February 24th, 2010


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Which would be scarier?

Being locked in a bubble (like bubble boy) with a big spider
Being locked in a bubble and then entering the Running of the Bulls event in Pamplona

Which would be scarier?

Getting waxed by a gorilla who's on PCP
Waxing a gorilla who's on PCP

Which would be scarier?

Going on a road trip through Saudi Arabia with the artist who drew Mohammed
Being handcuffed to Michael Moore at Tea Bag party rally in the middle of Texas

Which would be scarier?

Having unprotected sex with a porn star
Having unprotected sex with a homeless person

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What are some smells that you associate with people, times in your life, or other things?

I just sprayed Febreze all over my room and realized the smell reminds me of my ex boyfriend's dorm room even though it's been almost 2 years since we dated. Ugh.

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I had water in my ear, which I finally got rid of with isopropyl alcohol, but my ear is still swollen and really really really really (really) hurts.

My girlfriend is about to take a shower and thinks I should sit in there and that the hot steam will alleviate some of the pain and help clear my sinuses (I still have a sinus infection, as well). I think the heat and moisture will foster the growth of bacteria, if I indeed have a bacterial ear infection.

Is she right or am I? Should I sit in there while she takes a shower or stay far, far away?

Also, should I use a heat pack for the pain (my girlfriend's idea) or an ice pack (mine, to which she is vehemently opposed because she thinks cold will make it worse)

Edit: Okay, because TQC decided to be incredibly helpful and give me a million suggestions (you guys are awesome) I should probably mention that I've tried:

- a blowdryer on low heat
- a cold dryer? (diffuser according to my girlfriend) with cold air
- 800-1200mg of ibuprofen every 3-4 hours (I know it's too much, but it's not helping in the least bit)
- a heat compress thing my girlfriend made by putting epsom salt in a mesh bag and putting it in the microwave
- a hot compress
- a cold compress
- an ice pack wrapped in a towel
- baby oil
- olive oil
- Similasan? ear drops (the ones in the orange box) - which made it 100x times worse and the pain is now 02352038084 times exacerbated
- hydrogen peroxide (which I think is how water got trapped in there in the first place)
- painkillers (30mg hydrocodone every 4-5 hours)
- ear wicks
- chewing gum (which I couldn't really do because I have a small abscess in my mouth, although the big one popped on its own last night)

and the isopropyl alcohol, which made the water disappear in 30 seconds, so I can half-hear now, but the pain is excruciating.

The ice pack is what feels the best, the heat thing was working for a few days when I still had the abscess, but now I think it's making the pain even worse. My girlfriend is also telling me to stop moving and just sit in bed, because moving makes the pain worse. True/false?

I'm about to van Gogh myself if this doesn't stop soon D:
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What's the last FUCKING AWESOME thing to happen to you?

Tell me about the BEST CUSTOMER you ever had?

Inspiration: a customer who I helped out extensively today turned out to be the manager at a Chipotle, and he gave me a coupon for free food for me and ten friends. YESSSS.

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I know where I want to get my tattoo done, who I want to do it, etc. I don't have the money at the moment, and I'm not sure how much it will cost.

How should I go about this? Should I:

a) Email the artist via the tattoo shop website and describe to him what I want, and ask for a quote.

b) Go to the shop and talk to him there, even though I might be unable to make an appointment due to the money issue.

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What's your favorite David Bowie style-phase?
I looooove Ziggy, but we were talking about it in one of my music classes and everyone was making fun of him, even the teacher! I think it's creative, interesting & probably a fun role to play, and I dig the androgyny. I was pretty surprised a room full of music majors dismissed it as just being "weird".

What are some things that you're not particularly good at, but you really enjoy doing?
Painting! I'm pretty hopeless at realistic painting, but I love doing abstract stuff and just playing with colors.

Are you going to any good shows/concerts in the near future? Do you wish you were?
I want to go to Bonnaroo super fucking bad, but it's never going to happen. :(
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Need reliable links please.

Dear TQC, I'm writing a resaerch paper for my english class and it's about what career you want to have when you leave school and the teacher wants a broad variety of information on that career such as compensation and benifits, working condidtions, and employment outlook. I've decided to write mine about becoming a German teacher and and my google-fu is out of service and I am unable to find any good resource sites. (The one I do find are all about elementary grades.) Please help me TQC, I am not looking for my paper to be written for me, but I just need some links. Thank you.
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I want to apply for two positions within the same company. The page states that you must submit seperate resumes and cover letters for each competition.

