March 9th, 2010

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If, in some crazy alternate universe, everyone in the world was dead except you and Hitler, would you have sex with him in order to save the human race? Men of TQC, just pretend you have ovaries.

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how the fuck do you feel about sex? 
for procreation only, or for pleasure too?

is there a certain scent that when you smell it, you think about sex?
or a certain song or place that makes you think about sex?

was losing your virginity a good experience, or a bad one?

have you ever had a friend-with-benefits?
did it end in disaster, or on good terms?

have you ever had sex you regretted?
were you drunk?

life is short. sex happens.
i have answers to all of these questions,
and a recent conversation with one of my best friends, that just so happens to be a virgin, had me thinking about them.
just thought i'd see what everyone else was thinking.

also, what's your favorite kind of cereal?
do they still make it?

mine is between waffle crisp and rice krispie treats cereal, but one i almost can never find anymore, and the other they stopped making. :[
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1. You're Wonder Woman. (Just go with it.)

Do you keep the uniform you have on now, the red, white, blue and gold, one piece because your Wonder Woman, dammit!?

Or do you change into something more practical because, hey, you're fighting crime and you can't worry about breasts popping out in the middle of a fist fight?

2. What was the last foreign movie you've watched? Was it any good?

I highly recommend Joyeux Noel but stay away from The Class. There wasn't any point to it.

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Favorite way to say the word "yes?"

Mmm hmm
*nods head*
Other (in comments)

What does your house smell like?

You send one of your friends to Burger King to order 8 A1 Steakhouse Burgers, a Tendercrisp sandwich and 9 large fries. He comes back with the REGULAR steakhouse burgers. You are upset because this cost you nearly $60. You would...

Eat the burgers anyway.
Call the restaurant and order 8 more A1 burgers yourself.
Go back to the store and DEMAND them to remake your burgers (and fries!) for free, even though it is your own damned fault for not calling the order in yourself.
Other (in comments)

What did you do in the last 24 hours?

Ate fried chicken
Worked at a place of employment
Had an orgasm
Fed a pet
Texted someone
Vacuumed/swept/mopped a floor
Heard a Lady Gaga song
Smoked something illegal
Chewed gum
Laughed so hard it hurt
Watched a YouTube video

How much do you hate kids? (1 being they're little fucking devils and I don't want to be around them ever)

Mean: 5.94 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.65

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tqc, i'm hungover and up an hour early after only getting about 5 hours of sleep. what can i do and what can i eat for breakfast that will make me feel better?

i have cheerios, apples, oranges, coffee, orange juice, bread, jelly, peanut butter, rice cakes, diet dr.pepper and oatmeal.

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I've been to the shops about three times in the past week, and every time I forgot to buy sugar.

and now I can't have my morning coffee... D:

What was the last thing you forgot TQC? What methods do you use to help yourself remember?

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TQC, today I called in sick to work. I have intense stomach pain/nausea and I've felt like I'm on the verge of puking for hours now.

I called in 45 minutes before my shift was to start and now my manager is upset because I called in "only a couple minutes before my shift" and apparently we need to give at least 2 hours notice- I am pretty sure she just made up this rule on the spot. WTF, if I would have known sooner I would have called sooner.

So anyway she is trying to guilt me to come in, cause if I don't, they're stuck in the cold, she'll have to work late, I'm inconveniencing the crew, etc etc etc. I maybe, maybe could physically pull it together enough to come in but I'm not sure. Keep in mind that despite my insistent requests, I have not had a day off in a month and that all that stress may be contributing to my being sick today. I feel really bad for calling in but god damn, can't I get a break? What would you do?

