March 16th, 2010

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Boiled peanuts: have you ever heard of them? Better yet, have you ever eaten them?

What is the last thing you learned that blew your mind?
That people don't know what boiled peanuts are, and therefore automatically find them disgusting.

DK/DC: laptop or desktop?

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I have the chance to either see the Oakland A's or the Baltimore Orioles play the Yankees, which game should I pick?

All three (2 A's games) are night games, during the week, and since it's a prelim schedule I don't know what (if anything) are the give aways. The price is the same for all 3 games, so are the seats. I've only ever seen Subway Series' or the Blue Jays, that I can remember.

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Dr. TQC, I felt kind of nauseous earlier, so I laid down and fell asleep for like, 15 minutes. When I woke up, my heart was beating WAY faster than normal. I didn't count the beats, but I seriously thought something was going on. I got a little light headed and couldn't even pee because the rapid heartbeat was so overwhelming.

It stayed that way for about ten minutes, and suddenly went back to normal. I think (and hope) I'm alright now, but fuck that was terrifying. What happened to me?
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Does anyone wear glasses? If yes, do you have contacts to replace those glasses if you're not in the mood to have them on?

(I have a pair, but I mostly wear my contacts because I honestly despise my glasses. I'll wear my glasses though if my eyes need a rest or if something's bothering my eyes.)
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So lets say I played a game on my boyfriend's computer (the game was Dragon Age: Origins, for the record). This game just came out with an expansion that I want to play (Dragon Age:Origins, Awakening). However, while I was playing the original game, I ended up basically hogging my boyfriend's computer, which I felt bad about and would rather not do to him again. But, the expansion allows you to import your character from the original game, which I want to do.

If I install the game on my computer, is it possible to also transfer my saved game over, possibly on a flash drive? Where would I be likely to find it?


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I was sleeping with earplugs in, anticipating noisy flatmates coming home in the middle of the night. I've woken up and can't find them (the earplugs, not the flatmates!) ANYWHERE. I must have done something with them in my sleep.
What did I do with them TQC?

long grass

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My best friend and his ex-boyfriend are still on fairly good terms, even though they stopped seeing each other two years ago. They live together with ex's parents and visit best friend's parents and loved ones together whenever they come down to where I live (an hour away). Because ex has been around for so long, he has become a friend as well, and that's where my question comes in - questions really, since I have two.

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Do you send thank you notes?

If my aunt sent me a card for my birthday, but no gift, do I still need to send her a thank you note, or no? I mean, I already struggle to write a few lines when a gift is included without sounding like a douchebag...any suggestions?

DK/DC: do you write letters at all, anymore?
Adam - idk my bff jil?

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I totally had an idea for an awesome question to ask earlier.

What the fuck was it?

(And if you know, will you answer it?)

[EDIT: And to the person who posted the question about Chris Pine's pants, my fashion-designer sister says she thinks they're "some kind of expensive textured leather" but it's hard to tell without a better picture.]
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My father-in-law is out hunting for a car for us (again).
At what point am I ethically bound to tell him to STFU and let me find my own damn car? WTF? I'm 47 years old and I think I can get a car myself.

I'm thinking a nice new Prius or some type of Toyota...

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If you live somewhere that observes daylight savings: How hard is it for you to adjust to daylight savings?

It's hell for me -- I am a nightowl on normal time. When we jump forward, everything I do is violently disrupted. I get little enough sleep as it is, now I am hanging on the edge of my sanity.

If you don't -- ...fuck it, I can't think of any good questions for you lot. Just... tell me something interesting if you feel like answering shit. Anything at all.

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If you make coffee, how often do you change out the grounds?
I put fresh grounds in for every pot I make, but my mom will use the same grounds for, like three days. D:

Do you have different sponges for different tasks in your kitchen?
I use one for dishes, one for wiping down counters, and a third for walls and the floor. My dad uses the SAME SPONGE FOR ALL TASKS GROSS.

