March 23rd, 2010

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I got a little too drunk this weekend and got sick in my friend's toilet. I usually do NOT do this (it was a bad weekend), and I distinctly remember cleaning it as well as I could in my drunken state, but he just wrote on my Facebook to tell me he and his toilet are not very happy with me right now. So apparently I didn't clean it all.

What can I do to make up for it? That's pretty nasty and I feel really bad D:
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fake smile

dog owners, lovers, and experts:

every time i leave the house, or even take a shower, my doggie (who i've had only a few days) freaks out. just now in the shower, i could hear him howling in the hallway nonstop.
how can i stop this? srs/non-srs

if you don't know: what's your favorite show on tv right now?

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So guys-
I bought a new cleanser (L'oreal Go 360 Clean, the cream one with the scrublet) like ten days ago. I love it and at first my face looked like it was clearing up some, but now I'm getting under-the-skin kind of bumps/pimples. Do you think my new cleanser is breaking me out or is this the result of using the scrubby? Because I love the scrubby. Or could it be my skin just doesn't know how to react to the new cleanser or something? idk I've used the same generic Target brand acne cleanser for a while, this is a change.

dk/dc- ...Sup?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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 It's my 21st birthday! My dad got my boyfriend and I tickets to a hockey game tonight, only I haven't been to one in over a year or two now, and the boyfriend has never been. I haven't had my first (legal) sip of booze yet. I'm in Atlanta, if that matters.

TQC, is it possible to get tanked at a hockey game when you're not a big fan of beer?

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When was the last time you freaked out about nothing? Did you feel silly afterwards?

I happened to look out the window awhile ago and the floodlights, which are motion activated, were on. It was about 1:30 a.m.. Then I saw what looked like something moving inside my neighbor's kitchen. They have children, so it wasn't likely that someone was up that late. I stood watching for, like, five minutes. I told myself it was nothing and got in bed. After half an hour of imagining a burglar in their house, I looked back - it's the curtains in their screen porch blowing in the wind. *facepalm* 

presentation notes

I'm giving a presentation for a class tomorrow. Since I don't want to read slides to people, I have some notes scribbled out on a yellow legal pad for myself. Does that look unprofessional and unprepared? (I'm thinking yes.) And if so, is it better for me to type up the notes, or copy them over to some fresh paper in relatively neat handwriting?

My prof isn't taking them up, I'm just worried about appearance.
Peggy Blink

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I haven't had more than an hour of sleep, I need to start cleaning/packing because I am moving out on Saturday, and I am also seeing Regina Spektor in about 12 hours. (When I drink wine, I fall asleep for an hour or so and then wake up and can't go back to sleep - also, I only have a room to pack, not an entire apartment or anything)
Should I sleep now, sleep after cleaning, not sleep at all, or sleep and put off cleaning another day since I don't have boxes to actually pack anyway?

Will you share some youtube videos?

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Assume you have a monogamous relationship with your SO. How would you rank the following from bad to worst?
If you want to use numbers 1=bad, 4 =worst.

your SO cheats on you with a friend of theirs from work
your SO cheats on you with some random person they met at a bar during happy hour
your SO cheats on you by soliciting sex from a prostitute
your SO cheats on you by soliciting sex from a minor online

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1)  I live in a rural area.  Internet connection choices are limited here.
2) Currently I have Sprint Mobile 3G network.  4G and/or WiFi are not available.
3) My other options are satellite from HughesNet, or various dial-up services.

I want to know, once and for all, which is best for online gaming (World of Warcraft)?  

I'm sick to death of sucking because of my latency.

I wish there was a way to test what the satellite connection would be like without having to fork over the $300 for installation.  I don't mind paying the money if it's going to be better, but I don't want to pay it and then have it be worse and be stuck with it.

Help me, internets! 

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Was talking to my best friend who's SO cheated on her earlier this week (her SO slept with someone).

He told her, which I thought was cool at least he had the balls to do so.

she asked what I would do if I were her.

I told her my husband and I have a deal between us. I've told him if he makes a mistake because he's drunk or whatever the reason- I dont need to know. If he's not sleeping with someone on a normal basis, if he's not making "mistakes" every other weekend- I don't need to know about one or two stupid mistakes just because he gets caught up in the moment or is too drunk to pay attention to what's going on.

