February 14th, 2010

Jenny Saville

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Happy valentine's day anybody who is in or ahead of my timezone! I hope you all get laid.

Speaking of, if you have/have had casual sexual encounters (one night stands, booty calls, fuck buddies, whatever), do you keep it on the d/l or feel comfortable mentioning that you engage in casual sex?
I don't think twice about offhandedly telling my friends when I do such things, if they happen to ask what I've been up to (or it's an especially funny story, haha), but this seems to be unusual? idk.

How do you feel about girls with mohawks?

I have one, and love girlhawks fervently.

Idle fashion/clothing questions

When do you buy spring clothes? Do you buy them in the middle of winter when they come out, or wait till the temps rise, whereupon your selection is limited to the stuff in clearance but you can buy all the wool sweaters for next year that you want?

A cute top at Esprit: good idea, or terribly passé as well as brutally expensive?

Are you offended that "boyfriend jean" or "boyfriend cut" has passed into the fashion vocabulary as a term of art indicating a specific cut of women's trouser? If I told you that there are "boyfriend cut" jeans available for the kiddie set (5-7), would you be offended or find it inappropriate?

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does anyone have a sibling with cancer that lives too far to see often?
how do you deal with it?
what are some good pick me up things I can do for him? hes 18 and loves all things tech.
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I've just got home, a bit drunk, feeling a bit rough and in pain. I was meant to be staying at my friends but came back because of toothache.
Other than eating toast and drinking water, what can I do to make sure I don't feel totally awful in the morning?
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It is a long weekend this weekend. Should I be productive or relax for the remainder of it?
What do you like to do on a long weekend?

This god forsaken commercial plays CONSTANTLY where I live. All the time, almost hourly on various stations, I cannot get away from it... You must watch the entire thing beginning to end to get the full effect.

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What's the worst commercial you have seen?

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Sephora is offering me a very cool birthday gift but of course I need to buy something to get it. I want to try something new so I'm wondering...What's your favorite product on sephora.com?

Related question: What's your favorite perfume/cologne bottle? It doesn't matter if the scent is great or awful; we're just talking design!

Here's mine: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P234954&categoryId=C16900

Another related question: Did I use that semi-colon appropriately in that last question?
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Have you ever "broken up" with a friend?

This is a convoluted situation, so Imma try to keep it short and sweet and then ask advice:

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I would like to be friends with her again, but haven't talked to her since this all went down.

My boyfriend says not to bother, because she's just going to end up taking advantage of me again. I left out the examples, but there were quite a few legitimate things she used me for, not including living with us.

I really miss talking to her and hanging out. We had a lot in common and got along really well. I honestly don't know how or why that changed in a days time.

Should I bother trying to write to her?
What should I even say?

If you've ever "broken up" with a friend, did you find a way to get back to your friendship, or did you just let it drop?

Best friend ditched out on me for no reasonable explanation. We both said things through email that were mean, and I regret it. I miss her friendship. How do I get to be friends again?
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I've never made guacamole before. I want to make it for a thing I'm going to tonight. Should I make it as late in the day as possible in order to avoid any possible browning of the avocado, or should I make it earlier so that the flavours have a chance to meld before the party?

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I have this guy that I've been seeing for a little over a month (I wouldn't say we're in a relationship, but we're definitely "seeing each other"). If you were in this situation, would you expect him to wish you a happy valentine's day? would you be offended if he didn't?

You want me to put what in the what what?

I'm bored, it's a slow day.

What sexual acts do you refuse to do?

I can't handle anal, not gonna lie. I've tried with a few different boyfriends, all varying sizes, and even the smallest was too much for me. My butt just isn't made for anal, I guess.

And any fetishes involving shit, piss, children, or animals/me acting like an animal.

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TQC, it is noon. you have not slept for about 30 hours. you are fucking tired, but you have dinner plans in the early evening.

what do you do?

if it is relevant, you do not have to get up at any particular time tomorrow

wat do

take a nap until about an hour before you leave
do not sleep until after dinner
just go to sleep, fuck dinner
other (?)
i like ticky
legs motherfucker
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I just got these two little frogs yesterday. I'm at a loss for names ): will you help me name these little guys? I don't know/care the gender so that doesn't matter in the name-picking process.