What gross food/kitchen-type things do your family/roommates do?

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Say you meet someone who catches your interest. You start flirting with them/pursuing them (not aggressively, but you do act friendlier than usual). A day or two later, you find out through a mutual friend that they have a significant other. Would you still flirt with them?

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I'm supposed to have a plumber come out between 8-10am today. It is currently 8.40am, what time do you think he'll show?
Do you have any funny/weird/horrible tradie stories you can share with everyone?

ETA: Guy rang at 9.50am to say they wouldn't make it until after lunch, so it's been rescheduled for next week.
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do you dunk french fries in frostys?
do you put popcorn in chocolate ice cream?
do you dip cheesy doritos in chocolate pudding? you have any weird eating habits?

DK/DC: what's the last thing you accomplished?
-i just payed off my line of credit and credit card. whoo!

Has Anyone??

Ok TQC - I'm seriously thinking of doing the whole Lap Band procedure to help with ongoing health issues. I've done it all and with my issues, it's probably the best thing to do, but I'm terrified.

Anyone have any tips or can share their experience?

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[Cellie phone]

1. Music recommendation community?
2. Best music identification forums online?
3. What are some good songs/albums/soundtracks with ominus, worldly, large-collective-of-humanity, OR makes-you-think-of-large-expanse-of-space sounding music?

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Is it normal to feel doubts and be scared while coming out of the "honey moon stage" of a relationship? Especially when you have never felt this strongly for someone before in your life?

I also have the stresses of an impending gallbladder surgery coming up, so I think it might just be too much to handle at once.

I just wanna know if I'm crazy or normal.

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Ok, have been browsing for a wile on here but I can't seem to find any decent craft sites that you can post pictures of your work to/get feedback/ask questions, etc....

On LJ, do you know of any craft communities? 

Also, what is the weather like where you are?  I have a bit of a fascination with the weather......
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My recipe collection is getting too big.  For the past couple of years I've been cutting them out of magazines, printing them off the internet, etc, and just sticking them in a folder.  It's to the point now that I need a better way to'd be nice to be able to find specifically what I want when I want it.

For those of you who do, how do you keep recipes organized?

fake phone isnt hip, ;]

what should I do?

This happened like, a year ago.

I used to go for walks at night (like, midnight; I have insomnia) and 3 guys in a car saw I was female, slowed down, honked at me, pulled up 2 blocks away, and parked. Then they got out of their car and walked towards me, and I walked faster. I looked back and one of the three had cut across the lot and was really close to me, and he would have had to walk fast to get that far.

I ran home, terrified, and made it okay. I don't know where the other 2 guys were.

I still remember what the car looks like, and I thik I saw it pull into a house near my neighborhood. There were teenage/20 something guys in it, but afamily lives in that house, so either one of the guys is their kid or they kow him.

Should I say something to the people who live there? Leave a note? I'm 80% sure it's the same car; the headlights in the back are the same as I remember, and they looked unusual. They should know what their kid is up to...

BTW, I had a TRUE fight or flight response, not just a scared feeling.

Balloons on the beach!


Do you sometimes wonder if people are so consumed into their religion that they lose a sense/touch of reality?  For example, people who think that praying to God will make them get a job, make their lives better, etc without doing any effort on their part.  To me that is not realistic.  There HAS to be some effort from that person to make those events happen.
Chrono - celebrate

"Sup, '90s. When'd you get here?"

So, TQC:
Do you like Harvey Danger, besides Flagpole Sitta?

Do you like Marcy Playground songs besides Sex And Candy/Singing In My Ear?

Do you like Mad Season songs besides River of Deceit?

And Nirvana - Do you know more than Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium and Sliver?
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Bite me, bitch...

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Is anyone else getting God of War 3 today?

My brother is and I cannot wait to see Poseidon in action. He's probably gonna beat Albert's ASS and I'm gonna be on the other side of this room falling apart laughing.

