March 6th, 2010


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is there a specific name for this kind of clothing/style? it has just enough lace to accent the clothing and is usually made in light colours such as powder blue, white, beige, etc. there are styles such as punk, geek chic, rocker, etc. i like clothing like that for a long time but never found anything suitable, and i never know how to refer to them. it's becoming popular and expensive. i can't afford it so i hope to make some for myself too!

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1 what is one of your favorite poems (will you post it please)??

a what drew you to it?

b what meaning does it hold for you?

2 will you post your favorite poem you've ever written and tell us a little about it?

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how much faith do you have in humanity right now?
does one person(that's especially close or important to you) being either good or bad sway your opinion much?
stories always welcome
TK and Kari

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My mom's friend is in his mid-50's and he recently got married for a second time.

His first wife divorced him twenty years ago, after he shoved her against a glass door during an argument and she got hospitalized with a concussion.

Personally, I'm horrified that this man's second wife knows about this and married him anyway. My mom, on the other hand, says that the violence was twenty years ago and that "people change" and my mom knew him since he was a little boy and he's not a bad person.

What's your stance on this? If you were with an SO who you were very much in love with but heard a detail about his past like this, could you still marry him?
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I've been arguing this for almost an hour now. So, I'm turning to you. I know this is going to sound like an odd question but here I go;

Would you consider the English an ethnic group, much in the way like someone can be ethnically Persian or ethnically Korean?

The guy I am arguing with says no. That England has been invaded so many times by so many people that you can't say that England is an ethnic group. ("The blood is too mixed.") My argument to that is, most of the Middle East and much of Asia have been invaded by other cultures as well. Even more so if you go along the Spice Route. But no one has a problem with saying that Turks are an ethnic group though Turkey has been invaded far more times than England.

So, I ask another question, if you say "no" that the English can't be an ethnic group, why do you say that? And if you say "yes", same thing but also, why do you think people say "no" to this question?

I don't know. It feels wrong to say that the English can't be an ethnic group onto themselves. It's like erasing the history and the culture of an entire people.
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Those that listen to metal (that isn't death metal), what would you recommend to someone getting in to the genre?
All my friends are metalheads. I have the following albums downloaded, but need more.
Judas Priest - British Steel/Sad Wings of Destiny/Screaming for Vengeance
Metallica - Load/Master of Puppets
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Megadeath - Rust in Peace
Dio - Sacred Heart

As well as older metal, my people like shit like Nightwish (lol) and other dramatic European stuff. Any suggestions would do!

DK/DC: What are your thoughts on chivalry?

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Do you watch the show Cheaters? If so, what are some of your favorite episodes?

Mine was when this one girl and the camera crew caught up with her cheating boyfriend at his open mic show. She humiliated him in front of a huge crowd when she pretended to forgive him and leaned in for a hug. She kneed him really hard in the nuts and while he was on the ground, she put a clown wig on him and sprayed silly string all over his face and body. Damn, girl.

Would you ever contact them if you were suspicious of your SO?


My friend is upset with his best friend because apparently the best friend "promised not to fall for him" but broke her promise. Do you think he is justified in feeling upset?

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I have a new car. Well used. Anyway, it has a few problems. The trunk is ugly!!! Anyway, the support board is gone, and the carpet that was on top has a ton of thick white crap on it, and the carpet lining, is not being held on like it's supposed to be. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement trunk stuff, just the support board, and the carpet that goes on top, I'm sure I can fix the more solid lining on the sides.

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For those still in school/uni.

do you have problems finding groupmates everytime there is an assignment?

Do your friends tend to push you away when it comes to being in a group for an assignment?

(mine they always do..)

