March 20th, 2010

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I need to know every pro and con for the Motorola Doid and the Blackberry Storm2 both for Verizon.

I have Google searched these phones like crazy and I'm still pretty torn. So maybe you guys can help me out? I have the whole 2-year contract thing coming up where I get a discount on the phones.

DK/DC: Inspired by my earlier post . . . how much do you eat before feeling full? Do you continue to eat or do you stop?

I can't ever finish a meal. I can finish a McDonald's Happy Meal but otherwise food comes home with me in a takeout box (And I think the last time I ate at McDonalds was a long while back). I cannot finish meals because I start to feel blah and sick.
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Will you post your favorite really, really long song? Preferably no shorter than 8 minutes.
Videos appreciated.

Will you post your favorite short song? Preferably no longer than 5 minutes.
Videos appreciated.

DK/DC: What is your favorite word?

1. The Kids Are All Right - The Who
2. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
3. Languorous,
luxury, and there's one other but I can't remember it.


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Have you ever mistaken a man for a woman or vice versa where you accidentally said the blunder out loud? What was the situation?

Once my mom came to school to pick me up: she had a very, VERY short haircut, was tall, and wore men's clothes. A woman who worked there asked me, "is that your dad?" and looked horrified and apologetic when I replied, "that's my mom."


Have you ever eaten Limburger cheese?  If so, did you like it?

Have you ever eaten durian?  If so, did you like it?

Have you ever eaten lutefisk?  If so, did you like it?

What's the smelliest food you've ever eaten?
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This hat: mod carmen sandiego or just right?

DK/DC: How much caffeine have you consumed in the past twenty four hours, and how did you get your fix?
~985 mg (starbucks, total of 8 shots, 20 oz diet coke, 16oz rockstar) and I feel like shit because of it :(

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Last night I was having a really hard time falling asleep, so I took a couple of sleeping pills, plopped down on bed and fell asleep in, like, twenty minutes, but before I went into my log-sleeping coma, I suddenly thought of: "Fried pickle juice".

This makes NO sense to me and I have no clue where the hell it came from, but since then I've gone around and asked people if it's possible for juice to be fried...

Ignoring my stupidity: Is it possible for juice to be fried? And I'm talking about any kind.


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 Hey, TQC, help me out a bit?

I have a dusty-light-blue vintage suitcase and some brighter blue acrylic paint. I want to stencil something onto it. What should I paint on it?

For reference: the suitcase is similar to this one, but is more like the color the sky would be in spring if someone spilled dirty water on it. Also, it doesn't have that pull-out handle on the side.

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Your SO (or your fictional SO you made up for this poll) and you decide to try a bit of bedroom roleplaying. You tell your sexual fantasy for a costume you want him/her to wear. Which of the following costume ideas would disturb you the most when told what turns him/her on?

Little schoolgirl/schoolboy outfit
A smurf
A fur costume
A fat suit
An old lady/old man
An outfit that reminds you EXACTLY how your best friend dresses and has their hair
A costume that looks a LOT like his mother/her father
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I found some adorable little 3x3 in note cards + envelopes tonight...if I can fit an address, stamp, and return address...will the US Post office actually mail them?

Would one of them cheer you up if you were having a bad day?

Would you like me to send you one???
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Would you consider music that is atonal to be actually considered music? Would it be technically correct to call an atonal song a song, or should it be called something else?

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Should I attempt to pull an all-nighter tonight (Saturday night)? I'm going to bed in a few hours, but my plan is to not go to sleep until Sunday evening once I wake up later.

-I've never actually tried to pull an all-nighter so I'm not sure that I can do it
-Caffeine makes me tired
-I have a major test on Monday morning that I have not studied AT ALL for, so I would do that
-My sleep schedule is way fucked because this past week was my spring break, so I'm hoping I can get it back on track if I do this

What do you think? 
DK/DC: How do you keep yourself awake during all-nighters? How much work do you actually get done?

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Someone tried to pass off 2 watch batteries as nickels today. I found them while counting an employee's drawer. Why would anyone do that? And why didn't that employee notice that they were in fact, not nickels?

Anything strange/funny/stupid happen to you today?

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When does "middle age" begin/end?

What is a mid-life crisis, desperate for youth, compensating-for-a-small-peen, type car??

