February 17th, 2010

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 Okay guys. 
I effed up big time. I tried to bleach my hair, and it's spotty and weird and only my roots are blonde. The rest is brown or red. 

How do I cover this mess up for work before I get it fixed (professionally)? My office is business casual, khakis/slacks and polo type place. Any suggestions?

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1. Do you ever almost pull, or often pull any muscle doing normal things?

2. Who's feeling my "monthly gift" pain?
Instead, how do you refer to a period?

3. The best moment of your life?

4. Ever sent a post secret postcard? Care to tell us what it says?

5. A youtube video you get guilty laugh from?
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Hey Mac people:
I want a CPU/memory usage meter app that lives up in the menu bar. Should I be using MenuMeters or is there something better?

Is there a text editor for OS X that doesn't suck?

Don't know/don't care/use Windows 98:
What ever possessed you to join TQC?

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Whats the best insult you've heard in a while?

At the bar, some random stranger referred to a kid I don't like as Johnny Weir. Totally made my night.

(not that theres anything wrong with JW, but it obviously wasn't a complement)

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Sinbad's making his comeback on Comedy Central. He's been gone for like 10 years

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you?
2. Did you notice he was gone?
3. Sinbad is the name of a famous nautical hero. What kind of pirate would you say the comedian Sinbad is like? The kind of pirate that buries treasure, the kind of pirate that sells bootleg videos, or a butt pirate?
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Why does my office insist on calling only my cell phone? Despite me telling them that I don't get service at my house, and that it typically takes several hours for me to get voicemails, they still insist on calling my cell and only my cell, even though my home number is listed as the primary.

DK/DC: What is your sleep setup like? Do you sleep on a bed, futon, couch, or the floor? Why? Do you have just one pillow, or a bunch? Bonus points for pictures.
Bed. It's comfy. I have four pillows, two soft, two firm depending on what I want that night, and then decorative ones that go on the floor at night. pic.

the order of things

Why on those makeover/wedding/etc shows, do they always do their makeup and hair before dressing them?
Is that the order you get ready in?
Does it not mess up your hair?
What products do you use in your hair, for what purposes?
if you have wavy or curly hair, do you straighten it? how often? why don't you embrace your natural wave/curl?

I do my makeup before getting dressed, but I can't seem to get dressed without messing up my hair, so I do that after.
I use Mousse, is that weird? I find frizz control and hairsprays, straightening creams and all those normal common products don't do anything for my hair.
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taxes taxes taxes

I need to file my state (California) taxes, but I'm living in NC right now.

Is there a program online (like Turbotax) that offers free state tax filing? I googled but I'm finding nothing. (And considering Turbotax said my refund would be only $10, it seems silly to pay $9.95 to file.)
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Do you have your full birth date shown on your user info? Why or why not?

We had a tqc conversation about how this is a bad idea a few years ago, but I can't remember why.

It's Ash Wednesday!

To all catholic TQCers
  1. What you giving up for lent?
  2. You gonna go get that little bit of ash on your forehead today?
I'm not catholic so I cant answer :P

edit: That's so weird, I refreshed and it said there was no entry. I thought my post had been removed. I got all paranoid that I offended someone!! Then I looked at my friends list and it was still there. Just thought I'd share that little story.
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On your birthday, do you get happy birthday texts/calls at midnight?? 
I have every year since I was in high school, except for this year. Today is my birthday, and my best friend didn't even text me or anything at midnight.

In other news, my kitty woke me up at 430 this morning because he was cuddling on my pillow and somehow managed to lick my forehead. What cute, but slightly annoying, things does your pet do??

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For those of you who drink non-dairy milk, have you noticed that almond milk goes bad way faster than rice or soy milk? What's that about?
Is hemp milk really worth it?
If you like non-dairy milk, what kind(s) is/are your favorite?
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There used to be this accelerated program at my elementary school you had to score above the 90th percentile in every category of a standardized test to get in. It later got abolished because it sent bad messages to kids who couldn't get in.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it's unfair to separate kids into "the smart ones" and "the dumb ones" so early in life, or do you think it's acceptable because gifted kids don't have to be held back by their less gifted classmates?