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Do you regularly look at your city's/town's police blotter?
If you don't, will you do it now (I think most places have it online?) and tell me what kind of crimes are happening in your area this week?

Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Day and night?

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Hey, TQC, do you have a "nice" bathroom?

Do you tend to put off going until you can't wait anymore?

Do you prefer your own loo to a friend's? An acquaintence's? A stranger's? Public?

Would you ever pay to use a bathroom (themepark, fair, gasstation)?

Do you leave the door open when you're alone?

Do you always stockpile paper?

Do you bring your laptop with you when you go?
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Scenario: You're a shy loser in their early twenties who hasn't really dated a lot over the past few years. You discover some chemistry with a friend of mutual friends. He is kind, and attractive, and there's a bit of flirtation going on that makes you smile, although nothing serious happens. He doesn't mention that he's seeing anyone else, and it all sort of feels very early stages - kind of vague arrangements to meet up, but no commitment.

Then a  mutual friend, unprompted, because you've been a bit quiet about things, mentions that he was catching up with someone who turns out to be seeing this guy. It is the same guy you've been quietly developing feelings for over the past few weeks. You don't have any details at all on this apparent relationship, whether or not it is official, what extent it is at. You've never heard the guy use this person's name, but you also know the person concerned wouldn't know about you. You don't want to hurt anyone and would not have considered pursuing someone who thought of themselves as taken.

At what point are you ethically bound to back off, ie, stop flirting, stop talking to and wanting to spend time with, the guy?
At what point is the correct balance between risking getting hurt and giving things a chance?






I live in an apartment. Whoever is in the suite above me is getting stranger and stranger. I am assuming it is an old woman, but I've never seen this person, never seen her vehicle, nothing. Since we've moved in in fall 2007, this woman has been taking lengthy showers in the middle of the night, blaring the end credits to Seinfeld and assorted Disney movies, dropping what sounds like very heavy items on her wood floors. She waits to do laundry until 3 in the morning, drags chairs from one end of the unit to another, makes weird drill noises, and so on. All of this is pretty much daily. I mean, I move chairs and drop things, too, but definitely not as often as her.

Last night at about 10pm she started hammering. Really fast. She's been doing it intermittently all morning so far, and then running/stomping to and from the patio door, across the living room, to the den (at least, that's my layout, and I'm assuming hers is the same), where she drops stuff on the ground and hammers some more. She only has 900 square feet of space, so I have no idea what she could be constructing in her unit.

I'm not annoyed, but I'm really starting to wonder what her deal is. What do you think?

Drilling holes into my ceiling so she can spy on me? Boring old insomniac? Building a staircase to heaven? Extensive DIY renovations to our 3 year old building? Alien capsule? Serial killer stuffing dead bodies into the wall and then covering them back up?

eta: I can't just go up there by myself. What if it's some crazy person? Maybe it's not an old lady at all.
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Do you get any "perks" where you work? 
(Such as free food if you work in a restaurant or discounted clothing if you work at a store.)

When you work someplace, are the "perks" of the job a major factor when considering whether or not to work there?
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how/when do you realize you're completely comfortable around someone?
i make sound effects for a lot of stupid little things (like filling up a glass of water, there's a sound effect for that) SO for me, it's when i start to make my sound effects when they're around.

i got hired on the spot! now i need some red shirts, where's a place i can find nice, comfy, and fairly priced plain-ish red shirts?... besides target.

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What can I do in work now that I have done everything?  I have even got everything done for next month too.

Also, does anyone want to be my friend?

I am soo bored....
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how do you get someone to stop being in love with you?

My husband and I were seperated for four months, and in that time period I met a guy that I had A LOT in common with, got along amazingly with, etc etc.

So this guy (lets call him "tiger", cuz that's what I call him) is in an "Open relationship" so he had ideas about us to begin with (to which i said i don't do rebounds or get involved with 'open relationships'). but they were for funsies, not emotional reasons.

Got back with my husband.

