March 21st, 2010


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+ do you live in a place (street or town) that has a weird name? if so, what is it?
+ what are five random books that you own?
+ what was the last foreign country you were in?
+ are you romantically attracted to girls?
+ do you regularly partronize your local library, if there is one?
Reed Motherfucking Johnson

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what are some things that people do in stores that really annoy you?

if you could make one rule for what people can or cannot do in a store what would it be?

i work in a store so my answer might be a bit different but i HATE it when people use baskets instead of a cart and then expect me to unload it. It really annoys me for some reason. I also hate it when people just throw all their shit up on the belt and then want me to bag everything "correctly". and please, for the love of everything good, don't stand there and watch me bag shit in plastic and when i'm finished tell me you either want paper or have your own bags! it makes me want to shoot myself.

my rule would be that if you tell your children no it actually fucking means no.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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I'm looking for a video. Can you guys help? I found it on Stumble a few days ago. It's a guy singing and a guy on guitar and they've mashed up Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Papparazzi by Lady Gaga. It was actually a really cool video and I can't find it now.

Have you see the Christopher Walken reading Poker Face vid? Hilarious.

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Ladies, are you more of a Marilyn or a Jackie??

Those attracted to ladies, are you more attracted to a Marilyn or a Jackie?

Who would you place in the modern day Marilyn vs Jackie analogy?

eta: if you do not get this question, what year were you born in?
Wizards - FRITZ!!!

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Dear TQC,

Will you please tell me where the fuck I put the following items?

~My Garmin-like navigation thingy.
~My camera battery charger.
~My Nintendo DS.
~The rubber fittings to my earbuds.
~The prescriptions for the next 2 months' worth of my meds.
~My goddamn sanity.

All of the above items were carefully placed in a secure location to which no one but me has access, and which I would be absolutely sure to be able to find again.

Am I completely fucking hopeless?

dk/dc: Can you draw? Will you show me some of your arts?
puppy dog

REMOVING viruses

what's a good free program i can download that will eliminate viruses from my computer? i repeat, eliminate viruses. not avira, which the free trial version just loves to sing all day about what viruses I have and then not do anything.

Jackson Browne - hangin'

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Maybe I lack a certain innate observational ability, but I have never actually seen anyone blush, and as far as I know, I have never done it myself.

Everything I have ever read *that I can remember) in which blushing takes place has happened to involve white people. I know people of any color can "blush," since that is a physical thing involving blood flow and other biological technical stuff... My question is, when someone with a skin tone other than white blushes, how relatively visible is it? Are there any skin tones which do not allow you to see any visible effects of blushing/flushing?

(I'm doing some writing and it's just for fun, but I'd like to try to be accurate... I'm writing a character of mixed blood who appears lighter-toned black and I am wondering how visible it would be if she blushed, compared to when light-skinned people do, so I can give a more accurate portrayal of her doing that. This is not something I can figure out by doing a google search, unless I just fail that hard at Google.)

Relatedly, do you blush? How do you know? Did someone have to tell you at some point or is there an associated physical feeling or what?

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What were Elizabeth Bennet and Caroline Bingley doing singing and dancing the Ça Ira in my dream?
Do you know what the Ça Ira is?

Don't know or care, what was the last good dream you had?

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So while driving off the ferry boat, my muffler and exshaust fell off my car and crumpled under it. The oxygen sensor is now ripped out. How much do you think this is going to cost me? How screwed am I? Will I be fired for being so late to work even though I keep calling my boss and telling him what's up? He said I'll be fine but I'm still freaked out.

Tell me something funny?
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Twitter users

Who is your favorite person to follow?

I'm digging Mrs. Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg, and TweetsOfOld. I need another feed or two to dilute the deluge of Roger Ebert tweets.

unripe mango

Dear TQC, for the past three weeks I've been waiting for my mango to ripen, but nothing is happening to it. I'm afraid it might rot before it becomes edible. It's the beginning of spring here, so I do not really have a warm, sunny place for it.

So, any tips on how to get it to ripen in my climate, or any uses for an unripe mango? (preferably involving eating it)
Bite me, bitch...

