February 13th, 2010

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TQC, I work with a girl who never gives, only takes. Various people in the office will bring in snacks, goodies, or a pack of bottled water, etc. to share. She always takes things from these, but never brings anything in. This week, we have candy out for our clients. It sits on my front desk, and we all (minus her) purchase and put candy in there. Monday night, we're leaving, and she gets like, 5 pieces of candy, and says "just something to munch on for the ride home!" and I was like uh, dude those are for our clients. She laughs and takes them anyway.

Tonight, she does it again, only this time I'm like "Jeez, how much are you gonna take?" 'cause she seriously had a huge handful! She threw it down and was like NONE, I CLEARLY DON'T NEED IT. and got all pissy with me.

My coworkers laughed about her indignant response, but I'm still worried she's gonna be a huge cunt about it tomorrow and am second guessing myself.

Should I have not said anything? :/ I don't want stuff to be totally awkward :(

if it matters, it's the nice shit, the hershey's, snickers, etc mixes.

DK/DC: Are you planning on watching the Olympics, any?
I plan to watch my bb Shaun White as much as possible, and will watch as much snowboarding as possible, but that's it

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Poll #1524961 Period secz

Do you or have you ever had sex on your period or had sex with a woman on her period?


Do you think period sex is...

kind of gross
Like normal sex, don't really mind.
Any comments about period sex?

What the heck?

Does this shadow under his nose look unnatural to you? If it's not a shadow, then what on earth is it?

It has been bothering me ever since I saw this book. I wish I had a larger image, because it seems to look more out of place the closer you look at it.

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How do you feel about international adoption (specifically when the child is of a different ethnicity than the adoptive parents)?

Do you think the process risks the child losing her or her sense of heritage and identity? Do you think the benefits outweigh this risk?

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the bike rental place in Potsdam doesnät open for an hour and a half...what do I dooooooooo?

Everytime I come to this intrernet cafe the German girl gets so pissed at me because I don't know how to use the automatic machine....how can i get back at her?

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Poll #1524988 Zombie holocaust in your pants!

The dead are rising from the graves, shouting 'BRAINS', except it's not the contents of our skulls they want. They want to give us oral pleasures. Some of the really recent dead are kind of cute. How do you prepare for the zombie invasion?

Armed with guns, ammo and machete, I'll give these zombie fucks a licking they won't forget
I get a wax, drag my mattress out to the street and prepare to take a 'licking' I won't forget
I'm barricading myself up either way
Tara Gregson

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 Do you like jawbreakers?
Very much.

Have you ever had a jawbreaker related injury?
Yes. I always get... jawbreaker...rash? on my tongue.

Have you seen Jawbreaker
Yes. It terrified me because it was three days before my birthday, and my friend's sister was joking that she was going to do that to me. I was only turning eight. :(

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I'm getting really annoyed by this: people using "legit" for the word "cool".

Like, "Damn, those pants are legit!"

Really, it makes me cringe/want to slap them.

So, the question:

Do people where you live do this?

Do you do this?

Do you think this is correct?
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TQC, GA got hit by a ~snow storm~ (aka 4-5 inches) but it melted as it hit the roads. Of course, it dropped below freezing overnight, and froze that shit. It's awful. My dad is forbidding me to go to work (he barely made it to his hanger, the dumbass), and my boss is cool with it because she ran off the road last night too, but we are supposed to have someone drop off at 8 a.m., and she's not the most rational of clients. We have 4 nine a.m. appts as well. My boss is telling me to call the store and have them put up a sign that we are closed until further notice due to inclement weather. She says I don't need to call people, that they should expect that we will be closed.

Do you have any tips for me, for driving on ice, aside from "don't overcorrect"?

How many stupid pissed off clients will I have to deal with?

I was supposed to be at work at 8 a.m...what time am I actually gonna get to go in??
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Vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, meat lovers. Picky eaters and adventurous eaters. Whether or not certain foods should be banned in some public establishments because of their fat/sugar content or allergen risks.

Why do you think people get so passionate and defensive about food?
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You meet someone very, very rich. So rich, in fact, that they do wipe their ass with $100 bills. You've stumbled upon some hard luck and are in need of cash, and they're generous, but only have their asswipe $100s. Earlier in the evening, they dined upon spicy Mexican food and now have the runs.

For the $$$, would you use the shirt you're wearing to wipe them, sparing the Benjamins for yourself?

Yes, you have to continue wearing the shirt all day, or go topless and risk being fined for it. Assume, even males, get a citation for indecent exposure.