Tiger tells me he is in love with me. like a lot.

Obviously, I show him how I have a ring back on my finger, and very sternly say "I do NOT have those feelings for you". (also a heated conversation on how he's a douche bag for saying these things to someone's wife while also having a serious relationship of his own- its open to sex, not to falling in love with other people duh).

Now, I care a great deal about this guy. i'm socially awkward and live in a small town after living in a city my whole life, finding kids I like enough to persue a friendship with is hard. I very much love the relationship I have with Tiger, so I do not want to cut ties altogether (my husband knows about his feelings because I thought it was appropriate to tell him, it makes my marriage slightly stressed and it makes the friendship stressed because it creeps me out when he wants to talk about his feelings for me- which happens often).

So. How do you make someone lose interest? Without treating them like crap?

can this be achived in the first place?

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in relation to my last question-

what do you think of open relationships? do you think it works or is a stupid idea? would you ever be in one?

i don't think they work, i've always seen someone get upset and it ruin the relationship rather than have a positive impact. They always say they're ok with the rules- then someone (usually both, actually) end up jealous or upset. i would not be in one.
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Hypothetical situation: You work for a prominent local figure and he/she has been propositioned by the local newspaper to write a weekly column answering questions from readers. You are a much better writer than your boss, so he/she asks you to put their words onto paper for them. You can either take credit for the column, having your name in the paper every week, or you can remain anonymous and collect the payment from you boss of around $100/week on top of your regular pay.

Do you take credit for your work, or do you silently accept monetary compensation letting your boss take the credit?
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My aunt is getting married on May 13th. I just now got an invitation. It's in North Carolina, and I can't go, and it's her third wedding.
1) The RSVP is to email her fiance's mother. How do I word an RSVP to regretfully decline. It was also addressed to my SO - I should include his name, correct?
2) Isn't it a general rule of thumb that, when you decline to a wedding of someone close, you should get them something off of their registry? I don't think they have one, since they have everything they need already. What would you get a couple that has everything?Eta: Okay, let's just say I WANT to get them a gift out of guilt.

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1) How do you feel about the recent proposed changes to the US history text books from Texas?

2) Has anyone here ever dabbled or made a career in freelance writing?  Honestly, how tough of a go is it?

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Hi tqc, want to help me?

I'm a 4th year Civil Engineering student, and am starting to consider what I am going to do for my senior project next year (I'm taking an extra year). Generally, CE students just register for a senior project class, get split into groups, and do something like design a bridge. I have recently decided that I would much rather go into education, probably something at the high school level.

So, this is where your creative minds come in. I'd like to have a project that incorporates engineering AND education. I was thinking of trying to do some sort of outreach thing for minorities and females (since I am female), but I'm not sure how to incorporate my engineering knowledge into this. As an example, I know of an aerospace student who is designing something that only an aerospace student could design, and is going to have kids test it out to see if it helps them learn.

Things I can work with / design:
+ Structures that don't move (bridges, buildings, etc)
+ Pipes for waterlines, sewage, etc
+ Foundation design and anything that has to do with working with and building on soil
+ Things that have to do with roads, traffic, highways, etc

So, tqc, what do you think? What ideas do you have as far as interesting senior projects that I can do?

What do you want to major in? Are you actually going to major in it?
Or, what did you major in? Do you enjoy it now?
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what emotions are you currently feeling in your emotobox right now? and if you feel so inclined, why!

i'm bored because i'm at work but i'm also very chirped and jovial because the sun is out, i just met some kittens and i feel alert.
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This May, I intend to drive cross-country with my sister. I'm going from Jersey to San Francisco, and don't want to go TOO far out of the way; Texas, Montana, Florida and New Mexico are out.

What interesting locations should I visit? Do you know any helpful websites for this?

If this is boring: what condiment can be used on the most amount of foods? What's your favorite?
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Decide my life!!!!

Ahhh. I know too many people will say TLDR. But here goes!

