walking out to the kitchen/living room without pants on, something I don't think my suitemates would appreciate.
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Have you ever gotten into an argument with a server at a restaurant? If so, will you explain what happened?

I was having dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant earlier this evening and I ordered a salad with Italian dressing. I asked the waiter if it was a vinaigrette or a creamy dressing. He told me it was vinaigrette. What he ended up putting in front of me looked something like this but thicker. I questioned him about it and told him that I thought he said it was a vinaigrette type of dressing. His response: "It IS". I was like, "No.. It's not." He kept insisting he was right and I finally said, "Look, the point is I don't like it, whatever it is, and I would like something else, please. Can I get soup instead?" Him: "No, I'll leave you with the salad." Wow.

[EDIT] Yes, I did speak to the manager but he didn't seem to take me very seriously. His response was "I'll take care of it" and didn't seem bothered by the server's behavior at all. Needless to say I won't be returning anytime soon. Or ever.

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What's a good way you've discovered to get rid of bacne? (Acne on the back)
I wash my face and back daily, and while my face clears up except before my period, my back just seems to be constantly breaking out. I wear shirts that cover it and wear my hair up mostly, so I don't think that's it, but I'm SO sick of it, and I don't know what to do, especially with the world heating up around me, getting ready for summer.

Thanks in advance!!! :)
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Can one of you do me a big favor?

I need clipbrd.exe because I'm having a problem with clip.exe on Vista. clipbrd.exe can be found on XP or Windows 2000 and used on Vista. Can one of you please copy clipbrd.exe from your System32 file and upload it for me? I'd be eternally grateful! I will post pictures of cookies once I have the ability to C/P again!

Saved by ohkatespade!

What's your favorite candy? Will you post a picture of it?
What's your favorite savory snack? Will you post a picture of that?

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So, my friend is here complaining about her whole body itching and she's breaking out in these little red dots. I've already looked on WebMD for her and I couldn't find anything, so I'm turning here to see if anyone may have an idea.

These little dots are appearing all over her body, but not in huge patches and not a lot at once, they're very small and aren't really showing up in specific areas other than her sides, chest and back. They're just everywhere in general. She says they're only prickly, sting and burn when she scratches but otherwise, they're just really itchy and annoying.

I know this isn't incredibly in detail, but there's only really so much I write...

Does anyone have any suggestions to what they may be? I'm not ruling out chickenpox, but I doubt that's what they are. I'm thinking it's a heat rash or maybe just an allergic reaction from all the funky weather.

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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My brother's got me hooked on Pawn Stars, damn him.

Poll #1543205 Favourite Pawn Stars guy

Who's your favourite Pawn Stars guy?

Big Hoss/Corey
Old Man
All of them
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This XKCD comic is blowing my mind. I had no idea that other people had the "driving from the backseat of the car" dream!

Have you ever had this dream?
What about the "teeth falling out" dream?
The "Oh god, I've missed school!" dream?
The "Holy shit I went to work/school topless/naked!" dream?

What's the weirdest dream you ever had?
Are your dreams really vivid or do you never remember them?

Every dream I have is like a movie. Usually lots of action and color and adventure. I remember them more often than not.

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The other night I dreamt I had a pet kinkajou. It was very friendly and well-trained and really quite a fantastic pet. I had just realized that I'd never given him a name when I was woken up.

TQC, if I had stayed asleep longer, what should I have named my kinkajou?
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the boy i liked in high school added me on facebook. i got all excited until i added him back and looked at his pictures and now he's not cute anymore ):

what's the last thing to disappoint you?
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 Did you love the first person you had sex with?

Did you fall in love with the first person you had sex with after the fact?

Do you think that virgins can get irrationally attached to their first?

DK/DC: is it cold where you are? Can you sleep when it's cold?

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Can you welcome a group of two or more siblings into your home?

What is shell?

How do you solve a problem like sanjaya?

Was that an 'intelligence failure' or an attempt to deceive?