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What is a dog breed that would fit the following guidelines well:

- Medium/large...anywhere between 20 and 85 pounds fully-grown
- Doesn't shed
- Good with little kids (the dog will be around for a year or two before kids show up)
- Calm enough to live inside
- Likes to play outside
- Friendly, but protective

bridezilla smash wedding cake RAWR

I'm planning my wedding, and have a bakery booked for the wedding cake. The bakery seemed really good before I put down my deposit. They arranged to see us outside of their usual cake tasting hours and the cakes were great. Because we saw them at their non-wedding location, the owner did not have the proper paperwork. He wrote me a temporary receipt in exchange for my deposit check, and said that he would email me proper paperwork the next day.

Well, the next day rolled around and I got nothing. Then, I got busy and left it alone for a while. A few weeks later, I called and he wasn't there, so I left a message asking for my proper receipt. No call back. Last week, I called and simply asked for him to call me back about my wedding cake. He called back and said "Oh don't worry, I'm just lazy. I'll email you with it this weekend." Guess what didn't come last weekend? I called yesterday and he wasn't there again. I left a message for him to call me back yesterday, so he *might* call me back today or get too lazy and forget about it.

It's been over a month. If he can't be bothered to send me a simple email with a scanned document, how can I trust him to design, create, and deliver the cake properly?

I also noticed that he hasn't cashed my check yet, so I should be able to cancel it.

It's 75 days until the wedding.

TL;DR: Should I cancel my deposit check, dump my bakery, and search for a new bakery?

Dump the bakery?

No, give them another chance.
My entertaining and inappropriate alternative is in the comments

xposted with minor edits to weddingplans

ETA: Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Partially due to the overwhelming response and also due to the fact that my fiance and I no longer has any confidence in this bakery, I have canceled my check online. I'll wait for him to call me back so I can tell him personally. If not, I will call back in a few days and leave a message. Time to look for a new bakery...

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Someone in my flat broke my only cereal bowl over the weekend.
On the two halves of it, they wrote 'really sorry' in blue sunscreen, but did not identify themselves or make any suggestion towards replacing it.
I already complained to them about the noise levels in the flat, so feel like my complaint quota is up.

What would you do?
Should the person have identified themselves?

ETA: Given that I don't know who did it, and have already confronted them with the noise issues, and also rarely see everyone week to week, what do I write on/next to the bowl without seeming like a pissy bitch, but also making it clear I expect a replacement?

ETA 2: I wrote on it with permanent marker, 'ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. PLEASE REPLACE. THIS WAS MY ONLY BOWL. (I'm rather enjoying all the passive agressiveness going round at the moment.

Are we all stupid?

You are the supervisor of many employees.  You have 2 in a work group.  1 is a contractor, 1 is a full-time employee.  You plan to let the contractor go because of budget concerns and their contract expired several months prior.  You want the contractor to train the FT employee on the job duties they are currently fulfilling.

When do you tell the contractor they are being let go?

If you decide NOT to tell them for at least a month but you don't renew the contract, ask the contractor to train the employee (but not vice versa), ask the employee to start taking on some responsibilities of the contractor and reclocate employee so they are close to their new work group, would you be surprised that they "found out" that they were being let go?

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If your f-list contained only ONE person or community's post, who would that be?

(Not saying you didn't have any other lj friends, just that you'd actually have to put effort into looking for their posts)

Is "community's" the right way to write that?

ps. Are there any communities about photos in that I can post a picture and ask how to edit my pictures to look like that or whatever the case may be?

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I'm coming out of being really sick, and I have a body shaking cough. I can't take cough syrup, only tylenol, because I am pregnant. What can I do to make this go away? It is horrible.

What was your favorite 90's sitcom?
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Hash browns (w/ pancakes & eggs) or Steak?

I've been craving hash browns since this weekend but its steak, who turns down steak?

EditThis is for dinner not breakfast. And to celebrate being done with finals.

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What was the reason for your last happy dance? Big or small, tell me about it!!

(I felt a little silly dancing and shrieking around my apartment all by myself this morning but WHATEVER)

DK/DC: I just made some toast. Should I put Nutella or peanut butter on it? ("BOTH, YOU IDIOT!!!!" is not an option, too many flavurs for me)
Oh noes!

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Which way do you buckle your belt?