I very much like the life I have with my Husband, I very much love him and he very much loves me. We have a good relationship, again i really like our life together.

If he didn't catch anything/get the other girl pregnant, why ruin everything over a stupid mistake?

what I'm saying is, I've told him to not tell me if he cheats on me. If he's not in love with the other girl, if he doesn't want to sleep with her again, if he didn't do it because he's unhappy with me, etc- why do I need to know?

My friend hung up on me after I explained this to get up to my answer to her question.

Did I deserve to hung up on? Is this logic wrong?

I only have it because I know situations happen, people aren't perfect and mistakes can be made. No matter how much you love someone, best intentions don't always get you out of situations once you're there. and I don't see why my life has to be ruined over something stupid when I didn't have to know about it.

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So my job is basically to correct all the errors that arise due to people's mistake or laziness. Some days I feel like there are more errors due to laziness than actual honest mistakes, which doesn't make me happy. How do you feel about your coworkers? Are they lazier or more mistake prone?

And to all you people that don't care, give me your opinion on this dress, Collapse )

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I was thinking about Lady Gaga and Lord Gaga video and i then thought oh man wouldn't it be cool if her whole family had a title.
"This is Baron and Baroness Germanotta"
I wish i had a title, I would be "Count Von Hannu"
What awesome title would you have?

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If a family member or your SO doesn't take care of his/her health (mainly nutrition and exercise or otherwise) do you consider it as a sign that they don't care enough about you to be around for you?  Or is it an entirely personal decision?
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SRS Size Matter

If you lika da cock:

Do your BF's ever ask you to compare their size to your other BF's?  Do you take the question seriously?

Do you always tell them that they are the biggest or are you always completely honest?

For those with penises:

Do you want us to lie or to tell the truth?
Mitty box

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Is there a program or something I can use to record a live video stream?

I'm too sleepy to google. My mom called me this morning and wanted to know because her boss is going to testify in front of the senate tomorrow about something or other about homeless veterans and she wanted to record it. If it's on C-SPAN I can record it from my TV with my dvd recorder, but if it'll be on UStream or something I don't know how to do that.

Also, I'm hungry. What did you all have for breakfast? Pictures please!

Collapse )
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I'm graduating this semester and I'd like to give my professor/adviser a gift for being so nice to me during my time at college. I'm buying her a small bottle of absinthe and a spoon for preparing it the proper 19th century way(s). I already bought the spoon.

ABSINTHE DRINKERS: I think I'm going to go with a Czech brand I found online (buying a bottle for myself first to make sure it isn't crap) or going into town to the local absinthe bar to see if they sell bottles (I sort of doubt they do, but they may be able to offer suggestions of brand at least), but if you have a preference based on experience, express it here plz.

EVERYONE ELSE: What have you given good teachers in the past to express your gratitude for the knowledge and patience they have bestowed upon your irresponsible student ass? Or didn't you buy them anything, you unappreciative bastards? Or did you just have really crap professors? I'm sorry if you did.
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Tonsillitis lol.

So - by doing the brilliant and ever-reliable method of self-diagnosis online, it seems I've got Tonsillitis!

Being foolish and unwilling to be diagnosed by a medical professional, I plan to manage my own treatment and suck lozenges. Wikipedia says (and it are fact if it on Wiki) that lozenges containing benzocaine, lignocaine, benzydamine and flubiprofen are awesome for my situation.

So ... can anyone recommend a good lozenge for my plight?

Edit: I'm in Canada btw ... if that helps with recommendations...
the boys from queens

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Is the TQC doctor in?

Okay, so I have this little bump right at the base of my hairline on the back of my neck. I've tried several times to see it using the two mirror trick, but all I've succeeded in doing is making myself crosseyed. I discovered it maybe a week ago, but who knows how long it's been there.

I'm pretty sure it isn't a pimple because of A) how long it's been there and B) it doesn't hurt or itch or anything. I'm really fair skinned and have a bunch of moles and skin cancer in my family, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm scared of going to the doctor and having them tell me there's nothing wrong.

So what does this sound like?
Should I be worried?
Should I go to the doctor?

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Are there any English (or similar subjects) teachers in here?
Would you mind answering four questions for me?
It's for a class, but you're not doing my homework.

