March 2nd, 2010

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have you ever done the harry potter tour(s) in london? are they worth it?

if you could visit any famous location or landmark whether it be in pop culture or not, what would it be?

i'd go to buffy's house

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Does the moon spin round?

Why do we always see the same side of it? Do people in like, Australia see the same side of the moon as the rest of the world?

Can someone please explain this to me?!
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Do you experience completely irrational rage?

I'm talking about fine one minute, then hissing/spitting rage with no provocation whatsoever.

I'm a small, very girly, nerdy, educated human being. I sometimes experience such fits of random rage, to the point where all I can think about is realistically hurting myself or others (but have never acted upon these feelings).

If you have these feelings, how do you handle them?

(I am in therapy, so no need to suggest it, I'm just curious about other personal experiences.)
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When was the last time you were woken up waaaaaaaay too early in the morning?

It's almost 4am here and about a half an hour ago my dog vomited in my face while I slept. Now I'm boiling chicken at 4 in the morning for his sad tummy. Yay pets!
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I need iddeas people!

What do you like to eat when you are sicker than a dog?
What do you feel or not feel like doing when you are sicker than a dog?
Are you one of the people who hates taking medicine or are one who will take it as necessary?

Toast, bananas, oatmeal, simple breakfasty things.
I feel like lying around the house doing nothing at all. Or being on the internet.
I only take medicine if I can't breath very well. Such as from coughing or allergy related reasons.
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Based on a question below, what do you think of those weird hairless cats? The ones where it looks like there were recently scared out of their fur? What do you think of people tattooing said hairless cats?

Photography Show

In may I'll be having a Photography show at a local coffee shop. I am going to have about 14 photos on the walls for a month. I am still picking out the photos but thinking ahead, I'm trying to decide on how big to print them. Is 8x10 or 10x15 better? or would you go bigger or smaller? Should I number my prints like the edition like you would if it was a painting or drawing? And how much do you think I should charge? I've never done this before, all I currently sell is greeting cards and recipe on etsy, so I'm not sure of how much they should be priced at? Have you ever had a show? How'd it go? Did you sell anything? DId you have an opening? What did you do at the opening?
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do you LOL when people get all butt hurt on the internet???

Do you participate?

EDIT-O-MATIC: have you been butt hurt? I was first, over my political wankiness....but i'm (almost) over it

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Say you and your partner are around 25. Married, no kids.

Would you be ok with them holding a job that consisted of them living 20 days away from you, 8 days with you?
Its not plausible to visit them, but you have phones/laptops with cameras-and you have a job, of course. They also have a vacation period where they are at home for say, three weeks in December, and two months in the summer.

If the job was 2 years long? 5 years long? 10 years long?

Edit:They love the job, and make a sex six figure income from it. Its possible for them to get a local job for a decent amount of money (say, about 2/3rds of what theyd make) but they enjoy it less.
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Anything important happen in the world in the past month? Any summits or anything? I'm reading the World section of the NYTimes and its taking a lot of time to sort through the earthquake news from both Haiti and Chile...which, while important, will be easy answers on my test. My professor keeps getting us with really random world news.

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I need to make baby shower invitations. I have never made invitations before in my life. Does this sound half decent?(I got most of the wording from VistaPrint). Are there any glaringly obvious mistakes that I should know about before I send them out to 30 people?

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She's not registering anywhere, so I don't need to include that, I don't think. Now, me and Paula are hosting the shower together. I don't need to say "Please RSVP to Paula at (604) 280-4444 or Rebecca at (604) 280-4445" do I? Is it too confusing if the shower is at Rebecca's house, but you're calling Paula to say if you're attending?

Do you have any ideas of anything cuter than "We hope you can make it!"?

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Would you consider yourself rich, poor or middle-class?

Do you have friends with money? (Friends who are significantly better off than you, financially.)
If so, do you ever feel weird about hanging out with them? Why? How do you deal with it?

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Do the Boy Scouts really not allow atheists? Do they ask job applicants if they're atheists?