The joyous sound of laughter

Which does your laugh most sound like?

1. Haha
2. Hehe
3. Hoho
4. Hurrdurr
5. Something really crazy (Explain?)

Mine is usually a 2, but if I'm really losing it, I'll sound like I'm screaming or nothing will come out at all. I've also had my head down on my desk in school laughing and people thought I was crying. ^_^;

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Have you ever had a headache where it feels like your heart's pounding in your head?
When I drink too much white wine this happens. Boo pain.
What do you do to relieve pain? I'm thinking of knocking myself out with gravol.
cubs hat


I love breakfast, TQC. I would eat it for every meal, if I could.

But I can't seem to make a good pancake. It's driving me nuts!

I have a recipe that I like, and on the odd occasion that I do make an edible pancake, it's delicious.

I have a non-stick pan that I'm cooking in. It seems that I can never find the right temperature - it's either too hot or too cool. And I can't flip them to save my life - I thought it was because they weren't done on one side yet, but if I let them cook longer they burn.

Can you make good pancakes? What is your secret?

Car Question

My awesome husband is trying to replace the steering wheel on my 2004 Hyundai Elantra. We're running into a problem, the manual is unclear as to how to disconnect the airbag connection. Obviously, we want to be cautious. We have both googled to find an answer and failed. Any tips?

Edit: apparently, he needed my nurse's hemostat to correctly disconnect the pieces, but a small pliers would have worked as well.


If you don't know, don't care... what annoying thing has fallen apart on your car lately?
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1. What kinds of things can you see when you look out your kitchen window?

I can see my car, telephone wires, crows, mourning doves, mockingbirds, my neighbor in her garden, a lot of trees, telephone wires, a street lamp and a mountain with snow on it.

2. What was your favorite food growing up?

My mom used to make this casserole that had chicken and broccoli, and it was covered with cheese and breadcrumbs. IT WAS SO GOOD. I finally was able to figure out the recipe within the last year or so, and I make it all the time for my dad and he LOVES it. I'm vegetarian now, so I can't eat it, but I've been trying out different things to see if I can make a passable vegetarian version of it for me.

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What do you hate more?

People who never use their blinkers when they make a lane change/turn.
People who leave their blinkers on.
People who use the blinker opposite to the side they're going.

Who makes you feel the most uneasy?

Elderly drivers

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Have you ever been arrested? What for?
How long did you have to spend in jail?

Inspired by my boyfriend and I getting caught with weed, and him being taken to jail for a few hours a couple weeks ago. Not fun!
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It's sunny out and on certain days like today, homeless people feel compelled to talk to me. Do you ever have days like this? What do they say to you? Ever receive any awesome unsolicited advice?

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Weird question, but I've been thinking about this all day.
I'm trying to remember this book that I was literally obsessed with when I was a little girl. All I can remember is that it's about a girl traveling through a forest, and someone (I think a witch or monster) is trying to stop her. The objects that she came with to the forest grow ginormous in size, like a comb that she has, and it grows through the ground and prevents her from getting to the other side. The book is pretty thin and has mostly dark colors (black and dark green).

TQC, do you know what book I'm trying to remember?!
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if you wear contact lenses:

1. how many hours a day do you wear them?
2. how many hours a day did you wear them when you first got them?
3. how long did it take you to work up to the amount of hours in your first answer?
4. for the super blind who must have vision correction every waking minute: did you get headaches from switching from contacts to glasses? if so, how long did it take for that to go away?

i want contacts for my trip so i can wear sunglasses, but when i tried using them before, my eyes were itchy and red by the time i got off work... even after a week. i don't know if i'm incompatible with contacts or if i just need some patience. i used eyedrops every 3-4 hours.

eta: i used the drops that came with my contact lens solution, and i tried a bunch of different contacts... i just stopped wearing them to work because my eyes were all raagaahahhghgh after so long. eventually i just gave up because they're a pain anyway, can't nap in 'em.
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For those of you that have pets: What kind of pet do you have? How much (on average) do you spend on that pet per month?

dk/dc: What's the best prize you've ever won in a contest?