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So last night I posted that in our new houseshare, I got a pretty crappy room, when the person who got the one I want couldn't even remember it.
I thought i'd made myself clear about wanting it, but i'm going to straight out ask if he wants to swap today.
If he doesn't, thats fair enough, it's luck of the draw, but I should pay less rent right?
The room is significantly smaller yet pays more rent than a couple of the other rooms.

Is it just fate that I got that room?
i.e. the other one is noisy or dark etc

Hard Drive Names

I've got 4 internal hard drives in my PC, and two have been unnamed for quite a while.  The two that are named are DeathCock and Gir.

What should my two other drives be called?

Snape & Dumbeldore
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Alfred & Hitchcock
Swallowing & Spitting
Master & Slave
Mickey & Minnie
Napoleon & Pedro
Shatner & Nimoy
Kirk & Spock
FookYou & FookMi
Leonard & Sheldon
Two completely unrelated names

I need more ideas!  The sillier, the better.
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If you were raised Catholic, do you have a confirmation name? If so, what is it? Which saint is it after? Why did you pick that saint?

Mine is Marilyn. They only let me pick it because it's a derivative of Mary. I was all emo/goth at the time and angry, so yes, it's after Marilyn Manson and Marilyn Monroe. *sigh* I know, super lame.

Have you ever felt bad about offending someone on the internet? Accidentally or on purpose? What was it about? What did you do about it?

I accidentally did yesterday, over introverts. I tried to explain what I meant, and I don't think I did a very good job. I'm an introvert myself, so I feel extra crappy about it.
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What small things have upset you today?
I accidentally hit a girl in the head on the bus this morning. I felt horrible about it even though she laughed and said it was fine.

What small things have made you happy today?
The guy in front of me at Starbucks was named Severus. Also I was really craving stuffed grape leaves and there happened to be some at one of the stores on campus.
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How do you find the strength to get an ex out of your life for good when you feel guilty about it?
My ex husband keeps emailing me sporadically, mentioning things going on, and my rational response is "don't respond to anything, he's trying to manipulate you in to feeling sorry for him because he's lonely" (which is the case - part of why we're getting a divorce). I didn't even respond to the email about his grandmother being given her last rites. Anyway, he IMs me, and when I see that, I feel obligated to respond. I feel anxious when I talk to him because I DON'T want to talk to him, but I feel guilty if I don't. He always says how much he misses me, but to be frank, I haven't even spoken to him in so long, I forgot what his voice sounds like or what it was even like to be with him. I just don't want to feel guilty because I'm happy and he's not. So I need to stop.

More pressing issue: my room mate's daughter is 13. She, apparently, has manly hairy legs because EVERY time she shaves, she uses the bathroom for about two hours and leaves it super nasty and hairy. Last night, after her shower, I went in to the bathroom and I saw the bath tub was COATED with hair. I made an "ugh" sound and she asked "Oh, is it too steamy in there?" and I said no, the floor was slippery - hoping she would go in there and maybe notice she hadn't cleaned the tub. She's a 13 year old girl, she has a mother, I can't parent her. Anyway, I woke up this morning, and she had rinsed out the tub, but didn't clean it, so there's a lot of hair and shaving cream residue left behind. I need to take a shower, but I feel like puking at the idea of cleaning out someone else's hair. Should I wake her up and tell her to do it? Would that make me a bitch?
Also, how can I approach her mom without sounding like a cunt?

DK/DC/Bonus: What color is your cell phone? What ringtone do you have?
Mine is blue. I have "Bad Romance" for everyone, but my boyfriend's is "Yellow" by Coldplay because that's our song.

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So I am working this fulltime job and had it extended until the end of June. Ideally it's a great idea to take it, but the thought of being stuck here for that long makes me feel ill. I had to call in sick today because I thought I'd be anxious all day and I just couldn't face it.
What would you do if you were me?


Hi! I'm thinking about expanding my card making business on etsy, and I was thinking about making Baby Announcement cards and Wedding Announcement cards. What other type of announcement cards would people purchase?

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My family has this really old penciled portrait that may or may not be an original. We've been trying to get it priced but every time we take it to someone (we've tried antique dealers) they show obvious signs of ripping us off. My question is, what type of business could we take it to that would give us a fair price without expecting us to sell it to them?


