March 4th, 2010

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Spoiler Alert

I'm currently in the middle of my third attempt to watch Shutter Island. I keep getting distracted by TQC and not caring about the movie. Can you just tell me what happens/spoil it for me? It's just not gonna work out for this movie and I.

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So it seems I have a plantar wart on the bottom of my heel.

Have you had one before?

Did it itch?
Mine itches BAD

How did you personally go about removing it? I've googled, but I want some experiences!

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I just took some photos of my new room, which I am currently moving into. A lot of the photos have ~ORBS~ in them -- something my camera has never done before.

Is my room haunted??

And before anybody asks,
you can
haz photos.

(EDIT: This is totally not a serious question, people... :P )

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How long does a typical divorce take?

My husband and I are trying to start this process. We really don't have a lot of things to argue about since we don't own a home and have relatively no money, but we have a kid. He's really dragging his feet on this, and I can't move forward until it's done.
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if i don't get this off my chest, i don't think i'll ever sleep tonight.

i work two jobs right now. i teach piano a couple days a week, i love it, i've been doing it for five years. around christmas i got a second job at a big bookstore in town. the extra money is good, and during the first of the year it was slow and we didn't get many hours. this is good for me because i'm already teaching some 15 hours a week and i'm in school full time.

over the past couple weeks, hours have picked up, and even though i've clearly requested no more than ten hours so i can survive school, they keep putting me down for 25 hours a week. i'm falling behind in school. i have a knee condition that makes doing a lot of walking very painful, and it's getting worse. right now the bookstore is in a management turnover and they're shorthanded.

what should i do, tqc? i was thinking about waiting to see what next week's schedules look like before i make a decision... i don't know what to think and i can't get this off my mind. what would you do?

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Have you ever had a close friend reveal that they are or have been in love with you but chose not to tell you about it? 

Was it a completely shock?

- A really good friend of mine told me that for the last 3 years she has practically prayed that my girlfriend and I would break up so she could get a chance. The strange thing is she is probably the last person I ever expected to hear such a thing from.

Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it? Did it ruin a friendship?
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I've been having a bit of an existential crisis lately and I think I'm going to drop out of my program. Again. Now I don't know what I want to do with my life.

I'm looking at some volunteer opportunities and a lot of them want me to have computer skills and data entry experience. What exactly qualifies? Do TQC skillz count? I have basic user computer skills and some experience with excel from my science classes. How can I play that up to sound like I can swing it as a collections and exhibitions intern?

I'm thinking about trying to get back into something that will turn my archaeology/anthropology/gallery intern 'skills' to work. Museum seems like the first choice, but I don't actually have a degree, just a bit of experience. Any ideas?
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Good morning, TQC

My friend M found out, from a mutual friend who was doing research on sex offenders in our area, that her younger brother's friend's dad is on the list since 1995. She doesn't know what to do with the information. Her mom will likely freak out if she tells her, and forbid M's brother from hanging out at his friend's place, and then they'd have to explain to her brother why. But there's no way of actually telling why the guy was on the register anyway (e.g. it could've been public indecency or something not horrible and scary like being a child molester). And it was fifteen years ago. It's even possible that the guy's wife doesn't know about it. M doesn't want to possible damage a marriage over this info.

What should she do? What would you do?
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There's a group of people who live down the street whom my husband is friends with. They invite us over often, but every time we go one of the girls who lives there smokes. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke and they all know this, so every time she smokes I have to leave and wait on the porch until she's done and air is clear. She knows I have to leave because of the smoke. This happens every single time. I haven't asked her not to smoke while I'm there since she lives there and I don't, but I'm getting tired of spending so much time by myself in the cold.

Is she being rude? Should I say something to her, or just stop going over there?
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I filled out a form last year to have extra money taken out of my paycheck. My father is an accountant and did my taxes this morning and I owe $150. My job only took out $40 for the entire year. I do need to check my direct deposit slips when I go home though. In the event that my job kept the extra money for themselves what are my options?

Has this ever happened to you?

