February 25th, 2010

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Do you make playlists? If so, what kinds of playlists do you make? Do you make them for moods, situations, whatever you feel like? How do you think of names? What are the names of your current favorite playlists?

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Have you ever played with the idea of simply packing a suitcase and just walking out, leaving your life behind?

I love the idea of packing up and getting a flight but I can worry and stress to the point of paranoia.
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Can anyone find me the strip that this is from? Its a Calvin and Hobbes comic I know but I want the actual strip.

"The problem with people is that they don't look at the big picture. Eventually, we're each going to die, our species will go extinct, the sun will explode, and the universe will collapse. Existence isn't only temporary, it's pointless! We're all doomed, and worse, nothing matters!"

Now for an actual question and not a random request.

What's your favorite Calvin & Hobbes strip?
And if you don't read Calvin & Hobbes your favorite (non-webcomic) strip?

Heh, Hehe, Hah, Haha

Does "heh" have a different meaning than "hehe" or is it just a typo meant to be "hehe"?
Same with "hah" and "haha".

For some reason, I think of "hah" as a laugh but "heh" as a :/ awkward confused face.

Does this make sense? Probably not.

Do you like to ski or snowboard?
If yes, what is your favorite mountain?
How old were you when you learned?

ski, deer valley, 2

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What are your favourite one hit wonders?

When was the last time you gave up on something?

Don't know or care, do you have a custom Firefox (or another browser) theme? What is it?
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Did you know there is a TV set that costs $15,000 USD?
FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!! Who in thier right mind would buy that???

"but Haji....it comes with surround sound"....RIGHT...like that makes it totally worth it....
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1. How do you wake yourself up/get energized in the morning?

2. How much do you have to accomplish in a day to feel like you've been "productive"?

1. First of all, before I go to bed, I get coffee ready for the morning and set the delay to start 15 minutes before my alarm goes off.  When my alarm does go off, I immediately get up and go splash really cold water on my face, then I stumble to the kitchen, make coffee, and sit in my bed for five minutes to sip on it.  By the time the five minutes or so are up...I'm awake.

2. For me to feel decently  productive, I must attend all my classes, workout, and do all my reading.  However, I feel totally productive if I get my workout done before 7am (which I did today...and have all days this week).
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Terrorism 101

I heard a report on the radio about people that assist terrorists.  Obviously, it is a crime in the United States & most other countries to provide them with financial backing, training, or supplies.

Apparantly, in the US, this extends to organizations that provide training for groups to learn how to use legitimate means to lobby for change in their governments (how to write bills, how to pursue litigation, education on political groups, etc...).

Do you agree with this policy? (ie Do you think that groups classified as terrorist organizations by the government should be denied access to training on how to achieve their goals without violence?)

EDIT:  Why or why not?
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Do you watch cartoons?
What was the best cameo in a cartoon in your opinion?

Edit: When you play a video game or game online, do you read the instructions or just jump right in and learn from experience?
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Is there a website or maybe a cheap or free program that would be like... Virtual flash cards? I need to memorize a ton of medical terms and I think that would be a great help?

How do you memorize things?
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TQC, let's say I'm interested in making a fan video of sorts. What free video editing program would you recommend I download to make this happen?

Also, do the editing programs rip video from DVD's or do I need a separate program for that? I'm not looking to upload it anywhere. This video is going to be for my very own amusement.
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Classes are canceled before 12:30 yet I still wanted to go to work at 9...but buses are cancelled until 11:30...sigh... all the sleep I am missing.

So I am up indulging in some morning internet: lj, facebook, tastespotting(food blog) and now I cannot wait to make dinner tonight. I am not much of a breakfast person so I drool for lunch/dinner  food around this time. I have decided to make turkey burgers topped with thick slices of bacon, roasted or grilled fennel, and arugula with a lemon dijon aioli--and a side of baked sweet potato fries and mac & cheese. yum yum yum.

What is your big homemade meal of today and are any of you food blog junkies as I am somewhat embarrassingly admitting?

baby things

MY husband and I have known that we want to have children. About 4 years ago we starting slowly buying things in advance for the day we had children. *It hasn't happened yet, we've been trying for some time with no luck* I'd guess we've spent somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000 on baby items. My friend is pregnant *an accident, previously she had said she didn't really want any* We've joked about her just using my baby clothes and giving them back, but we haven't seriously mentioned anything. I've spent a lot of time and money on things for a child that I hope and pray to have, and the thought of giving that stuff away (even as a loan) doesn't sit well. And as anyone with kids knows certain things would not be returned because, well babies are messy. I would not get the clothes back in the like new condition I bought them in.

