March 22nd, 2010


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I just have a lot of feeeelings right now.

Will you tell me about how much your job sucks/rules?

What was the last shitty thing your job did to fuck you over?

I had some delicious broccoli and cheddar soup today on my break at work.
What delicious foods have you eaten today?
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How do you pay for most things? Cash, credit, debit, or check?

Do you use a checkbook register?

How else do you keep track of your monthly budget?

Do you have any tips for making me keep track of mine?
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It's 12:15am. I have to be up at 9am. Should I rent a movie on the TV anyway?

I'm supposed to go to a concert on Tuesday with some friends. One of the girls in this group has had a crush on me for almost as long as we've all been friends. It's sort of something we don't talk about; we generally just ignore it all together to avoid any awkwardness. This particular girl text messaged me tonight saying the rest of our friends can't go to the concert on Tuesday but she still wants to go. I am freaking out because I dread being alone with this girl. How can I nicely tell her I don't wanna go? Am I a jerk?

dk/dc: Who's your favorite character on Boy Meets World?
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semi-inspired by the whole health care reform issue...

What would be so bad that you would leave your country of choice forever? Pretend where you are living is where you always wanted to live and none of this "I got my dream job" crap, only bad things.

dumb question.

So I uploaded this video on Youtube, and I want to make it completely private. Like, you can only see it if you access it directly from the link I post, or if I embed it. I have it set to Limited Access URL. It doesn't show up in searches, which is what I wanted. Does this mean it will also not show up in Related Videos? I have zero experience with uploading on Youtube. Also, it says that it is viewable by up to 25 people. Does this mean that if I embed it in my journal, everyone can watch it there, and only there? >.< Ugh, I sound like such a noob.
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Hola, TQC.

Last spring/summer, I was doing some browsing online for a floor-length maxi dress. I wanted something colorful, pretty, and light for the warmer parts of the year. I found exactly what I was looking for at - floor length, duel-colored dresses with a back that was high enough to cover a bra. They came in several different colors - blue and green, brown and cream, yellow and green, etc. The dress alternated the colors from top-to-bottom, in thick bands of each color. There was a slight ruffle where the colors changed.

Unfortunately, because of some financial troubles, the priority to nab that dress fell to the wayside, and when it got cold again, I forgot all about it. Shoot to today, and mygypsychic is no more. The site and the dress are both gone. My Google-fu is failing me here, as I can't find a trace of the site and I'm not sure how to go about finding the same dresses somewhere else.

So, my questions are as follows:
- Is anyone else familiar with the site? Did they relocate and to where?
- If you recall seeing the dresses I'm talking about, can you point me in the direction of a site that sells them now?
- Can you recommend some new sites for me to look at for a dress that's similar? My price range is $100 or less.

Thanks, folks!
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Watching &#39;The Road to El Dorado&#39;...
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Hey, look over there--a dork!

What's the last thing you realized or learned that made you happy? Me, I just realized that I can put my hair up in pigtails! I haven't done anything with my hair in forever because it's so short, so I'm really excited...:-D.
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How much should I tip someone for a piercing? Would $5 be ok, or is this one of those percentage deals?

Google is turning up mixed results; I found a page that said tips aren't necessary but appreciated, and then another that said to tip 25% of your piercing cost, but that seems high to me for something that literally takes about two minutes to do.

Do you like Jelly Belly jelly beans? If so, what is your favorite flavor?
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Do you feel that doing cardio (just cardio) five times a week for an hour is too much for weight loss?

What regular exercise do you do?
Are you working on losing weight or achieving some fitness goal?
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I've been laying awake in bed for the past three hours. I can't fall asleep, and I've got class in less than four hours.

How do you make yourself fall asleep when you need to?

Furthermore, what do you do when you can't sleep?
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What are some DVDs you know that have totally silent menu screens?

I like to fall asleep with a TV or radio on. I pretty much can't sleep without that. I recently was able to get a really cheap TV and DVD player to put in my room, but when DVDs end and go back to noisy, repetitive menu screens, it makes me want to shoot the fucking TV, it's so annoying. It wakes me up and defeats the purpose.

I do not like movies that are very political or feature war as a major theme, for the record. Also, I hate Tom Hanks. I would prefer light comedy or romance-comedy or cartoons, but honestly since I plan on ignoring them and just using them as noise to fall asleep to, I'm open to any suggestions.

(And no, I don't get cable in my room.)