Now, the two positions I want to apply for are practically the same thing -- they're both in-office, but one deals with mostly online queries and the other, more direct and face-to-face.

Obviously, my resume will be the same, but how much should I tweak my cover letter? The positions require all the same education, skills, training, experience and so on -- but I don't want to send carbon copies of my application, since it'll probably be the same person receiving them.

Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, I should stagger sending the emails, so that they don't receive two from me back to back, right?

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I'm at work at my boyfriend's office. I left an unused tampon on the employee bathroom counter to use at a later time and my boyfriend brought it back to my desk and wouldn't let me keep it there because apparently just the idea of female bodily functions bothers him that much.

When was the last time people were acting really immature around you?
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TQC poi spinners unite.

Do you spin poi, or do you know anyone who does?
How long have you been spinning?
What kind of poi do you spin? (fire, glow toys, flow lights, sock poi, etc)
What moves can you do? I'm not good with the names, so if you could post a video that'd be helpful :)
What moves are you attempting to get down?
Got any poi tips to share?

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Is almond filling (canned almond filling) found in traditional grocery stores? Or would I have to go to a specialty store or something to find it?

In which case, is it worth it to track it down in order to make Chocolate Glazed Almond Bars?
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Okay, so.
My favorite band OF ALL TIME is in town tomorrow (The Dirtbombs). It's free and RSVP only, but they don't limit the amount of RSVPs, so it's really first come, first admitted. They're actually pretty huge in New York, whereas in Florida, I saw them with 20 other people there. They're expecting it to be jammed. The doors are at 10, but there WILL be a line forming before that.
When should I get there to wait to get in?
(If it makes ANY difference, it's at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, and I've never been, so I don't know how big it is, but it doesn't LOOK very big from the outside. Looking it up, there is a capacity of 200 and almost that amount of people RSVPd on the Facebook list, let alone people who aren't on the Facebook)
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Have you met any authors who surprised you by how they came across as in person?

Joyce Carol Oates came to my college and I did a double-take. She had an extremely commanding presence while at the same time being this really really feeble old lady whose eyes were closed most of the time.

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So you look outside and see that there is a zombie apocalypse.

Where is the first place you go, whats your weapon of choice and your car of choice?

Im picking either my doctors, Gun city or Mitre 10 Mega, a Weedwacker and Hummer.

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TQC, what should I get the husband for his birthday?

I've already ordered him Season 1, volume 2 and Season 2 volumes 1 & 2 of Thundercats.

But I don't know what else!!!!!!! I have a budget of $125 and I've spent $40.

So what are some completely random, off the wall things I could get him for $85???
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Look at your right hand. Which is true?

I am female and my index finger is longer than my ring finger
I am female and my ring finger is longer than my index finger
I am male and my index finger is longer than my ring finger
I am male and my ring finger is longer than my index finger
ETA: interesting. I thought I was weird for having a longer ring finger, but I guess I'm in the majority. Maybe we're all lesbians. Inspired by: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4314209.stm and http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/695142.stm

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If you received a gift of $350, what would you do with it?

I'm considering the following options:

Netbook or cheap laptop
iPod Touch
New digital camera
New bike
Wii games and accessories
Be responsible and use it for next semester's textbooks

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My Google-fu is WAY off today

What’s the best way to search for a night cream (for face) that contains Vitamins A, C (l-ascorbic acid, at least 10%), and E (DL-alphatocopherol, not tocopherol-acetate), and perhaps glycolic acid? I’m trying, but the results I’m getting only contain one vitamin or another, not all three. Is there a different way I should be searching rather than typing in something like “vitamin a c e glycolic acid night cream”?
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Did you or are you currently going to grad school?

Did you go straight after finishing your ungergrad or wait?

What graduate degree did you get?

Do you think it's worth it or were you just prolonging going into the workforce?

My friend was almost outraged at me for saying that I didn't want to go to grad school. At least not right now. I'm studying accounting if that makes a difference.

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What is something that you used to like, but you have eaten wayyyyy too much of and now despise?

For me it's peanut butter. For the first two years of college I ate a jar of peanut butter a week, and now I can't stand the stuff. I don't even like thinking about it.

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I was just browsing through a stack of applications that have been turned in here at my office, and I have to ask, TQC:

If your last name was Land...would you seriously name your daughter Candy!?

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My refrigerator broke. It is now fixed! Yay!