Is it wrong to not loan or give away the things I've spent the last 4 years collecting to my friend?

Edit: I'm not entirely sure of the amount of money spent. My husband thinks it might up the 1000 +, I lean more toward it being up to 1000. I check recalls, and almost everything is thrifted. And it's not all clothes.

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Can you help me decide what to do on Saturday?
I had semi-planned (as far as asking people to come with only a couple of solid answers) to go to a sea shanty (traditional sailors songs) gig at our local cafe/bar. I was really excited about it.
BUT I had also said I was hoping the people I babysit for would ask me to babysit soon as a chance to see the family. They've asked me to on Saturday. They have another babysitter and I don't want to let them down. They pay me very little (£10) as I park my car with them.

So, do I go to sea shanties, which won't happen again till the summer, and spend £10, or babysit which will be a little quiet and potentially boring and earn £10.
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Not a vagina, actually.

Chef TQC,
how shall I cook a roast? (Roast beef specifically?) I know the basic mechanics of it and yes - I've googled it. But I'm just wondering what makes your mouth water? Rosemary? Garlic? Some sort of marinade? Would you prefer mashed potatoes or new potatoes served with it?
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? nit pickers

How do you feel about dog-earing pages

It's a crime against humanity and those who do it will rot in hell.
It's super annoying
I'm indifferent
It's a convenient way of marking your page and it won't fall out while you are traveling.
I don't read books and/or don't mark my place in a book.

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Dear TQC,

I'm sick and congested and all around miserable. Only thing thats helped so far is curling up on the bathroom floor with a blanket and letting the room fog up from running hot water (suck it mother earth). Alas, my hot water heater has run out, and Im miserable again.

Do humidifiers make you feel better? Or more importantly, do they work like hot shower steam? Im getting gross again, and need halp. I've never had to use a humidifier before.

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Do you hold doors/elevators for people?

How about when it's a little bit out of your way (i.e. delaying moving on wherever you're going for a few seconds to hang on the door for someone you see approaching)?

What kinds of things do you do along those lines of public courtesy?

If you've got a parking pass with a good chunk of time left on it, would you put it back where the ticket-dispenser-machine is for someone who might just need those fifteen minutes and otherwise would have to pay for a full hour?

The other day I held my best friend's coat for her to help her on with it, and she seemed really surprised--I know it's a thing that guys do, traditionally, but I know I always appreciate help with my coat if someone offers, so if I'm already holding someone's coat, why not?

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My mom called me at work last night to tell me I was "in trouble" and someone wants to sue me because I allegedly took indecent pictures of their daughter "Melanie" and posted them on the internet.
A woman came into my stepdad's work and asked for (my name)'s father and continued to rant and rave to the poor girl at the register about my photos.

Here's the thing... I don't know anyone named Melanie let alone have I taken any pictures of someone named Melanie. I have a small portfolio of my photographs online (on flickr) which can not even be accessed by the general public, you need to have an account. However, all of the people I've taken pictures of know for a fact that the pictures are on my Flickr account.
There are four girls who I have taken pictures of nude for a small series and I have model release forms for all of those girls. They are all 18+.

Not to mention, why would this person go to my stepdad's place of business and verbally harass a lady who works there, but not come to me first?

Technically, I can't think of anything I have done wrong considering the only "indecent" photographs I've ever taken are backed by a legal contract that says I can sell, publish, whatever the fuck I want to them.

Is this some big joke?
Do you think my mom and stepdad are making this up?
Is there an incredibly EPIC troll out there who is doing this?
Am I in trouble?!

I'm pretty sure this woman doesn't have a case... but if someone tells me I'm in trouble I tend to get worried whether or not that's true ha
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There is a great chance (>90%) that I will be taking driving courses starting next Saturday. What should I look forward to? Will I crash and kill both my instructor and myself?

Will you tell me your experience learning to drive?

