February 19th, 2010

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i hurt my ankle a week and a half ago, and it felt better for a while, but i did something else to it tuesday night and it's been back to a constant ache ever since. at what point should i go to the doctor?

has your hair color changed since childhood? how so?
i had some WHITE BLONDE hair as a kid, and it darkened as i got older.

is your hair color natural?
nope, it's much lighter than the natural. base color and a highlight :)

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When you leave a room when the light switch is turned off, as you exit the door do you ever switch the light on by mistake, only for you to realise your mistake and turn it back off again?

PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who does this I get so aggravated with myself!
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Do you think teenagers and old people will always be the same? Sorry for the generalization, I know not everyone is like that. But what I mean is, will teenagers always be bratty and obsessed with electronics and think no one understands them? Will old people always drive slow, talk about their childhood and stuff in the past, and the good old days?

This is worded horribly. Sorry.


which are best for repelling fur? what should I be lookin out for?
I've bought about 3-4 in a span of maybe 6 months and they all got fur filled within a week. I have one comforter that doesn't attract fur at all, we've had it for over 10 yrs....but it's ugly. i've tried the whole washing with bounce and all that...and kicking the animals out is NOT an option!
thanks for the feedback
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does anyone else have a constant awareness of their own mortality? i think about dying/death several times a day and its really getting me down, it sounds pathetic and emo but struggling to find meaning and failing? any ideas how can i stop being so morbid?

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Is the following statement written in proper english? .

"Without wisdom, knowledge is more stupid than ignorance"

I saw it on a facebook status and I am too tired to make heads or tails of it. What do you think? 

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Last night on the way to bowling, my roommate popped in an N*Sync cd, and we started jamming out to it. I haven't listened to a boy band since like middle school. So here in lies the question; what is a band that you used to like, that you haven't listened to in a long time.

Also, who is your musical guilty pleasure?
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1.) How many concerts have you been to?
I don't know an exact number. 15 - 20 concerts per year for the last 5 years is probably a fair estimate.

2.) Do you ever go see the same band more than once?

3.) If so, what's the most number of time's you've seen the same band?

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Do you or does anyone you know have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? Have you/they gotten treatment for it, and how much has it improved?

I think I may have it :\ It would explain a lot
um.. me
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Collapse )

TL;DR version: My friends dumped me in a dramatic and petty way, for reasons that were 100% hypocritical. I don't care about the "friends" but am annoyed at how ignorant they are. Do I call them out through an e-mail or just let it go and move on?
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where's the last place you applied for a job at?

i just applied for a ton of different positions at safeway that the website said they were actively hiring for at various stores. i worked at one from when i was 16-20 AND got two customer service awards during that time, ANNND was invited to lunch with the president of safeway for my awesome customer service skills. they will for sure hire me, y/y?

i love working, do you love working?

i want a job, do you?
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It's raining today and I have to drive 2 hours to go to the mechanics- if I don't have to be there at any particular time or day- should I just wait until this afternoon when it might be cleared up, tomorrow when the roads are good again, or go now and suffer the icky weather?


Where should I go for a fun/nice dinner with my sister and mom this weekend? If it's kind of a biggish deal?

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Ladies: Which of these rings (you are not limited to the first page! Just the ones under $100) would you choose if your SO wanted to replace a SUPER cheap one he got you as a cute gesture? If you are not a lady or don't wear rings, which one would you pick for someone else? (Also, I don't want it to look like an engagement ring!)

IF THEY ARE ALL SO HIDEOUS TO YOU: can you direct me to a place that sells not-so-hideous jewelry that has a store front in NYC and a website that has rings for under $100?

On Facebook, are you guys fans of the pickle that wants to get more fans than Nickelback?
OMG it's like... a couple hundred away and getting smaller and smaller as the minutes pass! SOMEONE POUR ME A DRINK.

What are you gonna eat?
I'm thinking oatmeal, but I'm out of milk.