My dumb self forgot that the teachers are actually teaching right now. Nevermind!

For the rest of you: what was/is your favorite class in school?
Your favorite superhero?
bowie - growing up

Hello, TQC

At the moment, there's a petition going around my public university to make Black Studies a graduation requirement.

I don't know any more particulars - such as whether it's attached to a particular college, like Fine Arts or English - but I'm curious as to what kind of debate this might stir up.

What do you all think? Would this be a petition you'd sign, and why? Care to play devil's advocate? What are other ways to encourage diversity appreciation aside from or along with making Black Studies mandatory? My university is in Missouri, if it makes a difference; our school doesn't exactly have the greatest reputation where racial "tolerance" is concerned, which is especially notable in light of the recent hate crime on campus involving cotton balls on the lawn of the Black Culture Center.
Girl w/ bird cage


Does anyone have birds as pets?  If you knew a friend who lived in an apartment and wanted a bird, what would you recommend?

I have been wanting to get a bird, but I can't really tell which one to get.  I know any type of parrot would be a bad idea because they are too loud for an apartment.  Would anyone recommend cockatiels?

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which one of these symbols is your favorite?

✗ ✘ ♬ ✄ ✂ ♱ ♰ ♂ ♀ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ♡ ♦ ♢ ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♖ ♞ ♘ ♟ ♙ ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☻ ☺ ☹ ☮ εїз ☎ ☏ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ✍ ✌ ☢ ☣ ☠ ☯ ♠ ♤ ♣ ♧ ♥ ❀ ✿ ♆ ☪ ☭ ♪ ♫ ✈ ☊ ✝ ✞ ✟ ✉ ☾ ✎ ✏ ✐

or if there's one not listed you can post that too.
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Would you be upset if your super-liberal college professor spent an hour and a half of your class time gloating over the Health Care Reform bill, bashing all conservatives/Republicans and didn't cover any material that will be covered on the exam next week?

Would it bother you if he does this at least once a week, and has a mandatory attendance policy?

Discuss this, and talk about the worst college professors you've ever had.
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What do you think about wearing a different band's t-shirt to a concert?

Does it matter?

Is it ok if you keep the same genre, ie. an Iron Maiden t-shirt to an AC/DC concert is ok, but a Kenny G t-shirt not so good?

Is it ok so long as the bands aren't rivals, so a Siouxsie and the Banshees t-shirt is ok at a Cure concert, but a Morrissey one not such a good idea, or should it be only the band who are playing and that is why they have stalls selling t-shirts in case yours in the wash?

DK/DC?...Bugger off and answer another question. ;)
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Would you do it?

I qualified for a clinical trial with a trusted company and it pays in the low four digits for three night hospital stay. I really need the money - my unemployment doesn't cover my rent. I would qualify if I lived closer, so I'm considering subletting my apartment for a month and moving closer temporarily. There's eight outpatient visits over the next following three months, but I could move back to my current apartment and just drive there for the follow-ups. It's less than an hour away.

Should I do it? Thanks.
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If you knew your room mate's kid was faking sick, would you say anything?
I'm moving out on Saturday, so IDGAF about what her mom thinks, but she has been OBNOXIOUS the past two days and when her mom gets home, she pulls the "oh man, I don't feel good" crap. She's missing an important week-long exam, and her being here is affecting my ability to do anything I would usually do because she requires so much attention.

Will you show me an outfit you'd like to be able to have some day (because of weight loss, having money, etc.)?
Mine's in comments.

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Is cheating/betrayal/disloyalty/mistrust absent from an open relationship?
Is that the draw?
Or is it just more about having sex with someone other than your SO?
Are emotional connections off limits?
Are there monthly STD screenings?

How does it all work?!

I'm fascinated.
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My friend is going to take his driving test tomorrow. I took him out to pratice earlier and I am not very good at parallel parking, so I need a little advice. When I took my test, I had to back into the space, and pull forward and back a few times to get close enough to the curb. Is it okay to do this? I believe it is better to be too far away from the curb and inch yourself closer by adding a few more steps than hit it. I know ideally, someone should just back in and then pull forward and straighten out, but can you still pass if you have to pull back and move forward more than once?

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Have you ever done something really stupid to get e guy/girl's attention? How stupid?

