February 15th, 2010

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What do you do when a work romance ends? How do you deal with the awkwardness?

On a similar topic when a friend with benefits fling seems to be fading out how do you go back to being friends? Is it even possible?

(this is all about the same person btw)

Where the heck is my works cleaning crew? Our office is disgusting!

How was your valentines day?

Mine was odd hence my questions above. U also found my one that got away on linkedin.com. Did not see that one coming!

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1. Do you remember your first username on the Internet? If so, what was it? Yes, I'm asking you to come forward, ~*XsexxicutiepiebutterflyprincessbabeX69*~.

2. Have you or anyone you know refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance? If so, why was this choice made? If it was you who made the choice, would you make this choice again today?

3. At what age, if any, is it inappropriate for a brother and sister to share a bed (say at a hotel during a family vacation)?

4. Which is better: puffy or crunchy Cheetos?


1. How old are you?
2. What's your favourite scary movie?
3. What state/province do you live in?
4. Do you think your country will win the most medals in the olympics?

24, the haunting of conneticut or the strangers, from ontario currently residing in B.C. as of a few days ago, and HELLS YES go CANADAAAAAAA. :)
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Do any of you wear glasses(for reading, or whatever) AND hearing aids?

I wear glasses for reading and I am so self-conscious about wearing my hair up so people can see my hearing aids.

What are you guys self-conscious about?

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I've had toothache for 2 weeks now from referred wisdom tooth pain.
I'm on 400mg ibuprofen and paracetamol & codeine.
I had 1 paracetamol & codeine about an hour ago and an ibuprofen an hour before that.
Can I take another ibuprofen even though the instructions say no more than 3 in 24 hours?

How do you say ibuprofen? Where are you from?
I'm from south west England and say eye-byew-pro-fen. My dad says eye-bu-prufen
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What thing do you think the laws should be more strict on? Less strict? (sorry for the wording, I'm tired)

If you eat meat, what's your favorite part of a pig to eat?

What's the worst news you've ever had to tell someone? How'd it go?
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For TQC Mac and/or Firefox users.

 For Mac people: Do you use safari or firefox? Which do you prefer and why? 

I just started using safari...like 5 minutes ago, and I'm skeptical on why it's "better" than firefox as my friend claims.

For non-mac users: Do you use IE or Firefox? If you use Firefox how often would you say it updates for you? 
Mine updates about every two weeks it seems. 

For people who just don't care: How often do you watch the news or read the news? 

Edit: Oy, I feel so uneducated on browser types. 

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I have a friend that I'm in love with, yet not. It's strange. I would seriously marry him on the spot if he asked me, I could spend the rest of my life with him & being around him makes me extremely happy. I'm giddy with excitement because we're actually planning on moving in together.

Yet I have no interest in romantically or sexually. I even turned him down for sex when he drunkenly asked me. Plus he recently broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years & I was really disappointed because I loved her & she was a good friend, even though I wanted to be the centre of his attention.


Does anyone else have similar feelings for someone?
What would you call it? Pining? A strange fixation? Plain weird? I DUNNO PEOPLE!

Edited to change a bit of wording.

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how much money should i save up before starting to look at apartments? my rent would probably be $450ish and the only furniture i already own is my bed and a desk.

do you have any tips for finding an apartment?

do you have any other tips for moving out for the first time?

anything else you'd like to add? i'm nervous about actually starting this whole process.

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My laptop that I've had for about 3 years just overheated and died. This has happened to me before with my previous laptop and it turned back on again but the screen didn't show.
Has this happened to any of yall?
What should I do to remedy this problem?
I have a fan/cooler thing I got from fry's but it doesn't seem to work that well. Is my laptop forever fucked?

If you don't know/don't care, will you post a picture of a hairstyle you love? I'm about to get my cosmetology license so I've been obsessed with hair for a while now.
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A very attractive stranger approaches you, because for some reason they think you're a prostitute. They ask you for sex, and they say they'll pay whatever you ask for.

Do you agree?
How much money do you make them pay? Or since they're hot do you do it free and legal?
Or do you say absolutely not and run away?

