March 13th, 2010

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How often do you clean the lint catcher on your dryer? (If you have one or have an on-site one that you're expected to maintain.) 

How often are you supposed to clean the lint catcher? 

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any tips for selling things on amazon?

Its my first time sellling anything online. So I'm sorta nervous.

I wanna sell my 80gb zune thats loaded with like 50gbs of music. Think I'd get much for it? If it goes well I might start selling more stuff.

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I know there are some Lady Gaga Fans here.

Who would you love to see her collab with on her next album?

For me, I'd love to see her to a collab with Rihanna. If Gaga can do a pretty damn good collab with Beyonce, I think RiRi and Gaga would be even better.

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Have you ever met a celebrity? Were they cool?

I met Gavin DeGraw when he wasn't quite famous yet, and he was super full of himself. I remember him saying, "You can shake my hand if you want to." LOL.

I've also met Crispin Glover (superfreak), Jason Reitman (very kind), and Ben Lee (also very kind).

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Do you think offering someone to sit in your car if it was raining while they wait for their SO to pick them up is doing anything wrong (person is ~same age, opposite sex)?  I dunno, that's why I'm asking the question.

Should the SO of said person be justified in being jealous/angry with them sitting in your car?  Well, I wouldn't want my SO sitting in my car with me ... if that makes sense.

If the person declines your car, would you still wait with them in the rain assuming they didn't mind (no umbrellas allowed!)?

On a scale of 3-27, how bored are you right now? 14.


So, I just updated my anti-virus a couple days ago, and while I was on livejournal and hotmail and photobucket (and those only) all of a sudden "Personal Scanner" thing pops up, and tells me I'm under attack.
This has never happened to me on either of these sites before, and it's telling me I have to download something to protect my computer... so I try, and it says that an unidentified program wants to enter my computer...

What do I do?!?!?!


Freedom balloons

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My BFF (male) and I (female) are going to be staying in the same hotel room/being together all day for 5 days.

How can I keep from wanting to punch him in the face after a few days?  I've never spent more than a day with someone non-family.

Similar experiences?
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Funny pictures

Want to share a picture that makes you laugh so hard you choke? =D

dc: If you could buy a backwards-facing clock, would you? Assume that it's the same price as a forwards-facing clock. By backwards-facing, I mean that it goes counter-clockwise.

I have another question, if you don't mind:

My birthday is next month. My mom keeps asking me what I want, and I have NO idea. What should I ask for?

FYI I'm turning 21, and I'm a girl. I want it to be something that's not too expensive, because my mom is buying me dinner and taking me to a casino sometime that week, as well... I just can't think of anything. :\

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I can always come up with a ton of ideas, but never when I WANT to come up with them. I was at a party tonight, and this question came up:

Which line/scene from an iconic play/TV show/film would have been made more epic having been replaced or followed by a "Clay Davis"-esque (from The Wire) "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?"

Your reference:

Have at it.

So far, the only one I could think of was Lady Macbeth running through the castle with "bloodied" hands going "shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"
Klaine, artist: atomais, perfection


Do any of you experience sleep paralysis?

If so, how do you deal with it? do you see it as a scary thing or an opportunity to mess around with your own imagination?

What do you find helps it from occuring?

DK,DC? What is the furthest you've been from home?
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Can you read and write backwards or upside-down?

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

Do you think your ability or inability to do this is related to your handedness?

I ask because although not all lefties can write backwards or upside-down, I've only ever met one righty who could, in a way that was as fluid and tidy as the lefty mirror-writers I've known.

Lefties, do you generally adapt pretty well to the right-handed world, or do you have major Issues with things sometimes?

I have a lot of trouble with vegetable peelers, glass cup measures, and I HATE those spoons that are sort of sloped... like, they have an asymetrical point that is made to work with right-handed stirring or deglazing... And in one of my classes that is in a theatre-style room with tiny "desks" that fold up from the right armrest... there is no way in hell I could ever use one of those for anything, so I always sit in back on the regular chairs and write on my lap or use another chair as a desk. I'm the only lefty in that class, too, and my teacher doesn't get why I do this at all... but everything else I kind of just deal with.


TQCers who work in a hospital,

How do you refer to the emergency department? Do you say "ee arr," "ee dee," "err," or something else? I work in a lab at a hospital and a coworker calls it the "err" and I think it sounds stupid, but maybe that's actually a common way to say it.

