February 26th, 2010

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Who do you find attractive that is pretty much the antithesis of what you normally go for?

IDK why, but Niles from Frasier is pretty hot imho even though I normally like 'em rough and heavily tattooed.
Also, I once had a terrible crush on one of my lecturers and he was a tiny Asian man with glasses and a balding head who was also about 50-60 years old and married with kids... hawt haha
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Prompted by the last paragraph of this article:

Do restaurants have a responsibility to tell customers when their food isn't halal/kosher/et cetera, so that customers with religious requirements can avoid those foods?

Do they have a responsibility to tell customers when their food is halal/kosher/et cetera, so that customers who want to avoid those foods -- religious or otherwise -- can avoid them? Or is it okay to serve this food to customers because they don't know?

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you are very hungry and you are opening a can of soup. you are having a hard time pulling off the metal thing on top all the way and stupidly grab onto one of the sharp sharp edges and cut your hand. the metal lid is now off, but you've just bled into your soup.  there's nothing else in the house because grocery shopping is tomorrow and it's past midnight. you gonna eat your soup?

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I enjoy psychology books that are told in an insightful, first-person style. Not like, clinical stuff.

An example is An Unquiet Mind.

Is there a good book like this for PTSD?

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If someone posted a picture of you snorting coke on Facebook, what would you do?

none of this 'oh I wouldn't be in this picture'- let's pretend you got completely out of control and had no inhibitions this one time okay?

Orrrrr, how about if someone posted a picture of you at a party, and in that album from that party there were pictures of other people doing coke? What would you do?
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I am freaking the fuck out right now.

I've had a small rash on the side of my neck all day.  It's no big deal.  I have sensitive skin, so it happens all the time.  

I haven't been sleeping more than 2-3 hours a night for over a week now, so I took an Ambien at around 8 and went to bed.  About an hour ago, my Dobie jumped on the bed, waking me up and scaring the bejeezus out of me.  My neck, hair, shoulder, and pillow were soaked, so I just assumed that I was sweating.  I got up to get a drink of water and realized that it wasn't sweat but blood.  

Sometime during the last four hours of drugged-out sleep, I scratched the skin off the side of my neck.  There's a 2 inch square of exposed under-flesh.  I never felt a thing, and I am really freaked out about it.  I've since disinfected and bandaged the area.

1.)   What was the last thing that freaked you out?

2.)   Have you ever had any messed up side-effects from a drug of some kind?  What happened?

3.)   I should never ever ever take Ambien again:  Yes or Hell yes?

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Poll #1530776 Snowy Friday morning poll

Who would you rather have as your father?

Red Foreman
Hank Hill

Which do you prefer?

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

And again?

Sweet Tarts

What is your preferred method?

Cooked/baked into food
I prefer alcohol
None for me thanks

Which would you consider to be worse?

9/11 jokes
Rape jokes

Which breakfast food do you prefer?

French toast

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Hi, so I'm a little more stoned than usual after taking my Ambien.

I can't stop hiccupping! And I can't remember how to stop hiccupping! It's really stupid and uncomfortable and the dog won't sleep with me until I stop hiccupping. Help?

ominous thumps and chainsaws

My upstairs neighbors' bedroom is right above my own.  It's 2 AM here and they are stomping around, and things are crashing to the floor and it sounds like they are dragging heavy objects around their room.  Around and around and around the room.

Earlier this evening, maybe around 11-ish, my flatmate came home and told me there was a guy standing on the sidewalk with a chainsaw.  It wasn't on when she walked past, but he was just standing there with it held in front of him, next to our row of parking spots.  Five minutes later we heard the chainsaw go on.  And it went on and on and on and on, and it sounded like he was walking up and down the sidewalk.

TQC: What the fuck is going on in my apartment complex tonight?  Am I going to die?  Is there some sort of zombie outbreak in Northern Virginia that I'm unaware of?  And if so, what the hell am I supposed to do? 
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I am a very indoorsy person. I could stay inside all the time so long as I had a computer, an internet connection, and a good delivery service nearby. My fiance is a very outdoorsy person and when he stays in for too long he paces like a caged animal.

However it is Ohio, in the middle of winter, and I just don't want to have to get up, bundle up (me and cold are fierce enemies) and then go out with him for a walk to no where, and he generally wants to go out at night, when it's dark, cold, and there's ice for me to slip on. I'm perfectly fine going out when it isn't muddy or freezing. I love to play in the snow, but whenever I surprise him with a day to go outside, he decides he doesn't want to. I have a job opportunity that would have me out of the house for 8 hours Mon through Fri, and the last thing I will want to do is go for a fun walk when it is freezing as I will be working in a kitchen. He doesn't understand why I am clinging to my bed and computer for the last few weeks I may have. The stint starts in April. I've only ever had part time.

