March 19th, 2010

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 I hear some form of this one at job interviews all of the time, but I never know what the answer they want is:

What is your ideal boss like? / What is the ideal relationship between you and your boss? What does he or she do?

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1. Everyone has an obscure song that they love.

Will you post a youtube video or a link to yours to see if anyone else has heard of it?

2. Pretend you are a student in grade school and tomorrow you have show and tell. What of your current belongings would you bring to show and tell? And why?

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Imagine your spring break starts in sixteen hours. You have two options about what you can do:

A) You've been talking with your roommate and future roommate about going on a camping roadtrip for a month or so, but plans have never been laid out past the "Yeah, we should do this!" point. There were vague ideas about where you would be going, but NO campsite reservations/accommodations have been made. If this doesn't pan out correctly, you're spending spring break at your parent's house.

B) You talked to some friends earlier today that mentioned an extra spot in the beach house they're renting. Everything is planned and laid out. No battling raccoons at campsites, but you will upset your roommate(s).

Which do you choose? Reasons? Are you flaking out on the option A folks if you go with option B even though there were never any actual plans? Keep in mind, you're leaving on this trip in TWO DAYS and the wrath of your ROOMMATES is involved.

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I know they say that deja vu is just your mind playing tricks on you...but have you ever had it where you not only feel like an event has happened before but you are also able to correctly predict what is going to happen next?

Alright, I worded this really bad.

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My close friend bought this awesome gladiator heels, which i tried on, and it looks awesome. I really wanna get the same thing, but im afraid she might not like it.

My question is, Is it ok to buy the heels for myself?

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TQC, would you do this?

How many men (or women) do you think would wait for you outside of your window? Would you come down if you saw someone attractive in the crowd?

Don't know or care, have you ever played double-dutch?

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Halp, Dr. Elljay!
Yesterday I was stationary for a few hours while working and someone was running a pressure-washer outside, not far from where I was sitting. Some time later, (i.e. a few hours,) I was at home and had this persistent low-level hum in my left ear--to the point where I thought someone was playing music loudly a floor or two down, and I was getting the bass line through the walls (the hum seemed to throb, sometimes,) and I even went looking for who was playing that damn music; and there was no music. I checked all my appliances and the fridge-hum just wasn't the same, and though my allergies do sometimes plug my ears, it's never been anything like this. I cleaned my ears, thought it might dissipate overnight, and 24 hours later, it's still there.

Should I see a doctor/audiologist, or just wait it out (and for how long)?
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If a couple is smitten, does that mean it is a new love?  Can they be if it isn't?

I know some older couples who are..and cute old couples!

DK DC:  are you ever sleep deprived enough that you slurr your words/feel drunk?

I am right now :/

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Hey TQC, what's stressing you out/pissing you off?

I'm desperate to move into my apartment, but the seller's solicitors keep pushing things back.. They were certain I would be able to move in today, but yesterday rang to say it would have to be next Friday! Grrr.... It's annoying me that my solicitor has been pretty much ready for weeks, but we have been waiting for them! and they're the one with the property repossessed so should want to get rid asap!

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So I work at Fast Food Restaurant A as an asst. manager. How likely would it be to get hired on at a different fast food restaurant as an assistant manager? Do most companies prefer to promote their own rather than hire from somewhere else?
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I'm at home sick today.  What movie or TV show do you watch to feel better? I'm watching The Golden Girls.

What is the one movie you can watch over and over and you will NEVER get tired of it? Spirited Away for me.

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It's less like eau de toilette and more like odour of toilet I suppose.

I have $500 for you. All you have to do is attend a party for 5 hours. All your friends, family and work colleagues will be there, plus anyone you may be romantically interested in.

There is a catch though. You have to attend and mingle for the full 5 hours reeking of a combination of stale cat urine, sweaty jock strap, hobo puke and baby poo. You will be required to hug everyone at least twice. Also you may not explain to anyone, ever, that you did this for money. If they ever bring it up you must act completely oblivious to it ever having occurred.

Would you do it?

