February 27th, 2010

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What songs do you only like certain parts of?
Do you skip to those spots or do you listen to the whole song for them? or do you just not bother listening since you don't like the entire thing?

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or discuss your guilty pleasure songs.

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Poll #1531192 Happy Saturday

I'm gonna make a huge post on randompictures. Should I do a

Psychedelic post (217)
Hot bodies post (261 pics)
Pastry post (58 pics)

Generally speaking...

I like cake. I consider myself an unhappy/severely dissatisfied person
I like cake. I consider myself a happy/satisfied person
I don't like cake. I consider myself an unhappy/severely dissatisfied person
I don't like cake. I consider myself a happy/satisfied person


Has gotten less awesomel in the last decade
Has gotten more awesome in the last decade
Is just as awesomel as its always been
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I started to google "How to make yourself unsearchable on facebook" and before I got unsearchable out it started doing the suggestions. Collapse ) is what happened.

Do people really google these things that often that they come up as suggestions? Especially the first one?

Have you ever googled something and it has suggested something totally off the wall?

Do you think that program where you can add your name or anything to say "Did you mean *insert name* is awesome?" Do you even know what I'm talking about?

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are you a double-sneezer? triple-sneezer? multiple sneezer?

do you have multiple orgasms?

is there a correlation between the number of consecutive sneezes and number of consecutive orgasms you have?

i'm aware that this is a ridiculous post.

Just 'Cause

How do you feel about this text:
"Your wisdom, though expected, never ceases to floor me. TOO MUCH LATIN TOO EARLY. No there is no such thing..."?

Background provided upon request. Srs/nonsrs answers accepted. Especially if they're amusing.

DK/DC: What do you think about chickens?
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If you have a tattoo, how long have you had it? Were you ever afraid to regret it? Did the idea of how permanent it was scare you?

eta: i have wanted three small blackbirds on my back since around grade 11 (i'm finishing up second year university now). it still means as much to me now as it did then, and I know it won't ever lose its meaning. However, the idea of it being SO permanent scares me and I'm thinking this is a sign that I shouldn't get it...thoughts?
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 Do you like to give surprises? If you get a gift for an event or holiday for someone and the event/holiday is a week later, are you at all tempted to give it to the person early, or do you have the willpower to just put it somewhere and forget about it?

Do you like to get surprises, or do you loathe them?

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hay tqc

Say you have a friend who you love like family. Say this friend has a friend with a terminal disease. How do you support your friend?

NB I am really super drunk right now but I feel like I should mention that YES this post is really selfish (when she hurts, it hurts me like a motherfucker) and that maybe this doesn't make sense but I feel like saying "I'm here for you" is a lie because if she asked me for help I would be TOTALLY USELESS. I mean there is nothing I would rather do than make a world where she doesn't have to cry, but that doesn't change the fact that her friend is dying...I've been there (with my grandpa) and it still doesn't mean that there's anything I can say to even alleviate the pai ns he must be going through, you know? So whatg do you do?

Sorry if this is a bad place tqc but I do not know who el;se to ask so I guess you get stuck with it, it is kin d of a question right

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I was attempting to ask this last night, but my internet died before I could. So here it is:only slightly stale and out-of-date.

I have to leave work in a few minutes. Would you kindly offer me some words of wisdom before I go?

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Should I spend the $22 and go get a pedicure? I really want one and haven't had one in almost a year...I used to get them all the time but stopped to save money. I'm still trying to save but my feet really hurt and I want one.

What do I do??

If you wear toenail polish what color are your toes right now? Pics?

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My brother lives back home in Michigan, I live in North Carolina now. His birthday is on Wednesday and I am looking for something to have shipped to his house. I won't be able to get to the post office while it's open to put together a care package in time, so I'm looking for things online I can ship. I know there are really unique things like cookies and fruit and even months'-supply-of-chicken-soup packages that can be sent, but I am looking for more ideas along these lines. He's turning 30 this year, likes sports, movies, music, travelling, and so forth - any ideas?

ETA: We ended up choosing to send him some buffalo meat patties - he loves 'em but rarely buys them. Thanks!

I know it's always 5:00 somewhere....but....

How early is too early to start drinking?

Does it matter if it is beer or hard liquor?

This question brought to you by my bil downing 2 tall cans of Bud Light before 9:30 a.m.

If you're a beer drinker..what's your favorite?
If you're not a beer drinker..what's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

If you don't drink....uh.....I have no question for you.

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Yesterday I didn't eat much because I felt sick to my stomach, and this morning, since I woke up, I've been feeling like I'm about to vomit(salivating a lot, that weird thickness in your mouth and throat) and my stomach is sore.

TQC, what can I do to make my stomach happier? Do you think eating a peice of bread might help? I feel so icky D:
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I'm going to the opera tonight with my daughter and mother in law. I have no idea what I should wear. My closet is full of denim (jeans and skirts), and mostly work casual type outfits. I have some brown, black, and grey pants, and shirts that are mostly brown, black, red, blueish, or greenish. Lots of my shirts have a bit of a plunging neckline. TQC, based on the vague description of my closet, will you give me suggestions on what I should wear?

