March 10th, 2010

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How much do you think a tattoo of this would cost?

Edit: I think this community and I will become good friends
Thanks guys :D, I was pretty well thinking these price ranges I just wanted some more confirmation
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I have cornbread in the oven and I am OMG SO EXCITED!

What's the last thing you cooked that made you really excited?

Did it turn out as great as you thought it would?
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iPhone apps you recommend?

What deodorant do you wear? Do you have naturally very sweaty or stinky pits? Have no shame and be honest!

Do you like whale watching?
Are you a lesbian?
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My aunt gave me a really tacky/ugly wristlet. I kept it around for 2 years before finally selling it on ebay. Should I feel bad about this?

Have you ever sold a present? Why? Did you feel bad about it?

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My friends and I are toying with the idea of having a Harry Potter convention in my friend's basement. We are trying to devise good (and bad!) ideas for panels/discussion boards but are drawing some blanks.

What are some suggestions for Harry Potter panels? Serious and non-serious.

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Inspired by our toilet paper question,
what was the last thing that blew your mind?

ETA: Does any ethnic group that is not Asian or Eastern European still contain a significant amount of members that listen to classical music by choice?

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Did we survive the spotlight holocaust?

it reminded me of Y2K...when I was sitting in my house, surrounded by piles of ramen noodles and ammo. Do you have any ramen noodle recipes? I still have some left.

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I have a web page design class this semester and I need to design a website for my assignment. The website should be something educational. But I cant decide on a topic to choose,and I wanted the topic to be interesting and not so ordinary. One of my friends is doing a website for a uni for people with superpowers. Something like that.


Ps: the question says im supposed

to design and develop a web site for a new education institution (fictional).



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Ahhhhh shit.
she deleted.


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 How do you feel about children flying by themselves? If a parent escorted the child (5-10 years old) to the gate, made sure they got on the plane, a flight attendant checked up on the child every 15 minutes or so during the flight, and the child was met by another relative as soon as they get off the plane.

Would you feel okay with your child flying alone, assuming they were okay with it?


I'm having a Photography show at a coffee shop in may and I need to re-do the photography portion of my website. If you are a photographer will you show me your website? If you aren't a photographer, whats your favorite photographer's website?
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Ladies: What is the average lifespan of your bras?
What's your determining factor in getting new ones?

True or False: White bras always turn gray unless you bleach them.

DK/DC What is your favorite time of the year? Why?

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Last Thursday I went to a Flogging Molly concert and was in the pit. My foot was injured somehow, though I don't know how bad the damage is. How long should I walk on a sore foot before having it looked at by a professional? I'm hoping it's just bruised internally or something. I have a foot thing and no one's allowed to touch my feet. So I REALLY REALLY don't want to have to see a doctor about it =(

ETA: If I do go to a doctor, do you think they can give me a tranquilizer of some sort or something before I actually go in? The idea of having my foot touched makes me hyperventilate for reals.

My office is closing up early today so we can all go bowling. I'm normally a really good bowler. TQC psychics, will my foot screw me out of winning all the prizes? (fwiw, it's not the foot on the leg that supports my weight when I bowl).

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You're at home, getting ready for work/school, when the phone rings. You answer it and you hear 'Hi, is this (insert your name here)? This is (insert local morning zoo radio station here) and we're giving away $10,000 to the first person who's willing to shave their head. First you send us a camphone picture of you before, and then another pic when you're bald and you can drive down to the station and pick up your check! What do you say? Wanna earn some money?" What do you do?

Hang up. I like my hair
Grab a razor and get crackin'. I can use the money
Ask a lot of questions. I'm really skeptical. But if the answers seem legit I'd probably do it
Ask a lot of questions. I'm really skeptical. But unless they raised the prize money I probably wouldn't do it
I can't play. I don't have a cell phone
This is such bullshit. I hang up the phone. Obviously a friend pranking me

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You know how in movies and stuff (and in real life, I suppose), people grab someone's head, give it a quick jerk and kill them by snapping their spine (or whatever)...Do you think it would be possible for a person to do that to themselves?

