March 8th, 2010

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I used to be into webcomics a few years back, doing a decent job of keeping up to date with the ones that I followed. However, due to the frequent lack of internet and normal happenings in life, I stopped reading them.

I'm trying to get back into reading them, but I also want to check out some new ones. So I ask you, TQC - what are your favorite webcomics? What do you like/dislike about webcomics?

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What was the last "god damnit!" moment you had?

I haven't been able to sleep recently, so I had the brilliant idea to take my sister's allergy medicine, since allergy medicine usually makes me sleepy! As I'm stuffing a few down my throat I look at the bottle that clearly says Non-drowsy allergy medication.


nerd/technical question

So after breaking my ipod I got a new non-apple far cheaper mp3 player (about 1/3 price of an ipod).
It's a Philips go-gear vibe and it uses either windows explorer or windows media player to sync files. Unfortunately ALL my collection is in itunes and under m4a file format. How do I change this/get the right codec?

For those who dk/dc what song have you had stuck in your head recently? Does is annoy you?
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I realized many adults still watch cartoons, I myself watch Spongebob Squarepants, Foster's home for imaginary friends, Phineas and Pherb and sometimes  Futurama and Thundercats from when I was a kid.

Do you watch cartoons?
Which are your favorites?
What are your favorite characters?

Mine are
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: Eduardo
Phineas and Pherb: Pherb
Futurama: Leela
Spongebob Squarepants: I love both Spongebob and Patrick.
Thundercats: Cheetara

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The Vatican is against birth control and masturbation because every sperm wasted could be a potential Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein. If potential people could have been created from every single swimmer, then there must have been potential souls for them to draw from, meaning therefore that every sperm probably contains a soul and therefore MUST be sacred. If this is so...

1. When a guy whacks off, does his sperm go to heaven?

2. If heaven is full of floating semen with halos over their head (imagine flocks of them), does this make you more inclined to do good and go to heaven, or less inclined to do good?

3. If you suck a lot of wiener, are you absorbing souls?
HP - Dumblemort

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Are you a winner?

If so, what's the last thing you've won?

I won a book from a Canadian author. I've never heard of her, but I responded to her on twitter a couple days ago and somehow won a book. For some reason, this makes me pretty happy.

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Let's say, for some reason, you HAVE to marry a Disney prince or princess. Forget about the fact that they're fictional. Who would be your top choice?

I think I'd go with Eric from The Little Mermaid.

ETA have you guys seen David Kawena's Disney Heroes art collection? Because OMG. Like, look at his Prince Eric: Collapse )

The Tomorrow People

My friend has the entire series of the Tomorrow People on DVD and it doesn't say anything about how they made the lab that contains Tim. How did they do that psychedelic effect with the weird shapes and colors? What did they use for the tubes and the bubbles on the ceiling? Where did those tables come from? Were they drums at some point? What kind of drums?
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This weekend, I went to the hardware store to buy a lamp and a doorstop and I found these stickers which (the package says) are meant to be stuck onto mailboxes or cars or address signs and be permanent and weather-resistant. I bought three packs of the 1.5" letter/number sheets. There are 2 of each letter per sheet, with maybe 3 or 4 for common letters and 1 of rare ones.

What should I use these to write on my car, TQC? I am a fandom nerd and a historic preservation major with interests in most sciences, so anything in those categories or just general interesting or silly stuff is worth considering.

Serious and non-serious answers welcome. :3

[EDIT: y'all are quick for 3 am on a Sunday. I approve.]
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It's around 3:30 in the morning, and I should be sleeping. I'm tired, but it's a little too quiet for me. I hate falling asleep with a movie on because the screen is too bright due to wtfever is going on in the movie (even with my eyes closed), and most DVD main menus annoy the shit outta me. This means music usually wins.

Is there a particular genre of music you like to listen to while falling asleep or relaxing?
What are some of your favorite songs to fall asleep to?

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when did you lose your virginity?

do you have a tattoo and can i see it?

will you show me a funny image or video?

will you give me relationship advice that i'm not going to follow anyway?

which of the above questions is your least favorite?
Justin Timberlake Beyonce

Question about SO's work hours

How important is it for you to have the same days off each week as your SO?

