February 22nd, 2010


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If you were going on a vacation to a new and exciting place, would you take as many photos as you could, or would you put the camera away and preserve all of the memories in your head/journal? Why?
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Have you ever re-watched a movie that you loved as a kid and then have the memory of it completely ruined because you now realize how crappy the movie actually is?

I watched It yesterday and that was the scariest movie ever when I was 12, and yesterday I watched it again and all I could think of was how HORRIBLE the interior design was, OMG! And now my whole scary childhood memory is ruined for ever!

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My 20th birthday is coming up this week and I wanna do something fun. I haven't celebrated my birthday since I was 15, so I thought maybe 20 is worth celebrating. I only have one friend here, so a party wouldn't work. I was thinking about going to medieval times (super cheesy, I know). It looks fun but it's 55 bucks and that's a lot. I wonder if it's even worth it.

What's something cheap and fun my friend and I could do?
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My friend refuses to watch Arrested Development even though I and a bunch of our other friends insist that he'd love it based on the other shows and movies he likes. What are some scenes from the show I could make him watch to hopefully entice him into watching the whole thing?
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Okay, so my best friend from high school... let's just say we've gone in separate directions. Long story short, our senior year, her mom kicked her out to live with her dad and she got in to drugs, had a baby, and is now on parole for stealing pills from the pharmacy she worked at so her boyfriend wouldn't blow their paychecks on them.
ANYWAY, she ALWAYS IMs me about stupid shit. I mean really inane bullshit I don't care about, like she really needs attention, and it's always immature bullcrap that I've outgrown and she hasn't.
"Man, I'm sore after my night with that Mexican lol" being the most recent.
I dunno how to explain it, but basically, how do I tell my best friend that she's acting like a fuck up right now and I don't give a fuck about the immature bullshit she talks to me about because I feel obligated to respond and should focus on more important things in life, like bettering herself and getting out of the life she hates, rather than hanging out with morons?
I want to have an intervention or something

(and before anyone says I'm being a bad friend: I bought her daughter formula for a month when she let her boyfriend spend all their money on oxycontin and she continued to let him treat her like that. She's not with him, but she still acts like a moron. Rant rant rant.)
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So, I feel like learning a new language, and for once I'd like to learn one that is actually practical to know in today's world (in terms of jobs, the zombie apocalypse, whatever your definition of practical is). Suggestions?

I currently speak English, Flemish/Dutch, French, German, Latin, Ancient Greek & some Spanish and Italian.

Actually, if you don't do practical, just give me a random suggestion. I kind of love random, too, haha.

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I just sent my ex a message on Facebook. We haven't spoken, minus drunken small talk at a mutual friend's birthday party, in over a year. I'm not sure why I did it but I like to be on good terms with my ex's and seeing as we ended things well there shouldn't be an issue. It's strictly platonic and there would be no chance of us getting back together seeing as I'm currently happy in a relationship.

Was this wrong of me?

What was the last thing you did you hope doesn't blow up in your face?

Do you ever make special orders at the drive-thru?
I always ask for no pickles.

livejournal cut question.

when i make a lj cut, how come when i post the entry and click on the cut, it brings me to the posting section? i want it to still be on my page, but show me what's under the cut. is this confusing?
what i'm trying to say is i want to still be on my page, so you can see my layout, too.

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I have 2-3 weeks off from work because there is seriously nothing for us to do. I am bored out of my mind being home all day because everyone else is working or going to school and all I can think of doing is cleaning and cooking and playing video games. If you had 2-3 weeks off from work, what would you do with all of your free time?

I'm writing a story and realized that one of my characters uses no contractions, I don't know why I did that but it just seems wrong to make her use them. Anyone else who writes, did you ever end up giving a character any odd quirks that you didn't initially plan on?
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Some lowlife stole my bicycle lights last night.
Why didn't they also steal the air out of my tires?
What can I do in retribution?


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How often do/did you ditch classes in college?

Did it work out more often than it didn't? (You missing out on a boring lecture vs you missing out on an a quiz/assignment.)

An 8:30 AM bio lecture with 300 people is so ditchable...

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Which of these celebrities do you think does the fist-bump at least once a week?

Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Betty White
Stephen Hawking
Miley Cyrus
Pauly Shore
Natalie Portman
Jon Stewart
Sir Paul McCartney
George H.W. Bush
Sean Penn
Dame Judy Dench
Heidi Montag-Pratt
James Earl Jones
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Dash Colon Thingies

What's the name of those pictures you can make using a bunch of punctuation marks typed in a certain order? Like what you used to post on someone's myspace when it was their birthday, when you the dashes and colons and whatever were planned out to look like a birthday cake?

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TQC, wtf is wrong with my jaw?

The past 4 or 5 days, the right side of my jaw hurts when I yawn or open my mouth wide. It's been getting a little worse each day. I don't think it's cavity-related because my teeth aren't sensitive to hot, cold or sweet or anything, really. My teeth don't hurt, it's just the right side of the jaw.

Do you believe in miracles?
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I am so frustrated with google right now. My friend is moving, and as a gift, I'd like to find her an unfinished wood vanity (with a mirror and chair) because she'd like to paint it herself. I cannot for the LIFE of me find an online company that sells anything like I've described. Can you help? I have to be able to buy it online and have it shipped to her. I should have specified, my apologies.
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fresh fish! We catch'em, you buy'em!

 TQC! Do you guys have anything like this around your town/nearest big city? Have you been to a marketplace like West Side to buy groceries, snacks, etc.?

Some friends and I are going in April and doing a big get-together meal. I'll likely being in charge of the meat dish, because I am apparently 'meat-itarian' the only one who cooks meat regularly. I'd like to do fish for part of it, so any suggestions? I have done a tuna steak before and while it was good, it was kind of plain (lemon+peppercorn+tunasteak). 

Video bonus! How much do you like Michael Symon? Iron chef? 
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If you had just come out of hospital after surgery, what kind of things/'care package' would you like to receive through the post? The girl in question is an animal lover and lives in florida, and I'm sending it from the UK, if that makes any difference.
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A dog has been barking non-stop for the past FIVE HOURS. Wtf is wrong with this dog and how can I get it to shut up??? I can't see the dog, but it sounds like it's coming from next door. There's never been a dog barking problem here before, so I'm kind of worried about this one - what would cause a dog to bark for 5 hours without stopping?

[Edit: It's the apartment above me. I know this dog, he never barks. I'm worried that my neighbor is dead, should I call someone??]

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does anyone know how billing works when you go to a lab to get blood work? the last few times i went it was billed to my doctor, but then i'm not sure what happens after that... would my doctor's office charge my insurance when they receive all of my lab stuff or would they charge it the next time i come in? i have an appointment tomorrow and obviously i will ask then but i would at least like to have an idea before i go in.
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I have a friend with a particularly horrendous mother-in-law who is quite possibly the reincarnation of Lucifer himself. She has been itching to start a blog specifically to both journal her experiences with this woman (now going on 8 years) and to share her mother-in-law's evil deeds with interested third parties. She will make no mention of anyone's true identity or physical location, and plans to use acronyms like "me," "MIL," "husband," and so forth.

a) Should she do it?
b) Do you think this is potentially a bad idea?
c) Would there be any foreseeable legal problems that may arise?
d) Should she tell her mother-in-law about her blog and/or seek her permission first?
d2) should she tell her husband and/or seek his permission first, bearing in mind he is completely against the idea (but because he is against the idea of her having a blog at all for privacy issues)
e) Would you read it?

Edited to add: this woman is so completely in denial that even if she were somehow to come across this blog, there is very little chance she would ever realize it was about her -- she would never believe that she was guilty of the things she says and does. I was once present when the MIL was over, and we were all watching a home video from Christmas clearly documenting something horrendous she had done, and the MIL flipped out, denied she did it, and accused my friend (despite not even being the one who was videotaping) of "doctoring the video to make [her] look bad."
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A friend of mine's girlfriend's mother passed away suddenly last week (if you can follow that). 

These aren't particularly close friends but we are all pretty young and I know that losing your mom is a huge shock at any age (we are all mid-20's) and I wanted to do something for her/them.

What should I send to them??? 