Excess belt goes to the right of my body.
Excess belt goes to the left of my body.

Are you...


Are you...

or would rather not say?
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What do you enjoy for breakfast that's not traditional breakfast food?

If you only eat traditional breakfast foods for breakfast: why are you so boring?

If you don't eat breakfast: what's for dinner?

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TQC, I posted last Wednesday that I would probably more than likely be losing my job due to the fact that the state of Illinois fucking sucks.

Well I found out that's more than likely not going to happen.

What should I do to celebrate?

On Feb. 16th I bought some furniture from Ashley Furniture. We bought the specific stuff we did because the sales lady promised we'd have it within 10 business days. I called last Monday to check on it and they said it would be in at the end of the week. The husband called on Friday and they said no, it would be in the first of this week. I'm going to call after work. What do you think the chances are that my furniture will be in?????????

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Who has an eReader?
What is your opinion?

For those of you in Canada, is it easy to find books? Are the prices a lot cheaper than the print versions?

Overall, are you glad you got it or was it a waste of money and time?

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Could you survive on $100 for the rest of March?

Would your bills be covered where you stand right now? Meaning if you've already paid your bills for this month, you'd be fine, but if you haven't and they're $100+, you'd be screwed.

What would make you okay or what would screw you up?
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What are some communities on Lj where people sell clothes and other things?

Umm just kidding...

Sooo, it's a beautiful day outside for the first time in MONTHS. What should I do??
Bite me, bitch...

The good ol' days.

What's one of your favorite memories from high school?

It was junior year. I was in chemistry class and we had a test. Dr. Meyer was nice enough to give us a few minutes to study, pray silenty, cry or whatever we had to do to prepare. Without thinking, I kinda mumbled, "If you're failing and you know it, clap your hands."

It was classic.

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1. I live in a 3-building condominium complex with a dickheaded strata council. On Saturday night, they went around and put pamphlets under all our doors saying that on Tuesday or Wednesday they would come around with some fire marshall and check our fire alarms, inside our units.

They said if we didn't allow them access (or if you weren't home), they would come in using their master key or, if we had rekeyed our doors, charge us $180. Do you think this is fair? Would you have let them in?

For what it's worth, they stopped by today and, being annoyed but not able to do much, I forced them to take off their shoes, and when they balked, I told them they should've come prepared with over-booties. They thought I was nuts.

2. For those of you in a relationship, do you like your SO's parents/family? Does your SO like your family?

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I have a show tonight, and as of yesterday my voice was entirely gone. I haven't tried it out today at all just to save it. Right now I'm constantly sipping room temperature water, periodically eating honey mixed with lemon juice, drinking a ridiculous amount of hot tea with honey, and not talking at all. I have to sing two solos at 7:30 tonight. What other home remedies can I try?
TK and Kari

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In Journalism, there are all sorts of ways of measuring someone's "worth" for a story.

white kidnapped child > black kidnapped child
attractive person > ugly person
doctor > high school dropout
celebrity > you

Do you think it's truly possible for one person to be better than another? Have you met someone you consider better than you? Have you met someone you consider below you?

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I am going to very fancy martini bar tonight where my friend recently got a job. I want to order a cool drink that is tasty but not typical, like pomegranate martini or something. I have heard Sidecar is good, but whatelse would you suggest is a unique thing to get? I'm not a fan of whiskey, but the drink Rusty Nail just sounds awesome.
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Windows users: any idea how I can get that handy "show desktop" button back on my start bar?

DK/DC: do you have a "type"? That is, do you tend to be more attracted to a certain kind of person? What sort?

