March 25th, 2010

bowie - growing up

Dear TQC

What are your favorite "little things" about your SO?

Mine will do just about anything to make me laugh. And he surprises me with odd extravagant gestures. (Taking me out shopping on a Friday morning to buy a board game I really wanted; telling me that at some point in our life together he wants to live in the country so I can have goats.) Also, his penchant for wearing sweater-vests and the fact that I have never once seen him wear jeans.

DK/DC: Have you taken a road trip lately (or not so lately)? Where did you go? Any road trip stories you'd like to share?
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(no subject)

MY HOUSE IT OUT OF DISHSOAP! Note: we do not have a dishwasher, we wash by hand.

What should I substitute for dishsoap?

Baking soda in water
A bit of laundry detergent in water
Calvin dancing

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 I just found out my boyfriend's former band has a CD on How friggin' cool is that? :D

Edit: For those of you who don't know, Rhapsody is a music program. I pay $15 a month for unlimited access to thousands of CD's. Greatest thing ever. 
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I <3 TLV

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I found a pair of jeans I really want! Problem is my length is sold out, and they're not getting more in. I really want these jeans though. I wear a 28" inseam - they're available in 26", 32", and 36". Which would look less bad, 2" too short or 4" too long? They cut is skinny, so I'm wondering if cuffing the long pair would work. Or should I just throw away the dream of owning these jeans?

[Edit: TY TY I will get the long ones and take them to a tailor!]
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(no subject)

Do you ever get hangry?
When was the last time you got hangry?
How do you typically react when you are hangry?

Last night, we didn't leave the house to eat until almost 8pm. We were gonna get fried chicken but they all decided on Chinese buffet instead. I was already irritated so when we got there and all the food was lukewarm and bleh I started snapping at everyone. My roommate took me to Walmart and made me buy some candy to cheer me up, haha.

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do you have a youtube account you regularly update with videos?
also, are you a part of a "group" youtube where you each get a day of the week to update with your video?

i'm a bit interested in this and would like your input and experience.


(no subject)

What do you do when you're nauseated? I've been having awful nausea because of my migraines, and it's starting to seriously disrupt my life. I get it the worst at night, when I'm about to go to bed. Do you have any tips as to how to deal with it? 

How often to you get nauseated? What is it usually from?

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this probably isn't the place to ask this, but i'm banned from bodymods, so i don't know where else to ask.

i know you're supposed to autoclave jewelry before using it as initial jewelry in a fresh piercing, but the jewelry i want to use has only ever been exposed to my own blood (it was used when i got my ears pierced last april and was autoclaved before that). is it really necessary to autoclave the jewelry in this instance?
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(no subject)

for my media design class, I have to create a music video. I have a theme but I still need to choose a song. I want something that's like Billie Holiday but more upbeat.

does anyone know of an artist whose music somewhat fits this description?

(no subject)

I'm trying to remember the name of a store: They sell nothing but shirts, jackets, hats, pillows in either black or white with a peace sign, a heart sign, or something else along this idea. What the hell is the name of the store?

(no subject)

What are things that your pets (if you have one/them) do that gross you out?

I caught my dog rolling all over a dead rat in the yard the other day. And just a few hours ago, found him chowing down on his midnight snack in the litter box.


Is there any harm to taking a full round of antibiotics if there is no reason for it?

The reason I'm asking is that I went to the doctor this morning and she seems to think that I have bronchitis based on the fact that I've had a cough for the past three or four weeks, which got worse the past couple of days. She also thinks I have a mild ear infection. I wouldn't have any issue with it other than I'm living in Texas and the pollen count has been really high. I've never had allergies before, but everyone around seems to be suffering from the same symptoms and attributing it to allergies. The past couple of days my cough has been awful, especially at night, but it rained today, lowering the pollen counts, and now I feel fine aside from a little stuffy.

I've only taken one of the ten day antibiotics and I'm concerned about continuing to take the rest if the doctor (who spent five minutes with me) is wrong and it's just allergies. But I'm also hesitant to stop if it is bronchitis.

What would you do?
Is there any harm to taking the antibiotics for the full ten days if I dont have bronchitis? If it makes a difference the antibiotic is Levaquin.

(no subject)

If someone said "A girl sleeping with 3 guys in one day is worse than a guy sleeping with 3 girls in one day" to you, what would be your response?