Yes...I did this 12 hours ago...STFU, I'm doing it again

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Let's say you are in a position where you can foster children (you're cleared from background and reference checks, paperwork has gone through, you're in a good position financially and at home, etc...).

Just for argument's sake though, they want you to get rid of all the animals in your house and clean it top to bottom to make way for any kids that have pet allergies. Would you do it?

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I had a really nice romantic slushy dream last night. Its made me wake up feeling lonely and crap. Can you remind me why it's so much better to be single?
Do you wake up with emotional 'hangovers' from dreams?

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What do you put in your oatmeal?

What is your favorite ice cream treat or novelty?

What is your favorite pizza place? Do they deliver? How much do your normally spend there?

Why am I not putting away my bin of folded laundry?
sweet dreams & pleasant thoughts
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Hi TQCers, can you recommend me any good Dell laptops? Pros/Cons would be appreciated.

Dk/Dc: What kind of laptop do you have? Do you like it?

*ETA: Preferably below $600. I'm a poor college student. And as long as it has word, long battery life, dvd player, I'm okay.
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I have a day off and three new movies, none of which I have seen before.

In which order should I watch these movies?

W., Good Will Hunting, Hot Shots: Part Deux
W., Hot Shots: Part Deux, Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting, Hot Shots: Part Deux, W.
Good Will Hunting, W., Hot Shots: Part Deux
Hot Shots: Part Deux, Good Will Hunting, W.
Hot Shots: Part Deux, W., Good Will Hunting

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I was walking home this morning and turned around at one point to find a cat running after me and meowing. I stopped and sat down, and patted him for a while, because I'm a sucker for a pretty cat. He kept going for my thongs (flip flops for you Americans) and was rubbing himself all over them and my feet. This cat has decided I am his new owner and I can take him home y/y?

Will you post some Murphy's Laws for me? Along the line of these humorous ones.

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 I'm an almost 18 year old girl, and I've decided I'd like to start taking vitamins. I know that I could easily do this by working the right things into my diet, but realistically I can't always fit that into my schedule or my budget. So for those of you that take vitamins, what would you recommend for someone my age? I'm also curious about fish oil, which I've heard good things about?

completely unrelated, does anyone know if you have to be 19 in order to POUR alcohol in Ontario, Canada? I know you have to be 18 to serve, but I am curious about actually pouring/mixing drinks.
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Would passing out "more often than most" (always sober, this is brought on by heat) and constantly having very cold hands be reason enough to get blood tests? My mom has been egging me on to get my blood tested, and I don't feel like it.
FWIW, I also used to pass out almost once every time I got my period, though birth control has stopped that much.

ETA: the reason I don't feel like getting it done is because I feel like its over-reacting.
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so what are you up to other than reading TQC on the weekend?

if you could have any food in the world brought to you right now, what would it be? what drink would you like to go along with it?

I'm going to change my username soon - do you think you'll remember me when tgirl2 is no more?

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On average, how often do you talk to your significant other during the day? Texts? Phone calls?
How long have you been with them?
Do you live with them?
How often do you see them?

What's your favorite song at the moment?

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Think of some bands you like that you've never seen live. Just think of the band name, not the album covers or music. What picture comes to mind just based on the band name? (e.g. For some reason, when I think of the name Boards of Canada, I think of a surfboard with a red maple leaf on it.)


Which of these do you like better? A B

(I'm 23/M and I wear lots of dark brown baggy pants with dark gray/blue/black shirt-type devices if that matters for your decision.  Additional suggestions for awesome shoes appreciated.)

dk/dc: What are you watching/listening to right now (other than TQC)? The Black Keys - Keep Your Hands Off Her
John Simm, Life on Mars

Computer problems

My computer runs XP SP2, and is an old P4 from 2002, though it has had added RAM, hard drive and graphics since then.

I was running it, opening webpages in Firefox. Suddenly, the computer froze (no slowing down beforehand). I couldn't ctrl-alt-del, so I had to hard reboot. It appeared to be rebooting really slowly, but then asked for a boot disc.

Is my computer easily recoverable? If so, how so? If not, can I get the information easily off the hard drives, or are they likely to be stuffed as well? Or is this likely to be an end-of-life problem, and should I put my PC into palliative care?


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The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up and be absolutely beautiful out. I wanna make a mixtape to celebrate!