No, but my answer can be changed to a yes if you offer more money.

If you answered no, but you would for extra, how much extra should I be stealing withdrawing from the bank?
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Have you ever said something and only realised after you said it that yes, it was out loud?

Yesterday I meant to call my ex a w***** (which he's had coming for a while, really) under my breath so that only the guy sitting next to me, who also hates him, could hear. Instead I said it and a moment later realised that everyone heard. Ex is still furious with me, though I appear to be something of a heroine amongst everyone else who was there, which is somewhat gratifying.

Bite me, bitch...

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Will you fill in the blank?

JESUS __________ CHRIST!

ETA: I like CATHARINE (or just about any female name) cause it makes no sense and adds to the lulz. You gotta be really angry to say something like that.

thunderflyer wins with, "Jesus H. Christ on Chocolate Covered Crutches!"


What's the best outraged question/exclamation you've ever heard someone say?

ETA2: l_a_d_y_l_o_v_e just reminded me: "NOW YOU WAIT JUST A BUSCUIT FLIPPIN' MINUTE!" is an old favorite.

"Son of a building block..." is a new favorite courtesy of shweetnettie13 and Mr. Potato Head.

"You've really steamed my broccoli!" is also a new favorite thanks to adhesive_dream. What a conversation that would be. Rofl.

What's in a name? "LETTERS, FOO'"

Do you like your name?

Do you get annoyed by other spellings of your name? (IE, You're a Stephanie, but come across a Stefanie)

Do you think someone can look like their name? Or any name?

I do not like my given name, but I have a plethora of nicknames to choose from.

There are biblical spellings I don't like, but it's hard to hate on the original, y'know?

Yes. I believe some people just look like a name - Sometimes you'll hear someone say a name and you look in the room to try and see if it's the person who looks like said designation.

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Do you shower daily even when injured?
What is your favorite magazine or newspaper to peruse?
Should I watch the Grey Gardens documentary or film first?
Do you like tabouli?

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If I filled out an online application for a job, how many days should I wait before I call the store and ask about it?

If you drive, do you talk to (or scream at) other drivers? What do you say?

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Did anyone else catch the series premier of Justified a few nights ago?  I think I have a new favorite tv character.  Between this and A Perfect Getaway, Timothy Olyphant has really been impressing me lately.

If you didn't, are there any shows you started watching this season (either new or new to you)?

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I really need to get out of my room this weekend (which includes friday).
So far I have been round a public garden, but that only took a couple of hours and didn't cure my restlessness.

What do you do to make yourself relax?
If you've ever lived in a dorm room/uni halls/a hotel for a long period of time, did you get the feeling of always wanting to be out of your room?

extr-y dollars

Let's say you have like 2K in debt. It feels bad to have it, but it's totally manageable and it's not growing. It'll be paid off by the end of the year or sooner.
You win/come into an unexpected 1000 bucks.

Do you use that grand to pay off your debt sooner?
Or do you use that grand to buy something that you want really bad?

Filigree, apogee, pedigree, perigee!!!

I was flicking through the tv channels last night and even though to my dissmay it was disney channel but My ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE WAS ON TV!!!
Bed Knobs and Broomsticks OHMYGODINSANE, i havent seen that movie in like 11 years!
I used to watch theis movie at least twice a week when i was a kid.
As a kid, did you have any movie that no matter how many times you watched it it never got boring?

Also what was your dream job as a little kid, I always wanted to either be a fairy catcher or a storm chaser.

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When you eat a meal with side dishes, how do you eat everything? Do you combine them into one giant pile of goodness and eat or do you eat everything one by one? If you do eat everything one by one, do you eat your least favorite dish and finish off with your favorite, or vice versa?
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How much chocolate spread can you put on a piece of bread before it becomes cake?

(I found a tub of said spread in the pantry and all I want to do is eat it. With a spoon.)
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[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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There's an upcoming concert I'm buying tickets for as we speak. The show/artists aren't very big, so I don't anticipate this show selling out, but I'd rather buy the tickets beforehand to be safe.