My Story-
I've been dating my boyfriend for a while and I can definitely see marrying him, having babies, and growing old together. We've talked about moving in together and getting married (which I am very excited about). Something occurred to me recently and I need the opinion of TQC. He works for Mac as a mac genius and I work doing ABA therapy for a school district and private agency. In the future, after my masters is done I will be working Monday through Friday. He is required to work at least one weekend day but he is going for a higher position and may have to work both weekend days. This bums me out because I'd like to be able to spend time with him on those days but my real concern is if that's the case when we have kids. I'd like him to be around to go to soccer games, the museum, Disneyland etc. I know, I know, I'm over thinking this but this is the first time I've ever been sure about wanting to marry someone and have kids (I always waffled on the kids issue until now).

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what is the most you have ever owed in library fines at one time?
how long did you put off paying them? (or have you paid them?)

this question brought to you by my $20.50 fine at the ny public library and the two months i have avoided them for fear of paying.
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I have a letter from my insurance company saying that after 3/8/10, I'm no longer covered. Of course I have the sinus infection to end all sinus infections.

I already joined another plan but it's ...kind of wonky and might not cover much of anything.

I have an appoint today with my doctor (3/8/10) Do I tell my doctor about the change in insurance? I feel like I might cause more of an issue bringing it up in case my old one is still covering me.

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i'm in a very happy and giddy mood for no reason and i would like to go down to a more reasonable somber sort of mood so i can actually be productive.

so can you post images or videos that depress you? un-cheer me up please. but don't make me sad or else i'll just mope. so not too depressing just sort of depressing. okay?

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I have been bit by the baby bug lately and a coworker of mine just sent me this picture of his new son which made me think even more about when I want to have children….

Collapse )

Do you have a targeted age by which you would like to have kids?

I am almost 28. I am thinking I would like kids before 32. 

françoise laugh

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So we're supposed to design some CLEAN shirts about caulking. If you're unfamiliar with caulk, it comes in a long tube with a tib that you place in a gun, and when you squeeze it, sticky white material oozes out and it can get quite messy. Especially if there's some pressure built up inside, it can really explode out of there. You use caulk to fill holes.

Do you think it is possible to make a clean caulk shirt?

Some not so clean examples:
- Rock out with your caulk out
- Caution: Hardened caulk ahead
- If you've got a hole, I'll put my caulk in it.

The only think I can think of is to do a picture of a rooster caulking a window or something. Or maybe something about guns? idk. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE.

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Everytime I refresh Tee Kew Cee I see a message on the bottom of the page:

Done...but with errors on the page

What kind of errors can be in my beloved Tee Kew Cee?
Will this effect my enjoyment of this forum?
Am I missing something?
Chococat with flowers

Your opinon.

Should alcohol be advertised on TV? I have to answer this question for a class and I have to back up my opinion with facts... I don't really care either way, I have no problem with alcohol being advertised on TV, but I can't think of any reasons to back up why it should.


Also, I know there are tons of posts on here daily, but are you ever afraid of posting a questions about a situation in your life and someone related to it irl will come across and see it? Am I just paranoid? (probably lol)
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Since we're all getting to know the n00bs, will you please open up Paint/Photoshop/whatever and draw a portrait of yourself with your eyes closed?


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How many times has TQC been in the spotlight? This is the second time since I've been a member here (I've been here since summer 2009).

Don't know or care, would you become the mistress or boy-toy of a wealthy person? The person has enough money to set you up for life and will pay all of your expenses. If you're attached, pretend you're unattached for this question.
Autumn Pink

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Can someone explain what ohnotheydidnt is? I know it's Oh no they didn't - but I don't get it. It has so many spin off communities.

What is the ugliest animal you've ever seen?

What is the most annoying/ frustrating aspect of job searching for you?

I've observed TQC being friendly to the spotlight noobs. Did she fall down and bump her head? Are pigs sprouting wings? What is going on? I love it!


#1 - One of your favorite television shows is getting one new season. It'll be the final season for this show with no chance of another one in the future. It could be an old show that's ended, or one that's recently been canceled, or one that's still going on but will have a limited run (like LOST). Since this is a magical alternate universe, all of the original cast and crew will be on board (so it doesn't matter if anyone from the show is dead or uninterested in coming back for another season). It'll be like no time at all has passed since the show's final series. Which show do you choose? Keep in mind that this season could either be really, really good or completely abysmal. Do you take a gamble and go for your absolute favorite show, or choose a show you like but aren't as attached to in case it turns out to be a horrible ending?

#2 - If you knew for sure that said season was going to be excellent, which show would you choose?