Question Party can't think of any questions. Do you have a one you'd like to ask?

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Have you ever gone dumpster diving? Did you find anything interesting? Anything valuable? Anything yummy?

How easily clogged are your toilets? Have you ever managed to clog one with poo alone?

What was the last thing you fixed? What caused it to not work correctly in the first place?

What trouble should I get into today? Want to help?


I'm going to a show tonight and I asked the band if they'd like me to bring anything for them (I've brought them food at previous shows).

they said "we like healthy food :)"

seemingly as they're busy and unresponsive and the show is tonight i come to you.

What kind of 'healthy' food do you think I should take them?
What healthy food did you think they meant?

Cuz last couple times they said to bring them pizza, I offered this again and they replied with healthy so i imagine thats not what they want.

dk/dc: what flavor mouthwash are you currently using?

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Do you feel like your hair style/cut/colour affects your personality or mood?  

I feel like when my hair is shorter, I'm more bubbly and outgoing..and when my hair is longer I feel more introverted and pensive..When I have a fro I feel very flamboyant haha.
Am I totally weird?  Do you think this is because of how I see myself in the mirror?

If you felt this way, would you base your hairstyle on the way it affects you?
Taking another picture!


I am trying to decide which Canon macro lens I want to invest in.

Which Canon Macro lens would you recommend?

Canon EF 50mm f2.5 compact macro lens
Canon EF 60mm f2.8 macro lens
Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens

Or other recommendations?


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21 more days until Coachella!! Is anyone else going this year?
What other music festivals would you like to go to/are going to?
Which musicians would you travel to see?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Thanks for all of the random texts and strange prank phone call(s?) last night. I really had no idea that I was that wasted, or belligerent, last night.

Have you ever texted or called an internet stranger?
Have you ever asked internet strangers to do such? Were you..sober?

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When was the last time you were IRL Offended (yes. OFFENDED...with a capital "O")?
Not just boo hoo butt hurt but truly ZOMG I don't BELIEVE they did THAT ...OFFENDED!! ???

a little back ground too pls? not TL:DR.

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Have you ever used one of those websites where you make yourself into a cartoon character? Did it turn out looking like you? If so, please post a pic of you and the cartoon you. Mine never turn out looking anything like me. If it worked, what website did you use?

Pay Day

Since it's pay day, how much money do you have in your bank right now?

In mine, it was in the four figure, but it has gone down to a three figure number since I paid off a 2 months rent, 1 month's student loan and credit card bill last night.
Fables; Snow

Name spellings

Which do you prefer?


Which do you prefer?


Which do you prefer?


Which do you prefer?


Which do you prefer?


ETA: Here's a real Zooey and I had heard of a "Steven" who spelled it Stephan. OKKKK?!?!? jeezzzz :P
Bite me, bitch...

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In light of yesterday's episode featuring Jenna Jameson, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much would it traumatize you if Oprah made a sex tape and it got "leaked" online?

1 being "Not at all, I bet Oprah's a freak in the sack."

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If your SO admitted to you that as of late, he/she does not find you physically attractive, what would you do?

Would you chalk it up to "it happens" and leave the relationship?
Would you try and improve your appearance in hopes that he/she finds you appealing once again?

Would there be lengthy discussions involved?

Do your answers change in regards to the following parameters?

your SO is your husband/wife
your SO is your husband/wife AND you have children together

(Meaning, it's obviously somewhat easier to exit a relationship from a boyfriend/girlfriend vs. extricating yourself from a marriage/family.)

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what do you first think of?

the music, the dip for nachos, the dance, the spanish word for sauce, other?

personally the music but I love 'em all lol.

A friend of mine writes articles for a japanese teen magazine and recently interviewed I'll ask you something she asked:

What is the most romantic thing you've done for somebody in detail?  What about somebody for you?

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How come no one has developed a website where you make a list of TV shows that you like and dislike, you rate how much you like or dislike them, which then generates a list that you can like or dislike until you get really good recommendations?
Kind of like that site that does it with baby names? ( )
Is there a site like this that I haven't managed to find?
If not, anyone want to develop one? Surely that would make you $, and I could watch good tv.

