March 18th, 2010


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Are there any words that irritate you? Why?

Does it bother you when people pronounce things in a 'different' way (ex: axe for 'ask', pacifically for 'specifically', well for 'whale', whore for 'horror')? Is it worse than nails on a chalkboard?
TK and Kari

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For those of you who were "that kid" the other kids picked on in school, why were you an easy target?

For me: I was an only child who didn't have any friends my own age, so I didn't know how to get along socially with other kids and I would just talk and talk to someone who wasn't listening. Got labeled as a weirdo.

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Imagine you're annoyed with something your SO does without realising it, and you don't say anything, because you feel like maybe you're just being harsh/particular/neurotic.

Then, your mom/dad/best friend/priest hangs out with you and your SO, and complains about it as soon as your SO leaves to go to the restroom.

What is the habit? Do you feel justified getting so bothered now that you know you're not the only one?

Eating with their mouth open. TOTALLY justified
gasp zooey

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I have a fantastic bowl of baked beans just ready to be eaten, but it definitely can be improved upon.  Seeing as I'm on ambien, I'm going to let TQC tell me what would taste best with baked beans (they have a bit of brown sugar in them, if that helps at all).  Before anyone asks "What does ambien have to do with TQC picking what would taste best with beans?", I'm just going to relate to you all that the other night, I attempted to make a soup entirely out of boiling a stick of cinnamon in a vat of straight vanilla extract with a little bit of half-and-half and Parmesan cheese. I was making this so I could pour it over my spaghetti sauce.

So, definitely need help.  What improves boring ol' baked beans?

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What would be a more badass martial art to learn: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Krav Maga?

Don't know/care- what current fashion trend do you just not understand?

--waist high 80s jeans, shoulder padded blazers. leave that shit back in history where it belongs.

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Hey TQC, so I've just started playing Pokemon HG.  Loving it, and I was just curious...

Do you have any certain theme you follow when you nickname your Pokemans?

My friend just names them all numbers and goes in order.  His first Pokemon is named "1", his second "2", and so on.  Another one of my friends actually names them after Final Fantasy summons. "Bahamut", "Shiva", etc.

What about you?

DK/DC:  What're you wearing? ;D
I'm a tornado of anger

Marine Corps Recruit Graduation in San Diego question!

If anyone can answer this, I'd be really thankful! Okay so my brother is graduating in April and I booked flights from my hometown to the San Diego International airport because I thought that was the closest to the base but booked the hotel closer to the McLellan-Palomar airport. I am looking at the maps and apparently there is the Camp Pendleton base near the McLellan-Palomar airport and the Marine Corps Recruiting Center near the San Diego International airport. Which place will the graduation be held?

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Picture a typical college student: she is witty, bright, vivacious, and attractive.

Will you correct this sentence to make it factually accurate?

Edit-o-matic: because my daughter is a typical college student and i want to be prepared for the worst.
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Is there anything about yourself/anything you've done that you're incredibly proud of? Something about yourself you think of and automatically gives you a proud feeling and a smile?

What's the worst tattoo on someone you know? You don't have to post a picture or anything... I have seen all the bloody flying tampons and humping unicorns I care to see, I just want to hear about horrible ones of people you personally know. Stories about bad tattoo shops and experiences work, as well.

There's a guy in my class who "runs a tattoo shop" out of his house with his sister. He has awful dragons and zodiac symbols all over his arms & hands & neck. It looks like things his friends drew on him when he was passed out.

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For those of you who have iPods or other mp3 players larger than 8/16 gigs: have you (or do you) listen to all of the music on your iPod/mp3 players? How often do you add/change/delete your music?

Don't know or care, isn't it amazing how time flies?
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Inspired by something I heard on the radio yesterday morning:
Would you give up your SO for your pet?
Example: Your SO is suddenly very against your having a pet (whatever you have) for some reason and asks you to pick between them and the pet. Would you get rid of the SO or get rid of the pet?

For me personally- I'm not giving up my cats for anybody.

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Do you like 'crooner' style music (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc)?

It's okay. I have to be in the mood for it.
Can't stand it.

Do you like Special K Red Berries?