I forgot to copy my quotes file again when I reformatted the other day.

What's the last thing you forgot to copy before reformatting / deleted accidentally?

Will you post some awesome quotes for me to read when I get back from work?
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today i didn't feel like going to work, so instead i am going to pick up my 7 year old sister at 3pm for a long overdue day of fun, followed by a sleepover at my place. what are some fun things we can do today that don't involve a lot of money? keeping in mind that i live in buffalo, ny and it's cold as shit out.

They look so far away...

Background: I joined a Yoga studio in my neighborhood with my SO as a fun way to cross train and have an activity to do together. Problem is that I have never been very flexible and can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees. The class is full of pretzel people (including my GF) and I always feel like a dope in the class just staring at my toes while everyone else is standing on their hands with straight legs.

Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? 

Have you made significant improvements in your overall flexibility over time with practice?      

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When's the last time you did something that you told yourself you weren't going to do? What was it?

I just bought a bunch of yarn off ebay, even though I promised myself I would knit up all my existing yarn before I bought anymore new stuff. Oops.
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Eye glasses

So I know about ZenniOptical but what are your experiences with FramesDirect? Have you ever ordered from a website that sells designer frames?

I'm going to the eye doctor soon, and I'd like to know if I should a copy of my prescription so I can order glasses on-line instead of ordering from his office.
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It's one experience lacking confidence and self-esteem and growing to reach a hopefully reasonable point of self-esteem and confidence. Which is what I've experienced. With my point of view, it was pretty easy to see what kinds of confidences there are and what good ways there are to have it. But it's a whole other thing having too much confidence and I imagine it might be more difficult for those people to "go downwards" on a scale and reach a more reasonable level of confidence. Have you or someone you know been egotistically confident and managed to be somewhat more reasonable/humble? What sort of changes (mental, habitual, etc.) did it take?

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Have you or anyone you've known signed up for SSI? I am considering signing up because I have been unemployed for almost 7 months now and have not been able to get another job because I have recently been diagnosed with Crohns disease. I also suffer from Bi-polar disorder and depression/anxiety that has been made much worse by my recent decline in health. Have you ever had any bad experiences? Can you give me any tips on becoming eligible?
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(For calorie concern) Would you rather have a small bag of popcorn with a lot of butter or a larger bag with hardly any butter? Or if you don't like popcorn, some equivalent food.

Do you know of any good wedding websites?

How bout a website for cheaper, decent rings?

What is the one thing you worried about for your wedding that turned out not to matter that much?

Have any marriage advice?
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What's bothering you right now?
I'm at my favorite coffee lounge right now, Internetting just to get out of the house. I'm enjoying my Nutella latte and lovin' the quiet. Then some d-bag comes in, sits down across from me, and says "SCOTT! I FOUND A QUIET PLACE TO TALK, SO LET'S FINISH OUR CONVERSATION!" and has been having the most obnoxious convo ever for the past ten minutes.

What are you having for lunch?
I just had a pita pizza with mushrooms omg.

Which of the following treats should I get to indulge in with my next cup of coffee?
- Chocolate-covered Oreo(s)
- Fancy cupcake
- Muffin
- Scone
- Chocolate-dipped pretzel

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whats your favourite face cream/moisturizer? or anti-aging/wrinkle cream?

I used to use Avene, but it's not really cutting it anymore. I need a new moisturizer, nothing fancy, my skin is pretty sensitive, everything makes me break out haha. I need something non-greasy, any suggestions?

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How do you get nicotine stains off your fingers?

Who is your favorite Seinfeld character?

Is it ever okay to be concerned about someone's alcoholism when you're an alcoholic yourself? (You're not seeking help, you just manage your drinking better and have less health consequences, though you are no less dependent)

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i have to bring food for my women's studies class today. what should i bring that i can get at the grocery store already-made? i was thinking chocolate chip cookies from the bakery but need more suggestions

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Will you tell me about the unattainable hot guy/girl at your high school? The one who made going to school worth it? And then will you tell me where they ended up?

