March 3rd, 2010

Adam - idk my bff jil?

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In a very Bertie Wooster series of mishaps, it so happens that there is no way in heaven or earth that I can have my homework finished by class time tomorrow night. This is not a tragedy and probably will not affect my grade much, if at all, but it is a pain in the ass and I like my professor a lot and it bugs me to look like an ass who can't get my shit together, especially since I'm interning where he works when he's NOT professor-ing and might ultimately end up getting a job there.

So, schadenfreude with me, TQC -- what is the biggest fuckup you have ever committed with regards to your learnings at the place where learnings are had? Have you ever actually literally failed a class?

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should i pull an all nighter? i have 2 classes but i don't really need to pay a lot of attention to either of them (1 is a class that i am auditing and the other will most probably end up just being a free-for-all discussion about rape) and i do not feel like going to bed now or any time soon.
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I feel like there was a movie around the time when 12 Monkeys came out that I kept confusing it with 12 Monkeys (hello awkward sentence!) but I can't remember what it was called or if it even exists.

Is there a movie that I'm describing or have I made it up?

It wasn't Se7en, Fight Club, or 5th Element.

/vague question is vague
/in before "whatwasthatone

Are there any movies that you conflate?

I had a hard time remembering which move was 5th Element and which movie was Event Horizon a few years ago.


OH MY GOD GUYS! My memory card errored and there were a ton of pics on there! I can't get it to fix and it wants me to format it. If I format it, is there a way to still get the pictures off of it?? HALP

Remotely Lost

Where is the first place that you look for your remote control when you lose it? (For me it's either the couch or the kitchen)

Where is the strangest place you have found something that you lost?
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Should I Drink It?

A few days ago while cleaning out my basement, I drank about a quarter of a bottle of diet raspberry iced tea. Then I got down to business, closed up the bottle, and put it down in a chair. Today I found that previously neglected bottle of tea and would like to drink it. What are the odds that it has gone bad/is too bacteria-ridden? (Keep in mind that my basement is fairly chilly, though certainly is no refrigerator.)

If I drink it, will I turn into a radioactive tea leaf or just die? Or will I remain my boring old non-radioactive self?

Are you picky about your water/drinks?

(I generally only drink water if it is really cold and has only been sitting for less than half an hour. I'm also really sensitive to strange tastes in my water, but that may be because everything tasted like shit about a week before I was diagnosed with the diabeetus. Traumatizing.)

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Hot Dogs...

What toppings do you like on them?
What's your favorite brand?
Best method of cooking them?

If you do not eat hot dogs, what is your favorite "street food"? Best place to get it?
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Speaking of all-nighters, life is tough.

I'm currently trying to finish a paper. It's 4am. When this is done, I have some reading to catch up on for the same class as this paper I'm writing. I have a class from 11-12, and the class the work is for is at 3:30. I would like to make it to the 11:00 class if I can. Let's assume I finish the paper around 4:30 because I'm almost done. If you were me, would you do whatever reading directly after the paper and then nap sometime between 12 and 3:30, or would you finish the paper, sleep some before the 11 class and then read between classes?

I can't not sleep because once I get to the 3:30 class I'm stuck in learningland until 6:30 and then I have to go somewhere afterwards.

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Should I go shopping at the night market or out for Indian food, which I've been craving for awhile now, tomorrow night? Keeping in mind that the one I don't do then will be done the next night.

What's the last thing you bought?
Is there anything you're craving right now?
Will the rooster I hear, despite being on the 18th, technically 16th, floor, ever stop crowing?


1. Ever tried gamefly/know someone who has? (It's like netflix but for videogames) Did you like/hate it/did it suck/is it worth trying?

2. Dc/dk Do people ever just make you feel antisocial? When's the last time someone/something has bugged you for no apparent reason?
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 What is the stupidest/most unsafe thing you've seen somebody do while driving a car?
Lots of people these days will take a right while in the left hand lane. My bus has almost crashed into at least 3 of them. 

Will you share your favorite cheap recipe?
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Someone is asking you for the time.
You look at your time keeping device.
It is EXACTLY 8:48.
Do you tell them: "Its 8:48" or "about ten till 9"?

Does your chronometer have hands or numbers?
do you use a wrist watch or something else?