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students and former students of tqc, or anybody who does prolonged writing or work, really:

do you listen to music while you work? what kinds of work (i.e. essay-writing, math, creative writing, crafts) do you find easier with music?
do you have "study music" or can you work with pretty much anything?

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What do you do if you're invited to someone's wedding and you don't like them very much? What if it's a relative? I'm not sure if there will be an open bar as I know that this is an important deciding factor.

Also, what should I make for Easter dinner? I was thinking ham, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans almondine plus cheesecake for dessert. Sound good? Am I missing anything? If you don't eat ham, just ignore that part.

plan B/depression

Hi guys, another Plan B question.

A few days ago I asked, rather fearfully, if nausea is a common side-effect of Plan B/NextChoice pills. (I'm very afraid of throwing up.) Everyone was very reassuring, so I took the pill soon after and had no side-effects at all. Yay! (thanks, by the way.)

That was on... Monday, I think? Monday or early Tuesday. On Wednesday evening I started feeling really, really depressed, to the point where I couldn't even move. I stayed home all day yesterday just feeling completely numb/couldn't eat/etc. I should mention, I guess, that I'm bipolar and have BPD, so depression and I are pretty familiar with each other. I've had it under control for awhile with meds, so feeling like that again just seemed to come out of nowhere.

Er, then I remembered that I had to get off birth control (Ortho) in the past because it made me feel crazy. Do you think the Plan B might have caused this depression? (I've Googled it and it led me to a bunch of weird pro-life websites, so that doesn't help.) The only thing that makes me pause is that there was a gap in between taking the pill and the depression starting again.

..odd question

I dont know if any of you would even have half a notion but I said i would give it a shot anyway!!

For the last year I have been waking up every morning with a dry mouth.

Now first off I know that sleeping with my mouth open could cause that very easily but I find it a bit odd that my sleeping pattern would be different after years and years of it being the same.

Anyway I was wondering... I have been drinking herbal tea (usually raspberry. cranberry, elderberry stuff like that) and I was just curious could it be related to my dry mouth in the morning???

anyone have a similiar experience with herbal tea before?

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You guys always know how to entertain.
I'm going to this get-together tonight and need to bring a snack for 12 people.

Here are the specifications: It has to be fast (no long refrigeration times, etc). I'm tired and would like to take a nap, then go shopping for ingredients, which doesn't leave much time for making things. It's noon now, and I'll be leaving at 7.

It has to be not terribly complicated. I can make things fine, but if it has more than 10 ingredients it's not worth the event.

I would like it to be avocado based, because that just sounds good right now.

Any ideas what I can bring tonight?
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Since about 9am, there has been this on-and-off grinding/jackhammer/vibrating noise. It is SUPER LOUD.

I personally think they got an industrial vibrator, or maybe are using their blender to grind bones.

What are my neighbors doing to make this noise?

ETA: I didn't notice the sign in the elevator: They are installing Verizon FIOS in the building starting at the TOP FLOOR (28) and working their way down (I'm on 7). There might be some extra noise due to drilling. They expect to be done on March 1.

New question: How insane will I be for the next week and a half?
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another question reminded me of this:

a few years back i went to visit my sister who was living in virginia at the time. we went to a beach to walk around and i took a step and this little guy popped out of the sand. i've always thought it was the NEATEST THING EVER. i mean... who steps in the sand and out pops a teeny tiny dead unbroken seahorse?

here's a picture Collapse )

i've never figured out what to do with it though. any ideas?

alternatively: what's the best thing you've ever found on a beach?

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My uterus is ejecting and it hurts and I feel nauseous.

Does anyone know any cures for this, or at least something that would make me feel a little less nauseous?

If suggesting medicine UK brand names only please.

[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Hey TQC,

I don't know what's going on, but about a week or two ago, there has been this patch of scalp right in the middle of my hairline that has been flaking off huge pieces of dandruff. It's really nasty. Every other day, when I shower, I scrub some of that coal tar shampoo right into that spot, and it hasn't done anything.