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You wake up after a night of blackout-level drinking with friends. You have no idea what you did last night. You feel an ache on your stomach. You look down and find a fresh tattoo. The tat is of a small dog humping a bigger dog, with text below it that says GO GET IT, DAWG! It's fairly big. When you call your friends, they don't remember last night either. When you call up the tattoo shop, apparently you were charged $1,000 and you and your friends split it between your credit cards so now you're a few hundred in debt. What do you do now?

Keep it. It's kind of amusing
Get it removed. I have the money
Get it removed. I'll go into debt or owe favors because I don't have the money
Get it covered up with a bigger tattoo
Keep it but from now on no one gets to see my stomach

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I started a new job a little over a month ago. When they hired me, they asked if I had any already scheduled trips that I needed to have off. I told them I had one in March, and told them the dates and my boss and I signed off on that time off request. (It was a legitimate paper that we had to sign and date and all that jazz)

I look at the schedule, and they have me on for all the days I requested off. I have emailed my boss, leave him a note, and he hasn't been in. I told my other superiors, and they all just said to talk to him.

I'm not sure what I should do. Should I cancel my trip that I have had planned for months, and signed off on the day I was hired? I mean, I took the time off months before in my old job and told them the day I was hired when my boss asked me when I needed time off, I don't know what else I could have done.

ETA: he emailed me back finally and said that he'd find someone to cover my shift. Yay! I can go on my trip!
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Are there any things that you feel that you cant share with your partner?

Mine: I had asked a professor a question about a course and he proceeded to tell me he'd love having me again in his class and showered me with compliments. My boyfriend is super intelligent and capable but he doesnt get compliments from teachers all that often, so I rather keep the compliments I get to myself.

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My mother left me a (satirical) voicemail this morning which, among other things, accused me of being a "dirty stay-out."

Google tells me it's a song by Ana someone. I'm fairly certain that's not what she was referring to.

TQC, what did my moms call me?
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What was the last thing that really squicked you out?
I'm watching that episode of Wife Swap with the raw food people that brush their teeth with butter and clay. Their house is gross, too. I kinda want to puke a lot.

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Have you ever been in a situation where someone says "Oh you and I are so alike in this regard!" and your first reaction is "No we're not!" and your second reaction is "Jesus, I really, really f*cking hope we're not!!"? If so, how did/do you handle it?

DK/DC? Bugger off and reply elsewhere then ;).
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last night i forgot to put a tampon in before going to sleep and i awoke in a pool of blood. the person i was sharing a bed with was understandably less than impressed.

what's the last really important thing you forgot?
what's the most embarrassing thing you've done in bed/asleep?
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We have not gotten any mail at my place of residence in at least a week. Today I stood outside to talk to the postman. Apparently my shady asshole fucktard father has put our house no P.O. Box, because he is probably doing some shady ass stuff again and has credit card bills out to wazoo coming to the house.

Am I able to go to the post office, show them my address (via state drivers license) and get them to give me my mail?

Does/do your parent/s ever act like complete fucking children?

How can I get my mail? I need my freaking W2s and this is angering me like no other.

What should I say to my father when I see him tonight, other than "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on"?

(For those that recall, I am the person who posted about her father stealing $3500 when she was abroad by using her power of attorney, and then never paying it back and just expecting me not to notice I guess. What a fucking idiot).

How many more times should I say "fuck" emphatically today to get across my complete loathing of this man?

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Is murder ever justified?


Is theft/stealing ever justified?


Is torture ever justified?


Is rape ever justified?


Is the spanking of a child ever justified?


Is the making of another Tyler Perry movie justified?

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Learning a New Language

I'm starting to use Rosetta Stone to learn Tagalog so when I'm in the Philippines next I'll be able to speak with my in laws there. My mother-in-law speaks Tagalog natively, so anything that is too formal or whatever in Rosetta Stone I can work on and be made aware of. I'm super excited, the last language I took was Latin in High School 5 years ago...

Anyone else had any experience with Rosetta Stone? Any tips? Any tips for learning a new language in general? Anything would help...flash card ideas, study aids, ect!

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I know next to nothing when it comes to filing taxes so if this is a dumb question, I apologize.

