March 14th, 2010

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What movie(s) have you recently seen that have been out for decades that you fell in love with?

Psycho. I just finished watching it for the first time. Easily one of my favorite movies. It's a shame that I'm half a century late.
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What's a good really short haircut for girls? Preferably with bangs.

Do you listen to/enjoy top 10 music? If you don't, do you still keep up with what's popular?
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New Homes

Anyone own, or did own, an Arbor Home?

If so, comments? Would or would not recommend an Arbor Home to someone? Anything to watch out for while the home is being built?

Also, if you do or did own an Arbor home, where was it built? (I'm thinking of having one built were I currently live -- Greenwood, IN.) Not sure if problematic or merited homes are concentrated in certain areas, so it'd be interesting to see if they are.

Thanks for any info!
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have you ever surprised ordered something online?

i just put Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge into my cart on amazon and went to checkout or something, idk, but i thought i was just looking at my cart and i wasn't reaedy to buy it. i wanted to see if anyone had Om Shanti Om in stores around here and if they didn't, i was going to do the free shipping thing. but i just checked my e-mail and it was like, "THX 4 YER PURCHASE" and i was all, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF".

i guess i just wanted to share my dumbassery with you all. i guess the moral is, don't fuckin' shop online drunk, especially after seeing awesome Bollywood movies staring Shahrukh Khan and making you feel like you need more SRK movies than you have.
sign it, dave!

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When you see children acting like fucktards in public and the parents don't do anything, have you ever actually said something to the parent? If so, how did that go?

Have you ever been spanked as a child?

I've been watching a lot of Supernanny...there is only so many times you can send a kid to the 'naughty chair'. What are some ways you would discipline your child?

What do you think about kids on leashes?

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How do you like your pizza crust?

just regular
no crust
some other way specified in comments

Will you recommend a movie for me to watch?

Which movie are you more likely to watch? A(n)...

Romantic comedy

Have you ever been in a serious car accident?

No. Can't say I have.

I have these things in my home right now:

Any kind of soda
A cake mix
A VHS player
A Lysol product (Not another brand - 'm talking actual Lysol here)
Another human life
A couch that can turn into a bed if it wanted to
Raw veggies of any sort
A musical instrument
Dirty dishes
A landline phone
A filing cabinet
A Wii

Do you have a photographic memory?

Not quite sure what you're asking here, woman

Which parent are you closer to?

I am equally close to both of them.
Neither one.

iCarly or WIzards of Waverly Place?

I don't watch kid shows.

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Have you ever hallucinated from sleep deprivation before?

What's the longest you've ever gone without sleeping?

(Yes; about sixty hours, but within that past 120 hours I'd only gotten about 15 hours of sleep. I knew I was hallucinating, but it was still really weird to feel like I was floating, or that the carpet was melting beneath my feet.)

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 Q: Have you ever had  a premonition dream? Good or bad?

I've never had sleep paralysis before or after...
But I had an episode a couple years back, and during this episode I dreamed that a shadow in the shape of a boy (no features, just darker than the room) sat on my legs, dangled his feet over the edge of my bed, put his hands on his face and began crying.
Since it was small, I thought it was my nephew & I tried to say "It's ok, buddy..." But I couldn't. He then just faded into the darkness.
I fell back asleep & had normal dreams the rest of the night.

I woke to the news that the son of a family friend (10 yrs old, same as my nephew) had hung himself. 

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 Does anyone know where I can buy, or get made, a radio with a CD player or MP3 dock, that is new, but looks like the radio from a 1969 Pontiac GTO "judge"? 

Preferably without spending more than the car was worth in 69, lol.

The original radio finally died this morning and I think it's time to bring it into the 21st century.

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I've been taking Percocet the past 3 days for pain due to my gallbladder. I'm scheduled to get it out sometime this week.

What type of side effects have you experienced while taking Percocet?
I'm experiencing drowsiness and mood/mental changes. I seriously feel like I'm going insane sometimes. And I'm questioning how I feel about everything.
Why do you take percocet?

Thanks TQC. :)

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Would you write a short three sentence autobiograpy?
Can you also include one lie?