EDIT: I just want to add that yes, someone ACTUALLY said this to me.
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(no subject)

have you ever deleted comments to one of your questions?

have you ever felt like doing it??

is it against the tqc rules to delete comments or to delete entire postings?

why can't i remember wehter or not i took my vitamin in the morning?
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So from being in the hospital, I've accumulated all this adhesive gunk all over my skin from their god awful tape and EKG leads and what not. Does baby oil really work to remove it? Do you know of any other sure fire ways to get crap like this off, other than violent scrubbing with soap and finding stuff still on me weeks later?
Kill Bill - Elle
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Is making oatmeal with water disgusting? We only have regular milk left and I don't/can't do dairy.

Do you ever have days where you are just RAVENOUSLY hungry for no reason?

(no subject)

how do i pick out good oranges when i'm at the store? i seem to be really bad at picking them out and always end up with like half of them being bitter and gross, even more so now that they are not really in season.

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It's my champagne/golden birthday today!   Is this awesome? Y/Y?  How old were you/will you be for yours?

Should I have Thai yellow curry for lunch or icecream?

Should I buy fancy earrings for tomorrow night? 

Should I go out for dinner with a couple of friends tonight because my bf is out of order (can't walk..we did have plans originally but I don't think he can come)  or should I nap because I have a late rehearsal tonight and gotta get up early tomorrow for work?
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Do you ever feel guilty for having a pretty good life just by virtue of things you never worked for or even chose?

For example, having parents with money, being born in a first-world country or, uh, well, just being a white dude, basically.

(no subject)

This question is for people with temping experience.

Say that I have a indefinite temping position with an temping agency, and I notice on their website that another job is available. It's temp to perm, better pay. Can I ask to apply for that position? Or is it considered to be bad form?

Revelant detail: I've been at the current position for two months.

Edit: Just sent off an email asking to be considered for the position.
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fyi on a name change and related questions

Hey gang!

This is one of your mods, the one formerly known as tgirl2, with a couple of questions for you -

Have you renamed on lj? If so, how many times, and if more than once, did it feel a little strange each time and take some getting used to?

And for something completely different, what's the most recent craving you've had?
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hi tqc =)

who can draw super well?

im thinking of getting a tattoo of a cross with a scroll that says like a stone but i cant draw =( and i cant find a pretty one..

would anyone of you lovely gorgeous tqc members mind drawing one for me? pretty please?

if not, what have you accomplished so far for today?

(no subject)

Has anyone had any luck disputing being denied for financial aid? I know my mom and I don't make enough money for me to go to school, but they denied me because it looks like we got more money than we actually have to use. Do I have any chance at getting some anyway?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

Did any of you have corrupt theater departments at your high school or college, where they were student-run and the student directors only chose their friends for the cast? Or cast the rich kids whose parents donated money to the theater department?

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Poll #1543007 Creeper question for the straight ladies and not-so-straight guys

How would you feel if you saw a guy angling his camera up your female friend's skirt?

Fiery outrage. Violence will ensue
I'd be creeped out and would pull her away
I'd get some kind of authority figure to take action against this creeper
Amusement. It's kind of funny

Your male SO is in a kilt (it's a renfaire or something and you guys are playing dressup). You see a girl angling her camera up his kilt. What's your reaction?

Fiery outrage. Violence will ensue
I'd be creeped out and would pull him away
I'd get some kind of authority figure to take action against this creeper
Amusement. It's kind of funny

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my boyfriend hasn't personally said happy birthday to me..he's spoken to me today but hasn't said it.   He did put it up as his status on facebook and told me he wants to bring me my present.  Does this count or does he have to say "happy birthday"? 

(don't worry i'm not that type of girlfriend lol)

(no subject)

Edit I am aware I posted this to the wrong community. STUPID ME. Sorry.

Amanda, 23. Columbia, SC.

I accompanied my sister Amy on an overnight trip to Blacksburg, Virginia, where she was giving a paper on the VA Tech campus.

39 pictures total.

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(no subject)

Do you play any instruments? Which one(s)?
How did you learn? On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was it?
What was the first song you learned to play on your instrument of choice?
How long did it take you to go from "I'm learning to play the ______" to "I can play the ______!" ?
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I'm not getting anywhere applying for retail/food jobs in my area. I wanna try applying to maybe like call centers, or customer service helplines?Something along the lines of the people you call when your power/cable/computer/etc is not working etc. I feel like I'd get better pay there versus a fast food restaurant like Panera or a department store like Jcpennys or something. ya know?