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dk/dc: what are the names of your pets?
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Do you think anything on this site http://dontevenreply.com/ is real, or is it all totally made up?

What's your favorite email on that site? Link please.

What are some other funny sites like this? (Besides passiveaggressivenotes.com, FML, and Texts From Last Night, I already have those bookmarked.) Thank you!
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Why do my husband's University of Phoenix students insist on calling him to ask him questions when he very clearly states that the best way to communicate with him is through email?

For those of you who are attending or have attended college or university:

Would you ever call your professor on the phone to ask them school-related questions?  On a Sunday afternoon?  ON VALENTINE'S DAY, WHEN PEOPLE MAY BE TRYING TO GET BUSY?
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My fiance and I have had a three year old cat for around a month now. She was really fat when we got her, but she's lost weight since we started taking her out on a lead and getting her to chase a shoelace around the house. Her previous owner lived by a busy road, so she's been indoors all her life until now.

We've been letting her out in the back garden for short periods of time recently, but she always waits until we let her inside to use her litter tray.

How on earth do we teach her that it's okay to go to the toilet outside?
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Has your family/a family you know ever adopted/fostered an older child? How did it go? Negative aspects?

My family is considering adopting/fostering an older child, you know...one that is a teenager and wouldn't otherwise have much of a chance. I just would like some firsthand stories, if anybody has any!
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How comfortable are you talking about sex with your parents? If you are rather comfortable, just HOW comfortable are you? To what level of detail will you discuss sex with your parents? Does it bother you when your parents start talking about their sex life?

My boyfriend is coming to visit in two days and I'm staying at my parents' house. He has come to visit here dozens of times and he's always slept in my bed. I used to have a twin, but then my dad got me a queen size bed "so that you and your boyfriend can sleep more comfortably," he said. This morning, my mother suddenly says to me, "You two should think about getting a hotel room." I laughed, thinking she was joking, and replied, "Do you want to pay for it?" She didn't react, and repeated, "You two should really think about getting a hotel room."

Is my mom trying to tell me that she doesn't want me to have sex in her house? Should I ask for clarification? Why do you think my mother suddenly had a change of heart? We don't make THAT much noise. And we've only involved a donkey, like, once. Maybe twice (seriously, though, we never have sex unless my parents are out of the house, sooooo...it's not like they hear anything).

Any recommendations for really, really cheap hotel rooms in San Francisco, CA?

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Zombie movies and booze date tonight is a go.

Should I wear something ~sexy~ or something casual? (i.e. sweater dress vs. jeans and a cardi/cami)

Should I bother shaving my legs? They still kinda look okay.

Ladies and gents: what kind of shaving cream/gel do you use? What brand of razor?

Did you do something nice for your parents, SO or friends today?

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According to Wikipedia, "...Mott's printed the Caesar recipe on bottles of the Clamato juice sold in the United States, but the cocktail drink remains relatively unknown there."

IS THIS TRUE?!?!!?! Do you Americans not drink the best alcoholic beverage ever?! Do you guys have drinks that we do not have?!

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why does my desktop freeze up whenever i am running utorrent or transferring files between my laptop and my desktop? it started pretty much right after i upgraded from the windows 7 beta to the retail version of windows 7. before i go and reinstall windows, do any of y'all know what could be causing this?

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Have you ever mixed beer and liquor? Was it a bad experience?

How old were you when you first got significantly drunk?

If you are/would be going to a party tonight, what would you wear?

DK/DC how was your day today?
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Idle question.

The Economic Intelligence Unit has just released a table of about 140 cities, ranked by so called 'liveability' - I'm not entirely sure how they calculate it, but factors they take into account are things like infrastructure, things to do, how stable and safe it is, the level of education and health...

The top ten are:

The bottom ten are:
Dakar (shared with Tehran)
Port Moresby

They clearly don't do it for every city in the world, but...if they did, where are you and what do you think needs to change around your place to knock it up the imaginary rankings?

I'm in Perth, and first things first...SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. It's not good!

A bit more money into the hospital system would be nice too. They're under more pressure than they should be.
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 Going with the delightful movie theme....

