March 1st, 2010

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So, now that the Olympics are over...

What did you like about the Vancouver 2010 games?

What did you dislike?

What are your favourite moments?

Who are your favourite ~olympic hotties~ (SHARE PICTURES because everyone likes eye candy)

Who do you pick: Brian Williams or Brian Williams? (for those who can't see the video and don't know what the hell I'm talking about, the two major networks in North America covering the Games, Canada's CTV and USA's NBC, both have a broadcaster named Brian Williams.

It's mildly humourous.)
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Can you think of some people in Hollywood whose role/music is radically different from their real lives? I'm trying to explain something to a friend but she doesn't get my two examples, which are George Carlin on Shining Time Station and Bob Saget on Full House.

DK/DC: Have you jumped on the ChatRoulette bandwagon?
I did once and saw a few too many dicks for my liking. Now I just live vicariously through trolls on tinypic.


i'm going to bikram yoga for the first time tomorrow.... how badly am i going to want to die?

what exactly have i gotten myself into?

i have an unlimited 1-month pass and want to take full advantage of it. what are the chances i will actually go the six classes a week i have in my planner?
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Fuck you stomach pain.

TQC, can you distract me with some of your own current woes?

The only thing distracting me at the moment is The Golden Girls. A great distraction, yes, but not making it easier to sleep. So let's share our pain!
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What are some little weird things that your parents/other relatives/friends do that make no sense to you?

My friend's dad always says, "Raaaaiiin!" when something annoyingly bad has just happened. As in if he knocks a drink over his book, or if he parks too far from the parking meter or whatever.
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 Let's say that for some stupid reason I don't feel like creating, you can only use one electronic device that aids in your ability to clean a house or its contents from here on out. These things include: vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, etc. Which do you choose to keep? Why?

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When you're reading questions on TQC, do you ever stumble upon one that really applies to you and you start to answer it, then you don't because you're too lazy?

I missed hitting a deer tonight by a hair. Have you ever hit a deer?

What is your favorite salad dressing?

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 I got a gift card to a salon & day spa for my birthday and I want to use it on a haircut. The salon has junior (from $55), senior (from $60-75), and master (from $80) stylists. There's enough money on the gift card for any of those skill levels. Do you think there's a big difference between the 3?

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Have you ever been offended by a T-Shirt? 

Would you confront someone who was wearing a T-Shirt that you didn't agree with or do you tend to just keep your opinions to yourself? 

- This past weekend I saw a man wearing a shirt that said "The cure for homosexuality" and it had a picture of the bible and Jesus on the front. It also listed a few bible verses that condemn homosexuality.

- I was deeply offended by this shirt even though I am not homosexual. I really wanted to say something to this guy but I held back to avoid a fight.  Would you have done the same? Have you been in a similar situation?  

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Did you ever have detention in high school? Why?
Tardies, attendance, and reading comics in class once, lol

What about in-school suspension?
Twice in middle school...once for dying my hair pink (1 day) and the second for a prank that I got pinned with.

What about out-of-school suspension?

If your middle/high school didn't do detention/iss/oss, what was the discipline system?

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Guys, I'm having a just-woke-up/stupid moment. I have an interview with the census bureau today, and I'm filling out my paperwork. For the I-9 form (example here), all I as the employee have to fill out is the top part, right? :T

DK/DC, do you have any bruises on your body right now? Where? How did you get them?
I have a giant swollen bruise on the side of my lower leg and I probably got it walking into something at work yesterday. I also have one that I can feel, but not see, right on my hipbone... same story there, lol.

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I've been mildly ill for the past few days with nausea and either throwing up or wanting to whenever I eat. I started to feel better yesterday (just in time for work, yay) but this morning the wanting to throw up feeling is back with a vengeance. Problem is, I have a huge festival that I'm going to today, and cannot miss, so Dr. TQC, what can I do to make this feeling go away (or at least lessen it)? And what the hell is wrong with me?

dk/dc What is the last movie you watched, and what would you rate it out of ten? Ten being it was super awesome, omg it blew my pants off, I wanna make babies to it.
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You're renting a house with your friends. Something breaks and your landlord has to come over and fix it. It gets fixed and isn't a big deal.

Your landlord emails you/your roommates in the next few days asking you to keep the place cleaner: the litter box smells, there is dog poop all over in the front yard, and the appliances are pretty dirty.

Is the landlord within his rights to ask this, or is he out of line?

