March 24th, 2010

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What was the last thing that made you cry?
I just got back from seeing Regina Spektor live. She played a cover of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen and then "Samson" right after, and I cried like a fucking baby.

What does your facebook status say?

If you dk/dc about either one of those, what are you wearing?


Can chipmunks really give you both action and satisfaction?
If so, how?
Or does that theme song contain a lot of misleading claims?
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I know you're supposed to follow up in person after turning in an application but what if you spoke to the manager and handed him the papers? How about in a company with many managers?

How is or was your day?

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So, it's 2:30 am right now. I can't sleep and I'm not anywhere near tired. I have a test at 8 am, which I haven't studied much for. I have nothing else to do after my test, so I can come right back home and go to sleep.

Should I stay up until then and study, then come home afterward and sleep? 

DK/DC: Are you excited for summer? 

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Is there a program other than LJArchive to download and save all my journal entries? LJArchive is cool but it didn't download anyone's userpic or any pictures I posted to my LJ except for my icon.
bb biebs

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Is there a way to mass delete more than one friend at a time on facebook? Myspace used to have that handy "edit friends" option where you could just check boxes and remove friends by the dozens. I need that feature in my facebook life...
EDIT: A couple people already solved this problem ^ for me! Thank you. So disregard that question!

What should I do for my 21st birthday? I've had a lot of ideas but I can't really decide what I want to do. I've thought about doing my power hour at midnight the night before and then the actual night of my bday doing dinner with close fam/friends.. I've thought about just doing the close dinner and no power hour.. and I've also thought about going to Vegas. Or if you guys have other suggestions I'd love to hear them.

In your opinion, who are the two most attractive male and the two most attractive female celebs right now?

And finally, what are the top 3 places that you would want to vacation to, if money/time/etc was not an object?

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tqc, tomorrow is my only day off of both work and everything else until april 3. should i drink?

what's your favorite thing to mix with vodka that isn't a mixer (because those are full of sugar) or orange juice?

i just painted my nails this color. should i do white polka dots on top? if not, should i do another white pattern, or just leave them plain?

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1. What are you craving right now?

2. What is coming up on your schedule that you are dreading?

3. mp3 Ringtones: Yay or Nay?

4. Is there anything about you, anything you own, or anything you do that is completely and 100 percent childlike?

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**edited to change childlike from childish**

for students..

Have you ever made a formal complaint about a group member for any sort of team project?
-If so, what were the circumstances?

I'm really not the type, or at least I didn't think was, but the people I'm trying to deal with are a total nightmare.
rip nathan and barry

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for people who have constant discomfort/pain:
what do you do to make yourself feel comfortable? i've tried everything lately and i really can't stay comfortable for more than 30 minutes.

dk/dc, what are you doing today?


I doubt anyone will know this, especially those outside of Ottawa, Ontario.

How come some of the street signs on Bank Street have a capital K? (ex: BanK)
I haven't seen it on blue ones, only on Green so far.

Thanks :D
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Do you think one of the Duggar kids (19 Kids and Counting) will rebel one day?
I think it will be that little one, Johanna.

Are you from a family like that where a lot of the outside world was restricted from you?

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1.) If you drink energy drinks, what is your favorite one?

2.) What is a current song you like but don't want to admit?

3.) If you are a Harry Potter fan, what are you doing to survive until November when Deathly Hallows comes out?
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So, I was pleased to see that due to massive protest on the part of students at my school, Ann Coulter's scheduled speech was cancelled. She was super pissed and ran her mouth off in my local newspaper, bitching about my school, how she was denounced on the floor of parliament and has had nothing but harassment since she entered the country, and a number of inflammatory comments about muslims. This is not a normal reaction for people who come to Canada, lol.

What is your opinion of Ann Coulter, if you have one?

Can you tell me about someone who inspires a similar reaction in you?

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Are you picky when it comes to dating?  If so, in what ways?  Things that you need in a relationship? things you just want?

Are there qualities that are normally deal breakers that can be overlooked if other aspects are great?

If you've been with someone for a long time and the relationship has changed in ways that conflict with what you need in a relationship.. will you accept it, try to change it or leave it?

I'm not picky per se in the traditional ways.. I need respect and consideration for a relationship to work.  I need to be treated like a SO and not like a sister/mother haha.  I need someone who helps me want to be the best I can be and allows me to be.. I need someone who isn't negative.
I want someone who can keep up with my energy and likes to do fun things/travel etc..

I don't think I could just accept it..I've seen that lots in couples I know.. and I really wouldn't want to end up that way.  If it isn't changeable I don't think I could stay.
Don't worry guys, this has nothing to do with my personal life  ;) 

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Hey TQC peeps. I'm currently watching a marathon of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction.

