March 15th, 2010

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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My family and I are watching 2012 right now. I knew it was bad, but really? Isn't this supposed to be a horror film? Cause I'm laughing my ass off and Cali just sank.

What was the last horror/disaster film you laughed at?

ETA: Okay, okay, not a horror film. A disaster/action movie.
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Where can you see lions?
Where can you see tigers?
Why should I forget Norway?
Where are the giraffes, and the zebra?

Do you have any decorations in your room that you feel don't really fit with 'you' but you have them anyway? Why do you have them?

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Say you were dating someone and you really had strong feelings for him/her and you guys had a wonderful connection emotionally, intellectually, etc., but you were quite certain he/ she was a little off. He/ She is completely functional, but frequently he/she would reference times you had together that you don't ever remember happening, or they would mention that someone you're certain you'd never met was a friend or acquaintance of yours. Sometimes, when you guys have a fierce argument, he/she would lock his/herself in the bathroom for hours and mutter to his/herself before coming out completely composed. Sometimes he/she would bring up holding a grudge about something you never remember having done. These random lapses were weren't constant at all, and usually completely unannounced unless it happened to occur during an argument, but happen frequently enough that it is a noted phenomenon. Once they happen, and you call them to his/her attention, he/she realizes what happened within a few seconds or minutes and adjusts the argument/train of thought.

Everything else about your relationship is perfect. You guys are good at compromising, not jealous, see each other regularly, etc., etc.

Do you forgive these lapses and continue dating them? For how long?

If you don't, why not?

(A bit of a survey for a thing I'm writing, not based on anything real so don't worry!)
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1. What are some of your favorite types of beer? (If you don't like beer, what mixed drinks are your favorite?)

2. Do you prefer living in an urban, rural, or suburban area?

3. Who is your favorite Founding Father (excluding Ben Franklin, for variety's sake)?

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I made delicious crock-pot chili for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow, but I forgot to turn the crock off and it's been on "keep hot" all evening so now when I go to refrigerate it, it's still really hot, and this seems like a bad plan.

Is it safe to leave FULLY COOKED chili on the ceramic crock pot dish(removed from the actual crock part that heats) overnight with a glass lid so it can cool?

Or am I better off putting it in the fridge hot?

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Recently seeing Psycho, I am in the mood for other classic suspense films. This brings me to a French classic "Les Diaboliques," which I have read great things about. The director, Henri-Georges Clouzotto, is being compared to Alfred Hitchcock, and has the name of "France's Master of Suspense", which makes it further intriguing. Have you seen this film? What are your favorite suspense films? Favorite foreign films?

Oh. Can somebody please translate this? (beginning text in Les Diaboliques)

une peinture est toujours assez morale
quand elle est tragique
et qu'elle donne
l'hooeur des choses
qu'elle retrace.

ETA: A human translation, not bogus internets junk.
It's All Good
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So, now that Spotlight Apocalypse 2: Electric Boogaloo is over, what are y'all going to complain about now?

Was the spotlight a good thing this time around, or is it still ruining TQC?

Favorite spotlight drama?

Since verygwen asked (and since I was going to run them anyway), here's some stats about the spotlight:
Collapse )

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You know when you're browsing like Porn or what not, and then an add pops up saying 'Looking for hot singles near [insert name of town you live in here]?' and then there's pictures of random models...

Peggy Blink

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Can't you see that I am not afraid?
What was that promise that you made?
Why won't you tell me what she said?

Alternatively, what's your favorite sexual position?

Oh, and if you wanted to participate int he TQC is not Afraid thing a few posts down, we're waiting for some stragglers for a couple of minutes.
im french

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So let's say you're married or in an otherwise very committed relationship

BAM your partner is suddenly disabled and cannot have sex like the used to. or ever, they just can't have sex.

Do you leave them? Whaddaya do?

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I'm not sure if this has been asked, but here it is.

Have you ever cheated on a spouse/significant other?
If so did you get caught?