Edit: I'm not the landlord nor the renter.
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Since we're on hair...

Since people are talking hair - one of the things I love about 70s TV is the number of women with that weird, silvery, almost-white hair. It's clearly not natural or simply people going grey (they're usually quite young). I've always wanted to try it. My questions are:

- does anyone know what that colour or group of colours is called?
- can you get a do-it-yourself packet for it?

Collapse )
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If you were to take a Managerial Accounting class, and were taking it over the summer, would you rather take it in a five week session, or a seven week session? Which part of the summer would you rather take it?

Racist old white people.

 My boyfriend's parents are racist. It started off as a few little jokey comments and has escalated to 15 minute trades about the asian "drug dealer" (a random asian guy who happens to have his hair in a bun) in the lobby of their building who they're watching from the car. There are at least two offensive comments every time I'm around them.

Every time I don't say something I feel guilty, and I resent my boyfriend for not saying anything to them either. He is close to his parents and I honestly think he has just turned a blind eye because he doesn't want to believe his parents are that ignorant/hateful whatever. 

Have you ever been in a situation like this? What should I say/do? I've been trying to get my boyfriend to say something, but he's afraid of it escalating into huge fight that will dissolve into them never talking to him again. 
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Based on a question below, if you could kill any current television show, what would it be?

Mine would probably be 'Gossip Girl'. I've never seen it, but damn am I sick of people talking about it/posting about it.

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Does anyone have dandruff? Does anyone have any good luck with any shampoos?

I have a patch on the side of my head that won't stop being unhappy. Using the neutrogena tar shampoo stuff helps, but I kind of want something...girlier?


so, i have never had my own dog and my mom has FINALLY buckled down and agreed to go take a look at some dogs at the shelter, preferably a puppy. can you please list some dogs that have a good temperament, easily trainable, and just an overall good first dog? i was thinking a beagle, but what do you guys suggest?

ETA: not too big of a dog, either. the first dogs that came to mind were labs or retrievers, but those get a little big.

ETA2: there is a breed whose coat is almost silver and gold and grey, and i cannot remember the name of the breed for the life of me. any help?
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About a month ago I applied for a job I found on craigslist (lol) and I had a long conversation with the guy the next day about it. At the end of the call he was like well call me Monday morning (this was a Friday) and we'll arrange a time for you to come in and see if this works out. I of course called him Monday morning, I left a message, and I never heard back from him. I think I should have handled it differently (left a message but also said I'd call him back, etc) but what's done is done. ANYWAY I see now that the job is reposted. Would it be really out of line to send my info again? My impression was that as of ending the phone interview with me, he was still interested and I was definitely confused as to what I could have done wrong in my message to him on Monday that would have changed his mind.

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When you're at someone else's house, do you line their toilet bowl seat with paper before sitting on it?

At your parents' house? Other relatives?

A good friend's house?

Your therapist's office?

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Which actor or actress are you really tired of hearing about? Bonus points if you post a picture of them looking awful or doing something embarassing. Quotes are OK too!

Which actor or actress do you wish was in the media more often? Bonus points for flattering photos and quotes.
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Did humans and dinosaurs coexist?

Does this Collapse )change your mind? (Its a replica of a dinosaur footprint found overlaid with a human footprint at the Creationist Museum in Glenn Rose, Texas)

If they did, does that prove that the earth is <10,000 years old?
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Where do you leave your pets when you go on vacation? Do you miss them while you're gone?

I have 40 minutes to make a connecting flight at Dallas Fort Worth tomorrow. Does that seem like enough time? I'm already worrying about it.
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Hai TQC!
I'm in the midst of my afternoon cup of coffee!

What kind of coffee is your favorite?
I like Kona coffee because it's the noms.

How much sugar/cream do you put in it, if any?
Two things of creamer, two-three sugar packets.

What kind of strange smells do you enjoy?
I really like the smell of a new book.

What strange smells do you dislike?
I hate the smell of paperclips.

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What would you do if your friend basically starts talking shit about her boyfriend and their relationship when he's standing right there, but poses everything she's saying as "hypothetical situations"?

I've been in this situation a few times this past week, was really fucking awkward.

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What is your favorite type of fish? Would you please post a picture?

I want to get one fish, preferably a goldfish of some kind. I want it to be really pretty, but I don't really like betas because they are red. I want an orange fish. It will live by itself in a 5 or 10 gallon tank.
What are your suggestions?