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I am so tired. I failed at getting my sleep schedule back on track, so I ended up going to bed at 11 pm, waking up at 3 am, and staying up. I have class until 12:45 pm, then my boyfriend and I are grabbing lunch and will probably come back to my house and take a nap.

How do I stay awake until then, especially in my 8 am class that is super boring? Caffeine has the opposite affect on me--it makes me tired. Help :(

DK/DC: How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
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i'm having an allergy skin test on wednesday. i accidentally took sudafed pe sinus and allergy yesterday before remembering i can't take antihistamines 72 hours before the test. is this going to fuck up my results? i haven't taken anything since last night.
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Is having to drive a half hour out of the city enough reason to maybe look for a closer job? 
(mind, I would start work at 2 am, and so head out of the house at 1am or so that would be taken into account)

I ask because I'm moving into the city instead of out of the city, oddly enough the same distance I have from my current job, just in the opposite direction.

How far away do you drive to work?

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do you think any kind of being over weight is instantly unattractive?

(I'm Samoan so my genetics kind of make me thick, I've always been at least ten/twenty lbs overweight. I also had twins last year, both babies were 7lbs and 20 inches and they were born at 40 and a half weeks so my stomach is still shrinking back. I'm currently at 180 when i should be at 160.

I eat healthy, no fast food etc etc and smaller portions than usually inclined, I run three times a week and do other 'work out' activity throughout the week, but I'm pretty much never going to be 'skinny".

and I like the way I look. Granted, finding clothes in my size that don't make me look terrible is a feat, but I'm ok with my figure.

but friends have pointed out maybe I should try and tone up more, esp the stomach area. is it wrong that I am content with how I look when other people think I could put more effort into it?)

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TQC, I have not slept since 2pm yesterday. it is now 9am and I have to leave for class at 10:30. i have had 3 cups of coffe and i'm working on some green tea. should i sleep or stay up until after class (1pm)?

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I have an annoying personal question, but my sister is being no help so I figured I'd ask here.

Basically, I made some bad decisions last weekend and ended up in the hospital. I just got the bill and it's $700. I don't live with my father, but I'm on his insurance so if I have them bill the insurance he'd know about it and hate me (or be "disappointed" in me, which is worse). I have enough saved that I can pay it myself, but I was saving up for my next semester of college so I don't have to take out loans and I only make like $100/wk, so it'd take awhile to get my bank account back to where it is considering I have a ton of bills.

SO! Should I suck it up and have them bill the insurance and have my dad be mad at me, or is it worth it to just pay it myself and try to be way more frugal than I already am?

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 What was the last thing you did/experienced that made you feel old?

Stalking around on facebook I realised the kindergarten kids who were our little peer support buddies when we were in grade 6 are now in high school :O

What was the last thing you did/experienced that made you feel young or childlike?

That I am also still in high school even though I shouldn't be :/

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Water bill

1. What was your water bill ?

2. What is your average day use ?

3. If you watched the Oscar Awards on tv, what do you remember about it most ?

My answers:

1. $44.18 for 55 days of city water.

2. 27.20 gallons per day use for 2 people in our house.

3. Alec Baldwin staring at George Clooney. (^:
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Over this past weekend, both my desktop and my laptop broke (though both were fixed to various levels), one of my coworkers stole my wallet, my car radio broke, and I got into a fight with both my brother and my sister.

Do you ever feel like you're being punished for something, but you can't put your finger on what?
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A couple of questions ...

1) Does anyone have any experience/insight/thoughts on the NYC Teaching Fellows Program?

2) I applied to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Washington DC campus) for Forensic Psychology ... any thoughts/experience/insight on this school? I'm waiting to hear back with a decision. Also, anyone familiar with DC? What's it like, have you lived there, visited, etc. etc., how does it compare to NYC (where I'd be moving from).

Anything you know about the above would be greatly appreciated! =)

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My worst enemy is in my roommate's bedroom (so nice of her to bring this charming young man to my house...). He is preoccupied and his shoes are sitting in the front doorway like they belong there.

I'm thinking revenge...what should I do to his shoes to exact ultimate payback?

How many roommates have you had and between what ages?

Also, what is your worst roommate experience?

EDIT: I'm not REALLY going to destroy his shoes guys, come on. This is for FUN, he has anger problems and I wouldn't touch anything of his with a ten foot pole.
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mera joota hai japani

are there any old-school indian cinema fans here?

i'm trying to track down an old song but all i remember is that the male singer is singing about having the 'world in his pocket'. it's driving me CRAZY. i'd call my parents but they're at work.

