March 11th, 2010

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If you had to be a background vocalist, whose would you be? (let's pretend it doesn't matter if the band/artist is still together or alive or whatever)

Personally I would want to be a Pip, because I love Gladys Knights and the Pips have the awesomest 'dance' moves ever.

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My ex has been playing Final Fantasy XIII for 27+ hours straight now. D:

What's the longest gaming session you've done if you play video games?

How often do you pull all nighters?

Do you like to finish books/games/watch full TV seasons in one sitting or space it out?
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I was offered a full-time position as a lead teacher at my current job. However, that means I have to quit my 2nd part-time job as a lunch aide. I just got offered this position on Monday (after my lunch aide job), and then I didn't work yesterday or today. Tomorrow, I'm going to inform the school that I'm resigning, including a letter.

The teacher I'm replacing, her last day is the 19th, which means I can't give a full two weeks' notice. I'm going to explain the whole situation tomorrow before work.

Does this letter sound okay?

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For unexplained reasons (use your imagination), you have to move to one of these cities within 3 months. Pick your favorite, even if you haven't been there.

Montreal, Vancouver, New York or Seattle? What made you choose one over the other three?

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Is anyone else here massively intolerant to heat? Cold-loving creatures?

I'm getting really depressed by the insufferable cheerfulness of everyone in the world who yearns desperately for spring and summer. If the ambient temperature around me goes above 70F, I literally begin to feel ill. I prefer my surroundings to be 60F or lower. It can vary depending on my mood and how tired I am and how active I am, and I can be comfortable just hanging out in temperatures as low as 50, and if I'm actively moving around and doing stuff, I like it even colder. Temperatures 10-20 degrees below freezing do not faze me at all. I love it.

Am I really a huge party-pooping freak for HATING sunshiny warm weather? Is this kind of extreme inability to cope with heat of any kind indicative of some sort of fancy-ass medical condition? Or should I just move my ass to Newfoundland or something and get on with my life?

For those of you who ARE bizarre aliens who love warm weather and sunshine... WHY?? This is a serious question, what actually bothers you about cold weather? For me, if I am even a little bit warm, my throat starts to feel like I have something stuck in it and I cough a lot, my skin prickles and itches and feels like it is burning, I get sleepy, irritable, and nauseous... Does that really not happen to anyone else? What does cold do to you that's worse than that??
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There's this woman that used to e-mail my mother all kinds of jokes and forwards. My mother died last month and I e-mailed this woman a few days ago to tell her. I am now on her stupid mailing list for the jokes and forwards. How do I tell her politely that I don't want to be on this list? She's older and I just don't want to upset her.
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TQC, I can't figure out this riddle. Will you help me?

Here it is:

I turn polar bears white

And I will make you cry

I make guys have to pee

And girls comb their hair

I make celebrities look stupid

And normal people look like celebrities

I turn pancakes brown

And make your champagne bubble

If you squeeze me, I'll pop.

If you look at me, you'll pop.

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What was the last random trip you took?
I was tempted to go to Montreal for spring break after reading that post about new york, montreal, etc. but remembered that I have too much homework to do next week. :/.

Don't know or care, what are you doing for spring break?

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Let's say that you're an owner of a company and you have to lay off one person.

Person A is a overall hard worker and does the job well, but has the shittiest attitude. Everyone hates him/her.
Person B is lovable and loved by all, but kind of slacks on the job. Everyone would be upset if s/he left.

Who would you choose to lay off?

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1. I am looking for a relatively cheap date like activity to do besides movies/tv/eating. It's going to be raining too but I really want to get out of the house for a change, any ideas?

2. So back in Feb I was put on probation at work due to taking too many absences. My boss informed me that while on probation I would not qualify for my annual raise but that she'd get back to me when the probation was up. I've contacted HR and they say there is no such thing as a probation and it's been more than a month since the conversation occurred with my supervisor. Is it too early to bring up the subject again? How do I ask when I'll get my raise without sounding desperate?

3. Dk/DC - Are you interested in these new 3d TVs that are being sold?

Web Scavenger Hunt

I'm trying to do this web scavenger hunt to win a free trip (fat chance, I know!), and this one question has me a little confused. 

"During our special departure this summer to London and Paris, what special event will gardeners and FLOWER (it's bolded) enthusiasts get an exclusive behind the scenes entry to?" Here is the link to where the answer is. I can't decide if it's "Kew Gardens" where the description shows that visitors will get to go "behind the scenes", or if it's something else since that really isn't a special event. The Chelsea Flower show is the event.