Problem is...I don't know the proper name  of this type of work, or even where to look to apply. I have a lot of experience in customer service, data entry, calling people and computer work. I think I could be a good candidate for that.
I live in Orlando so I'm not even sure what companies are around besides the basic utility,gas, cable, etc. 

Besides customer service calling, what other jobs are better than the basic retail/food? I'm just a college kid looking for full time work anywhere I can get. Theme parks are out, did that last year and I will never go back. haha.

I'm just so out of ideas,I feel like I've applied everywhere and I really need a job =[

Cannot remember this book!

When I was a kid, there was a waiting list for this one book at the school library.  I never got to read it.  It randomly popped into my head yesterday and I thought maybe it would be nice to finally read it.  Problem is I can barely remember about it.  Not the title or author or anything.  I do remember a few little things so these are the only clues I have:

1) I vaguely remember it was about a witch in a forest.  I think she was beautiful and I think she tricked children and trapped them (or their souls, or their hearts) inside trees.  I think hearts were a major motif.  There may have been a mirror, maybe a cracked or an evil one.  I know this sounds a lot bit like The Snow Queen by Hans Christan Andersen but I'm pretty sure it's not that (unless The Snow Queen has something to do with imprisoning children inside of trees; I've never read it and so far I haven't seen that specific thing referenced with the story).  I am willing to concede that the mirror might NOT be in the book as it's possible that I confused this detail from an abridged version of The Snow Queen (a story I recognize from a book of goblin stories I used to have) with this story.  The main thing is definitely the imprisonment inside of trees.

2) I don't know when the book came out but it was being pushed by our librarian when I was in school.  I don't know if it's a classic or was a new best selling children's book at the time.  I was in grammar school from 1989 to 1995.  This book was a novel so it probably would have been pushed on us at a bit of an older age, so let's say somewhere around 1993-1995.

3) The cover art was pretty simple, I'm sure.  Black and white with green for details.  Lots of lines as opposed to shading.  The image that stands out to me in my memory is one of a forest, a close up on a tree, and a pretty lady inside of the tree smirking. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Does anyone remember this book?  If so, do you remember an author, a possible title, the name of a character, any detail that I might be able to add to my clues?  Googling the key words of witch, mirror, tree, book hasn't been helpful really.

Thanks :)
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(no subject)

What designs have you used for Egg Drop contests? What would a good design be? I live with a physicist so he's been coming up with some insane designs.

I think it's safe to say this isn't a homework question seeing how I'm not in 2nd grade.

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I am so filled with rage right now, TQC! NGGGHHHHHHH.

I asked a question about a week ago about a horrible midterm my African-American lit prof gave us. The entire class, about 60 of us, were pretty sure we were all going to fail this exam, which is worth 25% of our grade. (Format: 50 fill-in-the-blank questions, mostly about trivia, and maybe one or two questions about the actual big themes and movements we discussed and read about.)

Today we got our tests back, and I ended up with a D+ before the grade adjustment bumped it up to a C+. I am one of his so-called "super students," those he says do amazing work in the class, but I am not the only one of his "super students" who did a miserable job.

The thing is: this guy will NOT listen to criticism, and today he even played the race card, suggesting that the reason we're all "raising hell" about this test is because it's an African-American lit class, and our expectation was that it would be easy, and that if the same thing happened in a European lit class, we wouldn't be making such a fuss. Apparently one douchebag made such a remark to him privately and he's thinking that's a representative sample of all our opinions.

He also said it was "just unfortunate" that some of his "super students" did poorly. As if it's a matter of luck how well we did on the test. WHICH OBVIOUSLY IS NOT THE WAY TESTS SHOULD WORK.

Someone else in class pointed out that she came to class all the time, did all the reading, participated, etc, and that she didn't see how she could fail and that it wasn't a representative assessment of what she'd learned. He told her basically that it was a misconception to believe that regularly attending class necessarily resulted in good grades. Which CLEARLY was not her argument at all.

Also, he said, "I've been teaching this class for nine years, and I don't care what you put in your evaluations." HE SAID THAT TWICE.

I really want to go to the department head about this outrage, but I have zero experience with protests. My classmates are totally behind me, so how do I go about lodging a formal complaint? Does anyone else have experience with this kind of thing?