What are your favorite creepy/scary/thriller-ish things to watch? It can be a tv show or movie. Well, anything actually. Even a book if, you know, you're into that reading thing.

EDIT: You can also post your childhood faves. Some of mine were Are You Afraid of the Dark, Allen Strange, Alex Mack, and So Weird.
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In the wake of this

Does anyone know if there's a similar protest planned in Calgary? It's close enough I might be able to go, but I can't find a group on facebook/from googling.

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Do you ever get paranoid or frustrated over always being the first one to contact a friend or partner? I mean something like you always text or call them (and they always seem pleased to hear from you), but they never really do the same to you? =/
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I preordered something on 3/17, and it was supposed to be available for shipping on 3/21. It has not yet been shipped. In their FAQ they mention that shipping dates for preorder items are estimates based on what they have been told by the designer.

Is it too early to contact them about when it's going to be available?

Are you waiting for anything to arrive?
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Based on aaaaaaaaaaaall your past/present naughtiness, which circle of hell would you be assigned to in Dante's Inferno?

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I'LL BE SEEIN' Y'ALL IN CIRCLE TWO. Hope I get a cool pussy penis attack like in the game. =/
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Which TQCer do you imagine makes better TOAST?

i am too new to know who might toast to my satisfaction
neither one knows toast like they CLAIM.
oh suzer, you blew what was left of my mind again
oh suzer, idk, but this is SO much better than last night's clusterfuck of a poll.

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How much trigonometry can I do in 20 hours of studying? (non-consecutive, of course) Do you think I can learn 4 chapters in 20 hours? I'm a smart cookie, as long as I DO it and not procrastinate and slack off I MIGHT be ok. If I slack I am screwed fo sho.

What is the most info you have crammed in a short amount of time? How successful were you on the testing of that material?

Will you tell us about a trinket that you own that is very sentimental to you? What's the story behind it?
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Pretend you work for the Census or as a delivery person or something that requires you to go visit strangers. You approach a house or apartment and find the door is slightly ajar. You say "Hello?" and no one answers.

Do you investigate? Do you turn around and leave? Do you come back later?
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Hi TQC! I'm looking for a word, and I cannot think of it no matter how hard I try. It's a word used to describe something that is a lot less dramatic than it should be, like the opposite of melodramatic. I think. What word am I thinking of?

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1)What is your frustration of the day?

2)On a scale of 1-10 how awesome is your deodorant in stressful situations? 1=I stink, get pit stains, and it turns the pits of my shirts all crunchy/stiff; 10=I smell like cake, freshly baked bread, roses and everything that smells fabulous AND have zero wetness and no chemically crunchy pits on my shirts.

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okay so what the hell have they done to Sesame Street? I just saw Burt and Ernie in clay-mation......

Who are all these new muppets?

For thoes of you who have made wedding invitations before, what did you write on them? I'm just kinda stuck other then the date of the wedding and our names and to RSVP.

What should I not put on my wedding invitation?
Girl @ train


What was the last creepy thing you saw?  Excluding movies.

I have to say the last creepy thing I saw was on Easter of 2009 a guy carrying a wooden cross larger than him down a countryside road.  He had a bathrobe on and there was blood on him.  I believe he was also wearing a crown of thorns around his head and there was blood running down his head.  My husband was in the car and we both looked at each other and said, "What the fuck was that all about??"  I was relieved that he took notice of it too haha.  It was the creepiest thing I have seen thus far in the South since I moved here three years ago.

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If I bought two pets as a Christmas present (don't worry we planned it out beforehand so we knew what we were getting and how to take care of them responsibly) for someone else, but I'm the one who feeds them, cleans their cage, and plays with them does that make me the theoretical owner instead of the gift-getter?
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1) If you've had experiences that you consider to be paranormal, or could be, how old were you when you experienced them?

2) Random- if I install a game onto my computer to play for a little while and uninstall it later, does that permanently affect the memory availability on my computer? Or anything? I'm sick and looking a way to entertain myself.
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My mother is going to India for two weeks tomorrow, and after spending my entire adolescence being a big fat loser, I'm finally going to fulfill my teenagerly duty to have a ~crazy~ party while she's gone. It's also going to be a sort-of 20th birthday party for a girl I've known since I was six.

Anyway, what I desire of YOU, good readers, is suggestions of how to make my boring cluttered house into somewhere people will enjoy getting wasted in poorly-made and mildly humiliating costumes.