Which one do you think it is?

Have you ever won something big? What was it??
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questions for the well travelled TQC member

1. I am visiting Daytona with friends next week for Spring Break. Is it going to be as scandalous as it is on MTV spring break? I am not really a get drunk and take your top off kind of girl. At all. Will I be shocked and feel the urge to run around with blankets covering people up?

2. Where can I go in Daytona that is fun at night? I like clubbing and I like fruity girly cocktails, but I am under 21. Will i be able to get into any bars? Are there any 18+ clubs? Most of the people I am going with are 21+ and I don't want to miss out on all the fun :(

3. This summer I will be living in Newburyport, MA for an internship. Is it nice? Are the beaches nice? It is an unpaid internship so I will be looking for a part time job in fashion or retail. Are there many clothing stores?

Thanks TQC.

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So a local airline is having a massive sale on flights.  I would like to convince my husband that to buy some for a holiday is A Good Idea.

TQC, where should we go? 

Thailand, Japan or Hawaii?

TQC, I have to know!

For the males: Do you watch pornography?

This may seem like a DUH! question, but while we are on the topic of generalizations (couple of questions before this), I wanted to know how many men exist that don't care for it.

If you do watch it, how often?

Women, what about you? Do you watch it, and if so, how often?

For both sexes: Do you feel comfortable with your partner watching it? Do you know a person that does not watch it at all?
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What is the reasoning behind store policies that prohibit customers/people in the store from taking photos and/or video?

Will you post the last thing you saw in a store that made you go "Oh God I need a picture of that?"

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Got Rat

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I'll be contructing a wall of vivariums for my reptile room in the next year or two.
So far I have hissing cockroaches, various species of giant African land snails, a Sinaloan milksnake, and a pacman frog.

I'm planning on getting a blue-tongue skink and a woma python, but I have rrom for more.

Are there any exotic pets you'd recommend to me?

Pride & Prejudice

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Do you like modern art? Why/why not? Which particular genres, artists or galleries are you fond of.

Myself, I'm a huge fan of Christian Boltanski. So many light-related things he's made, oh my goodness...
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Anyone know who this woman is?

I first saw her on the cover of my old chem textbook (apparently from the same photoshoot as above), then recently saw her on a toothpaste advertisement, then saw the above image. And while I was taking chem one of the girls said she saw her in a TV commercial for...something.  Now I'm curious, 'cause she's obviously pretty successful.
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Long story short, we moved and apparently the roaches moved with us. Now the vile little bastards are living in our microwave. I can see them crawling around the LED clock.

Is there a way to save our microwave and kill the stupid pests? I don't want the rest of my life to be plagued with roaches because I had shitty pig roommates in the past.
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Got into a debate last night about movie sequels.

Can you name a movie sequel that was good?

Series do not count. While say, the Bourne/Harry Potter/etc series was good on a whole, it was planned as a series and therefore ineligible

All of the sequels must be good if there's more than one. So while Die Hard with a Vengeance was fucking awesome, Die Hard 2 sucked, and so did Die Hard 4.0.

I'm willing to accept sequels to franchises even if some members of the franchise were weak. The new criteria is the sequel must elevate the franchise; if a sequel is strong enough to counter-balance a shit sequel, it is eligible.

Series Reboots do not erase the previous movies (Batman, I'm looking at you).

So ideally, can you name a movie franchise that was not planned as a continual narrative that is consistently good?
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Feel free to rake me over hot coals, mock me, me, I don't care. I'm about to pull all my hair out and curse the day APA Style was created.

How do I cite a probation report using APA, in both in text & in the references section? I've tried googling, but it's not a court decision, so I have no idea what to do.

(and I've resigned myself to failure. We're tossing the microwave)
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I've had Cher's "Gypsies Tramps and Thieves" going through my head all morning since I woke up now into the early afternoon.

Does this mean I'm gay?

I mean, no balls are touching or anything.

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Have you ever heard/seen someone advocate for an abusive relationship? How did you react?

EDIT: Specifically someone not in a relationship insist that being in an abusive relationship was totally fine.


I'm making a snack for tonight and the recipe says "1/2 (8 ounces) package cream cheese."

Does that mean 8 ounces of cream cheese, or half of an 8 ounce package (thus, only 4 ounces cream cheese)?

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Have you ever had a job interview where they want you do a presentation at the interview? What about mock-projects?