Edit: Oh yeah, I do also have black and brown skirts and some really cute dresses, but it's too cold for those right now.
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When is the last time you were completely captivated by someone's physical traits, be it good or bad?

What physical feature do you find you are most drawn to in others? (not necessarily meaning most attractive)

Answers to follow.
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don't get caught on my chest hair.

so i've been seeing this guy for a little while.
he is in the business of international trial support and litigation services. toyota is one of his clients. so he's fairly well off.

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short version: rich boyfriend wants to buy me a tattoo and i don't know whether to get a small one or what i actually want.

edit: not any kind of tattoo that has any significance twoard him or us. he just wants me to go with him because i have a lot of tattoos and he has none.
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Empire state of mind?

I'm in New York. Will you tell me what I should do with my day? What about the rest of my week? If it's something super touristy I've probably done it and if it's expensive I can't afford it.

EDIT: I demand an NYC TQC meetup TODAY. Will you come?

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What's the best way to help a friend who is completely devastated by something and doesn't want to talk to anyone?

Is there actually a good yogurt brand/flavor that you can get at the grocery store? If yes, what kind? I'm never impressed by yogurt. Bonus points if it's not completely loaded with sugar.

Do you have a formspring account? Do you love it?
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1. My husband is going to buy us a Wii and get Wii Fit and Super Smash Bros. I've been looking at the list of games for sale on amazon.com and I don't see any others that look particularly interesting. Any recommendations for more games? For reference, my favorite games are Katamari Damacy/We ♥ Katamari and Ocarina of Time. (Is Twilight Princess worth getting? I've heard mixed reviews)

2. Do you have Wii Fit? Do you like it? Have you actually improved your fitness since you started using it?
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What did you do for your last birthday? How old did you turn?

Boyfriend made me a cake (he was working in a bakery at the time) and bought me a margarita bucket, tequila, and a snuggie. And then we had sex. I turned 22.
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another accent question...

I heard someone said that these rhyme in his accent. He's from California.

1. Say "walk" and "sock" out loud. In your accent, do they rhyme?

2. Where is your regional accent from?

EDIT: Interesting enough, these two words don't seem to rhyme in American Southern accents. Mine is Southeast Virginia and, yes, they don't rhyme.
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do you have family/friends in hawaii? are they being evacuated?

my cousin lives on oahu, pretty much smack dab in the center of the island. i'm hoping she's far enough away from the ocean/on a high enough elevation to avoid all this.

Tsunami WARNING!

The Tsunami from the Chilean earthquake will be hitting Hawaii in less than hour, and I'm sure that CNN and the other news channels will have cameras set up to see it live.

how interested in watching are you? do you hope it's just hype or do you want to see some destruction?

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Inspired by the Boohbah post below -

Which fictional character scared you most as a child?
Does it still freak you out as an adult?

I was so damn scared of The Groke from The Moomins that it gave me nightmares and even now I can't watch it without freaking out, which sucks cos the Moomins were awesome.
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 I need a new digital camera, my old one finally kicked the bucket after 4 long years of service. I don't try to take amazing photographs with it, I really just want a little point-and-shoot. Can anyone suggest a relatively cheap little, good digital camera I can buy online somewhere? The cheaper the better - ideally I'd like to go under $100.

what good are words..

Are you happy with your life?

Every time I think about my life and my future, I never see myself living a normal life. I just want to live near a beach and be free and natural and not care about all the petty things that humans have created. I just want to write and paint and be happy.

Do you agree that the ultimate goal for humans is to go to college, settle down, and get a good high paying job?

Do you think I'm just another whining teenager who doesn't want responsibility?
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A friend recently found out someone he knows wears fake glasses, and wants to know how common this is. So TQC, do YOU wear fake glasses? Do you know people who do? Would you say this is a popular fashion trend?

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Do you ever buy things just because of the container? Yes and I really only noticed it today. I wanted root beer and when I was looking at the bottles I bought A&W because it was a warmer color (brown and cream colored, rather then the Barqs silver colored bottle). It was really good though. I also don't like to buy things in glass, because I drop everything.

What is your perfect brunch menu? I'm planning brunch tomorrow, and other then french toast I don't know what to make! I'm thinking cottage fries as well.

What do you use to keep acne down? I've never had bad acne before, but since I got pregnant my skin has gone crazy. I get the worst zits and I can feel them for days before they come out my skin. EWWWWWWWWWIE. I use nutregena but apparently it has decided to stop working on my skin after a year.

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Have you ever used chatroulette? What was it like?
When was the last time you were disappointed by an order you received at a fast-food joint?
Should I order buffalo wings or eat at home?
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If you are a person who wears bras on a regular basis:

Do you store things in your bra? (i.e. money, cell phone)

Do you store things in your bra even if you have a large purse with you?

How long does it take you to retrieve something from your bra if it is in there?

Would you be offended if someone didn't want to take your boobsweat money after you dug around in there for 3 minutes looking for your cash?
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What is a dependable cell phone?
I really want a qwerty keyboard slider, for example, the Pantech Matrix Pro by AT&T, but I'm not sure if that's a good choice.