Weird poll is weird

For $25,000 each...which of the following eccentric behaviors would you be willing to have? You can't resist doing them. It's compulsive

Whenever someone says the name 'Elvis', you thrust your hips forward, then wiggle them about and say 'Thankyouveymuch'
Whenever you hear a hip-hop song, you start beatboxing
Whenever someone asks for advice or asks you to answer a question, you give your response in an Oompa Loompa song
Whenever someone speaks to you with an accent, you respond with that very same accent
Whenever someone says the word 'wild', you WHOOHOO, lift your shirt and show them your chest
Whenever you eat meat, you start to make the animal noises of the animal it came from. During the meal
Whenever someone asks you for money, be it a robbery or a friend down on his luck or a homeless man, you immediately scream and kick that person in the crotch
Whenever someone says 'How now, brown cow?' you immediately lose all control over your bowels
Whenever a police officer speaks to you, you start making 'oink' sounds
Whenever you see naked breasts, be it in person, at a movie theater, the Louvre, during sex etc., you have to shout 'BOOBIES!'
Whenever you see a bowl of clam chowder, you have to walk over, bend over and blow bubbles in it
Whenever you see the color of 'guacamole green', you suddenly forget everything you saw, learned or did in the last 5 minutes
Whenever you have sex, you make loud squeeling pig sounds, regardless of how many people are involved
Whenever you're in a car, you'll make an audible 'BEEP BEEP' whenever you see a yellow car
None. I would do accept none of these behaviors. I'm already too strange as it is

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Those of you who have been/are in college:

Have you ever had a class that's gotten canceled so many times that you feel like you hardly ever go? How many times was it canceled?

What's the worst class you've ever had to take? Did you pass it?
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TQC, I am bedridden and in excruciating pain following knee reconstruction last night. Even with vicodin I have only managed four hours of sleep since coming home. So, does anyone have advice to make this experience more bearable? Or pictures/videos of cute animals to distract myself with? :( I've tried everything the doctors suggested.

Edit: Thanks, guys. I was starting to think that something was wrong with me.

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I have this co-worker that lives with her brother. Since he doesn't have a local bank (this is a college town. she graduated, he's still in school), he just hands over all of his paychecks to cash in her account so that it would go towards bills, food, etc. at her disposal. As far as I know, she wouldn't let him get unlimited texting on his phone (they have a family plan together) for a while because she wanted him to "show control on how much texting he does on his phone and to keep under 500 text a month" and she told me the other day that she made him tell her where he was going 10:30 at night.

Someone else's opinion of it was that since he wasn't straight up paying for the phone, it was her decision. But I disagree. He's an adult, not a child and she's is not his mother. And as far as I know, he IS paying for the phone by handing over every penny of his paycheck to her.

So, TQC, how much control do you think siblings can have over each other?
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My best friend just asked me:

do you know the name of the song that like. . . everyone knows it?
it tells you to stomp
and slide
and clap yo hands
and it is awesomely fun drunk?

TQC, wtf is she talking about?
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How should I alter this dress?

I posted the following photos of myself in a colorful 80s clownish dress to ThriftHorror, and the kind people there convinced me to go back and buy it. I have come here to ask, how should I alter it (if at all)? My basic options are:
1. Don't alter it at all, even the sleeves.
2. Remove the sleeves, leave the rest alone.
3. Remove the sleeves and shorten it.

Collapse )

What do you think TQC? Also, would you post pics of yourself in ridiculous outfits? Or at least tell me about the most ridiculous outfit you wear outside the house?
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will you post a picture (or pictures) of two people and we will tell you who is prettiest/the most beautifulest?

(you can prentend they're both your friends, you don't have to say one is you)

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I've started running and I go alot, like 5 times a week-ish, and I really like it, but it makes me cough like hell afterwards.
It's like a chesty cough, and I get a metallic taste in my mouth, it tastes like a mixture of phlegm and blood, but when I spit there's no blood in my saliva.
I've googled, but it suggests cold weather/asthma is the cause, but it's not realllly cold here and I don't want asthma, so I'm choosing to ignore those.

So, does anyone have any idea of what may be causing it?

dk/dc? What's your favourite type of exercise and how often do you do it?

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The man and I got approved for a week off for vacation next month. He still needs to get his two shifts approved at another program, but he probably will get it off. This is the first paid vacation off we've had together!

