March 12th, 2010

hate pimentos

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If a female friend of yours spent the last year bitching about how tired she was of the pressure from her inlaws to get pregnant and how she doesn't want to have a baby for 5 more years, only to spend the last week dropping passive aggressive hints on her facebook (gosh, i hope the nausea goes away soon/now I know how Mom felt/my, how everything has changed...) and then acted pissy when you commented with, "so, are you pregnant?" and replying with "Guess the cat's out of the bag now!"  would you:

a: be happy for her
b: be tired of her drama-queen routine?

(The validate-me answer is obviously "b", btw).
she took a midday train heading anywhere

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Why does my brother think it's ok to stumble home at midnight and make a racket? He slams doors, moves chairs, talks loudly on the phone. Sheesh.

What things do your roommates do that annoy you?

warhol zebra

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I want to make Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts for a couple of friends of mine. I have plain red t-shirts, but the only fabric paint I could find was puff paint. That'll work for the text, but I don't know what to do about the big white circle that the text is on. Can I water down the white puff paint and spread it out or is that a bad idea? Or should I do something else instead? I also have iron-on letters in white and black at my disposal...

Do you like oolong tea? If so, where do you buy it from?

masculine body language and boots

TQC, I require your services.

I'm currently in a "Shakespeare Through Performance" course in which we are preparing Henry IV Part 1 to perform at the end of the semester, and I was given the part of Hotspur. I have been really enjoying doing the first bit of acting I've attempted in about seven years, but I am running into some issues. For those not familiar with the play, Hotspur is a quick-to-anger, honor-obsessed warrior sort, who leads an unsuccessful rebellion against the king. He's pretty damn awesome. However, I'm trying not to let my feminine body language and manner of speaking get in the way of the character, who seems to be hypermasculine and full of energy. I've been trying to do a bit of research on how to deal with this, but most of the time I've been coming up with either drag king websites or articles about the effectiveness of females playing males in Shakespeare (which is super interesting, but not exactly what I need). Maybe I've been looking in the wrong places.

So, my question is: are there any good resources you know of that address the issue of actresses assuming masculine body language/speaking patterns for roles? Websites are great, and I have access to my university's library, so feel free to recommend books or articles that would be available that way too. Anything that you think would be helpful is welcomed. :)

tl;dr : I need to learn masculine body language for role in a play. Help? (ps: here is a clip of the character I'm playing, starting at 2:20; he's the bald and awesome one)

Another thing! I am buying boots! Ideally, they'd be useful for everyday wear as well as suitable for wearing as part of the costume for the above-mentioned play, and I'm looking at these three:

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We're moving into a new place and there is a HUGE front window that came with no curtain or bllinds, no rods or anything. So we are thinking about putting up a Mexican blanket. But apparently this is not a 'classy' thing to do (even though I totally think it looks cool).

So I guess my question is...why are they not classy? How widely held are these ideas that Mexican blankets are somehow unclassy?

I wouldn't give a fuck, but the only reason I'm wondering is because we're running a business out of it and a ton of traffic goes by. (And obviously I want to attract the business of as many customers as possible, especially if they are the kind of people who look down on Mexican blankets because, after all, it is the most fun to take their money.)
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TQC, I'm dog sitting for a few days. I will be there Friday-Sunday...on Saturday I am working from 8-7, so I'll come back to the house on my lunch break to let the dogs out, but then I was invited to do a combo birthday thing in Atlanta with a friend. After leaving the dogs in their crates all day, how shitty would it be of me, on a scale of one to ten, to leave them for some of the night, too? Of course, I'll let them out/feed/play them between work and then. If it matters, I'll be home all day Sunday with them!

DK/DC: What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

Make decisions for me TQC

My Friday beer class has a lunch potluck. I want to make cornbread but it's already 1 AM and I should go to sleep. What do you guys think I should do so I get to bring in cornbread tomorrow? We have access to an oven in class.

Should I:

(A) Stay up a little later, make the cornbread, bring it in tomorrow and reheat it
(B) Mix up the batter completely tonight, refrigerate, bring in my pan and batter and cook it during class, or
(C) Mix wet and dry ingredients separately, refrigerate, mix in class, and then cook?

