February 28th, 2010

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These names posts inspired me, how can I get people to start calling me by a different name? My preferred name is my Hebrew name so it's not so strange. I tried this one in middle school and it didn't catch on and everyone just kept calling me by my old name. I want to be [new name] from now on, how can I do this? Maybe it legal? Casual? How will people I've known forever with [current name] react? Help please, especially form other people who have changed their names! I know a bunch of girls I went to high school with go by their middle names now, and it didn't seem like a big deal but it's still a little weird since I always knew them with their other name.
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If you are not American, how many of our 50 states can you name?
edit: also where are you from?

To have you included: If you are American, how many of Canada's provinces can you name?
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What was the last new-to-the-market product you tried?

Would you recommend it?

I just bought the L'oreal Go 360 Clean face wash. Not sure how I feel about the actually face wash yet, but that scrubby thing it comes with is worth the $5. I don't see why you couldn't use it with a face wash of your choice.

Can you recommend a moisturizer that fights breakouts but is also intensely moisturizing? I find that most acne treatment moisturizers are too drying since I don't actually have acne. I just need one that keeps breakouts at bay and won't leave me looking like I can peel my skin off in a huge chunk.

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for those who use tanning beds: what's your favourite tanning lotion?

also, if you straighten your hair, what kind of flat iron do you use? i'm looking for a good quality flat iron under 100 bucks
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Bon Jovi: love 'em, leave 'em, or loathe 'em?
Love :)

In your city/town, do cops set up speed traps? If so and you pass one, do you flash your lights at oncoming cars to warn them of the upcoming trap? If someone flashes their lights at you, do you assume it's a speed trap warning?

dk/dc: what kind of t.p. do you use?

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Working on an idea for a Halloween costume. Yes I know, it's February. It's a zombie hunter costume. So far, I've decided I need a T-shirt that says something to the effect of "Zombie Tactical Response Unit;" worn jeans; and a lot of fake blood and mud.

Anyone have any suggestions to make this costume awesome?

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I have a group interview today. It's for an orientation leader position at my college. There will be about sixty of us doing group exercises. What kinds of things do you think they'll be looking at?

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Will you post a quote from a movie so that TQC can guess which movie it's from?

I'll start:

Just a scoop of creamed potatoes...and a slice of butter...Four peas...and as much ice cream as you like to eat.

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I'm digging around on geico.com and I can't find the answer, so hopefully one of y'all can help me. I'm enrolled in their automatic e-pay (or whatever it's called), in which they automatically charge my card on the same day every month. I'm trying to figure out how to make them charge it on a DIFFERENT day every month, for good, just 3 days later because that's when I'll be paid. I was able to postpone the payment 3 days last month, but I can't find that option anywhere on the site. Any insight?

Alternatively, how's the fucking weather?
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Do your parents/in laws come visit a lot? Does it bother you? How often would you like them to visit?

My parents try to go see my neice and nephew once a week, and I'm the only one who can see that it bothers my brother and sister in law. When tehy are told 'no blah blah blah' or "No, Megan(sil)'s mother is coming today." They get very annoyed and hurt because "WHEN WE HAD KIDS, WE LET THE GRANDPARENTS COME SEE THE KIDS WHENEVER THEY WANTED"

Also, it would really piss me off if my parents tried to visit every week.


For the next five years, the only food you will have access to is fruit.

You will have supplements and drinks to help maintain the vitamin and mineral levels the fruit is not providing, but nothing else.

You get five different fruits, you can have as much of them as you want and can prepare them however you want.

Which five fruits do you pick?

I pick watermelon, apples, oranges, strawberries and lemons.
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Sunday is the only day of the week that I work in the morning, and I hate it.

Are you a morning person?

Due to having to work at 8 this morning, my ultimate fantasy at this moment is taking a hot shower then crawling naked into a bed with fresh, warm sheets, having warm laundry straight from the dryer dumped on top of me, then being tucked in with my down comforter.

Where EXACTLY would you like to be right now?

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I often meet very religious people who say God tells them certain things. Are they talking about their basic instinct/gut feeling and attributing that to a message from God, or do they really think they hear God's voice booming at them and going "Andrew, Andrewwww. You will win that sports game tomorrowwwwww."

