March 17th, 2010

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Why is Perez Hilton famous?

Do you know anyone who's ever had rabies?

Which type of Law and Order is your favorite?

Twilight or Buffy? (if you choose twilight over buffy, you fail.)

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It is quarter past midnight and my roommate is loudly singing, off-key, an octave higher then she should ever sing, upstairs. I've hollered multiple requests to "Please be quiet!!! It's after midnight!!!" and she hasn't shut the fuck up.

What should the next step be?
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Glory! You've opened your fridge and found fruit on the bottom yogurt in your favorite kind waiting for you. You scamper somewhere private with it and a spoon (or spork, for you sassy ones out there) and open the top to reveal delicious, creamy, plain yogurt, under which rests a veritable treasure trove of fruit.

Do you mix it all together and enjoy a smorgasbord of flavor explosions?

Do you savor the smooth taste of plain yogurt, saving the cache of deliciousness for last?

dk/dc should i make this my new default icon? my current is too orange for my tastes now

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if you have to be at work much earlier than normal (but for just one day), how do you make yourself sleep way earlier than you're used to?

has anything particularly amusing happened as a result of tqc being spotlighted? care to link me to it?

if you have an android phone, what apps do you just love? i just got a droid phone friday and want to download more apps.


I ordered tix for lady gaga and chose balcony (far away, it's at a basketball arena) instead of general admissions floor. Everyone is telling me I should have chosen the floor, but I'm short and convinced I won't be able to see because the VIP ticket holders get let in to the floor first.

Should I try to scalp my tix and get floor ones? Or settle for the nosebleeds? I am inexperienced in this field!

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So I'm watching True Life (lol) "I Need a Transplant" and of course this inspires some questions...

Have you or anyone you know ever donated an organ to someone? How'd that go?

Are you listed as an organ donor on your drivers license? If no, why?

Say you need a kidney transplant and your sibling, who could be a perfect match, was terrified of hospitals, needles, and had a very low pain tolerance. Would you understand if they didn't want to be considered as a donor? Would you think it was selfish? What if you had a sibling who needed a transplant?

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I've been reading lulzy fanfiction to my roommate for most of the evening, and I remembered that Twilight fanfiction story called "Wide Awake" that was like, ridiculously popular. It has something like 16 000 reviews on

Is there any fanfiction story that has more reviews from your reading experience? 
francois lick it

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Say there is a really cool party in your city. Like to dance, not a concert or whatever. And you don't really know that much about the party, but someone you know is organizing it, and all signs point to that it's going to be awesome. Let's say it's on a Friday or Saturday night from 11pm-5am

How much are you willing to pay for this party?
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A couple of days ago, someone posted a question about an app in FireFox that you can use to block yourself from certain websites, either all the time or at certain times in the day. Can someone give me the name of/a link to that app? Thank you! That was bothering me so badly, it was almost ridiculous.

DK/DC: Best concert you've ever been to?

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my sleep schedule is fucked. i woke up around 4am and its nearly 6am now. i haven't had dinner. i am craving spaghetti like crazy and also i don't really have any breakfast food. should i make my spaghetti or stay hungry?
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Dear TQC,
How many day in a row have you worn a pair of jeans before you washed them?
It was nine days for me.

What are you doing for St. Patrick's day?
Wearing green so as not to get pinched.

What is your morning routine?
Get up, get dressed, get on the internet, take a shower, take vitamins, gather books together, remember unfinished homework, do it, put books in bag, grab breakfast on the go, and walk up to the bus stop.

ETA: DK/DC: Isn't this what life's all about?
Isn't this a dream come true?
Isn't this a nightmare too?
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Who else wears orange on St. Patrick's Day?

If so, do you do so for the political connotations it has, simply because of your Protestant heritage or just because green isn't your color?

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I have an unexpected day off. What do I do with it?
My choices are; spend all day in bed and slowly read my books for 2 weeks time, spend all day in bed and watch TV and films, go to the beach (it's pretty gloomy but not freezing cold, about 10*C), go to the garden i've been meaning to in a while (not many flowers will be out), or something else?