ETA: Can it be tossed around, handle momentary flight down stairs, etc.?


In a few weeks I will be graduating from pole dancing class. In order to graduate I have to perform a routine I put together to a song of my choice. I don't really listen to booty music, I'm more of a Mozart, Pink Floyd, Beatles kind of girl. What song should I do my graduation dance to?

I have a few ideas under the cut, if you can't think of a good song, will you tell me which of these is your favorite?

And I'll try to post a video of my graduation to TQC_Updates.

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What are your views on pit bulls?
Naturally aggressive or trained to be that way?
My dad says they're naturally aggressive, just have to wait until they break.
I personally own a pit bull mix and he wouldn't hurt a fly.

If you don't care, what kind of dog do you own? What's your favorite breed?

Feel free to post a picture of your pet! :D Cat/dog/fish/whatever.
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I'm looking to apply for a summer writing workshop between my freshman and sophomore year of college. The problem is, everything I find is for high school students.  The only applicable program I've found is the New York State Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College.  Does anyone know of residential writing workshops for college students in the summer?
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TQC make my important life decisions, Say you're going to a big birthday party with lots of friends, random people and probably a lot of hotties. And everyone is hip and happening and sassy,

How should I dress?


How would you dress?
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Let's play doctor!

I slipped and fell on some (curling) ice today and slipped and hurt my wrist pretty badly when I put my hand out to break my fall. It's not swollen, and it's not in unbearable pain. Probably a 5 or 6 on the pain scale -- this is about 8 or 9 hours after the fall now. I don't think it's broken, but I don't know for sure. I don't have insurance, so I'm semi-reluctant to go to a doctor if I don't have to.

When should I see a doctor? As in, if the pain doesn't go away in "x days"? And would I go to an orthopedist or to a hospital (one significant difference is that I can probably get a significant chunk of the cost waived if I go to the hospital). If I do go to the hospital, would I go to the ER or call radiology?

ETA: My roommate tells me it looks a little bit swollen. Does that change the answer?

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When was the last time you tried making/doing something new and it was successful? What did you do? For example, tonight I pan-seared scallops for the first time and it was the tits.

Does anyone have T Mobile anymore? I hear a lot of jokes about them these days. If you do have T Mobile, have you tried getting a new phone for free after being out of contract for a long time? I needs a new phone and haven't been under contract in like, 4 years.

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Will you tell me about awkward/underhanded compliments that you've gotten?

Brought to you by today at work being told by an older lady that if her kids didn't look like me she'd send them back! (Apparently, after my saying "...what?" she meant that to mean that she thought I was pretty and she liked my coloring - red hair, green eyes, pale skin and freckles.) And also being told by a guy who was staring at my eyes the whole time I was checking his stuff out, while I was punching in his zip code on my screen, that he liked my fast fingers. O_o
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Have any of you started a dairy-free diet? Any tips or hints? Where did you find dairy where you least expected it?
I keep popping up and checking things like bread which is getting annoying.

What changes have you made recently to improve your health?

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So sorry to bore you again with a computer question.
But I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a basic macbook laptop. As you know they are pretty expensive, what do you think about buying a refurbished macbook or other laptop?
Do you know anywhere that offers good deals on mac products?


1. Can (and do you) eat a whole sleeve of Thin Mints?**

2. On your last birthday did someone sing happy birthday to you? Who did?

3. Did you play school when you were a child?

4. When was the last time you were a part of a family portrait?

5. Are you wearing shoes right now?

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Baking without eggs

I'm making hamantaschen, and this is part of the recipe (I'm veganizing a gluten-free recipe, so it has eggs in it that I need to replace):

"Using a pastry brush, apply well-beaten egg to the perimeter of each dough circle and immediately fold 3 sides of circle together so that the cookie becomes a triangle, and pinch corners to seal. Seal completely and firmly, using beaten egg so they do not come apart in baking."

I'm worried that without the egg they wont seal well. Would egg replacer do the job? Is there something else I can use? Or will they probably be fine without the egg?

(This is the recipe)

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TQC: what did you buy today?

Today I found a bunch of polyester/"silk" super-girly blouses at Value Village. Also tampons and acne facewash :C

Are shoulder pads acceptable fashion, or totally outdated? Think small 40s style pads, not those giant 80s ones.

Have you ever had Vietnamese coffee? Iced or hot? Did you like it?

I get it hot whenever I go to this one Vietnamese restaurant in town. I like it but it's sooo sweet, I can never finish all of it

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My dog has her butt in the air and her entire head (like seriously, up to her shoulders [since she doesn't really have a neck]) buried in the couch cushions. What is she doing down there?! (The sillier the better, plz)

What's the last good movie you watched?

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if you had to make a website, what would you make it on?

i'd probably make a website based on acadmeics where people could do SAT practice tests in synch with the time slots for each section.

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what was the first shocking thing you ever saw on the internet?

aside from seeing tubgirl in 6th grade, i remember finding weird sex roleplaying chats on aol called rhydin when i was like 8 and reading them write some really weird shit.