Dk/dc, what's the weirdest ice cream flavor you've ever had? I've tried both corn and curry. They tasted just like they sound.
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A coworker just poured a fair amount of ammonia down our kitchen sinks, ran the water for a second, then poured a shit ton of bleach down there as well. Are we all going to die?

Also, she is pregnant, but when I asked her to leave the kitchen and get away from the sinks to put my mind at ease, I got mocked for being "ridiculous." Do I bitch slap a pregnant woman?

Update edit: so far nothing, but I'm quietly freaking out away from the kitchen. Everyone is telling me to stop being a drama queen. I don't like chemical warfare.
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Heavy Rain

For those who have played Heavy Rain, what do you think about it?
Who is your favorite character of the group?
What about the ending? Surprise you?

Favorite Boston song?
Evil Me

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Do you have an in-sink garbage disposal? If so, has it ever backed up and overflowed?

If any of you remember my asking about if I should wash my neighbour's dishes, it's actually that their upstairs neighbours have a garbage disposal that caused a clog below their unit and a bunch of disgusting garbage water came flowing in to their sink. Then the day after I asked the question it happened again and there is now water all over their floor, in their cupboards and all over the place and now I have to clean it up because I am the kind neighbour.

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Dear TQC. Have you been on a white beach-turquoise ocean-palm trees kind of vacation? Where was it? Tell me stuff? I want to go to the Seychelles but apparently there are LARGE SPIDERS EVERYWHERE which is my one phobia. And also, it is crazy expensive. So I'm open to new ideas (and preparing to face the fact that there are huge spiders in any tropical environment).
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How many times daily do you brush your teeth?
How many times daily do you floss?
How many times daily do you tell your dentist you do these things?

I brush usually twice daily. And floss once.
I tell my dentist I brush three times, and floss twice.

I just got a call for an interview finally! Annnnd got a $900 check in the mail from my old apartments! :D what's the last awesome thing to happen to you?

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If you broke your arm in two places, what would you do?

Cry and pass out
Call 911
Wouldn't go to those two places anymore
Have a friend take me to the ER
Release the lady's purse and realize you need to select your targets better next time
Pop some aspirin, put a Band-Aid on it and finish watching my movie
"Wow, for me, masturbating is such serious business"

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Have you ever done anything uncouth to get rid of a religious solicitation? 

When I was a teen, and the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses came to the door, we used to pretend my friend Dales mom, (Who was bone skinny & pock marked due to Meth) was possessed by Satan. She would roll her eyes back & be like "THERE IS NO GOD HERE! WUAAAA!!!!"

Has anyone else done anything like this? Or am I going to hell alone, lol
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When's the last time you went to the hospital? Did you go by ambulance?

I went around 9pm last night via ambulance. Turns out I'm severely allergic to sulfa based medications, and now I need to carry an epi pen with me all of the time. Awesome!

My hospital bill is going to be massive, y/y?
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Infomercials !

a) For those of you that have ordered something from an Infomercial:
           1. What was it? edit: details please because I dont recognise all of the product names ! eg. kitchen product, exercise thing.... thanks!
           2. Did it work? (how it was supposed to/how you thought it would work)
           3. Did you like it?

b) For those of that have/haven't ordered something and have seen Infomercials before, whats the scariest* one you've seen?
*super-hyped-up OTT people, botox-to-the-max, really strange products etcetc

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Out of the original Trillogy of Five Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy novels (Eoin Colfer's 6th book doesn't count) which one is your favourite? Why do you prefer it over the other four books? Which did you least like?

Also, is anyone else excited that Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has been licensed? Are you glad Media Blasters chose not to dub it, or would you have liked to have seen an attempt at a dub?

Hardest working man in show business's body still can't get any rest

Poll #1537662 Papa needs a brand new bodybag

Did you take James Brown's body?

Maybe. I woke up this morning with mud on my shoes. I hope I wasn't 'sleepgraverobbing' again
Yeah. You won't believe what I sold it for on Craig's List
That's so fucked up I can't even say anything. I hope they catch the fucker who did it and lock him up
Yeah. Hey, Real Sex dolls are expensive!
2(6.2%) That body just isn't meant to be in the ground

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What is your favorite cereal? I love kix, frosted flakes, rasin bran, and grape nuts. Yummy.