I was convinced from about age 12 until a month ago that I was too much of a wimp to watch scary movies.  However, I have started watching scary movies, and the last eight I have seen, I was not scared....at all.  Do you have any recommendations for a truly scary movie?
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Do any of you wash your teeth 3 or more times a day?
After every meal?
How do you do it if you are not at home the whole day?
Do you carry mouthwash with you?
How do you care for your teeth while not at home but at school or work?

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Which internet acronyms do you use daily in either LJ or chat?

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Everyone seems to think that they took the road less traveled - or so my observations make it seem. So, how is it that you took the road less traveled? If we all took the road less traveled, who are all the people that took the common/ main road??
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My cousin is getting married and she doesn't want a friend of hers to be a bridesmaid because the friend "is too pretty and will upstage her".

Is this stuff normal for a bride to think or is my cousin crazy? The friend isn't a best friend, just a good friend.
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Do you think it's rude to eat the last of someone else's food without asking if it's ok? I always thought it was a "rule" to leave the last of a shared food for whoever made or bought it, but my dad insists it's up for grabs unless you put a label on it.
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Sandwich from subway:

Italian sub (salami, ham and pepperoni), wheat bread, swiss cheese, lettuce, red onions and jalepeno peppers.

Now the question is.. ranch or no ranch [dressing]?

Random hypothetical cause I'm bored

You have to go out of town for the weekend with little advance warning. In this scenario, you have a couple cats/dogs that need to be cared for. Your friends and family are all busy and can't help, and it turns out your neighbor overhears and says that he'd be happy to do it, free of charge. You agree and you're off. When you return a couple days later, you find your home empty. Your pets haven't been fed in 2 days. Your fridge/pantry have been rifled through, and your favorite foods are missing. All the toilet paper is gone. There's a Pay-Per-View movie on tv and it looks like a porn. There's chocolaty fingerprints all over your computer, as well as the computer screen. You're obviously really pissed. You're going to do something about it in the morning, when you discover that your neighbor logged into Facebook on your computer and he's still logged in. You can mess around with his FB. What do you do?

Nothing. It's immoral to fuck around with his personal business
Delete his account
Write a status update in his FB on how, after watching Sparticus on tv, he realizes that he's always been attracted to men, sexually, and been too afraid to admit it
Cruise through his friend's list and message every person with kids. The message will be from him and he'll be talking about how attractive he thinks their kids are, and if they'd like to have a babysitter sometime, if 'you know what I mean (wink wink)'
Join as many bestiality sites as possible. Then make an update 'I'm drunk. Do any of you know of any 24 hour petting zoos with minimal security?'
Write a status update 'I have a really small penis. I act like I'm normal, but damn, I'm hung like a puppy. Whew. It feels so good to get that off my chest'
Start chatting with friends of his who are online. Mention it as some point to each of them that 'you've secretly been attracted to you for years and have only been pretending to be your friend so that I can get you in the sack someday'
Write an angry status in his FB, mentioning how inconsiderate he was for eating all your food, using all your TP and messing up your computer
Write a status 'it's not cheating if the boy's underage, right?'
Write a status 'Sarah Palin might be the smartest person in the world. I hope I can wait til 2012 when she uses her colossal brainmeats to fix this country'

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Facebook just suggested I add my 13-year-old cousin, with whom I share zero mutual friends. We have different last names, we're from entirely different parts of the province. I've also never searched for her before.

How did facebook know I knew her?
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Is anyone else getting an error with LJ wherein you click on the link in your email to "Reply at the webpage" and it comes up with an "Error, No Such Entry" page? When I click on the other links in the email like "View the thread starting from this comment," it will take me to the proper page as far as going to the entry where the comments are that I want to reply to. But that's annoying because then I have to scroll to where I want to comment, and sometimes it's hard to find when there's been a lot of replies and they've been compacted.

DK/DC: Have you bought any Girl Scout cookies yet this year? If so, which ones? Do you freeze the Thin Mints?
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My silly pants boyfriend just lost another iPod.

Where did he lose it?
Should I get him a new one as a super surprise or wait until his birthday (May)?
Should I even bother getting him a new one at all because he'll probably lose this one too?