Are their any inanimate objects that somehow you have assigned a distinct personality to? What are they, and what are they like?
As in "that chair is just so arrogant I wish it would stop being so smug"
Sailormoon - flowers

What is that word?

TQC, will you help me remember a word?

 long time ago Webster Online sent me a word of the day (I love it, what can I say?) that was the name for when people only give off part of an expression. For example:

When in Rome...

Even a broken clock...

Speak of the devil...

Leaving off the end of the quote because, well, everyone knows it and such. Anyway, there's a word for when people do this and it's driving me crazy trying to remember it!

Do you know it?

Omnivore survey... veg types can answer too of course.

1) How many times have you eaten meat so far this week?
2) Is that about average, more than average, or less than average for you?
3) Are you male or female?
4) Where do you live?
5) How old are you?

I've eaten meat at five meals this week--two dinners and three lunches. That's far above my average, which is probably 3X/7 days, max.

I'm male, Californian, and 35.

I'm married to a (lacto-ovo) vegetarian, so all the meals we prepare at home are meatless. I've just gone out to eat a lot this week.

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Have you ever seen a movie that you thought was based on a novel or short story and it turned out it was totally different and sucked? Which one?

I watched Awake last night and I thought it was going to be based off the Stephen King short story "Autopsy Room Four" which is about a man who comes awake while he is being laid out for an autopsy and realises he must show them he isn't really dead. It was a totally different plot and annoyed me very much, because the summary for the movie was "A surgical patient becomes alert but paralysed during his procedure" and I assumed it might be a slight variation of the short story.

Totally different. Totally sucked.
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Someone who I don't know very well just did me a pretty big favor. I want to bake him something to thank him for it. I have no idea what he likes, but I do know he has no dietary restrictions. What should I make him?
Tea with the T

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My next door neighbours are deaf. They cannot hear anyone knocking at the door and I don't believe they have a working doorbell. We tend to communicate via notes and that works out fine for both parties.

I'm on study leave and have heard the postman knocking on their door from time to time. Should I mention the above situation to him and offer to take in their post? The parcels are usually delivered by an outside courier but the postman delivers their usual post i.e. bills etc. It would save them a trip to the sorting office to pick up their post as well.

EDIT: Would like to add I live in a block of flats and their flat is across the hall from me. Also they are not very well sound proofed so I am not stalking the postman.
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Who was the last truly thick person you had to deal with?
Like my landlady thinks 29=30, and I can't get it through her head that if she gave me 30 days on the 26th of February, which was a Friday, I'm only at Day 28 right now. Like, I don't think she grasps the concept of seven days existing per week. She keeps insisting tomorrow is day 30.
ETA: And no, this isn't a sheer misunderstanding, this is stupidity. I walked her THROUGH THE CALENDAR ON THE WALL and she still doesn't understand.

Alternatively, what is your favorite Spice Girls song?

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This is the second friday in a row that I have to go work on my day of because the same guy hasn't showed up for work, not on time or, like today, just not at all.

Fire or not fire? 

Have you ever been really lousy at your job? Will you tell me about it?
Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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A while ago, I saw a lady selling Chinese lucky eggs. I wasn't able to stop and ask her about them so I'm asking now...

What are Chinese lucky eggs? What do they represent and what do they mean? Are they meant to bring good luck? Is there a legend behind them? What is their name in Chinese? Is there a particular colour or design they have be?
Take a Look

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TQC, do you have any instant migraine cures? (other than lie down in a dark room--I can't, I have class in half an hour) I tried caffeine, didn't help. I took pain killers, didn't work.

I will love you forever if you can make this pain & nausea go away
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Okay so, my husbands outta town + I've gotta decide what to eat this evening...
I will be on my own w/a huge book:

- champagne plus heavenly panini sandwich
- white wine plus awesome and filling mac n'cheese + salad
- white wine plus sushi (nigiri + seaweed salad)

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I have to work for 4 hours tonight selling snowmobile permits. Problem is all the snow has melted weeks ago, but I still have to go in because we are scheduled to be open.