What is going on with that little bit of scalp and how do I make the nasty dandruff go away?!

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I want to buy a Breaking Benjamin album on iTunes. I only have enough money for one. I'm deciding between We Are Not Alone and Phobia. Which one should I get? 

DK/DC: What is your first memory? I remember the first time I pooped on the toilet all by myself, and I'm assuming that's the earliest. My dad gave me a magnet with a Mardi Gras mask on it. 

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1. What was your reason for "unfriending" the last person you deleted on Facebook?

(I deleted someone from high school who started posting racist updates & misspelled song lyrics such as "I'm a bitch, I'm a tease, I'm a goddess on my knees, When you hurt, when you suffer, I'm your ANGLE undercover" as her status. Blech).

2. Have you ever had food poisoning? What was the worst case of food poisoning you've ever had like?

3. Why do my cats try to open cupboards when there is absolutely nothing of interest behind them? The "tap tap tap" of them trying to bat the door open over and over is getting pretty annoying...


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Weird little question for girls.

Do you think roses are romantic, or overdone? Would you rather receive a different kind of flower on a date, and if so, what kind? I, personally, find tulips much more romantic.
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Why would my landlord email me and tell me to call her after 2pm (it's 1:30pm now) and that it's "very important"?

Serious and non-serious answers, please.

Background: My dude spent the night last night and I left him the key to lock up, since he doesn't have to work until around 12pm.

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1)Do you have a tattoo? If so please show me a picture or describe it/each of them.
2)Where (as in geographical, as in the city, NOT ON YOUR BODY) did you get the tattoo? idk how to make this clearer, guys.
3)How much did you pay for the tattoo?

4)For everyone, what cities have you lived in?

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1. For those of you that own cats, how often to you scoop the litter box versus cleaning out and changing the entire batch of litter?

My cat pooped on the living room floor at some point in the middle of the night so my first guess was that he's unhappy with his litter box for some reason. I'm REALLY good about keeping it clean and fresh and he's never done this before (we've had him almost 4 years now I think). I'm keeping an eye on him to make sure he's feeling okay health-wise, and he isn't showing any signs of being ill. Is he just being a punk?

2. My sister and I are surprising my mom for her birthday this year. We're planning on taking her to a show (she lives in Vegas) but are in disagreement about what show to see. I say we should do a Cirque show of some sort of The Lion King. My sister wants to see The Blue Man Group (I think it'll be too loud for my mom).

What show would you want to see?
ferris wheel

Downward Dogs?

I am just beginning to learn yoga and was wondering if anyone here practices.

If so:
1. What is your favorite position?
2. Did you lern on your own or take a class?
3. How long before you really start to feel a change?

If not:
1. Why not?

Odd questions

Would you rather...?

Receive $10,000, and in exchange every dream you have (or remember) from this moment on will contain a naked John Goodman. His appearances are not sexual in nature and he may not play a strong role in each dream. He's just in there
Pay $5,000 (installment plan over the next 20 years) to have the celebrity of your choice in every dream from here on in. Naked. Not always sexual but sometimes they will be
Receive $1,000 and in exchange a full clothed Alfred Hitchcock will make a cameo in every single dream
Receive $100,000 and in exchange every dream you remember will contain clowns. Large and psychotic, they'll follow you in your dreams. They won't attack you, but damn if it wouldn't make you wake up with a cold sweat
Pay $100 and you won't remember any of your dreams for the rest of your life

You have the power to prevent one disaster. Which disaster would you stop? You have no way of knowing who will be involved in each event

Earthquake that will hit a third world country, killing 100,000
Tsunami that will hit a country in Europe, killing 25,000
Terrorist attack in your own country, that will kill 5,000
Subway collision in your own city that will kill 1,000

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So today one of my clubs had a bake sale. It was going pretty well, but we'd been out there for three hours and we were freezing. Suddenly, this guy comes up and asks us how much he can get for $5, which was pretty much everything left on the table and then some. He let us keep the change after buying us out.

