February 23rd, 2010

CV:did I break wind?

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1- What is this structure called?
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I know its in New York and has olympic in the name, but I've done tons of google-ing and have come up empty handed.

2- What is your favorite place in the mall, if you had to pick a favorite?

3- Do you do anything when you are super emotional?

1- dunno
2- I love the hippy place that sells incents and belly dancing costumes.
3- I shop when I'm bored, I shop when I'm angry, I shop when I am sad, I bake when I'm happy.

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You get a magic genie of some sort who kind of rips you off and you only get one wish and it is that you can become amazingly talented at one thing of your choice with absolutely no effort on your part. You would not be the best in the world at it but maybe top ten. It can be anything from painting to speaking german, ballet, cooking, playing the violin, mopping, whatever you want.

What do you choose?

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Can you go to a physical even if you have your period? or should you reschedule

And if you cancel a physical... do they charge you?

I can't call right now the office is closed and my appt is at 8 am which doesn't leave me much time to find out .... :(

I live in Ontario, Canada if it makes a difference

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What is one of the more endearing things your mom or dad does or used to do?

My dad used to call me every night to let me know who was going to be on Leno, and sometimes we would watch the whole show together over the phone.

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I have an Eee PC netbook with a built in webcam, but so far I've only been able to take pictures with it.

How do I take video? If I have to download a program, what's a good one?
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Is there a recurring theme to your dreams?
What did you dream about last night?

Almost EVERY night I dream that I'm cheating on my boyfriend with some random figment-of-my-imagination boy. In real life, I'm perfectly happy with my boyfriend, and love him, and would never cheat.
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Do you have any family members that make you just.....Image and video hosting by TinyPic and continually stun you that they're going to be on your family tree for FOREVER?

I sure do. My adopted third cousin is a total trainwreck. Seven kids at 35, none from the same baby daddy - they have all been in state custody AT LEAST once. She added me on facebook and constantly posts about men she is trying to bang (her words), guys she has banged , her life "goals" such as moving to South Dakota (?), and various other ridiculous things. I haven't seen her since I was three, as my mother banned her from ever coming near me (after some VERY strange things she did to me). Oh, not to mention that at 16, she went on Sally Jesse Raphael on one of those "I'm 16 and I Want a Baby" shows. Winner winner.

I've got you under my skin

Last night my boyfriend told me that this girl he dated in high school claimed to have one of those decorative half marbles (like a mancala bead or one of the things you might put in a vase or a fish tank) under her skin on her shoulder. He says she claimed it was there since she was born because her mother swallowed it. He also said you could move it and flip it around and it felt like glass. I call shenanigans on her story. So WTF was it???
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When I wear my hair down during the day for work I either wear it curly, or straighten it. Curly is my natural (ringlet curls) so when I straighten it my face look skinner! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make my face still look skinny when I wear my hair down and curly? Make up options to enhance my cheekbones, without extreme blush?

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I have taken to saying "terrible!" a lot, mostly in a sarcastic way when my housemate eats two slices of my bread or something and apologises profusely, or similar.

In order to not become like the "random" teens, what words can I use instead. Creativity appreciated.

I am having a birthday/housewarming party. can you give me a generic invite script? My creativity is dead today. There's a pool table if that helps.

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Word is they're going to make an American Psycho musical. for Broadway. This prompted me to make yet another poll of 'What other movie would you like to see transformed into a musical?'

The Goonies
Requiem for a Dream
Meet the Parents
Cape Fear
Boyz in the Hood
Tomb Raider
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Kung Fu Panda
Inglorious Basterds
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Anyone know of a website for reasonably priced, nice looking little black dresses?

Do you like to go shopping at thrift stores? What is the coolest thing you have ever gotten at a thrift store?

What is your hair like if you do not style it?
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I tried googling dream interpretations but I couldn't find anything to explain mine. I had dreamed that I overheard news that my cousin Shamus had drowned, but I was still in bed, no one told me specifically, and I didn't see him drown. What could this mean? It felt real, so a part of me is worried that it actually happened, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't. It didn't, he just texted me back, so it's just a dream. Phew.

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I would try googling this, but I don't want to risk getting a virus on my PC in the process of googling lol.

My Norton System Works expired, and it's not in my budget right now to renew it. I usually just use my PC for gaming, so I didn't think it'd be a big deal, but I don't want something slipping into my computer somehow.

Is there a well known virus protection software I can download for free that works well? And thoroughly? I've never had to download something besides Norton updates and I used to use Adaware a long time ago, but now I'm absolutely clueless. I'm afraid googling stuff will only lead me to fake sites that are virus' themselves.

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Do you ever feel paranoid when you're walking to your car in a parking garage?

How long have you felt that way? Any reason why?