What can I do to amuse myself for four hours? I have access to a computer, but I'm not supposed to use it for "playing".

dk/dc: What are your plans for the night?

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If you're in college,

What classes are you taking next semester?
What year will you be?
What's your major?

If that doesn't apply or whatever,

How much do you weigh? What is your ideal weight?

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what was the last thing you did to piss one of your family members off?
I was trying to watch a movie and our living room DVD player sucks, it always freezes and skips. So, I decided to switch it out with another DVD player in the house, which my mom has been wanting my dad to do for weeks. I didn't get the cords right and messed it up some how. So now my dad is bitching at me because I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I shouldn't touch things I don't know anything about.

If he would have done it when my mom asked him to, we wouldn't be in the this situation. ugh.

I heard something

Today at the bus stop a girl who was probably about 18 was on the phone with her (probably now ex) boyfriend, very upset, and I couldn't help but overhear, she was quite loud and distraught. All 'I love you has 8 letters but baby,  so has bullshit!" and all "My bedroom wall is going to love me." "yeah, I'll smash it again" "I don't care, I can do worse damage than that. Want me to prove it?" "Don't tell me you love me, or I'll punch you"  and "I'm not keeping it, not after what you did" "No, not after he's been fucking lying to me all along!" etc

I was feeling a bit sorry for her, even though she was clearly one of those... people who get angry upset. I wanted to check on her afterwards, or tell her something reassuring. Later on the bus a guy she knew tried to ask her something, and she really angrily was saying (loudly) that he has to leave her alone, she doesn't want to talk, just leave her alone, because she just found out her boyfriend cheated on her. The guy she was talking to gave me a 'woah, sorry you had to hear that/yikes overreaction' sort of look when I got off one stop after her.

Should I have said something to her?
What should I have said? (or could I have said. Entertain me)
What dramaey things have you  heard at bus stops?
Will they get back together?
Do you threaten violence against things when you're really upset?
Have you ever wanted to randomly comfort someone you don't know? (have you done it?)

I hope she's alright. Is she alright?
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Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

Or well in this case at the bar.

Ok so me at the bar last Friday, chatted up a lady got her phone number at the end of the night. She is a friend of fellow regular at this bar, have not seen him since.

I looked on facebook the next day to see if she had a profile and she does and it appears she is married.

We were both drinking, but I would not say either of us was really really drunk.

Why would she give me her phone number if she is married?

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How do you address an email that is going to multiple people?

I am trying to convince my university to allow me to extend my international exchange (from one semester to a full year), and I need to send an email to: my head of workshop, the Art School Exchange Co-Ordinator, and the University's International Mobility Program Co-Ordinator. I've met and spoken to all three of these people, so "to whom it may concern" seems too impersonal, but I need to email all three at once so they are all involved in the same email, so I can't address them individually. What do I dooo?

Also, I'm fairly sure I'm going to get back a reply of "no". What is a polite way to say that I want a better reason than "it's just not done", which is the one I suspect I will be given?

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Tqc, I've never been in a car accident before so I'm hoping someone here will know an answer. My boyfriend called me a bit ago and told me he got in a wreck--nothing serious, he rear-ended a lady who slammed on her brakes suddenly, at 30 mph. About 40 minutes ago, he said the police had just showed up and that he'd call when he knew something.

How long does it generally take to sort things out after something like this? Should I have heard something by now, or am I just overreacting? He has a warrant for an unpaid ticket in another county, but only the state trooper could make the arrest--but I'm freaking out that one showed up or something and he's going to get arrested. :/ I feel like I should have heard something by now.
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Does anyone have a second Facebook profile for any reason? Why?
I just made one for my family since they can't seem to grasp the concept that I am an adult and like to judge pictures my friends tag me in and stuff.
Kill Bill - Elle
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I know I've posted a bunch of similar and you would think my retail background would help but following UP on an application should wait till weekdays right?