The Girl Scout council I worked for has struck nearly every reference to God from its campfire songs. Anyone know of any mixed-gender or boys' youth programs that are awesome like that? (I know about Camp Quest.)
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Will you help me think of a good wedding present?

My boyfriend's brother is getting married in Las Vegas in 2 weeks. It will be a present from both of us and we plan to spend $50-$100. His brother and future wife currently live with his dad, so most household items don't apply. Obviously a gift card would be the best idea, but I'd like to be a little more creative, since it's a small wedding and they won't be getting many gifts.

What would you want if someone was giving you a present? I'd probably want the damn gift card...
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Are you going on any awesome vacations this year? To where? What are you going to do?

I'm going to Playa del Carmen, Mexico next week!! We're going to Tulum and Xel-Ha! I'm so excited.
I'm also going to Bonnaroo! Is anyone else going?
My friends rented a lake house in Port Bryon, NY for a week in July so I'll be going there too. It's right by a ton of wineries. :)

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Does green tea make you sick?

Mostly the non-Jasmine and non-Japanese brands make me nauseous. I don't know what may be different about them, though. And I always forget this and get random green tea at coffee places. Ugh. I feel sick now.

What is something that you like but sometimes makes you sick?

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I have an inkling my fiance is planning a gift to me on our wedding day and I would like to get him something. I was thinking about a nice watch, but was looking for another ideas. We're not having the most by-the-book wedding so we haven't done much research by the way of wedding traditions, so I wasn't sure if this is a common thing to do.

1. Any ideas for a wedding day gift?
2. Is this something you have done or seen done at other weddings? If so, what was the gift?
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My apartment's lease expires in August, but the landlord said we have to renew it now if we're going to. We don't want to renew it, so from now until we move out in August at any time, any day, they might be bringing people in without warning to view the apartment. So in order to move out, we have to give up 5 months of privacy. I've heard of two incidences of them walking in on people in the shower to show the bathroom.

Is this typical? Is this just something to be expected when you rent? Our landlord does a TON of shady practices so I wouldn't be surprised if 5 months of surprise visits isn't normal when renting.

Also, how can I get an mp3 on my laptop onto my phone to be a ringtone? Thanks!

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I have really sore thighs from doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred on SUNDAY. Any tips on how to make the pain go away? It's to the point where it hurts to kneel down. :/

Don't know or give a damn, how does a beautiful dancewhore dance?

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Have you/do you know anyone who has voluntarily let their car get repossessed? How does that work?

Tonight the Board of Directors at the college I work at is meeting to vote on who gets laid off. Word has it that while my job position should be safe, I still could/would get the boot (since I've only been here 6 months) and someone with seniority would get my job.

It fucking sucks and I'm working on some financial plans in case it does happen.

What really sucks is that this time last year, the husband lost his job at the Circuit City warehouse.

Our luck fucking sucks, y/y?

What should I do to get my mind off the job situation?

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Should a transgendered person necessarily reveal to someone on a first date that they are transgendered, particularly if they want to pursue a second date and beyond?

Alternatively, should a transgendered person only need to reveal this if they haven't yet completed or have opted not to complete their reassignment surgery?

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1)If you're a vegetarian/vegan, what vegetables do you hate? If you're not a vegetarian/vegan and you're going to answer this question anyway, please denote your status as an omnivore.
2)Who played at the last concert/live music show you saw?
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sorry if this has been asked recently, i never have time to be on here anymore.

canadians, french, english or whoever else is on here who has universal health care, what are some cons of your health-care coverage?

this has nothing to do with homework, i'm just honestly curious. it seems too good to be true and i feel like moving to canada right about now.

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What are your plans for today? (Or tomorrow if you're in another time zone)
I have a day off & plan to do very little but surf the web reading about unexplained mysteries and conspiracy theories.

What things fascinate you?