It started for me once I drove myself to school for the first time. Plus, my school has been having incidents of car theft and mugging this past month. I've chosen to park in an open air parking lot and take the school shuttle to class.

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Play.com are having a sale.

Which DVDs should I buy?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
17 Again
In The Loop
Iron Man
Edward Scissorhands
P.S. I Love You
The Pursuit of Happyness

Which DVDs should I buy?

Willy Wonka (Original)
The Young Victoria
He's Just Not That Into You
Amelie (2 Disc)
The Devil Wears Prada
Fight Club
Diving Bell & the Butterfly
The Beach
Somewhere in Time
Get Smart

DK/DC: Will you recommend me a film, TQC?

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Another mac question: I backed-up as per usual on time machine, then had to get a new hard drive. As this one has snow leopard on it, and I don't have the disk, the option to restore from time machine isn't really possible without going back a few steps.
However, I have a lot of data on my iphone which I would rather not lose, is there a way to restore the library properly, or to put everything from the phone to the mac?

ETA: Also, as a result of the whole new hard drive thing, when I open iphoto, it says it is on a locked disk and then quits. How can I fix it?!

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Do you have a journal on another site aside from LJ?
Is it public?

If you had a blogspot or something similar that was just about impersonal stuff such as classes and volunteering, would you make it public?

[edit] My blogspot is public, but un-Google-able.

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Can I exchange a bra at Victoria's Secret for one that fits after I've worn it? This bra is a lie!

Edit: It probably is unlikely. I'll check the receipt that is at home. In the event that I cannot, how do I shrink my boobs? I guess I can just buy another one. It fits, but after a while, that 4-boob thing happens. 4-boob is the bane of my existence.
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I'm thinking about renting a theatre to play a movie for my birthday, but I might need to acquire the movie rights to do this. I have NO idea how to do this, so my questions: Have you ever done this? How does one go about getting the rights? What movie did you do?

If you haven't done it, what movie do you think you would want to rent a big screen for?

Me: The Dark Knight is what I'm wanting to do. 8) Though I can see myself doing The Lord of the Rings sometime...
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How do I find out about comedians' shows before everyone else does?
As soon as I hear about them whether it's through Ticketmaster or the show's venue, all the good tickets are already gone!

If you were on The Price is Right, what game would you hope you got to play?
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Sore back


I broadened my sports routine to improve the strength of my back. I started pilates yesterday and holly molly it hurts. It hurts a lot. I am at the library trying to read and I feel so uncomfortable in every position because of my sore back. What can I do to relieve it?

Please dont say hot shower. I cant take a hot shower at the library!

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My manager keeps expressing interest in promoting me. The only thing that would make me take the promotion is that I would get about $1.00 per hour raise, plus probably get a few more hours per week. Other than that I have absolutely no interest in the job, and talking to a few people I work with they also say that the only good thing about getting the promotion is the raise. I have no interest in upward mobility in the company otherwise.

Do you think it would be worth it?
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If you had a deaf child would you get them a cochlear implant?

ETA: Since a lot of people are probably going to say they'd let their child decide (which would generally be my opinion on such matters as well), I'm going to mention that the implants are more effective the earlier they're used, so by the time the child is old enough to decide for themselves, an implant might not be a useful option.
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And now a quick game;

I have a bunch of young pictures of famous people, can you guess who they are?

And if you would like to add your own, please, do so! I also love to look at young photos of famous people.

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Hey TQC,

I'm seeing a movie on a second date tonight. Which would be the best date movie?:

Avatar 3D

Crazy Heart

Edge of Darkness

From Paris With Love

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Sherlock Holmes

Shutter Island

The Blind Side

The Book of Eli

The Wolfman

Tooth Fairy

Up in the Air

Valentine's Day

When in Rome
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TQC, what is your favorite fast food place? What do you order when you go there?
Burger King. BK Veggie burger no cheese and fries :D

What are some of your favorite cheese-free dishes?

DK/DC: what is the farthest you've ever traveled?
I live in Atlanta, and I went to San Diego once as a kid
TK and Kari

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If your 16-year-old daughter has always gotten made fun of for her nose (she has Haylie Duff's nose), is incredibly self-conscious of it, and has wanted plastic surgery for years, would you let her get it?

Question was inspired by a boyfriend whose mom was saving up surgery to get his ears pinned back.

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My night class tonight and my first morning class in the morning have been canceled because there's an inch of snow on the ground! (I'm from Texas...lol)

What was the last thing to make you excited?

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Our three year old just peed on the floor. I understand that potty training is a learning process but um.... I'm really mad but her dad is a little less so. He is like "oh well she is fine" and I am like "she peed on the floor dear.....PEED ON THE FLOOOOOOOOOR". Am I over reacting?

What is your favorite drink?
Do you continue to re-use one glass during the day but just wash it out?

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Well you please tell the class about your most recent awkward experience?