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when your sleep schedule is fucked up, how do you usually go about fixing it?

i just woke up at 3:30 pm and i need to be awake tomorrow at 7:00 am D: i know i won't be able to sleep until 3 am or so. i'm contemplating pulling an all nighter but i always feel miserable by the end of the day when i do that.
TK and Kari

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Favorite digi-destin from Season One?

I do not have the honor of knowing what you are talking about

edit: damn you guys are missing out.

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I just picked up my entire childhood from my parent's house, and I'm so grateful to my mother for saving EVERYTHING.

How do you decide which crap to save (like high school retreat information, senior photographs of people you don't talk to anymore or were never really friends with, everyone just gave everyone a wallet? Or how about the crappy prom frame with you posing with three girls you haven't spoke to since graduation? UGH or how about a characture drawn of you and your ex, with whom you're still very good friends with and even live with, knowing he'd be offended that you threw it out because you really don't care about it because it's a crappy old picture and don't need THINGS to hold on to memories?) and what crap to donate/pitch?

Oh, I wish I had someone here to say, "keep this painting from college, you'll want to give this to your children, but definitely burn that picture and remove the memory as best you can, I can't believe you thought that haircut was a good idea."

April is coming...

...and so I ask you, TQC, the obvious tax experts:

1) if my partner and I got an oregon state tax refund last year which this year has to be claimed as income on federal taxes, but we got the refund jointly and are filing federal singly (cause they don't recognize us jointly and all), are there rules about how it gets divided, or can we do it however we want (i.e. do we have to split it in half or can one of us take the whole thing?)?

2) net operating loss.  I'm familiar with this situation theoretically, but my free-file online folks are telling me it might apply to me because my income is less than my deductions, or something like that.  This is because my "income" has been student loans, which aren't considered income.  This online folks are telling me I can carry my net operating loss forward, reducing my tax liability next year (I could carry it back but I had no tax liability last year either; I will probably have a tax liability for 2010).
Does any of this make sense?  Do I actually have a net operating loss or am I confused?  Is it really an option for me to carry me NOL forward and reduce next year's tax liability?  That would be pretty sweet.  I generally don't think of the IRS as being that nice, you know. 

 (ETA: I did take a stab at reading IRS document 536 but still find myself confused.)


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Resident Evil: Afterlife: Rain Ocampo

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I was expecting a call from my mom so when my phone rang I picked it up without looking at the caller id and said, "Hi Momma!" Whoever was calling me wasn't my mom and they hung up without saying anything.

Do you think they hung up because I called them momma? Do you think they'll call back? Who are they or who were they?

I didn't recognize the number and I don't want to call back. I already deleted the number out of my phone.

What did you do this weekend?

I spent mine pretty much doing school work.

Are there any movies either old or new that you're looking forward to seeing?

I'm watching the first Boondock Saints tonight with two of my friends so I'm looking forward to seeing it.
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burned mouth

TQC, i burned the top of my mouth pretty badly on friday afternoon. It's completely white and disgusting. I can't eat and I have to suck on ice cubes 24-7 to keep the pain at a minimal throb.

My question is: does anyone know how much longer my agony will last? I'm hungry and sick of ice!!

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I desperatly need to expand the music I listen to.

I'm mainly into rock/emo/screamo/post hardcore/post-punk/etc etc, and the majority of those bands are christian.

I also dabble in the pop/dance stuff on the radio.

so, TQC, what should I look into?

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1. on a scale of 1-10, how competitive is (or was) the college you attend(ed), 1 being not very competitive and 10 being very competitive?
2. how did this affect your academics?

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I've never had a mac computer and I just recently tried to do a live chat with my cousin. It shows my sound working, but as soon as we connect to each other, my sound will not work. I looked around on apple help, but does anyone know what the eff is going on?

don't know or don't care:
Do you like Duke Ellington? Do you like Jazz? How about the Blues?