I worked in two states in 2009. When filing my federal return with my Massachusetts W2, it said my refund would be $399 and I would owe MA $57. When I entered my W2 from Florida (where I worked only 2 months in 2009) it dropped my refund to SEVEN DOLLARS. And it also dropped what I owe MA to $44. WHAT GIVES? How can what I made in FL have an impact on what I owe to MA? And why did my refund drop so significantly?
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On some days, do you only read LJ to see if you can find wank/for the wank?

Have you ever sent an LJ link to someone who doesn't have an LJ? Have you ever sent a link of a wank/drama post to someone who doesn't have an LJ? Have you ever spoken to someone who doesn't have an LJ about a post? A wank/drama post? How did the person react?
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What are your top five most important required qualities in a significant other?

What were your top five most important required qualities in a significant other five years ago?
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So if you were on last night you know I accepted a job interview at a local bar to be a shooter girl.

I just found out its the red neck bar. What does one wear to a job interview at a redneck bar?
How does one survive redneck bars.
Do I play up the bisexual cause its hot (facepalm) or fear lynching?

Srs-nonsrs. Nonsrs are best.

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What's the most you would spend on a really good foundation? 
I am in love with this foundation that I got a free sample of, but the full sized bottle is $32. Not so sure...

What's your foundation of choice? Brand? Liquid/powder/creme/etc?


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What's your favorite over-processed, unhealthy treat?

Tostitos queso dip, mixed with hormel turkey chili, sharp cheddar, salt, and cayenne pepper powder. And of course tortilla chips to scoop it up with.

Military issues...

My ex is in the air force. I gave birth to our daughter almost 6 weeks ago. I have not filed for any child support. I am giving him the chance to pay me without filing for child support- not the smartest decision I'm aware... He is saying that he has still not received money on his paychecks for our daughter/his new dependent. So, question is... How long does it take for someone in the military to start receiving money for a new dependent?

EDIT: I was mostly curious to see if he was lying to me. I'm going to file for child support.
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roommate issues

So for the last week or so, every time I go in my bathroom, a spider is there. The same spider, I'm assuming. We'll call him #1. Whenever I go in there, #1 is just chilling in a corner, not bothering anyone, so I leave him be (unlike a different spider - #2 - that was crazily scampering all around my shower and getting way too close for comfort while I was showering. I killed it, and #1 ate its body).

Then last night I was cleaning my bathroom, and when I picked up the pile of dirty clothes on the floor, a third spider ran out! I began to get concerned about the number of spiders in my bathroom and whether #1 was inviting them all there, and I considered getting rid of #1. Permanently. I know I was acting differently around him - #3 had set me on edge - and I was cleaning with the same spray I had used to kill #2, which probably set off some warning bells.

Today, #1 is gone. No sign of him in the bathroom or anywhere else. Did he get scared and flee my house, or is he hiding, lying low and planning something nefarious? If I see him before he sees me, should I take him out?

Bonus question: most of the dirty clothes on the floor were underwear. What was #3 doing in there??
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TQC, will you either make a video and post it here or post a video you've made on YouTube? I wanna see your pretty faces and hear your lovely voices. And then bookmark this page and fap to it later, obvs.

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If you're name begins with A, do you get a lot of accidental calls from people or their bags?

My phone keeps accidentally dialling "Abram", and that must happen to him a lot.

N/A: WHo is the last contact in your phone contacts?

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Does anyone know how to jailbreak an itouch? 

I have tried various sites, but I cannot find one to work.  It's a 3rd generation (I think, just bought it), and I have a PC.

If anyone can help or point me in the right direction that would be great!

If not, are you seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D tonight? On drugs?

Seems to be the general consensus around here, LOL. 

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 Did anyone here switch schools when they were in high school? Where you switching in the same city, or did you move to a totally new place? How was your experience?

I want to switch schools but I have no idea how to go about this or how to get my parents to really take me seriously about switching. 
dk/dc, what's for dinner tonight?
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Have you ever been through a divorce or were close to someone who was?

Do you have any advice for someone who is about to go through one? My mother is going to an attorney tomorrow, but we have no friends or family that have gone through one and my mom is overwhelmed and just generally a mess about the whole situation.
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My family's medical history has a pretty thorough list of illnesses/disorders/diseases/random rare stuff in it. To make life a little easier for our doctors, my sister and I decided to keep a document with all of the information so it can easily be printed out. We'd now like to make a family tree with it as well, but I haven't been able to find any tree templates that will allow me to put in that much information about individuals. Trusty TQC, do you have any suggestions?