I want it to be personal and not all cliche   insincere (a card can express sympathy & i will send one but I wanted a gift that is timely and useful).  I can send a personalized care package that I put together myself or I can send a commercial gift basket or gift cards or ANYTHING, I just want her/them to know we are thinking of them and we're friends through rough times too.

EDIT: Keep in mind I have to mail it.  I live some distance away from them and delivering it in person would be difficult unless they were hosting us for the weekend.

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I have a scenario for you to answer.

there is this girl, she wants to open a etsy shop. She loves to sew, and apparantly she's pretty good at making things. So she wants to make things and sell them. So make money. Problem is she has no money to start with. What should she do?

EDIT:Shes a uni student with classes from 8am-6pm every week day so its kind of impossible to get a real job.

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I just got a call from my OB's office, and my pee test came back positive with e.coli. HOW DID I CONTRACT THIS BACTERIA???

I am picking my percription up in a little bit, and I take a tablet for 7 days and they said it should clear right up. Have any of you been treated for this before?

What has been the OMG WTF moment of your day?

EDIT:: I do in fact, wipe front to back. NO SWITCHING FOR THIS LADY.

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I'm moving out again soon, but the last 2 times I lived with friends they already had pretty much all of the household stuff. Microwaves, washing machines, all that. I pretty much just provided the lounge, bookshelf & DVD case.

But this time my mate is the one with all of the furniture & nothing else. So what things do you recommend we'll need?
All I have is the kettle & toaster, a few plates, cups & a microwave. I know there's 50 million other things we'll need but I'm drawing a blank!

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Sorry I have another question.

Do you think, being an artsy person and actually wanting to do something about it is, useless? pointless? Is it less... worthy than focusing on studies, more mainstreaming like being a doctor/lawyer/banker?

Would you be counted less useful and successful if you were more into artsy stuff like being on Etsy and all that than being some professional?

Edit: Is there any way you can convince your mother you are not any less successful because you are doing what yo love?
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What pisses you off about where you live?

Mine: Last night I parked in a space in front of my house WITHOUT a chair. Today I got a passive aggressive note on my car saying I can't park there because someone else shoveled it.

WTF Pittsburgh?? Stop being ridiculous. The street is public property.
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I'm flying to visit my long-distance girlfriend this weekend (we are both attending a conference, and we'll be sharing a room). However, she's sick and doesn't anticipate getting over it by Friday. I am fine with catching whatever she has if it means I'm able to spend time with her; however, I would preferably like to see her and also not get sick.

Is there anything I can do to preemptively build up my immune system against her illness (taking cold medication a couple of days beforehand, etc.), or will I just have to deal with it if I catch it?
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What out of state license plates do you most commonly see on the road? In Maryland, I see plates from a lot of different states, but the most commons ones, in rough order, are:

1. Virginia
2. D.C.
3. Pennsylvania
4. New Jersey
5. New York and West Virginia roughly tie.
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I bought a roll of paper pretty much only because it was on clearance and less than 40¢ with my discount. It's white and 18 inches by 75 feet (or roughly .5 x 23 meters). I have no interest in doodling for 75 feet. What should I do with it?
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So I'm making snowmen all throughout my yard. There's going to be one big one and a bajillion little ones. My only problem is that I'm having trouble thinking of how to make the faces/things on them that I want. I need red, black, and green.

What could I use?

(I have paint, but i'm not sure how well that will stay on the snow)

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1)When I was in like first or second grade, my whole class did this musical production where we sang and acted out a whole slew of children's songs for our parents. One of them was the one about the ten bears in bed and the little one said "Roll over, I'm crowded." etc. I was among the 10 kids dressed in pajamas to act out the song and since I was very small I was chosen as the "little one" so that at the end of the song I was left to say "Goodnight." This was only solo/speaking role I had in any school production I participated in.
What solos or roles have you played in school productions (choir, band, drama...)?

2)Since lurkers don't like to answer those questions either, will you show me your most flattering picture of yourself?
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Digital or Classic

So I read a lot of books. Like a lot. And I'm running out of places to put them. And while I'm not that big of a fan of ebooks I'm considering going Digital if nothing more than to save space. So what Book Reader should I get if I do go through with this?