Don't know or care, what do you like on your tacos and burritos?
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is there a way to find a specific post you made to a community? like, i don't know, tqc?

a few days ago (i think, i don't remember the day) i asked about interesting diseases to read up on out of boredom (and watching too much house)... but now my teacher assigned a disease paper today and i got excited because i got some interesting answers but now can't find my post.

what are some interesting diseases?

now really unrelated:
do you ever go through times of eating WAY more than you ever normally eat? like a week or so of it, then it goes away? how do you stop yourself? HOW CAN I STOP MYSELF FROM GAINING 30LBS THIS WEEK?

ETA: what should the next facebook fad be? what facebook fad should i start? (you know like: post your underware color, THROWBACK WEEK, celebrity look alike week)
the more ridiculous and offensive the better.
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What are some good books about a son not following in his father's footsteps? Preferably involving the father disowning his son as a result?

Do you know anyone who has disowned his or her children IRL?

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If you were planning a 10-14 day roadtrip, starting in San Francisco and ending in either Las Vegas or Los Angeles, what would your itinerary look like?

Suggestions for an itinerary that must include: Disneyland, a few days at an awesome beach, Vegas?

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Inspired by the girl whose phone went off in class this morning...

What is your current ringtone?
Do you have a song that plays for text messages or do you just use one of the beeping alerts that comes with the phone?
Do you have different ringtones for different people?

My ringtone is the Pittsburgh Penguins entrance music, just because it sounds sweet and I love the Pens.
I wish I could customize my text message/voicemail alert, because my roommate and I have the same phone and there's only one tone on there that isnt completely irritating.
And I used to have different ringtones for people but they took up way too much memory so I scrapped them.


I have been in an immense amount of pain for the past few days - my back is killing me! Someone recommended calling a chiropractor, so I did. I wasn't expecting to be able to see someone today, but they got me a 4pm appointment. Problem is, I've never been to a chiropractor - what should I expect???
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The Good Wife

Is anyone else watching the Good Wife? I am and I'm in love.

Is it me or does every-time I see Dylan Baker he's playing the bad guy?

If you've seen the episode of The Good Wife with Dylan Baker in it does anyone by chance know if the art work he had in his home is real or was it made just for the show?

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One of my housemates always ends up making me think, "Wow, you're soo gay." I like him and all, but when he runs to my room in an emergency because he NEEDS AN UMBRELLA SO HIS HAIR WON'T GET WET AND NO A HAT WILL MESS IT UP, I can't help but sigh.

What (extreme?) stereotypes can be seen in your house/friends?

Also: Don't Stop Believing has just come on the radio. I liked this song before it got cool, and it's annoying me that it's suddenly become so legendary.

What things did you like before they got cool?

ETA: I'm talking about the UK, guys. It wasn't cool in the UK first time round.
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TQC, what should I do with my life?

I don't really want to do what I'm educationally qualified to do, and I have limited work experience. I don't need to work for (safely) another 4 months, so I have time to think about this.

What do you do when you don't want to do what you went to school for? And you don't want to go back to school?

srs. and non-srs answers only.

What do you want to do with your life?

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I'm in the middle of directing class, watching a girl make a complete spectacle of herself. Our mission was to pick a stage director and embody them for a presentation. She's REALLY taking on the part....should I be just as zaney?

Which person would you like to embody?

What is the weirdest project you ever had to do for a class?

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Real quick: if I'm applying for a position posted on CraigsList in person, should I bring a cover letter with my resumé? I don't really know how the applying in person without an actual application thing works.

DK/DC: will you describe your mood RIGHT NOW? Be as detailed or as concise as you'd like.

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Do certain people in your office insist on copying your supervisor on every email they send to you? Even if you can just answer the message yourself?

Does it drive you crazy?


Those of you with children will not find this hard to do, but for those who don't imagine you have a child, one who is fairly responsible in most aspects, but in one aspect is not. For instance, they seem to have friends that aren't too shady, they pitch in on chores, they do well in school, but they constantly go off and do things without informing you. (This is just an example really, it could be anything that's potentially problematic/risky behavior). You are very upset when one time your kid goes somewhere after school and ends up in a situation that could have been VERY dangerous, so you ground them. The grounding is indefinite until you are sufficiently satisfied that your child has improved. While grounded, your child violates your trust again and goes off somewhere after school without telling you. Nothing dangerous happens but it is still a repeat offense and grounding is apparently not working. What course of action do you take?

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What are some good shoe buying online sites? I've tried zappos.