I was born in the back of a car in Michigan. When I was in the Army I worked in the White House. I cleaned shit out of carpets in NC for ten years.

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if someone had really long hair and some random stranger came up and cut it off really short while they were distracted, could they be sued for anything? would they go to jail? how long would they go to jail?

do you ever worry about people with scissors in large crowds cutting off your nice long hair?
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Has anyone else had any problems upgrading Livejournal addons for Firefox? I downloaded the update and it keeps telling me it will install when I restart but I've restarted at least five times and it still says it.

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If an appliance you own breaks, do you...

throw it out and get a new one?
try getting it fixed before buying a new one?
buy a new one, if getting it fixed would cost more?
light it on fire?
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If one of your friends is being whiny/bitchy/generally unpleasant, how do you treat them? (Not a problem, let them talk it out, try to help them through it, change the topic, tell them they're being unpleasant, tell them STFU, other: ______ )

How about if they're being ridiculous giddy and enthusiastic?
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Do you have a facebook?

How much time do spend on facebook? How many friends do you have? How many do you actually know? How often do you update your status? What kinds of things do you put in your status?

Do you like facebook games? What are your favorite ones? How often do you play?

What annoys you about facebook? What are some of the most annoying things other people do? What kind of status updates annoy you? Which ones do you like?

What is your relationship status? How important is it to you? How quickly do you update it?

What on earth does "It's complicated" mean? Do you use it? Why?

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 Every time I have to turn my computer off, when I turn it back on all of my Chrome Extensions and the current Theme are gone. The bookmarks are still there, but the Extensions and Theme have to be reinstalled like it's a brand-new browser. Does anyone have any idea why that is?

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my friend's cat has started peeing by the door. nothing's changed lately. they did move recently but it was closer to 6 months or a year ago and this just started. they are in the process of buying a house but they've only done the financial deal, they haven't started packing or anything.

the only reason i can think of is that she's upset or unsettled, but i can't think of why.

does anyone know why she might be peeing by the door?
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alphabet + foooooood

1. Do you associate certain emotions or tone from certain letters of the alphabet? Do you have a favorite letter?

2. Do you celebrate Pi Day? Pancake Day? Steak and Blowjob Day? Do you know of any other odd, food related holidays?
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Have any of you ever moved 1/2 way (or full way) cross country to be with someone who is only a boyfriend/girlfriend (and not a fiancee / spouse)? If so, did it work? Didn't it? (Feel free to elaborate)

If you DK/DC then... what'd you dream about last night?

[let me elaborate on my initial question -- I've been dating this guy for 14, almost 15, months now. We're moving to Austin in September from DC... we're not married but would like to one day).

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should i take a nap or go for a bike ride?

it's a really nice day. it's sunny and warmer than it has been in what feels like a lifetime and i just got a new bike which i'm in love with and love riding. but i'm also still a bit hungover and ~fatigued~(though due to my lupus that kind of never goes away) and i have cramps.
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Make a life changing decision for me with as few details as possible, TQC!

Should I move down to LA to be closer to my boyfriend, or should I stay here in San Francisco?

He can't move up here because he's going to law school at either USC or UCLA in the fall.

srs answers only plz.

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Three times now my iMac has randomly turned off. The first two times I wasn't using it, but came back later and found the computer off for no reason. The last time I was actually using the damn thing when suddenly the screen went black and I discovered it turned off.

What is wrong with my computer?! On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "haha chill" and 10 being "BACK EVERYTHING UP! BACK UP YOUR BACK UP!" how freaked should I be?

(I know I could take it to the Mac "geniuses" but I can be insulted here for free)
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What did you dream about last night?

I never had dreams about my ex while we were together but since I broke up with him last weekend I've dreamed about him almost every night. It's not helping at all.
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What sort of mistake(s) have you been susceptible to repeating? What is it about you and/or the mistake that makes you inseparable?

Snatched from the entry I'm making right now:
For me, mistakes involving human interaction are common. Not because I haven't learned from the ones I've made in the past, but as long as you don't have the same SSN as the last person I made this mistake with, I'm ever the optimist and believe in the possibility of a different outcome.