Sorry for the novel, TQC.

(no subject)

I just checked my online banking and $500 is mysteriously in there.
I can't figure out where it came from. Maybe my work paid me early?

Should I pretend it's just not there? 
What do you do when you get mystery money? 

(no subject)

Can you recommend some entertaining RSS feeds for my e-mail?

Right now I have:
I can has Cheezburger
I has a hotdog
Work Fails & Job LOLs
Perez Hilton
MSN Entertainment News
MSN New of the Weird
Cake Wrecks
Chatroulette - the Art of Trolling
Crazy Things Parents Say
Passive Agressive
People of Walmart

They need to be relatively safe for work.
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Will you complain about somebody that you love to death but annoys the hell out you due to some personality thing / personal choices / etc...?

Nobody is perfect, right? 

Right now I'm annoyed with a friend who complains to me about enormous debt (and I mean enormous) who has a license to do massage therapy which makes good money but won't get a job doing that short term until her and her husband get back on their feet and through the schooling that they want because she "hates doing that."
The new resurrection.

(no subject)

TQC, I'm almost to the point of despair.

I was originally a technical theatre major, but I hate my department (sound, and the actual school's department), and I changed last semester. However, I am a junior, and I realize I want to graduate more than anything, so I'm switching back. But I'll still hate it. I have a tendency to like something at first, and then grow to hate it when I get deeply involved (as shown with my temporary music major).

So, tell me, TQC, can I succeed with a bachelors in technical theatre, and still survive in the non-theatre world? And will I ever find what makes me happy?

(no subject)

I just got offered a job at a golf course mini restaurant and bar...I said maybe two things to the manager, and the only thing he said to me before he hired me was, 'I like your appearance. I think you'll do well here.' He was not hitting on me or being gross, he was just kind of saying that there is a lot of beer that goes around at this place and it helps you make more money if you take care of yourself and look good. Still, it kind of makes me wonder if I'm a sellout if I accept the job.

Do you think it is wrong to accept a job you got based solely for superficial reasons?

Would you have trouble respecting someone who did?

(no subject)

Which statement do you agree with, and why? Or feel free to provide some other, awesome option.

Money can't buy happiness.

Money can't buy happiness, but I'd rather cry in a Ferrari.

(I just saw my friend become a "fan" of the latter on Facebook. I thought it was hilarious and wanted to see what TQC thinks)
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

What grosses you out the most?
While I have an addiction to popping my own pimples, I CANNOT watch videos of people popping their own. It makes me want to hurl. Give me 2 girls 1 cup over that ANY DAY.

What are you gonna do today?
Bake focaccia and pack.
Me outside 2004 happy


1. Do you think it is a good idea to let people renew their drivers license online without an in person eye test ?

2. What Blackberry apps work ? I already use the Weather Channel and Opera Mini Browser and I want a few more to try out.

3. How many hours a week could/can you take care of an elderly relative before it becomes a negative thing ?
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(no subject)

When is the last time you took a personal day off from work/school/whatever? Why did you do it?

What's the last thing that made you cry?

My semester has just sucked so far, and bad thing after bad thing has happened... and then today I got an unexpected package in the mail. I opened it to find that it was an Easter basket, and it was so surprising and uplifting that I started crying.

What color is your favorite nail polish?

(no subject)

Do you think that the internet influences or affects persons contemplating suicide?
Do you think that using the internet can "trigger" or increase the risk of suicide?
Do you think that people are more likely to commit suicide now than they were before the internet existed?

Green day

What makes green eggs and ham so green?

Food coloring (it was Patty's Day)
It's covered in jalapenos and doused with lime sauce
They weren't. The main character was taking acid at the time. There was no Sam-I-Am, and they never did go on a boat either
They were exposd to gamma rays
Apolo flag

(no subject)

Those of you who have made bridal registries before: Is it normal to add uber expensive stuff?

What is the most extravagant thing you ever saw on one?
My friend has a $1140 dollar pot and pan set, $110 dollar garbage can and crystal that maybe Donald Trump can afford.

What is the appropriate amount to spend on a shower gift?
I'm planning on getting her the $30 dollar everyday glasses she wants and maybe the martini shaker that is around $20. Is that enough? We were close in college but not so much anymore and I'm not in the bridal party so is this an appropriate amount to spend? Considering I'm traveling out of state and spending over $100 just to go!