What can I do to make things better for both of us? How can I make him see that it is just so much more work to get up and layer myself like 4 times, and lace up my 14 eye boots than for him to just deal until we go out for something? I get feeling cooped up but we go out and do stuff, but he wants to go out 3 days a week, but says a walk is fine, but he hates people. It's awkward and TLDR

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Around age 9 or 10 I became completely unable to tolerate heat. Exposure to summer heat for more than half an hour would result in me vomiting uncontrollably and having terrible headaches. Eventually we found out that this was because A. My sweat glands stopped working, or B. My sweat glands ceased to exist. My body can't regulate its temperature. It was never explored any further than that. I have just avoided going out in the summer for the last 10 years and I am sick of this.

TQC, what happened to my body and how can I fix it?

Srs/non srs pls.
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Do any of you do yoga on a regular basis? If so, can you help me figure out where my arms/shoulders/head should be on downward facing dog? I have twice done yoga and ended up with some sort of neck sprain or something that makes it feel like I slept wrong. Maybe I did sleep wrong too but it always feels like it starts with downward dog.

SO mad..

I found out this gas station/convenience store in town was hiring. Turns out, I found out too late because last night I found out they already hired someone for the graveyard shift - which is what I wanted to get. There might be a chance that there is another slot open now, but I know the guy that use to work the graveyard shift and he said he was taking that spot.

I'm really upset because this is the second time I've almost gotten my foot in the door and didn't make it in for one reason or another.

Should I go down to find out if they're still looking for someone to fill a shift? It seems like they always have people down there working; they never look like they need help.
What should I even say? I feel like complete crap now because I really wanted that job and someone else got it.

How do I go about feeling better so that I can go in there and go back to looking like I really want a job? Or in other words, how do I make a good impression? Seems like I can't get it right or something.

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Do hookers charge less for "cuddle dates"?

If I cuddle with someone other than my SO....is it cheating?

Is there a website for "cuddle dates"?

EDIT O MATIC- If I cuddle with another guy....do I have teh gey?

Hello..I'm Haji....and I am a cuddle addict
explodingdog.com - Sunshine

sugar rush

Do you prefer fruit flavored candy, or chocolate candy?

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate?

Chewy candy, gummy candy, hard candy, or soft candy?

What is your favorite Jelly Belly flavor?

What is your least favorite flavored candy?

TQC is going on a field trip to the candy store! You receive three vouchers, each good for one serving of the candy of your choice. What do you choose?

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What does dystrophinopathy mean? or what exactly is a manifesting carrier of a dystophinopathy with a duplication noted in exon 5-11 of the dysophin gene?

I need a good online medical dictionary :(
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My cats ran out of cat food and for a variety of reasons I can't go get them more until later this afternoon. So, a poll! What can I feed to my cats to tide them over until later today?

What should I feed my cats?

Scrambled eggs
Deli turkey
Can of tuna
Something else
They can wait til later, it won't kill them

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One of my closest friends and I got into a big fight a few weeks back, and he made it clear that he needs some time away from me. No emails, no texts, nothing. This coming Thursday is my birthday, which is also my dad's birthday who died in a motorcycle accident in July of 2008. It's pretty much the worst ever, I'm already stressing and crying around the clock and it's only going to be harder without my friend. If he doesn't call me on my birthday, I don't think I will be able to handle it.

If you were having a HUGE fight with a friend and you were livid with them, but then you knew they were going to have a really hard day, would you call them anyway?

And if anyone is psychic... is he gonna call?

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1)How long does it take you to fill out an online application?

30 minutes if I'm lucky.

2)What have you lost recently?

Many of my beads and jewelry tools, the note book with this HR department's number in it.

3)What do you do with your paper journals after they are filled?

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My friend and his boyfriend invited me and another friend to go on vacation with them in June. Friend and I buy our plane tickets, two days later we find that the couple have gotten into a fight and they're not entirely 100% okay with each other.

It's been like two weeks. I've asked my friend what the situation is with his boyfriend and he just says that they need to *build trust* in the relationship.

Do I bring up this impending vacation? I need to know if it's still on soon, otherwise my friend and I are totally out for the money that we paid for the tickets.

What would you do?

*Other friend and I can't go alone because we're renting a house through the boyfriend

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Were you ever in a relationship with someone who tried to make you jealous?

How did it make you feel? Was it insulting, embarrassing, confusing, something else?

Did you call them out? Did they deny they were doing it?