But the repairman said I need to leave the doors open for 24 hours to allow it to fully defrost before starting it back up again.

He jokingly warned me it is extraordinarily difficult to walk past a fridge with its doors open and NOT close them. He's a wise man. That is very correct.

What other seemingly minor do you have difficulty ignoring and not fixing, even when it would be inappropriate to do so?

example: when a stranger has the tag of their shirt poking out and you want to tuck it back in. Or organizing a litter pick-up on the subway tracks. Okay, maybe the last one is just me.

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As a follow-up to my last question, I just realized the company wants a transcript of all of my post-secondary education. Of all of my 40+ As and Bs, I have one giant, glaring, F.

Obviously, I'm not ever going to find a job, y/y?

Okay, but seriously, how terrible is that, on a scale of 1 (you're doomed forever, until you take it again and make it better) to 10 (hey, and F is even better than an A sometimes!)?
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for school we have to put together this portfolio, the instructor isn't giving out much instructions for it. basically just saying that the cover needs to have something to do with you/what field you're going into... and that the whole thing will be given to our next instructors and it will be used for our externship interviews and placement coordinators.

i'm an over-achiever, and i like to make the things i do look really good and stand out when they'll be reading through them. so here's a picture of my cover and a question: Collapse )

am i trying too hard? would it look better plain? i'm not looking to get extra credit, i just want mine to stick out when the externship interviews and placement coordinators look at them. does this look professional? or should i be trying harder?

ETA: i'm not looking for criticism on the outside, it has to show ~personality~ and have our own pictures and shit. i just want the inside to "match" with it a bit.

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I have a roommate who doesn't help out with groceries or housework. All he does is pay his half of the rent and I do everything else. I don't know how to approach the subject with him.

How do I ask him to do more around the apartment?
Also, I'm trying not to piss him off when I bring this up....

Chicken and Rice

I need to make dinner with chicken and brown rice.

How do I make it awesome with minimal ingredients?
Keeping it a little healthy is a plus.
I don't have any beans and the only veggies I have are frozen peas, lettuce, and celery.
I have lots of condiments and basic baking/pantry items.

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For those of you that have children, do you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers? Which kind (of either)?

Childless like me? What is your guilty pleasure(s)?
Mine are Sour Patch Watermelon candy, old Blink 182, and Skyline Chili 4-way w/ onions

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So I've decided to give Billy Bragg a listen. What album is your favourite?


Life's a Riot with Spy Vs Spy
Brewing Up with Billy Bragg
Talking with the Taxman about Poetry
Back to Basics
Workers Playtime
The Internationale
Don't Try This at Home
William Bloke
Bloke on Bloke
Mermaid Avenue
Mermaid Avenue Vol. II
England, Half-English
Mr. Love & Justice

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For those of you that use a laptop (or have in the past), which finger do you use to control the mouse?

I use my middle finger and my pinkie is always totally straight and up in the air.  Idk why.

Incredibles vs. Fantastics

Who would win in a fight?

Mr. Incredible
The Thing

Who would win in a fight?

Mr. Fantastic

Who would win in a fight?

Violet Parr
Invisible Woman

Who would win in a fight?

Dash Parr
Human Torch

Who would win in a fight?

Syndrome (Buddy)
Doctor Doom

Who would win in a fight?

Silver Surfer

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So, my dad is a pretty nice guy. He has this loser friend who is 40 years old, has had three DUIs, no money, no education, no job, and no driver's license or car (obviously) - pretty much just mucked up her life. He lets her stay at his house rent-free for taking care of his dog when he's out of town on business (which he is frequently), and being a live-in maid of sorts. I have known this woman since I was around nine years old. I went to my dad's house today to take him to the airport, and since I don't have a key to the house, I mention to my dad that I need one. My dad says, "Ok, I'll take care of it." No problemo.

However, five minutes ago, my dad texts me saying, "L feels uncomfortable. She is gonna get a lock for her room. Its complicated. Forget about a key for a while." I am, of course, immediately confused. First off, I don't steal. Second of all, I wouldn't ever think about entering her room. That isn't my space. Third, I am my dad's only "heir" and that house is mine if anything happens to him (God forbid). Fourth, this is the house I grew up in with my dad. It is a comfortable place to me and holds happy memories. I'm not going to go hang out there if my dad isn't home, but it is nice to know I can get into the house if I would like (to do laundry, grab things I have stored there, etc).

Am I right to think this is completely ridiculous and to be pretty irritated/pissed off? Or am I totally off-base?