Any song sugesstions? What songs put you in a good mood/spring mood?

Serious/Non serious answers =]

Happy first day of Spring! =]

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Have you ever made yourself appear less intelligent to better fit in with friends or relatives?
If yes, In what ways?
If no, then are there any other ways you have been untrue to yourself?

When online IQ tests were the in thing, I used to hack the URL to find the picture with a lesser result for fear people would think I cheated.

In highschool I would sneak to my music classes because it was seen as nerdy (It was the 90s, nerdy wasn't in yet.)

I would also steal my sisters bad grades when showing off report cards.

I only look at Kate Beaton comics alone because I'm certain my IRL friends just wouldn't get them.
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Happy weekend, TQC!

Will you give me some recommendations for a good, comfy pair of sneakers? I need a pair that can double as everyday shoes & workout shoes. (Or should I keep saving my pennies for 2 pairs?)

ETA: If you were gonna take a self-defense class at your equivalent of the Y/county rec center, what would you wear on the first day? Sweats?
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Unknown Movies!

What are your top 5 favorite movies that are NOT blockbuster hits?
i.e. this means NO Star Trek, Bourne, etc.  I need movie suggestions that are not ones I've probably seen already!
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 My neighbor told me if you have a prescription pill bottle that clearly has something illegal in it instead, the cops can't mess with you as long as the bottle has a label with your name on it. She is full of crap, yes? 
Spiral of Light

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When you go clubbing, where do you keep your cell phone & money? Do you stuff it down your boobs or use a wristlet? I would keep my stuff in my shirt but I am too small for that, so I'm considering getting one of those phone wristlet things.

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I never know how to handle it when I'm upset with someone but it's not a huge deal. A huge deal is easy: you x,y, and z and I feel really upset by it. Simple. But when it's comments that could be taken either way (but I'm obviously taking them negatively) or the weird way in which they call me to make plans and then somehow end up backing out of them right away (it's bizarre), I don't know how to act.

Long story short, if you have a friend that, though you care for them, rubs you the wrong way a lot, should you stay friends or drift on down the road?

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So I bought a purse from Forever21 last night. When I got home, I saw that the girl didn't take the security/ink tag off. I can't get back to the mall to have them remove it because for one it's a fifteen minute drive from my house and it's a bit of a trek just for the security tag and for two, my car isn't working, my dad drove me there last night and he's doing housework all day so he won't drive me anywhere anyway. The tag looks like this. Do you think I could just cut it off? nvm my dad got it off

Also, I'm heading back to school tomorrow (I'm home for spring break) and we're going food shopping tonight, which includes me getting whatever I need for my townhouse at school. For reference, I have a microwave, toaster oven, full fridge/freezer, stove, and oven at school but I live with six other girls so fridge/freezer space is always limited. So far on my list I have Lean Cuisines, Coffeemate, english muffins, toilet paper, and bananas. I can get eggs, bread, and milk on-campus. What else do I need?

And finally, is it as gorgeous by you as it is by me? 73 right now here! :D

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Did you go to work today? If so, what did you do?
I go to work a little later. I work at a bowling alley, but tonight im working in the arcade. I'm a little nervous because they didn't train me to work in there.

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At what temperature does your "blood begin to thaw"? By this I mean around what temperature is winter officially over for you? Do you ever feel guilty about spending nice days indoors? After what time do you personally think it's too late to go out and do something?

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Say you're responsible for someone's last wishes (a mom, dad, sib, etc) and they specifically state that they do NOT want a funeral or memorial?

A: Do you have some sort of gathering anyway, or
B: Tell people on your own time, as they find out?
C: Shut the fuck up and forget about it.
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Do you have a bar name/fake name that you give to people when you don't want them to know your real name? If so, what is it?

This creepy guy tried to chat me up today so I gave him my bar name, Georgiana.

Don't know or care, did you do anything amazing recently?

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Do you still love your SO after particularly big fights (example, he has gambling problem and won't admit it because as long as he's not in debt or borrowing, he thinks it's technically ok and it's your problem that you don't like it)?

And no, that isn't what the fight was about. Just an example.

What do you like to do on days where all you want to do is cry, but you have to get stuff done?

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What's a "stupid" fear that you have? 

