February 16th, 2010


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Damn, it is already mid-February. Were you aware?! How much of a concern/priority right now is getting your 'bikini/beach body' ready for summer?

What's something you know you're better at than a lot of people?

What was the last thing you wish you'd said to someone? Who?
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I was at work, and had to stall for someone, so I made the comment that I was really tired. One guy (45ish or so) says "Oh yeah, I heard you were out drinking all night". I was like uh, no...so he move on from that and I get his stuff together and as he's leaving, he says "you should have at least said you were out having sex all night!"

Was this inappropriate?


What is the most inappropriate thing someone has said to you while in a professional environment?
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I was rejected for a job I really wanted after a second interview. I'm bummed. I had such positive feedback from the interviewers that I thought it was a done deal. Would you e-mail and/or call to ask why they didn't pick you? I'm very curious to know for future interviews. Is this common practice or would it be frowned upon?

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Have any of you ever adopted or know anyone who has? (recently?)
How about a single parent adopting?
Will you tell me about your/their experience with the adoption process?

Did you/they choose public or private adoption?
Same country or international?

did you have to go through a home-study or similar process? (basically interviews by a social worker.. taking place at both thier office or your home?

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Is it weird for *a girl to ask out a guy who she only met once at a party or is that how these things generally work? At the party they seemed to get on well and played rock band until 4am but the guy is a shy guy.

*It's really not me guys.

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I was just asked by my housemates what my favorite boy names were: why did they want to know this?

ETA: they just came in my room out of no where and asked this, as if they were planning something- so, what are they planning?

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So... My bff was proposed to last night by her boyfriend (finally) and I'm super excited cause I'm gonna be the maid of honor. I don't know very much about weddings though.
What should I expect?
Any advice or words of wisdom?
Have you ever been involved in a wedding party?
How did it turn out for you?
Do you love weddings?

Also, me and my supervisor at work are pretty miserable with our jobs. She's offered to pay me to make her a resume.. How much should I charge her, if at all?

Outing those in witness protection since 2010.

I'm curious, have any of you ever had a fake name? It can be for any reason and I don't need to know the details, though I am all ears if you want to share :).

If you answered yes, can you google it and let me know how many hits you get?

The reason I ask is that I have used one and just for fun I googled it and it came back with no matches which surprised me as it wasn't a totally outrageous sounding name or anything.

If you would prefer to remain anonymous for any reason I asked the same question at my LJ, so you can answer anonymously there.

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How can you tell if someone is bulimic? Besides them running off to the bathroom after every meal.

I am aware I can google this, but I am after personal accounts. Thanks.

ETA: How could I go about asking this person if they do have an eating disorder?

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I have a seminar on Shakespeare's Tempest this afternoon. I've had really bad toothache so haven't read it, and have loads to catch up on. Do I go to the seminar but explain to the tutor I won't be able to participate, or not go and catch up on everything else?

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What is that one Firefox add on that shows image previews when your mouse hovers over a link?

I tried browsing through their add ons and I can't seem to find it.

Nm.  I found something I can use.  So... what's up?
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little happies!

What was the last very simple "insignificant" thing that made you ridiculously happy? like, realistically wouldn't make anyone even close to as happy as it made you.

After a few years of trying to get hard-boiling eggs 'right', so that they peeled without being torn up and cooked all the way, i called my mom and she told me what she did and i tried it and they were absolute PERFECTION, i was so damn happy and excited... it really is the little things in life, lmao.

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I just got a call back from the fire dept yesterday where I previously applied and now I have to go take the physical test to continue in the interview process.  The problem is, however, that I stopped working out in early January due to a soul crushing defeat (except for lifting). 

When was the last time you set yourself up to fail?  Did you fail or did you fail at failing?

What kind of exercise do you suggest to prepare in this damned cold?

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Hey, so suppose your parents just gave you all your college money to go on a trip around the world.  You can literally go anywhere and do anything.  Where do you go? What do you see?  What can't you miss? 

Edit: Can always get a loan to go to college later.  Probably will.  Traveling now though.