Any advice?

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I'm kind of freaked out. How elaborate should I be? Do you think for the presentation, I should just do a PowerPoint and call it good? Or should I go all out and do a PowerPoint, some sort of display board, and so on?

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How do you feel about large age gaps in relationships? What's the biggest age difference you've had with a SO? What's the oldest/youngest age you'd consider dating?

I just found out that my aunt's husband is almost 40 years older than her and it's causing big drama between her and his kid from his first marriage about his will and stuff. And though I don't see my aunt and uncle often, I HAVE met him and I totally didn't realize he was that old.
fakey mcfakelson

this is a stupid question

Are there any handbags you really like right now? Will you tell me about it/show me a picture?

Nordstrom is open from 10am to 9:30pm. Do you think the people working in the handbag department around 1:45pm are likely to be there around closing too?
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Does anyone in tqc speak Czech or Polish who's able to help me with a phonetic pronunciation?

The Czech word is "milacek" (my iPod doesn't do accents, but it means sweetheart/darling)
And the polish word is "kochanie" and should have a similar definition.
Does anyone know how to pronounce these?


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When was the last time you had to deliver uncomfortable news to someone?

There was this girl (and friend) that got fired at our work and she has stopped by a couple times since then. Our boss found out and said that if she does it again, she has to get permission from our head honcho to be on the property. Well, today, she tried stopping by again and my husband had to tell her that she couldn't be here and that she had to get permission.

The head honcho said no.
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Have any of you ever worked for Starbucks?

Are they a good company to work for?

Do you use their health insurance?

If so, how much do they take out of your paycheck per month for it?

Is the job hard?

I'm thinking about applying there because they have health insurance (or so I heard) and I was just wondering if it's worth it.
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Resume questions

So I got laid off today and need to update my resume.

If I'm doing a job specific resume and am only listing two jobs with quite a bit of job info that pertains to the job I'm applying for, do I need to include my education info?

I don't have any college info, just my high school stuff.

I'm applying for another job at the same company I worked for, and I'm thinking about emailing my former boss to say thank you for the opportunity and since she mentioned she'd offer recommendation, letting her know I'm reapplying at the company. Would this be acceptable?
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 Haiiii guise!
I bought myself a bread maker from the Salvation Army earlier today, and it supposedly works.  The problem is that it smells very much like a thrift store.  You know, the skunky kind of smell?  It doesn't came with a manual, and I found one online but it says to use a mild cleaner.  What would be considered a mild cleaner?  I'm tempted to bleach the hell out of it, but I'm sure that isn't a mild cleaner.  How the hell do I clean this out and get the skunky smell out?

If you dk/dc...what are your favorite recipes with chicken?  I don't need the whole recipe, just names. :)

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So with the end of Skins coming up, I'll only have 1 show left to watch while I wait for my others to start new seasons.

So peeps, what new show do you think I should start watching?

These are the shows I've been watching lately, so you get idea of what I'm into;
Blue Mountain State
The Inbetweeners
Prison Break
The Young Ones

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I'm thinking of buying bright orange converse. Someone pointed out to me that orange is a hard color to match things to. Should I buy them anyway? Or will my shoes clash with everything?

When was the last time you bought shoes? What did they look like?
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have you ever had a "friend suggestion" on facebook?
did you know the person your friend "suggested" to you?
did you add the suggestion or not?
is this guy trying to set me up with his friend? i'd rather be set up with him, he's kinda hot. i don't know why he wants me to add his friend, and not sure what to do with this suggestion. it's puzzling me.

(yeah i know it's just facebook, it's just amusing me on this rather mundane day)

have you had a friend try and "set you up with someone"? how'd that go?

vegan cookies?

What's your favorite vegan cookie recipe? 

I need to bake for a work event and my boss is vegan. I'd like the treats to be boss-friendly without scaring off my non-vegan non-adventurous coworkers.

Last year I made awesome dark chocolate raspberry ones, but I'd like to mix it up, obviously.

I hate these posts too but damnet I need opinions!

1. Could I pull bangs off? I've had long hair all my life and I kinda want to do something fun, suggestions? Serious and non serious ^_^ Links/pictures appreciated!

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2. Like I said, I hate these posts too =x So new subject, today there was a lock down on all mpls schools (Grade-university) due to a columbine type threat, ever been in a lock down drill/real life situation?
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I do not know how to cook. What are your favorite easy recipes that involve a little bit more than "open can, heat in microwave, enjoy" so I can try my hand at cooking?