#3 - If you knew for sure that said season was going to be terrible, which show would you choose?
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damn pills

so i took a mild sleeping pill last night to try and sleep better, but wasn't able to get 8 hours thanks to my son. so now i feel like the left side of my body has the shakes even though it isn't actually shaking.

anyone else ever get this or some other freaky reaction from sleep-aids?

and yes, i'm going to the doctor later since i've probably got a damn sinus/ear/whatever infection too.
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Phone hold queues

So I'm calling a major video game company today because I have a problem that can only be dealt with by phone because I have to tell my secret question answer.

It took me about a dozen times to get into the queue, because apparently when the line builds up to more than an hour, they start telling people that the operators are all busy and to call back later.

Am I the only one who thinks this is completely insane? I don't call a lot of companies but that seems baffling, I've never heard of that.

The only thing I can think of is that possibly it's related to my second question: Why does my phone wig out after half an hour on hold? It sounds like... the audio equivalent of a strobe light? Like I get enough snippets to understand, and I think the person on the other end can still understand me just fine (or they've never said anything), but it's definitely broken up for me. I don't know if it'd do this for half an hour of conversation. But about the half-hour mark of waiting my turn, I get that.

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My computer crashed epically about six months back. I've replaced the power supply, the video card, the motherboard, the hard drive, and still it won't turn on. Wtf won't it turn on? Should I just sell/return the parts and buy a prebuilt model instead?

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Poll #1535572 Burton your pants

Alice in Wonderland was a big hit opening weekend. Maybe Tim Burton should repeat this formula and remake another Disney cartoon. What Disney would you most like to see Burton try his hand at?

Beauty and the Beast
Robin Hood
Lion King
Sleeping Beauty
Peter Pan
Snow White
The Wind in the Willows
Little Mermaid
None. He shouldn't ever touch another Disney as long as he lives
Kill Bill - Elle

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Someone e-mails you about coming in and dropping off a résumé on Sunday. When you realize you won't make it on Monday do you e-mail back saying thank you for their response and that you will be in tomorrow?

How's your job?

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do you know any couples where one member "dresses" (as in buys and chooses clothes for) the other? (not just like helping to choose an outfit for a night out, but general daily wear)

what is up with that?

i want those easter egg candies that are actually malted milk ball stuff inside. what do you want?

Student loans

Does anyone go to school full-time, live on their own, and only survive on student loans?

If so, who did you get your loans through? Any other advice....

Looking to go back to school FT, but terrified of the financial aspect.
jumping bear

Curious to know if I'm the only one.

Does it ever annoy you when people tell you to smile?

I'm not talking about when you're getting your picture taken or anything. I mean when a stranger, acquaintance, or whoever, tells you "SMILE!!!"

This used to happen to me quite often, because I dunno, I guess I look sad when I'm not smiling? But in most of these circumstances, I'm just feeling content, or normal or just... not in a smiley mood. And yeah, sometimes I am sad when I'm not smiling, but saying "SMILE!" to me is not likely to make me smile, it's just like... ugh stfu please.

What little actions that are generally supposed to have good intentions just piss you off?

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I've heard conflicting things so I'm asking you, TQC, about the status of my babymaker.

I haven't had my period in 1 1/2 years (not on BC or anything that would stop it). Does that mean I'm ovulating or no?
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I'm going to a bar down the street to drink and play trivia for the first time with my boyfriend and some friends tonight. what should we name our team? the more offensive and ridiculous, the better.

have you ever played bar trivia? what were your team names? also, what do you think of people who cheat (ie, use their iphones to look up answers) during trivia? are they resourceful and clever or just loser douchebags?

is it getting warmer where you live? it's 57 degrees today in boston, holy shit! it's like a god damn sauna!

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Isn't it horrible when you crave things that you can't eat when you are sick? I raelly want onion rings, a bloomin' onion, a groganzola bacon burger, a bowl of frosted flakes, or Annie's shells and white cheddar right now. I am on bed rest because of my nausea, which is causing constant vomiting, so since I can't keep anything down they are worried about the baby. So it's bed rest for me!

I'm so bored. What should I do to distract myself?
Mitty box

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Once my fingernails get longer than my fingertips, they split or break or flake off (here is a picture). They seem really brittle. Besides getting pregnant again, what can I do to make them stronger? A supplement I can take? A polish I can use?

Also, maybe an influx of new people from spotlight might be able to answer this question I asked last week. Is there any way to recover photos off of a formatted SD card? I need a good, free, program.

How big is your tv?
Take a Look

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So according to this article, Avatar didn't win because '"academy members still find it difficult to believe that films largely created and sculpted in the computer--whether it's "Avatar" or the long string of brilliant Pixar films -- can be just as worthy and artistic as the old-fashioned live-action ones."'