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do you guys think its possible to not lie at all for any extended period of time? have any of you ever done it?

i'm trying to eliminate it from my life entirely. so far its been about 3 weeks and i have lied twice. this includes little things and strangers. i did this once before when i was probably 16 or so and it lasted maybe 6 months before it started to wane. its not even that hard, actually.
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Celebrate with me?
I just gathered my guts and told the bf of my housemate that he needed to leave or have my roommate call me and tell me that he could stay here. He had called yesterday to ask if he could bring flowers to my roommate, who is supposed to arrive today. I thought he'd bring the flowers and leave but instead he started to sleep in my roommies room, shower in our bathroom and walk half naked through the house. I told him he said he'd bring flowers, he did and that he now needed to leave unless my roommie told me he may stay here, since I dont really know him (he's the new boyfriend) and cant leave him alone in our home (I'm leaving soon).

I am surprised I managed to do this.

Tell me about times when you managed to do something you thought you couldnt?
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Planning ahead?

You were at a rock concert yesterday (with floor tickets!) and it was *awesome*.   But today, you wake up wth a bruise covering half your face.  It is Sunday,  and you have to go to school tommorow.

Do you:

Go to school like nothing happened?
Spread the word around that you beat up some guy?
Say you got hit by a baseball/doorknob/UFO?
Wear your hair over that side of your face?
Try those weird 'cures' for hickeys and hope they work?
Actually tell people the truth when you get to school?
Skip until the bruise heals?
Other (to be explained in a comment).

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Lately I've been craving things like soup and sandwiches at BREAKFAST time. I used to be huge on oatmeal and yogurt, but now the closest i get is an egg and veggie scramble.

Do you eat breakfast-y things for breakfast?
Is there something wrong with me, TQC?? :)

What are your plans for today?
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 I hadn't gotten my daughter's child support since August. I just got a statement saying my current balance is $803. I have absolutely no idea where my debit card is. TQC, where did it disappear to? 

Edit since I didn't make myself clear: The child support is loaded onto a special debit card. I don't just get a paper check for it. 

2nd edit: I already did call and request another card. I just want to know where the other one disappeared to. 
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TQC, I just installed Chrome yesterday, and it's awesome. I am trying to install their Gmail checker extension. When I click the install button, the bar at the bottom shows up to tell me it is being installed, but the actual extension does not show up in my browser anywhere. Where is this supposed to be located? I am using the Mac version, and this build does support extensions, apparently.

DK/DC: When was the last time you went to see the doctor? What type of doctor was it?

Physical attributes

Is it wrong to strongly request your SO do something specific with his/her looks?

I really want my boyfriend to grow out his hair for a few months instead of getting it cut all the time. I've told him I like him with his hair scruffier but I haven't outright asked. Would it be wrong of me to ask him to let it grow for a few months just as a one-time thing, just so I could see what it looked like?
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do you believe farting silently is a skill that can be developed?

how do you cheer somebody up without food or sex?

what's a recent favorite song or book you've been into?
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Thai food: yea or nay?
What sort of Thai dishes would you recommend to someone who doesn't care much for nuts and has zero tolerance for spicy things?
Why do so many people get the "yea/nay" thing wrong, anyway?

Don't know/don't care/hate Thai food: What's your favorite B-side?
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what's your favorite station on pandora? what are some of the other artists it selects for you?

i like the joshua radin station. it also plays stuff by the weepies, imogen heap, ray lamontagne, ben harper, damien rice, etc.

dk;dc.. what are you doing right now?
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You guise. I see this video clip played occasionally in my gym but they never play the song that goes with it so I don't know what it is. Do you?

It's potentially a hip-hop video, starring a black guy and a large (plus-size) black lady. They're in a classy restaurant with waiters (who dance and act all snooty) and mid-way through the meal, the guy imagines the lady dressed as a fish/mermaid lying on his plate. I'm sure the song is really fun and I want to hear it :\

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For those of you who live with your so/spouse or even have roommates,

How do you split the housework chores? Do you take the whole you make the mess, you clean it up approach? Or do you split the tasks, like one person always does the dishes, one person always takes out the trash, etc?

Idk. I'm spending my only day off this week scrubbing the house because the husband doesn't think he needs to during the week when he's home (he works 12 hrs/week, I work 40, well 45 this week).

How's the weather where you are? It's 53 degrees outside and absolutely beautiful. I'm totally going to fire up the grill in a little while.