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Need an objective answer.

Im adopted. and like my previous posts, my parents always put the blame on me in which i destroyed their lives and taking me in was such a big mistake and nowadays my mum spends most of her time trying to repair me into the perfect daughter(stepford child if i may)

Last morning, apparantly she called my friend up and complained to him about me, and how awful I am.. and she double faced him.. I have showed him texts from  her abt how awful he is and how i should be careful with him(coz hes gay.. gay=bad according to my mum), and she told him how happy she is to have him there for me. Oops for mum.

And my friend, told me that quote"Seriously your mum is a dumbfuck" and " she doesnt even know you!!" which is true.

I have felt guilty all my life for just existing, which resulted in many psychological issues (ED, Depression, etc).
What makes me more guilty is that she does everything for me financially. Pays my uni, allowances, goes all out to get me the money needed etc.

My question is, what should I do? Should I start ignoring her and start living, despite having to rely on her finanlcially, which makes it very unfair for her. Or should I succumb and just do whatever she says? I want to enjoy my life. I only have one life. And Iits not my fault for their sufferings and mishaps.. they didnt plan anything and just did whatever they wanted in the name of making me happy, which didnt(like buying 2 extra houses, debts everywhere).

I feel very guilty in doing anything that makes me happy.. how do i address this?

Know i will get awesome answers here... Yahho answers just doesnt cut it
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I'm trying to be more healthy and eat better. This morning, I'm having oatmeal rather than Frosted Flakes, for example.

But, how do I make oatmeal not taste so bland? I'm using the container, not the individual packets, and I don't particularly want to load it up with sugar.

I put in some dried cranberries, some milk, and a few dashes of this cinnamon/sugar mix, but it still tastes like wet cardboard. Yuck.

Do you eat oatmeal? What do you put in it?

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When somebody always mentions a person's ethnicity/race/heritage/etc. when describing a person, do you find it racist or off-putting?

inspired by a conversation between my sister and father.

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1. I'm trying to find information on gender reassignment surgery, specifically if there's a minimum requirement/pre-requisite put forth by individual states. Anyone know someone/had this surgery that could point me in the right direction? (Google yields nothing, sorry for quasi hw related question!)

2. Don't care/Don't know, what's a game/video game you play all the time and can't get enough of?

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I walked my step-aunts dogs this weekend for 4 days and am meant to be doing it on Friday again. I need to go out of town on Friday, leavig Thursday.
Do I a) just not show up. No one will be any the wiser and if they are I pretend i forgot
b) text my aunt to get the person who's walking them the other days number to see if he will swap
c) leave a note out for her step-son who is at home but working to let him sort it out?
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Wasting your time and mine

Edit: In Q3, it's if you answered no to both you're a prude and yes to both you're a peenaholic

If Rush Limbaugh offered you $5,000 to sleep with him, would you?

I'd probably do it for free

If Johnny Depp offered you $50 to sleep with him, would you?

I'd probably do it for free

If you answered yes to question A but no to question B, money means everything to you and you may be a greedy hoar. If you answered no to question A and yes to question B, you may be petty cause looks mean everything. If you answered yes to both, you may be a prude. If you answered no to both, you may be addicted to peen. What did this poll reveal about you?

I may be a greedy prostitute
I may be petty
I may be a prude
I may have a problem about saying no to wiener

Check off the things that applied to you this Valentines Day

I got flowers
I got candy
I got laid
I got a vd on VD
I was on the internet. A lot
I watched pr0n
I touched myself inappropriately (possibly to pr0n)
I went out to dinner
I cried
I woke up in a strange bed
I bought candy for myself
I exercised
I went to church
I watched a lot of tv/DVDs
I had to use my pepper spray

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1.) Are you afraid of death/dying?

2.) Has anyone in your immediate family passed away? how did their death change you?

3.) How much/how often do you drink alcohol?

4.) Are you happy with your current weight/body?

5.) When is the last time you lost weight without trying? Why did it happen?

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What do you think of LJ usernames that have the person's real name in them some way?