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Which web browser do you use?

I'm a Jedi Master who can browse the internet with my mind.

2. Do you use any of LJ's "how-to" communities (ie. cooking recipes, redecorating, sexual positions) as your main source of info on that subject, meaning you'd sooner check that community for whatever you need before any other resource?

3. Have you ever followed any directions, recipes or sexual positions you found on LJ that went horribly wrong, either because you made a mistake or the directions themselves were a recipe for disaster?

4. Do you ever unintentionally use cheesy puns like I just did?
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LADIES~: Do you think you get better service at restaurants/cafes/the meat counter when you wear makeup, spiffy clothes or look otherwise super-girly and groomed? How about if you have lots of cleavage?

GENTLEMEN: Do you think you get better service when you wear something prep-tastic that just screams 'I HAVE A GOOD JOB', like a shirt and tie? How about a shirt and tie and pants?

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Do you believe that you shouldn't want to change anything about your body because someone else is probably jealous of something else on your body? (Example being you shouldn't want fake boobs if you're an AA cup because you have a super toned stomach)

My best friend and I were having a conversation. She said that people who change something on their body (like getting those fake boobs or getting plastic surgery) are stupid because they'll look ridiculous and they probably already have something else that someone wants. I said that if it boosts the confidence of that person, then why should it matter what anyone else says?

**edited to clarify, but I still don't think it's clear enough. Sorry**

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So I have an hour to kill after I'm off work at three.  I have to meet up with my boyfriend's brother, after he's done work, to give him some prescription and xray papers that he left at my place.  (He fell and hurt himself and was stuck at my place until his brother got back into town)

What should I do to kill time downtown?  (Vancouver BC)

A. Go to the library and look up random things
B. Go to the art gallery (leanardo davinci is the spotlight)
C. Go to Coal Harbour and watch airplanes land and people and birds
D. Look for dress/work pants and/or shoes (I can only buy these at Tall Girl haha.)
E. other..and mention what I should do! :)

DK/DC What are you doing today?
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Is there a breed of dog that looks similar to a Great Dane, but tends to be more slender with longer looking legs?

I feel like I had learned about one, but I can't remember. 
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A few days ago, there was a post about your fears about getting older. What part of getting old are you looking forward to?

For me it's living long enough to be old and wearing muumuus.
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I found a bottle in my room.

There is a liquid in an amber bottle suggesting it is sensitive to light.
It has a slightly sweet fragrance with undertones of an alcohol.
It non viscous.

( I used to have a bunch of chemistry supplies and this bottle is not labeled)

What is it?
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You're riding your bike along a residential neighborhood when you see a debit card on the side of the road.

You google the person's name on your phone and an address shows up which is only a block away.

Do you:

A. Go over to the house and give them the card?

B. Hang on to it. Go to the bank that the card is from and turn it in. The nearest bank location is 4 or 5 miles from your house.

C. Other ____
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Is it ever ok to confront a close friend about weight issues if you know that it is causing other serious health problems, which they have disclosed to you ?

Particularly if the conversation focuses on the health issues rather than weight/body type/looks/etc...

For Example:  A close friend is diagnosed with type II diabetes by a doctor, who recommends diet/exercise changes.  There have not been changes.  Is is ok to say "hey friend, I'm concerned about you.  This lifestyle/weight is causing issues x,y,z.  I care and I'd like to help any way I can."?
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So, my neighbors are working on their house. They have been working on it for months now. Since working on the house, they have been burning stuff outside everyday. The smell has been atrocious the past few days. At this point, I think they are burning refuse to get out of paying collection fees. Should I report them? It seems that there has to be environmental laws against it.

It's not just wood either. I can tolerate the smell of burning wood. They are burning stuff again today but I have a stuffy nose, so I can't really smell much of anything.


I called the non-emergency number. Two fire trucks were dispatched. It's an hour later and they are still burning stuff. Grr.

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Who is more likely to initiate sex: you or your partner?

Are you m/f?

Is your partner m/f?

Do you think gender plays any role in this?

Do you have to orgasm for the sex to be good, or is sex good because it's sex?

Are there any areas of your relationship you think gender plays a major role in?
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Will you tell me some of your favorite love songs that aren't so intense? Think "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys instead of "The Rose" by Bette Midler.