I let my new second holes grow back because he mentioned in passing that he didn't like pierced ears. I repierced myself them when he got a girlfriend who had pierced ears. 

Have you ever done something really stupid to try and get over a guy/girl?

Started wearing cargo pants and a ponytail and no makeup and hanging around with my guy friends more. I stopped sitting with my legs crossed and started cussing more. I tried to act like them. I wanted to keep myself from flirting with him at all costs. 
abandon all hope

Hmmmmmmm? take someone else's photos, animation, or art and you edit them into icons and people that use them are supposed to credit you. So, if someone takes the icons you made and makes them into something you think they are exempt from crediting you?
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music & computers

1a) What program do you use to play music on your computer?
1b) Is there any particular reason you chose it over WinAmp, Windows Media Player, and/or iTunes?

2) What program do you use to rip music CDs into mp3s on your computer?
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I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

How do I get my friends to stop saying that things suck? As an avid straw user, be they bendy, straight, or twisty, I can't help but find it being downright rude and offensive. I mean, I can't help it if I have sensitive teeth.

Favorite kind of straw?

Two or more connected together!
I hate straws!
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Excuse Me?

Why is it considered controlling OFFENSIVE if a guy tries to influence how his girl dresses but it seems typical of many women to bitch and moan about how their guys dress and to try to change it?  Alternately, why is it ok for girlfriends to help each other dress up for an occasion (many girls are even adamant that it is important their girlfriends call them out on fashion no-nos) but if their SO did it, it would be a huge fight? 

Those who date girls: 
If your girl was wearing a hideous outfit (pretend you are fairly fashion savvy and know your girl), would you say something to her?  Would you suggest a change of any sort (ie "Hey, that little black number you wear is STUNNING, it would look great out on the dance floor")?

Those who date guys:
If your guy was wearing a hideous outfit (socks with sandals or something ridiculous), would you say something to him?  Would you suggest a change of any sort (ie "Hey I LOVE that other thing you wear, it makes you look so sexy")?

EDIT: To clarify; I think that the word offensive is better for the purpose of the questions.


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10 minutes till English 412:

Say you felt an epic bought of diarrhea coming on and a test in that class in 10 minutes. Would you go?

Say you had a bloody nose that wasn't really stopping and a test in that class in 10 minutes. Would you go?


Will you complain about something to me?
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Since it seems like this health care bill is bring out the asshole in everyone, on both sides of the aisle, let's get it out right now.

What is your rant about the health care bill or the issues surrounding it?

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If you found out that one of your good friends was acquainted with someone that you SEVERELY disliked, what if any action would you take? This is assuming that the dislike is based on some horrible action that this person did, like abuse or the willful murder of your dog or something else really bad, not because you just don't like them or don't get on with them due to a personality clash. How would you feel about continuing to maintain a relationship with your friend?

ETA: Is it fair to ask your friend to not say anything or reveal any information about you to the person that you dislike or to anyone that knows this person?

I feel like the grammar in this post is lacking. I hope this makes sense.

ETA again: Ugh, this situation is getting too Kevin Bacon-y for me. I am starting to hate facebook.
Fables; Snow

facebook friends

Have you discovered through Facebook that certain friends or acquaintances have wildly different political/religious/whatever beliefs from you, beliefs that you find somewhat offensive? What did you do about it? Has this changed your perception of them in a negative way? Has this affected your friendship?

(no subject)

Is there anyone in your life that makes you uncomfortable/irks you but you are forced to be around this person a lot? 

There is a new guy who is my "team leader" at work and every time I finish talking to him I get upset/pissed off. I feel like he consistently talks down to me and because of my age thinks I'm young/stupid/slacker/untrustworthy etc. I dread every single time I have to walk to the bathroom because I walk past his office.

If so, how do you deal with it or at least make the situation more bearable?

IDK, hence the question. Lately, it's been vodka.

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TQC, I want to go see my boyfriend in Portland in May. I would like to book my flight around my birthday (to see if i'm getting cash or not, sort of) which is April 22nd. In between now and then I am trying to get a job and save up $200-300.

so, my questions are:
1) where will i get the best price selling books?
2) clothes?
3) what else can I do for money?
4) on a scale of 1-10 how tacky would it be for me to ask my family and friends for cash for my birthday?
"boom de yada"

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I think we may be in need of this. If not many, then at least some of us, so -

Who do you e-love in this silly, uproarious community we have here?