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 TQC, did you ever have to convince your parents to let you take a trip (as in go abroad)? How did you do it? I'm really nervous about even asking.

DK/DC: Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? If so, what are your plans for today? We're off of school and I'm going to the parade tonight woop woop!

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Do you think self-indulgence is a negative thing?

What do you think of the website 'formspring.me'? (People ask you questions anonymously and you answer whichever ones you chose and they go public)

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My uncle is sick so my dad is bringing over dinner for my aunt and cousins.
No time to make anything as he is at work already & I'm on my way to work & we'll go there straight after.
SO, OTHER THAN PIZZA, CHINESE FOOD, AND KFC, what can he bring them?

We don't want to get takeout from a restaurant because we don't know how many people will be there, so we don't want to bring individual meals.
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TQC, I've recently started working for ChaCha. This is the first "job" I have ever had. This is probably a really stupid question, but do I have to file taxes this year even though I'm an "independent contractor"? Thanks.

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So, my bf of six months is moving across the country on Monday for 8 months (contract job). We are going to try the long distance thing. What should I get him as a "care package/going away don't forget me package"??

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I have to meet with someone in a few hours for a project due in class. We sit next to each other in class, and we're lab partners in lab--but I still don't know her very well and I am not so great in social situations with "strangers". What can I do to not freak myself out? I'm already getting anxious. :\

Do you hate group work?



I'm in desperate need of a vacation, the kind on a sunny beach and alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas, unfortunately I won't have the time to take said vacation until Dec 2010/Jan 2011. Never hurts to start planning/dreaming though, right?

I've been to Cozumel on a cruise once and I loved it, so I'm looking at Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Any recommendations for hotels, all inclusive or not doesn't matter.
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If someone writes with poor grammar/spelling/punctuation or uses chatspeak do you assume that they're stupid?

If this is in an argument or a debate, do you assume that due to the way they write they must be wrong?

Movie Organizer for PC

I've got 2.5 terabytes of movies stored on 3 hard drives in AVI format on my computer, and I'd like to find a way of making a list of them without having to type each one into a spreadsheet or organizer program. Is there a way to scan a folder and automatically make a list of the file names on my computer in Excel or as a text file?

I'd ideally like to use Excel, but a proprietary program might work, too.  Actually, I'd ideally love to have a list of movies that I can update on my computer, and then sync to my iPhone for reference while out and about.  IMDB-type additional info on the movies is nice, but not necessary.

Google-fu isn't really bringing up anything useful - a lot of programs that might work for manually entering a smaller collection, but not 2500+ movies.


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Ok I have 2 questions

1. Remember the big vhs camcorders in the 80's-90's? Do you remember it being a really big thing where everyone was taping everything with them back then? Or do people still do this and I'm just not aware of it?

2. Heres my main question. Can you use one of those old camcorders to make somehting for the computer/internet? Make it film in mpeg format or something??? any ideas? Thanks!
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How would you describe a girl that is the opposite of "butterface"? I.e., she has an attractive face but a not so attractive body.

Is there a term for it?

DK/DC: what are your favorite "creative" terms for describing and judging others?

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TQC, I'm going on a roadtrip next month. It'll be about 16.5 hours of driving (each way), and I'm going to try to do it in a straight shot. I'll have someone else there with me in case I get tired and can't drive anymore or something happens. Since I've never driven for that long, I come to you.

What do you guys do/listen to on long roadtrips to help you stay awake? What kind of snacks and drinks should I bring to help keep me awake?
I know the usual like checking/changing fluids, checking tires, etc. before you leave, but do you have any other tips?

DK/DC: What was the best trip you've ever taken? What made it so awesome? Doesn't matter if you drove, flew, took a train, whatever.. I just want to hear about it.
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 This question caused a lot of wank in one of my classes this morning, so I was wondering what the TQC oracle had to say on the subject.

Your SO has a really bad cold and is coughing/sneezing/snotting all over the place. Will you kiss them on the mouth?


Same as before, but it's turned from the cold into the flu (worse symptoms, and a fever - no work allowed for 24 hours if you catch it). Do you kiss them on the mouth now?