(no subject)

If your friend threw up on your cell phone, thus causing the screen to break so you couldn't see texts and whatnot, would you be angry? Would you forgive them? Would you make them pay to buy you a new phone, or fix the one you have? 
This is not about me, btw

Related question: If someone started drinking at 8 am, would you consider them to have a problem? How about if they told you they had already tried three new beers by 9 am? And then got obliterated before 3 pm, enough to throw up on aforementioned phone?

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Would you care to sing along with me?

I was born in the wagon of a travelin' show
My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel
Sell a couple bottles of Doctor Good

Gypsies, tramps and thieves
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us gypsies, tramps and thieves
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down
Bite me, bitch...

(no subject)

Will you post a motivational picture? Personal favorites, old classics, ones that make you want to scream "FAIL!" and bang your head against the wall (your explanation will probably be good for lulz) and the like are all welcome.

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My friend just got dumped. She is a complete disaster. It basically came out of nowhere. She was totally invested in this boy for years; and they had plans to move to England next year, but it all just fell apart. She pretty much relied on him for everything, so its a mess... I don't think she knows how to exist without him. Her mom is really worried about her.

Saturday we were supposed to have a ~girls night at a club, but now we've changed it to a movie night in hope sthat we can cheer her up a bit. I'm not that close to this girl, but I feel really badly about the entire situation.

What movies should I bring?
What else can we do?
I have no real experience with heartbreak like this.

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I've spent the last 5 hours lazing around playing my DS/being on the computer/not doing anything productive. It's my second day off work, so I feel it's sort of justified but I feel guilty. :(

When was the last time you were a bump on a log? What's the longest you'll let yourself be one?

(no subject)

+ do you always feel alone &/or lonely, even when surrounded by good friends & people?
+ are you lonely right now?
+ what is your favorite bookstore?
+ do you come off in person as effervescent & approachable? if so, is this your intention?
+ what is your biggest pet peeve about riding the city bus?

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I told my job that for a few months I would only be working about 9 hours per week. They were okay with this. However, all of a sudden they've tripled my workload, and a coworker told me that they were planning to ask me to work weekends.

Should I put up with them since I have a flexible schedule or should I mention that this wasn't in my job description and/or pay me more money if I'm doing everyone's job?

(no subject)

1. At what point does determination become stubbornness? At what point should a person give up?
2. What stereotype do you fit into?
3. What's your go-to outfit that makes you feel most like yourself?

(no subject)

On behalf of a coworker who is giving Indian food a second chance tonight: What kind of Indian dish would you recommend for somebody who doesn't care for curry, turmeric, or spicy foods, and the only meat they'll eat is chicken?

I haven't had a lot of Indian food in my life so I couldn't suggest anything for her.


Hey TQCers.
Going to look at the condo I'm interested in moving into on sunday.  The condo is a year old, and there is currently a tenant who is moving out mid april/beggining of may.  This is the first time I'm moving out.  What sort of questions should I be asking?  Anything I should or shouldn't say?
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(no subject)

Do you own a piece of exercise equipment?


If so, how often do you actually use it?

Every day
A few times a week
A few times a month
A few times a year
I can't find it under all these clothes I've piled on top of it

What do you own?

Pilates/Yoga kit
Wii Fit/EA Active/Other Wii exercise thing
Weight set
Some other piece of exercise equipment I left out

I'm thinking of getting one. Which should I get?

Wii Fit/EA Active
Don't get one, they are a waste of money
Get something else which I will say in comments

(no subject)

Where can you get specific numbers for album sales? Is it different for sales in North America than for say, Asia or Europe?

or, if you have no idea:

What was the last CD you bought? (Not ITunes!)

(no subject)


Today at the uni cafeteria they offered pork chops with bacon sauce. I think this is a very crazy dish (it was delicious too, and came with french fries, a heart attack on a plate).

Do you know any other WTH-dishes? Tell me everything about it?

What is the last strange thing you saw/heard/read?
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The Boy Next Door

I have a huge crush on the guy that lives next door to me. I have never met him and I am wondering how i should go about it. Should I borrow something? I fantasize about him constantly! What do you think?
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legs motherfucker

"look at that perm. that perm is so boss"

What's your favorite quote from a tv show?

How do I get the cute boy in class (who just so happens to be in the vet tech program, too) to fall in love with me? I've only talked to him the first day, not since.