Do you (or someone you know) suck your thumb?
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TQC, what do you think about sarcasm? Do you use it? Is it hard to use sarcasm in text (ie. online, texting, writing etc)?
I think it's hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic online because you can't hear the tone in their voice.
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 When I was a little kid I remember there being a cent sign (¢) on the keyboard above one of the numbers. Anyone else remember that? When did it get taken out? Which symbol is on there now that replaced it? 

Obviously today's keyboard has been around for awhile, but I'm sure I remember the keyboard with a cent sign. 

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USA-ians ~ Have you ever been to a national park? Did you know you own 58 of them? Isn't that cool? I think it's cool. I like to claim random moose as personal property even though I have never actually seen a moose...

Non-USA-ians ~ Does your country have many national parks? Do you ever go to them?

Couch potatoes ~ What color is your couch?

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I'm selling my hair on a website of other people selling their hair. The site's certainly full of fetishists, since offering the buyer the chance to do the actual cutting makes the average going rate increase tenfold. I'm okay with this, though my hair is already cut and will get less.

My trouble is this email I've gotten. He first sent me an email inquiring whether the hair was still for sale and what my highest offer so far was. I said it was still for sale and that I'd listed it less than 24 hours ago so I just had one offer -- $210.

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Trying to scam me? Trying to stalk me? Fetishist typing with one hand, unaware of how skeevy his email is sounding? Note that my city/state/country are already included in the auction information.

Also, talking to a friend about it --He says if he had long hair he could probably sell it, and he as a man would be okay selling cutting privileges to a woman, but if he imagines being a woman he doesn't think he'd be comfortable selling cutting privileges to a man.
Would this freak you out, selling your hair to someone going to get off on it(going price around $200)? How about letting them cut it($2000)?

Edit: I know a lot of people choose to donate their hair. I choose not to, since my money is very tight right now. If you want to donate your hair, I applaud that -- Though I'd recommend not Locks of Love, actually, since they don't seem to get a lot done with it. see:
Pretend I'm selling furniture or something that doesn't come with an automatic pressure to donate it.

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What do you think of a married couple choosing to live apart?
Would you like this arrangement for yourself?
What do you think of parents living separately from their children (who would live with a nanny)?

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If you were taking a gondola ride to the top of a very high mountain, and there was a group of bratty kids in the car ahead of you, and one of their fathers was with them, dressed like Mickey Mouse (because it was the brat's birthday) and the bratty kids started rocking the gondola cart so hard that the connector snapped and they all fell to their deaths, and you saw it all... would you laugh?

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Would you be personally offended if your fiancé asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement? 

What if you were going to buy a house with your SO and they asked you to sign a Buy-Sell agreement that stipulated the terms in which either one of you would have to meet in order to get out of the lease should the relationship go South?


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1. Do you prefer liquid or powder detergent? Why?

2. Why do I keep having dreams about my teeth falling out? My teeth are in excellent condition and I have never had a cavity.

3. Do you have any reoccurring dreams? If so, what are they about?

4. If a friend of yours is coming from out of town and will be crashing at your place for a couple of nights, do you give them your bed or will you have them sleep somewhere else?
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how did you last update your facebook?
if it was a picture, will you post the picture?
if it was a link or youtube, will you post that?
or if you're boring and a status update was the last thing you updated, i suppose you can post that too.

if you don't have a facebook (or even if you do), will you comment with the most lol-worthy picture of you?

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You're leaving a hospital after visiting a friend. Just as you're walking out the door, you see a crumpled $20 bill on the ground. You're surrounded by people, but no one is paying attention to you, and it is unlikely anyone would notice you pick it up.

Do you swoop down and pick it up, or do you just leave it there?

Or do you pick it up, wave it around, and yell "Did anyone lose $20?!" and wait for someone to claim it?

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When is the california FAFSA deadline for 2010? The FAFSA site is down for me.

ETA: So confused right now. My vocational rehab counselor specifically said March 5th, but could she have said that because I'm applying to a 4-year university out of state?

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Okay, so I posted the other day, but I still have the thing in the space where my right tonsil used to be. It's not a stone. What the fuck is it?!