Alternatively, are you on a laptop or desktop right now?
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My friend showed me this fantastic online program last night. It makes art. I have this theory that no matter how crappy an artist someone is, they can draw something in that and it will look AWESOME.

Will you draw something using Scribbler and post it here? (Just click the save button at the top of the canvas when you're done, and upload it to or other image host of your choice.)

EDIT: You people (and your husbands, as the case may be) are awesome.

EDIT2: Content of comments here may not be worksafe. Fair warning.
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Will you play this game and tell me if you're able to stump him? Pretty much, you think of a person, real or fictional, and you answer his questions to see if he can figure it out.

So far, he's guessed right 5/5 times! It's blowing my mind. He was able to guess Sookie Stackhouse, Cooking Mama, Terra Brandford from FF6, and Lighting from FF13.

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Of the famous people who share your name (if there are any) who do you think does not look like a [YOUR NAME HERE]? What is one physical or personality trait that you associate with people who share your first name?

I think Amanda Peet is way too skinny to be an Amanda.

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Can someone who has a good understanding of the health care bill give me a quick rundown of it? I have a basic idea of its provisions but I don't quite understand the debate and Wikipedia/news websites are just confusing me more. Which provisions are people so upset about? I've kind of been living in a cave the past few months so I'm a bit clueless.

Also, what's your opinion on it, if you have one?
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Creativity at school

In what ways has your creativity been encouraged/discouraged at school (specifically primary school and high school, but if you want to, tell me about uni as well)? Or in which was WAS it encouraged or discouraged at school? In terms of learning activities, I guess.

Not just creativity in terms of craft, but any sort of creativity.

How important do you think creativity is?

What was the most creative school project/activity you were encouraged to do?

a charitable donation

We've all heard of organ donation, and many of us have registered ourselves. Right? We've grown used to the idea of our bits and pieces being used to help other live after we die. But say they discover that human... er, meat...products... can help malnourished children in developing countries, much more effectively than other famine relief foods.

Would you sign up to become eaten after death?

[ETA: I don't know if I could do it.]
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Do you know those Mac and Cheese bites from sheetz or anywhere else?

The SO and I are trying to make them at home but all we can find are recipes that call for a deep fryer. But we dont have a deep fryer. Can we perhaps just roll them in the breading and bake them? Or I guess put a bunch of oil in a pot and do it that way?

Are you reminded of how kitchen illiterate I can be?

DK/DC : Whats the last culinary adventure you had go terribly awry?

EDT: Thanks!

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 This was posted last night, but it's a different crowd this time of day, and also, there's been more time:

Will you post some of the more lulzy status updates or twitters on your respective feeds about the Healthcare bill? 

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Do you have any weird eating habits? If so, what are they?

I only eat the noodles out of chicken noodle soup. I can't stand the broth or the chicken.
I don't eat the skin on a pickle.
I only eat Kraft sliced cheese. I'll eat any other brand when it comes to shredded.
When I make pizza from scratch at home, it has to have only Parmesan cheese on it. I'll only eat pizza with mozzarella if I make a frozen pizza or get it from a pizza place.
I don't eat the ends on a hotdog.
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Would you rather have all the faucets in your home spew out apple juice (100% pure, not from concentrate) instead of water, or have a fridge that either compliments you or brutally insults you depending on the weather? (Bad weather gets you a brutal insult; nice weather gets you a compliment.)
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Do you sniff your food before you eat it?
Are you a male or female?

(I had a conversation with my friend last night about this and he said it's a guy thing to sniff their food before eating it. And I just saw a guy sniff his chocolate bar before eating it.)
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Have you ever taken St. John's Wort (regularly)? How did it work for you?

Photobucket automatically resizes (shrinks) large images (e.g., screencaps). Which image hosts do not? (I already know of Imageshack.)
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In response to the Charitable Donation/Soylent Green Question

My mom always told me that if we were in a plane crash in the freezing mountains and she died, we were allowed to eat her in order to survive since she was dead anyway.

Could you eat someone in this situation? A relative? Would it have to be a stranger? Or would you just end up starving to death while hoping to be rescued?

I think I could, maybe not my mother, but some other random person. I think as long as someone else did the butchering and it were cooked. I mean I'm already a carnivore.

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You go through a fast food drive thru. You order, they tell you your total, and you get your money ready. You get to the next window, the employee hands you your food, and you leave.

It isn't until you get home that you realize your money is still in your lap. They never asked for it and you never gave it to them.

Do you go back to pay?
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Has anyone here ever done anything with AmeriCorps? Can you tell me about it? What was it like?