Got any stories about the lengths a lover has gone to trying to make you jealous? Or any other stupidity is also fine. :D
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I'm trying to add pictures on my jump drive but it keeps telling me there is not enough space to add not even one picture.

I've deleted everything that was on the jump drive originally so I can add more...why is this happening??? Is there more to deleting than just simply dragging the item to the trash?

EDIT: Thanks for the answers! I got it. (No need to jump on my bawllz)
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 I need a computer game to play, TQC. I'm not into shooters or anything insanely violent, I've always been a fan of RPGs and lower-key stuff. I've also already played out the Diner Dash series. Any suggestions?
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Is pseudophedrine physically addicting?

I've been taking pseudophedrine (along with azithromycin and after, clindomycin) on my doctor's orders, and I noticed after the second day it made me speedy. Like, can't-focus-uncomfortable-twitchy speedy, and I have a 3-shot espresso 4-5 times a day habit, with no speedy side effects.

I stopped taking it the third day, and I was outright exhausted. I've been taking it randomly once or twice day since then, and the exhaustion only dissipates when I take pseudophedrine.

Did I go and get myself addicted to it? The alternative being that I've been sick with a sinus infection, ear infection, and abscesses for over a week now.
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How broad is your music taste? 
Mine is incredibly broad- the only thing that I really can't stand listening to is polka music.

Is there a specific genre that you tend to listen to the most?
I tend to listen to folk and indie a lot of the time. Though Rock, Alternative, and Pop are also very close up there.

Do you have a ShockHound or Last.fm?
I have both, and use the same name on everything I'm on.
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I'm going to begin taking a multivitamin, because I've waited long enough to begin taking these things. I was wondering what vitamins you guys take? I've been told to take fish oil and calcium on top of a multivitamin, but I was wondering what brands you take and how well it works for you.
I <3 TLV

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1. Why does the low sodium tamari sauce cause cost more than the regular kind? They're in the exact same bottle.

2. What's your favorite kind of pancake? Favorite pancake topping?

3. What's your favorite band or singer that ISN'T from the US or England? Where are they from?

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How many calories are in a bag of doritos?

If you don't care, what is something that people keep labeling you with? what is the worst thing to be called?

what type of pet do you have? Is it small or big?

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Is there a movie you've seen that you don't think anyone else here would have, and if so, would you recommend it?

If you can't think of one, how about: What movie would you recommend to the general public if you were allowed one and only one recommendation?

Inspired by my dry and uninspired Netflix queue

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What is a restaurant that, as a kid, you thought was for “rich” people or was really special but now that you are older know is ultra lame?

Me: Black Eyed-Pea and Outback

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Our cat has gone missing, so we want to put up some posters.
Would you be more inclinced to repond to a poster that offers a reward than one that doesn't?
What is an appropriate sum to offer as a reward?

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Dear TQC,

My cat just spent several minutes trying to mount and hump my arm.

What comprises your sex lives these days?
(People who get actual sex need not reply.)
Who can I talk to about being raped by my cat?

ETA: He is now taking a nap because apparently it was "good for him."
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You are sick.  Not laid up sick; you still went to work but you have a box of tissues and an army of over the counter meds & endless types of tea to help you get through the day.  Your head is a little swimmy and you know that alcohol is a BAD idea.

There is supposed to be a "girls night out" tonight that you wanted to go to.  You haven't been out with the girls since college. 

Do you still go?

Why or why not?

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What food will actually stay in my stomach?
I drank a fair amount last night, but am sick as soon as I eat anything, it just keeps coming!

Eta: given that the slightest drop of water comes up again, I'm giving up.
My friend is also in a bad way when she never usually suffers, and I really didn't have an amount of drink to make things this bad. Is this a drink spiking/bad ice cubes case? (I know I'm asking to be validated in my shittyness!!)
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Have you ever avoided going to a class because you didn't want to get a test or essay back that you were nervous about?

Do you have teachers or professors that talks on and on about how the class did before handing something back? Does it drive you insane?

What is the best movie you have seen in the last few months?
Apple //c

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Have you ever fallen asleep at work?

I think I just did for a few minutes, like just with my head propped up by my elbows. I opened my eyes and had that weird feeling where I didn't know where I was for a few seconds.
the decemberists

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Have you ever gotten arrested? What did you do?

If not, what kinds of things could you see yourself getting arrested for?

I've never been in trouble with the law at all, but I can definitely see myself being in this situation.

Sailormoon - flowers

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 Sprint users: 

What phone do you have? Do you like it? If you upgraded (and stayed with Sprint), what would you get?