Since I'm going to grill, what should I make?
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If we were close friends/family members, & you suffered from some form of Mental Illness (such as Bipolar Disorder), or perhaps you've just had a really rough life, would you be offended or hurt if I gave you some workbooks on CBT/DBT/etc to try out?

(I really want to give my Mum some, but I'm worried about how she would react, I don't have rational thoughts when it comes to her so that's why I ask. TY!)
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What is the most violent thing you've done??

I choked my wife once....well...she forgot the safeword...

OK thats a joke. I NEVER did that. But I did kill a man in Reno just to watch him die...

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What songs do you love that are by artists you hate?

I love "Disturbia", but I can't stand Rihanna in any way, shape, or form. I just think that song is insanely catchy, plus it is associated with good memories to me. 

What are your current favorite songs? How long have they been your favorite songs? 

"Big Casino", Jimmy Eat World (I've loved this song for about two years now), "Stay Young", Strata (two years), "Hide and Seek", Imogen Heap (four years), and "Hallelujah", Rufus Wainwright (eight years). 

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I'm going to Chicago with one of my friends over Spring Break. It's just a day trip; he has to renew his passport. We're getting there at around 10am and leaving at 7pm. What are some fun things we can do in that time? We've both already been there once before & have seen The Bean.

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TQC, my fiancé is getting plane tickets for either Hawaii or Mexico for a honeymoon or pre honeymoon. Which warm beachy place would you travel to? A little background is that we are getting married in June, so the honeymoon would be early July. I will be about six months pregnant in late July. Knowing this, would you rather go as a pre honeymoon or regular honeymoon? I have never been to either.

My step daughter did infact, get me sick. My head is stuffed and I have the worst migraine. I'm coughing like crazy and just feel like shit. My throat is hella scratchy as well. Should I stay home and rest? What would you do? My doctor can't see me till Monday. Not my ob, my regular doctor.


What's your favorite TV show theme song?
The Weeds one was getting annoying, then they had different musicians do it for every episode and it's pretty cool now! I hear they change it in the fourth season. Sad.

What are some TV shows that surprised you with their awesomeness?
Lost, definitely. I didn't watch it until it was in the third season, when they had it for free on demand.
Also, Modern Family. It's my FAVORITE show now, and when I was seeing advertisements for it, I thought it looked dumb. Then ABC sent me the first episode to preview before it premiered and I died. it was so great!

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TQC, new neighbors moved in to the townhouse next to mine a few weeks ago and they blast emo music all day. Short of busting into their house and strangling them, what should I do? My boyfriend has gone over there twice already and the parents weren't home but he still asked them to turn the music down kindly and they were really snotty and didn't do anything. There is 1 boy and 2 girls, probably all under 16 and i've caught them trying to snow throwballs at my dogs while I let them out in my courtyard. What would you do?
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My Pokeymans (let me show you them)

So, a while back, my Nintendo DS fatty was broken. Since the new Pokémon Gold/Silver remake is coming out in a week or so, I obviously need a replacement. Does the DSi do anything special that makes giving up the GBA slot worthwhile?

If applicable, which version are you getting?

dk/dc: What's your favorite pokeyman from red/blue/gold/silver?

Inspired by a lot of drunks I just saw

Does your area do an "Erin Express"? I think it's a Philly thing, not sure.

It's a bunch of drunken jackasses that drive bar to bar all day on a specified day before st pattys day (like busses run a loop to these bars) and they get wasted for cheaply.

If so, have you ever done one?

What are your plans for the night?

photog phail

if you took a photo with a manual film camera, then took a second photo on the same frame with the lense cap on, would the image be affected?

DK/DC: How often do you go to your local library?

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my ex-boyfriend from 11 yrs ago and I are currently roommates/friends with benefits. I still have some feelings for him and I think he has feelings for me but won't tell me. Most of the time where you see one of us, the other is close by. We do just about everything together.

Our break up wasn't exactly a good one and every now and then he tells me "remember, time doesn't fix everything"

So is he still pissed about our break up?
Does he still have feelings for me and is trying to ignore them?
Should I just give up on trying to get him back as my b/f?
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Hey everyone!