Could someone please convince me to get up and go get my bowl of cereal? I have a bunch of meds to take and they need to be taken with food but I know that if I go downstairs I am going to start doing dishes and get all sick and coughy :(

What are your plans for the day?

What's your favorite app for your phone or internet?

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When was the last time you brought in your car for routine service?

Are you currently overdue for car maintenance? How overdue? So overdue that we should slap you?

How often do you wash your car? Vacuum the interior?
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I bought some things from a firm and they said that they have an anniversary gifting action and that I got a two-person one-week tour to Turkey, with me only paying for flight and any additional excursions I would want to go to.

I really want to believe, but what do you think are my chances of being duped? Googling about their tour didn't give me any results - positive or negative - only what they have on their site.

[eta] It is Bauer company, selling orthopedic furniture, steel utensils, damask linen. I bought a pillow and a coverlet. They say that they are a part of a German company, but I couldn't fund any German company with that name.

And... I know that my English is a bad mix-up of what I have learned back at school and what I have picked up on Internet.
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Is there a way to see all the posts that a user has made in a community?
If I wanted to find an entry I posted in TQC, but deleted all the comments linked to it from my inbox, how would I go about doing this?

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1)Do you have any exercise DVDs in your home? What are they? Pls rate your enjoyment and/or use of them on a scale of 1-10;1=waste of my money/sucks/never use it and 10=awesome/enjoyable workout/use it very often when I want to exercise at home.
2)If you don't have any exercise DVDs or if you just don't feel like answering #1, what is your favorite Disney animated short? Brownie points if you can show it to me on youtube.
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My husband and I are completely blanking on ideas for dinner tonight.

Can you tell me what you're having for dinner tonight?

Can you give me an idea for what to make?

Some stipulations:
a) we've had chicken all week, it feels like, so nothing with chicken.
b) beef or any other red meat is ok.
c) Vegetarian is ok, too.

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Does the burden of responsibility fall on us when others take offense to our use of a word that has become part of the common vernacular? Or, is it a shared responsibility, firstly on the part of the user to use such a word cautiously while keeping in mind both context and audience, and secondly on the part of the viewer or listener to take into consideration the context and intent before reacting? Will it always be a perpetual argument over intentions vs. perceptions? Examples?

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What is your favorite kind of donut?  Do you like to dunk it in your coffee or tea, or do you eat it by itself?  How many can you eat in one sitting?
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Do you have any tips/advice for creating cleaning/chores rosters in share houses?

What's something in your life you keep up a strong/happy front about, but which is actually a bit shit?

Does browsing your facebook feed sometimes make you feel bad? (Sometimes it seems like FB is all about gloating, and I often come away feeling bad about my relationship status, or what I've been doing lately, or whatever.)
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I'm on my way to the library to turn in some books and I might as well check out some more.
Anyone know of any good political or social satire books?
Any good & current fiction books?

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 If you could go back in time and choose any currently non-domesticated animal to domesticate instead of dogs, what would it be?

P.S.: No cheaty cop-outs involving not domesticating anything on account of humans sucking.

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What is your favorite Easter candy?
I found Runts Speckled Eggs at Walgreens last night! I haven't been able to find this candy for years! So yeah, I bought a bunch of bags. I think the cashier thought I was insane.

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If you could go into the distant future and choose any animal to usurp humanity's place at the top of the food chain and rule us with an iron fist a furry paw, what would you like it to be?

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What languages can you speak/write? (besides English)  It doesn't necessarily have to be fluent.

I can speak some Japanese and I'm learning how to write it.  I want to learn Greek, Russian, and Latvian eventually.

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My birthday is coming up and I work a 9-5 job (technically 7:30 to 3 so I wake up early)  Also I'm in a band and will be playing every Saturday until super my Sat is booked..and I don't really feel like partying on Friday and being tired for the show.  Is it lame to do something during the day with friends as a birthday party type thing?
If not what would you suggest as an activity that would be fun?

(I only ask because people are asking me when the party is hahaha)
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Has a stranger ever just come up to you and said something that, at the time, seemed completely random and/or ridiculous? What did they say, and did you ever figure out why they said it?

Today, some girl on the train kept looking at me and going, "UUUUHH. UUUHHHHHHH. Na naaa na naaaaaa." Clearly, she saw through my flannel and birkenstocks to the gangster I really am.

