February 21st, 2010

i am hello snow white!

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what's up hotties?

so, i'm about to watch Into The Wild (for the first time, so no spoilssss plz)
what are some other movies about leaving home to find yourself/travelling to find yourself etc?

thanks :)

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I'm having some bad guy problems right now, and it's eating my life. Tell me about the worst experience you've ever had with the opposite sex. Rant. Write a novel. Use lots of bad words. 

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DK/DC: What does your favorite shirt look like? Plain purple scoop neck. 

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I have a weird relationship with my dad. He left when I was 3 and contacts me about once every few years. He goes through bouts of denying that I'm really his kid. The latest one was a month ago and suddenly this week, he calls my mom and starts asking about how I'm doing in college (then criticizing it) and to tell her that he wants to give me some money for the Lunar New Year. He's all about empty promises so we were like, "lol ok" but he actually pulled through.

I was composing a thank you letter and it crossed my mind to call him out on disappearing from my life, denying that I'm his kid, and to ask him why he decided to send me money after ignoring me for 3 years.

I didn't end up writing any of that. Just "thank you" and "I was surprised. Would you like to go for some coffee? We should catch up!" because I'm always afraid of hurting him even though I'm apathetic about him most of the time.

Should I bring up getting a paternity test if he replies to my email?

DK/DC: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

Do you have a "weird uncle/crazy aunt"? Share stories!
ace attorney - jeez


Part A: Why does truth matter? It's near impossible to always get the whole truth anyway, and we can never know if we ever do reach the whole truth, so why are we so obsessed with it? Does truth matter if we are happy? Do you value truth? If yes, why? What does it mean to you? 

Part B: Are you annoyed when others question things too much? Do you ever feel like saying, "Just leave it. It doesn't matter."?

Part C: What are your usual methods at getting down to the truth of things? How do you decide between what's right and what's wrong? How do you come to your opinions - and are you confident in them? Can we ever really tell what's the truth and what's false?

Bonus: Who else is playing Ace Attorney Investigations and loving it?!
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I bought in total today, on behalf of myself and the people at my work, $100 in Girl Scout cookies.

What is the last thing that you did that, hours later, you looked upon and felt nothing but despair? and mild nausea
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Tonight Canada and the United States will be playing against eachother in an epic Olympic hockey match-up.

What do you think will happen to Canada if the team loses this game?

I think the entire country will implode.

IF YOU DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT HOCKEY you better tell me what you're going to be doing tonight at 7:30 pm ET?
legs motherfucker

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So next saturday at 4 I'll be handing in the keys to my apartment, and living with my parents again. I'm going back to school, can't get a job, and couldn't pay tuition AND rent/bills anyway.

Will any of you tell me HAPPY stories about moving back in with your parents after living on your own?

DK/DC: What's your favorite cake and frosting combination?
I prefer yellow cake and chocolate icing.

Beep songs

What are some songs where the word "Beep" is part of the song? I'm looking for audio clips of that particular word, so it has to actually be sung. It's ok if it's part of another word.
Bugs/Daffy Tits/GTFO

Downward facing belch

Yoga enthusiasts of TQC:

I burp a lot doing yoga. Is this common with you or somebody you know? Or am I just full of air?

Everybody else:

How do you suppress your more embarrassing bodily functions? Or do you?
legs motherfucker

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a few days ago i posted about how my jaw often hurts. most of the answers said it is TMJ and after reading up on it, i'm fairly certain it is. i'm going to my doctor soon to get some shots i need for school so i'm going to bring it up to her anyway.

well anyway today i can't even close my mouth all the way. i'm really hungry but i don't think i could chew, this hurts ): i've taken tylenol but it's not helping. if there's anyone who has TMJ, is there a way i can make my jaw stop hurting so much... so i can have a sandwich or something? i have soup, but it's a beautiful day (and soup is a cloudy-day thing).

alternatively, what piercings do you have? anyone here have a microdermal piercing? can i see pictures?
i had my heart set on getting my nose pierced with my tax return money, but my school doesn't allow facial piercings. so now i'm looking for alternatives.