Am I just misinterpreting, or is the author of the article/the person behind that quote completely stupid?

Which movie do you think should have won Best Picture?
TK and Kari

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Have you ever dated someone who always wanted you to dress up?

I once had a boyfriend who would always notice if I wasn't wearing earrings. He would touch my ear and ask why I wasn't wearing them in a disappointed voice.

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TQC, I passed my teaching practice! Thank you for all the helpful sore throat remedies. Totally worth needing to pee all the time from the amount of tea with honey I was drinking.
My question is, how should I celebrate passing?
How do you celebrate achievements?

Also, if you really don't give a damn, will you please suggest tasty things to cook for dinner tonight?

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A friend invites you and another friend to go to the gym at 8:15 am. You don't have class until the afternoon. Do you go or sleep in?

Don't know or care, have you seen any GQ motherfuckers lately? What did he or she look like?

Inspired by an earlier question

 Do you find in weird/unhealthy when someone mentions having a crush on an animated character? Like you ask them to pick someone hot, and they pick a cartoon character. 

My Mom has a car decal from HHP. It's a pawprint that says "Friends Furever". I should take it off of her car so her coworkers don't think she's a furry, y/y?

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I'm sick and have a night off from theatre tonight. I want to rent a movie, and I'm trying to decide between The Notebook and Up. I've never seen either of them and I'll probably end up watching both while I'm sick with this cold. Which should I rent first? 

How often do you go to the movies? Like, three or four times a year. I don't like seeing new movies with people, because I hate it when I pick the movie and it's disappointing, or when they like it a lot more than me and vice versa. 

How often do you rent movies? Buy movies? I hardly ever rent ones I've never seen. I go to Movie Stop a lot, though, and pick out a few older movies at a time. 

Couch Surfing


What do you know about couch surfing?
Do you offer your couch?
Do you use it to travel?
What have you heard about it?

I am getting started in there and wanted to hear your opinion.

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I'm not sure if I just can't taste very well, but I can usually only tell pepsi and coke apart when they're flat, but otherwise I find it almost impossible.

If you were blindfolded and given a pepsi and a coke to taste, do you think you could taste the differences?

In general, do you think they taste different?

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My sisters are going down south on wednesday and they're comming back on thursday and they asked me to go with them.
Id love to but the only problem is that they are going out for the night.
Since im less then three months shy my 18th i can't go out with them, i dont want to be stuck at the motel by myself.
I do have friends down there but because Dunedin is pretty much Uni central and its O week i wouldnt get to see them.

Should i go with them and be by myself for pretty much half of the day and the whole night in a creepy motel Or stay at home and watch movies and do some school work?

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Has TQC ever participated in an A.R.G. (alternate-reality game)? Which one?

If you were to create one of your own, what would be the basic plot? What platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Geocities websites, etc.) would you use?

Prompted because I'm reading through all the Year Zero game's webpages on the NIN Wiki, and following a thread about them on /x/.

DK/DC: Shaken or stirred?

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Poll #1535580 Methods of death

Which of these methods of death would you choose?

Being crushed by two moveable library shelves
Being mauled to death by a litter of kittens
Having molten gold poured down your throat
Being tickled to death
By being stuck in a room and smelling the noxious fumes of your

You have to choose one of these methods of death. Which will it be?

[edit]Crap, I can't edit my poll, but the last option was supposed to be "farts".

Diagnose me, Dr TQC

TQC, do I have something wrong with my sinuses? I've had bruising and pain all around my left eye for a few weeks that's been steadily getting worse, and my nose is a little runny on the left side. I've never had a sinus infection before so idk what's going on. I plan on seeing a doctor, but until then, oh great internet, tell me what's wrong! Any ideas?

Collapse )
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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We got a new octopus at the aquarium I work at, TQC!

We're pretty sure it's a girl octopus (you tell by looking at the "third" arm, whatever the fuck that means, and -- well, it's not important), and just like the other octopus we have on display, no one wants to give her a name. All the penguins and ONE stingray get a name, but for some reason, the octopuses are SOL.

So I've taken to calling the older octopus Henry (short for Henry the VIII. Get it? 'Cuz he's got -- never mind, I'll stop), but I'm kind of at a loss for girl names for the other octopus. The only one I can think of is Olivia, but that's so predictable.