If it has been asked, or you just don't feel like answering the above.... what kind of cellphone do you have?
flower toes


I have borderline personality disorder or whatever you want to label it, but because of that I had a self injury problem from the ages of 12-20.  It was all done on my left forearm.  Now that I'm older I would like to get a tattoo somewhere on that forearm.  Is that possible?  I know it has to do with the amount of scarring but I thought maybe someone have more of an insight.

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Minchin hmm?

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When you get a DVD of a movie you really like a lot, do you obsessively watch all the extras -- interviews, commentaries, making-of bits, EVERYTHING -- or are you the kind of person who JUST wants to watch the movie and doesn't give a hot damn about who made it or how?

I am the former, but my girlfriend is the latter and it always sort of baffles me. I LOVE knowing all the intricacies of how something I like was created, whether it's stage magic or classic arts or songwriting or film making. It doesn't "ruin the magic" for me AT ALL... it usually kind of enhances it because I am able to appreciate the work and the genius that went into it...

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Are there any songs to help a guy, get over a girl, that DON'T involve demeaning her?
I don't hate my ex.

(Bonus points for youtube vids)

Optional: Just curious. Do you backtrack to answer questions you've missed, or just work forward from what's on the page?

I rarely backtrack.

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What is the morale like at your workplace?  Do you feel like you are all robots just to get a job done?  or do you feel like there is a sense of team spirit and connection to the companies goals? 

me.. robot............ :/
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I am going to be watching my friend's 3.5 yr old very active daughter (along with my 3 yr old very active son) 3 days a week for about 5 hrs a day. I am actually watching her for the soon to be ex jerk husband and will be charging him, and I have no problem charging him, I'm just not sure how much to charge. I will most likely be providing lunch and snacks, possibly taking her on outings, etc.

How much should I charge? Should it be hourly or weekly? Do I charge extra for food/outings or just include it in the rate?


When was the last time you went to the beach?

*cross posted

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1.) I have a buy one get one free coupon for coffee at a local coffee shop. (Java Crew)
What flavor of latte should I get? Or, if you think I should get something else, what do you recommend?

2.) Doctor TQC, Could sleeping on a pillow that feels old and very flat make my LOWER back hurt?

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For those who work, do you eat out for lunch or bring your own? If you go out for food, where?

If you were considering moving in with your SO, but they earn significantly more than you do, has a nice apartment somewhere nice that you could never be able to afford by yourself, probably would struggle to afford even half of it, how much rent would you contribute? Half of the total rent, what you would pay at your old apartment, or something else?


My sister has an assignment to find six songs that go along with scenes from Romeo and Juliet.

I'm having trouble finding songs for the fight scene/when Romeo's best friend dies the most.

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Can you recommend me a cheap blender, like in the $25-30 range? I think I'm going to buy one but I'm not sure what brand to buy, I've never had a blender before.

What is something you want to buy but haven't?

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I've been sick with this horrible bug for about a week now, going on week two. I only work three days a week, and this weekend I was unable to go to work because I was at the hospital and they said I should continue to rest and get better, so I have a doctors note the excuses me for two of the three days I work. I still feel like shit and am going to call in sick today, but I'm not sure what to say. What would you say if you were me?

What is your favorite place to shop for maternity clothes?

Do you play the stock market? Have you ever had or know someone who has had really good luck with the market?

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1)I just found out yesterday that I like grapefruit now. Have you recently discovered you liked something that you had always disliked previously? If so, what?
2)What's your favorite artificially flavored food?

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two of my brothers died in a car accident.

all four of my brothers had said they didn't want a funeral, and even there had to be one- that the rest of us siblings were not to attend, because they didn't like the idea of us sitting there being upset.

out of my two remaining brothers, one is going as well as my younger sister, one brother is not.

They very specifically made us promise not to go because they thought it was silly to mourne them at all (they're big christians, they saw it as they're in a 'better place' and all that and made me promise not to be upset about their passing on).

So what do you think is the proper move here?

Do what they wanted? Or would it make me a terrible person for not going?