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Let’s say that you are a guy and a female coworker of yours invites you out to hang with her and some of her friends.   The evening is going to be dinner, drinks, and a late night movie. You show up at the restaurant and notice that there are five others there and they are also all girls. You get to talking to them and find out that several of them have boyfriends that are not in attendance.

You were not on the original invite list (which was all girls) and were invited day of by your coworker. 

What would you think is going on here and what do you do now that you are already at the restaurant?  


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I have the worst cold I think I have ever had in a very long time.  I can't breathe through my nose, swallow without much difficulty, or talk at all.  ALso, my hears hurt so bad that they're sensitive to noise.

Are there any quick remedies for this while I wait for the cold meds I won't be getting until about five this evening?

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I have Jiffy Raspberry Muffin mix, which has a tendency to not turn out to make the best muffins ever. I would like the best muffins ever. I was thinking of throwing in some vanilla extract, frozen blueberries, and maybe some caramelized sugar on the top.

If you were trying to make the best muffins ever, from a mix, what would you doctor it?

DK/DC: I just realized after 20 years of life, that Rassberry is actually spelt with a p. Did you know? When was the last time you realized you've been spelling a word all wrong?

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In what way(s) are you lame?

I use air-quotes in conversation. A lot.

What's your favorite color to paint your fingernails? Toenails?

I've yet to choose a 'favorite'. I like to change it up too much.

Who is your favorite mom/mother figure from a movie/tv show/etc?

I like Toni Collette in the Sixth Sense. I think it's really touching, how much she loves her son.

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I need to clean out my closet a bit, but I'm one of those people who can't very easily convince myself that I need to get rid of an item of clothing. So, what should my rule be:

If I haven't worn it in three months, donate it?
If I haven't worn it in six months, donate it?
If I haven't worn it in one year, donate it?

How do I get myself to let go of some clothes my mom gave me? I kept the purse she gave me when I graduated college, but I think it's time to let everything else go.
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I was in an accident last night and didn't file a police report because the guy who hit me gave me his information. The insurance people said I should have. Should I file one today, or not bother now?

[Edit: I went to the station and made a report. The police were like wow the guy who hit you was dumb, heh]

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Inspired by the "can one believe in a Christian god and evolution" question:

Does Christianity make absolutely NO sense to anyone else in here?

I guess my brain isn't wired to think that praying to a "being" will accomplish anything. I was raised Catholic and kinda played along for some years, but I gave that up.

I mean, if someone believes in it and it does them good and makea their life better, then more power to them, but for ME, it just doesn't make sense.

Thoughts? Arguments? Wank?

Lodging in NYC

Can anyone recommend a place to stay in New York between April 29th and May 2nd (Thurs/Fri/Sat nights) for two people? We are looking to keep it $100/night or less, Manhattan or Brooklyn preferred (but west Queens or South Bronx also OK), and no hostels unless it's a private room/ensuite. I may be asking too much, but as long as it's somewhat clean, no foot-long rats, etc., I think it would be all right.

And yes, I know there are dozens of hotel review sites; but I trust the wisdom of the thequestionclub community. :)

Links to other communities where I could get more advice are also welcome. Thanks!

EDIT: OK, OK... Under $150 a night?

(I stayed at a boutique in Chelsea once and the rate was $99... but I was invited to speak at a company's conference and that must have been the company's discounted rate for using that hotel often.)

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Where is my camera hiding?

DK/DC- Why can't people drive in the rain? Last night I was driving home and it wasn't pouring, just a steady stream of rain and I would go past people going 40 in a 65 zone. I don't get it...

EDIT: Okie I found my camera. It was under a seat in my car. I guess it fell out of my bag one day and I should have looked there sooner. But now I have a new question. My car is always parked outside and it's been really cold lately. Im on the east coast where we have had the bad snow storms. I turned my camera on and off and that worked fine, but will it be damaged from being out in the cold so long? I believe it's still under warranty if that matters
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health insurance

When you were no longer in college, or dropped below full-time, what did you do about your health insurance? Did you lose it completely, or did you qualify for another program?