Edit: they're not in any kind of a relationships. He really loves that he has a live-in dog caretaker...and his dog is his world.

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Do you have a tried and true tiramisu recipe (ladyfingers recipe, too, if you have one)?
Backstory if you gaf: I'm sort of the resident kitchenista at work and promised something delicious for Monday. Everyone has had their mind on tiramisu the past couple days, and I'd like to try it, but I've never even tasted it (thus my looking for one that's been done before so that I know it's good).

If I don't do tiramisu, what delicious dessert should I take?

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I'm in AP English language, and our class is doing a project where we need to find a solid piece of nonfiction to incorporate into the curriculum.  I don't really read much of nonfiction, so I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations that I could check out? Anything would be helpful. :]
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is anyone living in constant pain?
want to complain about it in comments?


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Does anyone have a good recommendation for websites that give you a workout plan.

I don't want a trainer. I go to the gym and know the machines. I just want something that says, do these workouts this day of the week and you'll see results.

Any website like that?

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Today's my day off, and I woke up about an hour ago (at 4:40pm. Don't judge me, it's been a long week). Since I haven't eaten anything all day, what is something delicious and cheap that I could get? Calories don't matter.

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 TQCers can any of you tell me nice stories about people meeting on online dating sites or online in general...

I want to believe it can happen, but the realist in me keeps telling me these things never work...


EDIT: Unless it wasn't already very obvious, I have met someone online... Don't want to get my hopes up too much but so nice to read all the positive stories! We seem to have a tonne in common and live only about 40 miles away from each other so... so far so good! Thanks all!!!

murder and avatar teal deer

1. Any reporters/journalism majors in TQC? I was wondering if you guys are like...taught to hound and harrass people involved in big (ex. murder) cases when the newsline or paper has a chance for a big story. In the case of Jarred Harrell (in jail for child porn, a person of interest in a child murder case with no details available) these reporters were hounding his mother, knocking on her door and pretty much hanging in her face while she tried to get to her car, and they kept harrassing her even though she repeatedly stated she did not want to talk and rolled her windows up tight. To be honest they looked like huge jackasses. Obviously in cases like that people involved are going to keep as much under wraps as possible to avoid influencing juries later on - so why are reporters still harrassing them? Again, are you guys taught to do this?

2. I commented that I didn't think the new Avatar (Last Airbender) movie was going to be very good when all the main Asian/Inuit characters had been cast by white actors. My older brother quipped that I was stupid and ought to form my own opinions before accepting whatever was floating around the internet. Come on, how many of you thought the same as me BEFORE discovering a billion articles on the net? I'm pretty sure most people could form their own opinion after seeing the trailer without needing to resort to the internet. Stupid brother.
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I bought cubesteak at the store on Friday. The label said it was packaged 2/17, and the sell by date is 2/23 (yesterday.) I took it out to cook with it tonight and it's completely brown (it should be pink, like raw beef) and nasty.

I want to return it, and my boyfriend thinks I should just toss it and make something else. Am I nuts for wanting to return it?
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Have you heard about the 2 teachers at a pep rally who did a really sexual dance (one did a lap dance to the other and simulated oral sex) and are now suspended from teaching?

How do you feel about that?

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I have a job lined up that is 10-7 everyday except Sunday, and I already feel like I'm dreading it. Things can be worse, right? Sorry for being a big baby, but I feel like everything else around me will suffer.

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i texted my friend that i have a present for them over an hour ago and they haven't gotten back to me yet. they're dead, aren't they?

BONUS QUESTION: i was saving the wine i bought last night for Friday night but MY ASS IS COLD. should i give up and crack it open and have a couple glasses? wine always warms me up.
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hypothetically a very difficult situation

You work as a cashier at a mom & pop grocery store, and they pay really well ($13.50/hr, plus tips if the customer so desires). It's an easy job--you just ring people out and make change if necessary. The one catch is, you have to treat the customers with the utmost respect, and you have to say "thank you visiting Mom&Pop, sir/ma'am, please come visit us again!" They hire a secret shop service to make sure you do it, even when they're not around.

A customer comes in, all bundled up from the cold, and you can't tell if they're male or female. How do you figure out what gender they are? Remember, your job is on the line.

DK/DC: What is the best software to do DVD screen caps with?

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does anyone know which episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete where Nona moves to town and yells at her neighbor for spraying her dog with the hose and then says:

"Their brains are 1/3 the size of ours but they're over 100% nicer!"


is there anyway to message someone with that shared itunes library feature?

there is this guy who lives around here who shows up now and then who has one baller library. i'd like to know him.