I'd prefer to do B but don't know if that'll have any negative effects on the batter.

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I keep hearing this little tune and I thought it was coming from outside, but I checked outside and I walked around my house and I still hear it and it wasn't really coming from anywhere. Is there a microscopic alien floating around my head and playing music or am I going crazy?

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i got a blister on my heel on monday that i think has become infected. gross, i know. sorry. i just got home from a 7 hour shift at work on my feet the entire time and now my whole ankle is swollen and incredibly tender. i'm going to get it checked out by a doctor tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, is there anything i can do to make it feel better, at least enough to sleep? i don't have neosporin or painkillers, but i do have ice and nyquil, but i'm hoping there are other ideas i haven't considered. has this ever happened to you?
I <3 TLV

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What sort of baked good would you most want to receive on your birthday? It's my friend's bday this Saturday and I want to bake her something. I don't know what her favorite is though. I'm thinking cupcakes are always good, but I don't know if a less traditional treat would be a better surprise (chocolate zucchini bread, coffee cake, etc).

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I went to Chicago with my friend (he needed to get his passport renewed, and didn't want to go alone). He bought my $50 train ticket, a gift for me worth about $20, and he bought us lunch at a really nice restaurant -- which cost $100+. He won't take any money from me. He said my friendship is enough. I beg to differ, and I want to get him something / do something for him since he has been so ridiculously generous and sweet, but I don't know what to do. Ideas?

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97% of Harvard grads can't answer this but 87% of kindergartners can...

I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebrities.
I turn pancakes brown
and make your champane bubble.
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?

ETA: i had no idea this was dealt with yesterday. my apologizes.

Do you hate me now?

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Soooo . . . . I am going to come off as a total weirdo . . . . but does anyone else pretend their in a music video or a movie or something while listening to their ipod? If so, what happens in your 'music video'?

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Chocolate milk or Yoo-Hoo

Chocolate milk

Would you rather scrub toilets for a living or wash dishes in a restaurant?


Where would you prefer to live?


Sports car or SUV?

Sports car

You are granted one wish. What is it? (No more wishing for more wishes, either)

How do you sleep?

Upside down like a bat
It varies

The Beatles or Queen?

The Beatles

Do you know anyone IRL that has HIV/AIDS?

I have a suspicion...

Do you have kids?

Yes/I'm expecting
No, but my SO does
I <3 TLV

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If someone is an overeater and wants to go on a diet, is it better for them to gradually decrease their intake by day/week/whatever, or jump immediately down to their ultimate goal intake? Which would result in faster weight loss? Is one method healthier than the other?

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I am a quiet, shy, artsy-type person. Where can I meet a quiet shy, scientist/engineer-type person who would want to date me? Where can I go and just kind of be where a quiet, shy scientist/engineer-type person would see me and be like, "Oh, I want to get to know her," and then they will come up and talk to me and it will be like the movies and we will fall in love and tickle each other in bed and stuff? THIS IS DIFFICULT BECAUSE OF THE WHOLE QUIET AND SHY THING.

This is obvsly so not srs, guise, except maybe.

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There is a kick-ass bike chained up next to my container.
Its been there un-moved for at least 3 months.
The chain is rusted, broken and lying on the ground.
What are the odds that it has been abandonded?
fake phone isnt hip, ;]

weight loss

What have people here tried for weight loss? What worked best for you? Be candid and specific!

Also, has anyone here heard of the Shangri La diet or tried it? WHat do you think/ how did it work?

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Does race exist to you? Why or why not?

Do you even care about racism (EDIT: As in, is it relevant to you or others you know)? What other isms do you or don't you care about?

Are there many minorities where you live?

Just curious. I'm taking class titled "Racial and Ethnic Groups" this semester.
Booster, wth just happened here, Mario RPG

Coffee isn't my cup of tea

Under what circumstances is it okay for a boyfriend to be friends with his ex?

Under what circumstances is it okay for a boyfriend to buy his ex gifts when he's out with his current?