Would it matter if it was a cold or flu pretty much everyone on your campus/workplace was getting at once?

Doesn't matter how many people have it, I won't kiss a sick person on the mouth.
Normally no, but if I'm probably going to get it anyway, why not.
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Why is everyone obsessed with these "Libdub" things?
My high school's TV channel has a YouTube channel, and I saw they posted a couple, and got over 10k hits on each.
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If you had to/wanted to stage one, what song would you do it to?
Living on a Prayer would be fun. lol

What's your favorite?
The one under the cut.

(fun fact, that bronze bull statue in front of the cafeteria has massive bronze balls)

DK/DC: Will you post a video of something from your hometown?

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I'm trying to think of the name of this movie. It's kind of an older movie. It's about this girl that finds a roommate, who is a girl she doesn't know. The roommate starts to copy everything the girl does including dressing the same way and cutting her hair the same among other things, and turns out to be completely psycho. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

ETA: Thanks everyone! That's the one..one of my boyfriend's friends is turning into that girl, and I couldn't remember the name of it!
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advice/suggestions for aimless ~young adult~?

I graduated high school in '08 and have been in community college since, but my head's not in it. My mom's fed up and says, "Find something that requires a quick and fairly easy certificate/diploma, get it, and get on with your life."

Sounds like a plan, except that I have no idea what I want to do and her throwing random suggestions at me all the time (Real Estate Agent! Interior Designer! Hairdresser! NURSE!!!) isn't helping. At this point, I don't really care about "following my passion" (whatever that is), I just want something stable that earns decent money. But I don't even know where to start.

TQC, I'm sure some of you are/have been in a position similar to mine or at least know people who are. What track have you/they decided to take or are leaning towards? What made you or them decide it was the best thing to do?

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What are some good music videos that can be used for a music video analysis project? Mostly centered on Pop Culture, but would like to steer away from the obvious. aka Lady Gaga ...etc.

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So I've been playing with my soon to be step daughter all day, and she has worn me out. This little three year old can GO GO GO. Her dad is at work and I have her alone till 11pm tonight. How can I convince this girl that she needs a nap?

How do you like your salsa? Chunky? Thin and runny? Soupy?

Favorite kind of melon? I like cantelope.
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GDI - so my job developer referred me to a career center, and when I went to the career center,t hey were basically like "whoa, all we have is retail, you have a lot of good experience, let us call you if we have something" and as I was walking out, the lady yelled after me to come back. I came back and she noted that they had a position open with their agency that is actually 100% perfect for me. She asked me to look over the job description and tell her if I was interested. It fits me to a T! So she said they would call me early the next week because the woman who would be hiring for the position was out of the office.
Well, my job developer calls me and says the lady I met with said that she had been expecting a phone call from me, and that she wanted to set up an interview. I explained to my job developer that I was waiting on THEM to call ME, since some places don't like to be bothered like that - they'll call me when they're ready. This was on Thursday. I immediately called and emailed the woman and have not received a response. I figured she would have all day Friday to respond and because it was a holiday yesterday, she may have been busy.

tl;dr: job I REALLY want said for me to call back to arrange an interview and it's been almost a week with no response.

ANYWAY, what should I do?
1) Keep calling and emailing? I think this would be a good idea except a) what if she's not getting my voicemails or emails for some reason? and b) I don't want to seem like I'm pestering her over and over again.
2) Talk to my job developer and have her call them? This really isn't her responsibility as much as it's mine, but she was actually corresponding with them, whereas I haven't gotten a single email!
3) Go to their office and say I was in the neighborhood for a doctor's appointment and I just wanted to follow up.

I really need this job! If not for the fact that it's perfect for me, I can help change people's lives, and the money to pay rent, but for the sake of getting out of the house!

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does anyone know what is being played on the Olympics right now?

i don't have a converter box or anything so i can't check. i wanna see Johnny Weir skate so i want to know about what time group 5 will start.
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'ello and Happy Mardi Gras!!!!

Whatcha doin' fer fun?