(this is not a healthcare debate post)

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My SO and I are thinking about buying a home as a project / investment. It is in a neighborhood with homes that are worth money, but this one will go for FAR less than market value (foreclosure & very old).  It is in BAD condition.  BAD.  It needs a full remodel and at least a small addition to the home.  We have the funds to do this.  We both love home projects.

Do any of you have any experience with a home remodel?  Or "flipping" a house?  Did you get your money out of it?

Please share your advice, experienced or not. ;)
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I recently met someone that is making me fall apart.
He's intelligent, funny, generous, not afraid to express his feelings, successful and absolutely stunning. He can cook, speaks fluent spanish, loves to travel and seems to like me a lot.

TQC, how am I gonna screw this up?

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Would you rather buy Avon products, or Mary Kay products?

Party Lites or Pampered Chef?

I need to make some extra money, and as a SAHM I would love to be my own boss.

What really weird thing has happened to you today? There was a knock at the door, and I looked out the window and a creepy clean white van with no side doors or windows was parked outside our house. I put our three year old in the bathroom downstairs and told her to be really quiet, and closed the door. I went to answer the upstairs door, and it was this creepy ass man asking if he could talk to me about rocks. I said no and asked him to leave. He sat in his van for a little bit and then drove off. I am so scared because our old roommate witnessed a murder, and today is the first day of court after the defense took a 2 1/2 year break to gather evidence and what not. I'm so scared. My hubby is rushing home to take me and the kid off to buy servaliance cameras and a gate for our driveway.

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So, I don't know if you remember, but I posted a while ago about writing a research paper on furries. Aaaaand now here's a poll:

When you first learned of furries, how were they presented / how did you perceive them and where did you find out about them?

Positively, a furry website
Positively, a non-furry website
Neutrally, a furry website
Neutrally, a non-furry website
Negatively, a furry website
Negatively, a non-furry website
Positively, CSI episode
Neutrally, CSI episode
Negatively, CSI episode
Positively, Sex2k (MTV)
Neutrally, Sex2k (MTV)
Negatively, Sex2k (MTV)
Don't remember, but what ever it was, I didn't like the idea.
Don't remember, but what ever it was, I didn't like or dislike the idea.
Don't remember, but what ever it was, I liked the idea.

I ran out of room, but if it's 'other' could you specify in the comments, pleasee?
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I have to get a job

1. What kind of job should I get? I refuse to work for the man. My qualifications are somewhat irrelevant because I don't want to do anything I'm qualified for.

2. I want to work for a microbrewery. There are many around here. How can I do that? Any tips?

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Gah, I ate some stirfry that was a little bit borderline for lunch, and now about an hour later my stomach is hurting and cramping.... have I given myself food poisoning? I have to leave for school in 10 minutes, should I risk it...? I don't want to miss classes if it turns out to be nothing but I also don't want to end up stuck and school and puking >.<

arrrh what do I dooo?
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Have you ever seen a movie that really, truly pissed you off or left you frustrated?
I saw "Lost in Translation" last night and UGHGHGHHHHHHHHH it killed me.

Why the hell are you complaining?
I'm cramping and I haven't had my period in half a year. I should be happy, but fuck.

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What are you looking forward to/the next big significant occasion in your life?

How do you take your mind off it so it seems to come quicker?

I really can't wait to visit home (i'm at uni) next weekend. I know it will make this weekend pass all the slower...

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Do you believe in God?
Why/why not?

Do you accept evolution?
Why/why not?

Do you believe in ghosts?
why/why not?

Do you believe in psychic abilities?
why/why not?

Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets?
Why/why not?

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You're on a first date with someone. You didn't know them very well before and you seem to get along good enough. You had agreed to meet at the restaurant, and now that dinner is over, you both walk to his/her car to say goodnight. He/she drives a Corvette with a personalized plate. Which of the following vanity plates would make you decide against having a second date?

Doesn't actually have a car. Just bus fare

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What was/is the most annoying/stupid class you took/take in college?

We have to take this professional writing course and it drives me crazy! I already know how to write memos and resumes. Such redundant work.

DK/DC: What do you get on your Chipotle burrito? What about your Five Guys burger?