Here's the question: Do I buy them and have them held at will call (I've never done will call through this venue, so I'm kind of iffy about it), or do I have them sent in the mail (the website says allow 10 days for mail delivery, and the show itself is in 12)?

I can't go to the venue itself to buy tickets (no car/transportation).

ETA: I can also pay an extra $1.25 to print them out now, but that just seems like a ripoff.

Indian movies and good books.

I loved the movie The Namesake that Mira Nair directed (Out of all the movies we own that movie got lost in our move and I had to re-buy it.) and soon I will be getting the book to read. Buuuut to tide me over, does anybody have any suggestions for really good movies that they loved? I was hoping to find more Bengali/Indian films and I'm already watching Monsoon Wedding.

What about good books? I'm always on the lookout for good books.

The next book on my reading list is The Corpse: A History     Has anyone read it? If so, what did you think of it?

Oh, and please god don't suggest Avatar as a movie.
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I'm in Portland, Oregon. I have a bus pass, but no car. I have a little bit of money, but I don't really want to spend it. The weather is lovely out. What should I do with the rest of my afternoon/evening?
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if you haven't seen Star Wars IV: A New Hope this won't make much sense

8:15 AM 3/12/10 · Every single Star Wars fan I know has at one time or another argued/asked/debated who shot first between Greedo & Han Solo? There's even a popular rumor that when he was making the updated edits to the original films, George Lucas edited the scene to cast Han Solo in a more positive light.

However, and I'm not sure why this never occured to me till just a couple of minutes ago, being a big fan of Westerns since I was little...I think there's a much more pertinent question.

At least, I'm pretty sure nobody has asked this before.

Between Greedo & Han Solo, who 'drew' first?
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In TX, do all server/bartender jobs require TABC certs / food handler certs? If so, where can I get this done (online would be best as I live in VA)? How long does it take?

How much $$$ should one have saved up before they move to another state?

DC/DK what's your fave thing about spring? :D

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Hi TQC, Imagine this scenario:

It's Friday afternoon. You have your last pair of contact lenses in, and they're dailies. You would like to be able to wear contact lenses on Monday afternoon. You have one more spare single lens left, in your right eye's prescription. But the one for the left eye would have to be re-used, if you are to wear lenses again on Monday. You'd only have to wear them for about an hour on Monday.

What do you do?

Is there a way to do this without asking for an eye infection? Can I just leave the left lens in some water until Monday and change the water twice a day until then? I'd open the little packet of the spare right lens and put the used left lens in there with it (because that'd mean it's in that lens fluid stuff), but then I wouldn't know which lens was which prescription. There's .25 between their prescriptions.

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So I'm on the hunt for a 2nd job and I need to get a resume put together!

What are some good resume template sites?
I've googled, but I don't really know what's good and what's not :/, so I want some personal recommendations! (I've never needed a resume before, so I'm not experienced with them much, at least not since my high school careers class!).

What's your favorite job you've ever had?
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Hair advice, TQC. Should I get this?

So, my ends are angry and my hair hasn't been changed in style since Octobre. My straight-across bangs grew out and are awkward now.

Hi, I am a haircut

Yes, I think it would be flattering
No, that would look awful on you
No, it is just a bad haircut in general

my hair currently is: [X]  [X] It's not normally that fluffy/bumpy, I haven't done my hair in 2 days and it was windy.

Advice greatly appreciated.

ETA: I only want that style, not the colour. I plan on keeping my purple, though not dying again.

ETA Encore: THE ACTUAL QUESTION (Zomg drumroll ;D): Do you think I should get that haircut? Poll or comment.

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Let's say you have been in a steady, exclusive relationship for the past 2.5 years. When you started dating the person, he/she was skinny, fit, athletic. In the past 8 months, they have gained 50 pounds. They have no desire to lose the weight at all, ever.

Would you break up?

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How well do you think I ate today?