I used to think it was just gut feeling, but then I see people who literally say "I was talking to God the other day..."
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Have you heard of the 40 in blizzard the east coast is going to get in March?

I ask because, I cannot find it anywhere on any weather website but I have heard from A LOT of different people, who all say "40 inches." I'd feel a lot better if none of you have heard the same.

dk/dc: ummmm, do you wear hats often?

I'd live in hats, if I could. I wear my SJU Hawks one the most :)
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What do you think of the silly language setting on face book?

I happen to think that the setting for Pirate English is pretty sweet, although I have a soft spot for Upside down English as well.

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If you were the parent of a teenager, would you use shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom as parenting tools?

If you are a teenager, does watching those shows make you think twice about having sex?
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For those who have their nose pierced - do you have your left nostril pierced, or your right? Were there any factors that you considered when choosing which side you got pierced?

For those in relationships - can you please tell me how you met your SO and what led up to you two being together?

To everyone else, how many songs do you have in your library/mp3 player/whatever?

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What do volunteers at a hospital do exactly?
(I'm interested in maybe volunteering at a hospital this summer, but I really don't want to be like, cleaning up vomit or something. Ew.)

Do you volunteer? Where and how often?
I volunteer once a week at the children's section of my library. :) I also mentor an elementary student once a week.
Happy Birthday!

A Very Merry Unbirthday Mad Tea Party

I am throwing myself and my good friend an Alice in Wonderland themed bday party since our birthdays are one day apart (and the date of the party isn't either of our bdays, for anyone who wants to argue it won't be our Unbirthdays) and we're big nerds. I am making us a bunch of tea type foods and wanted opinions on the menu and maybe some help, as she's vegetarian.

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So what I need you guys for is - does this look okay? I especially would like feedback on the veggie sands - they sound yummy to me, obvs, but I want to appeal to a wide audience. Also, what sort of bread would you think for the curry and tomato sands?

Or do you have some better, way more awesome tea food ideas (pref w/ recipes) you'd like to share? The easier, the better, though, because I'm moving Tues and the party is next Sun. Thanks! :)
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Do you like olives? If so, what kind?

Pitted or not? If pitted, do you like them stuffed with pimentos or something else??


Yes. Usually green, but I'll take a Kalamata if offered.

Doesn't matter.  If it's been pitted I like them best with a clove of garlic stuffed inside.

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What are some things you're really interested in right now?

Also, I turn 21 on the 6th. What are some alcoholic beverages that I should try?
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If one is going to be performing music on the streets, does one need the rights to the songs if they're performing things that aren't originally written?

I don't know that we'll be playing many songs that aren't ours, but I really want to put together an instrumental of Clocks by Coldplay and I don't know if that's legal? No recording/distributing, just a street performance.

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Those of you who live in San Francisco do you know of any cafes that are:
- quiet
- enough space for someone to sit down and do some studying for a couple of hours with a laptop, books, etc
- decently priced
- is not a starbucks

The one I usually go to had to close for awhile  do to  water damage.

Edit: And is open on Sundays

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what's up, i have some first-world problems. i have a nice down comforter, and a nice duvet. problem is, there are like little down pieces/lint-sheddings? idk that show up all over my duvet. is there anything i can do about this or just buy a lint roller haha?

also, i kind of want to get curtains for my big-ass window. the window is currently fitted with vertical blinds so there's no way for me to really put up a rod or anything like that. how might i go about this?

if you don't care, what are you having for lunch?

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So I am at a loss at what to do with my hair. Normally I just wear it down and comb it and done. But I guess I have just been getting bored. Here is a series of pictures of my hair. I can't color it right now because I'm pregnant, even though the roots are coming in something fierce. I apologize for yesterdays makeup and the bad bad bad webcam pictures.
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What would you change about my hair?
What would you change about your hair?

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I'm baking a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for my dad's birthday tonight. I'm thinking about crumbling some tiny chunks of heath bar on top, but the party is going to be full of old people and there's a chance they won't want too much sugary sweet stuff. Should I do it anyway or just go with crushed walnuts?
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do you think it's imperative that the people you date have similar family values? for example, if you are close with your parents/extended family and meet someone who hates their parents and/or shows them no respect, would it be a deal breaker?

if you are currently in a relationship, are your partner's family values similar to yours? do you get along with each others families?

if you don't care, who is the most famous person you have met?