Mine: Filipino, one grade above mine, popular, athletic build, PERFECT hair, dressed incredibly well, played guitar. He ended up going to the local commuter college and his mom almost called the police because he hit his sisters. Oh and he attempted to run away but went home after 2 days because he needed to do his laundry.

Up and Away

You're about to board a 6-hour flight. Your seat is in the middle of the row. The window seat is being taken by a snoozing old lady. The aisle seat has yet to be filled. It's a crowded flight and packed to capacity. You're curious who's going to be seated next to you. Which of these people would you most want to endure a 6 hour flight adjacent to? There's no other seats you can move to

400 lb. man
Cougar, early 40s. Wearing the shortest skirt you've ever seen over cellulite-filled thighs. A cleavage top, sans bra, showing off her plump-yet-botched boob job. Tan all over to the point where she's orange
Man with bad body odor
Teenage boy who's plugged into his Ipod the whole trip. It's playing black metal and cranked to top volume and you can hear every note
Mime. She emulates your every move during the flight, even after you ask her not to. Says nothing
Overly friendly fortysomething man. Wearing more than enough cologne and a hairsprayed combover and a cheap lime-green suit. He hits on you half the trip
Larry the Cable Guy
Kanye West. He assumes you're a fan and talks about his projects the entire flight
Tall man on crutches. He's not annoying, but it's extremely to impossibly difficult to get past him to go to the bathroom
Creepy 20something guy. Wearing shades the entire trip, but you get the feeling that he's looking at you out of the corner of his eye, staring at your every move
The Amazing Sparagos: International Clown Extraordinaire. He's in full clown regalia
Friendly thirtysomething Christian woman who chats you up. You notice a stash of Jack Chick tracts in her hand
Woman with extreme aspergers. Spends the whole flight talking about the Twilight movie and doesn't seem to get any hints that you're not interested. Will not take a hint and shut up. Yak yak yak
Creepy middle aged guy. Watches porn the entire trip on his laptop
Nervous flier. Male. Fear makes him flatulent and he's very afraid

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I'm going to order a pizza for dinner tonight, and I'm a little sick of my regular pepperoni, mushroom and onion combination.

What combinations do you like to get on your pizza? I need some inspiration!

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are you doing anything to help haiti?
i'm helping with a week-long fundraiser at my school and we've raised nearly $400 in two days!

were you a popular kid in high school? were you part of any clique?
i had a circle of close friends, but i sorta floated in and out of cliques. i had a bunch of friends in a lot of different cliques so i was popular in a weird way, like most people knew me but i wasn't necessarily part of their group. i definitely wasn't part of the "popular kids" clique although i was really good friends with some of them.

also, where there any cliques you tried to avoid?
i hated most of the asian cliques (the cool/volleyball asians, the nerdy asians, the arty/anime asians, the fobs) although i had friends in those groups
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What do you feel the most regret about at this very moment? What do you feel the most guilt about at this very moment?

Besides because of marriage, have you ever had your name legally changed? Why did you do it? Are you considering doing it if you haven't? Why?

What magazine do you hate the most and why?
Daniel Johns

Word up.

What's the longest amount of time you've held a job for?  How old were you?

For me, it was my first one and it was about 3 years, so when I was 15 years of age to 18.  I quit almost around my "anniversary".
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I've been using SpectroJel on my acne and it does an OK job, but I have quite a few scars and a bit of redness. I've considered jojoba oil and tea tree oil (I've heard some really bad reviews about that, though), and now I'm considering yogurt masks. What are your natural acne remedies, TQC?
TK and Kari

Little Women

I've been forced to read Little Women for a class (I read an abridged version when I was a little kid) and it's quite a painful read. The professor says his daughters love the book so much they practically swear by it, whereas I can't even fathom why anyone would read such a book for fun. I'm a fifth of the way in, where Laurie and the girls are in the Pickwick Portfolio together.

For those of you who've read the book, what did you like about it? Hate? Any opinion?

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I bit the inside of my mouth yesterday. I felt such a klutz. What was the last thing you did that made you feel klutzy?

What's the best thing you've ever bought?

My 'impulse buy' turtle cushion from ikea totally justifies my impulses: one of the comfiest cushions ever and small enough to take home! result.

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I just booked a 4 night trip to New Orleans in March. I've never been before.