So, where should we go on vacation? Camping and going to the coast is in mind, but probably not for the whole week.

We live in Oregon and driving around.

Calling Dr. TQC!

Is it possible to feel light-headed/dizzy due to vision problems?

I've never really needed glasses except for computer glasses I got a couple years ago that I don't wear as often as I should but didn't really need that badly anyway.

Lately though I've noticed myself squinting a lot more and my vision has gotten a lot worse in just the past 2-3 months. I know I should go to a doctor for it and I'm working on that. I also find myself feeling kinda light-headed and a a little dizzy (not as often though). Do you think this could be related to the vision thing or is that not a common sympton of someone who needs glasses/contacts?

DK/DC: What was the last thing you purchased that you totally regret buying?

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Internet Life

What internet communities (ie, forums, message boards, etc.) are you especially active in?
Do you consider these to be real communities - that is, supportive, with people forming real relationships over time and keeping in touch with each other via the community?
Have you had get-togethers with people you know from these communities?
Peggy Blink

Facebook shit

If someone on Facebook was saying they had a "juicy secret" about you and is dating a reliable source that probably has a lot of dirt on you, how would you handle it?

What if they eventually came out with it and it was true?

what if it was false?
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Would you tell us about issues, whether heavily political or not so much, that are really important to you?

The bitch next to me just unplugged the desktop I was using in this lab! How should I exact my revenge?
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I'm having a very bad few days, and week. I don't have much free time but I need to find the time to do a few small things to cheer myself up before I go crazy.

What should I try to do?

legs motherfucker

curiosity is killing me

if any of you sell paintings, how do you go about doing so?
i've had people lately tell me i should sell mine, but i have no idea how much i'd ask for them... or how i'd sell them... or anything like this. but i'd really like some extra money.
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TQC, I have two movies from Neflix coming my way, and I've been really excited to receive them and watch them on my break. However, I forgot to change my address, and they're headed to my university address, which I won't have access to until Monday. Is there anything i can do to get them to come here? Would it be absolutely terrible if I reported them as "lost" and had them ship two more copies here?
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What to do?

I'm writing this for my girlfriend, who just got her eyes dilated for an eye exam earlier today. She's sensitive to light and can't read at the moment, which is what she would usually do, as everything seems blurry to her.

What should she do to pass the time? The crazier the answers, the better.

DK/DC? What colour are your eyes?
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For those of you that have seen Alice in Wonderland, what did you think of the dance the Mad Hatter did at the end? Do you think that it dated the movie or what?

DK/DC: What is your favorite Easter candy?

I hated it. Awful. Totally dated the movie. I though he was going to do a jig or something because they said that he was Scottish.

The 2 lb. cheap chocolate bunnies you can get from Walmart.

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What made you smile today?

One of my photos made it into my college's juried undergrad art show! A lot of people get rejected, so I feel pretty good right now.

Do you make art? Show me pictures!

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let's say you are perusing facebook and come across this small exchange between two people you know irl:

1-These prostitots in tanktops shorts and flipflops. It aint that warm

2-I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!!

1-Omg girl u have no idea

2-Its like, I know you're skinny but f'real? There's still snow on the ground. And you're going to get raped. Not cool.

what do you say to this? i can't even believe anyone i know would say something like the 2nd person.

should i ditch person 1 for spelling prostitute that way? what kind of stupid do you witness on facebook?

ETA: okay so i'm dumb and didn't realize she did that on purpose, but most times she spells things so bad that i just figured she was the dumb one, lol!


Man and woman get married. They go on to have three wonderful children. Everyone is happy and content.

The woman would like to stop taking hormonal birth control/using apparatus. The man has made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he will never, not ever, get a vasectomy. But he hates condoms too. He wants things to remain as is: wifey taking HBC. Or he supports and encourages his wife to get a tubal ligation.