As we're packing up the table, we're all thanking him for basically putting us out of our misery. That's when he comes up to me, takes my hand and asks, "You don't remember me, do you?" I just kind of stared at him for a while and said I didn't. Then he pulls his hand back, says "nevermind, forget it," and walks off with his friend. I'm not sure if he was joking or if I had actually forgotten him. I really didn't recognize his face.

Did I know him or not?

Yes, you just don't remember him.
No, he's just messing with you.

Have you ever had someone come up and talk to you like they knew who you were, but you couldn't remember them?
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TQC, I suddenly have the world's most intense craving for sushi. The only Japanese restaurant in town is also by reservation only, which wouldn't be so bad except that I have no one to go with. Do I make a reservation for one and risk looking like an absolute loon, or should I call them and see if it's possible to do a carryout?

Have you ever eaten alone at a restaurant? (Fast food joints need not apply.) Did you feel like people were judging you?


So when I went to take my shower today I looked down and noticed a bunch of red bumps on my legs. Some of them, the tops look scabbed over. Only one of them itches.
What are they?
Should I be worried?

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I was a serious drunken lunatic to my boyfriend last night and want to make it up to him.

What are the best ways of showing you're sorry, specifically to a guy? I've got the obvious covered..
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I'm pretty sure one of my boyfriend's fish is dying. I tried calling him at work, but he's not in his office. What can I do to help the little guy? I'm at a loss. Can I give him mouth-to-mouth? How do I fix this damn thing??
Lain Out
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Anyone know German?

I have videos of my boyfriend's band up on Youtube and this comment just appeared: Nice Dwarf ^^ -achja gut gesung gefällt mir so hobby mäsig in der Bar so was zu hörn.

No idea what that means and all the translations online make ever less sense. So, any clue what their secret German fan might be trying to say?

Also, anyone else just find something that made them smile? (this seriously made my day)
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I'm turning my loft into a hideaway/creative space. It 's walled on two sides and open w banisters on the other two. I'm going to get a long, low rectangular table to go against one wall. The other wall has a built in shelf from one side to the other.

I do mostly mosaics and decoupage on found objects/furniture. Also some sewing and scrapbooking.

What basics/essentials should I buy to stock my haven? What tools/gadgets/supplies should be my first concern?

What are some of your favorite ideas/purchases for small-space storage? (things that could hang from the two adjacent banisters are a plus.)

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I have an old (male) friend who recently reconnected with me (female) via text. He keeps asking me to ask him questions and I'm out of ideas. What can I ask this guy?

(no subject)

Do you ever get anxious about your friends who don't know each other meeting?

I don't know why but I always do. If I ever have get-togethers I get super nervous about my friends that haven't met getting along. Why do you think this is? Have you ever introduced friends and had it go totally wrong?

DK/DC: What are you doing tonight?

I'm going to get a haircut and see Shutter Island.
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1. If you snack, what is it you normally snack on?

2. When applying for jobs, my former co-worker often calls me for help and advice with the process. Today, she mentioned she was applying for a certain job and wanted help again. I'm interested in applying. I have a little more experience than she does for this particular job. I've been on a job hunt too, but I wouldn't even know about the opening if not for her.

On a scale of 1-10, how horrible would it be if I asked her if she minded if I applied? I don't think I'd feel right just applying without telling her. If it matters, there is a slim chance I'd get it because I live out of state and the company probably has so many people applying.

Thanks TQC.
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So, I got new glasses today and I think they look kind of weird. I googled "how to pick glasses for your face" and all that junk, but my face seems to be like, a mix of square/round/heart shaped. It's kind of all/neither, I dunno.

I tried calling Sears optical to see if I can switch my frames, but they're closed.

Will they let me? y/n

High/round cheekbones, squarish jawline with a pointyish chin is what face shape?