Camera repair?

Have any of your used Geek Squad or another company for camera repair? (I am in the Denver, CO area but am willing to mail it if you know if any companies that are outside this area)

My digital camera is having an issue where it using the batteries even when turned off so we have to take the batteries out when it's not in use. The warranty that came with it ended over a year ago so I'm considering having it repaired rather than replacing it as it works well otherwise and it was an expensive camera.

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Have you ever won anything? Or do you know any websites that are somewhat easy to win stuff off of? I just applied for like all of the Glamour contests.

I've never won anything big- the NOW DVD lol years ago. and this gift basket of skating stuff from this local skate shop. I dont skate but it was still exciting.

Two people I know have won 10,000 or 25,000 in the lottery which is more than kind of awesome.

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Am I wrong, or didn't Old Navy used to have some cute clothes? Maybe 5+ years ago? Not everything was great, but there were a few finds mixed in there. Now their selection looks a lot like what I see at Walmart when I go there to look down on people for shopping at Walmart.

Have you noticed something similar with Target's clothes? I rarely find anything nice there anymore.

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I just dropped a camera off to get developed, and the film is from about 1996. What do you think will be on it?

What were you doing in 1996? I was in sixth grade and very unhappy/insecure.

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the guy i like called me at 3:40 this morning and left a message. i've listened to it twice today.

how many times can i listen to it before it gets weird?
how many times would you listen to a message from the person you like?
i don't want to be friends

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I went on a date on Friday and it went really well. Last night I got drunk and responded "go fuck your mom" to something that did not warrant such a reaction. Soon after I texted an apology but I have not heard from him since. How should I should I proceed? Should I call him and apologize one more time? Should I wait to see if he will text me back? I really like him and I'm so mad that I messed it up, and I just don't know what to do.

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Where, other than eBay or criagslist, can I buy a cheap/decently priced Blackberry mobile device?

Or, where, other than eBay or craigslist, can I hire someone to punch the guy who stole my Blackberry?

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This morning I saw my old high school mutual crush at Wal-Mart. I was carrying nothing but three bananas and a box of laxatives (for a sick family member). I'm good at laughing things off, but he looked totally grossed out. It was one of the more amusing moments of my life. 

Has this happened to you? Who did you see, and what were you carrying? 

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I want to make a crazy 80's playlist but am drawing a complete blank on any upbeat fun 80's pop songs. If you were making a typical 80's playlist, what songs would be on there?

My only memory of the 80's being kindergarten is NOT helping.
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Have you ever seen this type of key before?

Do you know what it's called? I googled "Kaba" and this came up. I also googled "Hafele" but I'm not getting the results I need.

The reason why I ask is because my boyfriend lost his (it's the exact style) and his mom refuses to get a copy made since it's supposedly really expensive. We want to look ourselves but we need a name first in order to get any locksmith over the phone to understand what we're talking about!
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I'm thinking of selling prints of my photography on etsy, but I'm not sure how much to sell them for and still make a profit. I want to sell them already matted, but not framed. A pack of glossy paper at staples is $11 (with 300 in a pack), and matting is $3 per mat. Shipping priority in the US is a little under $5.

Poll #1528579 the print is a lie.

How much should I sell them for *if I expect to profit*?

$1 - $5
$6 - $10
$11 - $15
$16 - $20
$25 or above

How much would you pay for a print (if you don't buy prints, just pretend you do)?

$1 - $5
$6 - $10
$11 - $15
$16 - $20
$25 or above

Have you ever sold anything online? How do you decide how much to sell it for?

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My friend just asked me if I was interested in going to Las Vegas with him and a few friends for Spring Break. I was originally not planning on going anywhere for Spring Break because I'm trying to save up money for a vacation to California this summer, but now I'm torn.