My state has a "reading corps" program that's associated with AmeriCorps, and focuses on teaching kids from preschool to grade 3 to read. I like kids and I'm interested in childhood literacy, so I am thinking this looks like a pretty nice deal!
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 I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment on the 25th, but my doctor has a family emergency so I had to reschedule to see another doctor.  They could either see me tomorrow, or at the end of April.  I have two tests tomorrow in my anatomy and physiology class.  I can make up those tests, but they're a harder version of them [My instructor drops the lowest scores, so I could have those 0's dropped too if I don't make it up or score poorly].  

Would you go to the doctors appointment, or would you go to your classes?  My appointment tomorrow is a check up on my thyroid since I had half of it removed in September.  They haven't put me on any medication, so I will most likely be prescribed some thyroid hormone replacement drugs...which will greatly help with my symptoms.  I don't know what to do!!!  :(

I'm leaning towards seeing the doctor.

ETA: LOL, now that I've read my own question, the answer is obvious...I'm seeing the doc.  My mind isn't here today. X_____X

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Atlantic City is calling me.

My truelove and I are taking a spur gambling trip to Atlantic City. We even bought the Romantic Getaway package at the Tropicana.

Dinner and breakfast are already paid for, and we'll see whatever show we get to see with our package. Then there's always gambling and the health club for the jacuzzi. In our quiet hours, we can walk the Boardwalk or even get our toes wet on the beach.

But what ELSE should we do while we're there? I haven't been to Atlantic City for 15+ years.


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If you've dated someone significantly older/younger than you, were you at all shy on the first few dates?
An older guy and a younger girl are flirting, is it up to the guy to make the first move seeing as he is older?
Do you tend to go for people out of your immediate (3 years +/-) age range? Younger or older?

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Are you prepared for the impending tsunami and the subsequent hurricane Jesus will bring upon us as a result of passing healthcare?
How does it make you feel knowing you're killing millions of babies by forcing mothers to abort their unborn children?
Obama is the next Hitler. Do you agree with this statement?


Is there any anime that focuses on a child/teen that takes place over years and actually shows the character growing up? Includes changes in appearance and personality. And I don't mean an anime were the first half of the first episode shows the character at 5 years old and then jumps to 15. I'm looking for something more gradual.

Does that exist?

DK/DC: Who's your favorite pirate?
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Stupid grammar question: If you are using an abbreviation like "inc." or "ltd." at the end of the sentence, is a second period redundant? Note: abbreviation is necessary in this case

dk/dc: Has spring sprung where you live? Is the bird on the wing?
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Today, while waiting for a bus I met a nice, if slightly cooky lady. She started talking to me, and basically told me about her life. She has cancer in her lymph nodes and when she was diagnosed they gave her 6 months to live. It's been five years since then and even though they told her it will never go into remission. She then told me about other stuff, like how her husband bought her a house and a diamond ring for her birthday 20 years ago, and that the transmission on her truck is shot, and she's not going to let the mechanics rip her off. But, she was out and enjoying the really great weather we were having today and was in a really great mood. She had a tremendous spirit on the whole, and she said that she's thankful for everything God gave her.

What was the last thing that made you realize your life is not as bad as you sometimes think it is?
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My roommate got diagnosed with strep throat on Saturday. She was contagious until 3pm yesterday. My throat is starting to feel scratchy and I just feel tired and worn out.

What are the chances I have strep? I kept my distance from her, but I'm scared it wasn't enough. I got it all the time when I had tonsils, but I haven't had anything since I had them removed.

How much do you hate getting the strep test throat swab thing?

What should I do in the meantime? (I'm going to call the doctor in the morning).

Also, feel free to use this post to talk about various illnesses you have/have had.

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You guyz, my SO and I are getting one of these Image and video hosting by TinyPic I want to name him Optimus Prime. He wants to name him Bishop. Who wins?

me? y/y?

Edit: this is after I threw out the names: Clarence, Angus, Mark, Dwight, and Stan. I like old man names for animals. So, I said I refused any other name but all those listed or Optimus Prime. And...Bishop is just a stupid damn name.

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What is the most annoying thing in your life?

My father will not shut up about his hatred of the government and president. Nor will he quit saying how if a census taker comes while he is here he's going to do "this" "this" or "this". And won't shut up telling me to tell the census taker to go away.
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Let's see if this works..