Man inserts zucchini into his anus in suicide attempt

1. Do you think he really was trying to kill himself, or is that the only explanation that popped into his head when his daughter found him with produce sticking out of the wrong hole?

2. Do you think it's possible to anally violate yourself to death?

3. In light of this man's suicide attempt, should we protect our elderly by passing legislation that would require you to have a permit to purchase all forms of squash, as well as a 5-day waiting period?

4. Has your anus ever 'bitten off more than it can chew', so to speak?
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(no subject)

Is there a hackerspace in your city?
Are you a member of a hackerspace? Have you ever been to one?
Have you ever been to HackLab in Toronto specifically?

I am looking into possibly moving to Toronto over the summer and in preparation, I'm going to visit HackLab next week and meet some of the cool, nerdy people who could be my neighbors. But I'm not sure what to expect because I have never been to a hackerspace before!

(no subject)

i just hit refresh and got this message:
You've been temporarily banned from accessing LiveJournal, perhaps because you were hitting the site too quickly. Please make sure that you're following our Bot Policy. If you have questions, contact us at with the following information: PGyjbU9eemXNhNS @

what the shit is that???

i bet you didn't think i would come through today.

which of these TQCers do you think is more likely to RISE FROM THE ASHES?

dude, i am too new to know shit from shinola.
they are both pretty hot.
oh suzer, you blew what was left of my mind again
oh suzer, i live in phoenix!

(no subject)

So the other day I posted asking about accessorizing this dress. I went in to the store to try it on and it looked terrrrible on me (waistline was too high, too much material in the skirt gave me saddlebags, etc.). Disappoint :(

So I bought another dress instead:

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DK/DC: do you prefer self-adhesive/"sticker" stamps or the kind you have to lick yourself?

(no subject)

How do you function at concerts?
Are you one of those people that push and shove their way to the front, or are you one of the those people that gets there hours before in order to ensure that you get a front-row position? Or do you just suck it up and stand wherever you can?
I've never been to a concert with assigned seating, so I suppose I'm talking about free-for-all standing room concerts.

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

Alternatively, post a picture that makes you laugh no matter how many times you see it.

(no subject)

Today my university class went on a trip to a synagogue where one of the girls asked the rabbi, in complete seriousness - "You know the Isreali and Palestinian conflict? I don't understand it. Because if they're all religious, don't they all want peace? Shouldn't they all just be getting along?"

TQC, why has no one ever tried this brilliant idea before?! Obviously everyone can just all get along, it is just that simple in the real world!

What's the stupidest thing you've heard recently?

A question about clothes

Ok, so I have a large amount of clothes that I don't want or need anymore (we are talking like 12 bin bags worth).  A lot of it is newish and in good condition.  What would you do wth it?  Take it to a charity shop?  Ebay it? Chuck it ?or try selling it on a selling community on here?

Also, for teh last q, does anyone know of any good uk selling communities on here?  And if you are interested there is a poll on my lj.....
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(no subject)

tqc, what's a word that you think is sadly under-used??

how about one that's used plenty or maybe even too much, but you still enjoy it anyway?

*after the first "fuck" or three, try to pick another one. ;)

Odd question

Do you think you would make a good boyfriend/girlfriend if you were to switch genders?
Example: Your a boy, and you get magically turned into a girl; do you think you'd make a good girlfriend?
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(no subject)

What's the last thing you did that made you feel OLD?

I just bought flatware so that I don't have to borrow it when I host holidays. I don't know why this has made me cross over into grownup land, but it has. :(
AD - Universe you've done it again
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(no subject)

What have you learned from TV and movies?

Ex: If the door is partially open and no one answers if you say anything, there's a dead body inside. -Law & Order

(no subject)

what are some good ways to energise myself? and I'm writing an essay, so it's something that I can do without taking any time off. also I've already had a shower to wake myself up, and it didn't do much. :/ 

Me no worky.

Why do I have to go to work?
I don't want to. Being a grown-up means you get to do whatever you want. I eat ice cream for breakfast and stay out all night. So why do I have to do this thing that I don't want to do?
I really want to do like Peter from Office Space. You don't even know.
Do you like working and contributing to society and all that crap? Or would you rather enjoy life?
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(no subject)

Why did Burger King get rid of their chicken tender strips??