The main thing that is holding me up is that we would be driving there from Indianapolis, which would be almost a 30 hour drive each way. I'm up for a roadtrip, but I've never been on one quite that long. The plan would be to spend 4 days in Vegas, while the rest of the time would be spent on the road. We also have found cheap accommodations.

Should I go?

validate me plz

am i right to think there is something wrong with the fact that my mom isn't allowed to have her own money and has to ask permission from my dad to have $5, and even worse is almost always denied even if she needs money to feed him and her kids?

1st Question at TQC

What is one thing you :

a. Absolutely LOVE & couldn't live without
b. Absolutely CAN'T STAND
c. Really wish you had/really want right now

When was the last time you were rude/arrogant/mean to someone? What happened?
What about when someone was that way to you? What happened?



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So, last night I drank a little bit. I really don't drink, so I'm not really aware of what does what to my body. I had a glass of Watermelon Pucker Schnapps mixed with a tiny bit of tequila, and then I had a cup of coffee with a small amount of something Tres Leches (I googled but all I found was the cake?).

That night, about an hour or so after I had those drinks, my stomach got upset. I felt dizzy and both my legs and arms were shaking and wobbly. At one point, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and I had no idea what to do. After I had a glass of water and forced myself to sleep, I felt better after waking up ~4 hours later. I googled and I found something about hypoglycemia and alcohol, and I'm wondering if maybe my blood sugar crashed (I'm hypoglycemic) and caused the shaking.

What happened to me? Has anyone else experienced this before?
warhol zebra

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How can I breathe better? I have a bad chest cold and had to play tag for an hour and then do an outdoor scavenger hunt in 18 inches of snow. I've been back in my room for an hour and my chest still feels tight and I can't breathe deeply without wheezing. I am drinking mint tea and I took some DayQuil and Mucinex for chest congestion, and I'll be going to the health center tomorrow, but is there anything else I can do in the mean time?

What non-shovel items can I use to dig my car out of three week's worth of snow so I can go home next weekend? I have stuff that you would normally find in a college dorm room, and a windshield ice scraper thing, and that's about it.

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Does anybody remember a game show where people had to play the piano and if they screwed up a note they would get eliminated? Was that just a dream? I could have sworn there was a show like that which played a few years ago and a guy messed up Fur Elise.

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I have a few friends who have one or multiple siblings who tend to take on the parental role. Some of the parents are incredibly loving but allow this to happen. I think it's not a sibling's job to do this, my mom says that "siblings need to take care of each other".

What do you think?

(I'm talking brothers/sisters calling the schools for discipline reasons, paying for siblings' car insurance, not going on vacations because they need to pick up a little brother from school and take him every day, etc.)

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What's something that you're genuinely proud of, even though to others it would seem insignificant or silly?

For instance, when I was younger I was in a production of Cinderella, and got to be Cinderella on-stage for two minutes while the real actress was backstage changing into her ballgown (the effect intended would be that she changed from her dirty work clothes to her ballgown "instantly"). I was so stoked, even though no-one would know it was me.

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Can you tell us about your icon? Who/what/when/were/why?

Have you ever experienced a disappointing orgasm? Where you feel your body responding physiologically but dammit there just isn't that explosion of endorphins and pleasure? I hate those - I always feel as if I've been gypped.

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1) I like doing things with my friends but I am too poor to go to the movies/eating/drinking every time. What do you do with your friends that is really cheap or for free?

Bonus points if it's also possible during the winter.

2) To those of you who go to the gym:
Which are your favorite cardio workouts? Why?
Favorite muscle definition workouts? Why?
Cadbury Creme Egg

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What's your favourite kind of beer, TQC?

(My alterior motive here is that I buy the beer for office drinks on Friday, and because I don't really drink it I'm not sure what's good and what isn't. So if TQC tells me, I will buy.)

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I'm putting all my favourite quotes into a notebook & gluing in some images that relate to certain quotes.