Chipotle: rice, black beans, onions&peppers, steak, pico de gallo, hot salsa, cheese, guac, extra lettuce

5guys: Bacon cheeseburger with onions, pickles, jalapenos, bbq sauce, mayo
ugh, rollseyes, pink, bitch

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Does anyone have a really fast dinner recipe that involve pre-cooked black-eyed peas (and no, not the band)? I have chicken and sausage, most dried herbs and fresh parsley and cilantro, onions, garlic. I have some canned corn (I think) and some other beans, but I'm not at home to check. I'd post this to
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Does anyone have a really fast dinner recipe that involve pre-cooked black-eyed peas (and no, not the band)? I have chicken and sausage, most dried herbs and fresh parsley and cilantro, onions, garlic. I have some canned corn (I think) and some other beans, but I'm not at home to check. I'd post this to <lj-comm="Cooking">, but chances are it won't be approved in time. I'm getting home kind of late from work and have to be up super early tomorrow, hence the something super fast, but I also want it to be tasty because it's not just for me.

DK/DC: Which of Henry VIII's wives is your favorite? Why?

Is there a breed of dog you can't stand? I know some people hate all small dogs, or all big dogs, but which breed in particular? Why?

Chest Tattoos

 Anybody here ever get a tattoo on their chest? I have two on both of my forearms, and I'm looking to get a pretty decent sized chest piece done. The only thing really holding me back is the insane amount of pain I'm anticipating.

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My friends and I want to go to Disney World on spring break (very busy time, I know, but it's the only time we're all available). Do you have any tips to make it as cheap as possible?

We don't plan to stay in a hotel in Disney or anything because that's ridiculously expensive, and we plan to bring as much food with us as possible since food is just as expensive. We also plan to drive and to get as many people to go as possible so that when we split costs, it's cheaper.
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When was the last time that you were sick?
What did you have?
Who/what did you catch it from?

I'm sick right now with a sore throat and a stuffed up nose. My husband was sick with something similar two weeks ago. It's totally his fault, right?

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Have any of you studied abroad?
If so, what have your experiences been? ETA: where did you go? I want to go to Denmark.

DK/DC: what religion were you raised to believe in?
What religion are you now?
What affect did your upbringing had on your religious beliefs (or lack thereof)?

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A crazy idea came into my head lately. Packing some essentials, catching a random flight (I'm in Scotland so somewhere in Europe would be feasible) and aimlessly wandering around for an indefinite length of time. Working when necessary. Hippie style but minus the camper van (or vehicle in general as I don't drive)

The reality being that I worry & stress to the point of paranoia so while the thought really appealas to me, it does scare me a bit, I'd be reliant on public transport & I'd be starting out with have my savings of £500 ($755)

Have you (or someone you know) ever done something similar? How'd that go?

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Photoshop has an extension where you can add selection shapes beyond the ones that come preinstalled with the program., right?

Does anyone know if there is a similar extension for Paint Shop Pro? If yes, do you know where to go online to find new selections?

Star Wars Birthday Party

I am helping plan a birthday party for the boy I nanny for.  He is turning 5 and he loves Star Wars.  We want to make the party a sort of Jedi-initiation thing, where the kids would have activities/games to do and at the end they would be become Jedis and get some sort of prizes/whatever.  This is about all I have planned though.  I know the basics about Star Wars, but I am by no means an expert... so I am seeking your help!

Can you help me think of any suggestions for a 5-year-old boy's Star Wars birthday party?  
(Party favors, games, food, decorations, etc.?)

Thanks in advance!

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1. What beauty thing that some people do that you absolutely hate?

Last night I saw a shampoo commercial with Evangeline Lilly and they powdered out her freckles! And this isn't the first time I've seen someone cover up their own freckles. I hate that. Freckles are awesome and cute!

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I have some muscle relaxers that have been in a suitcase in my warm room (for some reason my room is like 10-15 degrees hotter than the rest of the house making it like 85F) for 8 months or so. I'm bad at remembering to unpack everything, obviously. I know that most medicines need to be at room temperature or something, right? Do you think these muscle relaxers are okay to take? Will they still be effective?

What did you last take medicine for?
Dax Kiss

House Cleaning

Has anyone had any success with on your own offering services such as cleaning someone's home for pay? How did it work out? What was your schedule like? How much did you charge? What kind of places did you clean- any horror stories? Did you bring cleaning supplies or was it expected they had them? What kind of supplies did you bring (if you brought them)?