I was craving them so hard for a week and was finally gonna get them today [I never ever eat fast food so this is an extremely big deal] and they're gone from the menu! These crappy ~crown shaped chicken tenders are there instead.

What's the last menu item that was taken off a menu that annoyed you?
drunk buffy
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(no subject)

i want to buy a sex toy, but i admit that i am slightly embarrassed to do so. i'd buy one online (i know they're mailed in discreet packages) but i'm going on vacation tomorrow and I NEED A B.O.G. (battery operated girlfriend) to accompany me, since my real girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend.

have you ever purchased a sex toy at an adult shop? were you embarrassed?

dk/dc will you post a flattering photo of you so we can boost your ego and give you compliments?

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Tomozawa Mimiyo's Octopus

Tax question!

I haven't done my taxes yet (bad!!) mostly because I'm kind of intimidated by doing them.

See, I just bought a house at the end of September, so I'm eligible for the first time home buyers tax credit.

I was just going to do them by hand because, well, that's always the way I've done my taxes.  I mentioned that today at work, and everyone was like "USE TURBO TAX!!!"

Is Turbo Tax really worth it?  I got a discount where I can get it for $24 or so.


I feel like we've talked a lot about lying here in TQC. You know all of those "what's the last lie you told?" or "is there really such a thing as a white lie?" entries. I'm always interested in the comments in these type of questions and come away from the posts realizing that in general it seems people think it's "okay" or sometimes even necessary to tell a white lie and/or lie on a regular basis.

With that, my questions:

Do you believe everything your parents tell you? (Why/why not?)

Do you believe everything your SO tells you? (Why/why not?)

Do you assume they too employ the idea behind little white lies, etc? If you do, how do you know when they are telling the truth or if they're not and say trying to save your feelings?

Doesn't this get complicated?

(no subject)

Did you ever start a band when you were younger?

What did you call yourselves? (The more ridiculous the better).

What did you play?

Did you actually have practice or did you just sit around thinking how awesome your band was/cool names/weeping because you couldn't afford instruments?

Defenestration, lolololol
I was the drummer
We practiced, but lack of space and money for decent equipment kept us from going very far...

(no subject)

Do you watch Wheel of Fortune? How old are you?

If it has such a reputation for being a favourite among the elderly, why are most of the contestants (relatively) young?

Which game show would you most like to be a contestant on?

It's not just you!

Youtube is down. Or is it just me and is lying to me?

Do you like lace?

I just saw this wedding show and the bride cut off a huge lace part of the dress because she likes the corset but hates the lace. It was not Bridezilla, the other bride was pretty normal and sweet. Anyway, the dress cost the spoiled bride $22,500 or something in that range. Her dad was like "That's just the way she is! She's my daughter!"

What was the last thing you show on TV/video that made you go wtfisthis?
matthew wig

(no subject)

So girls (or maybe guys?)

When you're shopping and you're picking up clothes you're assuming will fit because they're your usual size, and the sales lady comes over and is like "Can I get a changing room for you?" and takes your clothes. Do you ever think in your head "I hope they don't see the size and think 'oh shit this isn't going to fit her fat ass' " Or is it just me and my silly insecurities? Because I do every time and I always hope they'll leave me alone and let me go find a changing room on my own haha. Gotta love being self-conscious.

What was the best part of today?

(no subject)

I can't find my kitty! Nobody saw her sneak out but she really doesn't seem to be in the house. Usually when she gets out, she stays right around the house and comes back inside when we do. It's also I keep telling myself that she's just hiding somewhere til its dry enough to come home. I definitely saw her around 11 am today. How long until I should REALLY freak out and start putting up signs and calling shelters?


(no subject)

TCQ-ers who have small animals as pets (rodents, fish, etc.) or "exotic" pets: we can has pictures please? What are their names?

I'm thinking about getting a small pet to keep in my apartment. Fish are boring and require expensive equipment, hamsters are bitey, guinea pigs require more space than I can provide right now. A pair of rats would be my best bet, y/n?

Longcat or Tacgnol?
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Poll #1542828 Which tense do you prefer to write in?

Which tense do you prefer to write in?


I am mainly talking about writing fiction here but if you write a diary everyday in present tense or whatever, go for it. I should have included an 'other' option - let's all pretend that I did, shall we?

If you dk/dc, are there any actors that annoy you? Do you avoid films that they star in?