-Our names almost rhyme. He loves dogs. And he has brown hair, brown eyes, and (good) tattoos. This was meant to be. But I can't show him my boobs because I have to wear scrubs... so how do I make him fall in love with me?

Srs answers only, plz.
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Boy Next Door Part 2

Okay Seriously. I really want to meet my next door neighbor. Although the responses to my first post were fun, I don't think I am going to go over to his house with a steak and a blow job or prance in front of my window naked. I appreciate all of the fun posts, but I am curious as to how i should approach this single guy. He is probably in his 40's. I would love some serious reply on how to approach him. Thanks 8-)
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Would you prefer to sing:

Cher "Gypsies Tramps & Thieves"
the McDonald's Filet O' Fish TV commercial (Gimme back that Filet O'Fish... Gimme that fish)


Singing Cher songs makes you gay
I'm allergic to fish, even singing about it
I'm allergic to McDonald's
Peggy Blink

(no subject)

Long story short, I was commenting on my dad's Facebook status about wanting to come down to Disney in several months and get a hotel and parks package and the whole family should come over. My cousin/BFF said something to me on his status about proving that I'm not full of shit about going down there ("Um..prove that you are going to come down and get a package deal and blah blah blah."), which made me feel humiliated because I recently cancelled a planned trip down there due to finances, which I have had to do at least twice since I moved up here a year ago.

Did what she say seem like she was basically saying "Yeah right, you're full of shit"?
Is it rational to feel humiliated by that?

DK/DC, when was the last time you felt embarrassed/humiliated?

ETA: Would you like to join me in AIM chat (thequestionclub)? I'd like entertainment.
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(no subject)

I just bought myself a digital camera that lets me control the shutter speed and aperture. However I'm totally new to using these. Can you recommend any good sites that can get a beginner started?
FF: Firefox1490 Lighting

(no subject)

I'm going to buy a Supernatural and I'm wondering should I start from season one or should I start from the end and buy season four?

EDIT: Assume season 2 is really season 4

Supernatural Season 1 or 4

Season 1
Season 2

Ticky Ticky Ticky Box of Doom?

Ticky Box
Ticky Ticky Ticky Box
Tick Box
*cheers* TICKY BOX!!

(no subject)

(Are questions with links to LJ accounts allowed? If not let me know and I'll remove this.)

1. I really wish to improve my writing and would appreciate some advice and concrit. teastainednotes is my writing journal - pic a fic, any fic at all. Could you please tell me:
.What you think of my writing style?
.Do you think my sentences are awkward or inelegant at all?
.What could I do to improve my writing?
.Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about my writing?

2. I heard that when making bento boxes you should use a certain type of rice as opposed to normal long-grain rice, as it sticks together and is easier to eat with chopsticks. What kind of rice is this? If you ever make yourself bento meals, what foods do you personally tend to put in them?

Strip Club

Those of you who live in San Francisco. Do you know of any strip clubs (women dancing)  in the area where women get in for free?

I'm taking some of my guy friends to one and I am trying to figure out which one, ideally I would not like to pay to get in since I am already paying for some of the guys to get a lap dance.

Thanks in advance

What are you doing this weekend?

dressy event

so I'm going with a friend to a big shindig at our university (he works there, I'm an alumni).  It's dressy and the two dresses I have are a bit low cut. V necks, but not down to my belly button or anything.  Think that would be okay for a dinner event?  I would wear a sort of chunky necklace with it, and it's not too short of anything.  It's also grey, so I'm hoping to find some colorful shoes to wear...since it's spring and all.  I was hoping I could find some fun pink ones. 

What's your favorite shoe color? 

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cell phones

 Do you have experience with the samsung comeback or samsung gravity phones? What about the ericsson equinox?

My t-mobile phone just died and I'm upgrading to a new one. What new phone should I get?

My plan doesn't include internet, so a blackberry would be useless. I text a lot. 

(no subject)

Who would you rather be?

a gypsy
a tramp
a thief
Cher's plastic surgeon
a McDonald's Filet O' Fish
the guy in the TV commercial eating the Filet O' Fish
the guy sitting next to the guy eating the Filet O' Fish
the singing fish

alright then

 so, lets say your going to a salon to get your hair cut and styled. what are some steps that you should take?

a) style you hair as usual?

b) just have your hair dry so they can see it naturally 

c) come in with lots and lots of glue in it!!!
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(no subject)

I want an iPhone. My mum and my sister both have one and I like it. I like the user interface and the shape. However they are stupidly expensive.