If you don't care about my fish question, what is your favorite small pet? Not a cat or dog.
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Should I wait for my tax return and buy a new BlackBerry or just do a discounted upgrade to an iPhone?
TQC, you must make my phone decisions for me because I'm not really swayed either way.
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 Have you ever eventually read the instructions/directions on something you use fairly commonly and sort of went "...Oh"?

I've had a bad cough the last several days so I've been sucking down Halls like candy. Sudden curiosity led me to actually read the bag where it says "dissolve 1 drop slowly in the mouth. Repeat every 2 hours as needed."

. . . One every two hours? I've think I've tripled that some days. 
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What are some things people do that you just don't get?

I cannot understand why people would drive Hummers. Or have truck nuts. Or those little stickers with Calvin peeing on something.

If you do any of the things someone commented, will you tell us why you do it?

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Two really good friends boyfriend's have split up with them, and both are taking it really hard. Especially seeing the ex shagging around etc.
Other than being understanding and listening to their gripes, how can I help them move on?
(One is here at uni with me, as is her ex, the other is at uni elsewhere so it's more difficult to keep her occupied)

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I've been feeling nauseous most of yesterday and today to the degree that nearly any meal makes me sick. Because of this, I haven't eaten today making me hungry. So, should I risk it?

If yes, should I eat something I have/have the stuff for at home(rice, dumplings, red bean paste buns, fried rice, fries, leftover garlic cabbage, or stir fry?) or take the bus to the store and get crackers or something more tolerable?
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Is there any way to track down a couple of paintings? My grandfather used to be a painter. His sister sold all of his art and I don't even know where to begin to search for it. Is there a person I can contact who can help me find these paintings? It would mean so much if I could find at least one painting.

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If you haven't had enough to eat in the day but you're not hungry, is it better to force yourself to eat something healthy or to just not eat enough?

I've only had one meal today but for some reason I'm not hungry. This happens to me once in a while and I never know what to do. My dining hall closes in an hour and I definitely won't be hungry by then, but I don't want to go to bed if I haven't had enough food. Helppppppp.

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When i was little and i watched independence day i thought 4th of july actually was a holiday because will smith saved the world from aliens.
My mum told me this was true when i asked her.

Did your parents ever tell lies and convince you they were true?
If so what were you told?

What was your favourite childhood tv show?

Do you have any awesome party tricks?

And if you could meet anyone famous who would you pick?

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I have a question.

its a beautiful room, and the painted tree is amazing! I want to do something like that to my room, but im not allowed to paint my room. So what do you suggest i do for similar effect?
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Do you like the way you look?

What do you wish you could change about your physical appearance, if anything?

ETA: by the way, I'm strongly considering getting two guinea pigs for pets. Does anyone who owns guinea pigs have any advice to offer? :)
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I have a personal trainer at my gym. We set up our next week's schedule on our last appt. of the week. So on Friday, we set up an appointment for this Tuesday 6-7AM. Saturday, I learned I had to work super early Tuesday morning. So I called his work voice mail at 6:45am on Saturday and left a message saying I could no longer make it in Tuesday due to my work schedule, but was fine for the rest of the week. I have not heard back from him and it is now Monday night. I called again today but he never picks up his phone. I am worried he did not get my voice mail and is going to expect me tomorrow.

Should I be worried? Is there anything else I can do?

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Have you ever stayed overnight at a friend's house and found yourself extremely dissatisfied with their choice of toilet paper?

How about their bath towels? Have they ever smelled like they folded and put them away before they were completely dry?

tv on dvd

I recently watched the first disc of Freaks and Geeks. It was alright. I was expecting it to be better to be quite honest. I just popped it into the mail today to head back to Netflix.
Is it worth it to keep watching the series? Or should I move my queue around?
Does it get better as the season goes on?
Did you watch it? Like it/hate it?

What was the last TV series you watched on DVD?

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Do you have your parents friended on facebook?
Is it awkward?

I just discovered that my father has a facebook. I added him, and then remembered that he's going to post weird messages on my wall. O_o

Don't know or care, how was your Monday?

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What's the farthest you've ever traveled just to go see a show? What's the farthest you WOULD go to see your favorite artist/group?

I am seriously considering going from Houston, TX to Knoxville in May for a trance show (Infected Mushroom). What? It's only 14 hours! Anyone else game? I'll pick you up on the way there or we can meet there! Gahhh I wanna goooo.