Mine: I just keep rereading books that I loved in the past instead of reading new ones because I'm afraid I won't like it, and it'll just be a waste of time. In the past few years I've only read probably 10 new ones although I read hundreds and hundreds in the years before that.

What's an awesome (yes, awesome- not eh okay or good - but awesome) book?

TK and Kari

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Who is the "black sheep" in your family?

I'm from a very conservative Chinese family where everyone is expected to save until marriage, and one member of my family is rarely ever talked about because she apparently works at a "massage parlor" in Las Vegas. She's my 2nd cousin.

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When doing the laundry, at what point do you put detergent in the machine?

Powder, liquid, or other kind of soap?

What do you call this whole shebang? e.g. "running the wash"
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Animal foster parent

Do you have any experience being a foster parents to animals?
What was it like?
Are you responsible for finding the animal a home yourself?
Do you recommend it?
Do you recomment it to a person who loves animals, but hasnt really had pets.
How much time is required to be a good foster parents (i know it varies, just an idea though)

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I'm having a bad day.

We've been married for almost six months (in a week's time, it'll be exactly six) and I haven't seen my husband since four days after the wedding. It's not his fault - stupid job - but...

...will you put something in the comments to cheer me up please?

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Going by the theory that (almost) everyone is related somehow, it might just be really far back on the family tree: How "distant" would a relative have to be before you would consider going out with him/her?
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I just learned the combining form for testes is orchid. This blew my mind. Orchids are now ball plants, and I will now refer to my mates balls as orchids. I don't care if I'm using the term right or not.

What's the last thing you learned?

habitual cell phone users

Do you ever get anxious when you don't have your phone with you? Or when the battery runs dead?

I turned off my phone for the express purpose of disconnecting from people and relaxing for a few hours but now I find myself anxious that I'm missing something super important!

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Which movie/movies should I watch while I clean the kitchen/bake cookies?

Lord of the Rings
Star Wars (the good ones)
Office Space
The Big Lebowski
Super Troopers
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
your movie selection sucks

If it matters, I am making black and white cookies.
i ain't into that!

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My friend makes race jokes all the time. Many are directed at me and it doesn't bother me at all, but he becomes very offended if someone makes a joke about his ethnicity, even when it's not directed at him. How do I tell him (nicely) to get over it? (srs and non srs both ok)
Bettie Page

auto-save text editor?

Collapse )

So, I'm looking for a super-basic text editor (I currently use EditPad Lite, which I adore) that can be set to automatically save at regular intervals. I know this is one of those things where the reaction might be to just Google it, but my Google search has actually produced too many results, and I'm wary about spyware and other such nonsense, since none of the software I've looked at comes from companies I'm familiar with, plus I'd prefer to hear testimonials from actual people as opposed to software "reviews" which usually seem more like promotional copy.

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I got my mum the metal dish/bowl under the cut for her birthday. I don't want to present it empty, but have no idea what to fill it with. (That is fairly inexpensive) I thought of baby daffodils, but then she'll put it outside and I think it's too nice for that.
What do I put in it TQC?Collapse )

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Let's say that someone provided you with a life where you didn't have to work for the rest of your life ... so you don't. And for kicks, you're not allowed to talk about it

How would you explain to people how you live financially?

(no subject)

What present under $25 do you suggest for a 6 year old boy?

Serious and non serious answers.

EDIT: He has a 3 y/o sister so small parts may not be the best idea, but not out of the question.
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Inspired by a Seinfeld episode.

For those with a SO/spouse, do you tell your partner secrets/classified information that have been told to you by your friends/family members/etc.??

If you don't have an SO/spouse, when you divulge a secret to a friend/family member/etc., do you assume they'll tell their partner by default if you don't tell them not to?
TK and Kari

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I read this novel that had a lot of rape scenes in it (and written in such detail from the rapist's point of view it was like rape porn) and it made me wonder if the author had rapist fantasies.

Have novels that dealt with uncomfortable issues made you curious about the author's secret fantasies? (like wondering if Nabokov is a pedo after reading Lolita)
They snarl when they're angry did you kn

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Hey, TQC, could you recommend me any books involving angels? I mean the fantasy/supernatural books, where they have wings/(flaming) swords/special powers/etc and they're not necessarily the 'good guys' all the time. They don't have to be centre-stage, but it'd be nice. Demons and/or Nephilim (a being of half-angel, half-human descent, last time I checked) involvement are good, too.