Under what circumstances is it okay for a boyfriend to ditch his current because his ex is coming over late at night?
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One Musical Act/Band Question

Okay, TQC:

If you could have ONE band or musical act (LIVING OR DEAD!) perform a private concert for you at your house/place of residence, which band or musical act would you choose?  The concert would last exactly two hours and any dead people involved would have to go back to being dead afterwards.
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Is it weird that I had never even heard of Corey Haim before Wednesday?  Hell, I had never even heard of the movie "Lost Boys" before Wednesday.  And, although all my friends know I don't particularly enjoy watching movies, they're all STUNNED.

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1.) What do you think of people with body modifications?

1a.) I recently got my septum pierced and I have stretched ears. I love 'em, and won't change them. But sometimes I wonder...if you saw me walking down the street would you be like "ew." or "sweeeeet" or "DGAF"?


2.) How are you today?
3.) Gunna do anything super sweet this weekend?
4.) Please tell me about something annoying that happened this week.
5.) Please tell me about something totally awesome that happened this week.

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1)If someone asked you to fix American healthcare yourself and the whole country would go along with whatever plan you came up with, what would you do to fix it? How much would you expect to get paid for fixing it?
2)What's the greatest deal/bargain you've gotten recently?
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VALIDATE ME, TQC: Is it fair to be angry with a parent for making you clean the house (taking out the garbage, cleaning your cat's litterbox, sweeping the floor, etc.) when you're home sick from school with what's possibly strep throat, and a migraine?

Or am I just a selfish brat?
stone eyes

Clearly I need more coffee.

What was the last thing that you said out loud that didn't make any sense?

I just paged someone over the intercom at work saying "(insernamehere), (insercallersnamehere) is holding onto you for line 1" *facepalm*

What was the last thing that made you belly laugh?

DK/DC: Do you have a smart phone? If you don't, do you want one?

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Why does my waterproof mascara smudge more than my non-waterproof mascara?! Same brand/kind of mascara. >:T Srs, I don't take my mascara off at night all the time, and if it's waterproof I look like a RACOON in the morning, but if it's regular mascara it looks just like it did the day before.

Do you know anyone who is/was homeschooled? Are they weird? Tell me about them?
(Brought to you by this morning's re-run of 7th Heaven)

Computers AGGH!

I have Photoshop CS4, and Express Digital Darkroom v. 8.9, and the two won't connect and it's driving me mad!

Darkroom tells me that I need a version of PS that's at least 4.0, which I obviously have. The manual doesn't specify anything about connecting the two, just that they CAN be connected. I've searched forums, and haven't found any answer. Does anyone have any insight on this or know the solution?
panic button


If you are getting a taxi alone, where do you sit?
If you are getting a taxi with one other person, where do you sit?
What is your gender?

It was always communicated to me that you DO. NOT. sit in the front of a taxi, implicitly for personal safety reasons. Yet some of my (mostly male) friends had never heard or thought of this and always sit in the front seat.

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What method of memorization works best for you?

I am having such a hard time trying to memorize my trig functions. I know about soh cah toa but I can't figure out how to apply it when dealing with quadrantal angles so I've been trying to memorize the sin=y/r, cos=x/r, etc but it's really hard to keep them straight. I've been having to keep my cheat sheet near me every time I am doing my homework and it's getting to the point where its slowing me down because I should know these by now.

Stove question

Last night I was cooking with a friend and we accidentally got some egg in the burner of my electric stove. And by in the burner, I mean the egg went into the shallow metal depression underneath the burner coil and through a hole in the bottom of the depression. There's a level surface and I can see where the egg is, but I can't reach it. (If my description isn't clear enough, I can try to take a photo with my cell phone, but I can't guarantee quality.)

Is there a way I can get into that portion of the stove to clean it up? I don't want to take it apart (I live in an apartment so it's not my stove, and I would have no idea what I was doing). If there's no way for me to get at the egg, will it be okay to still use that burner?

Alternately, should I just call maintenance and ask them to take a look at it? I've got some other stuff I need them to take care of anyway.

EDIT: Thanks for the advice, guys!

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Did all of your friends get married and now you have no one to hang out with?  If so, how old are you? Yes! 23. I can't commit random acts of awesome with a bunch of wives in tow!

How do you / would you deal with this?  (I'm not good a making new friends ): )

Srs/Non-srs welcome.

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Which cover would you most like to see?