And if you e-love no one here, then would you like a cookie? If so, what kind and will you kindly tell us about another person you love atm who is NOT a significant other?

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Guys, I have 3 shows on my DVR that I'd like to watch this afternoon before I go to bed. In what order should I watch them?

- Good Eats: Don't Be Chicken of Dumplings (chicken dumpling soup)
- Castle (last night's/most recent episode)
- 7th Heaven (this morning's rerun)
Mitty box

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Are you interested in your ancestry/genealogy?
If so, have you ever tried to trace your family tree?
How far back could you go?

For me, both sides came over to the US between 1900 and 1920 and so anything further back then that is muddled or lost. My roommate was able to trace 3 branches of her family back to the 1600s! She found out that one branch came from Berne, Switzerland and actually founded New Bern NC! I think that's fascinating.
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Who do you save?

You made a shanky deal with the Mafia.  They tell you they are going to kill 2 people close to you as punishment for not paying your debts.  The police are in cahoots.  The two people in question have no access to a phone.  You don't have a phone either.

You only have time to warn/rescue/save 1 person.

Who will it be?

1.  Mom or Grandma?
2.  The Aunt closest to your or the cousin closest to you?
3.  Spouse or Child?
4.  Old high school friend or nice coworker?
5.  Dad or Best Friend?

 What did you do to incur such wrath???

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I just got an assignment for a PE course asking me to interview people from varying countries about ~fitness gyms~. I figured there would be no better place to interview people from countries outside the USA than the interwebz. So if you live outside the United States or spent a lot of time outside the United States or whatever, I'd really appreciate it if you could please answer these questions for me. They're pretty lame and I apologize, but they're what were thrown at me.

Thank you!

1. What's your name? (Feel free to say whatever if you don't wanna disclose it. First names only are fine.)
2. What is your country of origin?
3. Are gyms/fitness centers common in your native country?
4. What is the name of a gym from your country?
5. What are some of the programs, equipment and facilities, found in the gyms there?
6. Is fitness important to most people in your native country?
7. Is there anything else you want to tell me about gyms in your country?

I just wanna clarify that I promise I'm not having you guys do my homework for me. I do need to interview people from varying cultures and in that sense y'all are helping me to get it done, but it's not a case of "just Google it, moron." Sorry for any problems!
im french

excuse me if this is a boring topic

I had a job interview last Thursday. I think it went well. The interviewer said he'd contact me early this week. It's Tuesday.

What is the etiquette for pursing this? Do I write a suggestive thank you note, call, go in, what?

If you don't know, don't you just love Leonardo DiCaprio?

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oh god oh god i just left a voicemail for my grandad because i need to pick up some paperwork from him and i fucked up and left the phone number to my old job instead of my actual number. i called again and left my real number but he is old and senile and barely knows how to use an answering machine.

tqc crystal ball, how likely is he to call my old job looking for me??
TK and Kari

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How come I'm not into older men but it seems like all the straight girls I know like men 10+ years older than them?

When I was about 10, I remember all the other girls liking the Backstreet Boys whereas I saw them as adults and didn't care about them. Then in high school, I knew girls who had crushes on Alan Rickman as Professor Snape which made me o_O. When I was 17, a friend of mine started dating a 27-year-old. I downright don't even find older men attractive. They can be "good-looking for an old guy", but never appealling.

I'm 21 now and I honestly would not date a guy more than 3 years older than me. Do you think it's weird of me to be like this?
heart rain


So completely off topic from my last question....

Does anyone know where I could find icons of just avatars?  Drawn or graphically designed or whatever.  Everytime I search I keep getting  icons for the movie Avatar or just not what I'm looking for. I stopped making my own icons a long time ago.  Any advice?


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My step-aunts two adopted jack russels bark like crazy whenever anyone goes to leave the house. The younger one is started off by the older one barking, who can get quite aggressive if anyone tries to stop her from barking. Obviously it's a real pain as there are people in and out of their house all day.
Do you have any suggestions? They have another big black dog (no idea on breed!) who is absolutely fine.
default falling

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My mom (who sticks mainly to Huffington Post and youtube for funny cat videos) is VERY passionate about the Health Care Bill. I was in the kitchen while she was browsing news articles and she says, with the tone of someone who has discovered something BRILLIANT, "You know, if you're going to write on the internet about how someone is wrong and they are stupid, you should run it through a spell check. Or at least not type in all caps. You look like and idiot." I laughed very, very hard.