My husband is in the military. Stationed in Camp Lejuene, NC. He's been gone  since January 2009. And I only got to see him one weekend every 3-4 months. The whole time I was living in Houston Texas with our son. I had a nice apartment, a great job, and was going to school part time.

So we got married November 28. And ever since he has been stuggling to find us a home close to his base.
And now that I am 6 months pregnant we talked over it last week and decided that maybe it was best for me to find an apartment here. But NOW he just got a call from  a mobile home place saying they will have a home ready to move in by this weekend!!

SOOOO,,, should I move??? I have been trying to think of all the pros and cons. But its pretty much equal. =( He's getting deployed sometime in September for 7-8 months. And this is the last chance I have to spend more time with him and for my son to be with his father. I also really want him to be around when our daughter is born (sometime late June). Oh yeah he is also going to be gone alot for training meaning he will be gone atleast 2 weeks every month. I just want to make the right choice. And I only have a few days to decide!


Also, does anyone else here have Tricare? How much of a hard time will it be for me to change regions and get a new OBGYN?

For those that just dont care, what has been the biggest move you've ever made? Across town? Across the country?..
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My grandmother is trying to dye her hair a golden blond color, but it keeps turning out reddish instead. Why does this happen and what can she do to fix it?
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Have you ever been someone's job reference? Were you called, and if so, what kind of questions were you asked?

What are the drawbacks of having friends pretend to be your previous employer or whatever? Have you ever done this?

(no subject)

My google skills are on vacation.

My cousin has been taking medication for his allergies & he said that his vision has been distorted & blurry since taking it. If he continued to take the medication & put up with the sight problems, could it damage his sight permanently?

Have you seen the movie Monster with Charlize Theron? What did you think of it? I've watched it several times & I still find Charlize Theron's transformation astounding

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You come across a thread online about a topic you're interested in/that's personal to you/you feel strongly about, and you notice that someone who appears to be an internet bully is angrily supporting the side of the topic you disagree with.

The other person in the thread is supporting the same side you support, but isn't making the best points and is, for all intents and purposes, "losing" this informal online debate.

Do you ignore it, jump in, or something else?

The topic, by the way, can be anything... political stance, fandom ship, Harry Potter vs. Twilight, whatever you would like.
Eta Oh, and for more fun, what is that topic likely to be for you?

Don't know, don't care: What's the best way to study for a Spanish quiz?

(no subject)

Do you speak another language; If so, which one(s), and have you since birth, did you move, take a class?

Do you currently, have you ever or would you like to take a class on a language you don't know? If yes, which one(s)?

If you currently study - What's a good resource you would suggest to someone who needs audio help (IE: I can read and write perfectly but I can't hear) it spoken at a fast pace).

Is there a language you've studied and use often?
Do you tend to feel embarrassed using said language around a native speaker?

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a gym here has a sign that says "LADIES JOIN FREE!" and under it in smaller letters it says "and guys can too!"

what could be the purpose for distinguishing the men from the women in that ad? idgi D:
I kill the bus driver.

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I'm wanting to make scones for breakfast tomorrow, but I don't want to actually make the dough in the morning. I don't suspect refrigerating the dough will ruin it, but do you know what affect overnight refrigeration will have on the dough? Will it be different at all?


You might remember my idiot 18 year old cousin who sent a mass email out about how she's getting married and it's her life and blah blah blah.  Well, they didn't get married!! Why you might ask?  They didn't have the 200 bucks it would cost.  They thought you could just get married.  Now they are stationed near each other, and she just got a bonus and tax return.  They are looking for 'the perfect car", possibly a BMW.  This girl will not settle for a used car, it will most likely be a brand new one.  I'm wondering why they don't use that money and actually GET MARRIED!  Why would they not get married with that money?? 
and this douche bag 'boyfriend' of hers seems to only take pictures with his shirt off, while pulling a "blue steel" look at the camera.  In the bathroom mirror of course. 

What's the dumbest picture you've taken, or seen? 