Late breakfast/early lunch:
2 slices of Sara Lee Whole Grain White Bread
2 tbsp of Sunflower Butter (like PB but I am allergic to that so I use sunflower butter instead and they taste about the same)
1 tbsp of Apple Butter
1 cup of 1% Milk

1/2 pint of Strawberries
1 Banana

1 package of SMART ONES Three Cheese Ziti Marinara
1 cup of 1% Milk
1 1/3 cup of Green Beans  (the frozen kind you steam in the microwave)

1 Quart of Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea w/ Mango
1 cup of water
1 One-A-Day Women's Multivitamin

Total Calories: Approximately 1100, maybe a bit over.  I am on a diet and my limit is 1500 calories by the way, so I think I did well so far.

DK/DC:  If you won $1,000,000,000 how would you spend it? After taxes are deducted, I would put most of the money that I get to keep in CDs, then the rest would go into my savings and checking accounts (to pay bills and stuff), I'd buy a vacation home in Japan and maybe one in Greece or Italy, and what's left after that would be for me to go shopping and traveling.

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I'm exhausted after a day of nothing. Its 4:40. Do I go to the gym, then have a nap, or nap then go to the gym?
I've been asking TQC to help me make a lot of basic life decisions lately. What does this say about my life?

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My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. He has a friend that I have talked bad about, to my boyfriend only, in private, from time to time. My boyfriend told his friend what I said about him and the guy got on the phone and yelled at me. I really don't even remember exactly what I said about him, I never thought he would know about any of it. My boyfriend denies telling him, and didn't say anything to the guy for talking mean to me. Do I have a right to be mad about this, or is it my fault in the first place for talking about him?

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This can be confusing ... ETA: used fake names ... so, I have this friend, Tia.

Tia is fucking around with her friend Ronald. Ronald is married and has two children. Tia lost her virginity to Ronald some years ago and this screwing around has been on and off again for year since then. Tia dated Ronald's cousin, Idiot, for a few months a while back and broke up with him because she "can't be in a monogamous relationship."

Recently, Tia sent a couple of us girls a text a week or so ago saying that his wife found out that they were fucking again because Ronald let her go through his phone. Wife goes up to Idiot and tells him what's going on. This hurts Idiot very badly because obviously, he still has feelings for Tia (God knows why). Now Tia wants to kick wife's ass for hurting Idiot.

If she tells us whatever drama is going on with this, what clever thing should I say that perfectly captures me thought of "You're stupid."?

DK, DC: Is it beautiful weather where you are? It's gorgeous in Corvallis, Oregon!

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Which should I have for dinner tonight

homemade cheese pizza
spinach and onion frittata
salmon patties and broccoli
do your own homework!

What are you having for your next meal?
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It's Friday. I received three acceptance letters this week, two of them from my top two colleges. The weather is absolutely beautiful (60F, cloudless sky, blazing sun, slight breeze).

What else should I do today to make it better?

What are your plans this weekend?
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So I need a nice relaxing/de-stressing night at home tonight. I already plan to take a nap, play mindless computer games like solitaire and hearts while watching shrek, and then to read for a bit and possibly watch the movie The Lucky Ones.

Any other ideas?


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Hey TQC. Something is on TV and it's really bothering me.

Do you think violent games are a scapegoat created by the media to blame for this generations' violence?

I hate how people underestimate us, and assume just because we play things that involve shooting people may render us mass murderers ourselves. Sure, there are some nutcases which might take games too seriously - the same with any other form of entertainment (songs/films/etc.)

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My SO is currently out in Thailand, getting wasted as it's the last night there before he has to get his flight. He's well known for sending ridiculous texts whilst drunk and has just sent me a texting saying, "Why?"
I sent one back asking, "Why what?" to get the reply, "I asked first!"

What the hell is he on about?
DK/DC What does the last text you got say?

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TQC, plz decide my evening plans for me:

Tonight there is an Ides of March dance. You have to wear a toga. I'm way into togas and it sounds like it could be fun but I can't dance and not many people tend to show up to these dances as there is no alcohol. What would you do?

a) Go to the dance, even though it will probably suck, even with the toga
b) Sacrifice your desire to wear a bedsheet in public and do something else
c) Wear a toga but just get drunk alone in your room

DK/DC: What historical article of clothing do you wish would come back in style?