Do you like root beer?

Only certain brands. None of that Barq's or A&W crap.

tampon stuff

Because I'm just ending my time on the crimson wave...

Girlies who use tampons:

Do you use different sizes throughout your ~menses~?

Do you use pad/liner backup?

Do you use tampons overnight?

Did you use tampons when you first started having your period? Or did you use pads for years and work up to it?

As you're finishing up, when do you stop using them? Like when you pull it out and it's mostly white, all white, or something else?

As an aside: I'd like to start using cloth pads/liners as my tampon backup. Tampons are USUALLY enough, but I feel safer wearing something as a backup. The issue is, I live in an apartment building with shared laundry facilities. Is it completely gross to wash out used cloth pads in the shared machines? Would it matter if I said that they'd probably have little to no blood on them?

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How do you feel about a 19 year old guy who has never been kissed?

Edited for backstory: I have a friend whos a complete geek, not attractive but not unattractive and not much body-wise (overactive thyroid, tyvm). A bit of a recluse and doesn't go out much. Funny, brilliant personality + very sweet; he's just getting very worried and nervous about his inexperience.

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How long would you expect a sore muscle to take to heal?    It's weird though because it's sore in an area rather than one specific muscles that I can identify.  It's kind of worrying me since it's reminding me of what people experience with hernias.   It's been about a week and a half I guess.   What's your take?    Not ready to do to the doctor other signs of "danger" present so far. 

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my ex = VERY bad news..even with his other exes.

ANYWAY, so an acquaintance friend of mine asked me yesterday if I would get mad if she dated him... I wouldn't get mad as in jealous..but I'd be worried for her sake.  I told her what he was like but she took it as a "one strike out of three" thing..  would you do anything or just let her make this mistake?

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I live in Texas. I've been afraid of driving since I was 15, so I've never gotten my license.

Well now I want it and am ready.

Only they passed a law the begining of this month I have to take a course before i can get it, which requires time and money I don't have.

Does this make anyone else wanna go to the dmv and punch people in the face??

other question-

I hate to be so morose, but again, my brothers passed away. I've been calling their phones. I realize they won't answer, but i still call and hope they will.

Has anyone else ever seen/done something silly like this with someone they've lost? Once at a funeral (one of my good friends baby was born ill and passed away three days after birth), she kept complaining it was very cold in the church and put two blankets on the baby (open casket ceremony). She was very aware the baby is gone, but she still thought this way.

do you think its unhealthy to do things like that?


I want all the sims games for 1 2 and 3 and so I went to game stop and got them and was heading out when the clerk tried to rob me he's all like 'give me ur money for those!' and I'm like 'NO!' he's like 'I'm going to call the cops!' and I told him to fuck off.

wtf they were mine I saw them first I had them first wtf is his problem - Sunshine

so shines a good deed in a weary world

I am having a horrible day, TQC.

My alarm didn't go off this morning, and I woke up when my shift was supposed to start. Somehow I made it to work within 15 minutes, and I look AWFUL. My boss left me very unprepared to fill in for her while she's on vacation for the next week. Her boss, who I am reporting to in her absence, is extremely grouchy today. He sees right through my attempts to look like I know which deals and machines he is talking about, and he probably thinks I'm an idiot. So much for asking for that raise!
Right when I was seriously contemplating finding an empty corner to go cry in, my husband decided to pop in for no real reason. He brought me an energy drink, and told me he loves me. As he got into his car and drove away, I looked down at the can and smiled. I can get through this!

When was the last time someone performed a small act of kindness that turned your day around?
Will you tell me about it?
When was the last time you performed a small act of kindness for someone else?
What did you do?

dk/dc/grumpy boss: What's for lunch?

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I'm always cooking the same 5 or 6 things for my boyfriend when I cook just because they're things I can do without a recipe in front of me and they're good. But I want to do something different. Since I'm going grocery shopping tomorrow I figure this is a good time. What are some of your favorite recipes/meals? Links would be awesome too!

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Speaking of periods.  What is the deal with period panties?  Ok, I get the concept but how do you prevent all of your panties from being period panties?  What if you are wearing a non period pair and get your period do they become period panties or can you save them?  Explain!