If you have, what are your favorite things to see/do/drink/eat when you're there? Any other traveler advice?

DK/DC, where/when was your last trip?

Punta Cana, D.R. in December.
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Will you help me identify this pain? 

On occasion I get a sharp pain in my right shoulder area, at the back. It feels like a pinch, or like the muscles and nerves are all knotted or something. Certain movements make it hurt more, like turning my head to the left or far right, and it sort of comes up a little along the back of my neck. I can also feel it down through my right arm, sometimes to my fingertips. It typically lasts for several days (I've experienced it maybe four times now over the last few years), starting mild and getting worse. 

Does this sound like a common thing? Should I see a doctor about it, or could a good massage help? Am I just sleeping really badly on random nights? 

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Perhaps this has been asked since last night, but I didn't see it. If so slap my wrist and point me toward the post.
What are you thoughts on dog shows? Do you think they have an effect on dog owners' adoption practices (getting a dog from a breeder vs. getting a shelter dog)?
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dgaf: Will you tell me where you currently have a boo-boo? I have a scabbed over sore in my nose that hurts like a bitch. D:
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if you're in college/uni, what's your major?

if you're not in college/uni, and you had to go back to school right now, what would your major be?

i want to go back to school soon. i used to be a theater major, but now i want to change to political science.

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I've finally started to cut my 'best-friend' out of my life.
I've really had enough of the way she treats me, and today I was given another blow.

Do I delete her as a facebook friend?
(I know it's petty but she'll take it badly and get the point)
Do you delete people as facebook friends when you fall out?

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So, TQC, I would like a second job.
I don't want anything to do with restaurants or clothes retail, except for maybe Victoria's Secret.
I was thinking a coffee shop, Barnes and Noble, Victoria's Secret, or maybe work study for my school (in a coffee shop or the library or something).

So basically I want your opinions if you've done any of these things. I've got four years' experience with cashiering, cash accountability / balancing, and customer service, if that matters. I'd like to work at Barnes and Noble the most but those people look like they hate their lives. And idk, Victoria's Secret just seems kind of fun but I don't think I'm girly enough to work there.

If you've worked at any of these places, or done work study for your school, how did / do you like it?
Do you get discounts at Barnes and Noble or Victoria's Secret?

Or you know, if you've got a fun job that may or may not also be available in Tallahassee FL, lemme know.
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-Are you flexible?
-With your legs straight and feet straight in front of you, sitting down, can you touch your toes?
-I made a stupid new years resolution (for me, Ms. Unflexible) to be able to do the splits by next year... do you think this is attainable?
(I just started to be able to touch my toes for a second with my feet/legs straight, lol... and don't get me started with how NOT close to the splits I can get)

What was your resolution?
If you didn't make a new years resolution, is there anything you're trying to achieve right now?
I <3 TLV

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For people who have been to or live in Israel... would it be better to visit in the summer or the fall? I'm thinking summer will be too hot, the "possible temperatures" look really scary (up to 122°???) but I don't know how often it actually gets that hot.

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So, for dinner, should I have spaghetti o's, top ramen, cheese tortellini with butter, or a tiny cheese pizza?

I have other options, but they are grossing me out. I blame the pregnancy.

What magical thing happened to you today? I had a hamburger from one of my favorite places. Oh it was amazing.

What is your favorite kind of pasta? What kind of sauce is perfect on that pasta?

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i've gotten extremely depressed again. like glass of wine at 3:30 in the afternoon, sleeping all the time, thinking about suicide depressed.

i just went on prozak and have my first therapy session in over 5 years on Thursday. i'm not new to the world of anxiety and depression so i don't need advice there.

but people who have depression and anxiety(specficially GAD), what did you do besides medication and therapy to get better/be able to function more? i know taking medication and therapy aren't going to be enough and i need to be ~~proactive in my daily life but nothing seems worth it. mostly what i'm asking is, how did you get passed that hurdle? 'cause it seems like an awfully huge one.

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How many adjectives can you think of starting with "t"?
I want to start a new journal with the name _____teapots. I've only given it a moment's thought and have, so far, tinyteapots and titaniumteapots. Will you share your ideas with me?