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So this GUY I know (we will call him 'asshole motherfucker' shall we?) he has a heavy beard situation, as in a 2 o'clock shadow. He SWEARS that he read on SOME can o' shaving cream that it is BETTER to shave BEFORE showering / soaking his beard. I have always been told that you shave AFTER a shower and or soak and believe that he is in fact, on drugs. So, as a particularly hairy female myownself and having hairy simian-type friends, male and females, do you think that he is right and I will just let 182 THOUSAND google hits tell me that I am wrong or should I just run over him with my car? A blowjob may or may not be involved.

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I just uploaded a video to YouTube for the first time. It says it is "processing". It has been "processing" for the past hour. When will it be done processing so I can post it to TQC_Updates? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process?

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two of my best friends just moved out into their first apartment. they're having a house-warming party and i'm trying to think of some good gift ideas. they don't have much money, so they need a lot of small things that aren't really necessities. i'm making them a coffee table, but i want to put a basket together with some smaller things.

what have you given/would you give as a housewarming gift?
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Do you love Mika?

He's great!
I like him every now and then
I'd rather not listen to him but I won't die listening to him
Ugh not this again


 I used to read a manga about an angel who goes to Earth and starts to fall in love with a demon? 

All I remember is that, and that all she can eat or drink is milk or honey, and that they can morph into little tiny versions of themselves.

How can I possibly use this info to find out what the Manga is CALLED?!

It's driving me crazy. 

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What types of music do you like to listen to? What are your favorite singers/bands?  What type(s) of music do you hate?

My favorite types of music are J-pop, Rock, and Country, but I like a variety of stuff.

Some of my favorite singers/bands:
Maaya Sakamoto
Simple Plan
Weird Al
Bob Rivers
Martina McBride
Backstreet Boys
Ayumi Hamasaki
Erika Sawajiri
Brad Paisley
Goo Goo Dolls

I also like the music from the Sailor Moon anime and Live-Action series' and other anime shows.

I can't stand Rap, Opera or Techno.  Not really crazy about Classical music either but I can tolerate it.

3 totally unrelated Qs...

1. Should I watch Inglourious Basterds or some episodes of 30 Rock (I'm over half-way through season 1)?
2. Do you know who Meme Roth is?  If so, what do you think about her and her crusade against obesity?
3. What's your favorite shade of blue? 
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I have two 1lb 3oz containers of kool-aid.
One flavor is strawberry and the other is orange.
Which one should I make?

Are you drinking anything right now?
If not, would you like to be drinking something?
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Brought on purely because I have a chesty cough and had forgotten how delicious the taste of Benylin is.

What childhood medicines (or adult ones) do you just love the taste of?
What ones do you hate?

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If you went away to school: were/are you expected to work? What did/do you pay for?
If you stayed home from school: were/are you expected to work? What did/do you pay for?

I've noticed that a lot of people who stay home for school are expected to hold down nearly full-time jobs while most of my friends who went away are given a credit card for their expenses. Just curious!

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Have you ever been disappointed by a gift, not just because of what the gift was, but because it seemed thoughtless? Say a random book, given to you by your best friend in the world for your birthday, without a card, and the book was picked out by her boyfriend? Or a PVR/Tivo given to someone who doesn't really enjoy watching TV?

Would you say something, or is there an unspoken rule that a gift is a gift and you should be thankful no matter what?

How much does receiving a card along with the gift matter to you?
mr schadenfreude

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Do they put plaster casts on for broken bone/s in the foot? Or do you just wear a bandage and hobble around?
I think my daughter may have broken a bone in her foot this afternoon and I'm taking her in for x-rays in the morning if she still has trouble putting weight on her foot.
She's six and I can't imagine her being still enough to let it heal if it is broken, but a cast seems like it would be excessive (I had to just bind my toe when I broke it- no cast for that).
Anyone here experienced a broken bone in their foot? How did they treat it?

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What do you think of the following shows? (If you've watched them/heard of them of course)

1.) Weeds

2.) Breaking Bad

3.) Californication

4.) Spartacus: Blood and Sand

5.) Dexter

Will you suggest another series for my Husband and I to obsess over? :P :)

I'm getting worried.