Without saying why, can you tell us whether you are for or against the new American health care bill? (Even if you aren't American.)

edit: I fail for forgetting a question mark. I can't believe no one called me out on this yet.


I just went to watch an old video on youtube I have in my music links and it said I have to rent it for $1 to watch it.  What the hell, when did this start happening?

Do you think this is a reasonable request, would you pay to watch stuff on youtube?

Link if you're interested.  I didn't try clearing history or spoofing my IP to see if it is always in rent mode or if you can watch it once for free, I watched it this morning with no problems.
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What would you do in this situation?
You have a friend (lets call her Ashley) that is your roommate at college. You're still roommates but you're not as close as you were last year and last semester. Ashley has a new boyfriend as of November and he takes up 100% of his time. You're not at ALL upset about this and understand that that is just the reality of it. However, you'd like to spend SOME time with her now and again.

Ashley is singing in a talent show on campus tonight and has updated on facebookl "yay! Talent show tonight!" She invited a few others, but she didn't verbally ask you to come and assumed you wouldn't be coming.

You're not sure if she simply doesn't want you to come, or that she just assumed that you wouldn't come, or assumed that you knew you were invited by default.

You would like to go to show your support, but you kind get the feeling that maybe she doesn't care at all if you show up, and that's why she simply said "see you at 11" (after the show is done).

Would you show up, or not? 
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So, because of medical issues (endometriosis and painful ovarian cysts) there is a chance that I will have a hysterectomy this summer. I am 28 years old. This was MY choice, not my doctor's but he's willing to do what I want. But first, he wants me to try a medication that will put my body into menopause for 3-4 months to see if that helps.

Again, because of medical issues, I am unsure if I will even be able to conceive children and/or carry a child to term. That's why this decision is an "easy" one for me. My family and friends are supportive.

So, out of curiosity, TQC...what would your decision be? Keep my parts but risk being in severe consistent pain or have the surgery to take care of the issue and is/when the time comes find other ways of becoming a mother.
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I need to incorporate more pink into my day tomorrow. What can I do to accomplish this?

Like a legitimate bubblegum pink. I've already found post-its to use, and I plan on making my desktop color a bright pink for tomorrow. I'm trying to track down a folder to put my papers in but we'll see how that goes.

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At the request of a few people a few questions down...

Poll #1541716 New Bill

Without saying WHY, how do you feel about the new healthcare bill?

Reluctantly For
Reluctantly Against

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If you were an 18 year old girl who was looking for a summer job that didn't require much thinking and you've never worked before in your life, what would you do? (Grocery stores and restaurants not allowed)

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Are you the kind of person who over-shares?

This post is inspired by the client who I was on the phone with for 20 minutes while she told me all about being a heroin addict, having arthritis, being on social security and how she's afraid if she goes to a certain part of Boston she'll be shot.

Ok lady, I really just needed to know if it was possible for you to take public transportation..

Making mashed potatoes

Do you scrub your potatoes before peeling them?
Do you ever think you're going to accidentally take off some of your own skin while holding the potato?
Do you not peel your potatoes at all and eat them mashed, with the skins?
Is it someone else's job to peel potatoes

Craving at the moment?
I &lt;3 TLV

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Today I wanted to make an appointment to get my car fixed. I called a place that had been recommended to me, and when I asked to make an appointment the guy said "No" and hung up! Why on earth would someone do that? Don't they WANT my business? I double checked and I did dial the right number. So rude.

When was the last time someone was rude to you for no reason?
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If you were going out with a group of girlfriends where you all got ready together and one of the girls put on an outfit that was completely atrocious for their figure, would you say something to her?

What would you say?

Let's see if I can make this make sense..

If all things go to plan, I will be finishing my undergraduate/BA studies in May...what silly things do I need to do while I'm still a student?

I'm thinking about things I can only get away with while i'm a student, or just random crazy things that I can't do again like sex in the uni library and things. I've done lots but I don't want to miss out on any experiences you guys might have in mind. =]


I will have my degree in a year and a half and am looking at a program that will allow me to work in the UK (England, Scotland or Wales) as a social worker after graduation.

Have any of you participated in a program like this in the UK?
For those of you in the UK or who have lived there, any general advice about living there vs. living in the USA?

Outlet Stores

A family member of mine is heading to Maine to shop. They asked me if I like any certain brand name that might have an outlet store there. I don't know what outlet stores they have though. Do any of you know what some good ones are? I'm assuming they're going to Bangor because that's where everyone around here goes to in Maine to shop. Also, I'm a 20 year old guy, so I'd be looking for guy and or unisex clothing outlets.