Edit: Please feel free to explain your choices. Why you picked what do did. What you liked or didn't like about the option you didn't choice.

 Poll #xxxx

pick one

Sony Reader
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What sorts of cutesy pet names/nick names do people call you?

My mom calls me Sweetie, my dad calls me Honey, my sister calls me Sister, and one of my friends calls me Girl.
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What makes you stick with livejournal now that sites like Facebook and tumblr are so popular?

How do you post? (lj main site, separate program, lj mobile)

Are there lj apps for mobile devices? (I searched appworld on my blackberry but didn't find anything. Maybe I should be searching for something other than "livejournal"?)

What are your favorite communities to watch/participate in?

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com
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To the Masters of Confectionaries in TQC:

I want to surprise my girlfriend with chocolate-covered Oreos, her favorite sweet. Unfortunately, I am all but totally out of the milk chocolate candy tabs (specifically for making chocolate pops and chocolate-covered sweets) and I don't have enough time to get to the store and back AND make the cookies before she gets home.

I do have: four packs of fun-sized Hershey bars, Hershey's chocolate syrup, Topp's hot fudge topping, and I may have a package of frozen semi-sweet bits laying around.

Can I use any of these things in leiu of the candy tabs? I'm thinking the Hershey bars, but I'm afraid they won't harden/cover well?
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 Nielsen, a company that accumulates statistics for TV ratings and such through the use of surveys and diaries, sent me $30 and a TV diary to keep track of and send back to them after it was done.

The problem? The diary was supposed to start on February 11th and go to the 18th. All of our mail goes to a PO box because our town is so small USPS doesn't bother delivering door to door or something. Anyway, I try to check the mail every Monday but usually forget and it can build up. This was one of those times and by the time I got the diary it was past the time it was due. So now it seems Nielsen gave me $30 for something I wasn't able to complete.

Should I feel as bad about this as I do? They sent $30 in cash, not a check or something. Would you just toss the diaries, feel lucky for getting 30 free dollars, and call it a day? 

I just feel kind of guilty. 
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I'm exhausted and have a headache so I just want to go to sleep. However I have to meet other people at the library in 30 minutes to finish a group project that's due tomorrow. I want to skip so badly but obviously I can't.

What's the last thing you wanted to get out of but couldn't?

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I have just installed Windows 7 on my Laptop but I have noticed that there is an application missing which I have sen on other computers. It sits along the top of the screen and has security, communication, office, entertainment, utilities and internet on it.

Can someone please tell me what the application is? I'm anal and I want it!

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does it ever bug you when you sign into something on a public/someone elses computer and your username is automatically memorized for it to forever be brought up when other people log in?

anyone know how to erase that? it erks me. i have a mac. not only that but i spastically write so when i want something to remember a username, i probably misspelled it so i still have to type the entire username out haha
Me & Baby

PetsHotel @ PetsMart

Anyone have any experiences with PetsHotel at PetsMart???
Specifically with cats???

I have my cat scheduled to go there and stay a week while my mother in law comes to stay with us (she's allergic to cats), but I just realized that he's gonna be pretty much stuck in a box for a week only to play for 15 mins morning and night.... he's used to roaming around my house and i dont think that's very fair to him, not to mention i dont want him to get all depressed and stuff :/ give me any and all experiences, good or bad, a plus if it's w/a cat. thank you!

This might be kind of confusing ...

Alright so, if you had / have Bright Futures and at some point you dropped a class and had to pay them back, would you feel shitty? I've already got a few zeros in this class and I'm just really behind. I got my first ever F last semester in Chemistry and I do not EVER want that to happen again.

Have any of you ever done anything similar? I'm going to take classes in the summer so I'm going to meet my credit hour quota for Bright Futures, and I've got good grades besides this class that I want to drop so I'm going to meet my GPA quota, but like, I just feel like a failure.

Is dropping classes with the intentions of saving your GPA a bad thing?

EDIT: I should probably explain that Bright Futures is a scholarship in Florida, lol.
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I may be wrong...
but the other day I had a customer who asked for a decaf green tea.
I told her we didn't have any and she insisted that she had some at our location before.