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Can one take painkillers to stop feeling sick?
I seem to remember girls at school taking paracetamol when they felt sick but that may have been a cover up....

ETA: I'm going to square, I have a 2 hour seminar in half an hour and feel really sick, but I really like the topic. Do I go?
splat cupcake

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What is the plural form of Blackberry? (The phone not the fruit)

Blackberries, because it ends in a y.
Blackberrys, because putting ies would change the name of the product
Not sure because public education failed me
Worst Ticky Poll ever, learn some damn grammer

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When you shower, do you put BOTH shower curtain panels inside the tub, or does one hang inside the tub and the other outside?

This is assuming your curtain has two panels, of course.
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what are some superficial things you'd like to have in a future husband/wife/SO/whatever?
(don't take this too seriously, this question is for fun, i don't want any "looks and possessions don't matter to me" answers)

i want a brown haired, brown eyed boy with a nice camaro or cuda so he won't want to drive mine.

ETA: almost forgot. and many good tattoos. mmm.

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Do you believe alcoholism is a disease or an addiction? Why?

My aunt says " If you never take a drink of alcohol will you become an alchoholic? No. There can be a predisposition, genetics and environmental factors can play into it, but it's not a disease. A disease you can have whether or not you say, smoke or not, such as heart disease or cancer. You can't be an alcoholic if you never drin...k!!! I have thought a lot about it and since I have lived with several alcoholics including my father that is my opinion, which is correct!!!!!!!" something about that is bothering me.
Autumn Pink

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1 - Did anyone else's comment notifications change with the roll out of the new LJ adjustments? I stopped receiving emails for comments on my community posts and comments made in other journals. I checked my notification settings and saw that the options had been changed. Have I been hacked?

2 - For those religious folk, have you ever gone to confession or felt like you needed to talk to a pastor and get something off your chest? If so, how did that work out for you?

3 - How do you think your 2010 is going to be and why?
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Does anyone have any good margarita recipes? I don't normally like margaritas but I had a few in Mexico that were amazing. On the rocks, pls. The frozen kind is nasty.

Have you ever drank the worm in mezcal?

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So, i'm hung over as shit (free shots of jager all night plus lots of green beer = unhappy) and it sucks =[
What are your best hang over remedies?
How about your favourite hang over food?

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What did you do for St. Patrick's Day?

Drank my fair share
Drank MORE than my fair share. I was wasted
Ate corned beef
Had a McDonalds' shamrock shake
Got into a fistfight
Passed out
Woke up with mystery bruises
Threw up
Held a friend's hair as he/she threw up
Got laid
Captured a leprachaun!
Released leprachaun in the morning after you realized it was a midget in a Celtics jersey
Went on the internet
Went to bed at a decent hour
Played some Irish music

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How would you try to extract a friend or relative from a cult once that person has already committed to the cult and is about to donate/buy "classes" herself into poverty.

I tried googling for "scientology intervention" or "cult intervention" but couldn't find anything solid.
Geeky Girls

Watch Doesn't Fit

I gave my SO a watch for a holiday of sorts. I bought a Relic brand watch that was too big for his wrist, so he took it to a jeweler that removed some links. However, it is still slightly too big. Removing just one more link would make it too small. He's unable to wear it now. Is there anything he can do to make it wearable?

I have searched and just cannot find anything so I bring this question to you guys!
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What do you think about decals in car windows that say something like

In Loving Memory
John Doe

I hadn't seen them before, and recently I saw two in one day. Is this becoming more common?

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Does anyone here celebrate Ostara? Or at least know something about it?

I got roped into teaching a Sunday school class this weekend at my church. They're learning about Paganism and this week's lesson is about the vernal equinox celebration of Ostara. We'll be creating an altar and casting a circle and making an offering and all that jazz. I have a short lesson plan on it, but that's it. I'd love to hear more about it from someone who knows more than me, or better yet, someone who actually observes it.

Hell, if someone can just tell me how to pronounce "Ostara", I'd be grateful.

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Is there a commercial that torments you with something you cannot have?