In short, I'm a sucker and I make the mistake of being a sucker even though I can see b/s coming a mile away.
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Have you ever been dating someone but its moving so slowly that you're afraid its going to fall into the "friends" realm and you'll never be able to get out of that?

Were you disappointed?

What did you have for your last meal?

I just had corndogs and some salad. Deeeelicious.

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does anyone happen to know where this picture from?:  i saved it from someone's icon but they had saved it from someone else and i was wondering if this was part of a series or whatever.

is there a website (like google) where you can put in a picture and have them search all of the internet for it? (i found one website that does it, i think it was flickr, but it only searched on that specific website) 

(no subject) I a hipster? I own skinny pants, American Apparel t-shirts and dresses up the wazzoo, I have a massive collection of plaid things and scarves and ugly thrift store clothes and accessories, I'm "in the know" RE the city's independent music scene (my coworker's words, not mine), I read (and enjoy) pretentious literature and cult movies, and I hang around with a lot of people with terrible hair and non-prescription Buddy Holly glasses. But I hate PBR and I don't have any bird/deer/wtf tattoos.

Do you find labels to be useless, useful or just fun?

When was the last time you did laundry, and what was the last load sorting (whites, colours, darks, etc.) you put into the washer?

Do you put your darks/colours together or do you wash them as separate loads?

ETA I just went down to the basement to check on my darks and SOMEONE LEFT THEM IN A BIG BALL ON TOP OF THE DRYER AAAAAGH. They weren't even dry yet so I have to waste another $1.25 using the shitty dryer to try and get them finished.

Why do people do this?
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Should I go to the movies by myself (all my friends are busy and I don't mind going alone), TQC?
If you say yes, what should I see?

What movie should I go see?

The Green Zone
Remember Me
She's Out Of My League
The Ghost Writer

Before you judge the choices, I've already seen Alice in Wonderland, Shutter Island, and The Crazies (Avatar too). I'm not particularly leaning towards any of the movies in the poll more than the other.

ETA: Any reviews would also be wonderful!

DK/DC: What is the last item you purchased?

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Do you ever talk on the phone while going poo?

Do you ever poo because there is nothing else to do?

It feels better for guys when they poo, because it puts pressure on the prostate gland! If you are a guy does this make you glad? If you a girl does this make you jealous?
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Working in retail, the customer is always right, correct?  And should you EVER argue with the customer if you know they are not correct?  I got in trouble for standing up for the customer rather than sticking up for "my team" aka co-workers.  I knew that my side of the story was true and what the other co-workers did were wrong.  The customer knew they were wrong.  Therefore I stood up for the customer yet I got in trouble because I should have technically "lied" to the customer... sorry if this doesn't make any sense at all.
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Have you ever been called a bitch, or some other insult, by someone you barely knew? Did they really mean it? Did it bother you?

Recently, a friend of a friend said I was a "real bitch" in all seriousness. I'd only just met him, and I still can't figure it out. My friend told me not to worry about it, saying he's "just like that", but it's still bothering me.

Are you working on a paper or a project for school that you're really into and find super interesting?

I'm having an awesome semester in terms of interesting. I'm working on a paper about the war in Congo, and I'm doing an interest piece on sharks and the shark finning industry. I'm really into it.
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What is the name of that condition where twins fuse in the womb, resulting in one body with extra limbs or heads or whatnot? Google is no help because I'm not quite sure what search words to use. "Chimera" is not the word I'm looking for. Got it! Parasitic twin/vanishing twin syndrome.

So, uh, what I have missed this week in TQC? I've been busy all week and couldn't get on much.
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Have you ever had dental surgery? What was it, and did you have it under a general anaesthetic or just a local, 'in the chair'?

How scared should I be about having to get my wisdom teeth out soon? I know I need them out but I'm petrified!

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 TQC, I'm currently crocheting a whole bunch of accessories and am planning on selling them at the flea market. I make things like headbands, purses, belts, etc. My problem is, I've never sold or even really bought hand made crafts so I have no idea how much I should sell them for. Will you help me price my merchandise? 
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Are your friends all wildly different from each other, or does your group of friends mostly share similar traits?