I just snapped a crick in my neck, and whenever I do that, I always wonder.

Plane tickets

I am planning a trip to Western Europe in July. I will be going to a lot of countries..but I don't know which country I should land in..actually it doesn't even matter, I just want the cheapest tickets.I feel like there's an obvious answer to this that everyone knows except me! I have an "agency" that I've used before, and they search for cheap tickets for me.. but I feel like they've ripped me off before. Anyone have any tips?

Help me decide where to go

My wife and I are planning a vacation for sometime in May. A week, maybe 10 days.

At the moment, we have two potential destinations on our list: New Orleans or New Mexico (Albuquerque and northwards). We will be flying in, and will be renting a car.

If you are familiar with either area, what would you recommend in the way of sights to see, things to do, places to go?

[And I know it depends on what we want to do. At the moment, I'm not sure, so I'll listen to any suggestions.]
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Say you were involved with someone, having the sexy times. You break up, one of you moves away. Five years later, you get together and voila, lady arrives with a kid, and the man is the daddy.

Is it fair for the woman to wait five years to tell the man he is the father?
Is it fair for the man to not want to be involved?

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You're awakened in the early morning by your phone ringing. "Hi, this is (insert local zoo radio show here) and we're giving away $15,000 to the first person who shaves the head of their loved one or roommate while they sleep. Just send us a pic of him/her lying there asleep, and then another pic of them after the damage is done. They'll probably be pissed, but hey, you're 15k richer. What do you say?"

I do it. I'll shave my loved one/roommate's head and split the money with him/her
I do it. I'll shave my loved one/roommate's head, but lie about what the prize money is and just give him/her $1,000
I do it. I'll shave my loved one/roommate's head and say I was sleepwalking. I won't bring up money at all and just pocket the whole 15k
I won't do it. It's just too fucked up
Prank call prank call! I hang up
I live alone. I can't do it
I don't have a cell phone. I can't do it

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What was happening the last time you were really stressed out? What caused it?

What's your favorite food to eat when you are stressed? Do you want to eat more or less during stressful times?

What's the craziest/stupidest oversight you've made because of stress?

Where on your body do you "carry" your stress?

What's your favorite method of stress relief?

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How do you pronounce acronyms out loud? e.g. "tqc", "AIM," "NSFW". Have any particularly silly ones?

(I say "the tee queue sea," "aim" or "eh eye em", and "en ess for double-ewe".)

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What does RSI (repetitive strain injury) feel like, and how do I prevent it?

Today I plan to go to the gym, add a bit more to and hand my essay in and have a nap. It's 12 now. Which do I do first?

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any good LJ communities that have books, audiobooks, TV shows that are hard to find (not on HULU) and movies, programs? I have all the MP3 music ones, but I am looking for communities w/ other stuff
cancer of the ear - peoples

tweet BRAINS tweet

Like most social networking sites, twitter has quite a number of groupings of folks that use it to RP (roleplay). Curiously though there aren't a lot of zombie accounts. What ones I've found update infrequently, like @zombama & @ZombiePicard, are vaguely interesting and occasionally amusing.

Sadly @Zombie_Squirrel, which was fucking hilarious, is no longer tweeting.

Which roundabout leads to the following question: If you became a zombie and still had enough brainpower to select your first victim, among the people you know who would you dine on first?
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What's the last thing to make you really excited?

My husband and I are going to look at this apartment today! We almost bought the next-door unit this past fall (which is identical), but it was out of our price range. Luckily the rental is priced just right!

What's your favorite home decorating-type blog or community? I'm already a member of saucydwellings.
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Company posts a job ad on Monday. Do you think it's too late to go in and apply on Thursday, three days later?

What have you done lately that made you feel like your effort was in vain?