I keep seeing Sonic commercials . . . THERE IS NO SONIC HERE! I want some tots and a diet cherry limeade :(

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What is the advantage of using a travel agency rather than planning your own trip? Isn't it throwing money away? :/ A lot of money, I'd assume?

I'm planning a trip to Disney World(it wouldn't be my first time, more like my 11th). :) Are you planning any vacations in your future?
Peggy Blink

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I am thinking of selling Mark by making makeup tutorials on YouTube and linking to my Mark website so I can save for college expenses outside of tuition (like books and supplies). I am a makeup fanatic and I think I could do it pretty well. I wouldn't say "YOU CAN ONLY USE THIS MARK PRODUCT!" but rather say "If you have a similar shade, feel free to use it" or something, so it wouldn't be like the sole purpose would be to make money (I've actually considered getting a better camera to make tutorials for fun).
I sold Avon for a month last year, but I didn't know anyone in the area, so I gave up on it. I think the Internet is a much better way to gain exposure.
Do you think this is a good idea?
Why/why not?

DK/DC: Chat?

What are you having for dinner?
Either a Lean Cuisine meal or salad.

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Do Australians eat people?

My brother won't believe me when I tell him they don't anymore.

Totally non-srs question

EDIT: If you are Australian, do you have any good people recipes? We're planning to go graverobbing tonight. The formaldehyde makes them tastier. Like pickles. you like pickles?

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running off koffie's question.

What makes you not like body hair on yourself or others? What do you think when you see a girl with a full bush of armpit hair? Furry legs? some hairs around the bikini line?

How to Curb Pet Barking?

Any tips on how to keep my pet barking to a minimum?

My  cockapoo (medium to small-ish sized), who I adore very much, has a tendency to bark at larger dogs when I take him for a walk. He also barks at smaller children and Black people. It's so embarrassing. I adopted him from a no-kill shelter and he has" issues." Apparently the previous owners gave him up because he showed teeth to their little one. He is extremely affectionate and smart. He is harmless.

The barking thing is so annoying and embarrassing. When he starts barking, I keep his leash shorter and closer to me and tell him to stop. I'd apologize to the other people, and we'd generally let the other dog owners and other people pass by, then we'd resume on our way. I love our walks but I need to manage his barking to make it enjoyable for everyone. Any clue on how to go about this?


Does anyone use Blogspot for your blog here?
I've run out of interesting blogs to read!
Any blogs about fashion, life, love, etc?

edit: oops the rules.
and i got called an attention whore thanks.

bowie - growing up


Have you ever failed a test and come to the conclusion that it wasn't your fault, but that it was just a really horribly written test?

What did you do?

What should I do?

Collapse )

I'm thinking I should write my prof an email and ask him to take into consideration the odd fact that the entire class is going to fail the test, and compare that with his knowledge that there are SOME of us that are excellent students and love the subject and that the quality of their work clearly isn't going to be reflected in the test scores. But how - aside from politely - should I tell a guy who has a doctorate in literature that he wrote the crappiest test I've ever had the misfortune of taking?

DK/DC: Who was/is your favorite prof in college and why?

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how should i go about getting my dogs' pawprints? it's for a tattoo. one will not let you touch his feet and the other likes for her feet to be touched but gets scared if you bring any unfamiliar objects near her.

and while i'm at it... how much should i expect something like this to cost? i just want one of each of their paws, and they are little so their paws are only about an inch wide.

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I have a friend who spends long periods of time away from his family. While he loves his wife and kids dearly he feels lonely sometimes. What (if anything) should he do about it?
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Golden Girls is on right now!

Who is your favourite Golden Girl?

I <3 Blanche, but Betty White also holds a special place in my heart.

dk/dc: What's your favourite kind of salad?

Four Bean
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Oh god, this is so stupid, BUT, a month or few back, someone in the comments of some post in TQC wanted to get an ocarina that looked like the necklace Disney's Ursula wears. I CAN'T REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE BUT I KNOW YOU ARE ON TQC...Well, FYI, I was at the Songbird workshop today, and I totally saw a box of the spiral pendants in gold. You should shoot them an email and see if they'll sell you one.