(Hard to explain what I mean, if someone can re-phrase the question in the comments, I'll gladly edit the original post.)

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Can we please get rid of some of these new people? I am not amused.

I'm having a wonderful TQC potluck at my house. I live on the beach and if the weather is nice, it will be on my deck. I have sangria and punch, and I'm making dill potato salad. What do you bring? Don't forget your swim wear if it's nice out!! And it's a dog friendly party. Do you bring your dog?

wave the wheat with me!!!!!!!!!!

which group of buddies would you rather be a part of?

rachel, monica, phoebe, chandler, joey and ross
barney, robin, marshall, lily and ted
leonard, sheldon, penny, howard and rajesh
i don't watch tv and have no idea what you are talking about
i am a loner
oh suzer, idk, but congrats on your basketball team getting the overall #1 spot in the bracket

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Did you read "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" when you were a kid?

Did you love it?

edit: What was your favourite???

My favourite was the kid who got the potato tattoo. Love him.
sign it, dave!

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Remember the movie Mean Girls? Y'know, the only Lindsay Lohan movie that, in my opinion, was really good?

Do you remember Regina George's mom - the "I'm probably well into my 40s or 50s but I dress like I'm 17 and I try to be hip and fit in with my kids and their friends" kind of mom? What do you think of moms like that?

DK/DC: Favorite homecooked meal?
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How much contact is too much contact with a significant other? Where do you draw the line between "normal" and "clingy"?

Spending a few hours a day together? Talking on the phone once a day? Sending on text message a day? Some form of contact once every few days?

Does the duration of the relationship change your answer? Does your living situation with your SO change it?

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When your out on a date with someone, and they use their phone for a text or they get a call- do you automatically get your phone out as well? So you can look at your phone when they are looking at there's so you don't have to sit there in silence.

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I'm working on writing a comic that takes place at a high school. It'll be... well, not sex comedy, but not romantic comedy either. Somewhere in between, probably erring towards romantic, but with a healthy touch of cynicsim.

I've got major plot points all set up, but I need stuff to happen in between. So I ask this: what are some hilariously awkward things that have happened to all of you in high school?

Can be dating-related, can be anything, really. For example, my first silly thing to happen is an awkward game of "The Human Knot" that the teachers make the students participate for some "bonding experience" bullshit. Because we've all been there, I think.

Inspire me?
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So my boyfriend of about 3.5 months just broke up with me on Thursday because he realized after a somewhat minor fight that we have personality differences he perceives to be irreconcilable. Basically, he thought we were headed for an out-of-control screaming match, and he'd rather break it off before that happens, rather than after. I disagreed with him but I understood and kind-of respected his position. Just trust me that he wasn't making it up or whatever.

We're part of the same bike group, and today there was a big race in the huge rain/wind storm we got up in Boston. I kinda crashed my bike on a wet grate and came to the finish line late and started crying cause I was cold and had hurt my arm and was just miserable, whatever. A bunch of people asked me if I was okay and were really nice, but said ex wouldn't make eye contact and didn't say anything to me.

I know that I deserve better than that from a recent ex who I had a peaceful, stay-friends breakup with. But now I really want to call him and be like "You are a shitbag. Just cause we broke up, doesn't mean you get to stop caring about my fucking well-being". I know I shouldn't. TQC, will you please convince me not to call him?

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"A short walk in the light of the world. With breaks for coffee and snacks"

What is this from? I know it was written on the wall in a dorm in Skins but I was wondering what it was originally from.
Thanks in advance :)
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inspired by "macabre":

do you ever mess up the pronunciation of words in your head or when reading out loud, even though you KNOW how they're pronounced? which ones?

i read annihilate as "annhilliate", hermione as "her-moyne", and macabre as "mckabber". i never pronounce those things that way when i talk.
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What's the hardest part of breaking up?