I am contemplating putting up ads for cleaning homes or something similar to make a little extra money outside my part time job, but I don't know how good of an idea that is. But between school and work I have a limited schedule. I'm thinking something I could do just a couple hours a week for a little extra money.

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Poll #1533126 jean rise

prefered jean/pant rise.

Ultra-low-rise jeans
Low-rise jeans

prefered cut

Boy cut/'boyfriend'
Wide leg
Skinny flare

and would you please post your colour of preference, and brand.
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Does anyone know the name of the book thats like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders only its just medical maladies and not mental disorders? Does this actually even exists?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, what kind of phone do you have? I have a Blackberry Bold 9000

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What's your criteria for determining if someone is racist (besides he or she stating they are racist, obviously)?

What's your criteria for determining if someone is not racist?

What one criterion do you use to decide instantly that someone is racist?

Can you tell I added that last question just to show off tha I know the singular of "criteria" is "criterion?"

ETA: think more in terms of online interactions, like while on LJ.
Evil Me

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I have one of those fully sealed bags of food you're supposed to boil in water to cook. It's some sort of Chinese food I think... probably chicken. I don't have the package anymore... how long do you think I should boil it for?

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do you have an autoimmune disease(or know anyone with one)?
wanna tell me about it?

i came back from the doctor today and i definitely have Raynaud's and the doctor is pretty sure a mild case of lupus. yaaaay.

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Any hairdressers out there...

Recently got my hair done, its platinum blonde with a Loreal Luocolour PO1 finish.
Also have a bit of vibrant orange in the front, i think its luocolour 646, anybody able to confirm this for me?

Thanks :)
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What are your favourite meals and snacks that are healthy and light and low-cal, without using processed low cal/nonfat type ingredients? I almost never met a low cal dressing or packaged diet food that I liked. I'm fine with cooking from scratch, but am working a lot now, so do you have any suggestions for more natural but diet-friendly meals that don't chew up loads of time to make?

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I just got a call about a job I'm really interested in- only the call was kind of muddled at the beginning and I'm kind of out of it, so I don't think I came across well. But I got an interview for tomorrow so- how hard will I have to work to offset an initial bad first impression? What can I do to wow them and forget I was out of it on the phone?

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Months ago I went to the doctors & while I was there I asked the doctor for an STD test. He gave me some paperwork to take to the pathology center to get the test done. Well, I forgot about it & months later I've found the paperwork again.

So, 2 questions (seeing as the doctors are closed now)
1. Can I still use this paperwork (complete with doctors signature) 5 months later to get the tests done?
2. If not, do I have to go back to the doctors to book another test, or can I just go to the pathology center?

I'm in Australia, if that matters any.

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I had really bad allergies when i was a kid so i couldn't have any pets or eat all sorts of yummy things like chocolate.=( And now my son is getting tested for allergies.

Are you allergic to anything?

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Has anyone here ever used Nyx Cosmetics makeup? How did you like it? It's pretty cheap but it's supposed to be good quality. I'm just iffy about buying make-up online.

What's your favorite make-up brand, if you have one?

dk/dc, what was the last truly awesome movie you saw? I'm having a movie night this weekend and need some suggestions.

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Ladies, have you ever taken plan b?

If you have, did you get sick after you took it? If you did have any side effects, were they bad enough to keep you from say, going to work?

I feel like a douche asking this, but inquiring minds need to know right now.
Hey you guys! I died!

Tech Support

My google-fu and general ability to think are both broken, thus i was hoping you kind folks could help me.

I am trying to use my iPod with a pc/windows laptop. it was first used on a Mac. the computer is telling me that in order to be able to do anything i have to restore the iPod first which means deleting everything. how do i salvage what i want on the iPod first?

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What games do you like for Nintendo DS?

If you don't own one, what are your favourite video games on any system? (MORROWIND LOVERS REPRESENT!!!)

If you don't give a fuck about video games, can you tell me where is a good place to buy some pillows that are not too expensive and do not necessarily look like bed pillows? I've been crashing on the livingroom couch for the past two years (my brother has back problems and commandeered my bed, which I was mostly cool with since my room had been reduced to public storage and our couches are comfortable) but today I finally got a futon and moved into my sister's room... but I don't want to steal the living room pillows forever, that's so unclassy. But I've never bought pillows before. Would department stores have some that are not shit but also not $200 each? Or what? I don't know! D: Being a grownup is confusing sometimes.