I explained my knowledge of tea and told her that I am pretty sure that one of the characteristics of green tea is that is does have some caffeine. It has less that black, but it does have a little bit of caffeine.

She told me that I was wrong and that we had decaf green tea.
I know that I am right about our company not having decaf green, but in general... was information am I missing on green tea being decaf?
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My husband and I filed a joint return and received a refund check. Is there any way to know how the money was allocated between us? We don't do everything perfectly joint as far as bills go, so there's no "both our money" thing here we can work.
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In January I switched from using chemical deodorant to (unscented) salt cyrstal deodorant. Instead of smelling strongly of sweat, I now smell weakly of dead salty bacteria. Should I finish my current stick (which should last me another year or two) or should I buy a scented stick? What do you do when you've just started using a product but learn it's not right for you and you need to get something else?
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ew tqc. i bought frozen cooked shrimp. i ran them under a tap to defrost them and they look and feel like boiled shrimp. i bit in to one and it tasted like salt water.

did i miss a step or something? there are no instructions on the bag

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I was typing up another question when I noticed liquid around my right arrow key. I hit the key again, and this liquid, kind of clearish white, came out from underneath the key. I was drinking the remains of the whipped cream from an iced latte, so I thought it was that. But when I tasted it it was bitter.

I'm a little freaked out. Has anyone else had this happen with their Macbook? I Googled it and found nothing.

ETA: Non serious answers always appreciated. >.< I wasn't thinking when I typed the question. Knock yourselves out.
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So I counted all the change in my piggy bank and my car's coin holder, and I have almost 60 dollars in change! I put it all in a container under my bed.

What should my goal be? What should I spend it on when I reach that goal?

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I'm considering booking a volunteer programme with Real Gap. Have you any experience with the company? What do you think of them?

I'm from a tiny village in Scotland (population 2000ish) So the more I think about booking & the closer it comes to being a reality the more terrified (but excited too) I get.

If I go it'll most likely be South America someplace. Ideally Brazil or Peru. Ever been to these places? (Or do you live there?) What do you like/dislike about it?

eta - I've lost my name badge for work. Where the hell is it?
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Hello TQC! So I had my first counseling session with a regular counselor at my university. At my intake session, I explicitly requested that my regular counselor be female, and sure enough, they put me with a man. After a session with him, I suspect they put me with him because a relative has cerebral palsy, just like me. Even so, it was still super uncomfortable.

If you've had a therapist of the opposite sex, was it more or less comfortable than someone of the same sex?
With which gender have you had more success [don't worry, I'm aware that gender =/= success rate]?
Since it was only one session, should I give this guy a chance or should I request a switch at my next session?

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1. Inspired by that "faggot" post, how do you guys feel about the word "nigger"? When rappers use it in lyrics? When white kids use it on the streets? Etc?

2. When was the last time you ate waaaaay too much?

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Does anyone know where I can download/buy audio guide books? (The cheaper the better)
What do you do to make work more bearable?
Currently I don't have any friends at work and I preform mind numbing tasks so I'm looking for ways to survive without going insane.
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Did you ever get "The Talk"? How old were you?

I somehow never got the talk, although I think my younger sister has gotten it every time she turns around these past two years.
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...mac or pc?

I need a new laptop, one that i'll be taking to college with me in the fall. I know all the hype about macs and the fact that they are less likely to crash, but i'm comfortable with a pc and i'm not sure about the price. I'm just going to use it for the internet, writing papers, itunes, etc and i'm pretty clumsy with technology, so i'm not sure if the extra $500 for a mac is worth it. I'm kind of going into this expecting a laptop to not last more than 3 years, any suggestions?

ALSO: What's the best summer job for a high school graduate?

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I got my cousin to cut my hair and shave my sideburns. She shaved them up above the line where my glasses arm lays. I really like it shaved like that. I mean it's hardly noticeable but I like the feel and all that jazz. but how could a person who is perceived female shave part of her head, like more than just this little bit. I want to experiment. Ideas?

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who is your favorite star wars character?

who is your favorite lord of the rings character?

who is your favorite godfather character?

who is your favorite back to the future character?

are your favorites from those movies the same basic character archetype?