Getting back your stuff
Losing your best friend
filling the time you used to spend with them with other things
seeing a significant other move on quickly
realizing the amount of time you invested in a relationship, only to have it end
Sleeping alone again/no more sex
"The looming certainty of increased masturbation."
These options are so laaaaaame
must. click. boxes.
something else.
Clem & Joely

Angst Post

1. Have you ever cried in a public place? Where/why? Did anyone notice/confront you?
2. Worst day of your life, do you remember it well? Or have you even consciously leveled out a "worst day"? Does remembering it ever make you cry? And to those open enough to, will you share what made your worst day your worst day?

1. Yes. I'm really bad at bottling emotions, I've cried in public a few times. The only time I know I was noticed was when I was at dinner with family, it was shortly after a loss in the family, so why I was crying was no mystery. Other times, I usually hide in the nearest bathroom.
2. Yep. It was almost 2 years ago, losing family member mentioned in #1. I've experienced other losses but none so bad. Made me cry today, which is what brought me to ask here. I was just wondering if anyone else deals with such emotions spontaneously grasping them at somewhat inappropriate times/locations.
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I'm about to watch this documentary on NatGeo where they put sperm's journey to conception on a human-sized scale and I think I'm really going to enjoy it.
What are some really cool documentaries you enjoy?
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So there's this tutoring job that I applied to a while ago that I would really like to have. They called me a few weeks ago to set up an interview, and ever since then, it's been a mess of e-mail and phone tag between me and the tutoring club. We still have not set up an interview.

The tutoring center is near my volunteer job, so I was thinking of just stopping by there in person after work and being like, "HEY! Let's set up an interview in person!"

So how should I dress? I was thinking of a green cotton top, a brown blazer, and nice jeans. Since I'm going to work tomorrow, I HAVE to wear my hiking shoes, but I can bring a nice pair with me in my purse, like my brown boots or my black high heels. So...does this sound OK? I mean, I'm not really going in for an interview, I'm going in to try to set UP an interview.

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I've been home from uni for the weekend, and I know I'm going to get upset when I have to leave tomorrow. What can I do to prevent the crying/general feeling upset?

Dk/dc do you get upset easily?
My Fierce Bitch

Oooh, my first post here =)

I was washing my cat today and afterwards I took a shower, and I was thinking about using the cat shampoo next time I was my hair.
It says it has omega 3 fatty acids to treat the scalp and reduces shedding, both of which might be good for me XD

So would washing my hair with cat shampoo screw me over or most likely not do anything?
Lol, and have you ever wondered about this with your pet's hygiene stuff?

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 Ok... So...

You have a friend who has become physically disabled and is incapable of normal "relations."

That friend relies on their spouse financially and emotionally to survive.

Said friends spouse takes you aside and makes sexual advances toward you.

When you refuse, she makes it plain that the only way she'll continue her marriage with, and support of your friend is if you consent to sex occasionally. Otherwise it's "Just too much."

What do you do?
And does you answer change if you know that your friend has a history of suicidal tendencies and has tried to kill them self over women before?
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I'm watching some show about hoarders on TLC. There is a guy who has been in a relationship with this woman for a while, but she has never been in his home before, since they spend the night at hers all the time.
She's just seen his home for the first time and is going "wow, why?" over and over again, so I don't know what's going to happen with them, but would you leave someone/be judgmental if someone you loved turned out to be a hoarder?

Have you ever left a long-term relationship after finding out a secret about your SO?
What circumstances would ever make you do so?


I have read some stuff about Asperger Syndrome, not all of it academic but my bf's brother was diagnosed with it recently. He is going to turn 20 in June. Of course he has a personality like any other individual, but I was wondering if anyone here has Asperger's and would have any recommendations for me? As in, how to make it easier for him? Without medication. He's already going to therapy, he was diagnosed by a specialist afaik.

How do I convince him to help us out around the house? It wouldn't be much, but it really makes a difference when other people chip in as opposed to just one or two.

How do I make things more interesting to him? I understand his brain is wired differently, and he gets interested in very specific stuff.

How do I find out what he likes? As in how should I ask questions? He doesn't seem intent on answering me, or he grunts...

Thank you in advance.

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Do you enjoy musicals? Which ones?
If you've seen Phantom of the Opera in any form, did you hate Christine Daae?