Long story short, I've been working at my restaurant as a barista since we opened in December, technically since November because we had full-time training classes until we officially opened. I am the last remaining original barista, the rest have either quit or gotten fired, and I've recently come to know that every one that's gotten hired after me is making a dollar more than me.

After having to pick up shifts and do overtime every time someone gets fired (I was asked to work a double one day when they fired my relief in the middle of my shift), and basically just been carrying the place on my back since we opened.

I asked for a raise about a month ago, and while my GM said he "fought" for me to get it, they still don't have to give me the raise. I'm wondering if I don't get it, if there's anything I can do. Do I go to HR and make a fuss, or do I just find another job? My job isn't that bad, I'm not really good at anything else either, and I'd like to keep my insurance.

Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?

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So I ripped a DVD on my Mac, but it's in the wrong format to use in iMovie. It's VOB, and I need MP4. I'm trying to find a free video converter for Mac. I tried Aimersoft, but the trial would only convert the first three minutes. It was the same way with the rippers I tried, until I found a free full version of Mac the Ripper. 

Do you know of a free (it has to be free), easy-to-use video converter that will do more than just the first three minutes? 


I've been watching that Owl cam all day (well, not literally all day).
If you were going to put a webcam on something, what would you try and get footage of?
Even if it was unethical.

My boyfriend and I were saying that we want to put a camera on a cat and see what it does outside. Or maybe a cat cam on a cat that's out in the Australian wild... but that'd be really unethical. But a cat cam in general could be cool! Maybe on a stray cat.

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if you've ever had your tragus pierced, can you answer a few questions about it?

1) what gauge did you get pierced at?
2) what jewelry did you have initially?
3) how big was the jewelry? (diameter/length)

if you've ever pierced yourself, where did you buy the needles? for everyone who's going to discourage me: the friend who i want to pierce me has worked in a shop and is trained and everything, she just doesn't work at a shop right now and therefore doesn't have access to needles and such.

if you can't answer either of those questions, how was your day?
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How pissed off would you be if someone you'd been dating for about a month called you at 10:15 p.m., when you had a date scheduled for 10:00 p.m., to cancel the date because they had "a ton of homework they should get done"?

How pissed off would you be if this was also the second time they'd done this?
TK and Kari

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Can you tell me a story of the most controlling shit your parents have pulled on you?

My freshman year of college, my mom tried to move into the dorms with me. As in, she wanted to move out of her apartment and relocate her business just so she could watch over me while I was in college. The RA's told her that parents were not allowed to live in the dorms with their kids, and she got angry at them and then tried to get me to find an off-campus apartment so we could live together. Got in a huge fight with her at Pizza Hut in front of everyone before she backed down.

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I'm not tired, but I have to be up at 5:50am tomorrow and it's already 11:30pm. Should I go to bed now, or wait until I get sleepy?

As for my alarm:
> I can get up at 6:20 if I decide not to pack a morning bowl, but shower
>I can get up at 6:30 if I keep the bowl but skip the shower.
> I can get up at 6:40 if I skip shower and bowl. I showered this afternoon, but my hair won't be very good tomorrow.

What do you think I should do, in regards to when I get up?

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Which decade's pop culture do you feel shaped/influenced you most? How old are you?

What was your favorite song when you were 12?

Do you like the same music/movies/pop culture that you were into as an adolescent?
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Who said/wrote some of your favorite quotes?
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, and Mark Twain are my favorites!

Is there a certain period/movement of art/literature you identify with?
I definitely consider myself a Transcendentalist

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I need to replace my car - I'd prefer to get something that I can drive for 10+ years.

Should I get the small, cheaper, reliable car w/ good mileage? My fiance is tall so he won't be able to drive this as easily.

or should I get the full (family) size sedan, more comfortable, better in the snow, but worse mileage?

Note: We don't have kids yet, but might in the next 10 years. I live 10 minutes from work but we do get quite a bit of snow here.

What would you do? I have been reading about all these cars & test driving but nothing stands out as a clear winner. I need to pick something this week as having one car between the two of us is difficult.