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Since I've been reading through the past couple of days of TQC I've missed, I've been rather interested on everyone's ideas about marriage.
Do you "believe" in marriage?*
Do you want to get married?

Personally, I don't believe in marriage. It's really only a government paper that says I can be at my SO's deathbed and get their shit if they die without a will. I personally don't think it "strengthens" relationships or keeps people from straying/cheating. The only reason I'd get married is for legal purposes; beyond that, I think marriage is rather redundant.

*Edit/Minor clarification: Does marriage "work"? Since a lot of people I've been quietly observing rely on marriage for strengthening bonds of commitment, etc. Also, I'm not advocating people not getting married nor am I saying that people shouldn't have the right to get married.
[glee] (klaine) THE KISS.

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I've recently been through a break-up that lead to a fairly decent geographical distance (she lives in San Diego, I now live in Arizona). My ex has still some things of mine (my social security card, some items of clothing, etc), and I have some things of hers (a few pairs of shoes and a some knickknacks).

Do I hold her things hostage until I get at least my social security card back? (If I get my other items back, great. If I don't, I can live without them.)

And before you ask why I left my social security card there, I was forced to move out on a moment's notice and didn't think to get it before I left California.

As if this makes sense.

Since we're on the roll with sex questions. When talking to family members or friends about a sex topic, do you guys use the word "sex" or do you use other nicer words?

I notice my sister would use "ML" as in making love or S-E-X. And she's being serious. She is also over the age of 30 and there are no kids around.

If that didn't make sense or you don't care:
When you have company over and it's not mealtime, what do you normally serve them? (Coffee, Tea, biscuits etc.)

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So, I saw something on Craigslist that I want to buy and it is priced something like 75% below MSRP. Because we all know that there really are no real “good deals” out there, chances are that this is stolen or has some other shady history.

Would you buy it anyway and just give the seller the benefit of the doubt?

Additional Info: It’s a Playstation 3 and they told me that they work at GameStop and get them for a lot less money than MSRP. They guy said he sells the “demos” on the side. 

legs motherfucker

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have any of you worked for target before? how about starbucks? good/bad?
i have an interview for a starbucks in target, can i BS my way through if i really never ever go to starbucks?

i just got a new stereo for my car, with a usb port so i could play my ipod through it, but whenever i hook it in i get this:Collapse )
message on the ipod and nothing plays... what gives? do you know how i can get it to play through the stereo? it doesn't say anything in the owners manual.

veet baby @ the beach

Lace sleeves

ETA: Does anyone know where I can find a shirt that has 3/4 length sleeves with lace cut-outs on top? I know the shirt below is NOT cute and that's why I didn't order that one and why I'm asking you guys for help to find a similar style that is CUTER. Thanks.


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TQC, what should I get for lunch? I live in a diverse area so I pretty much have any and all options open to me.

What is the most you would spend for a new TV?

If you have a SO, how often do you talk? If you don't have an SO pretend you do. How often would you like to be in communication? Would you be a bit disconcerted if you didn't at least talk on the phone/text/email/whatever at least once a day?
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what is your favorite brand of frozen pizza? i just cooked a red baron pepperoni pizza and while it is tasty, it's a bit on the greasy side. :(

does your city hold an annual st. patrick's day parade? when is it? are you going? what city are you in?
mine was yesterday in buffalo and i am severely hungover. so fun though!
Bite me, bitch...

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Are there any LJ communities in which you, in a manner of speaking, run the shit (admin or mod)? If not, what type of community would you like to create?
I co-moderate newfriends. If I created one, it would've been a TQC rip off. I love asking and being asked questions. *shakes a fist at shippo and noodledays*

What are two of your achilles' heels? Try to give one internal and one external.
Mine are my amazingly bad memory and babies.

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I was just browsing the app store on my iPhone and noticed an app that costs $899.99! It's called iRa Pro. It connects to surveillance cameras or something so the person can watch their ish or whatever.

What was the last thing you've seen that was outrageously priced?

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Help! I am going looking for a new futon cover today. We originally got the light color because we have a dog that sheds, but the light color got stained up pretty quick from soda drips, pen markings, and all that.