Celine Dion singing 'Closer'
Metallica singing 'My heart will go on'
Jay-Z doing 'Fireflies' (sung by Owl City originally)
Sarah Brightman singing 'Baby got back'
Beastie Boyz doing 'Landslide'
Coldplay singing 'Insane in the membrane'
Eminem doing 'Billie Jean'
Taylor Swift singing 'Milkshake'
NIN singing 'Hallelujah'
Pussycat Dolls singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
Miley Cyrus singing 'Like a virgin'
Jonas Bros. singing 'Pour some sugar on me'
Lady Gaga singing 'I just called to say I love you'
Neil Young singing 'I wear my sunglasses at night'
Depeche Mode singing 'Achy breaky heart'

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It's now officially lunch time here in the US Eastern Time Zone. Anyone going to McDonald's for a Filet O'Fish sandwich?

Anyone in the western time zones inspired to get a Filet O' Fish as a result of this post?

No? Ok, then, what's for lunch?

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There's a huge group of people working on our roof and there's a billion things and a couple trucks in our drive way and then a massive tarp blocking the front door.

I think I'm going to get Bioshock 2 today in the mail. :(

Do I awkwardly maneuver my way to my mail box to check or wait til they leave (I dunno when, they've been here since 7AM)?

DK/DC: What was the last stupid decision you couldn't make?

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For those of you who are in college, taking classes with online formatting, have you been required to participate in discussion boards? Has it ever been successful?

I have three classes that require the students to participate, and they're all failures. People post their thoughts/responses/whatever, and then that's it. Nobody responds to the posts, and there's no discussion to be had.

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If a guy is wearing pants that reveal a large impression of his junk, is it rude to look at said bulge of cockaliciousness? I don't mean gawk, but look, maybe for more than two seconds? Or is this one of those things that falls under "OMG! I dress for myself, not so that you can look at my dramatically swollen juicy bits"?

Do we have a double standard when it comes to women and men and their means of self-expression through their bodies?

NOTE: This post contains absolutely no mention of a certain McDonald's sandwich of the sea.
Phineas and Ferb

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So TQC, say someone is living with their family and they go downstairs at around 11 in the morning to get breakfast and wash some dishes. Everyone else is asleep. One of those people is in fact asleep on the couch, and is woken up by the sound of the dishes being done. They then proceed to throw a huge bitchfest over being woken up. Would you have any sympathy for them?

Would it change your answer if this occurred at 7 in the morning instead of 11?

leftovers, prease

So for my new job that I'm starting on Monday I'll have about a 20-30 min. commute and have to be there by 7 (AND the clocks are changing forward this weekend, lolol). Needless to say, I am not going to be waking up any earlier than I have to to make lunch! What are your favorite meals/recipes/dishes to make for dinner that make great leftovers? I'd love to be able to stick some extra in a plastic container at night and take it out of the fridge to work with me in the morning. I'll have lots of time in the afternoon/evening, so preparation time/effort isn't really an issue.

Thanks in advance!

(I also posted this to cooking, but FUCK their moderated posting, who knows when it'll get approved >:( ugh)
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I need job help TQC.

Collapse )

Do you think it would be a bad idea if I tried to contact them again? I just feel like all this phone and e-mail tag has been so unprofessional and a bad reflection on me (which is kind of ridiculous, since...all this miscommunication doesn't seem to be anyone's fault), and I'm worried that by contacting them too much, I'll look desperate. Would I look desperate, TQC?

I just really don't want to fuck this up because I really, really want this job.

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I placed a tutoring ad on CL for middle/high school students. I heard back from one family, met them, agreed to start on Monday. But they are now asking for my SSN and date of birth so they can run a background check. Is this normal?

Also, I remember there being websites where you can run the background check yourself and then give a copy of the results to other people, Any reputable ones like that exist?

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So I'm going to the ER right now, because my flu symptoms have been going on for about a week and they have gotten really bad.

What do you think they are going to do to me?
Do you think that my 11 week old fetus will be okay?
What do you put in your overnight bag?
Arrested Development

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Have you ever hitch-hiked?

A cute boy in my class was talking about a hitch-hiking trip today, and it sounded so spontanious and free and awesome, but I don't think I'd be able to get over the possibility of I dunno rape and murder :c
garden state flower

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This is irritating me. Does anyone know that hip-hop song with a part where there's a high pitched voice saying, "I don't think you know, I don't think you know"?
I have that bit in my head but I don't know any of the rest of it, and apparently just googling that doesn't work (maybe because it's a sample?)