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So my friend just moved into a new apartment and is having a housewarming party this Saturday. Since she's got a bigger kitchen than in her last place she is really getting into cooking. She's just starting out and so I thought a nice gift would be to collect different recipes for her and start a little cook book for her. I'm gathering recipes from the internet and from some of our mutual friends to make it more special. What are some good recipes you can recommend for someone just starting out? Bonus points if they are healthy! :)
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Did the term asshat come from the idiomatic phrase "head up one's ass" or is it one of those terms with a vulgarity mashed up with random word like cock dolphin? And if asshat did come from the phrase "head up one's ass" is an asshat a person who only partially has their head up their ass? nevermind. apparently this was totally google-able.

What is your ideal sandwich?

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What is one piece of advice that you were given by your mom or dad that has stuck with you and served you well?

What advice would you give to the new people who just joined the community from spotlight?

What is a piece of advice that you think is baloney?


An odd tl:dr post

As a lark, you and a friend made a little film about the environment. Turns out, it was pretty good and an agent approaches you and the next thing you know, you have corporate backing and the film is playing in theaters. It's all pretty exciting, but due to the small print in the contract, your cut of the profits is actually really tiny. By the time the film gets nominated for the Oscars for best documentary, you stand to only earn about $22,000. Still, it's exciting you're going to end up on the red carpet and attend the Academy Awards. The day before, as you're picking out something to wear, James Cameron visits you. "Those bastards screwed me out of Best Director for Avatar last year and I want to show my contempt for the ceremonies, and I want you to help me. I'll give you $200,000 if you show up on the red carpet, stepping out of your limo, wearing nothing but a plastic Glad trash bag pinned around you with clothespins, Crocs on your feet, a shower cap on your head and cold cream all over your face. Millions upon millions of eyes will be on you and they'll laugh their asses off, and for the next week it's all people across America will talk about. It'll be talked about more than the ceremony itself and that will be my revenge. Will you do it? Will you be my agent of vengeance, facing undeniable shame, critique and laughter for 200k?"
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On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want to just leave everything behind and start all over again somewhere totally new?

1 - Hell no, I love my life!
10 - I am doing this right now.

If you could/would do this, where would you go?

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Illegal substances aside, have you become addicted to anything in the past week?

Personally, I can't stop drinking Pepsi Throwback. I'm not even a big soda fan but holy shit is this good.

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If you had to become the caregiver for either:

A toddler who was bright for their age but with a short attention span and quite willing to be very argumentative and uncooperative when tired or frustrated.

Or a senior often not very alert with a short attention span that is quite willing to be very argumentative and uncooperative when tired or frustrated.

Which do you chose?

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 It's been some time TQC. I come bearing a fashion/dating question. Or something.

So I'm going out for coffee tonight, with a guy I've never met. We've been chatting for a little over a month maybe, have a lot of mutual friends. He's a very cool, classy guy. I would definitely not call this meeting a date, but I would like to impress him. Being who I am, I'm concerned about what I'm going to wear, as I usually am in these situations. I was about 95% sure I would wear a gray sweater dress with a black belt around the middle, (3 quarter sleeves, come to about right above the knee) with black tights and flat black boots, which is an outfit I love and feel comfortable in, that is, until my two very good female friends chimed in and said "No, wear some yoga pants and a sweater, he'll probably be wearing jeans", which I think would be totally undressed on my part, and I like to dress up and do it more than my friends. I also know he has a good, interesting sense of style. I'm pretty sure that's still what I want to wear but now I'm a little concerned about being overdressed. What do you think?

TL;DR: Would wearing a dress out for coffee be trying too hard?

EDIT: My friends don't know what they're talking about. I'm wearing the dress! And I will probably post a pic of the outfit on tqc_updates  . Thanks again everyone!

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Can you feel the throbbing of the male organ as it orgasms in your mouth?

What are you thinking when it happens?

EDIT-O-MATIC: NOT the answers i was hoping for :(
BUT...i do appreciate the candor
Bite me, bitch...

You are like, so immature.

What are some of the best yo mama jokes you've ever heard?

Back when Yo Mama was being aired on MTV, this one guy was like, "Yo mama is so stupid, she thought cheerios were baby doughnuts."