The themes are 'obscure animals' and/or 'inanimate objects' (couldn't choose between the two) so that doesn't really help with decorating etc all that much.

I need to jazz up my lounge room (couches/coffee table/fireplace/other stuff, it's just a regular sized average lounge room I guess) and the outside area, which is really just some paving with a table and some grass and whatnot.

Budget is as small as I can possibly make it, but I'm pretty crafty and have paints/glue/fabric/lots of pretty fairy lights and stuff. Also there's gonna be around 15-20 ish people.

So what say ye, TQC? I hardly EVER host parties so I want this to be fabulous.

Also, any music suggestions? Most of my friends are hipster artfaggy types, so leaning towards that kind of shit but still fun party music would be great. My music collection is not very party-ish.

Or if that is far too fucking long to be bothered reading, what would YOU come as to my fabulous party?

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for the girls:

If you found out you were pregnant on April Fool's day would you tell the father (or others as well) that day and risk him/them thinking it's a prank or wait a day?

Don't worry guys this isn't about me (obvs since it isn't April Fool's yet) I just have a vivid imagination ok? :P

Play-doh guy

Monster job search

After applying for a job on is it ok to call the place to make sure they got the resume/cover letter? The reason I ask is that Monster tells you they received it so I don't want to look like a weird person who also had to google them to get their contact information since it's usually not provided on their Monster profile.

I heart Firefox.

For those of you who use Firefox... are you having issues with the new version? If so, what problems are you facing?

I cannot right click and save as and I am also having trouble getting gmail to load. I was looking at the Firefox forums and it seems I am not the only one.

Will they ever fix this problem?

2 things

Poll #1542529 If 2008 election was today....

If the 2008 election was today, who would you vote for?


Also, what websites do you use to find travel deals?
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Say you are an 18 year old girl going to California with your mom over spring break, mostly to go look at colleges. You'll be in the LA and San Francisco areas most of the time. What kinds of fun, cheap things would you do in between the college visits? What do you pack (clothes-wise)?

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1) Who would you least like to get caught having sex with?
2) Who would you least like to catch you?
3) Who would you most like to get caught having sex with?
4) Who would you most like to catch you?
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Which artificial fruit flavor would you say tastes the most like it's real fruit counterpart? Which tastes the least like it?

I would say cherry or pineapple taste the most like real fruit and banana the least.

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If a depressed friend who opposes mental health treatment of any kind starts making references to suicide and you tell them directly that you think they need professional help, and they get mad that you made the suggestion and tell you off, who owes who an apology? If both, who should apologize first?

For reference, the friend in question was not in immediate danger, and is doing better now, but is still not speaking to me.

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Do you believe in the whole "don't make a move soon enough and you will be friend zoned" theory?
Have you ever friend zoned anyone?
Have you been friend zoned?

Can you tell me all the awful things that will happen if I don't clean my room? At the moment the only consequence I can come up with is that if there's a fire I will probably spend so much time tripping over things I won't get out. Actually that's a pretty good one, I'm worried now, but I could use some more.

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I have a friend of mine who always asks me my thoughts or opinions on different things and then just sits there quietly when I am done. I almost always count to 30 in my head and then say “What do you think?” or “What’s your take on it?” Anyway, does this happen to anyone else out there? 

Why would you ask someone’s opinion without commenting on their thoughts or providing your own?

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Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ______ phone?

What kind of phone would you like besides a bananaphone? When I was like 10, my mom bought me a Sabrina the Teenage Witch telephone for my room.

I would kind of like a phone shaped like a kitty or some kind of uniquely multi-colored phone.

Edit: Was it a mistake to post a question about Bananaphone and expect answers NOT involving the lyrics? DK/DC? What are more songs that are just as annoyingly catchy and get stuck your head that you can spam other people with the lyrics that everybody knows?
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 TQC, I have a job issue. :[

There's a new coffee/book shop combo opening downtown at my campus. I applied for the coffee shop, and while I was waiting for my interview, the owner of the book shop walked past, and we got to talking. She found out my name, and seemed to really like me, and asked me if I'd like to come by and get an application this upcoming Monday. I said sure, had my interview with the coffee shop, whatever.

The coffee place emailed me today and extended me an offer. They would like a reply ASAP about whether or not I accept the job, and training goes Tuesday-Thursday. Ideally, I'd not reply to the coffee people until I can talk to the book shop Monday, but I don't think it's a good idea or fair or realistic or any of that other crap to give them a day's notice, and they might take back their offer for all I know.