What days in the week do you have off?
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Is it really science?

Do you know what a boiling point range is ?

Do you know what a distillation range is ?

If you were given the following statement, would you be able to figure it out?

"The distillation range for our product is listed as 0.5 (including 72.7 degrees C).  This means that our range goes beyond the requested boiling point specification of 71-73 degrees C.  Therefore I cannot provide a letter stating that we meet the customer specification."

Do I think this response is simple because I am a chemist or because it is indeed simple? I need perspective.

What do you think the basic level of scientific understanding should be for somebody with a bachelor's degree of any type?  A high school diploma? 

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Have you ever been without a toilet for an extended period of time? What were the circumstances and how did you deal with it?

My one bathroom is being gutted and renovated and I've been without a toilet since Saturday evening. I have been either going to my parent's house or in a bucket :( It's horrible and messing up my poo schedule!

What is your best advice to someone buying a used car at a dealership?

Mine is: Have a number in your head you are not willing to go above and don't hesitate to LEAVE if it's not getting there. We left TWO dealerships yesterday because they weren't playing our game.

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Would you (or have you) wear a cloak? On a regular basis?
Have you ever worn a piece of clothing that caused people to look at you strangely?

Don't know or care, how often do you visit the library?
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Do you Geocache?

If so,
How many finds/hides do you have?
Do you cache in a large group?
What's your caching name?

DK/DC/Don't cache: What is the best thing you ever found?
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Does anyone here use Urban Decay's Primer Potion?
I just bought a tube and I used it this morning and whenever I put the wand back in the tube, a ton of product comes out. I love this product, but a ton spilled out of the top and that's lame.

When was the last time you were disappointed with the design of a product?
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If you are a student or work somewhere that has no dress code: does it annoy you more when people show up to class/work A) overdressed and gussied up or B) basically in their pajamas?

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Dear TQC, I've had a dream a few times that I buy a new house and it is stockpiled with food. Like completely brimming with food. The problem is that there will be frozen foods that are almost spoiled because they're in regular rooms. In my dreams I have to rig something up to keep them cold. Usually this goes wrong at first (i.e. blowing warm air instead of cold) but by the end of my dream I get it to work and all is well.

WTF does this mean???

On another note, I'm getting married and I really would like my brother to be a part of the ceremony somehow. I don't want him as an attendant and I'm getting walked down the aisle by my mom and dad. What would be a good way to include him?

Do I get to pinch you today?

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 A friend of mine made pasta earlier and didn't realize the parmesan cheese she gave us said "best by 7/5/04".  Some were saying that we are going to get sick, then others said that parmesan cheese is old itself so it doesn't matter. Do you think we'll be fine and its still good?

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I posted recently about my brothers passing away.

Someone asked me how i was coping. i told them i picked up cigarettes again, and was generally on my computer going through music files that fit my mood/downloading new songs more often than not lately.

so what do you do when you are trying to unwind?
what do you do to cope when you're going through a hard time?
do you have any songs you think I should look into listening to that would fit what I'm going through?

edit-(on my current playlist alot:
understanding in a car crash- thursday
heart beatz- the sleeping
dimmer light- dead poetic
glass in the trees- dead poetic
as your voice fades- emery
arafax deep- falling up
heartstrings come undone- demon hunter
last words- thousand foot krutch
ready to fall- rise against
Kill Bill - Elle
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How many hours fits your idea of "full time"?

How do you not drive yourself nuts waiting to hear back from an potential employer, especially if you think you won't anyway?
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The weather here in NJ is going to be absolutely beautiful this weekend, so my boyfriend says we should do something outside. We're not usually "outdoorsy" people (unless we're in Disney, then we're out from 9AM to 10PM). I live in Lawrenceville, right between Princeton and Trenton, about 45 minutes from Philly and NYC.

What should my boyfriend and I do this weekend to get outside (city specific answers or non specific, just general outdoorsy answers appreciated)?
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 I have a job interview with Jittery Joe's coffee on Friday. I had to email them my resume, so I guess that much didn't totally suck. 