I also like "Yo mama is so tall, she did a cartwheel and kicked Jesus in the mouth."

What about the best there was a _____, a _____ and a _____ jokes?

Your favorite jokes in general?

Dream a little dream of Haim

If your home was haunted by the ghost of Corey Haim, what do you think you'd hear every night?

The sound of youthful laughter and lines from Lost Boys spoken in glee
The tap-tap-tapping of a fingernail against a syringe interposed with the sound of someone snorting a rail of coke

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What's with the massive boobs gracing my friends' page? It's a spam video posted to like three of my communities. Do you think there could be a virus attached? Like if someone clicks on it they'll start involuntarily leaving boob videos everywhere?

Collapse )

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My temperature is usually around 96.6 or 97 degrees instead of around 98.6 (as read on a digital thermometer.)

I'm not worried at all, but just wondering: What does it mean, if anything, if one's temperature is always a couple degrees below normal?

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I am terrible at consoling my fiancee, and the bigger the problem the worse I am. I care, and I'm interested, and I want desperately to be able to be there when she needs me, but I never seem to say/do the right thing.

I know one thing I can do to help is to just listen, when she wants to talk. And I'm good at that, but once the talking's over, I don't know what to do.

I know it's kind of a dumb question because you TQC, as wonderful as it is, doesn't know my fiancee and the particulars and whatever, but the big thing I'm scared of is one day something BIG will happen - a close friend or pet or family member will pass away - and I'm not able to help matters. Is there anything, in general, that I can do to at least get the ball rolling?

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Which is worse, leaving someone's house covered in pet hair, or smelling like cigarette smoke?

Leaving someone's house covered in pet hair, ew.
Leaving someone's house smelling like cigarette smoke, ew.
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If you had a hammer, would you hammer in the morning, would you hammer in the evening, all over this land?

If you had a lifetime supply of free booze, would you be hammered in the morning, would you be hammered in the evening, all over this land?

What kind of free booze would you want a lifetime supply of?

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So I'm listening to my Pandora Radio and "Us Against the World" by Play is on. What's your favorite pop song from the late 90s and early 2000s?

EDIT: Ok, It doesn't have to a pop song. :)

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What food/drink do you go through the fastest? How often do you have to buy it? 

I just bought orange juice and honey for the third time in the past week. We've gone through a bottle and a half of honey just since Monday. My family is full of milk fiends also. We buy like six gallons a week. 
Cookie ♥

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My mom and I recently got into the series 24. We were watching the second season today and they keep making references to the OC, but neither of us can figure out what OC stands for here. I've tried googling, but the existence of a popular tv show with the same name made it impossible for me to find anything. So - does anyone know what "OC" stands for in this show?

Also, for a broader question, what are your favorite tv shows to watch in a marathon?

Edit: I know it's not Orange County in the show. It's a highly private office of some sort for the president, and he's in Oregon and in the OC at the same time.
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Do you know anyone with a Toyota who has been affected by the recall?

Would you feel sympathetic if you knew someone who was affected by the recall, yet continued to drive their vehicle, and crashed it later on?

This is sort of hypothetical.

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Your boss tells you he is going to quit his job and asks you if you want to take his place. He says you will be able to choose whether you work six or eight hours per day, and advices you to work eight because, obviously, you will make a lot more money.

You say yes and you sign the contract.

Because you were forgetful and because you assumed he told you the truth, you didn't make sure that this was correct until after having signed it. The owner of the store then informs you your hours are noon til six, six hours, which means a hell of a lot less money.

What would you do?
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Marble Hornets

To those who watch Marble Hornets, do you think Tim is the masked figure, totheark?

My sister and I were speculating this afternoon and we think there is definitely something odd about that guy (Tim). His behavior in Entry #20 was very strange (coughing, short temper, taking pills), and I think I recognized the jacket the masked man was wearing when he attacked J in Entry #18. They also appear to have similar hairstyles.