I'm looking for some cute, YELLOW heels. I can't find them at all in stores (since it's still winter). Help me find them?
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So I have enough points (3,700) on my American Express Blue travel card to get a $25 AmEx gift card (for 3250). Or I can wait long enough to about double my points for a $100 credit (at 7500 points) that's only good toward travel purchases. It's also taken me the entire time I have had this card so far (going on 2.5 years now) to get this many points.

What should I go for? Keep in mind I am a broke ass college student.
TK and Kari


So I have a puzzle like this that I want to solve. There are these two wooden pieces in the big flat piece with a square-shaped hole and I need to get the two wooden pieces out. My math teacher had showed it to me and when she saw me trying to figure it out she told me I could take it home to play around with it. I've been stuck on it for two hours, does anyone have a similar toy that they've figured out?
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Do you hate group projects (especially if you're at the university level)?
I abhor them. My hate is so intense right now.

How am I supposed to solve Georgian and Russian issues when they can't? WTF? In fact, the more I read on the topic, the more inclined I am to say that Georgia should give up on NATO membership, but since I'm on the Georgia delegation and specializing in Georgian/Russian relations, I think that wouldn't go over well.

Using Google, I have successfully learned how to pronounce "Tbilisi." Do you Google pronunciations so you don't look dumb (which is my primary concern)? How would you pronounce Saakashvili?
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Is there anyone in Westchester, NY (preferably in White Plains or more south) who can give me a detailed report of the weather? Specifically, how are the driving conditions? How many inches of snow?

What really squicks you out? No pictures please.

(no subject)

My T-mobile Nokia (the back says type RM-490) cracked out of the blue.

First, why on earth did it crack? It was nestled safely inside my jacket. I had not dropped it. Now I can't see anything on the screen.

Second, I have pictures of my beloved rats in my "Images" file. When the camera takes a picture, does it by any chance save the pictures into the memory card? I would like to know if I can get a phone similar to mine, and then just put the memory card back in and have all my rat pictures intact.

Thank you :)
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For the Chemists---

Why is my iodide clock reaction not working?! I'm using the hydrogen peroxide variation. When I mix the two solutions together it NEVER changes color. I'm pretty sure I've mixed my solutions correctly. Do the molarities have to be specific or something? I'm doing the experiment off of data I've found on the internet.
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I'm daydreaming about moving somewhere warm and beautiful, but I'm not actually sure where to go! For this particular daydream I want to stay in the USA, be near the coast and a city, and I don't want any extreme heat/cold/dryness weather shenanigans.

Where should I gooo?

I've been looking at Jacksonville NC a little, but don't know anything about it, so info on why it's great/awful would be awesome too!

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So our local news has a Facebook page. I answered a survey question a couple of weeks ago about people with arthritis or fibro.

The guy that does the health segment e-mailed me earlier and wants to interview me tomorrow. o_O

Should I ask him to give me a copy of the questions beforehand?
Have you ever been interviewed on the news?

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What is TQC's time-honoured method of seducing their preferred gender?

Show me a photo of your favourite tshirt?

ETA HOLY FUCK I JUST SAW LORNE CARDINAL IN THE AIRPORT. Tell me a tale of when you were star-struck by a random celebrity or "celebrity" sighting?

Everybody get random...

What the rudest thing someone has said (IRL or online) to you today?

If you have ever watched Mad Men, what did you think of it?

What's your favorite cheeseburger toppings?

Between The Dead Zone, Dexter and The Dick Van Dyke Show, which should I watch tomorrow?

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How long have you gone without having any dreams that you remember?

*I've been making it a point to make a note every morning as to whether I've had any dreams and if so, what they were about... and the last time I remember a dream at all was November 28, 2009.

I'm wondering if I'm still having dreams and just not remembering them... or if the loss of dreams somehow indicates a problem with my sleeping. :\

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Do you make yourself go out if you're not feeling like it in the hope you will enjoy yourself once you're there?
I'm in two minds about going out to the bars and clubs tonight. I have a few days of quiet nights in lined up but i'm still not sure.

(no subject)

will you post a random fact?

ill start.

When a person is tickled, the response is actually a form of panic, as the brain interprets the tickling sensation as produced by spiders or other creepy crawlies on your skin - the uncontrollable laughter is a response to panic.

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I have the apartment to myself tonight for the first time since I've lived here!
What should I do?
keep in mind that the weather is absolutely disgusting and it is highly unlikely that i can convince any of my friends to brave the sleet/snow/rain/cold and come by, so no throwing a party.