Oh and a legitimate question(s):

Okay, so my cousins baby is my second cousin, right?
His kid would be a third cousin, y/n?

At what point in the cousin-relative-tree do you get to something like, "second cousin once removed", or "third cousin twice removed"?

What makes them 'removed'?
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I have a sinus infection. Since I have a serious aversion to nasal sprays, my doctor told me to boil a pot of water and breath in the steam from under a towel. This sounds like a great way to set the towel/me/my house on fire. How do I do this without that happening?

OOPS. I blame the stupid on my inflamed sinuses.

New real question: This is my third sinus infection since November. Why does my body hate me?

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After 3 weeks of immense tooth pain, seeing 3 dentists and having nosebleeds from the amount of painkillers I was taking, a dentist finally discovered (just by LOOKING) that I needed root canal treatment.
Do I ring the dentists that didn't find this *serious* problem and give them a piece of my mind?
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Have you ever dropped a "Cool story, bro" [or it's equivalent] on someone IRL?

Have you ever had a "Cool story, bro" [or it's equivalent] dropped on you, IRL?

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Okay so. I have emailed the teacher (early this morning) and she has yet to mail me back, so I'm going to ask you guys and see what you think.

The project I have to do is to create a review for two of the five chapters we've covered so far. That's all the instructions say. So, would you assume that means:

a) create a multiple choice review with the correct choices highlighted/circled/etc
b) create a review sheet with questions and include answers on a separate paper
c) create a review sheet--just a review, like an outline. direct statements and no questions/answers

What do you guys think? 

dk/dc: What's your favorite candy?

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 What was the last thing you forgot about that was really important? What were the consequences?

I had some ribs cooking in the oven and I forgot about them. Luckily, I remembered and pulled them out (it was still in cooking range of time, just a little longer than I would have cooked them). 
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More stupid questions!

So, I come home from work and my computer is on the log in to Windows page. Oh great, it's installed an update.
I log in, and firefox is missing. Try to install it, but when I try to run the .exe, it asks me what program I want to use to open it.

So, I'm trying to do a system restore off of the computer, and it asks me what program I want to use to open the program to restore. It opened IE just fine, but won't do anything else.

What the crap is going on and how do I fix it?

ETA: WTF. I just clicked on the 'search for a program online to open this file' and it pulled firefox up! With my last session still in tact! WTF IS GOING ON, GUYZ?

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Is it Mardi Gras today? Who besides me doesn't care/didn't celebrate it?

What's your favourite pre-1950 movie? Can you guess what mine is?

What's your favourite game for PC to play online?

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I'm having an 80's themed Birthday party to celebrate my 20th birthday. Here are the following questions:

What could I dress up as? What should my costume consist? I have some ideas, but input would be appreciated. The crazier the better, but keep it cheap and possibly D.I.Y.

How should I decorate? I thought maybe just streamers and music stuff, but is there a specific theme I should go with? Web sites to help?

Should I demand presents? I kind of like presents.

What was the worst present you ever got?

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i tried Googling, but i can't seem to come up with the right terms..
in the US are companies required to withhold federal and state income taxes?

i ask because in filling out my 1040EZ, i noticed that my second job never withheld any federal or state taxes. they did, however, withhold social security and medicare. i looked at my paystubs and they also show that none was withheld.
is this correct? is it possible that there has been some mistake?
due to this, i owe taxes now and i just want to make sure that there hasn't been some sort of mistake before i send in my monies.

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What songs have been stuck in your head today?
Earlier, it was a song we're singing in Chorus, then my friend got "Sit down you're rocking the boat" stuck in there, then "hit me baby one more time" started playing in my head for no reason, and after that it was "We'll always be together" from Grease. idk where my mind goes.

Are your fingers cold? How about your nose?

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1. I need a new anti-virus program. I have the free version of Avast, and I was never given a product key. I uninstalled and reinstalled it awhile ago, and it didn't give me one then either. Now its expiring and I don't feel like giving it my name or email address, so what should I switch to? Something that is FREE and doesn't expire every 3 months would be perfect.