I ask because I made a new journal... I hate name on this one (it was chosen during an lolemo phase) but I'm too broke for a rename :(

Do you like snow?
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What do you think my chances are of finding warm (fleece, etc) gloves at the store for a ski trip this weekend? Seeing as though there are bikinis and shorts out already, I'm thinking my chances are slim.

Also, what should the lolcat caption for this photo be?

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I read on CNN that someone was going to surprise their mother by pretending to rob them outside of their house in a ski mask...and she shot him...

Have you ever had any surprises backfire on you? :D

experiences with Plan B?

After a rather interesting Valentine's Day with the boyfriend, I ended up needing the morning after pill/Plan B. I now have the box sitting in front of me along with non-drowsy Dramamine (I just took two, since apparently you're supposed to take them an hour before your intended...activity), original Dramamine, Pepto pills, SeaBands, and that weird syrupy stuff for nausea.

It's an understatement to say that I am terrified of throwing up. It is a lifelong phobia. It has never gone away. I have taken two Klonopin and I'm still nervous. :(

I heard that Plan B can make you sick, but the pharmacist said it's not that common. Another girl said, however , that she was prescribed an anti-nausea pill alongside it because it's such a common side-effect. Argh...

Anyone have any experience taking the pill? I have every anti-sick pill I could find (plus SeaBands), and some more Klonopin to hopefully keep me from bursting into tears and frantically writing my will in case I must jump off a building.

Seriously, though, I really am scared. Am I overreacting? It's been about ten hours since the "oops" moment happened, so I still have some time to calm down about this. Or write out my will.

ETA: I took the first pill. I feel a bit calmer now. Thanks, guys.
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can you recommend some wine for me to try? i like sweet table reds such as bully hill or red zeppelin as well as riesling and sweeter blends on the white end of the spectrum. i can always enjoy a nice glass of pino gris as well.
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If I'm feeling up to a movie tonight, which one should I see?

The Lightning Thief
Valentine's Day
Dear John
Edge Of Darkness
From Paris With Love
The Tooth Fairy
When In Rome

Just got back from a snowboard trip...

Do you know how to ski / snowboard? Did you have a choice on one or the other or did it just happen that way?

Which is easier?

If you know how to snowboard, will you share some pointers with me so I can come back to them when I go again next year?

I just learned over the weekend and I'm scared that I'll "lose" what I learned over the next year until I get to try it again.

Where has all the flour gone?

My son wanted to give some valentine's day treats to the dogs who live at his residence, so we decided to bake dog cookies. Saturday I went shopping for ingredients - I needed whole wheat flour, corn meal, wheat germ, and chicken broth. I went to three supermarkets looking for the flours I needed, and at all three the flour section was mostly empty. There were some of the more expensive brands left, but the store brand flours were sold out.

Where has all the flour gone?

My wife thinks it was used up at the normal rate, but not replaced because stores have had trouble restocking because of the snow storms.

My son thinks that people stocked up on extra flour because you can't risk not having any during a snow storm.

I'm wondering if there is something about the holidays and holy days this week that caused extra demand for flour. I can't think of anything that would cause oodles of extra people to buy extra flour for Valentine's Day, or Lunar New Year, or President's Day, can you? Or is there something about Fat Tuesday/Ash Wednesday/Lent that calls for flour? (I'm not any sort of Christian, so I don't know the traditions.)


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a question for any of the lesbians or bi females:
do you see yourself as a "butch" or "femme" type, or do those labels not feel relevant to you?
are you generally more attracted to more masculine or feminine women?

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You're living in a dorm next year!

What dorm arrangement would you like?

Co-ed floor (Male and female rooms placed throughout floor)
Co-ed floor with male/female wings
Same sex floors

And what quiet hours do you prefer?

24-hour Quiet Hours
Standard Quiet Hours (10pm-10am)
Take a Look

not that this is gonna happen, but

Has anyone ever had a fuckton of snow days that messed up the university school year, so the term ended later, pushing back graduation? How much school did you miss, and how late was the graduation?