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The right questions

What are some good questions to ask in order to get to know someone on a deeper level?

How do you make the transition from smalltalk to more personal topics with someone you want to be closer friends with?

(no subject)

do any of you know any english-speaking jobs or any contacts around paris, france? i don't even know where to begin searching, since everything i've found is french/english. how would i go about getting a job in an english pub or something?

and since we're talking about jobs, what was your best/worst job?
im french

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So, my eye farts. I had sinus surgery last month, and ever since then, my eye farts. It's more like a queef actually.

When I blow my nose, or feel like I have to (general sinus pressure), I can press a little on the inner corner of my left eye and it makes an audible little fart noise. And feels like a little fart. This has been going on for at least 3 weeks.

About a week ago, I took a tequila shot and was aware that my eye was burning. A little tequila was leaking from my tear duct. Yesterday, I used a Neti pot and my eye filled up with liquid.

It's not painful or bothersome. I asked my doctor about it and he was just like "lol weird." I'm seeing him again in a few days so i'll probably bring it up.

WTF is up with my eye? Have you heard of anyone experiencing anything like this? I don't even know what to google.

What's the weirdest thing your body has done?

(no subject)

First of all, thanks for all of your totally tremendous suggestions to my previous post. This leads me to another question.

I am now tipsyteapots!

I'd like to be a member in most of my current communities, but I know mods are skeptical of new accounts. If I shoot them a brief email explaining that I am the user formerly known as fuckingpixie, or include this tidbit in whatever application the comm requires, will they let me in?

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My neighbors still have their Christmas tree up, why?

They just really love Christmas.
For the pine-fresh smell.
Dude, for the lights & all the sparkly shit!
They're still waiting for presents.
Haven't figured out how to get the cat out of the tree.
What's wrong with that? I still have mine up.
They're using the tree to transmit messages to their alien friends.
Well, they are one step ahead for next Christmas!

hikaru no go - baka

Diet Soda

 So I love Dr. Pepper. But I know I have to watch my weight. Can I still drink exorbitant amounts of Diet Dr. Pepper and be okay? Or is it all just marketing bullshit?
♥ rave

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How helpful/worthless is having an American Studies degree?

I'm majoring in Communications and minoring in Journalism, both things I'm interested in. (communications was my fall back plan since business, marketing, advertising etc are not offered at my school).

I picked up American Studies last year and while I was enjoying it, I'm not anymore. In fact.. I'm not sure what I would even do with an American Studies degree. I think I thought it would look better to double major and have a minor, so I stuck with it. Now I'm contemplating dropping it.

Can you convince me to keep it or drop it? Why?

(sidenote: i could possibly finish (almost) on time with keeping it, and i'll be there for the same amount of semesters no matter what. on the opposing side, i just keep losing interest, especially with the required classes i'm taking this sem.)

Unpaid Job

I was recently offered a part time position with a start up company. Basically I'll do about 10 hours of work per week for them. When I applied for the position, I didn't realize it was unpaid. They are still in the process of trying to get funding, which they say they expect to get in 2 to 3 months. After which, they said that they will want me to work full time.

So today, they told me that I should expect 30-40k salary and some benefits to start when I change to full time; and there is some profit sharing. My job with them is pretty much administrative, accounting, managing people once we start hiring, contacting investors, helping them coordinate with the companies in China ( I speak Chinese fluently), and whatever else they need me to do. I'm kind of okay with not getting paid now, since I realize it's a start up and I can use the experience, but the salary sort of makes me hesitate, I feel like it's a bit low considering all of the responsibilities. The owner reassures me that I will be "well off" once the company gets going, but I'm beginning to doubt his definition of being "well off".

So I'm kind of wondering if they are just trying to take advantage of the situation or if this is normal? Any feedback would be awesome.

Edit for more detail: I currently have a full time position on top of this. I live in Seattle, and I just graduated last year and doesn't have much work experience, so if I come across as being incredibly naive and desperate, it's because I am.