Eventually we'd like to make an interactive tree too, since several cousins are interested in the project, but... Baby steps.

DK/DC: What's your favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor? If you don't like their stuff (blasphemy!), what is your favorite frozen dessert (other brand or other tasty thing)?

relationship with teachers/professors

how do you develop a good relationship with a professor?

i always seem to have this one professor that i happen to be very fond of but because of this very reason, i just clamp down in front of him. i'm terrifiied that he will figure out that i'm not smart enough and am bsing through the class. its so hard for me to answer and talk in class. at the same time i feel so shitty because i dont. :( and it probs makes him think i dont know shit.

what should i do?

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Have you ever had a current SO meet an ex? How'd that go for ya? Do you have any horror stories?

My ex and current boyfriend are meeting for the first time tonight, what type of craziness should I expect?
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More imperative question-
1. How do I take music from my computer (a Mac) and put it on my phone (a Blackberry Storm)? Plugging my phone into my computer didn't work.

More engaging question-
2. Will you post your favorite bands/songs/records so we can rate your music taste on a scale from 1-10?

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I have to call my credit card company and cancel some bullshit payment protection thing I don't remember authorizing.

Are you good at talking to Credit Card companies? I get so anxious about the calls..I have to talk myself into it and get all psyched up!

Bareass necessities

Which of these activities would you ever do naked?

Hot tub
Bridesmaid/best man (naked wedding)
Swim in the ocean
Protest (naked protest where everyone's streaking)
Drive in an isolated place, like a desert
Model (as in photography, with you being in front of the camera)
Ride a mechanical bull
Ride a float at Mardi Gras (sans clothing)
I would never be naked in public
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Do you eat your dinner at the dining table or somewhere else? Do you eat with your family/SO/friends or alone?

Growing up we had dinner at the dining table together almost every night. If my dad worked late, we waited so we could all eat together. Now that I live with my bf we alternate between eating at the table or eating on our couch in front of the TV. He never ate dinner with his family as a kid (they only used their dining room table to put their crap on) and sometimes thinks it's weird when I want to sit at the table.
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I'm in the mood for Mexican food. I have these ingredients to use (I have other foods but these seem most relevant to Mexican cooking): Corn tortillas, black beans, refried beans, rice, red, green, yellow, and orange bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic cloves, potatoes, can of fire roasted tomatoes, cheddar soy cheese, and enchilada sauce. I think that gives me a lot of options.

What should I make for dinner?

Something else

What's your favorite thing to order at Mexican restaurants?

[Edit: TQC_updates post]

(no subject)

So I have my undergrad juried show for the art department that is taking submissions on Monday. I'm submitting two photos that will be printed at 9"x6".

I just need some input! Will you please take a look through this set of photos and tell me your two favorites?

I'll make my own decision, but gahhhhhhh, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO PUT IN.

Who is your favorite photographer? Favorite photo?

(no subject)

My dad is craving a cheeseburger. I could go to the drive-through at In-N-Out (it's only like, 5 minutes away and I don't mind driving there), I could make one for him at home (ugh, too much effort), or just tell him to deal and eat something healthier instead.

What should I do?

Go to In-N-Out
Make one at home
Make him deal and eat healthy
WTF is In-N-Out?
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A literary agent was interested in this YA novel I wrote and asked me for a manuscript. She told me to be patient--as she is a very busy woman--and I sent her my manuscript and she said she'd respond as quickly as possible.

A month passed and I didn't hear from her again, so I just sent a short follow-up email asking her if there was any news, in case she forgot. It's been a week and a half and she hasn't replied to that email.

Now I'm kind of worried. If she rejected my manuscript, she would at least reply saying she rejected it or reply to my follow-up, right? :( If she at least rejected me I could then contact other agents with query letters, but she hasn't rejected me so I'm sort of stuck.