What is the funniest thing about the internet you've heard from someone who isn't internet-experienced and wise?
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Sci-fi names.

What's a good name for a female character in a science fiction setting? I'm trying to write a story, but I can't think of a good name for the protagonist. D:
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To those with kids in daycare, how much do you pay for it?

Not in daycare, who cares for your kid when you're working or do you stay at home?

No kids, what is a reasonable amount to pay for childcare pretending if you had kids?

(no subject)

Are there any other Perthites here who experienced yesterday's storm? Got any interesting stories to share?

If you're not from Perth, when was the last time you experienced an extreme storm? Do you have an interesting story to tell?

I walked through knee deep water in the CBD only to find that most of the public transport had been shut down. Ended up walking most of the way home through flooded, and dark streets due to all the power outages. Fun times!

(no subject)

Tonight we had rotisserie chicken for dinner. My brother was shocked and appalled to discover I eat the skin. I know some people don't like it, but I didn't know anyone found it odd or disgusting when other people do.

Do you eat the skin on chicken?

And for those of you who don't eat chicken, what's your favorite type of salad dressing?
carter arrested

(no subject)

What do you think about Hollywood's new obsession with everything 3D? "Rebooting" old movies into 3D? Do you see a difference when you go to see a movie in 3D at the theatre, or does wearing those glasses distract you from the actual movie?
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You wake up from your afternoon nap to find A FUCKING VAMPIRE in your room, oh shit! You've never seen them before, but they definitely have all the signs of being a vampire. And not some sort of sexy, possibly non-violent vampire either, but the scary type which obviously vants your blood right now. You have access to a large variety of traditional vampire repellents...I mean you just have a bunch of crosses, bars of silver, garlic, pointed sticks etc. lying around for whatever reason. Which do you grab, assuming you only might have time to use one before fucking Nosferatu here eats your face?

If it were me, I'd pull up the shade and run like hell, but I'm basically a pussy.
TK and Kari

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Is Chatroulette solely for perverted purposes? Or is it supposed to be a family-friendly thing that got overridden with perverts? For those of you who have used it, can you tell me what you like about it?

Paging Dr. LJ....

So I was eating a giant chewy sweet-tart...and my jaw made this popping noise, and now I can't hardly open my mouth (I'd say I can open it about 3/4 of an inch, that's it) :(

WTF did I do? WTF should I do? I've never done this before.

Are you accident prone?

ETA: Seems I popped my lower jaw out of place on the left side. I was able to pop it back in, but as soon as I opened my mouth again, it popped back out. I'm calling the doctor in the morning.
I <3 TLV

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Have you ever gotten an eye exam just to know what your vision is? My vision is ok but I'm curious as to what exactly it is now, since I used to wear glasses. Would it be weird to get an exam? (I'll be at the mall tomorrow anyway)
  • feeeny

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do you think that prime time shows introduce lesbian characters/love interests for ratings or what?

who're your favorite prime time gays?

eta: rumer willis is god-awful looking.
TK and Kari

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let's say a band you like is going to perform at your best friend's church. you're not religious. your best friend knows you like this band and invited you--it's free.

Do you feel like a big ol' sinner for going? Do you think the jonas brothers will be annoyed all these non-religious people show up to their church performance?

(no subject)

Poll #1542271 Fandom Curiosities

Do you read or write fanfiction for any fandoms?

Yes, I both read and write fanfictions.
I only read the stuff
No, I don't do either

If you write fanfictions, for which fandom do you write most for?

Harry Potter
Star Trek
Vampire Diaries
Dr Who
Other Vampire fandoms
Other Anime fandoms
Other TV series

What rating are most of your stories?

PG 13
NC 17

Do you belong to any LJ writing communities?


Who is your One True Pairing for you fave fandom?