So I'm deciding where to study abroad in the Fall and I finally decided on Italy but I can't decide between Rome or Florence. Both schools in either city I'm looking at have classes I'm interested so now its basically coming down what city I want to live in. Any suggestions? I've never been to either! Any input at all would help!

Thanks! :)
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have you ever participated in a beer olympics? what are some of the events?

have you ever run a beer mile? (chug a beer, run a quarter mile. chug a beer, run another quarter mile. chug another beer and run another quarter mile. chug a beer and finish off the mile.) did you live to tell about it?
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This post got me thinking.

I loathe Romance movies. Just so boring. You always know the end. So what's your favourite break up movie?

The one you'd watch before breaking up with someone?
Or the one you watch after you've broken up with someone?

Gift-giving, part 2

Good evening fellow TQC'ers:

Thanks for your help at Christmas time, where it was a choice between a Wii and a Digi-cam for my wife. I got the Wii for her, which she's been enjoying it (although as she's progressed in her pregnancy its use has diminished somewhat). Since Christmas was the Wii, her birthday will be the Digicam. So my question is:

Do you have a recommendation for a good easy to use digital camera? Price point is at $200 or less, not including tax. I can't have it shipped, so it needs to be available at the Big Box Electronics Stores. Thanks!
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What are some movies involving people doing compassionate things?

They can be in any form, because the two I've thought of so far are Hotel Rwanda and I Am Legend. [though I Am Legend is not the best example]


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What do I want to drink tonight?

Poll #1534789 drinkin

help feed my college-induced alcoholism!

white wine
rum and coke
some kinda vodka mixed drink (suggestions?)
can o' joose
other- specifyyyy
Are you drinking anything tonight? Whatcha drinking?
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I work in a child care center. I thought it was common sense that we're not supposed to post pictures of the kids online, but one of my co-workers did. Should I say something to her or mind my own business?

DK/DC: What did you do today?
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My apartment has a whiteboard on the front door. There are 4 people living here (including me). All of us are non-religious. Three of us are white, and one is Asian. This evening I noticed that someone had drawn a swastika on our whiteboard.

What the hell is going on?
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I bought a different foundation (revlon photo finish) than the one I usually use (revlon colour stay).
It is HORRIBLE, it looks ridiculous on my skin.
Can I exchange it for a bottle of the old stuff?

I bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart.
I looked on their website & all it really says is that they strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and that with a receipt and within 30 days (i bought it last night) they can accept it... but it's used so I don't know.
SHould I just try anyway?

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My girlfriend tells me she and a friend of hers know a bunch of famous people. I know they are lying because a 32 year old man will not talk to a pair of 14 & 16  year old girls like she's been telling me. (At least, the actor wouldn't.) It's annoying to me when she goes on about these talks she has with these people and the sad part is she's really cool, really sweet and really fun to be with until she gets to that point and talks about them even more. Usually I just nod and make up a story that I have to leave before I say something mean but...Should I call her out on it or just leave it be?


Edit: I've noticed that the people she talks about tends to be people I like, she might be trying to impress me but she doesn't seem to understand that I like her too much to care who she knows.

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Does anyone here have any experience with the Fly Fusion pentop computer thing?

(I'm thinking about getting it so I can write notes in class but also have them digitally searchable. I know I could always type my notes after class, but...I'm lazy and like spending money that I shouldn't spend.)

Nevermind! Turns out it's basically discontinued and the company doesn't support it anymore.

What, in your opinion, is the neatest technological invention, other than the internet/computers?
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I'm watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" on Hulu and SJP is pretty fascinated about her history and ancestors.

Have you ever done genealogy or followed your family back? How much would you be interested in your family history?

I've never really considered it, but it might be pretty cool to follow it pretty far back.

How much does it cost for such a thing? SJP is flying all over the place and visiting all kinds of historical societies- that would add up pretty quick, but I imagine it might be possible to do without all that travel.

ETA- She found out that she had family in the Salem witch trials and a relative that died in the gold rush. I think it would be a fascinating way to really connect myself with these huge events in the country's past.