Does smoking really fuck up your sinuses? Do you get sick after drinking?

(no subject)

Ever been on a fantastic romantic date and you closed the restaurant?
How long did you stay? Until the vacuums came out?

When you go out to eat, whether it be with your SO or a friend, do you look at couples at other tables and try to guess their relationship status?
ie: First date! No rings, but it's definitely long term!

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Those of you on your own or living with an SO:

What advice do you have for those moving out? What should they plan for or have ahead of time?

Thanks. :)

Edit: oops, let me clarify, I'm moving out of my mother's house into my own place with my SO. I'll be on my "own" for the first time.
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i just got a $25 gift card to itunes for my birthday. now i'm not sure of any albums worth buying, so i've come to TQC for help.

what are some of your favorite bands and albums?

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Have your FB's every been hacked?

Last night my ex sent me a short Facebook message, he sent my best friend one as well.
Both of us were like WTF, because my relationship with him is less than civil and her and him do not get along either.. And the messages were basically "Haven't talked to you in a while; how are you blah blah blah random bullshit".

I didnt reply but she sent him a short message back saying that him being a part of my life or hers was just not going to happen. (I have changed my number to get rid of this guy... I want NOTHING to do with him.)

So today he sent a message saying "oh sorry my facebook got hacked; it sent messages to all of my friends; sorry for the hassel"

one: it's not like this message said "TRY THIS ACAI PILLS" or anything like that; it was personalized and even said our NAMES in it. Plus the wording in both of ours was different.

two: it was sent via FB mobile

three: I do not have him ADDED on FB. Why would it contact me and my best friend who have not spoken (nicely) to this guy in over a year?

He is lying to me, and was drunk and decided to message us because his life is boring now? y/n?
Or have you others heard of this happening?

I hope he did get hacked because I'm so frustrated with having to deal with him. He acts like a child.
I know I should not even care haha, but it kind of amused me.


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What movie should the husband and I go see tomorrow night?

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland in 3d
Repo Men
Remember Me
She's out of my league

So which one should we see? Those are the only ones that are playing around here that we can agree on except for How to Train Your Dragon, but we're taking our son to see that next week.
Evil Me

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Have you seen How To Make It In America yet? (tv show set in NYC about some 20-something dudes)

How cute are the characters? LOVE THEM!

What is your favourite new show this season?

hot & cold drinks

I started using a registered Starbucks card to purchase my almost daily beverage. Because it's registered, it's now an "account" and it keeps track of all my purchases. In doing that, I've racked up enough stars (points) to get a free drink on my birthday and then a free drink whenever I accumulate subsequent 15 stars.

I now have two 'get any beverage you want free' cards.

Would you...

use the opportunity of it being free and try something wacky/totally different than your norm?


use it to cover your (boring yet delicious) daily concoction?

For beverages at home, do you have:

a coffee pot?
a tea kettle?
a blender?
a juicer?
a bullet?

Is there wine in your fridge right now?
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 I'm going to watch my boyfriend's band play tonight, and I plan on dancing my ass off. TQC, should I wear my  long hair up or down?

Edit: Are you the type of person who dances to live music? I can never find anyone to dance with me!
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Help me find the perfect present!

Long story short, me and my hubby were having money problems. He lost his job, they went into bankruptcy, and they didn't pay him for a month and half, which is illegal here, lied about the paycheck and after the place closed, they didn't had any money to pay the employees. We ended up with no money at all. Only our little savings.
My husband's aunt helped us big time by giving us money to pay the rent, money for food etc. She's in her 60s, lost a son to suicide a year ago, her husband died 15 years ago or so and he was beating her. She had a rough life.
She helped us, listened to us and she's the kinda aunt that, every autumn she will bake apple pies for everyone. A real gem and such a caring person.