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Friends from friends who aren't your friends

So, I met a really awesome chick through one of our mutual friends (someone who was my best friend and exboyfriend). She's all sorts of rad, and hot not that I'm into her really, but I rarely get to see her because she's a senior in highschool and I have no idea if schools these days are okay with adults just being like "SUP. I LEFT ONEA THESE A COUPLE YEARS AGO. IMMA WAL IN KAY?" (And, in all honesty, I don't want to deal with that kind of work). Anyway, besides the initial introduction we've hung out three times (always with the mutual friend) and I occasionally see her around and say hi real quickly and hug her. She just added me on Facebook.
Is this weird, considering the person whom introduced us and I are no longer friends as of yesterday?
Do you have friends you're close with from other friends?
Do you get upset when two people you introduced spend a lot of time together?


Dk/dc? What did you have for lunch today?

(no subject)

Do you get annoyed by people who constantly talk about their children, or maybe their newborn niece/nephew and are always showing you pictures and telling stories in the baby voices?

Am I a bad person for being thoroughly annoyed (even though the baby is pretty damn adorable)?

Have any of your own stories to share on this topic?
Harry Potter fan till the end

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 Let's say you won a raffle. The prize is something expensive, worth about $300. You could sell it or you can give it to your best friend - for free. Your best friend has wanted that prize for a while, but... that's an easy $300 for you. 

What would you do? 

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(no subject)

What is your current favorite youtube video? Mine
Who is your least favorite person?
Your least favorite non-person?
Will you draw the person who posts above you a picture?
If you don't want to draw a picture, why are you such a terrible person?

(no subject)

Do you think people who don't like the idea of baths (that whole bathing in your own filth thing) think the same thing about hand washing dishes (in the sink)?

Are you one of those people, or do you like baths?

am i on to something?

If these two TQCers were dangling from a cliff, which would you save first?

i am too new to TQC to be able to choose.
oh suzer, i kinda see what you are doing here, but this is less mind blowing than previous polls of this genre.

which of these TQCers is more charming?

i am too new to TQC to be able to choose.
this is like sophie's choice, man.
oh suzer, you have blown what is left of my mind. AGAIN.

(no subject)

This is really stupid, but my Google-fu doesn't help me.

When will there be fireflies? I moved to Ohio after the fireflies were done for the year, and I think it is getting close. I am so excited. When should they be here?

(no subject)

Another fashion post for TQC;

What would YOU accessorize this dress with?

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DK/DC: would you rather fly or take a train? For the sake of argument, either fare would be paid for by someone else, and you can go to any city you want (they have those new-fangled submersible trains or something)
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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Is it just me or do HP laptops have the shittiest wall adapters/chargers ever?

There's nothing wrong with the computer itself, but I've had my computer for about 4 years and I'm about to buy my 5th charger. Argh.

DK/DC/I don't give a shit about HP: What time zone do you live in?
screen clean

another one from me.

my dearly beloved dog that passed away was a shar-pei. shar-pei are from china.

a few nights ago the guy i'm seeing said [apparently "racist" comment about chinese things]

excluding the fact that what he said was probably racist or something similar, i got upset because of the shar-pei/china connection.

it didn't even cross his mind that walter was chinese when he said it, though, or he wouldn't have said it.

but i'm still kind of secretly upset. am i being unreasonable? y/y?

i have to have 1550 hours to finish cosmetology school and right now i have 1549 hours and 43 minutes. so i have to go to school tomorrow for 17 minutes, but i'm so excited i can't sleep!

can you post something that will make me sleepy?
Cute mad kitty

(no subject)

What do you think of my new stilettos? Fierce, sexy or no comment? Guys are welcome to comment too.

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Will you post a picture of heels if you're a chick? If not, how much do you drink when you go out somewhere?
don, ufc, mma, frye

Best Full-Size American Car

In the coming months I'm planning to purchase a used car. The type I want is a full-size domestic sedan, preferably a nice big V8 with power to spare and plenty of leg room/trunk space. I'm obviously looking at the traditional big names: Lincoln Continental/Town Car, Cadillac Sedan De Ville, Ford Crown Vic/Mercury Grand Marquis, etc. With my budget it looks like I'm probably in line for a late 1990's model/early 2000's.

With all that in mind, any of you out there that own a car of this type, or have experience with them, what's your preference? Be as specific as you want, I'm most curious to know what features you especially like about the vehicle you recommend. I'm also particularly interested to know whether anyone's experienced problems with the air-ride suspension used in some models like the mid 90's Lincolns.

Thanks a lot in advance.