February 20th, 2010

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If someone you have met twice in person (and have a few mutual friends with) sent you a message on facebook and asked to borrow your roommates's cat, what would you say?

EDIT: He basically wanted to sculpt my roommates cat, and I told him he could come over and photograph him and whatnot, but he told me he needed the cat at his place so he could capture his essence.

What if he then, three months later, messaged you and asked you to get him a reservation at a rather expensive restaurant that is not even in the town you are now living, because he thinks you are friends with someone who works there (but you are not any longer)? What if he did this at 3 pm on Valentine's Day, and wanted the reservation for Valentine's night?

What possesses someone to make such crazy requests to someone they don't know at all?

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for people who wear makeup, specifically eyeshadow-

do you often feel one eye looks slightly better than the other?

i do, and if i don't convince myself its fine ill sit there messing with it for too long.
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In a lot of books and movies (especially books), kids do amazing, heroic, phenomenal deeds. They fight wars, save kingdoms, kill Voldemort.

For example- I'm watching Prince Caspian right now and these children are totally running things, out on the battlefield, making war plans, you name it.

If I remember right from psych classes, their brains just aren't developed enough to handle this kind of thing. I have never met a kid who I thought might be able to get away with this kind of shit.

To clarify, when I say children, I'm thinking under 17, but a lot of these heroic happenings seem to be happening around 11 or 12.

Do you think kids are actually capable of this kind of thing? What do you think would happen if a real kid were put in these situations (use real book/movie examples if you can)?
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What's the name of that font that has downward arrows for the i's and/or t's, and the letters are kind of broken into smaller blocks that make up each letter? The one that was extremely popular in the late 90's? I think the name began with an "S."

2 hours on DaFont and Google have gotten me nowhere.

Never mind, it's Stereofidelic!

Edit: Ah! Thanks to skittlebox who figured it out with my useless description :)

Since that's been solved, can you take all five pills in a z-pack all at once, or do you have to take them over 4 days? My tooth is killing me and I'd rather take them all right now if it speeds up the process.
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What would you do if your boyfriend said, "I love you and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But I want a year to be free and to live a wild bachelor lifestyle. After that, I'll make a commitment to you."?

Y'all got itunes?

Inspired by someone who wanted some songs for their roadtrip, I would like you guys to look at your media player/winamp/itunes, and pick a playlist you have.

What's the title of the playlist, and would you write me a list of what songs are in the playlist?

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Good morning TQC!

1.) If you're watching t.v. what are you watching?

2.) What's for breakfast?

3.) What's the last alcoholic drink you had?

My answers:

Roseanne! :D :D

One egg and two egg whites scrambled in a whole wheat wrap with some ham in it.


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so i'm done with my nail tech program, i'll be sending out my info tuesday but i can work with a diploma supposedly, anyways i called this nails place and they asked me to come in today and i have no idea what to say! i'm really FOB but the desire to do nails is there and i'm afraid i'm going to suck. what should i tell them? i'm undecided if i should write some sort of resume-type thing. i'm afraid i'm going to suck.

anyways, what are your plans for today? i want to go see percy jackson.


I was at a party last night and met a really cute and intelligent girl. She was laughing at my stupid jokes, nodding a lot, kept touching me on my arm. So I went in for a phone number and she gave it in front of her friends.

Normally I'd wait a few days to call her, but I feel like we really vibed last night and had a lot of things in common.. Would it be psycho too soon to call her later today?
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1. My inlaws are in town this weekend and staying with us. How do I avoid killing them?

2. I have to go to a wedding shower tomorrow. What does one wear to something like that? Except, not a skirt, because I'm not going to be wearing a skirt/dress.

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I will be moving to a new city at the end of March. My two roommates and I are looking at places that will be $500-700 in rent for each person. I don't have any job prospects at the moment (but I am sending out my resume). Not counting moving expenses, how much money should I have saved up before I move?


My SO has lost her Nintendo DS somewhere in our apartment. The last time we saw it, it was in our "electronics drawer". This was around Christmas time. We checked that drawer as well as all of the other drawers in the desk and filing cabinet next to it, and it's not there. We checked dresser drawers, both closets, our trunk of random stuff, and haven't found it.

If you were a Nintendo DS, where would you be?