I have several quotes along the lines of being yourself despite what people say or think. What image would you put with these quotes? I did consider using photos of emos/alternatively dressed people but I'd like some other suggestions.

There's a movie/tv series that I can't remember the name of. All I can remember is that the people turned into zombies (or something else) and it started with a nosebleed. Do you know what the movie is?


Anyone from Atlanta, Georgia know of any good smaller venues that is either for jazz music or indie(all types) music? The boyfriend and I were wanting to spend a few days in Atlanta and were looking for things to do.

Feel free to suggest anything else that you'd think would be well worth our time in Atlanta! :)

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Has anyone ever gotten a CVS Photo CD with all your pictures on it?
I got mine today, and I installed it into my computer, and it's saying "No viewable photos on this CD" or something! WTF, are my photos gone forever?

If I have the negatives or the CD or anything else, can I go back to CVS and they make the picturs again? IDK how this all works but I REALLLY want these pictures :(

What gives?

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Dear TQC,

I have become obsessed with a band. I haven't even liked a specific singer or band in particular for the last 8 years, so this comes as a surprise to me. I'm not a crazy fan or anything - I could never scream at people in the band because that's ridiculous (I don't like being screamed at either). I don't even know if I'd be comfortable meeting them.

But I missed a midterm and a lab because I was too into reading/listening/watching videos about them. I use as much free time as possible to read more; I've only been doing other things so people won't notice HOW obsessed I am.

TQC: Have you ever been obsessed with anything? How far did it go? Or do you have a good story about some other crazy fan?

ETA: tralfamadore gave me a coming-out rainbow cake; the band is Tokio Hotel. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to ask for repentance from my hipster friends with 1000x better taste in music.

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If your roommate insisted on leaving their computer open and skype and webcam on when they leave for work/class/whatever, so that their boyfriend could see into your room while you're in there alone, would this make you uncomfortable?
Take a Look

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Bakers of TQC! Do you have any good chocolate chip cookie recipes that doesn't call for shortening where the cookies stay moist? Every time I try to make chocolate chip cookies, they get all gross and stale by like the 2nd day.

Do I just fail at baking? This would make me said because I love to bake. =(
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My cousin's great uncle died today. I'm writing her a sympathy card. Should just put her name in the card or include the names of her two young kids?


How do you get through situations that are really difficult for you? I've been student teaching and not enjoying it and I just dread going to school on Monday. Is there anything that you do to get through a particularly difficult day?
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

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On the off chance that any of you watch South Park,
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dk/dc - I just had diet green tea ginger ale. After pomegranate and green tea have died out, what other trendy flavors do you think drinks will start jumping on?

EDIT: And yes, I am googling up a storm on the picture, but nothing is coming up. :( I'm reading through episode descriptions hoping to find something.

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When you go through the drive through at a fast food place, does the person taking your order tell you your total? 

I have to ask because they always have for me, but lately, almost every place I go to just says "Okay pull up to the window" and doesn't tell me the total. It really bothers me. I'd like to know how much I'm paying before I pay and make sure they're charging me the right amount. :\

sorry. don't hate. you can still win a gold.

Poll #1528840 miracle on ice 2: THE GREAT WHITE NORTH

how do you feel about that hockey game tonight, eh?

USA! USA! neener neener, beat you on your home ice!
i am canadian and very upset aboot it.
i am not from USA or Canada but i am crying little maple leaves right now!.
i feel something else that is less funny than any of these answers

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What are some Heroes/X-men type mutant powers that are more mundane, almost boring?

-How about the ability to stop the toaster right before the toast burns
-Know which fruit will spoil soonest when shopping
-Always park right in the middle of the lines
-Know which queue will move the fastest
-Knowing lame details like shoe size/weight/eye prescription (could come in handy for certain professions)

We're talking definite mutant, but wouldn't cut it for the team.