My county is in a state of emergency until 7am.

I understand that non-emergency vehicles aren't permitted on the road so I would assume that most businesses would close down. Am I correct to assume this or is there a chance of some place somewhere being open?
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The world is being ravaged by zombies and you are one of the few survivors left. What three weapons would you use to defend yourself with?


1) a spiked aluminum baseball bat
2) a handgun
3) a crossbow that shoots chainsaws

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I bought a phone (LG Voyager) off eBay. The phone was listed in excellent, gently used condition. It was supposed to come with an extra battery.

Well, the extra battery wasn't in the package. The phone is scuffed up, screen is scratched. When I open the phone, it looks like either grease or soda was splattered on the inside screen. The cover for the charging port is broken off as well.

I e-mailed the seller through eBay as well as a secondary address I have from when they responded to a postage inquiry. She has access to mobile e-mail (as evidenced by the e-mail she sent me).

How long do I wait before contact her again? Her policy is no refunds, but the phone is obviously not as listed. If she refuses my refund, I'm going to do the whole eBay buyer protection thing. Has anyone else filed a claim through that before?
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I don't have a tv and I've been trying to watch Project Runway online (mylifetime.com) for the past two weeks. Only the video won't play on my computer for some reason. I installed Adobe's newest Flash Player update but that didn't help.

What should I do tqc?

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as;dklfjasfd how do you calm down after you've been really scared/upset? Brought to you by my doggy deciding it would be a good idea, while we were outside, to all of a sudden run into the parking lot to chase the cars and yank the leash out of my hand. Omfg I thought she was going to get hit and die and asdfkl;asdfja;sldf. I'm still freaking out even though we're inside now and she's asleep on the couch next to me. :C

What should I have for dinner?
- Chick-Fil-A (either a crispy chicken sandwich, or 3 piece chicken strips, w/ fries and lemonade)
- Five Guys (little cheeseburger with grilled onion, tomato, bbq sauce & tomato, w/ fries)
- Chinese delivery (sesame chicken and chicken lo mein)

What's on tomorrow's agenda?
I'm going bright and early to apply for a job in a customer service call center. I've started to not even get my hopes up when I go on interviews, since I've been nothing but disappointed for the past month and a half.

(no subject)

 We were assigned the book In Cold Blood to read right around Christmas. Tomorrow we have to write an essay on the book as our exam for the entire book (we've had quizzes while reading the book). I haven't read any of it, but I'm about to read every bit of information (analysis, character examination, etc.) that sparknotes.com has. 

How screwed am I? Really screwed? Kind of screwed? She said there'd be multiple prompts to pick from. 
What was the worst you've ever procrastinated?

Alternatively, what's your favorite song right now? I know this probably gets asked every other day but I always think it's interesting to see what everyone likes!

(no subject)

The pack of two journals I bought online finally made it to my house this afternoon. One is for poetry (poems that I come across and want to write down, not my own poems). What should I use the other one for?

dkdc, what was the last adventure you had?
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(no subject)

How often do you do things that scare you? Like actual physical fear response scare you--heart pounding, ohgodI'mgonnathrowup fear? What things do you do, and why do you do them?

(no subject)

I have a professor who told me to keep in contact with her about my relationship with someone I'm working with. I told her that it was off to a rocky start about a month ago, but haven't really talked about it since. I'm having a meeting with her tomorrow. Do I spill my guts or has it been too long to all of a sudden tell her how bad it is?
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(no subject)

My birthday is tomorrow. My boyfriend said I can open my present from him right now if I want.

Should I wait until my birthday or open it now?

Tomorrow I have the day off of work. All of my friends/family will be working. What should I do?

(no subject)

In April, I'm planning on taking a fun day trip. I want to do a fun outdoorsy day trip. I'll rent a car & I wanna hike and stuff like that.

I live in Philly. So someplace in central PA, NJ, DE, etc, is good.

I am not from here so I don't know the area.

Where should I go, TQC?
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(no subject)

Which doctor exam do you find least invasive?

Which doctor exam do you find most invasive?

(I went to the eye doctor today, and besides the retina-camera flash, I realized it was the easiest doctor visit I have to go to. And I hate having my mouth messed with at the dentist - I'd almost rather go to the ob/gyn.)

(no subject)

Do you have your significant other's/ex's passwords?