Now that me and hubby are doing better money wise (He found a new job) we started refunding her and we wanna give her a present. Something sweet to thank her and remind her that she's an amazing person.
We found a card but we have no idea what to get her!

So, What should we get that amazing lady?

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Say you've planned your wedding on the 30th of November. However, one of your parents(or your SO's parents) died on the 1st of November.

Would you continue with the ceremony or would postponed it to a later date?
How long would you postponed it?
What if it was another immediate family(sibling, aunt, grandfather etc) instead of parents?

I think in some cultures, they have to have a few months or a year of mourning before they can have a wedding(sometimes to the point that their aunts died, their grandparents died...and they ended getting married 2+ years after the initial date).

Oh and I just noticed that the memory/edit/etc buttons are different.

my generation

What do you think is...
1. An old man's name?
2. An old woman's name?
3. A middle-aged man's name?
4. A middle-aged woman's name?

Is there a name shared by more than three girls in your high school graduating class?

What are your parents' names?

How old are you?

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Is The Fantastic Mr. Fox an incredibly fucking creepy movie?

The kids are watching it upstairs. I caught 5 minutes of it while I was bringing groceries in and it is kinda freaking me out a little here. The soundtrack seems equally creepy. Do not want! D: Did I just catch it at a bad time or do I have a legitimate reason to be really creeped out by this?

Unlike apparently everyone else in the world, I never read the book and haven't bothered to google the plot yet, sooo.... idk, would it help if I had any idea wtf was going on? I don't really think it would, it's just the way the thing looks... *shivers*

What movies are you really creeped out by?

was I hitting it to quickly?

I tried to reload and got this message:

You've been temporarily banned from accessing LiveJournal, perhaps because you were hitting the site too quickly. Please make sure that you're following our Bot Policy. If you have questions, contact us at with the following information: iBnWSltEfq98TFw @

has this ever happened to you?

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TQC, I'm sick and want to rent some romantic movies to avoid boredom. What should I rent?
I've already seen The Notebook, Fever Pitch, Love Actually, and Garden State. It doesn't matter if they're happy romantic movies, sad ones, romcoms, chick flicks, classics, whatever.. I'm not too picky.

DK/DC: What do you do when you're sick, other than sleep?

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[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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I know you guys hate these, but I am having an awesomely shitty anxiety attack.

Post something that makes you laugh?

For those who don't want to do that: Will you post a picture of your pet?

For the stubborn people who won't do either: What's your favorite game show?

(no subject)

I fell down a flight of stairs and badly hurt my foot. The hospital gave my crutches and medicine, but I need to make the swelling go down.

How do I make my foot stop swelling any more? It's HUGE and purple.

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macaroni murder lady


What do you hate most about Miley Cyrus?
What do you hate least about Miley Cyrus?
If you actually like something about Miley Cyrus, what is that thing?

edited for clarity, kind of
video - Gaga&#39;s ok
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Let's say you have errands to run, like going to the store or to the post office. You also plan to exercise today, either at home or at the gym.

If you exercise first, do you take a shower before you run errands?
If you go to a gym, do you use gym showers or not?

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Paging Dr. LJ.

Alright, so, I stubbed my pinky toe about 20 minutes ago, and it's very swollen, very painful, and hurts to move or put pressure on. The pain has already been steadily growing, and has a slight burning sensation to it.

I don't have medical insurance, and going to the ER over a stubbed toe seems really lame, and from what I understand there's not much that can really be done with toe injuries anyway.

For all I know, I'm being very paranoid over anything actually being wrong, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to treat this at home?
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TQC, will you please listen to this clip and vote in the poll to say what you think the singer is saying after "I may say to you, I may tell you to run..."?

Poll #1543618 What he sayin'?

Does he say...

"you know what they say about the young."
"nobody safe, nobody on."
furbabies- Sage

(no subject)

I think I may have asked this question here before, but I was wondering what breeds you think our Sage is?

Collapse )

We think the mother is a Boston Terrier/Pit bull mix and the father might be a Rottweiler but we aren't sure.