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TQC I need resume help. I've never actually had a 'real' job, I've only helped my grandma when she worked at a mortage company. I filed papers, answered phones, ran small errands, etc but I didn't actually have a job title and i wasn't formally paid by the company, only by my grandma. how would i add this on a resume? Would I put "n/a" for company name and job title? 

dk/dc: what's the last thing that frustrated you?
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Middle Names

Is your middle name 'sex inappropriate'? My middle name is Earle. I'm a girl. Do any of you have the name Earl or Earle, first, middle, or last?

If you have a middle name, do you like it? Why did your parents give you that middle name?

If you have a child, did you give them a middle name? What is it, and why?

If you want to have kids, but currently don't have any, will you give the a middle name? What and why?
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Does anyone know where this:

Little fly upon the wall
Don't you got no clothes at all?
No BVDs, no pink chemise...

or this:

Listen, listen, cat's pissin'
Where? Where? Under the chair.
Johnny, Johnny, get your gun!
(I forget the last line)

comes from?

Know any similar poems?

Is it really that inappropriate to teach your 2-year-old nephew these poems?

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Hey Tqc, when I got home last night (more than a little inebriated) I forgot to CLOSE the door and left it open all night.

When was the last time you did something near to that stupid?
What was it?

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If I filed a complaint with eBay Buyer Protection, can I still file a charge back or a complaint with PayPal?

The Buyer Protection is shit. The seller is offering me a crappy $10.00 refund instead of allowing me to return the phone and get my money back. I'm extremely pissed. The Buyer Protection advertises that it protects people from shit like this, but it doesn't.

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Has anyone done any tile work, like when re-doing a kitchen or bathroom? Either on the walls or floors?

I understand that it's not going to be as omg-super-easy as when they do it on DIY on TV, but how difficult was it? Am i realistic in thinking that my husband and I would be able to re-tile our bathroom floor and shower wall?
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College Stuffs

So in September 2007 I dropped out of college.

I'd registered for classes and then dropped all of them before the deadline. I was on TIP: (Tuition Installment Plan) and couldn't afford payments. So I dropped.

So the college I was going to sent me a report card; apparently, two of the five classes I dropped didn't go through. So I got an A in Anthropology and an F in Introductory Algebra.

But I dropped these along with the other classes.

Then, after the report card, I started getting bills from the college that said I owed $900. I ignored them, because I'd dropped the classes and was generally a fuck-up at this time.

So now the bills are with a collections agency.

I want to go back to school, this particular school (both because they have my transcripts and are a community college, so are affordable).

Do I pay the school the money, or the collections agency?

Or, is there a way to fight it?

It would have been better to fight it way back when, but like I said, I was kinda fucked up and broke.

Serious answers only?
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Do you think people could tell what your music, movie, book etc. tastes are, based on what you look like?

Would you care to post a photo and see if we can guess?

ETA: Ugh, just realised I should just post mine in comments.

No cheating by looking at people's profiles! :P

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If a friend who is away for college promised you that they would text and/or call when they are in town so you guys could hang out, but never did, would you eventually just give up? 
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Tomorrow is the first day my track team has practice and the coach frown on skipping the first day. Well, i have a cold and my dad, who's an avid runner, says that I should forgo the practice to avoid sucking the illness deeper into my lungs. This sort of thing has never stopped me from going to practice before, but I don't want to develop pneumonia or something equally unsavory.
TQC, will you give me advice on what to do?
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Do you tag your posts on your personal lj?

I make tags that are useful to both myself and my readers
I make tags that do nothing to help organize my journal, but I think they're funny
I do not tag my posts.
Wtf is a tag?
obligatory "clicky!" answer.
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if you suffer anxiety, have you ever noticed your attacks or anxiety rising after eating certain foods?

i suffered my first attack after eating a ton of cookies years ago. the sugar affected me badly and bam!
just now, i started becoming very anxious and my chest getting tight.. i'm drinking vitamin water. i know it's filled with sugar. stupid stupid stupid. also, my mom has problems with caffeine and anxiety.

what do you do while waiting for anxiety to go away? i'm trying to sidetrack myself, but it isn't going far..

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Does your country care about the UK general election?
Less or more so than the American general election?
Which country are you in?