ETA: wow.. the first time I posed the email she sent out, everyone on TQC was all about it. I guess a month really changes you people. jesus christ.
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What kind of weapon-themed kitchen implements and utensils have you encountered?

What kind would you want to see?

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I would love to see more midevil medieval-era melee weapon utensils, like pitchforks and shortswords for table place-settings or arrows for meat thermometers.

(no subject)

Ladies with IUDs: did you have insurance when you had it inserted? What insurance? How much did they pay/how much did you pay?

I'm about to take a shower, make lunch for tomorrow, and watch New Moon (lol)before I go to sleep, which will hopefully be by 10 at the latest (also lol). What are your plans for the rest of the afternoon/evening?

Has your body gotten used to the time change yet?

(no subject)

What are some good shows in French (As in the language. Any francophone country'll do) to watch? Subtitles in English or French would be preferable, but not necessary.

Which are you favorites, and why?

DK/DC? What did you eat last?

(no subject)

The women at work has invited me to a few events and usually they're at a horrible time, so I've declined the offers. Today she invited me to her 7 year old son's bowling party on Friday night.

Does this make any sense to you?
Would you go?
Do I...hang out with the kids or talk amongst the couples who the kids belong to?

(no subject)

Forget for a moment that there are lots and lots of different types of people on Livejournal. If you had to stereotype the typical Livejournal user, what would you stereotype them as? What clothes do they wear? What music do they listen to? Are they outgoing, introverted, happy, depressed, angry, sarcastic, indifferent?

(no subject)

Lets say you were reading the first book in a series and loved it, would you go ahead and buy the rest of that series that are out so far? 

The library is not an option for most things where I live.  They have hardly any books that aren't westerns and/or romances
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(no subject)

i bought a moleskine notebook ages ago, but it got buried in my room and was never touched. what should i use it for? aside from a journal

do you enjoy ~arts and crafts? what do you make?

do you like south park? if so, favorite episode?

(no subject)

My roommate has been angry at me for days now without any explanation. I just learned from another roommate that this is because she thinks I am "messing around" with her boyfriend, but I promised the source of this information that I would not say anything. Do I confront my roommate about these accusations, or do I pretend I never heard anything and wait for her to confront me?

(I am not actually messing around with her boyfriend, and I'm hurt that she would feel this way. We have known each other for years.)

im french


How many points do you have?

Woman (+1)
American (+1)
Liberal (+1)
Twenty-something (+1)
Cat fanatic (+1)
Fat (+1)
Wiccan or Pagan (+2)
Bulimic (+2)
Atheist (+2)
Bisexual (+2)
Childfree (+3)
Polyamorous (+3)
You breastfed over a year and half (+3)
Bipolar (+4)
Asexual (+4)
Genderqueer in any way (+4)
A furry (+5)

What is this missing?
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

Have you ever been proposed to?

How did he or she propose?

Did you say yes?

If you did the proposing, how did you do it? Was your proposal accepted?

Have you ever turned down a proposal? If so, why? How did he or she react?

ETA: If you've never been proposed to, do you ever daydream about how you would like it to happen?
Inspired by my boyfriend getting drunk and telling me exactly how he plans to propose to me if/when he does

(no subject)

Nerdy post alert... 

Do you have any character crushes from movies, books etc?
(Just like a celebrity crush, but the character itself not the actor playing them.)

Bonus points for pics.
(And of course there's no obligation to go into as much detail as I did)

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i've never watched american idol before, but it's tuesday and there is nothing better on. is it just me or do all these people suck or what?

is portia a thousand times sexier than ellen?

are you excited for the arrested development movie?

Been there, done that.

So my mom's been begging me to investigate what my little sister's been up to online because she's worried/nosey. Yeah, I looked into it. My sister's only 13 and from what I can tell, has been having a "relationship" with a 19 year old guy. It is not innocent =x My mom's way over-bearing/controlling but I'm a bit worried about my sister too after seeing some of the stuff I found...I should confront my sister or just let her figure it out? (I already decided until I see imminent danger ahead, I'm just placating the mother aspect) Srs/non-srs answers on how I should approach this!