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I have a deep cut on the end of my thumb that I can't leave uncovered. I can't find a way to keep it securely bandaged though, the bandaids just keep coming off within an hour or two. Anyone got any tips for keeping the damn thing on? I've tried attaching them in a variety of ways but not had much luck.
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Good morning, TQC!

How would you pronounce the name "Ypidine"?

How do you react to seemingly unpronounceable names often found in sci-fi or fantasy stories?

It can be annoying. But I tend to accept it if the character is nonhuman or the author makes the names deliberately unpronounceable (i.e. "Cthulhu") for an actual reason (i.e. the character is an elder god with squid for a face and "Cthulhu" is probably easier for squid-faces to pronounce than, say, "John"). Having said that, I sometimes get hung up on trying to pronounce the name and it can be really distracting.

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For college students, how are you paying for college? A scholarship? Loan? Or are your parents paying?

DK/DC: How do you politely ask about raises in a new job? I want to know if they are going to be semi regularly or if I should expect to stay on minimum wage for a while.
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Help! My computer is being held for ransom!

My windows XP has just updated with Internet Security 2010. I do not want this, and I don't want to give them money. I didn't ask for internet security 2010, and it's treating firefox like a trojan. How can I disable 2010 and go back to my old program with firewall? I'm tired of getting these stupid privacy threat messages and not being able to do anything about them because I don't give in to extortion!

premier pro and file compatibility

I'm helping a friend out for an education projec ths ehas to do for school. She has a number of diffrent videos from a canon FS200 that are all in .mod with what appears to be .moi side car files. I can't seem to get them to work into premier pro CS4 trial version. How would I convert them?

Thanks in advance,


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i asked this last night but i want to hit up the morning/afternoon crowd as well.

last night i drove by a church that's sign for the sermon on Sunday read: "I DON'T WANT TO BE HUMAN"

and i'm seriously, seriously curious, WHAT IS THIS SERMON GOING TO BE ABOUT? any ideas? worth going?
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It's nice out today. Should I go up to the pool and lay out on the lounge chairs or go to the beach and watch the ocean? I won't be getting in the water. Benefits of pool - no sticky sand. Benefits of beach - prettier view.

What would you do?

edit: Alright guys. Beach it is. ty

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1. Whats something lately that has made you happy, or at the very least entertained?
The fact that my ex bf is now looking his worst (gained 10kg/22lbs) and I'm looking really really good and getting healthier.

2. What is something that is currently irking you?
My back and the fact that I couldn't get my prescription from my usual pharmacy. Seriously though back wtf I'm 21 not 61!
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A good friend and house-mate has a new boyfriend. They spend quite a lot of time together and this kind of bothers me even though I know it shouldn't. How do you guys handle your friends getting a boyfriend/girlfriend and kind of forgetting about you/treating you a bit grumpily because they spend all their efforts on the new partner?

ETA: It's not that she spends more time with him than with me. She's one of those who have a limited amount of niceness to spend on people daily. It seems she spends it all on her boyfriend and when she's at home, where we live, she's only grumpy and passive aggressive towards me. I really dont like it. She was way nicer when she was single.

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Why did I wake up super dizzy and kind of nauseous? 

I'm having a long-island iced tea tonight. Will one of those get me tipsy/drunk, assuming I'm a lightweight? I know nothing about alcohol. :\
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What's something that everyone seems to love and you just don't get why?

Everyone seems to love Ikea stuff and I don't really care for any of their stuff. It's too... modern for me. Also, all the music on the Top 40 Billboard. Who listens to that stuff? It all sounds the same.

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Have you ever had really loud sex when you thought no one was home/could hear you and then it turns out they probably could? Did you feel like an asshole?

If not, what's your favorite fruit?
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1. For those of you with Apple computers who live far away from Apple stores, what do you do when you need something fixed? My DVD drive needs to be replaced, and the closest Apple store is over 2 hours away.

2. Anybody been to Madison, WI? There's also an Apple store there, and I'd like to knock Wisconsin off my list of states visited while I'm in the Midwest. Anything interesting to do there? Recently went to Des Moines and Omaha for the first time... any better than those places? Or I could go to somewhere near Chicago, but that's even further and I plan on going there when the weather's nicer.

FYI I just moved to the Midwest like 2 weeks ago from a big west coast city.

Personal online radio

Last.fm wants to charge me and Pandora is not yet available in Japan. My friend recommended Imeem but that appears to have been shut down (and if it's the service I think it was, I didn't like it that much, anyway). 