I'm looking to upgrade my phone (currently a Samsung M510) in about two months and I'm thinking about the HTC Hero, but I'm not sure. 
hannibal skull

House Guests

Imagine: You hate cooking. Despite hating cooking, you have a list on your fridge of dishes you want to try your hand at but have not because A) you hate cooking and B) can't be bothered and C) the thought of cleaning up is just UGH.

A friend of yours comes to visit. They love cooking.

Would you be offended if they offered to make some of the things on your list for you and your family for dinner?

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Is there a specific name for a game like:

|read| (read between the lines)


My boss needs to know and the only thing I can think of is calling them mind benders.

Edit: These are word games and I need to know if they have a specific name.


What's your favorite rebus puzzle/brain teaser?
Arrested Development
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Ok so an epicanthal fold starts at and sometimes overlaps the inside of the eye. What do you call that over-eyelid fold some people have, though? I used a picture of an old dude's eye because it often gets more pronounced with age, but I'm quite young and I've always had one, though less floppy than his.

This post was brought to you by my eyemakeup smearing EVERYWHERE this morning thanks to this nameless foldy thing.

ETA This is much more accurate:

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I'm a girl. Hanging out with guys. They start talking about sex and stuff which I don't mind unless it gets graphic. I don't need to hear where you have/want to put/do anything to some girl. I told them it makes me uncomfortable and they said they'd stop then started up again later. Now it's like this huge deal because now one dude thinks I'm being dumb. Am I being dumb for asking them to refrain from describing sex acts around me?
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Do you ever get sores/scrapes/raw spots on the roof of your mouth where it hurts almost every time you eat or drink? If so, what do you do to heal it? If not, when did you last perform oral sex on someone?
Sam outside

I need help with fashion

 So for my birthday earlier this week, my brother's girlfriend bought me a shirt. Since then, I've tried it on and am convinced it makes me look like I'm expecting. She gave me the receipt and said I could return it if I needed to. 

Will you help me decide whether or not to return it? I am just not feeling it lol

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It's 32° F here.

Would you wear a mini skirt outside without any sort of leggings/tights?

Did you ever get annoyed when school was closed (Due to weather or something)?
Lierre Flowers

A question for the ladies...

Ladies, say you come across a dress in the mall on sale. It's originally a $300 designer black formal dress in your size that could be worn for multiple occasions. It's beautiful and you like it. You don't have anything to wear it to in the next two months but you do have a formal occasion or two every year so it could be used in the future. What is the price of it on sale for you to absolutely want to purchase it because it's THAT good of a deal that you won't find again? Or what percentage off?Thanks.
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Snow Chains Ticket

My husband wrecked my car driving in snow on the 9th. I received the ticket in the mail today for not having chains on the car. Any idea how much we should expect to pay? The courts are closed until Monday and I'm spazzing out.

Also, it mentions he has to appear in court on the 6th of August. He'll be living on the opposite coast at that time on military orders. Anyone have any insight on how that'll work? The court house is 3 hours away from where we actually live, and my husband wont actually be in the area any other weekdays, like, ever.

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will you post a picture of yourself so that tqc can comment with one good thing and one bad thing about your appearance? "you are too pretty" and shit like that does not count as a bad thing.
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It's a long one - to go or not to go?

I've been pretty sick lately - no answers yet, but it's either an old abscess flaring up again, or some sort of gluten intolerance, or because I've been trying to reintroduce meat into my diet [exacerbated by the fact that I have systemic lupus underlying it all and it just takes a tiny, tiny thing to make my whole system go haywire] - but there is a wedding this weekend, 400 miles away. I'll admit I'm extremely tired, extremely uncomfortable, and just don't feel like facing anything social. My fiance and I need to leave at 4:30 a.m., and I would really like to go, I committed myself to going, months ago - and do really want to go, but I don't feel I have much juice in me. I'm not a vital part of the wedding by any means, but do I want to go, genuinely - I just feel completely weak. I'll be a lump in a chair (and we like to be loud and rowdy) and for this reason I have my reservations.

Do I suck it up and endure, be the lump in the chair, or do I make my love drive 400 miles alone to a wedding I do have the truest desire to attend, but hardly the energy?

I'm literally on the fence. My heart and the rest of my insides are arguing. My heart wants to go, but everything else is not wanting to move at all.

DK/DC? Am I just a big pansy?

DK/DCx2? If you made a movie, what would it be about?
TK and Kari

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Let's say you have 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

Would you rather live next door to a hot female pedophile or three blocks down from an ugly male pedophile? Both pedos are straight.

(no subject)

Do you bruise really easily? What's something kind of minor that would give you a really bad bruise? How long do your bruises take to heal?