We'll say that due to the unpredictable nature of post-Mexican diarrhea, that it would have been equal to about $5,000.00 when totaled up.

If yes, how do you explain the stains/stench to other people you encounter?

If no, how much more diarrhea ($$) would they have to have for you to do it?

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I want to switch carriers but keep my same phone number. Let's say I have a T-Mobile phone and I want to switch to Metro PCS. Does my T-Mobile account have to be "active" for me to switch the number over? In other words, if I want to cancel my T-Mobile account now and wait a few days and then sign up with Metro, can I do that? I hope this question makes sense.

DK/DC: How do you like your coffee?
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Coffee cups

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Ok I promise I looked through all the posts for the last 2 days and on the interwebz and I can't find it by myself...

Links to the opening ceremonies? Anyone? We don't have real tv and our internet was shitting out last night but now I have lots of time to kill.

What's the strangest thing you've Googled? (For yourself, someone else, whatever.)
t: jack

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 Has anyone here used Rosetta Stone to learn a foreign language? What language did you learn? If you completed all 5 levels, do you feel fluent in the language?

I'm thinking about getting it this summer and learning German, but I'm really on the fence.

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Do I go to an 80's night tonight, or go to a volunteer river clean up tomorrow?

Factors: I went out last night, have an essay to write, other people will go to 80's night and come back very noisily.

Do you volunteer? Where?
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jumping into the unknown

I jumped into the unknown last week and got myself a santa hat on my ljuser icon.

I am now over it and want to get rid of it.

The problem is that in order to get it, I followed some kickass explicit detailed directions to some dodgy cyrillic website and now when I type the website's url (www.livejournal.ru/nokia2010) into my browser, I get what appears to be a 404 error.

Can anybody tell me how to get this thing off my icon???

ETA: Alternately, does anybody know how I can get a pimp hat on my icon? Like maybe a fedora? Or what about a beret?  Maybe a yarmulke?

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I have my first test in my zoology class on Monday. I am really nervous because I took Botany last semester and failed every test (and thus the class). I'm not good with memorizing science stuff.

Can you give me tips on the best way to study effectively? How often should I take breaks? Feel free to tell me anything else regarding studying.

dk/dc: do you like pancakes?

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I have bought a house, and over the next few weeks I need to buy a refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer.

1) What exciting features should I look for in each?

2) Which ones should I buy used off craigslist?

oh and I just thought of another question... what do you think is worse for the environment, buying a new appliance (which took energy to make, forces an older one into a landfill, etc) or buying a used appliance that doesn't have all the new-fangled energy efficient goodness?
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How would you bring up the question of "do you like me?" to a person whom it may be far too late to ask?
Especially when said person makes you feel like there's an earthquake going on inside of your body when you talk to them. Ugh.


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my best friend just moved into an apartment with 2 other guys that i know semi-well. should i get something for just my friend or all 3 of them?

what is something i could get for all 3 of them? they're all 19-22 i think, and i'm 18 so I can't buy alcohol for them.

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Will you please comment with the next place you're going on vacation (if you know--if not, list where you want to go) so people can respond with suggestions of things to do around there, if they are familiar with the area?

We're going to Savannah, GA.

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I came across this article about John Mayer being racist today. In the article, the author states, "Mayer is exhibit 'A' when illustrating that racism resides within all white people. No exception. Sorry. Whether you are a hip, young liberal white guy who has played music with famous black musicians or a guy working at a factory in a rural Kentucky."

What do you think about that, TQC? Agree/disagree? Is what the author said racist?
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What's your social life like?

Do you have a group of friends or individual friends? What are your parties like? How often do you see people and what kind of things do you do together?

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what are you doing for your SO on valentines day?

what should someone do if they are completely broke and its too cold to have a cute date outside?

I'm taking him to a dubstep show tonight but thats not exactly something new or special for us...need halp!
yummy beer!, yummy

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If you were going to order Pizza Hut pizza sometime in the next 24 hours, what would you get?

*if you despise Pizza Hut (or don't use it for other reasons), where else would you order from and what would you choose from there?

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If someone ignores you on facebook when you try to add them, do you assume they made a mistake and attempt to add them again?

Seriously, two people who I ignored have just attempted to add me again. Should I write them a message saying I don't want to be "friends" with them? If so, what should I say?
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My friend just adopted a kitten. What should she name her? We were thinking something that had to do with Lost but we were worried that one of the characters might turn out to be evil and then the name would suck.
Beast mode!