What are you listening to?

What's the last music video you watched?

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When you see the word 'polish' what definition comes to mind?

Someone from Poland
To shine something/make shiny, or the material used to make something shiny
A type of hot dog, a style derived from Poland
Having a quality like a pole, so being wooden and sticklike
my nature - good to be wolf

debating on whether or not its worth renting

One of my LJ friends runs a community where he posts links to where you can see movies online and I thank him in that I didn't waste any $ on Twilight. Didn't see the full thing either because 30 minutes in I was bored to tears.

Anyway, I'e been wondering about Twilight: New Moon. For any of you that saw it, do you think it was A) worth seeing? and B) better than Twilight?
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At my job we have internet access but mostly only have access to .org sites (unless we bring in our own laptops). I can navigate the internet via but it's spotty. I was wondering if you could recommend some fun, compelling .org sites that I could browse during down time here?

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I'm having a mental blank.

In Australia, what is the document called, which is your statement of entire earnings for the financial year, issued to you by your employer at the end of each financial year? You use it when doing your taxes.

It has a specific name, I think, at least here in Australia. I need to request another copy from my previous employer, but I'll feel like a fool if I can't think of what to call it. (If I don't come up with anything I guess I'll settle for "statement of earnings".)

sterek & scaramoucher (whose username I only JUST got then): group certificate. DING DING DING :D

~~It's also called a W2 in the US, a P60 in the UK, and a T4 in Canada.~~

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ok, this is no doubt going to cause some wank, but I am honestly curious about this.

Why is it that certain professions are expected to receive tips for doing their jobs and not others?

Do we not expect that everyone doing a job should perform it to the best of their ability and not that IF they do a good job then they should be tipped extra?

I can understand if you, personally, feel that a person has gone out of their way to help you that you would want to tip them, but why do so many people expect it for mediocre or usual-for-the-job service?

(no subject)

Do you think people on food stamps are more obligated to get healthier stuff than people who aren't?

ETA: I meant more, are people obligated more foods like bread, milk, fruits veggies) rather than candy, soda, and chips?

My answer: hell no.

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What should I have for dinner?

Taco Bell
Taco Johns
Burger King
Backyard Burgers
Long John Silvers

I don't know what I want. :(

What are you doing tonight?
I'm hanging out with some friends.

After a month, my furniture is supposed to be delivered today. They said it would arrive between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Right now it is 4:10. I just texted the husband to see if they've brought it yet and he said no. He hasn't even heard from the delivery people.

Do you think my furniture will show up in the next 50 minutes? Or do you think it will be late?
How much should I tip the delivery guys, especially if it is late?

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You wake up at four in the morning to the sound of someone breaking into your home. What do you do? Pick up a heavy object and go check it out? Lock yourself in the bathroom and call 911?

This week my friend was home for Spring Break. Her family lives in the middle of nowhere. A little after 4:00, she was woken up by the sound of glass breaking somewhere in the house. She sat there frozen for a moment, then grabbed the first two "weapons" she could think of - an old soccer cleat and the seventh Harry Potter book - and crept down the hall to check it out. She saw a man walk out of the kitchen, and she screamed. Her dad screamed back. He had been getting a midnight snack and dropped a glass. 

Do you have any family stories like this? 

Female Valet!?

I work as a valet at an Italian restaurant. I am a woman. Almost every night I am reminded of this because people (not only customers, but passers-by) see me and exclaim, "A female valet? I've never seen one before! Wow!"

Have you ever seen a female valet?
Would you state how weird/awesome/abnormal it is if you did see one?

(This post makes me sound bitter. I'm not, it was an awesome job. I just didn't think I'd get this type of reaction! I also drove stick while my male counterpart did not. That surprised them, too.)

DK/DC: What was your favorite part-time or temporary/summer job?

(no subject)

1. If you are a loser and delete your post about being a loser, does that make you more of a loser? Or is that a step in the right direction since fewer people will know you are a loser now that the post is gone?