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It feels like there is something stuck where my right tonsil used to be. I have been gargling with saline solution 3x a day for 2 days and I've had no relief. What else can I do? Doc is out, btw. Srs and non-srs answers welcome.

DK/DC: Do you smoke? What brand do you smoke? Have you had to change your smoking habits cause of the price of living? How long have you been smoking?
(Yes, Marlboro Medium 100's. Yes. A little over 10 years.)
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Poll #1532493 Social Faux Pas?

You are a single girl with an interest in a coworker, with whom you are just friends. You are headed to an evening out with friends, all girls, none of whom are bringing dates/SO's/whatever. Should the guy you invite make it a point to pay more attention to you than the others, who are perfect strangers? Please explain your answer in the comments. (NOTE: Please do not refer to the "you" as me. It isn't.)


Finding a doctor.

I got my health insurance from work this month, and I'm looking on the website to find a primary care physician. I haven't been to a doctor in years, and have some problems I'd like to talk to someone about -- both physical and mental.

The doctors are listed by specialty, and a lot of them are listed under "internal medicine." Are these doctors I can't go to? I'm kind of confused which kind of doctor I should be looking for.

Anyone with some knowledge in the medical field that can help me out?
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If someone is at the table at the post office where the line is, with a stack of letters in front of them that they're addressing, is it acceptable to go ahead of them in line? I did this today and she yelled at me that I was cutting in line, even though she clearly wasn't ready to mail her letters. The woman working there stood up for me though and told her not to hassle the other customers.

Who was in the right? She was there first, but I was ready and she wasn't, so I didn't want to have to wait for her to finish when there was an available cashier.
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Inspired by some comments in animeg3282 's post, how old were you when you got your ears pierced?
Six, and eleven.

What kind of jewelery did/do you wear in the piercing(s) the most?
I used to wear ugly nasty things from Claire's , but that was before I knew better. My Grama bought me a pair of diamond studs set in white gold for my sixteenth birthday, and I've had those alternating between my first and second holes ever since.

Piercing horror stories? 
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Is it ok to want something materialistic when you know you are godamn broke(in poverty i should say)? Is it ok to try and get it? What if people think "she cant afford much but she cant afford that my god.. "? is it still ok?

Tracking down the other seasons of Made in Canada

Canadian Question TIEM!!!

So recently I was able to track down the first season of Made in Canada. I would buy it on DVD but it's out of print. Who do I contact in order to convince to re-release it, and with the first season release the other ones on DVD? This series ran until 2003. It should all be on DVD.

this series was shown on the television channel CBC. But it was produced by Salter Street Company, which was sold to Atlantis, and then became the Halifax Film Company which turned into DHX Media in 2008. This is so confusing to me. Who owns this series now? Who do I contact? Do people do this kind of thing? I'm sure they have some "Public Relations" or "Customer Service" department. I know CBC does!

Thanks in advance for even reading this mess :) .
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So I'm starting to make more music lately and I was wondering what people other than those immediately around me though to of this instrument?

Worth my money? A small one costs $300 and a larger one costs around $1200 I think. 

Do you like the sounds it makes?

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So you sit on the toilet seat, and realise your bum is wet from the person before you and their dodgy aim.
Would you rather know the person who's pee you have just sat in, or it be an anonymous stranger?

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How do you motivate yourself to work out?

What's the best way to learn a language, besides immersion?

If I wear high heels more often, will they become less painful to wear? I wish I could wear them, but fuck. After like 10 minutes I'm done.
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Hey, guys. This month was my first month being on birth control pills, and the first pill of my first placebo week starts Wednesday. About how many days into your placebo week does your flow typically start, for those of you on BC?
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In the video game Heavy Rain, is there any way to backtrack or re-load earlier saves, or do you just have to start the game again if something doesn't go well? 

@_@ Ethan keeps dying and I went to the trouble of playing the game through a second time only to have him get shot by the cops. I'm hoping there is some way to save, I don't want to play through again. I'm playing on the PS3, if that matters.

Edit: yes, yes you can. I am stupid.
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I have ATT U Verse and apparently Dr. Phil didn't get recorded today, and won't be recorded until next week. My mom wants to watch Dr. Phil, the whole show. I can't seem to figure it out by myself. I checked google and his site. Does anyone know how to watch today's full episode of Dr. Phil online?