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TQC, what should I name my new car?

Collapse )

My old cars have been girls (Catalina & Natalie), but this one feels like a boy.

Edit: Alright, Harrison is the winner! I'm off to drive around aimlessly!

What's the last thing you bought?
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The Feb 14th Blues are starting to creep up on me, TQC. Do you have any funny Valentine's/love related macros to share? (or just some cat macros. It's all good, people)

When am I going to be over this fucking cold? :(

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do you remember who won "best looking" in your high school?
what do they look like now, pictures please!!

ladies, how do you do your daily make up? pictures again if you want

show me the hottest guy/girl you know in real life.

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Have you ever put a keylogger on someone's computer? Did you find anything interesting/suspicious? 
What would it take for you to put one on someone's computer?

dk/dc: should i make cupcakes?

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Dear TQCers,

It is my lovely roommates 21st birthday tonight (at midnight) and we are having a dinner party here, followed by going out to a bar at midnight. Unfortunatley, my body is committing violent rebellion against me: I am at turns nauseated, feverish, and achy all over. Ive been sick for a week but today is pretty bad. We have other roomies helping her and people coming over, but I feel guilty for not helping. And I don't think bar hopping in the snow is a good idea for me. How can I opt out of the festivities gracefully without being a spoilsport?
stupid fucking computer!

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Dr. TQC: my big-exciting-going-to-be-awesomeness birthday thingy is happening on Tuesday. (Going to see Sondre Lerche if anyone cares) however today I have the head colds of all head colds.

How do  get over by Tuesday? 
Any Old Wives Tales I should know?

Was marathoning the entire original series of Star Trek a bad idea?
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A co-worker and I went to see Avatar 3D today, and when we got back to my truck, the gas cap door was open and I found the gas cap in a pile of snow in my truck bed. So far it seems to be OK so hopefully they didn't put sugar in my gas tank, and I had basically the same amount of gas as when we arrived. IBM opened offices in Iowa.

Was my gas cap removed in a failed attempt to siphon gas, destroy my engine, or just to make a lame prank?

Did they do it because they hate IBM, my Ron Paul bumper sticker, or Texas license plates?

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My engagement ring didn't really have a match to it, so I was looking for a wedding band. In a "bridal set" of rings, is one ring meant to have been the engagement ring and the other, the wedding band to be added later? I came across some really pretty ones, but wasn't sure what the exact tradition was with the two rings.
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bad haircut

TQC, I got a haircut this week so bad that I had to go somewhere today and have it cleaned up and fixed so I can live with it while it grows. I looked like I ought to be driving the bus to church camp and wearing mom jeans, a Tinkerbell t-shirt and white leather cross trainers, that haircut was so wrong.

Last time you got a bad haircut, what did it make you look like?

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My mom and I got into a pretty large fight (thought it was mostly me talking/yelling and her staring at me) a week ago. She's been out of town all this past week and came home last night. She hasn't talked to me yet and she's been home 24 hours. How long is it going to be before she finally says something to me? By the way, I feel that I am in the right and she shouldn't be mad.

When's the last time someone was mad at you for something they were in the wrong about? What was it?

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I found out that my two front tires are balding on the inside today when I went to get them rotated. The guy said he couldn't do it because it's unsafe to have balding tires in the back. I don't know shit about cars and I took his word for it because he is a mechanic, after all. But I know sometimes they'll say whatever to get to you to pay more for other stuff (new tires, alignment-which I got). My mom won't shut up about it.

Question: Is it more unsafe to have balding tires in the rear or in the front? Why? (I drive a 2002 Honda Civic, if that helps.)

What is your favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics? Mine is curling followed by bobsledding.


What's the most egregious use of handicapped parking you've ever seen?

DN/DC Will tonight be the most nookie fill night of the year? Are you going to do your part?


I'm making Valentine's Day brunch for my family tomorrow morning. I have eggs, bacon, french toast, and fresh fruit, along with champagne and orange juice for mimosas. Do you think adding hashbrowns/ home fries to the mix would be too much?

DK/DC What is your favorite thing to order at brunch?

I love bloody marys and eggs benedict.
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So, I don't know a whole lot of anything about computers.

I want the best lap top I can find for about $1000 budget that would be fast, excellent for photography/photo manipulation/videos and still have a decent hard drive/memory that stuff.

What do you all suggest?

What should I look for?

Are macs worth it?