I would grow to enjoy being a barista, I think, but my passion is much more in books - coffee is "just all right" with me. The problem is, I'm afraid that if I tell the coffee shop no, I won't end up getting a job at the book store, and I need a job enough now that I can't afford to not have one. So what would you do, TQC? Wait until Monday, talk to the book shop, and give the coffee shop short notice and hope they don't bitch? Deny the coffee shop and cross your fingers for the book shop? Or just suck it up and accept the barista job? Halp.

smile wide for natalie.

Poll #1542597 i am going to the gym now. enjoy the poll. talk later.

whose presence is more likely to make you SMILE?

not going to happen, i never smile.
i am always smiling, but can't really say it's anything more than the hookers and blow.
i am too new to even know what's going on in here.
these two people in particular deserve an award for the joy they bring to my face.
oh suzer, you blew what was left of my mind again

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TQC, my parents aren't speaking to one another because my dad called my mum a fascist dictator when she asked him to take out the trash. Aside from finding my doppleganger and pulling a Parent Trap-esque stunt, how can I make them realise ~their true love can overcome all obstacles such as being compared to hitler and being told to touch yucky banana skins~?

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Songs that are good for a high school senior/graduation slideshow and video? I've looked this up and aside from the stereotypical ones such as the Graduation Song by Vitamin C, Don't Stop Believing by Journey, Time of Your Life by Green Day; what else is there?
Any songs that are good for the occasion that aren't too overused? For example: I have Beautiful Day by U2, 100 Years by Five for Fighting.
Evil Me

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I tried googling and I got the Safety 1st website, but I couldn't find the manufacturing date to get the instruction manual.

The problem is I can't get it to get bigger, I want to put it in my hallway.

ETA: HURR DURR! I figured it out. There's a thingy on the back you have to move that wasn't budging before, but now seems to work! YAYYYY

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What should I have for dinner--a sandwich or a cheese enchilada TV dinner?

Also, I can't remember if I took my meds this morning. I've been forgetting to a lot recently and I'm really trying not to go any more days without it. My mom says it shouldn't hurt if I take a second dose. Should I take it now just in case I missed it earlier, even though I might have taken it already?
Old Fashioned

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TQC, I'm going into my final year of a biochemistry degree next year, and during that year we do a research/thesis project with a supervisor. Now, the supervisor-student choices are made by a course coordinator, however, I know professors can request certain students (and usually get their way). There's two professors I'd really like to work with, and I'm trying to figure out how to approach them (neither are teaching classes of mine, so just going to them is out).

How do I say in an email, 'I know this isn't really your decision but I want to talk to you about it anyways' without sounding like an idiot?

Laptop Cases!

If you have a laptop case, what does it look like? Where did you get it?

I'm trying to find one that's not black and that has room for my other class supplies (notebooks, pens, etc), but so far, haven't had much luck. I'll probably have to settle for black.
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In Chicago, the talk of the week has been possibly going to 4 day school weeks. The 4 days would be longer to balance out the fact that there isn't a 5th day.

Do you think this is a good or bad idea? Why?
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what are little things that annoy you?

for me, well it bothers me that the majority of male gendered people (who i've talked to) say they don't like small dogs and that they'd never want one. i think this means they have a small dick.

it also bothers me that every test i've taken (about 100 questions on each test) in my current class i've missed ONE on. ITS FRUSTRATING ME BEYOND BELIEF, i'm happy i'm getting 99%, but i believe i'm past due for a 100%. it's like the tests are teasing me.

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What's the worst alcoholic drink of any kind?

Will you tell me a story about the most annoying drunk person you've ever encountered?

ETA: Anyone else getting less email notifications than you should?

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i have to write a 3 page paper by midnight, it's 8 pm right now. i'm having a hard time focusing though because i'm really fucking tired and having trouble keeping my eyes open.

WHAT DO I DO? do power naps really work?

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For those of you that have Netflix, do you rate the movies after you rent them?
If you do, do you think the ratings that Netflix has according to how they think you'll like the movie accurate?

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Tonight when I met my dad for dinner, he surprised me with a huge easter basket that my step-mom filled with reeses, m&ms, a bouquet made of mini snicker bars, a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and a peanut butter filled lamb omg. (I'm going on vacation Friday til the 6th so I won't see them til after)

When was the last time you were pleasantly surprised?

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What xbox 360 game should my boyfriend and I try out with his xbox points?

Lately we've been <3ing on Carcassonne, I Made A Game with Zombies in It, and Geometry Wars 2. We already have the trials for Peggle and Zombie Apocalypse.

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i have a stuffy nose.
no cold or illness symptoms.
it's just stuffed.
it's so bad I can't breath through my nose.
I blow and blow and nothing comes out. it's so dry.

have you ever experienced something like this?

any ideas what it might be and how to solve it?