What  free, customizable online radio service would you recommend to someone living outside the US?

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TQC, I'm lonely.

So, I've decided to invest my love and attention to a pet. I've had rats, birds, cats, and have decided that for the moment, fish are a bit more my speed.

Have you had fish? What kind? How was their lifespan/caring for them?
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TQC, next quarter, I will have class from 11-3 with no more than a ten minute break. What are some filling snacks that I can buy to eat during that ten minute period that will hold me over until dinner?

DK/DC: how often do you get your car's oil changed?

I got movie tickets for valentines day

The only movie i want to see is avatar. I mostly want to see the 3-d but I'm not sure if it will work the only thing my tickets say is "subject to surcharge for 3D imax" does that mean I have to pay extra for the glasses or will i not be able to see it at all.
If not then is the 2D version any good?

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do you think the library will let me pay my fine in installments or something?

i rented a ton of DVDs and a book two or three months ago and asked my sister to return the stuff on her way out of town. so i put it in a bag and then found the bag in the back of her car last night. waaaah. so i'm pretty sure i owe the public library my soul, which makes me really sad because i want to go rent books and things ;____; i hope so because i don't imagine they'll be forgiving.

and yeah i'd make my sister pay it but she's got less money than i do. even if she wanted to she couldn't.

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I recently stopped biting my nails and am tempted to start up again because I can't handle the crap that accumulates underneath them.

How can you deal with that? Doesn't it gross you out?
How often do you clean your nails?

Fantasy and Stuff

Do you know any Fantasy novels for adults or older teens, with non Epic plots? So, they're not saving the world or getting attacked, and they're not The One or anything, but it's set in a Fantasy setting or world? (And it's not just "Vampires/Witches/Werewolves/Fairies go to School". I'm hoping that saying 'for adults' will negate that, but just to be sure)

Is it immoral to feed animals at the zoo with live prey, (out of view of the public of course)? E.g, occasionally putting a sheep in with the lions.

Zookeepers yesterday said that the reason why they won't do that is that they find it immoral since in the wild the prey has a small chance of escape.

So that I can tell another forum about it, can I have some examples of where a school *didn't* bully a gay or transgender student, and in fact rallied behind them? Bonus points if you experienced it or witnessed it.

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When i was little i always went to my uncles place and me and his kid would always snuggle up in his big poofy rattan chair sofa/bed. Im looking for it now. Do any of you know what its proper name is?

Its made of rattan, its semi circular, and can be rotated. And you put soft bedding on it.

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 I have white button mushrooms and asparagus.  Usually I slice the mushrooms up and sautee everything with garlic and basil.  Is there something else I can do?  I've got some other stuff that I could use to make something.

What's your favorite dinner meal?

What are you doing tonight?
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I want to get an iPod Touch. Does anyone know a legit place to get used/refurbished ones? I'm afraid of going to eBay and getting a piece of crap in a box.

What are your favorite iPod/iPhone apps?
There's a Gaga karaoke app and I am so all over that.
My Wild Irish Rose

In which I apparently fail at tech.

So I'm trying to do Computer Science homework  in BlueJ. 
I have everything loaded, am building code,  try to compile to see if it's going the right way.
Then this happens:

Collapse )

Even though that file does exist;  it's in the same folder I have all my other Computer Science things in (which is saved into my documents).   
In my notes (that my teacher gave me), there's specific instructions to  "You must have the file apcslib.jar in the appropriate directory where Java can access it. ",  but does not say where that *is*.
Where I can put my JAR files so that Java can access them?

HA!  Victory is mine!   Apparently I switched the 'c' and the 's' name in the file... yeah, I'm intelligent.  But it works now.   x-)

So.  When's  the last time you were annoyed and frustrated with something?

TK and Kari

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My aunt and uncle took me to a restaurant today, and there were no parking spaces available except for a handicapped spot.

I told them they weren't allowed to park there, but they ignored me--my aunt whipped out a handicapped sign and hung it on the rear view mirror. She's a nurse, and apparently got access to it from a friend. She told my uncle to fake a limp as he stepped out of the car. He did, and when we later left the restaurant he faked a limp back into the car as well.

Do people in your family do shit like this? What equally-illegal things have they done?
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My cookbooks appear to be multiplying.