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If you interviewed for a job that was close but paid less than you'd be happy with making would you decline? How far would you travel for a job that paid the same amount or better than the job you just left?

T/F Aren't tater-tots one of the most delicious foods ever?

Did you know that grapefruit can actually interfere with the reaction of medications? Do you know any odd facts?

ETA: Is it just me or does TQC get featured on the LJ spotlight only about 1,345 times more than any other community? 
twillar night

the fake emergency

my friend mentioned having a date or two this week. she just sent me a text that says "Call me at 7."

who else thinks i'm calling her from "the hospital" and not the comfort of my warm bed?

HAHA YOU GUYS. who thinks i'm calling to get her out a shitty date?

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I have pole dancing class in one hour. I have three pairs of stripper shoes, two of which I'm debating wearing.

Do I wear the stripper boots that are "omg new! and I got dem fo freee" that make climbing the pole really easy?

Or do I wear the "just came in the post today and holy shit they light up!" sandal style heel?

Show your work, please.

(no subject)

I was just sitting here thinking about how boring of a person I am because I never do anything that's spontaneous, or out of the ordinary. Yeah, story of my life right there.


Do you think you're a boring person or exciting person? Why?
white dress

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I've hired a pet sitter for a week while I'm out of town, and this is the first time I've hired one. I'd like to tip, but I don't know what the etiquette is. Do I live a tip while I'm gone (like in an envelope)? Do I wait until I get back?

ETA: Thanks guys! I'll wait until I get back. :)

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I am very very distraught.

I mailed my ex some things either last week or the week before (I don't remember cause my life is hectic and I can't even remember what happened 2 days ago). One of those things was a stuffed animal that he cherished. I however like an idiot didn't get tracking, only insurance, and now I lost the insurance receipt. I sent it USPS flat rate, which is supposed to be there in 2-3 days. I do know that mail gets up there extra slow though cause when I was there, my parents would send me stuff and it would take like 10 days to get there. Even still I'm starting to freak out... I don't give a shit about the other stuff, I can just give him money for that, but I will hate myself if the package is lost with his stuffed animal in there. There's nothing I can do, the post office doesn't keep records of stuff like this. I have homework to do and I can't concentrate because I'm trying not to freak out. Will you tell me something to console me? WTF should I do? He doesn't know that the stuffed animal is in there so if its lost I'm considering not telling him that its in there even though I know that would be horrible of me. He told me that I could keep it so he might never know if I don't tell him... GAH this sucks.


If you were taking 2 college classes and working a part time job, would you rather work on the 3 days a week that you attend school or would you rather work on the days you aren't at school? Why?
MLP - pinkie chicken

(no subject)

 I am getting a little hungry. We ate dinner at 4:30 today, and all I had was a small piece of chicken, so I know that by 9 or 9:30 I am going to be hungry again, and I have to eat a little something with this steroid I'm on for my ears.

Where do I go to get some food?

The made-to-order burrito shop a block away
The on-campus Chick-fil-a
The on-campus Blimpie
Just go to a vending machine
No food, fattie.
Bite me, bitch...

(no subject)

I was watching the news yesterday when I saw a story about how "the black community" is upset because an all white sorority won a stepping contest.

...are they serious? From what I saw, those chicks were amazing and race probably had nothing to do with the outcome. Also, Tiger can have golf, Venus/Serena can have tennis but the minute some white girls win a damn stepping contest, we're upset?

Those were mostly rhetorical. Here's what I really wanna know:
Who/what is currently shaming your entire race/ethnicity?
Will you give an example of a time where someone played a race card to justify something completely ridiculous?
(not on boat)

(no subject)

people who bike...

have you ever been biking with the intention of eventually getting on the bus, only to find the bike racks on the bus you need are full?
what did you dooo?

i have a bike but i've never used it in conjunction with the bus. i need to Thursday, though, because i have a doctor's appointment at 4 and get done with work at 3:45. it's at least an 8-10 minute walk away, so i need to bring my bike to get there on time, especially if i get out a few minutes late(it's quite common). but i'm scared to death to use the bike rack(main reason i've never biked with the intention of getting on the bus later) and i'm also worried it'll be full(they only hold two! what if everyone starts biking?!)

(no subject)

I've been having this dumb mystery pain that I googled for a while until I e-diagnosed with the help of some friends. My e-diagnosis said I need to make an appointment with an MD sooner rather than later.

So, why do I keep putting it off? Why do you think people fear/avoid doctors even when the alternative (pain) is obviously so much worse than whatever could be waiting for you at the doctor's office?