I can't see anything and neither can my husband. I'm to the point of srs/non srs answers. Any ideas, guys?
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My mom went to a famous restaurant in China that served dog, and almost all the customers were white Americans.

So...are you one of those foreigners who would try dog if you went to China?

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Would you rather your friends worked less than you (so that they always seem to be out doing fun stuff when you are working) or more than you (so you often find yourself with no one to do stuff with)? Be it homework/collegework/office hours etc.

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I was drooling over this cardi earlier together and it was a ridiculous price. then I checked it just now, and it's less than half price. all together it's 19.50 pounds to ship to Australia... should I get it or not? purchase another item to make it worth it?

edit: it works out to be 32.40AUD all together, which is cheaper than most cardigans here.
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1. I'm trying to find out how much protein I should be getting. Some sources online are saying 24-30 grams. Others go up to say 72 as a minimum, or even 99. Does anyone here actually know the proper amount range? Can anyone enlighten me? Maybe even explain some of this?

If you keep track, about how much protein do you have a day?

2. Separate photography related question:
I have a camera with a screw mount. It's been hellish trying to find a zoom lens. I've come across plenty of adapters...but are there adapters for a screw-mount camera to a different-mount lens? Any help appreciated.

I'm new to parenting.

My step daughter has come down with something awful. She coughs all the time and then throws up everything in her tummy and then cries and coughs. I took her to the doctors and got perscriptions for her cough (tylenol with codine) and something for the ear infection that I thought she had but wasn't sure about. So far she is taking a nap but she wakes up, coughs a lot, vomits, crys and holds me, and then goes back to sleep. Do you think this is going to go away sooner or later? She crys after she throws up and it is killing me. How do all of you with kids deal with them being sick?

What do you like to eat when you are sick? I'm thinking of making her grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner if she can eat it.

Should I play the sims while she is cuddling up next to me? I can't leave her because she just pukes without really saying anything and I need to catch it in a bowl and keep handing her juice.

Whats your favorite kids show? Or show from when you were a kid.

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Hypothetically, what would happen to you if you shorted a small amount of money, say ten or twenty dollars, to...

...a drug dealer?
...the pharmacist?
...a loan shark?
...your mortgage lender?

Inspired by the fact that I owe someone 60 dollars and I only have 40 to give them and they are on their way... lol. I hope I don't get beat up.

eta: I didn't get beat up! Yay! And I'm keeping my 40! :)

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Any ideas about where I can look (in person) for cheap picture frames in semi-unusual sizes?

I just want the cheapo black frames they sell at Target or whatever, but Target doesn't sell those sizes. Most of the places I know of to buy frames are fancypants framing stores that don't sell cheap frames. I know the sizes exist in cheap form, because I've found them on amazon and whatnot, but shipping is really expensive on frames so I'd rather buy them in person if possible.

sooo TQC where can I find a large variety of cheap frames? Chains? Types of stores to look for?
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If you have met a friend or friends in real life that you had come to know for years on livejournal or online somewhere and you were excited to see them - would you hug them when you greeted them?

If you were in a grocery store or walking down a city street and you saw a young, fresh face with a sign that said "Free Hugs", would you take one? (If not, why not? If so, why?)

Have you ever said or heard someone say "Dadgum"? If so, please more details.

Have you ever been on TV for any reason? How about friends or family?

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For those of you who are taking/ have taken Zoloft:
What's been your experience? good? bad? Any crazy dreams you'd like to share?
I have a prescription now and halfway through the day i was tripping balls.
Peggy Blink

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What are you annoyed with?
THIS POS USB KIT I JUST BOUGHT THAT WON'T CONNECT TO MY PRINTER! And because I opened it Walgreens won't let me take it back. I have to SHIP IT OFF TO GE TO GET A REFUND!
It says "100%" compatible with all USB devices.", so I wasn't wrong to think it would work with my printer, right? It's one of those doohickeys with 6 adapters on it so it would work with my digital camera and shit, too.