Heard this on the radio...

You need a kidney. Your friend of 16 years offers you theirs, with one condition: You pay for the 8-weeks of lost wages they incur from donating the kidney.

Deal or No Deal?
Is this a reasonable thing for your friend to request in return for their kidney?
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 For those of you who do creative writing, how do you get in the right mindset to start putting things down? I have a 10-ish page short fiction piece due tomorrow, and I know exactly what the plot is and how I want to write it, I just can't seem to make anything come out of my fingertips when I put them to keys. :(

Fishing for love

It is 8:47 PM and I have only written 2,000 words of a 4,000-word document that I absolutely must finish before I sleep tonight.  I am going to take a little snack-amd-TV break right now, since I just finished the third section of the document.

What kind of love, support, and encouragement will be waiting for me here at TQC when I return to my desk from said break?

mornington crescent

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Is 9:00 pm too late to be drinking black tea? It doesn't really matter when I go to bed, since I can sleep late tomorrow, but I don't want to stay up all night and screw up my sleep schedule totally.

What time do you usually wake up in the morning? Do you get up well before you have to go to school/work/whatever or do you sleep as long as possible and rush out the door?
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For those who use facebook:
Do you use FB chat? Or do you avoid it like the plague?
If yes, does it freeze your whole computer while your friend is typing to you?

DK/DC: What did you have for dinner?
i say, old bean

for a friend

how do you get rid of "XP Virus Pro"? I don't really know anything about it, don't want to read into it right now and would like to skip giving a friend shoddy advice.

on a different note, what kind of phone do you have?
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If a friend, who is your bestest friend, gets into a relationship that results in him constantly blowing you off in a way he's never done before, do you confront him on the issue? Is it possible to do so without seeming like a jealous bitch? Because that isn't the issue: the issue is you sitting at home waiting for a call that isn't going to come.

totes hypothetical, im so not sitting at home with a sleeve of thin mints to comfort me guiz. *sob*
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have you ever gone to a bar or club or a themed party event hosted at a bar by yourself?

what did you do when you went by yourself? danced? sat alone at a table with a drink? talked to strangers? stripped and covered yourself in candle wax? etc!
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I made a cookie cake that will probably be eaten at least twelve hours from now. How should I store it?

It's okay if it's still a bit soft in the middle when I poke it, right?

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Is youtube replacing TV?

Have you seen Drinking Out Of Cups (before this post)?

What's your favorite (or one of your favorite) youtube videos? Please have it be under 5 minutes long.

Collapse )
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According to my Last.Fm, what music would you recommend to me?
I mean, even if it has nothing to do with the shit I listen to, I'll listen to it. I just need some more music on my computer.
(Also, for extra credit, post your Last.fm page and have other people recommend stuff)

Do you have songs that remind you of an ex but you still like?
"Brighter than Sunshine" by Aqualung just came up on my playlist, and it used to be my ex's ringtone when he called my phone, but I love it.

What is your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage?
I like sweet tea and wine or Sailor Jerry rum and Diet Coke.

If you had to be on an episode of True Life (one they've had, or one you make up), what would it be?
I applied to be on True Life: I'm Addicted to Food. lol. SO EXCITING.

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what sort of nail care products do you use?

I have never used any, but I need to get something. I work retail and open a lot of boxes, apparently always with my right hand, and as the longest finger on that hand, my middle right is in poor shape. No visible cuticle, skin pushed back, regularly starts bleeding when nudged too harshly by a cardboard edge - do I just need any regular old cuticle cream to fix this?

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I'm the proud mother of a new female ferret, under a year old. I have had no other training in ferrets, other then going to a pet store and buying one.

She's really a cutie, but when she's playing, she starts to bite my feet, and hard. I've tried to instill in her that that's a no-no, but really, what the proper way to discipline a ferret? How do I train her?

Side note, my car suddenly started up when I went to unlock it and get a bag out. It's one of those cars that can start from the key, but I know for a fact I didn't start it. When I opened the door to turn it off, the radio turned on and Don't you Forget About Me was playing. Is my car trying to reach me? Do you believe in the ghost of the machines?

Do you believe in Ghosts?
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I know I can see mutual friends with a person I'm friends with on Facebook, but is there any way I can see mutual friends of two of my friends (not friends I have in common with either of them, but what friends they have in common)?