The boring backstory behind this question is my cousin is getting hitched exactly one week after I graduate, so if graduation is pushed back, it'll interfere with that.
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A friend of the family gave me the contact information for a recruiter that her company is involved with. I'm unsure of how to word the email I'm sending him. Specifically, how do I begin the email and what do I use as the subject line if I'm not submitting my resume for a particular job opening?
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TQC, I like my men solider-y and in Law enforcement.

What's you're favorite War/Law enforcement based movie?

Who's your favorite actor?

Who do you think would make a good actor for any movie described above?

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Can anyone explain the reasoning behind the restrictions on foodstamps/SNAP benefits to me? Like I get the "no alcohol or tobacco or pet food" rule. I can even understand the "no toothpaste or toilet paper" rule if I squint...ok, not really, everyone has teeth and goes to the bathroom, but whatever, those aren't food so I can at least see the technical distinction. But why no prepared food? It's still food. And if you don't have access to cooking facilities, it may be -really necessary- food. And you can buy pre-made food and candy and whatnot (I am not against this! Far be it from me to dictate anyone's shopping habits.) so I don't get it.

Question because--I /like/ my rotisserie chickens, dammit. They're cheaper than buying a whole chicken and roasting it myself (especially at the end of the day when they get 'discounted'), they taste better, and then I have the carcass for soup-making. They are basically a freaking staple! But oh well, I can't complain too much.

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I have the day off. I'm putting off some homework. What movie(s) should I watch?

Poll #1525928 movies

What movie(s), TQC?

Across the Universe
The Devil Wears Prada
Harry Potter (which one?)
Mean Girls
The Patriot
Vanilla Sky
Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo

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What do you think an evil super computer looks like?

What about one built in the 70s?

And owned by hippies?

Just curious...It's not like I need to draw one and am running out of ideas as to what to put on the damn thing...nope...not at all...
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in which I become 2.5% more Californian

I am looking for a pair of flip-flops. I have a few requirements:

---$40 or less (ideally $20 but who am I kidding, no one sells decent shoes for that little)
---Will not be damaged by water
---Have some arch support
---Will last at least a year. For the record, $3-for-a-pair flip-flops last me 3 to 6 months.
---Have at least a little grippiness to the soles
---Have a relatively thick sole, so I can skateboard and not kill them $3-a-pair flip-flops have a sole this thick, so I don't think it should be a problem, but I could be wrong about that.

Does such a pair of flip-flops exist? If so, where can I find them?
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watching some olympics...

There are several sports that I only hear anything about/see/etc during the Olympics.

Have you ever learned how to play (?) a relatively obscure sport (bobsled, etc)?

Or have you ever competed in a well-known but not very public sport? As in, I learned how to do archery at girl scout camp, and was pretty good at it, and could probably find an archery range to practice at easily, but I've never heard of any archery competitions.

Also, not an Olympic sport, but have you ever witnessed a match of elephant polo?
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For those of you with mild or moderate food intolerances or allergies, how often do you indulge in the foods that make you feel icky? Do you find that you feel worse after eating them if you've gone a long time without, or no difference?

What food would you never give up, no matter how badly you were allergic to it (assuming the allergy wasn't so bad it was fatal)?
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The housing office of my school emailed me today to come in and get my key for my new room (a single room in another building). I took a bunch of stuff over there this evening and discovered someone elses stuff is already in there! I have a deadline of Wed at 11am to move in there and I have classes all day tomorrow. What should I do? I left a message on my current RA and my new RA's doors and on the housing office answering machine.

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Pancakes for dinner: good idea, or best idea ever?

Will you describe your perfect breakfast? Assume that you have a never-filling stomach and you can eat as much of whatever you want without feeling like you're gonna puke.

Should I watch Mean Girls, Where the Wild Things Are, or The Proposal? I haven't seen the latter two, but ...Mean Girls!!

UK Question

I've been a bit curious that I have been paying too much tax, being that I am still on an emergency tax code. I used this site http://www.taxback.com/ to see how much I should be paying.

Background. I'm 27, single, in Scotland & work around 12 - 19hours per week, minimum wage. Been working in same place for less than a year.