Do you use them?

ETA: Why does it seem like Threadless has stopped using Threadless shirts, and is now mostly using American Apparel shirts? I really don't like AA shirts, it makes me sad. :(

(no subject)

1. In the shower, do you use bar soap, body wash or something else?

2. I went to a hotel for a conference. When I was leaving, a man and a woman were standing in the parking lot. The woman came up to me and asked if I was in the military (it's obvious that I'm not, I'm too chubby) and I said no. She asked why so many people were coming out of the building and I explained that there was a teaching thing going on. She asked if I had any papers on me about being a teacher, which I did not. Then she said to have a blessed day.

What did she want from me? (Just an FYI, she did not try to steal anything from me.)

3. You see someone wearing a shirt that says, "Relax, gringo. I'm here legally." Are you offended?

ETA: OK, TQC. I am keeping this T-shirt on.
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(no subject)

I've reviewed the Features by Account Type, but what I'm really wondering is how beneficial the upgrades really are.

If you have or had a paid account, how much of a difference did it make in your livejournal use?

Which features did you like the most or find the most useful (or dislike/find useless)?

What intended uses of LJ make the upgrades more desirable or necessary?

Halp my stupid, TQC!

Okay, so I just got a last.fm today. It's doing this irritating thing, where it will play ONE song by the artist I picked, instead of, you know, their whole frigging catalog that last.fm claims to know. I've listened to one song four times and I am PRETTY SURE Robyn Hitchcock wrote more than one song.

Did any of your have this problem? How did you fix it?

Idgaf, chimaerandi: Well okay then, what sport would you add to the olympics if you could, including awesome coverage?
cabaret voltaire

validate me please?

When you buy meals and such for friends who are not as well off as you, do you expect that person to express their gratitude towards you? I was thinking about how when I visited my two of my friends over the weekend, I paid for all of their meals while I was there and I don't feel I got the thanks I deserved. like they didn't appreciate it that much. Should they have thanked me more or am I just and entitled brat?

(no subject)

Why is my cheese sauce grainy? I made a bechamel sauce with garlic and onion and then added some salt, pepper, mustard and a little bit of every cheese in the house. It is very nommy, but not smooth. What did I do wrong?

What is your secret?

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so, tomorrow we are switching internet & phone from Company A to Company B.
No new lines need to be installed, all the jacks (is this the right word? I don't know) and such are in already...

Will they have to come into the house? Will they have to go to every phone jack?

Reason: I am dog sitting my cousins dog and it doesn't really do well with people.. It's just REALLY friendly, and I dunno, some people fear dogs & it's a big dog and we have had some bad experiences with people being terrified, which is understandable.. and I always hate people who are like "NO ITS FRIENDLY" because when you're scared... you're SCARED y'know?

So when they are here I will keep it in my room (he just sleeps all day anyway)... (with me in there as well, dont worry.. I'm not going to lock him up alone all day.. he will just be in there while the phone workers are here.. as that's where he usually is anyway haha),

but there is a phone in there.. will they need to get to it?

& reason B, the guest room is used for storage right now, so if they need to get to all the phone jacks I will have to clear a PATH!


(no subject)

Can you recommend some awesome visual artists that I probably don't know about? Preferably illustration/drawing. Lately I have been really into Mark Ryden, Audrey Kawasaki, James Jean, Fernando Vicente, Liza Corbett, and Ray Caesar. Are there any good artists that are possibly similar that I should know about? :)

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As we know, me and my mum have a big issue. She seriously thinks i cant thnk for myself and i wrote her a long text saying how i feel and she responds by saying oh your friend taught you to say this ah? You torture me blablablabla. Sometimes i think Im losing my sanity trying to be a good daughter and trying to stay true to myself.

What i need help with is a nice quote/saying/anything to remind me that its ok to be me and that what mum says is not true and I am doing the right thing by being me.. something to just help me stay sane. something I can post in my wall.

Can you help me?

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Let's say you have been in a happy, healthy relationship with someone for several years. Your partner then tells you that he/she is very bicurious and wants to experiment sexually (not romantically) with a member of the same/opposite sex. What would your reaction be?
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What would you do if you saw a parent being abusive to their child in a store/other public place? Would you say something, or just let it be, or something else?
Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do?

When I was 8 I once overheard a mother scream to her crying 5 year old "Do you want to be bald again?!?!" :(