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do you ever have days where you just can't stop cuddling and picking up(if you can) and kissing your pet?

do you think they know you just love them, even if they're annoyed, or do you think they're just flat out irritated and think you're a giant ass?

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Have you ever visited a public place (i.e. hotel, restaurant, landmark, etc.) that's widely rumored to be haunted? What was it like - scary, or perfectly normal? Did you experience anything?

I visited a pirate-themed restaurant in Savannah that's supposed to be haunted. I felt like someone was watching me in the bathroom, but probably because it was dark and kind of spooky. I was kind of disappointed. I also went to the Titanic Aquatic exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium, which was investigated by a ghost hunting team. I totally forgot about it while I was there, though.

What's your favorite murder story? 

Mary Bell, the ten-year-old serial killer
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Good in Bed?

Do you think you are good in bed? Do most people think that they are good in bed? I am wondering if most people think they are good in bed or are there people that are insecure?
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Would you post a short (3 sentence) autobiography?

I was born in the US in 1963. I served in the US Army for 4 years and then went to college. I've been working in Afghanistan since April 2005.

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For those of you who like Sailor Moon, who are some of your favorite characters? Who are your least favorites?  They can be from any version (anime, manga, PGSM, musicals).  What are your favorite songs from the series?
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 What is your favorite thing to do in Phoenix?

If you have never been to Phoenix, who do you find to be the most overrated athlete currently in sports?

If you don't care about sports or Phoenix, will you tell me a story about anything?
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Communities? Candy?

How do some of you find the various communities you follow? Through the spotlight? Through recommendations?

Also what is your favorite candy you had as a child but haven't had in a long time? Mine is the white sugary sticks from packages of Fun Dip.

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How come Greg Louganis won't friend me back on Facebook?

He has 4,597 friends already and he's friended like 20 people already.

DC/DK: date ideas when only one of us has a car/live 20 minutes apart?
or: do you know how I can get my facebook to display in IPA?

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since my bf called me a "loser" and yelled at me for five minutes (because I told him I don't care about his teenage friends) and I told him instead of us going out together tonight, he should go out with his friends tonight and I'll go out with my gfs cause I don't hang around with ppl who call me a loser, TQC, what should I do tonight?

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TQCers in CT/NY, is anyone else as freaked out by the winds here as I am? I'm on the second floor of a house and it keeps shaking. I'm also totally expecting the flag pole in the yard to blow again any second. What do you do to distract yourself when you're freaked out by weather?
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look really good.
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Pretend that you're going to college next year and are going to be living in a dorm.

1. What expectations do you have for your future roommate?
2. What can your roommate expect from you?
3. What are the five most important things that your future roommate needs to know about you?
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Will you tell me about the friends you have that you would not classify as being a good, supportive friend?

On an unrelated note.

Would you consider compulsively picking and biting your fingernails and cuticles and your toenails and cuticles and any scabs - to the point of daily soreness and bleeding - and issue worthy of seeing a professional about?

Live long and Prosper?

They invent a life extending anti aging drug, it's guaranteed to work on people a few years younger than yourself but known to not work on people a few years older. The drug may work for you or it may not there is no way to tell, if it works your going to live (barring accidents)to be over 200 and never appear to be older than 50, if it doesn't the drug will mess you up big time you may not last out the year!

Do you take the drug?
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I got a 2-year plan with T-Mobile about 23 months ago (it'll expire at the end of the month). I plan on switching to another carrier when my plan is up. What happens to my phone? Do I need to return it or can I sell it on eBay or something?
(FYI this was my first ever phone/plan, so I'm clueless. I called them a couple weeks ago to ask a few questions related to my plan ending, and all I got was a bunch of promobabble from them trying to keep my business.)

DKDC: How's the weather where you are? It's cold-ish and rainy here in PA.
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Asking for a friend..

They tried downloading something and got a pop-up (screenshot linked) from "Vista Antivirus Pro" saying they had a virus and needed to buy a paid version.
Clearly the "antivirus" program is a virus, but how can they get rid of it?

I remember someone posted a link to some online instructions on how to get rid of pretty much any virus, do you happen to have a link?

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Does anyone know if there are any sites, books, magazines, etc. that list the top graduate programs for translation? My Google searching pulled up some lists, but nothing comparative. Literary translation preferred but that's probably being too specific.