ANYWAYS, continuing on with the Disney theme (and I know we've done this a million times before, but it is ALWAYS SO MUCH FUN...), what is your favorite Disney song? Embedded videos get extra credit. Feel free to share more than one...IT IS TOO HARD TO CHOOSE ONLY ONE.

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x&amp;c: besos


 This is probably a weird question, but I am beginning to worry. Our cat, who we've had since July last year, is tiny. Very, very tiny. He's completely healthy, but he's SO SMALL.

He's nearly one year old and all the other cats I've seen at that age has been much bigger than him! Does it have something to do with his race? Do you have any idea what it can be? He's a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Collapse )

DK/DC: Do you have any pets, if yes what are they called!?

Close Encounters of the Third Kink

You're abducted by space aliens. You're aboard their ship, strapped to a metal table. One of the 'grays' walks over to you and, using his translation device, gives you an option. 'We can either give you an anal probe using this (holds up a baton-like device with nub-like sensors)...or we can observe your species mating. We've a few more primates in the holdings cells and we're almost confident that they're of the opposite sex as you...wait, what gender are you again? And you're...human? Anyway, those are the two tests we have prepared. Which would you prefer to participate in?"

Anal probe. It might not be so bad, and this way I won't be cheating on my SO
Mating. I'm sure the sex won't be that bad. They MUST have another human, right? Surely they're not setting me up with an orangutan
Both! That device looks like something I've got at home, and I get to have sex....FOR FREE? Let's get it ON!

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this seems like kind of a dumb question, but whatever: i'm taking a friend to a show for her birthday next week. would it be weird/odd/dumb to try and email the band we're going to see, and ask if they would say happy birthday to her onstage? it might not happen, but d'you think there's even a chance it'd work?

dk/dc: what is your favorite food?

ETA: the band is called broadway calls
TK and Kari

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I have a roommate who is a bit socially-inadequate. In other words, she throws insults at people all the time unintentionally. She always makes comments about me being "huge" and a "giant" and makes fun of the size of my feet when I've never been anything but friendly to her. It makes me furious but I've never said anything--I just think of a bunch of things I could say in my head.

Have you ever been in a situation like that? Have you been on the other side of this situation? In other words, what would you do if you were in my shoes?
I &lt;3 TLV

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I want to start using exercise videos at home to get back into shape, since I can't get motivated without someone telling me what to do. I'm planning on using youtube. Any recommendations? Any and all types are good as long as I don't have to buy equipment for them.

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For those of you who are on birth control, do you still use a condom during sex? If so, is this more for an extra precaution against pregnancy, a precaution against STD's or both?

Also, what kind of birth control are you on?

For everyone else: if you could have any exotic animal as a pet what would you want to have? Pictures are encouraged, of course!
MLP - pinkie chicken

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 It's my Spring Break this week. Dining hall is closed, and in my pathetic "staying in a dorm until May" state, I'm living here for a week with my boyfriend and a couple of other friends. Our dorm has no stove, we just have an oven and some microwaves.

TQC, can you help me figure out some relatively cheap, relatively tasty lunches and dinners we can buy and stockpile for a week? We have fridge and freezer space - just no stovetop.

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My 15YO just told me she wants to go to a coed sleepover at her best friend's boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend's house. She also said nobody's parents know it's a coed sleepover except me. Help me, TQC! What should I tell her?

Did you get invited to coed sleepovers when you were 15? If so, did you go? Did you tell your parents? What did they say and/or what did you wish they would say?

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Somebody streaked through my lecture hall today during my math final. Has this happened to any of you?

How did your professor react? Mine looked pretty POed, but that's her normal reaction to things.

Anything else interesting ever happen?

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TQC, I never want to have kids, and recently I realized I never want to buy a house/condo and be stuck with a mortgage either. I just want to rent.

Obviously I have ~commitment issues~ and am not a real adult, y/n?

What colour clothes are you wearing today? I'm wearing red, brown, grey and black

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You know how Panda Express has a panda as their mascot, due to their namesake and geographical location of their cuisine. Going with this theme...

1. Suppose I were to open a fast food chain that serves Norwegian food. What should the name be and what should the mascot be?