Should I just get contacts?

What kind?

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ok. so i'm having trouble finding this on google, but i have a samsung slidey phone and i can't find a way to turn off my callback tunes because it needs to be a normal ring so employers can call me. i went to "my account" and couldn't find anything. help?

if you don't know/don't care, how do you feel about the book skinny bitch?

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Anyone know the name of this flash game? It's a spin-off of Bobble - the shooter is at the top, and the balls are arranged in a hexagon hinged on a central point. The main piece rotates in whatever direction the momentum of the bubbles you shoot sends it. I saw a girl playing it in class and wanted to try it, haha.

inspired by the question a few posts down

do you want to be buried or cremated?

i sure as shit want to be cremated. you can't get buried alive if you're cremated, and if i'm not really dead i feel like i have a better chance of being found out when the heat hits me than when i wake up 12 hours later 6 feet underground. and i wouldn't starve/suffocate to death. ahhhhhhhh D:
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My friend and I -- two college students so relatively poor and relatively inexperienced in cooking -- want to cook ourselves a fun meal.

What should we make?
Also, any recipes or links to recipes?
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so my jaw "pops" sometimes in the morning (okay most of the time) when i open and close my mouth. also in the even/at night sometimes it feels like its out of place and i have to force it in place to completely bite down correctly. to the point where my jaw gets sore. but i've lived with that.

NOW for the past three days my jaw-joint on the left side of my face has been real sore when i open my mouth wide (including when i'm eating), move my bottom jaw right to left, things like that.

it's just real sore on my left side, not my right side at all. and it's just in my jaw-joint (i don't know if there's a technical term for this) Dr. TQC, any idea what this is? what would you do? i'm on my parents insurance still so that's all good. would you wait it out and see if it lasts a week and then ask the doctor? is this a doctor or dentist thing?

also, my throat is getting pretty sore recently. not sure if this is related, but i'm most definitely not sick (well i don't have a cold or fever... that kind of sick). do you suppose that's related? and it feels like my lower-ish throat. i don't know.

WHAT WOULD YOU DO? i never go to the doctor unless somethings been bugging me for months, but it hurts to eat and that suuuuucks.
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Will you tell me a funny/sad/interesting/mind-blowing anecdote from your uni/college days, TQC?

I start a part-time course at uni tomorrow and I'm really excited about it. I'm looking forward to lots of Harvard-style japes with my new cohorts, where we wear boaters and enrol a duck on to our rival school's rowing team but they don't discover it until it's too late. But because it's fashion school we'll probably just sit around and talk about how much we don't eat.

Peggy Blink

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On a scale of 1-10 how weird would it be if you were at a restaurant with a full bar and wine glasses visible and you were served your wine in a glass tumbler?

What is your favorite really cheap alcoholic drink?
I have a soft spot for Arbor Mist. I clear a 1.5 liter bottle in a night by myself. I love blackberry merlot.

Will you show me a picture of your best friend?
Mine's in the comments.
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I'm cheating on a trivia thing during a women's curling bonspiel it's about TV sitcoms and I can't find this.

What did Raymond's mom do everytime she walked in the room on Everybody Loves Raymond?

(no subject)

What would you do if you had to be in the same (small) room with the one person you absolutely despise the most? There would be other people there as well, but it wouldn't be easy to ignore them.

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You're gonna die tomorrow.

a. How do you wanna die?
b. How do you wanna spend your last 24 hours?

EDIT: My answers :
a. spontaneous combustion preferrably where it causes a lot of news so that people remember it for a long time.
b. with family and friends, at DISNEYWORLDDDD!

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What was the last funny/ridiculous image/idea to pop into your head?

Most recently, it was the image of my friend Cory (who is a Tom Cruise impersonator) and my dad (who looks a bit like Dustin Hoffman) doing the "Uh Oh, FART" scene from Rain Man.

Before that, it was the image of Christopher Walken reciting the lyrics to Sk8er Boi.