Do any of you know how long a process like this is? It's really kept me on my toes.
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Are they any weird regional words you use? Like in my mom's hometown, they called green peppers "mangoes." In the grocery story circulars, they actually listed it as "mangoes, 2/$2"
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 Right, quick back story. My employer are arranging a charity trip for 40 members of staff to go to Brazil in october for 10 days to help rebuild a school. To apply i had to fill in an application form. I recieved an email the other day saying there had been an over whelming response and i should hear by monday if i got a place. keep in mind my employer has about 10,000 employees and there's only 40 spaces on the trip. even if only 1/4 of employees apply, that's still 2,500 people applying.
Today my line manager told me she had to fill out a questionaire about me (basically they wanted to know if i was a good 'ambassador' for the company, if i would be of sound mind to go, if i was a hard worker/team player, yadda yadda). Do you, oh great mind of TQC, think that the people organising the trip would have everyones manager who applied do the questionaire, or do you think they would have whittled out the ones definatly not getting chosen and only be getting the questionaire done for potential candidates? 
my collegues have been giving me mixed responses, but im thinking its a positive thing.

Hey grammar police!

Are the following proper sentences?

"It's just that we've never had a polygamist is all."
"It's just that we care about you is all."

I'm watching Big Love and people KEEP saying "is all" at the end of their sentences! Is this part of the Utah dialect?

Do you watch Big Love?
What's your favorite HBO show (running or not)? Mine will always be "Oz".
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Why is deleting a post taboo?
My hypothesis is because people put effort into answering... maybe?

Is getting a DS Lite worth the money?

What would you suggest doing to get rid of ingrown hairs (aside from stop shaving)?

(no subject)

Tell me the truth TQC: have you ever driven a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol/drugs/etc.?

ETA This post is boring. You should also tell me a scary driving story, not necessarily involving DUI stuff.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to learn french! Does anyone have any recommendations for awesome kids (or just relatively simple) books in French? For reference I've already got some Petit Nicolas, and that's about my limit comprehension-wise right now, haha.

(no subject)

What did you order the last time you went through the drive-through? Be as specific as possible with the entire order.

ETA: My grandma fudged the cheque she wrote me for my birthday--instead of writing out "---------Fifty---------" she put "-----50.00-----". Will it bounce, or should I try cashing it, anyway?
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Adult children who have ever moved back in with their parents for whatever reason (this includes kids who graduated college and moved back home after living on-campus for most of the year): how did you deal with the inevitable conflicts that arise once your parents are able to employ the irrefutable ‘under my roof’ argument again?
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(no subject)

TQC, would you like to play Never Have I Ever?

Post something you've never done, and then others will come along and reply to your comment if they have done that thing. And then we will learn about each other and it will be great. GREAT.
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(no subject)

For those of you who watch/ are watching this season of LA Ink -

Do you believe it's scripted?

I assume most reality shows are staged but not scripted - whatever, that's what I like to think and believe. But this new bitch is not believable. Who acts like that?? That girl cannot be real. It disappoints me because I can't believe the story line as genuine anymore. Boo.
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I'm really bored and at a hotel in Anaheim. What should I do?

The following are within walking distance and open: Jack In The Box, Carl's Jr, 2 convenience stores, and the hotel bar which is surprisingly pretty full. None of those really appeal to me but I can't drive the rental car and I really want to go somewhere right now. Where should I go?

(no subject)

My VERY noisy flatmates have gone for a night out, and i'm fairly sure they'll be very noisy when they get in in about 3-4 hours time. Do I snatch what sleep I can get now, or start uni work while it's quiet as I won't get any done tomorrow if they keep me up?

Whats the best way to get people to shut-up?
These flatmates filled the hall with balloons, popped them all so the hallway is now filled with yucky rubber, and are constantly bringing friends round and being noisy with all doors open. Asking doesn't work, these people cannot be reasoned with.
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(no subject)

Those commercials and advertisements for fast food. Is the food in them real, or is it just plastic made to look like food? We all know the food you get at the drive through looks way worse than the food in the ads.
What's your favorite fast food place? What do you like to get there?
What's your preferred method of pubic hair removal (if you choose to remove it) and how often do you do it?
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(no subject)

There's a quote in the movie "Hell Ride" which is presented by Tarantino that I'm trying to remember.

It's a dialogue I guess.
Something about if you're perfect then it's your last day on earth.

Do you know the quote and what is it?