What are you excited about?
I have a follow up interview less than 48 hours after my initial interview for a well sought-after position that is my dream job for what I could realistically get right now without a degree. And I need my printer to work so I can, you know, print out a list of references if they need one. Eep!

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What is your current favorite quote?

I'm torn between a couple...

1. "All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring."
—Chuck Palahniuk

2. She’s not the type of girl to wait by the phone, she won’t cry, she knows it’ll get her nowhere, she’ll laugh a lot and often, and she will live her own life. She would like you to be a part of it, but she will do just fine without you.

3. Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything — all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.
— Steve Jobs
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If I were to open my own fast food restaurant, I would put "toys" in the adult meals. Things like nail clippers, a spatula, etc. That way the adults will be excited to see what they got too!

I also thought about opening a themed one where all the waitstaff were total dicks.

If you were going to open up a restaurant, what would you do to set yourself apart from the competition?
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TQC, will you share your pipe dreams with me? I'd like to go to grad school but I doubt it will happen. Alternately, my boyfriend and I would like to open a card/game shop that also had a small deli so I can feed my love for books/gaming and cooking.

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Yet again, all about my sick step daughter.

She has been sleeping since 3pm when we got home. She wakes up, coughs, vomits, wants juice, goes back to sleep. She hadn't thrown up for about an hour and I thought "hey, we are in the clear!". She got up, let me change her diaper, said she felt much better, then filled the bowl with puke. This is a mixing bowl, it isn't small, and this tiny three year old filled it to the brim. Should I take her to the emergency room? It would be a far drive, with the possibility of her tossing her cookies in my car, but I don't want her to get dehydrated and nothing is staying down. Am I just being the scared step mom?

tl;dr How sick is sick enough to go to the emergency room? We are talking a kid with the flu possibly.

Please distract me with gifs? I'm freaking the fuck out about her.

UPDATE! I called the on call nurse, and she said to just watch her. Same thing the doctor said when we took her earlier today. WHAT IS WITH THESE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS?

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Dear TQC,
How do you deal with a sore throat? I've lost my voice but I have to teach for another three days before I can pass my course D: Right now I'm whispering/croaking through all my lessons but I can't keep it up for another three days. I've got some throat pastilles and medicated stuff etc but is there anything else I could try? All suggestions welcome!

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1. For those of you with no children: Do you want kids? Do you know why/why not?

2. For those of you with children: What, for you, is the biggest downside to parenthood?

3. Again, for those with children (trying to find a way to ask the question that won't skew the answers) much of your efforts are devoted to your children? How intensely do you parent?

I hope that last one made sense. If not...oh well

Anyone here work in higher education/study abroad?

My ultimate career goal is to work in higher educational administration, like in an admissions office or registrar's office or as some sort of academic advisor. Ideally I'd work as a study abroad coordinator/administrator. I do have a year's experience doing an internship with a study abroad institute but I don't know where to go from here.

Do any of you work in higher educational administration or know someone who does? Can you tell me anything about procuring a job in this field?

dk/dc: If you had the chance to study abroad anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I <3 TLV

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My iron has disappeared. We've searched the entire apartment, but we can't find it. It was brand new in the box and this is a high crime area, but it seems pretty unlikely that someone would steal an iron and leave the laptops.

TQC, Where is my iron???

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Do you support a law that would mandate any driver who is found guilty of a DUI or DUI-related offense to have their vehicle fitted with an Ignition Interlocking Device (IID, a.k.a a breathalyzer for your car)?

Possibly, depending on the severity of the DUI-related offense committed
Possibly, but only repeat offenders
What's an IID?

Do you support a law that would mandate all modern vehicles should be fitted with a mandated Ignition Interlocking Device, so that anyone who purchases a new car will have them installed, regardless of their prior driving history, and not have the option of removing them?

Yes, it will have a significant impact on the number of drunk driving-related incidents
No fucking way, I don't condone treating people as if they are all potential criminals
Maybe, but it sounds a bit overkill
Seriously, WTF is an IID?