DK/DC/In case that gets answered: Do you have an established role in your group of friends (ex. funny one, mediator, blackout drunk)?
Clem & Joely

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Have any book recommendations with the theme of unrequited love? Bonus points if it's from the pov of a female character.

dkdc: Are you studying for finals now, too? How many do you have/when?

I just have two on Monday, got other ones done already. Can't wait to be freee. For a couple weeks. Then we do this alll overr againnn.

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Do you think it's true that if someone is described as having a good personality, that more than likely it means they are unattractive?

What movie am I watching? Don't let me down, suzer.
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Have you ever worked for the Census?
I could use a little extra cash, so I applied and take the test next week. It says I can start out at $13+ an hour and work part time or full time. I was just curious if anyone else had experience with working for the Census.

If you don't care about that...what's the weather like where you are?
I'm in NY and we had a couple of days where it was so nice. The sun was shining and it was warm. I had my daughter out riding her bike and I was just loving it. I had such plans for this weekend. Yesterday and today it was cold and rainy.

Did you know they have Girl Scout cookie ice cream?
What's your favorite kind of ice cream?
Do you prefer a cone or a dish?
Sprinkles, flavored syrup, nuts or plain?
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Do you believe in soul mates? If so, how many can a person have? Are there different kinds of soul mates? If you don't believe in them, why not?
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One month off work

I start my summer job in May. I just gave two weeks notice at my current job. I WILL HAVE THE WHOLE MONTH OF APRIL OFF WORK.

What do I do with my broke, but completely free, time?
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When is the last time you said or did something that hurt a friend? How did they approach you about it - if they did at all? How was it resolved?

And the reverse - when is the last time a friend said or did something to hurt you and how did you approach it and how was it resolved?
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Why is it that the food you eat tastes good but when you burp and taste it again it's unpleasant?

EDIT: Because ya'll are reading your own question..

What foods are the worst to burp and taste?
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What do you think about couples who are in 24/7 dominant/submissive relationships?

Do you think there's anything unethical about a couple in a 24/7 D/s relationship raising children?
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Avast Antivirus keeps telling me that LiveJournal is trying to download a Trojan Horse on my computer.

Is anybody else having problems?


Updated Avast, the problem seems to have stopped for now. Apparently Frank was well aware of it...

Anycrap: when and where was your last road trip? My fiance and I are headed out-and-about tomorrow, and we're still not sure where we'll end up.
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Are you happy, sad or indifferent about TQC being featured as a Spotlight-ed community?
Are you looking forward to all the new people who will inevitably join us?

I'm sure this was asked before, but I haven't seen the Spotlight thing until now.


How many of you have Word Tattoos (and of what, if you dont mind)?

Im itching for my next dose of ink and was wondering, is it terribly cliche to get a meaningful song lyric or a fancy quote by a famous dead person? I know for sure I want somthing written, but of course it will have to be somthing I can love and cherish forever or smile at.
And if you do have a meaningful lyric written on you: how in the hell did you go about deciding THAT was the lyric you wanted? I certainly cant see myself sifting through 500+ songs waiting to be struck by somthing magical from my ipod. how'd you do it?
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does your state have a no talking on the phone/texting while driving law?
is it a primary offense?
they just passed a "primary offense" one in washington, and i'm just curious how it's playing out in other states.

do you buckle up every time you're driving/riding in a car?
every time.

unrelated: do you have tattoos? did you name them? what's their names?
my peacock is vincent. my flowers don't have a name because that's silly.
the boys from queens

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When was the last time you watched the movie A Little Princess?
Did you like it?
Did you cry?
Are all girls princesses?

I love this movie, guys. I just saw it for the first time since I was a little kid and I can't stop crying.
arrested development

(no subject)

Do you have any stories about a bad roommate experience?

Do you have any tips to avoid wasting time on the internet when you're supposed to be writing a paper?

Do you have any advice for students graduating from college/university who have yet to be immersed in 'the real world'?
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(no subject)

Do you like going to live gigs/concerts?
Is there any band you've seen more than any other, who are they and how many times have you seen them?

Mine would be a British band called The Cooper Temple Clause who sadly aren't together anymore - seen them 8 times :)
AD - Buster Monster

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I love gaming but I suck at picking games. I have a Wii and a PS3, can you recommend some awesome games for me?