2. What is your favorite flavor of Jell-O?

3. What was your first pet?
TV Addiction

running along the same vein

Xposting fool that I am, that Twilight question I sent earlier today went everywhere....more or less. Interestingly enough, most in the question comms said the sequel kinda blew chunks and the vampire/werewolf and movie comms mostly said it was great.

Weird dynamic there.

Kinda made me wonder something. As I suffered through the sequel to Mortal Kombat ages back, paid for it so watched the whole thing, not to mention other sequels over the years, it got me to ask the following.

Can you think of any movie sequel you've seen that was at least as good or better than the original?
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I generally like my hair color but I feel like it looks a little dull - I have never dyed my hair before other than highlights when I was about 15, and would like to try a little pick-me-up. I don't want to go all out salon coloring, but rather try an at-home box kit.

1. Do you have any advice for a first timer? I don't know much about the process, so any advice/tips/brands/dos/donts would be great!

2. I thought I had light brown hair, but I feel like it's gotten darker this year - does your hair ever change on its own? I'm trying to decide whether to go a little bit darker or a little bit lighter.

2. What's the most drastic hair color change you've ever initiated? ETA: Can I see pics?

helmets are for squares OR brain injuries are srs business?

do you wear a helmet when you ride a bicycle?

among your peers, are helmets considered cool or uncool? does this affect your decision?

have you ever been hit by a car while riding? how about while not riding?

for those that do take appropriate safety precautions, what do you think when you see people riding without helmets in general? how about when someone tells you that they don't wear one because it messes up their hair/is uncomfortable with their hairstyle (pigtails, a high ponytail, multiple braids, etc)?

how often do you ride? do you use your bike for commuting or for recreation (or both)?

do you live in a place with a lot of traffic, or is it fairly quiet? do you ride on the street or on trails?

and something that has been driving me craaaaaaaazy: do you ever see people riding their bikes and not wearing their helmets but carrying said helmets with them? like strapped to their backpacks or in their baskets? WTF IS GOING ON HERE???

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which style of music would you say is busier?


Wednesday i was at my friend's place talking about music with his roommate and i said bluegrass was too busy for my tastes. then later i played them some of my Bollywood mix and he goes, "You think BLUEGRASS is busy?!"
music is...

as boots seem to be the theme right now...

Help! I'm going to a ski resort (Chamonix) for the first time in March/April. I won't be skiing or snowboarding but will presumably have to walk around on/in snow as I'll be taking kids to and from ski school. What footwear do I need? Can I get away with warm but probably not waterproof boots (this sort of thing) or do I need waterproof? Would wellies with warm socks & legwarmers do? I've always managed fine with wellies or combat boots at home but 3 inches of snow is OMG FREAK WEATHER where I live. Please don't tell me to buy proper ski boots as I am very broke :( thanks!
roy ten

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 ***To work out or not?***
I ran this morning for 20 minutes, but didn't do strength training.  My knees and stuff are aching a little bit, so I dunno if I'm up to it.   Would you work out?

Have you lost a significant amount of weight?  How'd you do it?

What is your favorite snack?
I loveeeeee yogurt.

Deathly Hallows Poster

Hair Cutting Tips

So I just cut my hair by myself and its now a little above my shoulders....

Question is...

How do I get it even in the back? I'm so not good at that...and I'm alone. Should I wait until the husband comes home to help or is there any way to go at this myself?

DK/DC: I have a life-sized Hermione (from Harry Potter) cardboard cutout. My cats think its real...How can I capitalize on this in lulz worthy ways??
2017 cat

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My mom gives me a sum of 'lunch/everything else' money per week to take care of myself.
I've been secretly saving it up, sometimes not using it at all, and I now have a sum of over €300.
Would you consider this her money or my money? I'd feel guilty spending it but if I give it back she won't be impressed.
What should I do?

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Update: I got discharged from the ER around 7:50, after getting there at around 4ish. I was on an IV, and I did really well with the blood draw and IV placement. They gave me lots of non baby hurting drugs so I can get better too :)

My SO took me out to dinner after we got out. I know most people think that's normal but I think it's really sweet. What is the sweetest normal thing someone has done for you lately?

The doctors won't let me go to work for a couple days. What should I spend the next two days
doing? I'm pretty much confided to my bed.

Do you like waffles?