#2, btw, is something MADD is trying to pass through legislation to make in mandatory for all new vehicles to come standard with a IID that car buyers do not have the option of removing.

For those who don't know what an IID is, Wikipedia has a pretty decent article explaining what it is and what it does.

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I'm going to have a giant housewarming party in a few weeks. The goals are to 1) show off my new house and 2) get all my friends drunk, as usual. I was going to put "no gifts" on the invite just to emphasize that it's a casual thing, but tonight I got another idea to just put on there: "No need to buy us a gift. But if you really want to give us something to express your congratulations, you're welcome to wrap up something from around your place that you don't want anymore." What do you think, cool idea? Think we'll end up with some neat stuff? Will people think I'm fun? Or is "no gifts" still the most friendly non-greedy way to throw yourself a party?

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Dr. TQC, somehow I hurt my back. It hurts mainly near my right shoulder blade, and when I sneeze (which is often) it gets even worse for a while. I have no idea what happened, but it's been like this for a month or so.

What can I do about it besides taking pain killers? I can't afford to go to the doctor or anything, but I'm really uncomfortable and it hurts to sit up for longer than 30 minutes or so.

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I'm in Pre-Calculus and I'm having trouble.  I've always struggled with math.

Are there any forums, or websites that I can get help? Google hasn't found much for me.  I'm just looking for easy explanations of techniques or maybe videos. I've you tube and only found a few things.

I'm just trying to get a decent grade in this class because my teacher is brand new and can't explain things very well. =/

tinkerbell sparkle

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I'm interested in reading some historical fiction or even semi non-fiction relating to the Holocaust, it's liberation, Nazi Germany, etc. I've already read the Diary of Anne Frank and many other Anne Frank like books. Any recommendations?

How about your favorite communities on LJ for books and such recommendations?

(no subject)

How far do you live from the nearest public transportation?

I walk outside and I'm there.
Less than 0.25mi (0.4km)
0.25 - 0.5mi (0.4 - 0.8km)
0.5 - 1mi (0.8 - 1.6km)
1 - 2mi (1.6 - 3.2km)
2 - 3mi (3.2 - 4.8km)
3 - 4mi (4.8 - 6.4km)
4 - 5mi (6.4 - 8km)
More than 5mi (8km)
There is no public transportation here.
I don't know.
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If people co-own an animal together (a small dog that's a pet, not a race horse), is it logical to assume that they are in some sort of relationship - romantic or sexual or something beyond "neighborly friendship?"

ETA: They are not roommates and have never lived together. They live about a block apart. One often stays in the apartment with the coowned animal (they have keys to each others' flats, etc) and sometimes the animal lives in each apartment.
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What rules of thumb do you use when dressing for an interview?
I've always stuck by "dress two steps above the position", but someone on another community is telling the rest of the community in "advice for interviewing" to "Look like you're going to work there when you go in to get interviewed. If you're applying for a job at a gardening center, don't wear a suit!" and I'm like OH NO GURRRL, but maybe I'm wrong? The only places I've heard you're supposed to look like you will when you work there is for construction jobs (because most of the time, after an interview, you may be sent to a work site) and for retail jobs like Hot Topic where your ~*creativity*~ and image are a big part of the job itself.
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Do you buy extended warranties when buying electronics?

I'm planning on buying another 360 because mine messed up after having it for over 3 years. My warranty is out of date and i didn't like the idea of paying $99 on top of who knows what to have it fixed. Should i buy an extended warranty with the new one?

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Does it ever frustrate you when you dislike a movie that everyone else seems to be loving? Will you share some examples?

I just got out of Shutter Island, and, meh. I could smack the next person who tries to convince me how deep and psychologically brilliant it was. *cough*wasn't*cough*

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Why are there such a disproportionate amount of boobs to dicks on Chatroulette?

Have you ever showed your privates on the interwebs?

Would you be mad if your SO/sibling/mom/dad was flapping their goods around on a webcam?

What was the last drink you had?