Please help me pick out a color that matches our living room! I've seen everything online from brown to red to olive green. Also, would microsuede attract more dog hair or keep it away?

Collapse )
Eleven/Amy Love
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Have you been in love?

Yes, but not any more
Yes, many times
I'm in love now!
No, I never have been
Only high school "I love my crush" adventures
I don't believe in love
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Are there any situations/days when it's acceptable on going into public with PJ pants on?

Inspired by I'm going to work out this afternoon, and I work out in pajama pants because they were cheaper than buying workout pants, and I plan on going straight to the eating place on campus to grab some food and come back to my dorm. I feel weird about running around in pajamas, though, so I'm really tempted to bring my jeans to put on on top of my workout clothes but that might look sillier. I don't know.

Does coffee give you heartburn?
Why am I so bad at brewing good coffee?

What are you doing this afternoon?
Where&#39;s my aspirin?


Yesterday I was trying to get to a theater for an extra credit project for my Music class and got lost.  I saw a cop and flashed my headlights to signal to him I needed help.  I pulled over and he pulled over behind me.  I asked for help on how to get to this theater and he had me follow him.  Meanwhile, my husband was freaking out because he did not want me to do that.  Was I crazy for pulling over a cop for directions?  Isn't that their job to "serve" their citizens?  Anyway, when was the last time you did something that may have embarrassed your friends or have made them feel uncomfortable and you didn't understand why they reacted the way they did?

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I want to do a painting that includes a blue bird. I can't decide which kind I like better. Will you help me?

Collapse )

Which bird should I paint?

Splendid Fairy Wren
White-Winged Fairy Wren
I know of another type of blue bird that will be a whole lot better and I'll show you a picture of it in the comments
GTFO with your art, hippy

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I need a new laptop. I am only willing to pay up to $600 and I don't want a Mac (not that I could get one under 600 anyway). I just need a computer for basic internet browsing, photo editing and Microsoft Office.

Any recommendations?

dk/dc: When was the last time technology failed you?

Decide for me!

Good afternoon TQC! I need help deciding on chairs for a table I just bought.

Collapse )

If you don't care about my awesome new table, what is your favorite store for furniture or accessories like art, vases, pillows, etc? I've had good luck with consignment/thrift stores, but was wondering if anyone knows of any good chain stores to get things.

Finally, all of my kitchen stuff is red, and my living/dining rooms are going to be blues and greens with lots of wood/metal. My bedroom furniture is light wood (ash) and I have dark brown bedding or navy blue bedding already. What color scheme should I go with in there? New bedding is a definite possibility, but if I could use what I have an accessorize with a fun color I'd be all for that, as well.

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What would be a cool gift for a guy from his girlfriend of 6 months?

An Ipod speaker thing which he has been eyeing.
Jeans which he mentioned he needed
Shoes also mentioned he needed
Exercise equipment which he's been meaning to get
Other (mention in comments)
or if you don't care:  What's the coolest gift you've ever received?
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stock // pretty perfect

holy hell, send halp.

Hey TQC. I'm applying for a position to be singing wait staff on a river cruise. The audition requires that I have two songs prepared. Here's what the recruiter said:

You should prepare one ballad and one upbeat song and bring the backtracks for them. A CD player will be available. I would choose popular/classic mainstream songs, but songs that are customer appropriate.

My voice part is a first alto. What two songs should I sing? (If you need more specifics, I have poor vibrato, so songs/solos that require strong vibrato are out. I can sing fairly high pieces, but not with a lot of volume. For the ballad, I'm considering For Good from Wicked, though it's a bit tricky to navigate solo.)

Where's a good place to find karaoke versions of, well, popular/classic mainstream songs?

Also, auditions tend to make me extremely nervous. I know I would sing fine in front of the actual customers, because I really enjoy that sort of thing, but auditions give me terrible stage fright for whatever reason. I tend to physically shake, and my voice gets totally thrown. (High, squeaky, breathy, shaky, etc.) Any advice for staying calm and in control of myself so I don't end up sounding like a cat mauling a set of bagpipes? Or just tips for keeping my voice in control, if not the tremors?