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So after the first 20 minutes, the Canadian womens hockey team is beating Slovakia 7-0. Not surprising of course, but how do you think the players from Slovakia feel? They must have known they were going to lose, right? What kind of mindset would they enter this game with? What kind of things do you think the coach is saying in the dressing rooms right now?

Should Canada pull our goalie for the rest game and just play with 6 attackers?
Yes. We are awesome.

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So, I just fell down the stairs in my house. I slipped and fell from the top to the bottom and my ankle hit the wall at the bottom and popped pretty badly. It hurts. My back is now killing me. I normally wouldn't go to the doctor, but I'm 9 weeks pregnant. Should I just wait till my doctors appointment on Friday if it doesn't bother me too much or just go tomorrow no matter what?
EDIT:: I'm awaiting a call from my local on call doctor to see if I should go to the doctor tomorrow or some in right now. The nurse I talked to seem to think I would be fine but getting checked out would be a good idea. YAY!

Would you please post your favorite "cheer up" gif?

Whats your favorite type of tea?

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So in the US of A you can join the military at 17 but can't vote until you're 18.

Do you think it's weird, wrong and/or sad that this country allows someone to serve in armed forces and quite possibly lose a limb or even their life before they can have a say in government?

Also, do you think the minimum drinking age in the United States should be lowered to 18?


I need something new to listen to, the more obscure the better.  Some of my favorite bands include The Smashing Pumpkins, Harry Chapin, Green Day, The Offspring, The Smiths, This Will Destroy You.  I'm up for anything other than the current mainstream music, any suggestions? [ETA: I prefer my music to have some kind of point/convey a message, not just be gobbledygook]

What was the last CD you bought? (No itunes!)

What is your favorite quote at the moment?

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Does anyone recognize the symbol under the cut? I'm told the pendant could be Malaysian but no one is really sure.

Collapse )

Is there anyone out there who's tried Marmite or Vegemite as an adult and actually liked it? How about enough to keep eating it?
Quote - Can't Buy Me Love

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If you had a family member who had your power of attorney while you were out of the country, and then they basically fucked your credit up hardcore, would you ever speak to them again?

Would your answer change based on which family member it was?

How do I fix the fact that my father basically stole $3500 in scholarship money from me and never paid my study abroad program while I was abroad? He also stole other money from my brother and me as well, and is a terrible liar. I've come to the conclusion that I am done giving him any sort of chance ever again, but I do not have $3500 to send to this company.

Note - the only reason he had my power of attorney was because my study abroad office told me to give it to my parents while I was abroad so that they could send my scholarship check to them and it could then be cashed and mailed to the program. He hadn't had any noticeable money issues up to that point, so there were no red flags telling me it would wind up ruining my life the way it has.

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Does anyone know where I can find this jacket? I took this at Macy's, and when I went to the site to try to find it, I couldn't.
It's from last season, so I'm thinking I'm too late.

Thanks in advance :)
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What are your favourite iPhone apps that don't kill the battery life particularly fast? I'm going on a bajillion hour bus ride on monday (because i'm too poor to fly. haha) and will need some serious entertainment.

or...do greyhound buses have electrical outlets? I know some trains do, just not sure if the bus would/could.

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Which public accidental farting situation is preferable?

You and one other person. If you tooted, the other person is guaranteed to know it was you. But if it was the other person, you are automatically exonerated.

You and two other people. Regardless of who tooted, you can immediately say WASN'T ME and the other two people have to battle out their weird emotions.

A big room full of people. You can let out as many farts as you want and nobody will ever know.

Please describe any other situations and permutations that may arise.
mr schadenfreude

(no subject)

#1 If you got pinched (arrested) would you lag (implicate others) to get a better deal or remain staunch (loyal) to your mate/s? Would you stay staunch because it's the right thing to do or because you were scared of the consequences of being put on the lag (being outed as a rat) and being pegged as a dog (identified as being a rat amongst certain groups)?

#2 If you were a member of a group being targeted by the government (say you were captured by black ops lackeys) and you were being tortured to give information that would jeapordise your friends do you think you would hold out or talk?

Edited to clarify the slang.

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What is the best car, in your opinion.
Which car runs the best?
Which car has the best features?
Which car is reliable? 
What car do you drive?

I drive an '00 focus. I know nothing about cars. haha
mr schadenfreude

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Anyone here given up smoking successfully after years of smoking? How long did it take for you to feel like a non smoker?
It's been almost 3 weeks, but I've been a smoker for roughly 2/3 of my life.