So far I have been paying the basic rate of 20%, which takes a shitload off my small wage. According to the site, I should be expecting to get all the tax I've been paid in this job back.

Does this sound about right to you? I thought I would pay some tax, just not the amount I've been paying.

Many thanks in advance!

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I got a new printer not so long ago after not having one for years. And I have some transfer type paper so I can print and then iron on to fabric.

If you were makign a tshirt, what would you put on it?

(no subject)

Have you ever tried to dye your hair using Kool Aid?

Did it work?

What color was your hair to begin with?

I want to dye my hair either purple or red, and someone suggested Kool Aid and conditioner. I just bleached some of my hair blond, will the Kool Aid home dye work on this?

Small Pets

I miss my dogs and all of my animals that I had at my parents, now that I live in the city in a house with 4 other people I cant really keep a dog here.

One of my roomies has a cat and she doesn't really get along with other cats so I am trying to talk my boyfriend into getting another kind of pet, something much smaller to love.

What would you recommend?

How much would it cost? How much care is involved? etc

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How do I get this guys number? I have his friends number, should I just text the friend? But then if he wanted me to have his number, he would have given it to me like when I had sex with him. But then again maybe he doesn't want to see me again BECAUSE I had sex with him like three hours after meeting. Hm... I just really want his number! But the friend is kind of weird? So I have to text him, but he keeps pestering me to have a threesome with me and my other friend? Like proper STALKING her, can I tell him to stop? No, oh no!

If that doesn't interest you, have you ever ridden on a motorcycle?

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In a long term relationship, how important is it for you that you get along well with your SO's family?

I didn't used to care that much if my boyfriend's family members liked me. Most of my previous boyfriend's parents were indifferent to me, but now that my current SO and I are thinking about getting married, and his family has been so warm and kind to me, I can't imagine going without getting along with and feeling accepted by them.
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My good friend is about to bring his 130lb 1.5 year old rottwieler he just got to meet my 2 year old 13lb pomeranian. We really want these two to be friends. How should we introduce them to each other? Meet outside, I'm guessing... right?

The rotti is at home laying around with a 5lb fox terrier completely ignoring him... so I should have nothing to worry about right?

I don't know why I'm asking these, please say something to calm my currently over-reacting "my baby's gonna get hurt!" nerves? Or perhaps tell me about weird animal friendships?

Dogs that cuddle with cats-stories?
Big dog & little dog friendship stories?

Australian Outback


Alright. I am in need of some assistance RE Surviving the Australian Outback. Basically, (I'm clueless) a work friend from England is going on an epic journey across Australia and up the east cost. At work we are going to be collecting money to buy a gift for him and we were thinking about a survival kit for the outback.

I dont want anything overly serious (it is supposed to be a going away gift afterall) - eg flares, big bottles of water, petrol can etc because he already has a lot of that sorted.

So far all I've come up with is Stingoes and ;) mags.....

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thankies ! 
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i got a packet of chips today that has this promotional thing where you enter the code on it to a website and it gives you $1.79 to purchase any song out of their 1/4 million selection. now the thing is, is that my my itunes collection is pretty jam-packed already so i cant think of any song that i dont have, that i want.

so...what song do i buy?!
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You've got me stuck on repeat...

Okay guys...I'm about to indulge in a night under the influence. Not going to say what, you can just assume :) But what I wanna know is...

what do you like to listen to when you're "under the influence"???

Right now I'm listening to Little Boots and Chemical Brothers. Any suggestions would be lovely!

DK/DC: What songs make you wanna dance?
Dancing Bunny

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Wondering if anyone can help me remember this video/cartoon/whatever I'm trying to remember! Google is failing me.

It was a short clip, with a band playing and it went something like "Guitar Solo!" *guitar wails*, "Drum Solo!" *crazy drums* "HAN SOLO!" and he comes out and says "You're all clear kid!"

This could all be in my head, but I thought I'd try here before I go completely crazy. >.