Any theories about this or anything else in the series?
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Opinion time...

A woman who does NOT want children... is she a bad, unusual, or unstable person??

(Edit) I should have probably brought up the context for this. This was a heated argument between myself and family members who don't support my decision to not have kids. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't entirely alone in my argument.

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Is Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version) worth seeing? I'm thinking about seeing it this weekend, but I don't know if I want to shell out the money.

What was the weirdest thing someone said to you?
I was told that I look like I'm mixed with Indian (Native American). WTF?
Take a Look

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Anyone know where I can legally get a mp3 copy of "God's Gonna Cut You Down"? I can't find anything other than some weird karaoke version. (how is that even a karaoke song?)

Am I just SOL? =(
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what made you laugh out loud today?

i was looking for sweaters with cats on them and i said to my co-worker, who was reading cosmo, "i'm gonna find some ugly cat sweaters" and she said, without looking up from her magazine, "i'm gonna find my g-spot"
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I was offered a job (promoted) as a lead teacher at my current job. It's full-time, which means I need to leave my part-time job as a lunch aid.

How do I go about doing this? I'm going to let the principal of the elementary school know tomorrow, when I go to work. My job said they'd work with me if I have to give two weeks.

Do I give them a letter of resignation too?

I've never had to leave a job before...

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Someone tried to pick me up today by telling me about his mad paint skillz. He was not joking. It was amazing.

What is the funniest/most bizarre way someone has ever cracked on to you? Best pick up line ever?

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Do you have an evening meal (supper/dinner/tea, whatever you call it) without fail?

I'm not hugely hungry but feel I need to get some iron and vegetables in me. Choices are spaghetti bolognese or scampi, potatoes and peas. Which is best for someone needing a slight health kick?

What do you call your evening meal?
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I'm sitting in class just after giving a presentation. I'm shaking a little bit, my hands are sweating, and I am generally tense. I really hate giving presentations.

Do you like or are you good at giving presentations in class, or I guess, at work?

What was the last thing that you had to do a presentation for?
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Body Image

-What does body image mean to you?
-How do you feel about your body?
-Do you think that our generation has more body issues than past generations? Why or why not?
-What is the most drastic thing you have done because of your appearance or to change your appearance?
-Do you think your body image is better/worse than other people's body images? Why?
-What part of the media (specific or general) has the worst influence on body image? Why?
-How has your body image changed and how do you think it will change in the future?
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So I have a small picture album here with me that is filled with my childhood pictures, and recently they are the only things that remind me of a happier time. So I pasted some of them on my wall with blu-tack. I was thinking of pasting the rest of it on the wall. Is this a good idea? Will the pictures ruin?

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How can I get my kitten to stop attacking me? I just want to play with him, but all he wants to do is jump on me with his claws out and bite me. At first it was funny and it didn't hurt, but now he's getting really vicious and I don't know what to do. I tried wrapping him in a blanket like a baby, but that just made him angry ..

Any advice??
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I'm moving overseas (Japan) in a week and a bit, and breaking up with my on-and-off boyfriend of three years to do so.

I'd like to get him some kind of nice parting gift, but I have no idea what.  Buying him something utilitarian (like clothing or tools) or relevant to his hobbies (which are mostly collecting figurines and playing video games) like I usually do doesn't seem appropriate.  I was thinking along the lines of jewelery, but I've never seen him wear it and I have no idea where to start with jewelery for men.  I'm pretty sure he got a nice watch from his family for Christmas, so that's out.  Price range would be about $50-150, and it has to be something I can buy in Australia, because I don't think something shipped from overseas would get here in time.  Any suggestions?

Also, has anyone ever had to face the situation of trying to make new friends in a country they don't speak the language of fluently?  How do you cope with settling in at the beginning?  I'm not a naturally social person, halp (ETA: I know enough of the language to live without too much difficulty, but I'm not fluent enough to talk about people's interests in detail, have discussions, make jokes, do friend stuff basically.   Aaaand I'm hopeless at starting conversations with new people in English as it is, so I'm feeling worried that I might end up spending a lot of time alone unless I make plans to tackle the problem head on :( )

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What question has been posted to TQC and you were absolutely appalled by the answers?