2. If your computer had a name, what would it be?

3. Do you use a Mac or a PC? If you needed to convince someone to choose one over the other, using only one very good selling point, what would it be?

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Hay guys, I has new sn. :)

Do you ever feel like a loony toon when you actually laugh out loud at something when you're by yourself? I feel so silly and I don't even know why.

Also, would anyone from the greater metro Atlanta area be interested in a meetup at some point this spring (you know, once it's not five degrees out anymore)? I know there's tqc_meetups, but a) more people here, and b) more active here.
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1. I rarely ever eat kiwis (like a couple times a year, at most). Today I made a smoothie a put a TON of frozen kiwis in it. It tasted like burning (but it was delicious burning). Was there something horribly wrong with my kiwis, or am I allergic to them? D=

2. Are you more likely to cry out of sadness or happiness?


Homosexuality and various other non-hetero sexualities are becoming more socially and legally accepted. Poly relationships are becoming more socially acceptable. Therefore is there any reason why incest between consenting adults should not also become socially acceptable as long, at least as long as the relationship doesn't produce any children (since they would have a high risk of genetic problems from the inbreeding)?
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Do you donate blood?

What's your blood type?

How do you feel about the fact that "men who have sex with men" aren't allowed to donate blood?

Should I donate blood this weekend?

The blood center has been pestering me about it for two weeks now. I donated in December, and ever since my month and a half "recovery period" has been over, they've been calling me every few days about it, lol.

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If you get a text message from your superior at work saying "Can you pick up breakfast?" would you assume that breakfast was already ordered?

Will you tell me about annoying people you work with?
Do you have a job where you have to drive around a lot? Same *superior* sent me out FOUR times today on random trips...ugh

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So my friends and I viewed a house today. 3 of us had a preference for rooms, but we decided to draw names out of a hat. 1 person of the 3 with a preference got the room she wanted, but the other 2 got the only rooms they really didn't want. The people who got those rooms weren't bothered/couldn't remember the room.
Should they swap given they weren't bothered in the first place, or was it purely luck of the draw?
How can this be explained given it was made clear that the two wanted those rooms?
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If you were stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life with only one other person, with no chance of ever being rescued, who would it be?

If all of TQC went on a dinner cruise on the SS Minnow and a storm came and marooned us (yes, all of us) upon a desert island, who would be who from the Gilligan's Island cast?
I'd like to think I'm close to Mrs. Howell, b/c the whole fierce blonde thing, but I'm probably more Mary-Ann, what with being a simple Southern belle.

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A stupid friend of mine just "flashed" me over msn with a photo of his penis :\

Does anyone else HATE Windows Live Messenger and how it shows the whole photo to you without you needing to accept it?

oh and how it doesn't let you send zip/rar files without having virus protection software connected to it? and how sometimes you send messages and they never get through and it never tells you they never got through?

What is something small that annoys you constantly?
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Texting to Norway?

Hi there :)
I have a new friend in Norway (it's a long story of how we met) and he had to leave for school, since it's about 8:30AM there. But I'm not exactly ready to say goodbye haha. Does anyone know a way to text online from America to Norway? I tried AIM but it didn't recognize the number. I was thinking Skype maybe? But I don't know if that will work either.

Takk (Thanks) so much in advance! :D
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I didn't see this on the first page, so I'm sorry if this was just asked or something.
Those of you who have willingly seeked some sort of professional help/therapy: At what point did you know you needed help?

Also, in what way do your emotions affect your appetite, if at all?

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TQC, there is something in my attic right above my bedroom/bed scurrying and scratching around and making a ton of noise. It sounds pretty big, bigger than a rat- I'm assuming it's a raccoon...it kinda sounds like it might be making a nest. Last night it made noise for a few hours and I emailed my landlord who "reminded" me that pest control is tenant responsibility according to the lease. I was hoping it would just go away, and I thought I was in the clear but it just started up again.

Now I'll have to call some sort of wildlife trapper to get this asshole out of my attic.

What do you think is in my attic?

Have you ever had a similar issue? How did you resolve it? How much did it cost?