For Wii I loved Tomb Raider Anniversary and have a bunch of the old console downloads and the Wii fit stuff. As Wii will also do Gamecube games, I'm open to suggestions for those too! I have TR Legends and two Starfox games. I picked up Manhunt 2 from Gamestop and it sucks.
PS3 I loved Tomb Raider Underworld, and Batman: Arkham Asylum, so far. A buddy is lending me Bioshock next week.
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Doesn't it seem crazy how quickly things come to video after leaving theaters these days?

Do you remember when it seemed to take forever for a movie to come out on video? (I remember waiting for what seemed like an eternity for The Lion King on VHS.) Did you have a movie that you felt like you were going to die waiting for to come out?

. . . Do you remember from before there was such a thing as home video? 

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Have you ever had a nosebleed?
If so, how old were you the first time you got one?
Do you get them often?

I'm 23 and had never had a nosebleed til this week, and now I've had two. Now, of course, I'm paranoid I'm going to have them all the time and/or have one in front of my hemophobic boss. BAWWWWW.

dk/dc, what do you need to BAWWWWW about? Do tell so TQC can validate your BAWWWWing.

ETA Irrelevant, but I just remembered I wanted to ask: Do you troll Chatroulette? I'm lame for loving to do this often, y/y?

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So... I bought some stuff from Victoria Secret today, and the lady asked if I wanted to be a member of their rewards program. I said, yes, and she asked me some questions and then asked for my social security number...

Has this happened to you, and is it normal?
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How do you refer to yourself in relation to your pets? Parent, sibling, or simply owner? Or something else?

I have a rabbit. My dad calls me her mother, but my mom calls me her sister...

What's your favorite ice cream?

How do you feel about Ke$ha?

(no subject)

Do you or does anyone you know have pets with people names? If so, what are they?

I knew these two sisters and a brother growing up who had a pomeranian named Brenda and a cat named Gregg. I've got a weiner dog named Enrique, and my aunt's got two of those squashy little Japanese Chin dogs named Harris and Chaz.
TK and Kari

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For those of you who have tried out for singing-related things (you know, when you bring 16 measures and there's an accompanyist) is it necessary to choose a song that's easy to play on the piano, in case the accompanyist can't sight-read it on the spot?

I'm trying out for a musical theater review and I'm not sure what to do. Or what to write my voice-type/range down as (I'm classified as a soprano, but I can't sing opera-type stuff and I think they might expect me to get all those high notes).

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A question for Canadians (or really anyone living in a snow-having winter type of are):

Am I the only one who was silently snickering at all of the radio and TV personalities who were boasting about the warm weather, and about how "winter is now officially over"?

Apparently Environment Canada made such an announcement, but come on people! It's CANADA. I remember we had equally warm weather this time last year, then a couple weeks later, HUGE snow storm.

I'm asking this because of course, tonight we've had not only freezing rain, but also a nice dusting of snow.
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so, i rented up in the air because i heard it was all kinds of awesome.. but it was mediocre, in my opinion.

when was the last time you were excited about seeing or doing something because everyone talked it up, but you ended up being disappointed?
bowie - growing up

i should have left my phone at home 'cause this is a disaster

My uncle called me TEN TIMES within three hours yesterday. The first time I answered but the call dropped because I was driving, like I told him would probably happen. But then he wouldn't stop calling! I answered after the 10th time (I was home by then) and told him I wouldn't be able to talk much this weekend because I have all this crap to do (which is true).

Nevertheless, he woke me up this morning at 9 and left me a voicemail telling me to call him. He called again later in the day, and I answered, and he was like, "So why are you mad at me?"

It's creeping me out but he's really passive-aggressive and if I don't answer the phone ONCE he acts like I think he's this huge burden and like I'm avoiding him, and it's getting to be the case. He's using me as his support group (tl;dr: he's in FL, I'm in MO; he's homeless though employed; he has no friends down there; he's a binge-drinker and spent the last 15 years in and out of prison). I think it's inappropriate for him to rely on me. And he's started joking about crashing with me when he comes back up to MO in a month or so. I know he has phone numbers of guys his age at our church back home but he keeps talking to me.

So, the questions: Would YOU be creeped out in this situation? How should I respond to this? And how do I tell him how I feel without singing this to him:

"Not that I don't like you,
I'm just at a party
and I am sick and tired
of my phone r-ringing."