Have you ever applied for any sort of job/position that you know you would really love, but you're not sure you're good enough/qualify for it?

(no subject)

If you went to a restaurant with a gift certificate or coupon, do you tip the waiter/ess based on the total before or after? If you are a waiter/ess, what is your experience with customers using either of those two?

ETA: what is your favorite restaurant/food?

Two for the price of one

Hi there.

I'm one of those who jumped into this community after it was featured in the spotlight.  I poked around the entries and it seemed to me that there were a number of creative/artistic people floating along in this community, which is great since most of what I will probably ask has something to do with crafts or art.  Plus I like the sassy banter in the comment threads :)

Anyhow, nice to meet you.  Here are my first questions ::drumroll!::

1) I am preparing to open an etsy account.  I make jewelry and journals.  I'd like to add a little steampunk to my style.  Did some research, seems that it's mostly gears (old watch parts especially) and antique keys.  I already have these things and would like to broaden my horizons.  Any other objects that you guys consider steampunk?  So far, I think screws, nuts and bolts, and other tool finding type stuff could work also.

2) I saw in the rules that - if you post a lot of questions - it's better just to lump all of the questions into one post (so you don't majorly disrupt the friends feeds of others).  Is there an unspoken rule for how many non sequitor questions can and should go into a single post?

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Will you tell me about a terrible yet hilarious ebay experience?

Mine was the time I sold something to a fellow in CA (who didn't pay for any kind of expedited shipping) who couldn't understand that it might take more than 2 days to arrive in Cali from Boston.He sent me all these poorly worded emails trying to threaten me into "admitting" that I was scamming him, but his writing skills were so bad that I literally laughed when I read them. Obviously the item arrived safe and sound 5 days later and the ebay dipute he filed turned around and smacked him upside the head.

Or, what's for lunch today? I'm thinking Chipotle...
girl reading by ourescape

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How soon into a relationship will you break it off if you know your life goals don't match (one of you wants kids, the other doesn't, or one of you wants marriage and the other doesn't, that sort of thing)?

Do you hold out hope for awhile that the other person will change their mind, or not?

Have you ever changed your mind about a major life issue because of a relationship?


My fiance went and formatted my computer. I told him he could. He told me I'd lose everything I didn't save.
I saved everything I thought I would need too. I didn't know that the format would wipe Windows off my computer.

Now I'm stuck with only Notepad and it's driving me insane.
Is there any other typing/word program I can get by downloading it?

Also, next week I'm going to join Pow-Wow club and really get into my Native American roots. I have to make my own outfit.
Do you do any traditional dance at all?

(no subject)

 I have fairly callused hands, due to martial arts, playing guitar, a sting of joe jobs etc.

Is this a turn on/off? Should I lotion? Leave them be? 

Just looking for a general female consensus.
Male stories of women who liked or didn't like are welcome also.

(no subject)

When you go to the bathroom and you know you're going to be in there for an extended amount of time, do you read? If so, what do you read? Do you do anything else while on the toilet (aside from urinating and defecating)?

(no subject)

Does any work (or used to work) for Macy's? I'm interested in submitting comments for an associate interaction I had while shopping, but I want to know if they share the exact comments with the associate. I don't want the girl hunting me down and hurting me.

DK/DC What's the last memorable shopping experience you had, whether it be good or bad?

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How often do you brush your teeth?
Do you floss?

Do you think it is really gross when people only brush their teeth at night (or once in the morning)?
Do you think it is really gross when people don't floss?
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Lip or nose piercing?

Should I get my nose or my lip pierced?

One thing I'm looking into for both is how easy they are to clean. If you have either or even both piercings, how easy are they to keep clean and keep from getting infected?

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I had an interview last monday and would like to send out a thank you letter. However, I did not get the last names of the two people who interviewed me. Would I need their last names? What would be the best way to go about getting them?

Do you send thank you letters for interviews?

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Poll #1538603 About the name I keep seeing everywhere.