Dk/Dc - How long do you typically go on vacation for?
TK and Kari

(no subject)

So this girl I know invited me to her birthday party at Denny's. I haven't hung out with her for a year.

In her mass-email she sent to the attendees, she wrote:

"If you still can make it, please send me an email so I can expect you. As usual, birthday presents are optional but nice. Cash is better."

Since I haven't met her for a full year (and that was her last birthday), I feel like I'm only being invited to her dinner party so I can give her twenty bucks. Especially since we're not close.

Have you ever specifically asked people to bring you cash for your birthday?

would you consider this cat...

to be "sitting" or "lying down"

EDIT: thanks everyone - I like to point out to my cat what she is doing at any given moment, such as "kitty! You are stretching! AWW!" or "Kitty! You are barfing a hairball! AWW!" and was unsure what to say to her when she was doing this.
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Due to some family issues, some (I think I'm down to about 2 that haven't been turned in) of the 20 odd books I took out from my university library got misplaced, moved, and put in storage. I am still on the hunt for the few that have not been returned. I got an email or two about them, along with the charges associated, and this past week I noticed that the charges were applied to my university account. They were a couple of months overdue.

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Does your university library, once it moves the charges to your actual university account rather than the library account, allow you to borrow books? My last university did, but I'm not sure if that was an uncommon thing.

dk/dc - Did you use bubble diagrams in school when you were younger? I remember having to do them in high school at one point, and today I decided to do one for my stupid paper on Kant and Humes in relation to universal health care. I feel pretty stupid with my bubble sheet all worked out, but I think it made my paper easier to write so oh well, I don't care if I look dumb. :D

Do you use rich text or html when posting on LJ?
Freedom balloons

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Okay, as said before I'm going to NYC in two weeks.

Other than the normal jazz, what should my friend and I see/do?

Would getting a tattoo be a bad idea?

Non NYers: New York style or Chicago Style pizza?

inb4 each other.

Workout playlists

I need new stuff to listen to when going to the gym.  So tell me, what do you listen to when working out?

I like a bit of everything especially metal.  But at the moment I'm going through a David Grohl phase.
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I'm going to a Kings of Convenience gig this Sunday. Seeing that it's an ~international~ band coming over and all, how long do you think it will be? I don't really know how long they usually play. :/

If you don't know who they are:

Anyone ever took up a dancing class with their SO?
What's the best dance to learn with your SO?
My bf and I are thinking of taking up dancing lessons just for lolz. Maybe Salsa or Ballroom. We're both beginners a.k.a we can't dance.

What's your signature dance move, my friend?

Ignore the grammatical error in this post, I'm so damn exhausted tonight
MCR Gerard Red Hair

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What awesome music videos should I download to watch on the way to work? I'm more of a rock/metal chick than a pop chick so recommending Miley Cyrus will just make me sad.
(I've downloaded Lady Gaga, BFMV, Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, Gnarls Barkley and Daft Punk)

I've just had two random people, who seem to have no interests, communities or friends in common with me, friend me. Am I about to get trolled?
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i feel like getting rings. where would you suggest i look for edgy/interesting ones?
is it rude to ask why you received an award you don't think you deserved, or should you just take the money without questioning it?
Thane looks good

Nerd Question. :B

These are the games I have on my computer.

Knights of the Old Republic
Balder's Gate 2
Civilization 4
The Sims 3
Fallout 2
Diablo 2
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth
Lord of the Rings Online
Star Trek Online

What should I play??

Don't know/don't care...... what games do you have on your computer?
burning words

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there is a story by Ray Bradbury where a couple ran towards their house at top speed as it started to rain, but they never got there. They were made of sugar, and as the rain pelted them, they began to dissolve.

does anyone know what that story's called?