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What are/were your favorite subjects at school? Worst subjects? What subjects do you wish your school had?

My favorite subjects were Art and Computers, and my least favorites were Math, Language Arts, and P.E./Gym.

I wish they had Japanese language classes, but all they had was Spanish and French, and the two high schools I went to had German and Latin too.  I had no interest in any of those so I didn't take Foreign Language courses except for Spanish in my 6th grade and 7th grade years and part of 8th (I switched schools that year because I moved out of state so I didn't have to take that class anymore) and that's only because Spanish was required at the schools I went to at the time.

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These are some commonly used words and phrasses in my area (or Scotland in general)

Just out of curiosity, what do you think each one means?

1 Scunnered
2 Foonerd
3 Peely-wally
4 I almost shit a curly worm
5 I shit a brick
6 Hee-haw (rhymes with 'awe')
7 Blooterd
8 Steaming
9 Gassed
10 Wide-oh
11 Dobber

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Do you think that the first few seconds of Rod Stewart's - Maggie May sounds very similar to the 80's song by Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder, Together In Electric Dreams?

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When was the last time you talked yourself into doing something you really didn't want to do? What did you tell yourself? How did that go over? 

I'm about to leave for a birthday party with a bunch of cliquish girls who used to be my enemies in high school. I'm getting through this just telling myself that my friend wouldn't invite me if she didn't want me there, and maybe these girls have changed. 

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Have you ever had to cope with having someone snoring and keeping you awake?

My boyfriend has recently started snoring so loud. It is impossible to sleep in the same bed as it feels as though I'm sleeping next to a pneumatic drill. I've tried ear plugs and they dull it, but it's still loud enough to be an issue.

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Panty-hose wearing ladies of TQC, I come to you with a dilemma!

I NEVER wear tights or panty-hose, and tonight I'm going out in a short dress and weather says that bare legs are a no-go, but when I put my panty-hose on, they constantly slip and roll down making it look like I have a giant muffin top, as well as being highly uncomfortable. How does one avoid these problems????

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I bought a jar of tahini to make dressing for a salad I really wanted to try but because tahini isn't really available around here I had to buy a big jar and now I've barely made a dent in it and have no idea what to do with all the leftovers.
Can you tell me some good recipes that use tahini?
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What are some really well-known book or movie spoilers? You know, like "Jesus dies" or whatever.

What is your favorite costume that you've ever worn?

You suddenly feel a headache coming on. What is the most likely reason for it?

Inspired by the invention post..

So I want to invent a truck, sort of like the ice cream trucks, that drive around neighborhoods during happy hour selling cocktails (obviously to adults with proper ID.) Is this legal? Would you buy cocktails/beer/wine from a booze truck if the price was reasonable?


1. My sons mother is essentially giving up custody for the next 2 years to me and my wife. Should I make it legal through the court or wait 2 years and then try to get full custody?

2. Do you like having kids?

3. Whats your best and worst memories of childhood?
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I'm a nursing student and the time has come I get a watch so I can count pulse rates and such.

Will you show me your watch?
If you don't have one, will you show me one you really like?
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I'm going to see a show tonight alone at a bar. I've never gone to a show or bar alone before. Have you? Do you have any tips for making it not awkward (like during the time when the bands are switching and I'm just sitting there)? I'm pretty awkward and bad at starting conversations with strangers.

ETA: nm friend is coming, but please answer anyway! am likely to have this problem again!

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It's my step-aunt's step-son's (my step-dads (since july) sisters husbands son from a previous marriage) birthday on sunday and i've been invited to go to the horse racing with them.
Whilst I don't know him very well, my step-aunt and her husband have been really good at having me round for dinner weekly. (I'm at uni 200 miles away from home - 2 miles from step-aunts house).
I would feel rude turning up empty handed, though I know i've probably been invited for company for my step-aunt more than anything else. (Congratulations if you figured out my family dynamics!)