The problem, however: I've never worked anything resembling a barista job. I have 4 years of experience as a daycare employee, teaching and doing desk stuff.

TQC, do you have any advice for this job interview? How do I make it sound like I would be an awesome barista, even without experience? What do I wear? How do I make myself stand out on a college campus with many other applicants? Halp D:
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Smelly cat, smelly cat what are you looking at?

TQC, why does my cat smell?

I don't think she got into anything, and it is only on her back, right in between her front legs. (If she were human, it would be right between her shoulder blades.) I think it smells like a hemp necklace I used to have, and my boyfriend says she smells like pee- but not cat pee.

Do you think my boyfriend peed on my cat?

If you have a cat, and it smells, what do you use to clean it?

Also, if you don't know/don't care about my cat, did you join LJ while you had to have a code or after?

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You have a power you can't control. Whenever you get really pissed, beams of energy shoot out of your eyeballs and when they hit whatever's in front of you, it leaves a smoking crater/hole in the wall/whatever. How does this change your life?

My whole city would be devasted. Buildings leveled, burning cars and craters everywhere. Half the population destroyed, the other half in hiding
There will be a few missing people and some bad drivers will find themselves blown up, but overall not too much damage done
Absolutely no change to my city at all. I'm never angry!

You have a power you can't control. Whenever you're truly happy, 20 bunnies magically appear next to you and scamper off happily, their cuddly wuddly cottontails wiggling. How does this change your life?

Everything in my area is stripped bare, as an uncontrollable overpopulation of rabbits is infesting the woods and suburbs. Like a wave of fur
A lot more rabbits are seen in my city but it's not a nuissance or anything
Absolutely no change to my city at all. I'm never happy
look really good.
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are you in a pool for March Madness?
what teams are in your final four?

Collapse )

also, which do you like better:
Muse or Red Hot Chili Peppers?
Weezer or Death Cab for Cutie?

dk/dc: do you enjoy bounce houses?
legs motherfucker

this is a long shot

Anyone here work at target? I asked a few days ago, and I was hired on yesterday, but today they called me and told me to come in today or tomorrow because they forgot to give me some sort of assessment test...

Any idea what this assessment test will be about? Anyone?

DK/DC: Uhhh... well what's the last test YOU took? Did you do any good on it.

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Whats your name, little girl, whats your name?
can i get you a taxi home? you sure were grand.
when i come back here next year we'll do it again.

Whats your name, little girl WHATS YOUR NAME?
[Merlin] - Gwen

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Hi TQC, one of my classmates is in a coma and we're not sure if she's going to make it. Will you comment with something cute and/or happy so that I don't go out of my mind worrying about her? :/ Thanks guys.

Inspired By Another Post

Which fits you best?

I trust the government and I support the death penalty.
I distrust the government and I support the death penalty.
I trust the government and I oppose the death penalty.
I distrust the government and I oppose the death penalty.
I love answering polls!

Soylant Green Is Made Of?

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Patty's Day cupping

For $5,000, would you, on today of all days, grab your boss' crotch and squeeze and whisper in his/her ear "You're not wearing green today and I'm just honoring the tradition"?

I don't have a job

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The Questions:
What do you think about the death penalty?
If you support it, what do you think about applying it to certain rape convictions? (certain meaning there would be necessary aggravating circumstances, for example a prior conviction for rape)

The Background: (unnecessary really, but if you're bored...)
In the US, the Supreme Court held that the death penalty for rape is unconstitutional. But I'm currently writing a paper on why those Supreme Court decisions should be reversed. My professor, who is an avid death penalty abolitionist, said my thesis was his favorite this semester. I suspect it is because I have a ridiculous mountain to climb in order to support my claim, and he is sadistically looking forward to it ;) haha

*note: this is not a homework question - I don't need your replies for research or anything, I just started wondering just how unpopular my thesis really is :)

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Have you ever taken a career aptitude test? What did it tell you you should be? How did that match up with what your career is/what you want to be? Are you in a field or interested in a field that seems completely different from what your results were? Did you take the results of the test seriously?

-I took a test in high school that said I should be an elevator repairman. One I took recently said I would be well suited for a funeral director or hotel desk clerk. WTF?