I walked into a metal part of my friend's car almost three weeks ago and the bruise is still dark purple/pink. D:

***if you can avoid posting pictures, that'd be super.

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I would like to buy a new laptop. I'd prefer a PC but my last one has been mired by viruses. I want it to run quickly and I want something that is portable (e.g. 5 pounds or less). I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to computers.
What do you think the best bang for your buck is (in terms of laptops) and in terms of stores to purchase it from?
What other advice would you give me tqc?

And, if all that is boring, when's the last time you got laid and by whom?

(no subject)

Will you draw an MS Paint picture of your user icon and post it? Don't worry about your art skills.

If you're not interested in doing that, for what do you NOT want to be remembered?

[edit] Mine's in the comments.

(no subject)

So I'm selling a laptop on ebay that's originally worth 1200$ and was purchased 6 months ago, rarely used, etc etc. Since it didn't sell, should I just offer a second chance to the next highest bidder? Their bid was 562$.
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I've had a stye for a week now, and it's really gross, disgusting, and pissing me off. If it doesn't disappear over the weekend I'm going to the doctor. That said, anyone have any experiences with home remedies for these things? I've been doing a lot of hot compresses but I've also read about things like tea bag compresses, neosporin (on the eye?), milk eye washes, salt (rinses or just plain salt on it, which sounds bad). I don't want to do a billion things to it and irritate it more so if anyone has experience with them and knows what works, doesn't, or is a super bad plan that would be cool to hear.

DK/DC, what's the last thing your body did that pissed you off?
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Are you a vegetarian?

If so, why did you decide to become one?
How long have you been one?
What is the most challenging, and the most rewarding, thing about it?

If you're aren't, how come?
crazy flame lady

Job question!

I am applying for a job that requires a writing sample. Should I use a writing sample that is not my greatest work but is related to the field, or a writing sample that is excellent and completely unrelated to the field I am applying to?

(no subject)

A man has information that he is withholding about a terrorist or murder plot. He's not talking.

Is torture an option? What if it would save one innocent life? 5 lives? 100 lives? 10,000 lives? one million lives?

And on a completely unrelated note- how long on average does it take you to fall in love with someone you're in a relationship with? How long on average is it until you tell them you love them?

(no subject)

So I'm in the midst of drinking a beer with dinner, and I just realized that my head really hurts. Will I die if I take 2 or 3 ibuprofen? Or will my stomach explode or something? (The label doesn't say "do not take with alcohol," but in general I know it's a bad idear to mix alcohol plus any kind of pills.)

DK/DC: When you're watching sitcoms, do you prefer shows that are "filmed in front of a live studio audience" (read: have a laugh track, i.e. Friends) or shows that are not (i.e. Community, The Office)?


 So my little sister has a radio show . They always do a "song of gratuitous editing"  where they take a song with a ton of swearing in it and see how much is left when they beep out the swear words. She's running out of songs. 

So, TQC, do you know of any songs that have a LOT of swearing in them? 

What is your favorite swear word?

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What is your opinion on c-sections verses natural vaginal birth? I have a friend who is telling me all these horrid things about c-sections so I give birth in a pool at a birthing center like her. I'm not changing my birth plan, I just want outside opinions. Tell me everything you feel and know please!

I guess I should have said that I plan to have my child naturally with no drugs in a hospital vaginally. She just keeps saying my hospital has a high c-section rate. But the hospital she wants me to go to bothers me and they suck at blood draws.

What is your favorite kind of potato chip? I really like sweet Maui onion chips.

(no subject)

Have you ever found out something from facebook that you didn't want to know or that you should have been told in person?

Inspired by finding out my mom was in the hospital via facebook over the summer and my friend's sister finding out she was in the hospital via facebook tonight

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Hey, party people.

What do you think is the prettiest language?
I've become pretty infatuated with Brazilian Portuguese, and I've made it my mission to learn it.

Also, I'm going ice skating tomorrow. I suck at ice skating. Any tips for not falling flat on my face?
Wonder Woman

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1.)  For those of you with sleep problems, what helps you get to sleep at night?

2.)  Do you have any relaxation techniques or tricks that aren't directly related to falling asleep?

After scratching the skin off the side of my neck in a drug-induced sleep last night, my doctor is taking me off of Ambien.  He's going to be consulting with some specialists for other options, but in the mean time I am completely without sleeping pills.  I'll try pretty much anything at this point.

(no subject)

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At what age "should" a person have a credit card, if at all?

If you have one, what do you use it for the most?

ETA YOU CAN'T SAY NEITHER, OKAY? >:C Just pick the pair that makes you vomit the least, IDK.