Tl;dr - distant relative's birthday on sunday, family are taking me on their outing, do I take a present? If so what is appropriate for someone I don't know very well who is older than me? (I'm a student so they'd be embarrassed if I got anything expensive)
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Face Veil

Is there a particular name for a non-religious face veil that covers part of the face but leaves the eyes uncovered? I mean something that looks like the typical belly dancer veil

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I know that in Arabic it's generally referred to as a niqāb, or partial niqāb, but I think that term only applies when it's worn with the hijab and when the veil isn't see through.

Any ideas? Or is it just known as a partial face veil?

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What is a good competent salary rate for a video editor in Los Angeles?

I'm being interviewed for a job as a Final Cut Pro editor for one of the biggest porn production companies in the United States, and they want to know my rates. I'm young and I've had about 3 - 4 years of experience professionally editing. I don't want to lowball myself and I don't want to ask for something ridiculous.
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For years I have been saying I don't like beer, without really giving it a chance. I recently have been introduced to the wonders of Guinness and think it's time to branch out a bit. What other beers should I try that I may like if you consider my new found love for Guinness? I'm going to Disney World this weekend, so international beers are going to be available to try.
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For those of you who have solicited yourself to get a job, that is walked into the establishment and asked if they were hiring, how'd that go for you? 

Also, how exactly did you go about it? Did you just walk in and ask if they were hiring, and if they said yes, handed them a resume, and if they said no handed them a resume and ask to please think of you in the future, or? 

For those of you who have not procured a job this way, how did you get your job? 

How awesome will it be if I get a job at the bakery that specializes in cupcakes? 
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Does anyone remember the Hoover game? I used to play it about 10 years old on my stepdad's Vaio computer. I'm pretty sure that the game just came on his computer. I am desperate to play this game again or atleast talk to someone who remembers how awesome it was! In the game, you literally play a Hoover vacuum and go through mazes.


steady state anxiety attack

TQC, I had an horribly stressful week at my job, which I always suspect is on the line as it is. My home life is stressful for other reasons. How can I forget about all this shit, get some decent sleep, and have a weekend that doesn't suck? Note: I am already having some wine, got that one covered.

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I want to apply for a job I found online, and it says this at the bottom:

Include in the cover letter your track record of performance, your desire to learn and your ability to overcome challenges.

I can't really think of what to put for my ability to overcome challenges. I've overcome personal and emotional challenges like dealing with a family member with cancer, parent's divorce, etc. but I highly doubt they want to hear about those.

What would you write if you were asked to address this in a cover letter?
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Has anyone ever purchased from this website? I got a security warning when I went to check out, but the reviews I Googled came up positive.

What was the last thing you bought online?
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A person walks up and tells you that someone very close to you has just been put in the hospital.

Who is the first person you think of?

Who is the person telling you?


What is your favorite coin?

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Do you have a specific length of time/amount of dates/something similar when dating, before which you will not fuck the person? Such as three dates or three weeks idk I thought I heard Elliot on Scrubs calling herself "three date Elliot" or something but I just googled it to make sure it was three dates and now I can't find anything about it so maybe I just made that up.

Do you think there's a socially accepted amount of time? If so, can it vary? Do you think society expects people to wait more or less while they're young? Longer if they expect to be in a "serious" relationship? I just wanna hear your opinions on the whole concept really.
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 What pisses you off more than others think it should?

For example, goldfish being mistreated (used as carnival prizes) and/or being cramped into bowls really bothers me, but my (non-aquarist) friends think that it's silly how worked up I can get over this.


TQC, I am going to Toronto this weekend. For those of you who have been there, what should I do? Cheap things will probably win out, but if there is something a little expensive, sell it to me and I might do it. :)


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Why is one of my cats eating the dog's food? The cats have plenty of food, and he's never done this before.

Do your pets do weird things? My cats like to drink out of the toilet and eat cheetos.
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Would you pose nude for a SO for artistic purposes?

...for a SO for wanking purposes?

...for an artistic magazine/publication?

...for a pornographic magazine/publication?

elaboration as to why or why not is encouraged!

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