I'm not a Will Ferrell fan, nor Colin Farrell.

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can you find good, free porn?

ETA: WELL, WHERE IS THE PORN? besides like youporn and shit.

i'm really tired and i still have 1 1/2 loads of laundry left. how can i stay motivated and mobile until it's done?
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At the risk of sounding like a pathetic emo kid, I'm really miserable & I'll be alone this weekend. What funny movies should I watch through Netflix? Two caveats: nothing with funerals (even if in theory it's funny, I can't deal with death right now) & it has to be through the 360.

Thanks, guys.

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Would you share your jury duty anecdotes with me? I just postponed my first ever summons 'til June (being a student is NO EXCUSE).

Never been summoned? Don't care? Well, who died and made you absolute monarch?
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 Have you ever used Ortho / The Patch? What were your experiences?

(I'm thinking of getting on birth control but am a) terrified of needles and b) bad at swallowing and remembering to take pills. It basically is my last choice, but it's what I'd pick anyway.)

edit: Sorry, forgot to include a link. Dumb, self. Why is it always links I forget?

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did the movie "Where the wild things are" scare the crap out of anyone else or just me?

I'm wearing purple and black stripped "toe" socks, are you wearing socks? what color?

what are you favorite slang names for things? (ie: ATM is called an "ugly teller", marlboro cigarettes "cowboy killers")
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I read this article earlier and have been really upset over it since. (TL/DR summary: teenagers say they are vegetarian to conceal having an eating disorder.)

Am I being irrationally butthurt, as a veg*n/person in e.d. recovery, or is it truly fucking stupid?

Have you ever gone vegetarian/vegan and gave it up? Any reason why?

DK/DC: What is the last song to get stuck in your head?
Beyowulf's "If I Were a Boy"

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Dumb FB question: Can you see what list(s) you're in on facebook? Like can my friend see that she's listed under my high school friends or "no idea who this is" or whatever?

I'm pretty sure you can't see what group you're in/what groups an entry is screened to on LJ...

Do you have secrets* online? Why?

*Websites, things you say, etc that you wouldn't want to find it's way back to your real life
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 What home/folk remedies does your family swear by, but your friends laugh at or mock?

For example, my father taught me that smearing butter on leftover adhesive (like from where a price tag was on a plate) dissolves the adhesive. My roommate goes, "OH LET'S PUT BUTTER ON IT" whenever food won't come off of unrinsed dishes.

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I have been working hard to raise money for Relay for Life this year. My mom passed away from it and every year I do what I can to help! If anyone is interested in fighting for the cure and also getting some really awesome food please donate!

Under the Host/Event search tab type in 'Kayla Comalli'

Have you ever lost someone dear to you to cancer?

Where are other places I can go to get the word out?

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Did your school paper/yearbook do senior aphorisms? What was yours? Did you have a favorite?

Edit: Like a quote or a piece of advice, like "Work hard, party harder!" or "So glad to get the fuck out of here!"


Well hello. I'm wondering if anyone knows symbols/representations for selflessness, understanding, and/or nurture? It can be anything you can think of..animals, mythological figures, objects..

(I ask because I want to get a tattoo for my mom but i don't want a blatantly obvious 'MOM' tattoo haha.)

Thanks in advance!
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Inspired by the dreams post below, what are your thoughts on lucid dreams?

Do you ever have them?
Do you think they really exist?

I have them a lot, but I can't help but think that it may just be part of the dream where you think that you can control it. The whole theory of lucid dreaming is so interesting to me.
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Will you post a picture of you and your best friend?
Could be your pet, mom, dad, a childhood friend etc... =)

Collapse )
I've known her for 10 years now and I love her to death.
I'm on the left and she's on the right.

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So my friend logged into his ex-girlfriend's Facebook, myspace, tumblr, etc. because she had her passwords saved on his computer and dicked around with her profiles. She wants to get a restraining order.

A little background info on her: She dropped out of high school (she's 17 now), she gets drunk several times a week, snorts pills, smokes pot, is sleeping with a 19 year old (which is illegal where we live. She also met him less than a week ago; she already has his name tattooed on her ass), and has no plans to contribute anything to society any time soon.

Do you think the judge will grant her a restraining order, or do you think they'll just be like, "lolno, you're dumb"?

EDIT: He called her mom. Her mom says she isn't going to file anything against him because she thinks her daughter is being an idiot.