Music post & more

Is there any new/relatively new, but not famous bands/singers out there worth checking out?

I'm in terrible need of new music. I listen to pretty much everything, but here's my lastfm in case you're curious.

In other words, just share your 'these days' favorites.

ps: I'm a sexist, and hate female vocalists.

Not related: what's your favorite old-school PC game? I'm downloading Heroes of Might & Magic 3 right now, and very excited!
Kill Bill - Elle

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My psychiatrist gave me .5mgs of Xanax to help me sleep. It just knocks me out for 16 hours.
What does Xanax do to you?

Do you ever feel like your efforts are never good enough?
d20 :: natural 1

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I've just realized that I know several people -- mostly female -- who profess to hate female vocalists, and they all listen mostly to various forms of rock. Really, though, there aren't enough women in that genre to make a blanket statement like that, I'd say.

Do you hate female vocalists? Why?
What genres of music do you listen to most?
What's your gender?

don't care/not musically close-minded: What's your favorite B-side/rarity/non-album track by your favorite musical performer?

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I'm a sucker for making lists.

I've gradually compiled a list of celebs which I strongly dislike for no real reason. This is the Cheadle List. Named after the guy that started the whole thing. Don Cheadle.

Collapse )

Celebs I like quite a lot, again for no real reason go on Collapse )

Who would you put on your Cheadle or Likey List?

(no subject)

1. Is there a website out there that can tell me where I can find a certain dress or outfit a celebrity is wearing on a show or something? What is it?

2. How does one go about booking a celebrity for an event?

3. What do you do for a living?
Since I failed to notice that this was already asked right below, I'll ask this:

Are you good with your finances? How do you save money? Or do you spend it all?

doctor who - tardis

(no subject)

with the political climate the way it is now, do you foresee an assassination attempt on the president, vp, or some other high-profile democrat politician in the near future?

edit: am i just paranoid?!
TK and Kari

(no subject)

Using an umbrella to shield you from the sun on a sunny day...

Looks ridiculous for anybody.
Okay for old people
Okay for Asian people
Okay for everybody!
other (specify in comments)

Subject goes here.

Do you feel like there is nothing really important going on in the modern era?

In the recent past we had the fight for civil rights, the space race, the cultural booms of the mid-late 1900s, etc.  What is happening now, am I missing something here?  I don't like being at the peak of my youth in the ~sparkly vampire~ age.

What event/series of events in history would you like to have been a part of?

If there is something important I'm supposed to be doing, please let me know.
bb biebs

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Is it very difficult to make gif icons and can I make them on a Mac? Can someone explain? Or please link me to a decent tutorial that isn't confusing and weird to understand...

Dk/dc, what are some of your favorite foods/meals to make at home that are simple but delicious?!

Trivia and Family

Does anyone know of a website similar to

Can you tell me of a way to tell your family members that you are really f***ing pissed at them without them never wanting to speak to you again?
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Will you please say something nice about another TQC member of your choosing? Say as many nice things to as many people as you want to, please.

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Okay there's this girl I've never met on Facebook and I can only see her profile pictures, and in her latest profile picture she's exceptionally cross-eyed, and in another picture she's cross-eyed too. BUT then in another picture she's really not cross-eyed, but that's just in one. In the rest of the pictures her eyes are closed or being hidden by her hair/her hand/other objects.

So the question I have is, what are the odds that this girl is cross-eyed?

Apart from that, what do imagine Icelandic people to be like?
Bite me, bitch...

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Were you ever having a very good day, a party in your honor, a good laugh, a real really amazing orgasm, [insert more generally positive experiences here] and someone came out of fvewpfjepnewig NOWHERE and ruined it for you? What happened and what did you do about it?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm running out of room on my hard drive, but I need to reinstall CS4. I have a 1T external hard drive; can I install CS4 on it?

What's your favourite Photoshop tutorial?

Will you guys post a piece of art work you've done?
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girls » barbie

a fault, defect, or shortcoming.

What are some of your vices?
my complete and total dependence on caffeine :(

Are you trying to get over them? How?
i am cutting back slowly, going from 8-10 shots daily to 5-6, now 3-4. the headaches kill me :(

DK/DC: what kind of purse do you carry? if you are a man, are you a fan of murses [man purse]? or do you regularly carry a messenger bag or backpack?

2 questions

What was the last thing you did that made you feel terrible?

What was the last thing you did that made you feel awesome?

Details are encouraged!

I broke a promise to my boyfriend today.
However, I found these cool glasses with blue shades in the engineering lab and they are making me feel fabulous.