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So I'm studying abroad in Florence(yay!!) but I've never been to europe, so can anyone tell me what's the city like? and does anyone have experience with the study abroad program, GSE?

x posted: world_travel

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What is the worst part about taking classes such as Quickbooks, or Publisher?

To me it's the people who are totally confused and can barely even open the program even though complete directions are in the book. I sit next to this one guy who asks me questions every 3 minutes about the simplest stuff.
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Did you know that communities could be on spotlight twice?

Do you like the spotlight on LJ or no?

For those who have interned, did you find your experience a worthwhile one or a waste of time? What did you do?

Not related -- Sleeping and Cozumel

How many pillows do you sleep with?
What time do you normally go to bed?
Do you have a special "night routine"?
If you live with (or ever stay the night with) your s/o, do you sleep in the same bed?
Is it easy for you to fall asleep?
ETA: Do you take anything to fall asleep?

(my answers in comments)


I'm in Cozumel until the 14th, but leaving @ 10am on the 14th, so really until the 13th; what activities would you suggest doing?? Here's the limitations -- I broke my foot a couple months ago and am still healing, I'm fine swimming, but the foot gets tired easily. I am not certified to scuba. Walking in sand hurts, but is doable as long as it's not much. I'm saying at Hotel Cozumel (if any if you know the location on the island of this place) and I can walk around, but anything with stairs, uneven surfaces (like hills) aren't really do able. Stairs I can walk up and down, but wouldn't be bale to do the pyramids or anything. Come forth with suggestions, PLEASE?? Also, how safe would it be for me to travel to Playa del Carmen or south on the island to a walk in beach eta: alone?

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Do you usually study a few days before a test or do you study right at the last minute? Do you read the chapters from your textbook and keep up with the class, or do you read them all the night before the test?
Taken for a ride

Zombies VS Vampires?

I apologized for the heated debate which is sure to occur from this question... but...

Which is more AWESOME... Vampires or Zombies?

Also, what is more terrifying: old-school zombies that come at ya slowly, or the new-school variety that run like hell, leap, and perform other such acrobatics?
Evil Me

Inspired by a video I just watched

Pretend you go to college, even if you don't. If someone was on your campus filming a silly little video they're going to put on youtube (nothing damming, just fun) and you were going to walk through the background of the video, would you purposely obscure your face, or just walk through normally?

(You are on your way to class and MUST walk by the filming to get to class)

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Will you please list 3 random things that are your favorite in any category?
Alternatively, if you hate everything, list some things you hate?

I lurv:

1. Kenneth the Page
2. French macarons
3. Burritos (the fatty kind with all sorts of good shit-- especially pork carnitas ohmygod)

American idol?

So I'm sorta watching Idol and I'm wondering why they've never had a second chance show, A show just for the people that got to Hollywood but were kicked off before the top ten?

Good Idea or no?

Inspired by the car thread

For the nonsmoker drivers of TQC:

Do any of you actually allow your friends that smoke to smoke in your car? I've never met a single nonsmoker that would ever even consider allowing someone to smoke in their car, just thought it odd that people were specifying that they don't allow smoking.

For the smokers:

If you're giving a ride to a nonsmoker friend in your car, do you still smoke in there, or wait until they're gone/out of the car?

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Should I apply to be a census taker for this year? I am trying to save money for an immersion program in Belgium + exploring Europe + moving to Canada.

Are any of you current or former census takers? Stories, anecdotes, etc?

Will I be killed on the job?

stupid love shizz

So... I have a crush on this guy. I'm 90% sure he likes me, too.

Point 1. I absolutely do not want to go out with him. (Right now, I'm just not in a place where I can go out with anyone, and because of circumstances it'd only last a month, tops.) Do you guys have any reasons why you would NOT go out with someone you like and are pretty sure would say "yes"?

Point 2. I still have this longing to do something nice for him; tomorrow's his birthday and I'm strongly considering doing something like writing a note and a card and anonymously slipping it into his (dorm) mailbox. Is this creepy? Stupid? I'm halfway into twentiesville, is this too old to be doing the whole "secret admirer" thing? (He's out of town right now and there are reasons I can't give him something in person...)