Do you like the name Gemma?

Yeah, I really like it.
Meh. It is so-so.
I do not like it one bit!

Do you know anyone named Gemma? (Celebrities and public figures don't count)

Yep, I know someone named Gemma.
I do not know anyone named Gemma.

Would Gemma look better if it were spelled Jemma?

Oh hell no. Bastardization.
Yeah. It's still pretty / It reminds me of Jem or something.
It looks like a bad version of Jenna.
I like them (or do not like them, whatever) equally.
I like Gamma better.

If my sister-in-law wanted to name her daughter Emma, but ended up only having sons (and will not have more children), could I name my daughter Gemma without being a jerk?

No, Emma is too close to Gemma.
Sure. Your SIL didn't end up having any daughters, and Gemma isn't Emma.

(no subject)

 So, I'm gainfully employed as of today! (fuck yeah!)

What should I do to celebrate? 
a) Go out to dinner
b) buy a bottle of premium hooch
c) buy myself a new outfit
d) treat myself to a manicure
e) something hilarious and illuminating that I will expound upon in the comments.

What was the last really excellent news you got? 
Arrested Development

(no subject)

Man so for my birthday I thought it would be fun to go see an Avenue Q show--which is basically muppets on stage, if you don't know. However, would it entirely defeat the purpose and fun to get a cheaper seat in the nosebleeds? The closer ones are too expensive to justify.

Has anyone seen Avenue Q? Did you like it?

(no subject)

TQC, normally I wouldn't ask questions about my hair, but I'm getting it cut (and maybe colored) tomorrow, and I'm not sure exactly how I want it. I just know it needs to be changed--it hasn't been cut since July 2008. :\

So, using these pictures of my hair, will you help me decide what I should do to it? Some people have told me I could pull off a pixie cut, but I don't want to cut off that much hair. I have fat cheeks and I'm afraid if I go too short, my face will look even fatter, lol. I'm all for changing hair color, but I can't do anything extreme (pink, blue, etc) because I'm looking for a job so I need a normal color.
Collapse )

Soo what do you guys think? 

DK/DC: When did you last get your hair cut?

(no subject)

Can you tell me about the last embarrassing thing that happened to you, or that you watched someone else do lately?

So I'm sitting in a large lobby of my Universities Physics building. Ive been here for 45 minutes, listening to the same Korean pop song on repeat (for a project). There are about 20 people in the room within 200 feet of me, and its pin-drop quiet. A cleaner just came over to tell me he was going to move a table in front of me (so he could wash under it) and i just realized that not only was my music coming out through my headphones, but it was also coming out of the speakers of my laptop, but because i had paused it every time i had removed my headphones last, i never could tell!!!! I am so embarrassed but i am trying to keep my cool...I have to sit here for another 45 min :( I feel so bad
I &lt;3 TLV

(no subject)

My bathtub is full of termites!! How do I get rid of them? I have no idea where they're coming from, they were all drowned in the water left from a previous shower when I first found them, so I just washed them out of the tub. I didn't see any more until after my shower today, and now the tub is full of them again! Where are they coming from, and why are they ONLY in the tub? They're creeping me out =( How can I stop them from coming back?


I'm considering buying a hamster or guinea pig tomorrow. So TQC, what would be a better animal to get?
And what would be cheaper, easier to take care of, and more fun to have?

First time questioneer...

Ok, my boyfriend of 8 months told me last week that we needed a break.  This being said after he said that he could marry me, he was just not financially stable yet.  He's 28 I'm 25.  He said these two things in the exact same conversation we had!  So he called the day after to see how I was doing, then came over the day after that to drop off some stuff I left at his house that I needed for the weekend.  I'm really confused, but am just giving him his space for now.  I haven't called or texted him all weekend, and it feel a little weird about it because when we were together we haven't been apart for more then 24 hours.  But I'm just trying to not freak out and give him space.  When we first started dating he initiated the "in a relationship with" status on facebook, and now even though he's logged onto facebook quite a few times since he decided we needed a break, he hasn't changed it yet.  Not even hidden it.  What's up with that?