How do I know that what I am interested in doing is "right" for me?

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My grandma just got upset at me because I don't drink orange juice in the morning. And she almost had a heart attack when I told her I don't do breakfast.

Does your grandma order you to eat and seem to worry about your eating habits constantly?

Why are most older women like this?

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What was one tidbit of information you had the wrong idea about?

For me, when parents would say they sucked the snot out of their kids, I was SO DISGUSTED. But then I learned they use those bulb aspirators.. Boy, was I relieved!

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Have you ever had a dream with a song in it? Will you elaborate?

I once had a dream that involved me teaching several Hitler clones how to swim. It had a song in about how to swim, based on your arm movements and keeping above the water, lol.

DK/DC: will you tell TQC about a funny dream you had?
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 My boyfriend found a cat in our apartment stairwell this afternoon. She's obviously starving but seems to be okay otherwise. She seems very sweet and is getting along with our whole family, including our dog. My boyfriend wants to take her to the humane society because we do live in an apartment with a dog and a kid. I can't say how much I hate the idea. TQC, how do I talk my boyfriend into keeping this kitty?

Edit: Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! I think we're gonna keep her. :D
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I do not think I'm a fun person. I just have so much shit going on in my life right now trying to have fun is the last thing on my mind. My friend however is trying to make us have more fun. So How would you describe a fun person?


How are babys made? My bf wants to put his thing in me he says it's OK as long as I doesn't poop in me so he put it in me and white stuff came out what was that? Did he poop me?
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I had the worst night/morning ever and I only had about 4 hours of sleep... should I take a little 2 hour nap now or wait until midnight to actually go to bed?

Mind you, it's 7:23pm at the moment.
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I'm doing an interview for the local news tomorrow while I'm at work.

Should I dress up or wear jeans and a t-shirt? I'm more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, and I can get away with wearing either at work.

On Sunday they want me to come to the tv studio and appear on the annual arthritis telethon. Live tv. Should I do it? If I do it, how should I dress?

(no subject)

 Make-up inclined individuals: 

What would be a good online place to find natural-ish false eyelashes?

Any tips for wearing them? 

dk/dc/makeup is a symbol of oppression: What is one regrettable fashion that you actually followed? Be honest, kids, no one was always cool. 

I totally wore leggings as pants in elementary school. 
moss and roy

(no subject)

 A post earlier today made me remember these dolls my ladyfriend and I made for our mutual best friend a few years ago. They were fucking awesome, but he turned out to be a massive douche and I haven't spoken to him for like two years. He presumably still has the dolls unless he tore them up or threw them out in a fit of douchey rage or something. How should I go about getting them back?

If anyone is actually still awake/online (I'm looking at you fellow southern hemisphere-eans) will you come chat?
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is work "like family" for you?

I was talking to someone about her boss's last day at work (he left the company to work elsewhere). She said everyone was crying half the day while he went around saying goodbye to people. It was baffling to her because he's been meaner than dirt, self-serving and extremely unsupportive (that's putting it mildly) for years, and all of them suffered angst and stress because of his behavior. A co-worker explained that it was like losing a family member, because "I love all you guys, you're like my family" and she would do anything for any of them and blah blah blah. (This office is super political and a lot of unfriendliness seems to happen there...)

I asked if any of the men in the office were crying and talking about their work "family," and she said no, the men seemed to be doing just great. I have this feeling that it's a woman thing, needing to think of every group social situation as somehow like family.

Is work like your family?

Are you male or female?
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My mum's having a St Patty's party this weekend and she's charged me with finding 'danceable' music with a Celtic flare to it.

I'm thinking something like Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys. You can rock to it and it's got the Irish sound to it.

What would be some other songs that would play well at a St Patrick's party?

What's on your favourite sandwich?

Smoked turkey, peanut butter, and mustard. Yum.
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I'm singing at a talent showcase Saturday, hoping to win a $25,000 college scholarship.

What song should I sing?
(I don't want something too cookie-cutter like the Star Spangled Banner, and I have to sing a capella.)