Do you complete work as soon as it is set or wait until really close the deadline?

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Please, would you let us know what your favorite kind of doughnut is?
bismark or old fashioned glaze

WHY AM I SO BORED? Today I cleaned our downstairs floor (disenfected, dishes, swept), made brunch, ate brunch with friends and watched a movie, posted on TQC, made lunch, made jello, did more dishes, played with the dog A LOT, made dinner for my man when he came home on break, and I'm watching a movie. Would you please tell me what to do?

What is your favorite type of juice?
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If one does a headstand, assuming they are on a carpeted or grassy surface, does falling on one's back hurt? I've been practicing headstands with a wall, still gaining balance, but I'm kind of terrified of the idea of falling on my back once I move away from the wall.

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I need some help from our beauty and hair experts.

I have very, very fine blonde hair. When I wash my hair, it breaks and I end up with large clumps of hair in my hands. I'm not going bald, I am just breaking hair that is very, very breakable. It's annoying. I am not even rough with it in the shower, but just rubbing shampoo in. I am even extra gentle with it knowing how breakable my hair is. I do not use a lot of products in my hair that would make it brittle. Most of the time, I just shampoo and condition and go.

So... what are some things I can use to toughen my hair up? Anyone know any really good hair serum so that I can make my hair stronger and less breakable.
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Every once and a while my laptop refuses to connect to the internet. The wireless connection shows up for me to connect to (and has 4/5 bars or 5 complete bars) yet it can not connect and says it is because of "low wireless signal quality problems". Does anyone have any experience with this or any ideas how to remedy this? No one else in the house has this problem so it must be something with my computer only.

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Hooray,you have won a spot on the new reality show" Life Swap"! The upside is that you will be compensated with $10,000. The downside is that you have to pick from these three people to trade lives with. It is for two weeks. First week,you can do what you want,but the second week you have to follow their rules. So, who will you pick?

A: Sarah Palin
B: Glenn Beck
C: Bill O'Reilly
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Which would you rather have? The costs are close enough that either are feasbile.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 - has a trackpad, but is less advanced than the newer Storms
BlackBerry 9700 - has a trackball, but is "newer and shinier" for lack of a better despriction

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1. What is something unique about you?

2. Do you have an opinion of haul videos (videos where people show off what they bought on a shopping spree)? If so, what is it? Are they an excuse to flaunt purchases, or are they simply a way for people to let others in on the fun they had?

3. Do you make videos for YouTube? If so, please feel free to link your channel.

4. What was your first job?

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i'm meeting up with an old friend from high school to catch up. i haven't seen him in like 7 years.

what should we talk about besides "This is what I've been up to/want to be up to."?

should we get coffee or drinks? it will be late afternoon/early evening when we meet.

Higher Education

Anyone reccomend any UK (or Australian) universities for a Masters program in Design? (Specific advertising design or editoral design?)
Possibly American too, although I'm less into that idea?

I'm looking at Falmouth, UK and Brunel, UK, but still in the research process. Oh, and my BA will be in Journalism and Editorial Design.
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What are some ways to help (or try to) settle an upset stomach?

I've had a horribly upset stomach for about 8-10 hours now, and sleep is not an option yet because I still have school work to do.


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what drugs have you done?
why do you think you did them when you did?
why do you think people say "alcohol and drugs"? i mean alcohol is a drug right?

how old are you?
what color is your bra, ladies?

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Could you recommend any semi-upbeat music that doesn't have words? For example, I'm listening to North by Phoenix right now, something along those lines. I like listening to music while I do homework, but the words distract me.

dk/dc: Do you have anything hanging on the wall of the room you're currently in? What is it/are they?

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Ahhhhhhh Statistics!?

 My friend and I have been trying to work this out for the last half hour - if anyone could possibly give us any hints we'll be eternally grateful! We're not asking for the answer or anything of the sort - we're just studying for a test tomorrow, so we're trying to find out how to solve this problem, not looking for an answer.


The probability distribution of a discrete random variable X is given by

P(X=x) = k(2/3)^x, for x = 0, 1, 2,......

What is the value of k?

Edit: Alright guys. I'm sorry for posting such a stupid question. I'll take my troubles elsewhere now~ My apologies extend particularly to strangeralmanac , sugarbob46 , [info]kilolux.