Which communities do you wish could be spotlighted, but probably never will be chosen?

What things do you measure during your day, subconsciously or consciously?

edit: How long is it possible for an sms to be delayed to your phone? Or did my friend really just send me a message noting something I did a year ago? :S

(no subject)

how do you motivate yourself to study for an exam when you just want to sleep? how do you focus on things when you're tired without the use of drugs (e.g. adderall)?

if a grad school application was originally due feb 1 but then the deadline mysteriously got pushed back to mar 1 when would you expect a response back?

(no subject)

a friend of mine has never heard of ghostwriter. she's 20 and lives in the US. i am baffled by this. so, a poll.

Poll #1535694 ghostwriter~

did you watch Ghostwriter when it aired?

i've never even heard of this
misc - cemetery

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My BFF is having some weird relationship-type issues right now and would like outside opinions, specifically from guys.

Collapse )
EDIT: The main question here is, WHY did he refuse to pull out? She knows she should have used a condom, and she knows that he's a dick. What we want to know is if there's any sort of explanation for why he would have actively chosen to fuck her without protection when he knew she was most fertile, when he had basically already broken up with her at that point. Was it a bad decision? Yes. She knows. She is just trying to figure out why he would have made that choice if he didn't plan to stay.

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I'm supposed to take my antibiotic every 12 hours. I took one at three this afternoon as soon as I got them just to get it into my system. Is it better to take one right before I go to sleep tonight (10/11ish) or as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning (6am)?

(I can't wake up at 3 to take it)
Coffee cups

(no subject)

I would like to clean and organize! Can I come over and clean your place of residence? You may pay me in brownies or beer.

Do you pronounce FAQ like eff-ay-cue or like fak?

What made you happy recently? We just got a wireless router and it is delightful.

(no subject)

My aunt and uncle just had to put down their dog. She's been with the family since they rescued her over 10 years ago. My uncle's not dealing with it well, he's always had dogs and she was like another child to him She was a really amazing dog and he's hurting a lot.

I want to send him an email or something, but I don't know what to say.

What would YOU say, TQC?

Collapse )
is a beaut

this post shows i can barely even speak english

i have basic but very rusty knowledge of french from high school (B grade GCSE). if i started teaching myself with some books and tapes and what have you NOW, and then went out to live in paris in september for a year, would i be able to pick it up okay? would i become fluent in a year?! (this may be a really difficult question to answer and it might not even have an answer maybe i suppose!)

which languages do you speak? (i am freaking out because i don't know whether it's which or what and that is making me feel like a failure in english let alone french)

IF YOU HAVE, how long did it take you to learn a second language (that isn't a native one for you) and under what kind of conditions (like where were you living and such)?


I can't stand Uggs and I've hated quite a few styles and fads that have gone in and out for a week or a month or a year or more. So my question is...

What fads or things that are "in" or have been "in" do you hate?

Which ones do you love?

Are there any you can't get enough of? (For example, one of my friends took advantage of the sweatpants tucked into boots fad to wear sweatpants EVERYWHERE, EVERY DAY because she thinks they're so comfortable...and Lady Gaga and Ke$ha brought glitter back, which I take full advantage of almost every day.)

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 Do any of you have a really, really fantastic recipe for Shrimp and Grits?  I had one....and now I can't find it.  But, my SO has requested Shrimp and Grits for his birthday dinner, so now it is critical....

Oh, and yes, I have been scouring the internet.  But, I figured I'd ask for somethin' tried and true.

dk/dc: so you like grits?

EDIT: Found one except I am going to make them cheesy grits.

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do you often have inappropriate reactions to things people say? for example, my ex is texting me saying "why are you sorry, this is who you want to be" and all i can think is "i want to be where the people are i wanna see, wanna see them dancing.."

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 Dear TQC,

My boyfriend and I are reupholstering chairs. We recently bought them along with a table, however the chairs' color doesn't 100% match the table. Would adding a fabric with a red tint help the wood of the chairs match the cherry table better?

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So in trying to stick to my new year's resolution of losing weight, I decided to do a Zumba class today.
On an empty stomach.
Needless to say I nearly blacked out and collapsed 35 minutes into it.

In light of this mishap, TQC, what do you eat before you work out? Why?
What do you eat afterwards?
Oh hay thar

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My husband and I just finished 30 minutes of taste, smell and visual tests to compare our regular tap water to water filtered through a Brita (he just bought a Brita jug today).

What makes YOU lame?