How about your most recent experience with second-hand embarrassment?

What was the last thing you stuck in your mouth?
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So I really wanted the song 99 red balloons by Nena as my ringtone.

The Verizon Wireless store doesn't have it, Myxer says Verizon blocks it for me, and googled turns up no results.

What other similar song with a female voice should I get?
Forget similar, what other song should I get?

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Does anyone have any experiences, good or bad, to share about the Samsung Intensity phone? I just ordered one because my 3-year-old Motorola KRZR's screen decided to esplode last night...

What should I have for dinner: a Stauffer's (sp?) pizza, or pancakes and bacon?

What are YOU having for dinner?
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my shoddily hacked together css is failing!

Can you go here - http://deadbythirty.jovana.id.au/cast/ and let me know if the 5 menu icons under the title appear in a straight line, a row of 2 and a row of 3, or something completely different? If they aren't in a straight line what browser are you using? When you reset the page do they sort themselves out?


Thanks to everyone who took the time to look, it must just be my browser being special.

FarmVille questions. The rest of you can scurry along to the next post

1. They've already had ribbons for the tractor and the seeder.Do you think they'll have one for the harvester? I ask because I have a shitload of gas and I've been saving it up in the event that the ribbons are thrown out there, but I'd really like to use them if that's not going to happen

2. What the hell are mystery boxes and how do I get them? These are the boxes you need to complete the ribbon, not the gifts you can send one another

3. How many crops have you mastered? I've got 8 crops under my belt. It's my goal to master them all

4. How many more ribbons do you need to complete overall? I need 14

5. Lastly, which TQC person is the most valuable neighbor in your game? For me, it's jenm. My agricultural empire would be a bit less if it weren't for her previous help, and her continued help (if she's reading this)

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I'm student teaching with someone who I would not say I am close to in any capacity. I emailed her to tell her that I have a funeral to go to and today she asked me who died.

Is that rude or weird? I was kind of caught off guard since I didn't volunteer that information in the email.

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What is your favourtie oddish sandwich filling?
Mine's either hummus and celery or Vegemite and maple syrup.

And do you have a smell that makes you instantly want to vomit when you smell it?
I want to gag everytime i smell that powdery type cheese on the flavoured cheese biscuits or cheese in a can.

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I'm a nursing transfer, and I waived my intro biology course when I came here because I had already taken upper division biology courses.

I'm now finishing off my biology minor and need one more class.

Should I take intro biology? It's lecture 3 times a week with a 3 hour lab once a week and probably will be really boring.

Or should I waive it and take genetics? It's lecture 3 times a week and will probably be more interesting, but considerably more difficult.

Which class should I take?

Intro Biology

If you choose other, what class should I take? I've already taken microbiology, anatomy and physiology I & II, pathophysiology and I'm taking pharmacology so those are out.

DK/DC: In college, did you ever take classes that were harder just because they were of interest to you? Or did you just try and take easy A classes?

Questions On My Mind Today

1) How many hours of sleep do you get most nights? Do you wake up feeling energetic/refreshed?

2) Local high school senior I know committed suicide last week. I've been watching the local newspaper and seen no mention of it other than the obituary on Sunday which didn't mention the word "suicide" (it just said he died at home). Having never know anybody to commit suicide before I'm wondering if this non-coverage is typical?

(I should add for clarification that I live in a county with about 100,000 people for the whole county and the local paper tends to focus on local stories. And a 6 year old died in an accident last month and there was a big article about how terrible it was this happened.)

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I think I'm going to make a sandwich tonight. What kind should I make? 

What do you like on your sandwiches? Is there anything you put on them that might be considered weird to someone else?

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Recently an elementary school in town burned down, displacing about 300 or so students. The local church offered to house them (as in conduct school there, not boarding students or anything) for $1250 per day.

*This isn't a cost per student, but a cost that includes holding classes there for the day~ for sixteen classrooms, plus a basement for lunch

Does that seem like a lot of money?
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I had a group project due today. My professor just sent an email to all of us asking us to rate our other group members and list what they contributed to the group. One of the girls really didn't do anything at all but print our final copies but I feel awful actually saying that. If you had to evaluate a group member that pretty much did nothing would you actually say that? I feel bitchy and I don't want her to get a shitty grade ugh.

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What are some interesting things you currently have memorized? And by interesting, I mean pretty much anything that's not phone numbers, birthdays, song lyrics, or other things of that nature that people typically commit to memory.

I recently memorized Hotspur's part in Henry IV Pt. 1, can rattle off a few poems, and can recite the general prologue of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English. I also still remember various lists of words I had to memorize in the 6th grade, like prepositions and "linking" and "being" verbs. Useful stuff, am I right?

What is your favorite film adaptation of one of Shakespeare's plays?