2. How about Korean food?

3. Minnesota food?

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So me and my roommate are looking to move out of our 2 bedroom duplex this June. I LOVEEEE the house and it's big (950 sq ft), but it's sooo poorly insulated. This winter's gas bills were $272 and $240 for December and January DDDD: (and that's with plastic on the windows and keeping it at 66/67 the whole BELOW FREEZING winter).

That said, out of curiosity, will you browse your local Craigslist and show me some awesome 2 bedroom apartments/duplexes/houses? I love seeing what's available in other places!

Show me your dream apartment/duplex/house?
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I'm flying out to California next month to see my parents for the first time in a year! It'll also be my first time back home in two years. I AM RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED.

What fun things should I do? I'll be near Monterey Bay (close cities are Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Jose).

DK/DC/no ideas: What was the last thing that made you ridiculously excited?
Bonus: When was the last time you traveled?

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You are organizing a weekend away with a group of your friends for your birthday.

For dinner on the first day, the majority of people including yourself would like to eat at the (quite expensive) hotel restaurant due to it being a novelty. However, one member of the group doesn't really want to pay any more money and asks if she can order a takeaway to the hotel instead, stating she doesn't mind and would be happy to stay and have control over the TV anyway.

Do you;
a) Go to the hotel restaurant with everybody else and collect her afterwards
b) Have everyone order a takeaway so you can all stay together
c) something else?

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My screen will freeze, but I can still move the cursor. Then the cursor will freeze up, then my monitor will switch off and back on. Sometimes it'll go 5 minutes without doing it, sometimes it'll do it 3-4 times in about 30 seconds. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY COMPUTER??

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Sometime between 1999-2001, there was a song with the lyrics "it's been a long time since the rock and roll". I remember it because MTV used it a lot in their TV shows. Does anyone remember who sings that song?

Don't know or care, what song do you have stuck in your head?

[edit] It's not the LZ song. It's a dance/techno song that was released between 99-01.

[edit2]Thanks, mekkio. The song is by H2S04 and is called "Imitation Leather Jacket".

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1. How early is too early to be talking to a significant other about moving in together/marriage/children?
2. At what point in a relationship are you comfortable with this discussion?
3. How long would you have to be with someone to actually DO those things?

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Okay, so if you're a guy and you have the following:

- Ex-foliating scrub
- Toner
- General clear face wash
- Moisturizer
- Anti blemish fast acting cream
- and you have to shave as well

what order do you do it in for your daily routine?
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 What do you see when you look to your right? Your left? What about behind you? 

My window and the side of my TV. My front door and my boyfriend's computer. The hallway to my bathroom. 
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I feel like watching something. Which one should I pick?

Cruel Intentions, which I've never seen and needs to go back to the library in a week.

Garden Sate, which I've seen several times but not in a number of months, and which I can watch any time.

More episodes of Skins (I'm near the end of the first series)

or anything else on instant watch on Netflix?

if you don't care: Do you ever add extra cheese to your box mac and cheese? Delicious, y/y? What kind do you like to add?

ETA: Cruel Intentions it is.

I need a blood stain remover.

I feel really bad. I can fall asleep anywhere, and apparently I fell asleep in my friend's car on the way home today, with my face leaning against the back of the front seat. I guess, they slammed on the brakes or something, but my face hit the back of the seat and my nose started bleeding. It bleeds easily, and didn't even wake me up I slept through the whole thing. I have gotten blood all over the edge of her seat, floor, and on my favorite shirt. So my question is;

What is the best stuff for getting out blood stains?

Slow clap ?s

Have you ever initiated a large group of people to applause by starting to slowly clap at your approval of something?

Have you ever witnessed this "slow clap" phenomenon in anything other than a movie?

If yes to either, what was the occasion?

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I'm on spring break until Monday. Tomorrow I'm heading to California for a fun relaxing day - I'll most likely be by myself unless a friend of mine ends up being able to come.

If you were me, would you go to LA or San Diego or somewhere else? Why?

What are some fun things to do in LA?

What are some fun things to do in San Diego?

Thanks :)