(no subject)

What's the most unexpected thing to happen in your life in the last few days?
My roommate brought home a 46" Sony Bravia LCD tv. Lolwat.

What's the strangest thing you've done in the last few days?
I got a 666 tattoo, lolol.

(no subject)

When choosing a piece of cake, do you go for a corner piece or one from the center?

Corner piece
Center piece
I don't care
Fuck cake

What are you using to take this poll?

Cell phone
Something else?

What do you like in your salad?

Iceberg lettuce
Romaine lettuce
Leaf lettuce
Bacon Bits
White onions
Some kind of dressing
Baby carrots

Have you ever owned a Cabbage Patch Kid?

Yes, and I still do.

Who's your favorite Beatle?

Fuck the Beatles

Ever been to a Disney park?

Yes, Disney World in Florida
Yes, Disney World in California
Yes, outside of the US
Yes, I've been to more than one
No, but I want to some day.
Fuck Disney

Your favorite place in the whole world?

Are you good at keeping track of your money?

Yeah, I'd say.
Kinda, not really.
Not at all.
Fuck money

What decade were you born

None of the above
I'd rather not say
legs motherfucker

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Inspired from an earlier "post a picture and let us guess your nationality" post...

Do people often guess yours incorrectly? What do they guess?
-I get anywhere between part-spanish to polish to asian to german to portuguese.

What nationality are you?
- I'm pretty much a mutt on one side of my family... the reason I have dark hair/eyes/skin is because I'm about half native american. No one ever seems to guess that, though.

(no subject)

Well hello TQC.
What's for dinner tonight? I'm having chinese sausages, rice and pak choi.
I'm also thinking about doing some baking - can you recommend any fairly simple cake/cookie recipes? I'm in need of a sugar hit!
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Goats and roads

Okay I saw this picture once of this really long road like you have to scroll a while to get to the end of it, and the end of it is like this really happy jumping goat. Basically this doesn't sound very funny but its probably the most hilarious thing I've ever seen and I haven't been able to find it since. Can anyone find this picture for me?
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(no subject)

How soon after an interview do you expect to be contacted again, either w/ a job offer or setting up a second interview, etc?

I had an interview a week and a half ago, and I haven't heard anything. I assumed I didn't get the job, moved on, but apparently someone has been calling to verify my employment history and I'm kind of at a loss as to who else it would be, though maybe I'm just being hopeful.

two iPod-related questions

1) I listened to my iPod today with headphones for the first time. This is also the first time I've used the smaller "in the ear" style of headphones; when I had a Walkman years ago I used the larger "earmuff" earphones. I didn't have the music on loud (if I took them out of my ears I couldn't hear the music at all) but I got a headache and I think the headphones may have been the cause. Does anyone else have that problem?

2) The ID3 tags in my mp3 collection are in many cases missing or incomplete. I know I can manually looking through the iTunes program for empty fields. But I like to keep my collection separate from iTunes as a backup measure and just use iTunes to manage what is on my iPod. Can anyone recommend any program I can use to search for empty fields or see a count by genre so I can standardize the info?

(no subject)

what lyrics, quotes or just words in general, match how you feel right now?

for me:
If I could I would shrink myself and sink through your skin to your blood cells and remove whatever makes you hurt but I am too weak to be your cure.
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(no subject)

On a scale of 1-10, how disgusting is it to have your dog drink out of the toilet, and not set out a bowl of water for her instead?

Who's fault is it if you use a knife to cut cheese, and the person who has already used the knife flips out because they used it to cut raw chicken? Should the person who uses the knive to cut the cheese had know it was already used, or should the person who used the knife to cut the chicken have cleaned the knife and put it away?

Do you feel grossed out when you see clumps of dog hair in the corners of the stairs because no one vacuums the stairs?