ETA: I think that mine was that someone had posted about their grandfather (I think) urinating their recliner. I was kinda disgusted that so many people were saying that it was ok and that urine was sterile, which is true to a certain extent and there were many other issues, I thought, involved.
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How should I make my housemate's lives horrible- (reason: they forgot to pay the cable bill, and now we are internet less for a week)

Do you have a singer/band of which you own every CD/EP they have ever put out?

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You know how a lot of times kids/babies will laugh if you laugh/smile if you smile? Do you think they learn to laugh from us and learn what is funny or do you think even at that age they know funny when they see it?
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What kind of computer do you have? Is it a Mac or a PC? Tell me why I should buy it, or why I should stay away. Try to be as specific as you can. I'm buying a new computer.

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If you were a pear-shaped fatty on the lower end of the plus-size spectrum (size 16) with comparably small boobs, which bathing suit would you choose: this one from Target OR this one from Newport News?

Or suggest another that a) isn't too expensive, b) offers at least a little support up top (push up would be even better!!), c) isn't a halter?

What does YOUR bathing suit look like?
For the past 2 summers I've been wearing this one from Old Navy and I HATE IT because my tits fall out of it, it makes my neck/head hurt because of the halter, and I am constantly pulling the back up because it's too short/my torso is too long.

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I'm in pain.

Should I take my 7.5/750 vicodin or some Excedrin Back and Body with a couple of Tylenol PM pills?

Vicodin is guaranteed to make the pain stop, but I won't sleep. The other stuff will make a dent in the pain, but I'll be able to sleep.

I was going to ask another question, but I don't remember what it was. Does that ever happen to you?

My county is under a tornado watch right now. Is it sad that I'm hoping for some "exciting" weather? lol
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TQC, I really hate one of my roommates. I'm pretty easy-going but they are so inconsiderate, they really do get on my nerves. When you really dislike someone but can't escape from them forever more, how do you cope?

On a lighter note, what's your favourite dessert to make/bake yourself?


hey so i have two pairs of colored jeans from forever21..and i cant decide if i should get coral colored ones or light blue ones.
( <-- link to product..
i already have mustard yellow ones and a pair of teal ones..cannot decide what other color to buy though..any opinions..?

only doing this cos i have a coupon..if any girl shops at forever21..ill give you the coupon code if you want it.

Edit: Code is "WEMISSYOU10"    without quotes.

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1. What was the last thing that made you really excited?
I found season one of Charmed at a used CD/DVD/game store today! It made me =D

2a. What was the last thing you baked?
2b. What's your favorite thing to bake?
2c. If you don't bake, what's your favorite baked good to eat?

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Do you ever listen to the same song over and over because it is so awesome, but then you D: because you end up ruining the song by playing it so much? Yes!

What was the last song you did this to? George Harrison - Hear Me Lord / Art of Dying

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I grew up in California and there chow mein had thick noodles, green onions, and a dark sauce, but that was mainly cooked off.

In Ohio, where I now live, all the chow mein I have come across was watery, a light color, with thin noodles and large hunks of celery.

What type are you used to?

Is there anything type of food that changed when you moved? Other than not having a particular chain in your new area.

What is your favorite Chinese dish?
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
What is your favorite place to go for ice cream?

What is a restaurant that you miss going to, be it because you moved or because a chain nearby closed?


I've been having a debate with a good friend of mine lately and google is failing me so I figured I'd come here.

Sometimes I'll order a coffee to go but it takes me so long to finish the coffee but I don't want to get a smaller size so I'm often faced with luke warm/cold coffee. My solution is an easy one: I microwave it for 30 seconds or less and continue drinking my coffee. I haven't gotten sick and the coffee still tastes fine to me. I use a copious amount of cream and sugar in my coffee wherein lies the debate with my friend.