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Your life has recently been threatened. We don't know why, or by who. (By whom?) You are hiding in your house, and, for whatever reason, you cannot leave. (Maybe your car just got blown up or something.) You are not in immediate danger--no one is lurking in the bushes outside or anything. Where do you go to feel safe? Do you stay in one room or move around?
TK and Kari

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Has anyone ever changed their taste in music/movies/style to impress you? What was your reaction to that?

I once dated a guy who pretended he liked the Jonas Brothers to date me. It didn't impress me, for some reason I went :/ at the fact he said he thought they could really sing.

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lets talk about social awkwardness and pet peeves.

what are your pet peeves??

any stories of people pissing you off?

ill tell you about friday night-
these people kept calling my host on friday night wanting to hang out. the host, baker, was just ignoring it hoping they would just get a hint. no they didnt though. baker's apt building has a locked door that you need to be let into, or have a key for. these people just showed up inside the apt building at the door and baker didnt know what else to do at that point so he let them in. they got into the building by yanking the shit out of the door, overriding the lock on it. so the one kid kept doing fucking irritating shit all night, for example trying to smoke other people's weed without permission, and things of the like. the next day baker found that half the bottle of his antidepressants were missing.

ill tell you a pet peeve-
i hate when people respond with "ok" in a text or internet setting. i dont know why, i dont think its meant to, but it always makes me feel like whatever i said or did to warrant that response was really stupid so i end up feeling really stupid. and to boot, its a waste of time and id rather you just didnt say anything at all.

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My friend was supposed to pick me up. He said he'd be at my house in ten minutes. 35 minutes later he shows up. Later his boyfriend tells me that they stopped to screw each other on the side of the road and that's why they were late.

What's worse? Having to hear about the sex or having to wait?
Is that incredibly rude/annoying or am I just supposed to accept this as their friend?
How are your friends annoying?

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Edit: on the second question, I meant 'yes on prop 8'

Which would you rather do?

Spend an entire day working at a booth in the busiest area in your city, passing out fliers for the 'Elect Sarah Palin for 2012' movement
Spend an entire day working at a booth in the busiest area in your city, passing out fliers for the 'Vote to Make Bestiality Legal' movement

Which would you rather do?

Get tattoos on the back of each hand. One will say 'The only good liberal is a dead liberal' and 'No on Prop 8' on the other
Get tattoos on the back of each hand. On your left hand, it'll say 'RITE', and on your right hand, it'll say LEFT

Which would you rather do?

Have sex in a room in front of 20 complete strangers
Have sex with a clown in full clown makeup

Which would you rather do?

Watch a 3-D Imax version of 2 Girls 1 Cup. No squinting or holding your eyes shut
Watch two Larry the Cable Guy movies back-to-back. No falling asleep or distracting yourself

Which would you rather do?

Let a naked homeless man sleep in your bed for an entire night. You sleep in your bed the next night without changing your sheets
Sleep in a cardboard box on the street for the next 2 nights.

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do you tip at buffets?

should you be worried about a friend if you get a call from them at 3:40 in the morning, repeating themselves and saying things like "I don't really know what time it is. I probably don't... even know what day it is." and there's no indication they're just being funny?

long story short, my bud lost his job two weeks ago Tuesday and has been on a bender since then. i can't get a hold of him unless he calls me and i got that message when i woke up this morning. at first i was like, just let him ride it and work it out but it's been almost two weeks. i'm wondering if it's 'show up unannounced at his house' time yet or not.

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Should I skip my 8 am class in the morning? 

-It's an intro to criminal justice class and is super easy
-We just had a test last time, I did well, and all we'll be doing is reviewing our tests and starting a new chapter
-The new chapter is very easy to cover myself at home
-My stomach has been giving me hell and I've been to the bathroom countless times this evening
-I have a very important quiz I could study for instead
-I've already missed one class; if I miss again (assuming I skip tomorrow) I could possibly be dropped

How often do you skip class/work?