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I'm going to a concert at Madison Square Garden this weekend. It starts at 8pm, and I've never been to a concert of this size before. I bought a ticket and everything, but I don't want to stand in line for 2 hours if I don't have to. Also, I'll be going alone.

What time do you think I should get there?

Is going alone a bad thing? I couldn't find anyone to go with, and I'm a little worried about the ride home - anything I should keep in mind? I'll be taking public transportation home.

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Anyone know anything about PHP creating interactive forms?

Specifically, how to create an e-mail form field that, when answered a certain way, causes additional fields to drop down/appear? For example, if someone answers "yes" to "are you employed," a new section drops down with questions about employment history? Cascading may be the appropriate term.


why the fuck does my ear hurt so bad omg how do I stop this? I used those Simisolan drops and the pain is now 100x more intensified.


When are the Olympics supposed to start?

I can hardly wait. It's being held in CA, which is obviously California, but I've seen no ads so far so maybe they're just taking their sweet time. It's going to be so exciting

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In about two weeks, Westboro Baptist Church is coming to Chicago. So far, nearly 700 people have RSVPed to this Facebook event.

Would you attend something like this? If so, how do you think you would behave yourself and/or express your disgust (presumably)?
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what are some interesting* diseases i could read up on? (probably on wiki)
i've been watching house too much, and now i need to know.

when was the last time you made a new friend?

*interpret as you please
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Pidgin or Digsby?
Best of 11 wins.

Also, what are some cool features about Google Chrome that I may not know about yet?
I mean, I have a cool damask theme and stuff, but my boyfriend was using key phrases and stuff to search faster. Also, I'm sure there may be some awesome plugins.

Any other cool free software you would recommend?

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If you were to make an *Exploring the Internet* test...what would you put on it?

(please feel free to be as creative as possible)

What was the worst class you've ever had to sit through?

I have a test tomorrow and ... I've been warned that *SMILEYS* will be present, but what if she throws an Elvis one at me or something? :(

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TQC, if you happen to like plays, are there any out there that are comedic with a dramatic undertone or climax?
EDIT: or dramatic plays with comedic undertones
DK/DC, what were you involved in at school?

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Does anyone remember a kids TV show from the 90's that was about a bunch of rockstars? They all had different coloured outfits and hair... and they wore sparkly wigs and had face paint. I can't remember the name!

ETA: answered..... it's Kideo
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Favorite treatments for acne/pimples?

I'm especially looking for at-home spot treatments but it's always good to hear other suggestions too.

I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner daily for prevention and it has worked really well, but I'm currently in need of a spot treatment for minor flare ups, I got four new pimples today after going a couple weeks without any.
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Has anyone here ever ordered stamps directly from the USPS website?

How long did it take for them to arrive?

(I ask because I ordered $44 worth of stamps on the 12th, got an e-mail saying they shipped on the 16th....they take 3-5 business days...and I've got nothin')

(Who stole my stamps?)
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I'm putting together a 'sugar pack' or whatever for when my bloodsugar drops while I'm not at home- what kind of foods should I put in there? 
(Mind, it will be in my studio locker so it needs to be non-nonperishable)

Where did you buy your favorite clothing garment? 
Autumn Pink

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How many people have you known on welfare? 
Of those people, how many of them were hard-working and took pride in themselves?

(Don't assume to know where I am going with this - I am expressing no opinion either way.)
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1. Is there any reason why putting slippers in the washing machine and dryer would be a bad idea? There's no plastic on the bottom, but there's foam inside. Idk what will happen to them. (They're Hello Kitty slippers from Target, if anyone knows anything specific!)

2. I'm getting a free ironing board! This is so exciting, my wrinkly curtains are in for a treat. Do you have an iron? How often do you use it?

3. Do you ever feel compelled to make your dreams come true? Last night I dreamt I made chocolate chip pancakes, and now I must make it a reality.

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Have you ever posted up pictures of yourself that you knew didn't look anything like you?

How did that make you feel?

When I was younger, I'd wear fake eyelashes and take a bunch of photos where only 1-2 pictures came out to my liking. People complimented me but I knew it wasn't genuine and felt even more like crap. I stopped doing so and feel better now showing who I really am.
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To Quote Musical Theatre,

 Picture this - you go to your sweetie's apartment, you borrow the key. There she is, she's giving a sailor a very affectionate squeeze. Then, to boot, she tells you she was in the arms of a cousin who was back from over seas. Well, TQC, what would you do then?
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If you're in the US, this is inspired by the Nightline segment that's going to be playing for the next half hour that the fat community in NYC is featured on right now:

Is being fat okay?

(big text for big question)
Do you believe that someone can be fat AND healthy?
Why/why not?
Why do you think other people get so offended over someone being fat?

Oh lord, people - I'm talking about fat. Fat - not by BMI standards, by the way society sees people as fat.
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