So far, I've read 'The Fallen' saga & A Kiss Before The Apocalypse (haven't found the next books yet :c) by Thomas Sniegoski, and the first two of the 'Offspring' series by Liam Jackson. (Oh, and Good Omens by Neil Gaiman&Terry Pratchett - it counts.) If you've read any of those mentioned, did you like it/them? Why/why not?

DK/DC: do you enjoy reading? If so, what? If not, why?
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If you're in college, how frequently do you go out with your friends?

What are you studying?

If you're able to go out sometimes AND have good grades, how the hell do you divide your time? Because for me, I feel like I have to pick one or the other. I have good grades right now, but I'm spending all of my weekends doing school work and studying.

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I let my nephew play with my car keys in the house today, only to hear my car start from outside. Apparently I have a remote start for my car. (I've had my car for two years and never knew)

My *remote* only has a lock, unlock, hatch and panic button.

So how the hell did he get the car to start? It's a 2004 Jeep Liberty if it makes a difference.

(I've been googling...probably not well)

What's the last thing that surprised you?

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Do you think there's any point reading the book when you've already watched the movie?

How about the other way round?

Do you generally prefer the book version or the movie version?


Anyone have a recommendation for an HDTV for gaming?  Preferably one under $1,000.

Generally, I like Samsung... but from what I hear, their LCDs aren't the best for gaming.

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Say you've been turned into a werewolf. For a few nights each month, you turn into a bloodthirsty monster with no connection to your human mind or rationality (basically, you black out and can't remember anything the next morning). On every night you've transformed so far, you have killed a person.
There is no known cure for lycanthropy. You could try locking yourself up at night, but chances are you will break out someday and you will kill again.

Once you figured out what was happening, would you kill yourself to ensure you wouldn't hurt anyone else?

protein shakes and survey memes

TQC, I've decided to skip lunch and have a protein shake at noon on days when I'm unable to get to the gym at all. I did it once last week and it worked pretty well (I still had a reasonable breakfast and ate my apple in the morning and a tangerine late in the afternoon, which I usually do, so it's not like I'm starving). The kind I bought was like $3 a bottle and I'm looking for something a little less expensive. Can you recommend a protein shake that:

1. Has whey or casein, NOT soy? (I have a problem with soy in large amounts--makes my insides burn for days.)
2. Doesn't have sucralose/Splenda.
3. Is less than $3/bottle--ideally I could buy it in a 4- or 6-pack.
4. Has at least 15 grams of protein.

I'd prefer one that comes already mixed up, since I don't really have facilities at work to run a blender/make my own.

DK/DC: I will create a fabulous survey meme. What question should be on it?
Priyanka Smoke

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Heavy question, feel free not to respond, I don't have anyone else to ask this --

What would you do/ how would you feel if a parent or other extremely close relative/friend confessed to you that they had had cancer at one point in time and actively kept it from you?

The person in question is now completely fine, the treatments ended about 9 months ago and the doctor feels there is no reason to worry that it will return.

ETA - Thank you guys for your kind words and advice, seriously.
Oh hay thar

My first world problem

I got back my tax return! We are going to Florida with some of it (hold your comments, you guys already LOL'd at that last night) but what should I do with the rest?

a/ new mattress, boxspring and bed frame. Currently have a used bed about 5 years old and had a 20 year old bed before that lol

b/ New aluminum Macbook. I currently have a 5 year old white plastic Macbook that I've beat the shit out of.

c/ Save it for something later (boring)
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Have you ever given someone a fake phone number? Did you feel bad about it?

What is the best way to get rid of a creepy strange man when you are alone, in a small town, at night?

I was stuck talking to a creepy strange man for like 45 minutes tonight =[ Even after giving him a fake number and a fake name I could not seem to get rid of him. I am very bad at this.

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Over the holidays I sort of let my exercising routine slip and in result I gained more weight than what I wanted, so now I'm trying to get back in the groove.

My question: What are some really effective exercises/workouts that target the lower abdominal area, thighs and rear?
chan marshall

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whats the next big weather event heading your way?

a cyclone is going to hit my state sometime within the next few hours. okay maybe not my city but it still counts.

what weather events scare you?