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Anyone here took Contemporary Feminist Theory as uni/college unit before? How is it?

What kind of college student are/were you?
(The loud kind, the quiet kind, the kind that disappears after the 3rd week and re-appear right before exams etc)
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climbing trees

Did you climb trees as a kid?

Do you still?

Did you have a ~special~ tree to climb?

I did, there was one in the woods behind my house that had a perfect dip where the main two branches split off and my five year old self would sit there and read Amelia Bedelia.
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 How do you tell someone they're a terrible singer? Especially if they happen to think they're pretty good?

(Hypothetical question is not hypothetical.)

DKDC: Do you eat breakfast on a regular basis?
stone eyes

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"i think your cat hafe's an littel kind of an epileption attack its no big deal just go to the dockter once in a while-hope'd i helped you alot c ya :D"

I'm watching videos of cats with a disorder I think one of my cats may have and that was one of the comments.

What is the worst spelling that you've ever seen on youtube comments, or anywhere? Bonus points for c&p or links!
Don't they just make you want to facepalm?

Semi realted to the first question: To previous or present cat owners- my smallest cat has tremors, and they can get pretty violent at times. I'm thinking she might have a mild seizure disorder, but I might be overreacting. Does anyone else have a cat with either a seizure disorder or shake while they're laying down?

DK/DC about either question: What's the funniest quote or saying you've ever heard? 

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I completely bombed a mid term.
I studied quite hard but memorization is just NOT my thing. I'm an English major, Sociology minor; these things do not require memorization really, but rather grasping of concepts and interpreting.

Should I email the prof about it? Or just see how it goes?

It was for Art History & I know I got 90% of the titles wrong and 100% of the dates wrong; the only thing that MAY save me is my interpretations of the pieces... but even so, I doubt I passed.

I just feel really bad, like she will think I don't respect her or the class and didn't put in any effort. She saw my studying flash cards before the exam and said "GREAT IDEA", but obviously it did not work. I just want to know her opinion on my grade and whether or not I should withdraw from it, or if she thinks I could pull through. I also want to let her know I DO enjoy the class and DID try really hard, especially to study but nothing stayed with me.

I go to a small college, my class has about 20 people in it.

If I do email her what should I say?

Don't know/ Don't give a shit:

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anontang DA

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Hi TQC! Guess what? My spring break starts tomorrow, yay! Campus has had three power outages in the last three weeks, all on Thursday. Each time they have canceled day classes. I want to go home REALLY BADLY. So, TQC, my question to you is, in what awesome way can I [with or without the help of others in the building] induce a power outage?

Non-srs answers only, obv.
harry styles → eiffel tower

probably a long shot

has anybody here ever worked at ashley furniture homestore, in the office?

i just got a job there. just started training today and there is SO much to learn. and to top it off, we are opening this saturday. D:

any helpful advice?
drunk buffy

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have you ever been in a situation where you fell out of love with your s/o, broke up with them, agreed to hang out a few weeks/months later to "talk" and ended up sleeping together?

did it bring any old feelings back? or did it just validate the fact that you definitely no longer want to be with them?
scruffy alien

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Dear doctor TQC, I have been diagnosed with bronchitis and am an three different medications for it, none of which are a cough suppressant. I'm taking Sinugular, an anti-bacterial, and I'm also on an inhaler. Do you think it's a bad idea to take a 6-hour cough suppressant so that I can get some shut-eye? Or do you think that there would be some very bad unknown side-affects?
Loves of My Life

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If you were rich, what food would you eat all the time? You can even have food flown in and delivered to your house from anywhere in the world. What would it be?

eta When can we stop talking about Chatroulette?
splat cupcake

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Anybody have experience being  shooter girl?  I wouldnt have to do body shots, Id be wandering around a bar selling people shots. Its pay is based on your sales though, and Id HAVE to work Fri and Sat 11-3am.

Im desperate for a job. Work starts ASAP.
Whadda think?

ETA: if I do it, got any tips for selling? (If it helps I was born with a stripper name.)
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