He claims that microwaving the coffee in the microwave because of the half & half is going to make the half & half go bad or make me sick. I understand that microwaved coffee isn't the most appetizing but will it make me sick? Should I avoid doing this?

And, the most obvious answer is to just go buy a new coffee or make some at home but it's not often possible based on location & activities
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Okay so do you know that episode of Friends when Rachel has that new job and her boss and the other colleague smoke and she doesn't, and she misses out on all the additional work/benefits/promotions because they get arranged down in the smoking area?

How much do you think that reflects real office life?

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Do you ever drink for the specific purpose to drown your sorrows?

If so, when you get there, do you feel happier or do you wallow in sadness more?

If I had a paid account then I would make a poll but I can't so- should I drink to drown my sorrows or should I stay sober and suck it up?

ETA: if you wish for me to stay sober, will you please provide a compelling reason?
Hyde &amp; Jacky
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When sitting down, would you rather have your buttcrack show or your underwear?

Also, a friend recently tried to break up with his girlfriend and she tried to hurt herself. When he asked what he could do to make sure she wouldn't do any self harm, she told him to stay with her. Any advice on how to deal with this? Have you ever dealt with it yourself?
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What's a really cool practical tip that not very many people know? You know, those things your grandma taught you that you thought were weird but actually work.
- Cutting onions in front of a fan makes you not cry.
- If you don't have an iron handy and you have something that's wrinkled, hang it up in the bathroom somewhere (like the back of the door), turn on the shower as hot as it can go, close the door, and let the steam remove the wrinkles. Saved my ass this morning before my interview!

If you don't know any cool tips or want extra credit, will you post something that makes you lol every time you see it?

Birthdays Away

We're going on a cross generational holiday + boy/girlfriends. Mum, Dad, Me + boyfriend, Brother + Girlfriend.

It is my mother's birthday, and my boyfriend's birthday, during this trip. Obviously we'll be doing awesome stuff just holiday wise, but what are some awesome 'travel birthday' things we can do?
Ideas for gifts small in size?
Have you been travelling on your birthday, and what did you/your friends/loved ones do?
I really want to make this a great birthday for both of them, and I want to do some really sweet things for my boyfriend, who is very mushy.

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Should I go home and surprise my mum for her birthday?

Factors to consider:
It's on a thursday. I'm at uni 200 miles away, so it's a 4 hour train journey. My dad is visiting on the saturday so I could come back with him. I wouldn't miss any classes. The ticket would cost £30. It's not a significant birthday, just the first I haven't been around for. It's the final week of term, so as well as not being able to celebrate on the saturday, thursday and friday would be out of the question too. I will be seeing her the next weekend.

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In your opinion, how young is too young to get married?

How young is too young to stay home alone?

What is your quest? What is your favorite color?

What is the last song you listened to?

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Do you choose sides when your two friends break up? If not, what do you say to the friend who's approaching it high school style and acting like you don't want to be friends with them unless you cut off ties with the other person? Have you lost good friends over this issue?

Would you/have you ever done this to someone else?

My boyfriend and I are experiencing this and our view is their relationship, or lack of one, doesn't involve us so it's not our business to act like it does. But his best friend of 7 years (he's also been friends with the girl for equally as long) is throwing a bitch fit. I'm unsure of what to say to him to make him understand.
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Is the video under the cut offensive to you, or hilarious? Do you know someone like that IRL? What foolish mistakes have they stopped you from making?

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DK/DC: do you do anything special for your birthday?
I wear a tiara, but that's it. I've seen some people who get money pinned to them, and wanna know how the fuck you get that game started.

Moving out.

What kind of things (furniature, kitchen, livingroom etc) will I need to buy for my new apartment?
It already has a brand new fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher, and a washer and dryer.

(I'm not really looking for personal items)

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My tick bite itches, but I don't want to scratch it since it's tender and I don't want to get it infected. Can I just use a normal itch-relief cream or something? Surely?

What's bothering you? Doesn't have to be physical discomfort or anything.