(I hate going to my boyfriends parents house)


For those of you who bite your nails, do you spit out the nail or chew it and swallow it? Some variation of this? Do you pick at/bite your toenails?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a crush on someone who was (in theory) completely unattainable due to professional ethics- i.e., your therapist, doctor, teacher? How did you handle it?
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

What bummed you out last?
I tried the raspberry Milano cookies for the first time and I was kinda not impressed. :(
Also, nobody is in chat with me.

What type of episodes of Intervention interest you most?
Eating disorder ones. There's this woman who compulsively hits herself on TV right now, and I'm not as interested for whatever reason.

What would you most likely be on Intervention for?
Diet Pepsi

(no subject)

So, inspired by the post two doors down, I've been looking into Benefit again. I love this line of cosmetics, but it's sometimes failed me before. I just have to have something from it again though, I effing love the packaging.

What item from their line should I get?

Am I a consumer whore?

(no subject)

TQC, where could I find interpretations of a song other than or whatever the really common one is?

Google-fu fails me and the most recent lj community was updated 25 weeks ago

EDIT: BAAAAH I regret this post immediately. I was googling way too narrow and just found a bunch of sites. I guess you can still answer if you want...
TK and Kari

(no subject)

What is the sleaziest way anyone's ever hit on you?

Once I was grocery shopping and this man pulled over into the bike lane to drive slowly at the pace I was walking. He rolled down his window and started catcalling and asking me to get into his car. I was 19, he was about 50.
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(no subject)

why does my cat ALWAYS sit on my phone? there are plenty of spots for him to lay, but he chooses to sit his ass down on my phone.

did you watch House tonight? did you go o.O at the end?
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(no subject)

Anyone here remember Goof Troop?
Remember how Goofy was the single parent of Max Goof, the scrappy, lovable teenage son? (that's rhetorical.) Well here's my actual question:

Goofy's Wife/Max's mom: Is she divorced or dead?

(no subject)

If you've ever got back with an ex after a long time (or know anyone who has), can you explain the situation/how?
Did you split amicably in the first place?
Did you want to get back with them during your time apart?
Did you have a general idea you would get back together eventually?
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(no subject)

Another food question for you, TQC:

As a part of our CSA, we got a ham steak. Actually, we got one per month all winter long. And all I could think of to make was split pea soup.

We are going to try putting one of them into the meat grinder and make ham salad for my husband, but the thought of eating that makes me want to barf.

Would you would do/make with a few ham steaks?
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(no subject)

When you gain weight, does the "fat" go to a certain part of your body (like your face, arms, thighs, etc.), or does it evenly distribute itself?

Mine seem to go all to my face.
Sailormoon - flowers

(no subject)

When my sister comes over with my nieces they like to play around on my computer. I don't mind this at all, but they want to play games and I have nothing suitable for a 3- and 5-year-old.

Would you recommend a free website or game download that I could direct them to when they're visiting? 

For Steam users: Is there a Steam game suitable for kids that little? 
Adam - Say it with beer!

(no subject)

I have a little black bottle shaped like a vaguely Native American head, apparently never opened, of Inca Pisco. The store also had an unopened can of "World's Fair Beer" from 1982 which I did not buy but now feel I should have and could totally do it tomorrow.

TQC, would you drink booze you bought at am antiques shop?

If you are below the legal drinking age of wherever you live, are you now going to go search antique shops to see if you can find ancient alcohol there and buy it with no proof of age? (I don't really look absolutely positively over 21, but they totally let me just hand over $2 for this stuff. I don't think the lady even knew what it was. I sure as hell didn't until I got home and googled "pisco"...)

If you find any, will you drink it and tell us what happened? Because there is no fucking way I am going to try... XD

(no subject)

what's that movie with the girl who pretends to be a boy and changes schools to write and then has a male friend who she falls in love with and can't tell him cause she's a man and has girls who want to be with her?

sorry this is the best i can do i have NO idea whats its called or who's in it.

as bad as drinking too much...

What happened the time you ate too much of one food?

When I was about 9 I ate way too many apples in one afternoon and had some horrifying GI disturbances as a result. HELLO FIBER. And then there was the night Shelly and I made the everything pizza. I didn't eat pizza for six months after that.