(no subject)

 Hmm...what's your favorite song of the moment or of all time? 
How about the song you listen to when you need a pick me up?

I love music, and love expanding my variety. I'm mostly a country bumpkin, but I also listen to a lot of punk. I am not a huge fan of rap/hip hop, though I always give it a try, and often times find it most enjoyable ;]

Post either a video or just the title and artist..either way :]

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Is it common practice for a cab driver to let in another passenger if they already have a passenger in the vehicle?

I ask because I hailed a cab last night and the driver let some random drunk guy into the cab after I was already in it. I did not know the guy.

(no subject)

What does it mean when a woman labels herself as a "lesbian with a boyfriend"? I asked in another community, but I thought you all might have good answers too.

Is she confused? Unwilling to identify as bi? Looking for attention? Other?

Eta: I don't mean to sound closed minded, but that label makes no sense to me at all. *shrug*

(no subject)

what is the proper grammatical structuring of this sentence?


Picture a typical college student: witty, bright, vivacious, attractive.

this has been baffling me for days.

(no subject)

I only caught the last 15 minutes of tonight's episode of ANTM. Tyra said to Ren something along the lines of, "from the look of your arms, you know what pain and discomfort is, so you have no excuse."

What was she talking about?

DK/DC: What's the most painful thing that's ever happened to you?

ETA: I had to get stitches once, except the ER doctor said staples would be better because it was in an area that bends a lot, but then he said "Oh no, anaesthetic would only make it worse" and proceeded to give me ten staples super fast while I screamed like a banshee. ASSHOLE.
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I need a sign!

Okay, so going to a protest put on by the Westboro Baptist Church. They are protesting 'The Laramie Project. Most of their signs are anti gay. We are going to be joining the humorous anti-protest. Most signs are normally just completely ridiculous, and not have much to do with the actual cause.

So, what should my sign say?

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Is not wanting to cut of my step dads dog's dreads because she isnt my dog mean?
Its not that im neglecting her, i do brush her because she has long fur but she isnt my responsibility,i have a puppy of my own so i make sure her fur is in great condition first.
Also i was told by his douchy mother that not wanting to cut of her dreads/ any dingleberrys she may have is just the same as not helping a starving child on the street simply because "It isnt my problem" which totally does'nt relate to dogs fur.
Srsly?? is that mean?

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 I'm in St. Louis, and will be for the next few days. What should I do, other than visiting the arch? I'm actually in a hotel right next to it, so things in the downtownish area are preferable. 

What is the next book on your to-read list?

(no subject)

I'm teaching a lesson about point of view in short stories. As an activity, I was thinking of coming up with some kind of situation and then having the kids write down the story as each person involved would describe it. (For example, a school bus gets into a car accident: story from the bus driver's pov, story from the kids' pov, story from a bystander's pov)

What are other situations that I could us?

(no subject)

How long do funerals usually last?
Am I supposed to bring anything to the visitation?
What exactly happens at the visitation?
How long should I hang around at the visitation?

I'm new to this.
The Girliest Taco

(no subject)

Which movie should I watch next?

Have you seen any of these? What did you think of them?
Do you have some other excellent horror movie suggestions?

Do you like your scary movies to have a bit of gore in them, or do you prefer pure suspense/psychological thriller kind of things? Or do you steer clear of the genre altogether?
the decemberists

(no subject)

I just signed up to play intramural soccer on my dorm's team. I've never played soccer before in my life (other than like, in P.E. and at recess and stuff as a kid). How badly am I going to fail?

What's the last decision you made on a whim?

(no subject)

Do you believe in...

ouijia boards
or demons
spirit guides
soul mates?

Have you ever had a dream that predicted the future?

Tell me about any weird experiances you have had with any of them, or in the paranormal in general.

(no subject)

Have you ever been mistaken for someone?
And if you have, have you ever played along pretending you were that person?

Some weird little spanish kids kept adding me on Msn because for some strange reason they thought i was Hannah Montana.
Little did they know Hannah Montana is a character and i wasnt actually Hannah Montana,I was just me, regular hannah.
But they didnt need to know that.