How should I go about setting up a breeding program for them, in the hopes of one day finding The Ultimate Cookbook?

Which two - or three or four, I don't know how books reproduce! - should I place in the breeding pen that is my kitchen shelf?

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I'm looking to drink Monday night, but don't feel like going out. If I happen to stop at the liquor store on my way home from class what should I buy? I'm thinking one or two bottles max, and I feel like something light and fruity. And what mixers should I get?

Anything but gin, really.


 What should I make for dinner tonight? I have spaghetti ready to go in the freezer, shrimp, chicken and ground beef. Plus the average pantry full of  groceries.

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I just picked a pimple and it will not stop bleeding. My friend is waiting for me to go out and if I don't hurry up he's going to kiiiill me. Do you know any tricks to stop bleeding fast? I've been applying pressure for like 10 minutes and I tried putting ice on it, it's not working!!
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My parents were Chinese grad students working in Britain when I was born. I was in Britain for 2 months, then came to the US. My citizenship is with China because my parents are Chinese, Britain doesn't just give you a citizenship for being born there.

Yet when I wrote that my nationality was "Chinese" on my American citizenship application, I got a call saying I put my nationality down wrong. I tried to explain I never had a UK citizenship but the woman on the phone said "Don't argue with me" and told me to come into her office on Monday to redo my application.

I'm confused--I googled/dictionary'd/encyclopedia'd "nationality" and all it says is "ethnicity" or "country of citzenship", which for me in both cases would be Chinese. I want to just agree and sign whatever paper this woman wants me to sign, yet that might cause me legal trouble later on and I'd hate to argue with a citizenship officer and get her to reject my app.

Does anyone know how this nationality stuff works?

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Last night I was at a party and around 3 am I started talking to this guy there. I had a really good time hanging out with him and before I left I told him his friend had my phone number and to just ask her for it. And he said "no, give me your number now." so I gave it to him and he called my phone so now I have his number too. It's been... almost four years since I got a guy's number and the last time I did, we started a text message convo right then and there so there was no awkward who makes the first move...

My question is: Do I call/text him first? Or should I wait a few days to see if he goes first?
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Customized Journal

Is there anywhere I can have a high-quality customized notebook / journal made? I want to be able to have multiple sections, have different types of paper (lined or blank), maybe even pick a design on the front.

I've searched around a lot and the only thing that seems to make journals "customized" is to have your name embossed on the front. Or I can order a handmade one from some stranger, but all handmade journals look really cheap and crappy to me.

And yes, I'm aware I can use a three-ring binder, but they're large and bulky. I want a journal-sized one to fit in my handbag.
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Tell me TQC, do you pronouce it lolcat, or do you pronouce it L-O-L-cat? I'm having a minor disagreement with a friend and she thinks that it should be pronouced l-o-l-cat, but if in a pinch lolcat will work.  Please help me TQC, to help my friend realize the folly of her language usage.
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 TQC why did i agree to be a model in a photoshoot before finding out i would have to be done up similar to Mistique from X Men? i have a couple of months until the shoot but, damnit, im going to have to work out hard :(
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Yes, yes, I should go to a real doctor blah blah blah

Anyway. For the past week or so, I keep feeling like I'm out of breath. Like you know how you go to the doc & you have to take a bunch of deep breaths, and then your regular small breaths don't feel like enough? Yeah. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME TQC?! It's really annoying
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Can you read this out loud without laughing?

Collapse )

My friend and I did this madlib months ago. This afternoon she found it and texted it to me. I started reading it out loud to my boyfriend, but literally could not get the words out because I started laughing so hard. Hahaha even just writing in this post made me laugh for a good five minutes.
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Technical help needed!

Due to the virus I got, I went into Regedit and deleted everything that said "AV.EXE". Unfortunately, that made my programs stop working. I now can't open anything like firefox or photoshop or anything.
I can still open folders and I'm burning backup files now, but being able to open exe files would be nice. It lets me "open with" a program sometimes, but I can't click open the program itself.
I have XP. Is there any way I can download the component that opens and activates exe files? Is it on my recovery CD somewhere? If so, where do I put the file and which one do I put in?
P.s. I'm online using my dad's computer. I can't go online with the other one anymore.

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What happened to mysterygoogle.com? My friend was just telling me about it, and I went to check it out and I guess it's gone?
Anyone know when it was taken down?

I wanted to play :(
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