(no subject)

I've had a really rough day.

What do you do to make yourself feel better after a particularly emotionally draining day?

What are your favorite feel-good movies? Like what movies NEVER fail to give you warm fuzzies?
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What type of OJ do you prefer?
I like mine with as much pulp as humanly possible. Like, just give me the orange! Florida's Natural or Simply Orange only, plz.

How do you drink your coffee?
Splenda and soy milk or skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks.

Are you excited for the new Gaga video on Friday?

What else are you excited about?
Seeing my favorite band AKA THE DIRTBOMBS on Thursday for free.

Things You Love

About your degree or school subjects!

It's times like this that I realise how fun my teaching degree is. I'm making GIANT CRAB CLAWS out of cane and tissue paper. Painting them in the kitchen right now. I was afraid I wouldn't have enough time to finish them if I just worked on them in the morning and I think I was wise.

I'm being a crab in a performance tomorrow lol. We only found out about it today.

Other times, I've made great 'design and technology' projects, like little houses made from tissue boxes with electricity in them. Or played chasey in P.E. (teaching us how to teach, we had to have a warm up like the kids do). Done the Macarena in Maths class. Played with slaters under microscopes. All sorts of awesome things.

It's a lot of work, and a lot of hours, but there really are some great moments.

So what things do you love about your degree?

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am i just the rebound girl?

I know this is dumb, but i really need some peoples opinions.
This guy Sam and I are currently having a thing. Him and his girlfriend of 8 months broke up about a month ago. He has been one of my best friends and we talk about everything. Even when he was in this relationship with this girl, he still came to me for everything (which made the girlfriend hate me.) I think i might of been a big part in why they broke up, because according to his ex he became too "emotionally attached" to me. Just about a week ago we were hanging out as usual and we kissed. from there we have evolved into a full on thing. he's so sweet and wants to take it slow because he's really happy with how we are right now. he refuses to do much sexually with me too because he doesn't want to screw anything up. He says he's so surprised at how much he likes me so quickly, and i really like him too. We are very alike and have always gotten along perfectly. and im so comfortable with him...i just dont want to get hurt. Should i keep having a thing with him, or should it stop?

Thanks for reading and thanks for the help everyone:)

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my sister said i could have her bike until i save up and find one of my own(i'm going to paint it glittery purple and name it Johnny). now she's saying i can't have it because her friend/roommate told her she lets people manipulate her into "borrowing" her things and not giving them back.

except i don't want a fucking fixed gear bike my whole life but i'm not going to be able to afford a new bike before spring/summer and i want to start getting in shape beginning/mid March, whenever this tundra begins to thaw a little. see, i want to join a beginner's soccer team and i need to be able to stand around for 90 minutes whilst flailing at a ball.

what can i say to her to get her to let me borrow it for a couple months that won't sound manipulative?

i feel like i shouldn't even have to do this seeing as i'm her sister and we talked about it while she was here. and she never rides the damn thing! it's needed air in the tires since i was riding it around her apartment back in November.
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I'm going into the city tomorrow (nyc). I'm leaving around 7 and not eating lunch until around 1.
What snacks should I bring?

It's someone's birthday tomorrow who is going with us. We aren't friends but we're around each other from time to time.
Should I stop somewhere in the morning and get either donuts or candy or something? (She's the little kid at heart person who would enjoy that)

new screen name?

so i'm looking for a new screen name and i'm on a total mental block, any ideas?
i was looking for something that maybe included the word 'fairytale'. idk i liked todaywasafairytale but it's too long.
i love bands like bright eyes, the spill canvas, tilly and the wall, the postal service, missy higgins, sara bareilles, jacks mannequin... stuff like that. any lyrics you can think of that would go well together to form a good screen name?
call it an early birthday present ;) (i'm 20 in 50 minutes, eek!)

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 I start a new job tomorrow (hooray!).  I am super nervous about meeting new people in a totally new environment.  

What is some good advice you can give me to make my first day go smoothly?

Don't know/care:

Do you like buttercream icing?  I think it's usually pretty nasty.
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