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 I have a song stuck in my head, because my boyfriend sang it to me at the airport yesterday (I went to visit my mother for spring break, at her insistence). He sings this song to me all the time. Is this adorable? y/y

What songs do you find romantic?
What do you wish your SO would do more often?

eta: It's this one, sorry. Forgot to add it! D:

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1. Have you ever been misdiagnosed with and/or treated for a condition or disease? Did this have a serious impact on you, or were you able to just move on?

2. DK/DC/Can't answer #1: If you were a condition or disease, what would your symptoms be? (ex. sasaraitis: a chronic illness marked by periods of animated .gif hoarding and posting in the place of intelligent responses.)
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I need a wireless repeater or extender that works well with a Mac, where can I find one?

I have tried Airport Express and a Linksys Extender. They do not work. I have tried asking employees at Best Buy. They do not know. I have tried searching the internets for answers. They do not know. I have tried sucking dick for answers. Dicks can't talk. Please, if anyone knows anything that would be tres awesome.

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How do you prevent yourself from doing something stupid when you're around the person who makes you want to do said stupid act a large portion of the time?

What is your favorite number/color combination?

How many non-kitchen related knives do you own?  How many non-kitchen spoons?

How many keys do you have on your key ring that you don't know what they go to?

Kittens or baby seals?

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Should I finish the rest of Kids in the Hall Season 4 & 5, play L4D2 (and try and beat the #$^@#% mall level by myself), or watch scary movies?

What kind of junk food should I get to enjoy while doing one of the above?

Do you have a case of the Mondays?

boned and toned.

which TQCer is nicer to you?

nobody with those names is nice to me.
idk, but dare one of them to cross me.
i want to make babies with both.
oh suzer, you have blown what is left of my mind.

ETA: TBONE is a long time member of TQC. ITONE seems new to me. both seem nice. just sayin.

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would you rather wait on unemployment for a "good job" that you are qualified for to come along, or work for minimum wage at a job that should pay 2-3x as much and has a risk of killing people/becoming injured yourself (and has 7 days of training that you don't get paid for)?
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Some customer lost them in the service drive at the car dealership where I work(ed) part-time.*

After a couple calls we found the guy. He'd had a rough afternoon, but his tax refund checks (for the business he owns) had already been canceled.

Just how the HELL do you lose two checks worth $90,000?

What's the most money you've ever found (and, hopefully, returned?)
Bite me, bitch...

Seal called.

Me: Heller?
Me: ...put Heidi on the phone.

So I'm curious.

What do you want to fly like?
Who called and what did they say? (Non-srs answers strongly encouraged.)

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My friend is taking Anatomy & Physiology and wants to opt out of particularly horrific frog lab. I know for high school bio, they usually have to offer an alternative but would the same apply here?

I mean I know it's not high school but... ugh.  The professor is firm on there being no alternative lab assignment. Any first hand experience or advice on how to deal with this?

eta: They can handle dissecting a dead animal. It's the personally killing the animal they have to do in this lab they have a problem with.
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What's this book called?

I can't remember the title, just the plot, and the fact that it's a "young adult" book.

A girl who's always wanted to be a dancer but wasn't allowed to (because of a parent) has to move in with her grandmother. Her parents go with her too. Her grandmother is crazy into the occult and one day she has a seance at home. The girl's father is a writer, and writes downstairs in the basement, surrounded by "candle bottles," which are wine bottles with candles stuck in them. However, after the seance, he completely disappears from the house and nobody knows where he went; the bathrobe he always wears is found lying on the floor as if he'd vaporized while wearing it. I think she was much closer to her father than her mother (maybe it was her mother/grandmother who wouldn't let her dance?)
In an attempt to bring him back, the girl puts on the bathrobe and lights all his candle bottles, setting them up all over the floor. She ends up setting herself on fire but makes no attempt to put herself out, and once she gets out of the hospital, the doctors suggest that she goes to a mental hospital, which is where the majority of the book (or maybe half) takes place.

Anybody know what it was called? It was a great book and I'd like to find it to buy it. I had thought it was called Dance, but that didn't bring up any results I wanted. The cover was green with a pair of ballet shoes or feet in dance shoes or something like that.
Kill Bill - Elle
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When you workout on a machine like an elliptical or treadmill how many calories does it say you burn when you're done? How long do you go for?
Combining 40 minutes on an elliptical with 20 on a stationary bike I supposedly burn around 700 calories. Just wanted to see how normal that is in comparison.