Edit: Found it!! It was on my table under a pile of magazines
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food dish

I was invited to a chinese new year pot luck tomorrow. What should I bring? I am pretty bad at cooking, and the only thing I've made recently was a sweet potato casserole which doesn't sound theme appropriate.
Would it be totally tacky to order chinese food like a couple of orders of scallion pancakes and put them into one dish?
What would you bring?

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What would you think if you asked a coworker about a few scratches on her neck and she said her husband and her had a fight and then upon further discussion informs you that she stays with someone who hurts her sometimes because sometimes she feels trapped?

If tonight there is a 90% chance of rain/snow with a low of 33 what chance do you think there is that it will snow and that school will be canceled tomorrow?
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Make my fatass decision for me: should I or should I not exercise tonight?

What time is it where you are and what are you doing at the moment? Does your attire match the situation?
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nothing like vday to make you realize your relationship is over

tqc, i think i have to break up with my girlfriend. we've been together 7 months and the first five were great but the past couple have been iffy. i don't think that she is my person. i love her and care about her, but i am unsure whether or not i am IN love with her (which probably is an indicator that i am not.)

i'm not sure what to say to her without totally crushing her and making her feel like she has caused my feelings to change. i am feeling so much guilt.

i'm not sure what my question is here, so, did y'all have a nice vday?
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I know there's Danny Elfman communities, but I'm not in any of them and don't really care to be, but if you're a fan, have you heard about the Forbidden Zone 2? I was just looking at Danny's IMDB and was pleasantly surprised to see that he composed The Wolfman, which I really want to see. Then it was like "Forbidden Zone 2: The Forbidden Galaxy" and I was like "WUT!? @w@" This is supremely awesome and exciting news. :D

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How old were you when you got your driver's license?

How much practice behind the wheel did you have before you got it?

How many times did you take your driver's test before you got it?

I am 27 years old and I still don't have a license. I hung around mostly people that never got their's in high school, so I never had a friend that could teach me. I'm actually excited for tomorrow cause as long as plans don't change, I get to actually drive tomorrow with my co-worker's car after work.  

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Since nobody bought me chocolates, I bought myself two candy bars. I have a Hershey's Symphony bar (milk chocolate, almond pieces & toffee flakes) and a Dove milk chocolate bar. Which should I eat part of before I go to bed?

What's your favorite kind of chocolate (dark, milk, white)? What's your favorite chocolate-containing candy?

Am I the only person whose favorite one in the box o' hearts chocolates is the coconut-filled one?!?

Got any interview tips for me? I has a job interview in the morning, and in general I feel like I do pretty well with them, but I've had a few in the past couple weeks with no bites. Kind of just makes me wonder what I'm missing or doing wrong. :T

v-day drama

What kind of valentine's related drama did you witness/experience today (or yesterday)?

While at work I saw a woman dive from a moving vehicle, only to return to said vehicle and begin pummeling it until the police arrived quite some time later.  I can only assume it was valentine's related due to the high level of wtf involved.
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why are you not watching tv or sleeping

Why are you not watching TV now?

I'm not because there is nothing on, and it's cold downstairs.

Why are you not going to sleep?

I don't want to have any more weird stress dreams, and then when I wake up it will be MONDAY and I'm not ready for it.

DK/DC: Invent a breakfast cereal featuring the flavor of bacon. What's it called?
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Can you do Collapse )?
Can you lift your ass higher in the air? How about moving your legs so they're sticking straight up? How long can you hold it?

I wish I could find a better picture because it's totally possible to lift your butt much higher and straighten everything out! Although it takes more strength, too.
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If you shared a bathroom with someone and had just cleaned it so it was spotless a day ago, would you be pissed if that person decided to shave their head and get their fuzzy headhairs all over the floor and sink?

What if, a month later, the same exact freaking thing happened, but they said there were no hairs and they had managed to get them all in the garbage can? And then you went in the bathroom, and although most were in the garbage, there was still enough on the ground and sink to be kind of gross.

Who enjoys having little pieces of someone elses hair stuck to their wet feet when they get out of the shower? According to my brother, I'm being a bitch about this, but I just cleaned our bathroom.

tl;dr: What is your favorite national anthem? (post a video/audio link if you're so inclined).
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You can only live with one type of pet for the rest of your life. Which type do you choose? Thing to note for the picky: you can have an endless amount of them over the years, but only animals that fall under the category you've chosen.