Don't know or care, will you tell me which fictional characters do you absolutely hate?

(no subject)

What counts as sex?

Do you think it's possible for two women to have sex with each other, assuming no toys are used?

Inspired by other sex-related questions here, of course.

Las Vegas

Hello TQC,
Here's my first question for you:

What shall I do in Las Vegas?

Gamble - yes.
Shopping - yes.
This is how far I've come!

I'll be there for 2 months in June and July ^-^
Thank you!
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1. What's better than sex? (Assume your mom is asking).

2. What's better than sex? (Assume your kid is asking and, if necessary, pretend you have a kid.)

3. It's better than sex. (Assume Alex Trebek is giving a clue on Jeopardy.)


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 I have a job interview in a few days at a physical therapists office, I applied to be an aide. In the job description they said I would be answering phones, making appointments, helping the treating therapist, and doing some light cleaning.

What should I wear? I don't have many nice looking clothes but I'd be willing to buy something, I really want this job. I do have a button up, long sleeved white collared shirt. Would that be okay?

Hair up or down?

They asked me to bring a notebook and a pen. Why would they ask me to bring these things?

How should I prepare? 

I'm nervous. >.<
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Hypothetical situation:

You know that your teacher is very strict about cheating. If you found out after a test that someone had cheated off of you without you knowing would you tell the teacher or would you wait and see if the other person got caught?

If you wait, and the teacher catches the other person, they could say you knew about it and were letting them cheat which could get you in trouble too.

Worries and bedtime

So tqc let me ask you, what do you worry about as you drifting off at night?

For me i know I should be worrying about being single and never finding love ever again, or how I'm going to ruin my diet this week.  But when it comes down to it two things always come to my mind... Zombies and Dinosaurs.  It's all very irrational I know, but these thing pop in there and back out again just as easy.

Call me crazy/stupid or just plain troll but as Rachel teased Ross "Jurassic Park could happen!"
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1.Would you ever send a gift to someone you didn't know in person? (IE: someone you met online or a celebrity, etc..)

2. Have you ever donated to a website?

3. How do you feel about Lady Gaga's new nine and a half minute video?

(no subject)

Don't you love it when you're out at a bar/club, and they play a relatively obscure song that you love but no one else does?

Do you ever insist on singing all the words to said song just to confuse others?

DK/DC (but would maybe want to answer a slightly related question) - Can you post an uncommon song you know all the words to?
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Does anyone have a Nintendo DS with a TTDS card and know how to update the firmware? I downloaded the new Pokemon games and they won't work for longer than 10 minutes because my version is too old :(
Dax Kiss

because I can't make my own life decisions

Ok, I want opinions on this.

I am moving come end of june for grad school at wayne state (downtown detroit)

I have 3 living options I am currently considering. (note that + denotes a positive aspect of living situation and - means a negative aspect of living situation).

1) Living at my mom's house
+ Save money!
- Tiny space
- Other people's clutter
- I will be more stressed out at all times probably
- longer commute to class and internship

2) Live in an on campus apartment
- over $650 a month in rent PLUS paying for parking
- No parking at apartment, would have to park a block ish away
+ Place to myself
+ The apartment I want is 529 square feet, it's a studio but has a separate kitchen, separate dining room the size of my bedroom at my mom's house and a living area/bedroom.
+ On campus, will have internet.

3) Live in an off campus apartment
- rent. Most places I have seen so far will probably end up with higher cost than on campus once all utilities, internet et cetera that are not included in rent are added in. But I may be able to find a place cheaper if i look further from campus.
- Higher risk of a really bad landlord.
? Parking is an unkown, depending on how far from campus, I may need to purchase parking on campus anyways.
+Place to myself
+/- More space than home, likely less than the place I like on campus.
+ no rush to move out right when I graduate (which will be after only 1 year)

Some other things to know, I don't know my financial situation next year. Still waiting to hear about financial aid, loans, and scholarships.
I will be able to work only part time and don't have a job in the area yet. I hope to get one, but have no guarantee of paid employment.
Oh, and my internship may require a lot of working from home, which is why having space is a big factor for me right now.

So, where should I live next year and why?