What'd you have for dinner?

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Should I bleach my hair again?

Prompted because IT'S OFFICIALLY SPRING HOMG and I want a ~light and carefree~ wardrobe/style for spring and summer.

What are you looking forward to most this spring?

Inspired by the beer question

I have a friend who will not drink around me. I know she goes to pubs and stuff with her other friends and always drinks with them, but she wouldn't even have a Guinness with me when we went to Dublin together. We did drink a beer together once but she seems to generally want to keep me out of her drinking life, and I haven't given her any reason to (i.e. I would never be judgmental about it).

What do you think is her reasoning behind this?

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 1. My girlfriend and I are starting to plan a holiday we want to take after we get our tax returns sometime in the middle of the year. We either want to go to New Zealand or somewhere here (Australia) like Melbourne or Brisbane or something. If you could choose anywhere to go in New Zealand or Australia, where would you go? Besides Sydney since we live here.

2. Can you please ask me a question to which I can give a long-winded reply? I really enjoy typing on my laptop, and I'm drunk so it's extra fun.
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Would you ever share underwear with someone else? They're clean undies - it's just that you wear each others' occasionally.

I was friends with a lesbian couple who would share panties, and I find this really ooky. I mean, I've worn a boy's boxers to bed with no problem... but I don't think I'd share my panties with another lady, not even the love of my life.

I brought this up with a gay male friend and he said he and his boyfriend share underwear... this feels different to me though, cause they don't have direct vaginal contact! Maybe I see things weirdly though!

So... would you share your underwear? With whom? Under what circumstances?
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 Are you willing to use public restrooms? What about friends' restrooms? Are you male or female?

Or, do you pee in the shower?

Or, are you one of those people who like limes/limeade?

bug season

No no no. It is not wabbit season or duck season, it's BUG SEASON.

What's the grossest place you've found a tick, chigger or other similar creepy thing on yourself? How difficult was it to remove?

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If you're into social work as a career:
-what did you major in college?
-did you get your MSW?
-what kind of job have you done in the past that relate to it?
-what kind of job you have now? You happy with it? If not, what would you like to do?

I majored in sociology and I don't have a MSW. I'm working with adults with developmentally disabilities as their direct care. I want to work with at risk youth and maybe even battered women. Right now, my job search is being killed because I don't have a driver's license and a lot of social work requires travel within the community.


If you could recommend one and only one tv show for me to watch or download what would it be? I do like Sci-fi but not exclusively. Thanks
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You're going to be going on a 5-hour plane ride across the country by yourself (ie. not travelling with friends and/or family). What do you bring on the plane to keep yourself occupied, and that is small enough to fit in a backpack?

I've already come up with music, a book, and wordsearches. Any other suggestions?

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On a scale of 1-10, 1 being only think about them when you see them, 10 being going out of your way to catch a glimpse of them, how obsessive are you when you have a crush on someone?

Inspired by the fact that I have met the guy I have the hots for and have flirted with twice yet cannot stop thinking about like a crazy creep.


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Should I dye my hair:

a.  Chocolate brown with highlights
b. just about black with pink chunks (just a few)
c. other...say in comments!

DK/DC: what's your natural hair colour? what's your hair colour now if different?

Because I like gossip fodder

This is not because I'm passing moral judgment, I'm just curious. And nosy.

Would a 23-year-old married guy have any reason to hang out with an 18-year-old female high school senior besides having an affair with her? How likely is it that they're "just friends"?

For the record, they've known each other for about four months.

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Are there any interesting facts/urban legends about your college (state your college if you want)?

Ted Bundy killed a student on campus at mine (Oregon State!). I guess the big rumor is that he stuffed her in the basement of the dorm she was living in.
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What books did you read as a kid that either freaked you out (and weren't meant to) or you realize now weren't really intended for kids? I'm talking illustrated books, things in the 4-10 age range, not young adult books.

My boyfriend and I were discussing favorite/least favorite children's books the other night. His aunt got him an Edward Gorey book (The Dwindling Party: when he was 7 or 8 and it really freaked him out. His mom was pretty pissed too.

Mine was What Do You Say, Dear? which was a book on manners with weird illustrations. Alligators eating little girls, little girls getting robbed and tied up... it really weirded me out. It taught me nothing either, lol.

DK/DC: How was your day?