Is there another brand of phone that's similar, that you would recommend?

(no subject)

Anyone else sick of hearing about Corey Haim?

He hasn't done anything in 20 years.. come on. All the women at work are like blah blah blah License to Drive blah blah blah The Lost Boys and blah blah blah Corey Feldman must be so sad. OMG I had posters of him and that other 80's hunk and that other 80's hunk and that other 80's hunk all over my room! TEEHEE!


Same with Heath Ledger.. no one gave a damn about him when he was alive. All of a sudden he ruins The Joker and dies and he's everyone's favorite actor.
she took a midday train heading anywhere

(no subject)

My best friend is getting married in a little over a month, I will be a bridesmaid. She hasn't chosen our bridesmaid dresses yet, she keeps postponing the dress hunt. I sent her a link to a few dresses I found, but I did say "just an idea."  Is that rude? Or pushy? It's her wedding and some people get annoyed by input.
Quinn Twin

(no subject)

My hands are killing me. They sometimes will hurt with the change of weather, so I figure at the ripe old age of 31 I must have some sort of arthritis, especially considering they've never been mangled in any sort of freak accident, nor have I ever been a child labourer.

I've been taking naproxen, which basically does nothing but annoy me when fighting with the cap makes things worse and then... nothing. I feel like some sort of heat might help but a heating pad + hands = awkward and not really effective. I can't sit around soaking them in a bowl of water, and I don't have a wax pot thingee for paraffin therapy. And Icy Hot on the hands just seems like a baaaaaaaaaad eye accident waiting to happen.

Is there some other thing I'm not thinking of that might help?

(no subject)

What do you think of people using human skulls as face masks? I mean specifically, goths who wear them on Halloween along with their Hot Topic garb.

Did you know it's perfectly legal to buy human bones in most states?

I did not.
girl, cute

Should I write a blog about my year off?

I decided to take a year (or two) off before going to grad school. I plan to do things that I've always wanted to do such as road trips (yeah i've never been on one...), living with my best friend, starting a punk band, trying to figure out what career path to take, etc.

Should I write a blog about it? I don't want it to turn into a journal of my personal life... what should I focus on to avoid that?
What would you be interested in reading about?
Or is it not interesting at all?
All opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated!
(especially tips about blogging)

Velveeta and Spam

When you were a kid, were your parents more likely to have Velveeta or Spam in the house as a staple food item?

Velveeta at my house, but there was the interesting "sandwich spread" of ground-up Velveeta, Spam and ketchup.

(no subject)

Do you like to travel?

What countries have you been to?
Which ones do you especially want to visit?

What's the greatest vacation you have ever been on?

ETA: DK/DC - what is, in your opinion, holding us back as a civilization?
burning words

Kimya Dawson Fans

i've been in complete love with Kimya Dawson's "Remember That I Love You" cd for a few years now and am only now checking out the rest of her discography. why it took me so long i'll never know.

anyway, which Kimya Dawson cd do you like the best? what would you recommend if i've already loved "Remember That I Love You?"

thanks TQC!
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How do you sign off emails to close friends?

I put my name, but I feel a bit weird, because duh, they know who I am, but it feels impersonal to not sign, and I would use a nickname, but some of them do not use it (including one of my partners).

What communication method do you generally use to organise events with friends?
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So, your ex from a bad break up three years ago suddenly contacts you and wants to be friends. They assure you that they want nothing but friendship, and even want to be friends with your current partner. Is this a bad idea?

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I have my 9 year old cat here with me at college. He HATES HATES HATES car rides, but I am going home for spring break soon and have to drag him along. Do any of you have any experience in making car rides not so bad for cats?

Tell meeeeeeeeee

DK/DC: Can you type out your name with your nose? If yes, do it. If not, do it anyway.
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Who was the most bangable character on Fresh Prince?

Will Smith
Aunt Viv
Uncle Phil
Edit: Crap I forgot about the butler, Geoffrey. Support him in the comments.
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Who just watched the Telephone video????
I did!

What did you think?
would have been better without beyonce.

If you're a hot mess like Beyonce and don't like Gaga, what's your favorite music video from any artist?

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My friend set me up for a web designing job and I've got the interview tomorrow. I've never been paid for this before so help me out, TQC. How much should I charge? Should I go per hour? Or just for the whole site? Its for a small company, if that helps.