Point 3. Since this is pretty doomed, any advice for "getting over" something like this? >_>

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Amongst my stalking, I have noticed several of you are from NoVa. My roommate is throwing a surprise birthday party for her mom and would like suggestions for bars that "play old people music on a friday night??" Or generally a fun bar that people in their 40s-50s will enjoy. They don't want to travel to Georgetown and anything closer to Fairfax, the better.

Any suggestions?

DK/DC?: When was the last time you left a food product sitting out for an extended period of time and how gross was the result? What was it?

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I'm graduating college next year and I'm not so keen on joining the work for immediately.
If you could go back in time, what would you have done right after you graduated? What would you have changed?

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i have an exam in my cell physiology class on thursday. the prof is holding a review session tomorrow morning, but it's at the same time as my other biology class. i missed one cell phys lecture so there are a couple things i'm kind of confused about but if i miss my bio class then i'll be behind in there and the cycle will continue. SHOULD I a) go to the review session OR b) go to my other class and figure shit out on my own?

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do you believe prom is only to be enjoyed if you spend a million dollars on a limo or party bus, get totally trashed and hang out with half the school at once?
is going sober with one other person acceptable? or a waste of time?

if you don't give a flying fuck, when was the last time you were at the hospital? what happened?
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What should I do tonight?

You have half an hour (from 10 pm EST or whatever hour it is where you live) to decide while I have a cup of tea.

Those of you who have very little imagination or don't feel like entertaining me with your madness can choose between the two things at the top of my list, which are practicing guitar or setting up a Flickr account for images I collect of cemeteries as part of my internship assignment.

dk/dc: I'm going to put the kettle on. How do you like your tea, TQC?

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So let's say you're out at a bar and a group of guys you don't know is setting their beers on the same table as yours. One of them accidentally picks up your almost full beer and takes a sip. You politely inform him that he accidentally picked up your beer. Do you take it back and finish drinking it?

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i've recently come to the realization most of my friends are stoners. i've always known this but it just never occurred to me. well, anyway, as you can imagine, some of them aren't the most reliable people.

i have plans with one of these knuckleheads tomorrow but he tends to forget, even though he's always the one making plans. should i text him reminding him to call me?

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I'm doing** some online window shopping for clothes and jewelry/accessories, and I'm a fatty but can shop at some regular (read: not teenybopper, but not strictly plus-sized) stores. I like cheap stuff. So far I've done Forever21 (coz they have a "Plus" line), and What other sites should I look at?

(lol, I wrote "dong" by accident... apparently I'm 12)

DK/DC, will you show me a pic of your pet doing something adorable? Or if you don't have a pet, of YOURSELF doing something adorable?
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Lets say you made a ~discovery~ about something your SO did. They didn't cheat or anything, so it's nothing really relationship-threatening as far as we're concerned. However, it's really bothering you and you want to talk to them about it. They are at work right now and get off at 6 am. They will not be off work until Saturday and there isn't much of a chance you can see them before then, but it is possible.

Would you:
A) Ask them about it when they call you at 6 in the morning
B) See if you could stop by their house before they left for work tomorrow at 4 pm, which means seeing if they'll wake up early to see/talk to you
C) Wait until they are off work Saturday and talk to them then; letting it bother you until then
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What would you do, TQC?

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I'm seriously not trying to be flippant. There is this girl who (very nearly literally) has typos/mistakes in every status message she puts up. There are often multiple mistakes in the same message.

Why is this, do you think?

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what made you happy today?

I got full credit on a paper I mostly BSed. On it, my TA commented, "I must say you have a way with words! This sounds like a script for the History Channel--or better--Nova." It made me lol.
sign it, dave!

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What kind of car do you drive?
What is your favorite mode of transportation?
Do you have any special rules for the passengers in your car?
Do you let whoever is sitting shotgun control the music, or do you keep control?