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have you ever shut your phone off for a couple days? how did it go? did anyone get mad at you/get worried? assume this is the only way for people to get a hold of you(not like they do) save coming to your house.

i kinda want to just leave mine off for a day or two. i don't know why, i just don't want to be tempted to contact anyone or have anyone get a hold of me.

have you ever felt the need to do that? what is that?
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I want to move to a new apartment, but I'm unemployed. I wont have any problem paying rent because I have enough money in my savings, but will just the fact that I don't have a job make them not want to rent to me? Or will they not care as long as they get their money?

Secrets secrets are no fun. Secrets secrets hurt someone

Can you define a secret?

Does this skirt under the radar of secret :

"It's not a secret. It's just not something I go around telling everyone." ?


For baseball fans (or I guess anyone)

My sort of best friend hinted at having bought us season tickets to the Detroit Tigers this year (for last years christmas).

Would you be excited no matter where the seats are or would you be bummed to find out they're bleacher seats?
(That's not what happened..I don't know where the seats are or if that's what he even got me!!)

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My TA is from Germany.

He stands extremely close to people when speaking to them.

Is this a personal quirk, or does German culture find this to be a socially acceptable behavior?

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Has anyone ever travelled to Greece? What city? Did you stay in a hotel or a hostel? How much do you think it cost? Tell me all about it :)

I'm going to visit a friend in Germany in summer and we're hoping to spend about a week in Greece, but don't know where to begin.

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A quick Google didn't answer this for me, so...

I just confirmed that infants can be phobic, but I can't find how infants become phobic - whether a traumatic event can imprint that deeply on them at that age (my flatmate thinks not, I'm unsure) or whether infants can be born with them?

He remembers a specific event that caused his phobia, but I don't remember a specific event and have had the phobia since I was at least two or three years old.

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My boyfriend was supposed to call at 3 pm after his nap and come pick me up to hang out with him and his friend until his friend had to go to work tonight.

It's almost 10 pm and I haven't heard from him. Is he still alive?

When's the last time you were late for something? How late? 
Flaming Sikozu

I feel like an awkward teenager all over again.

So, I have a crush on a guy at work. We're kind of friends, have many similar interests, talk to each other most days, just generally get along with each other. We don't normally socialize outside of work but in the next few weeks we've arranged to do some stuff together, go to the movies with somebody else from work, check out an exhibition, stuff like that.
I have absolutely no idea if he has any feelings for me beyond the platonic. He'll mention interesting stuff to see or go to, but stops just short of asking if I want to go with him. It's driving me a little nuts. I'm absolutely hopeless on picking up on signs that a guy may be interested in me.

Should I tell him that I like him?
If so how?
And how can I tell if he's actually interested in me?
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If you could know the outcome of any story (real or fictional) which was left unresolved, which would you pick?

If you finished Carnivàle, can you tell me how frustrated I'm going to be when I get to the end and never am able to find out what happens to these people?

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After getting off work and ordering some food, some nice guy struck up some random conversation. It was nice, and then he said he was like 6 cents short for something.

I laughed and said, "Yeah, I hate that. Then you check the ground to see if anyone's dropped anything."

He looks away, does some laugh thing, and goes, "No. Never done that." Suddenly I felt so very strange and awkward.

Have you ever done that? I think I've scanned the ground once at the self checkout when I was a few cents short.

What's the last thing you felt awkward for?

How do you feel when people randomly start talking to you? How about when they don't know you and they call you "honey"?

What was your first job?
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I have an HP mini 1000 netbook that I want to sell. I've had it for a little over a year now. I sent it in once to be repaired so now it's great working order.

I want to sell it so that I can get a bigger laptop. I figured I can only sell it for half the price I got it. The only problem is that, I've tried to sell things on ebay, craigslist, amazon before with no luck. Then I'm out five bucks because no one bought it. I actually tried to sell a Wii when they were popular and no one wanted to buy it.

Have you ever sold anything successfully on ebay or craigslist? Or some other buy/sell site? What could I be doing wrong when selling things?

I'm also trying to get rid of some shoes that I wore one time and no one wants them. I fail really hard at this stuff. These shoes are FREE, btw. Who doesn't want free shoes?

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Have you ever seen the show Farscape? What did you think of it?

Netflix insisted I would love it, so I decided to check it out. Mostly I'm just distracted by selective Australian accents.

dk/dc: What's your favorite Scifi tv show?