(no subject)

Know any good "accoustic-y, flowy, and soulful" instrumental songs? my friend is preparing auditions for a modern dance program, and he needs to find some songs. any ideas?

dk/dc: What makes a good friend?
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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Let's say you're a 21 year old living in your parents' home while going to school. You work two part-time jobs also, so you're not a complete moocher. On Saturday evening, you were out and on the way home, you bought yourself a Chinese food dinner (almond boneless chicken and rice, if it matters). You only ate half, so you put the other half in the fridge, clearly labeled with your name.

On a scale of 1-10, how pissed would you be if you came home from class tonight, expecting to have the leftover Chinese for dinner, only to discover that someone else in your house ate it?

Would you eat someone else's food, without asking, even if their name was on it?


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Do you think the kids on those "you can support a child for less than a dollar a day" are actors? Or do they just happen to catch them crying and looking somberly into the camera?

Also, what should I put on the big gross blister I have on my heel? It huuuuuurrrrts. :(

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A question for us not from the US. Although for those who are, feel free to join in too!

What's the last thing that made you go 'lol Americans'?

I just discovered that they're remaking the hilarious (and only 3 years old!) British comedy Death at a Funeral. With bloody Martin Lawrence & James Marsden of all people.
Rocky Horror Batman Show

It's that time again!

Stupid people asking stupid questions about taxes.

Story: My previous employer supplied our W-2s through an online service if we were employed with them at the time. I got last year's online and tried to file, but because of an error, it didn't get filed.
I no longer work at the company and need a copy of last years so I can try to file it this year. How do I go about getting a copy of last year's W-2?

And now for something completely different:
What's your favourite creepypasta?
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What is that website called where you think of someone and the guy asks you like 20 questions and then guesses who it is? I'm only an hour and a half into my 9 hour bus ride and am bored. What should I do to entertain myself? haha

(no subject)

Your SO's parent just added you on Facebook. What are your feelings towards this?

Do you accept them?
Is there anything you don't want them to see?
Is this as awkward as it's making me feel?

DK/DC: Will you post a picture that is beautiful to you?

(no subject)

i had part of my thyroid removed in march and since then have had hypothyroidism. the last time i had my levels checked was... i believe august and everything was a-ok. i have 3 refills left for my levothyroxine at which point i will have to see a doctor for a new script. i do not have insurance anymore and i know blood tests can be really pricey. if i go to a doctor will they make me get more blood work to make sure my levels are ok or would they be able to just write me a new perscription?

eta: OR should i just use one of those sketchy online pharmacies?
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(no subject)

1. Does a banana/kiwi/raspberry smoothie sound good?

2. How often do you bake cookies? Do you prefer to bake them from scratch, or use slice-n-bake/break-a-cube-off-n-bake?

3. Do you make your own clothes from patterns? Any tips for altering a pattern? Will using a fabric of a different thickness than is intended make any difference?

(no subject)

Is there a more miserable, suicide-inducing book than The Jungle? If so, could you please describe it to me?

If you haven't read it/don't know, what is the worst book you've ever had to read? Why?
tralfamadore ampersand

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So TQC, I think I feel the beginnings of a hypomanic episode coming on. Before I find myself fully in the throes of madness, will you suggest to me some great things to do with this excess of energy? Bonus points if I can do them without moving around much, since I have torn a bunch of ligaments in my back.

Alternately, what is the longest period you ever stayed up in one stretch? What did you do with your time?
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Have you ever had a period of time where it seemed like you were disconnected from your body or all your senses were dulled?

I can scratch my face and I can hardly feel it. I can hardly taste anything, feel anything, or smell anything. This has been going on for 3 days. I also have a migraine (which I know is there, but is dulled for the most part since I can't feel my body). It started before I even took any medicine for the headache. What is wrong with me and how can I make myself feel again?

And this is not the first time its happened to me, although it is the first time its happened and I've gotten a migraine.

(no subject)

"How does Odysseus' journey inform our understanding of what it means to be human?"

Can someone reword this question for me? I don't know if my brain is just not working, but the words aren't making sense to me.

I'm not in school, so you're not doing my homework for me, I promise.