February 11th, 2010

i don't want to be friends

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The other day I was at my friend's house at a family gathering, and I was having a conversation with his mom and another friend of mine about scary movies. I had said Carrie was my favorite because it was funny and Carrie is such a relatable character. They both looked at me like I was crazy.

Am I?
Did you ever feel like a outcast in high?
Didn't you want to burn it down?

How ugly is too ugly for you to let someone give you a blowjob/cunnilingus? (Disease free, no strings attached)
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My husband and I have been together for twelve years now!

I congratulate you!
I envy you!
I feel hostility toward you!
I take inspiration from your love!

Would you like to enjoy my cheese wheel?

Yes, please!
No, thank you!
Is this a metaphor?

Is it hilarious that I first typed, "...for twelve yars..." instead of years?

Fuck no
You're drunk
I'm drunk
I am a vegan
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inspired by hajiomatic's post...

what is the most backhanded compliment you've ever received??
just your standard "such a pretty face" etc. my boss, however, delivered the best one ever to my office manager, after she got her pants hemmed:

"Wow Jen, you're not as fat as I thought you were!"

dk/dc: what is the last thing you watched on youtube?
a video of ben stiller and jack johnson

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I have to rewrite a lab procedure out of a book and put it in 'my own words'. The text already puts it about as simply as it can be put- my words could only lengthen and complicate things.

How can I rewrite "put x amount of y chemical in a beaker" and put it in 'my own words"?
What kind of ridiculous hoops do your classes make you jump through?

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To the fashion-savvy/couture-savvy, I'd just like to know which are the must-haves monthly issues of Vogue magazine. Would it be the september issue and...?

For the NYorkers or anyone who has lived/worked/studied there, how did/do you find it? Was/Is it a place worth moving for? I'm really interested because i'm about to graduate from university and have a job ready for me such that I may be able to apply for secondments in the future and NY's a place that I've been considering. It's gonna be a few years from now but it would be helpful to be able to have at least a vague end in mind.

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 If you had dated someone and became friends on Fabeook, LJ, whatever social networking program, and then break up, do you delete that person from your friends list?

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 My little brother got his driver's license today, so we are all very excited!  What is a little gift I can get for him to celebrate?  Oh, and he will have a car.

Already answered: gas gift card.  GENIUS!  Why didn't I think of that!?  Thanks!

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Have you ever refinished hardwood floors? If so, any tips/tricks to make the stain and poly dry faster? Does it really take 8 hours for the stain to dry and 12-18 for the poly? Do I really need to wait 3 days before bringing my furniture back in?

Do you prefer carpet or wood flooring?

Are you the do it yourself type or the hire a handyman/contractor type when it comes to home remodeling/repairs?

The husband and I are totally remodeling our bathroom and putting new flooring in the kitchen. We were going to put laminate wood in the living room and hallway, but we found hardwood underneath the carpet.

We're in over our heads, y/y?

linked to parents' checking account

Anyone else still use a student checking account linked to your parents' account, even though you have already graduated from college or moved away etc?

I have been, and also they are a co-signer on my car, but I am trying to untangle myself from them because they have been making dumb financial moves lately and don't want to get dragged into the mess.


I've worked as a travel writer for a few years & I just launched my own website.  I'm trying to get various companies to sponsor giveaways to promote my site.  I've already done a hiking shoe (KEENs) giveaway, and I've got a Samsonite luggage giveaway going on right now.  What other product giveaways should I try to do?

What can't you live without when you're traveling?

What do you always take in your carry-on bags?

Do you have a favorite or least favorite airline?  Why?

Would you rather take a five hour drive or a five hour flight?
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i think i'm going to move to australia.

TQC, do you find that once you injure yourself, you seem to keep injuring the same spot?
I stepped on a nail on Sunday and have a great puncture wound on my right foot, I sprained my ankle and scraped my leg on Tuesday (right foot, again), and I just dropped a can of hairspray on a toe on my left foot.

Do you know where I got the subject of my post?
If not, I suggest you invest in a copy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

DK/DC: What is your favorite sweet food, during winter?

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I'm writing a series of speeches on same sex marriage for my Public Speaking class and my first speech is supposed to be strictly informative, (meaning we can only talk about facts, not our opinion) but writing about it impartially is turning out to be SO much harder than I thought.

Are there any topics that you would have a hard time talking/writing about impartially?

For those of you with a Nintendo DS, what are your favorite games?

I'm playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney right now and it's fucking awesome.
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Blahh, so I have a graded flute performance at school today in an hour. Apparently, I'm supposed to have this paper filled out to give my audience/professors/graders, which I have done. However, my teacher never told me about it, I found out about it myself last night. I have it all filled out, but it asks for her signature, which I don't have (and she's busy watching other performances now). If I'm asked about the signature, is there any way I can say I "wasn't informed" about the paper without it sounding like an accusation against my teacher?

ETA: Oof, I should also mention that my teacher will be one of the people I'm playing for. And it would probably be bad taste to show up and ask for her signature. Unless she's "cooperative" and offers it right away...

help me file my taxes

I am filing my taxes online right now and I received student loans in 2009. Do I need to enter the amount I received somewhere in my return? I didn't see a section for loans, other than the question for "how much loan interest did you pay." Google is just confusing me and I can't pay $30 to "ask an expert."


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SO, this morning I was rudely disturbed by a group of 3 people who claimed they were messengers from the prophet Jesus the Mother in Asia.

Whatever I'm usually pretty nice to people when they come to the door, regardless of what they are selling BUT
These people banged on the door & rang the doorbell for a good ten minutes, while screaming "HELLO, WE NEED YOU". When I still didn't answer (I was getting in the shower for fuck sakes), I heard the BACK doorbell ringing & them trying the door knobs & yelling into the back windows.

So I opened the damned door, and told them I wasn't interested & they kept going on. I tried to close the door & they pushed it open again, so I had to SLAM IT & lock it.

NOW, I can see them at my neighbours house doing the same thing .. They have walked into the GATED back yard & up onto the back deck.

SHOULD I CALL THE NON-EMERGENCY LINE AND REPORT THEM? While I know these people are probably harmless, they were TRYING to get into my house and they are trespassing on private property. The people across the street have dogs in thier back yard, what if they let them out?

there are people creepin around my neighbourhood claiming to be messengers of Jesus the Mother in Asia. They are going into peoples' backyards & trying to open doors. Should I call the non-emergency line?


Okay, I called & they said they would send someone.
I'm keeping an eye on the dogs as well, they're still in the backyard :)

"Dress for the Olympics day"

I work in an office with a business casual dress code, and my boss just sent out a company-wide email that said:

"To kick off the Olympics, we will be throwing away the dress code and having a "Dress for the Olympics day" tomorrow. No questions please - you can interpret that as you please."

How should I interpret this, TQC?
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What should I rent on netflix? I'm sick of watching the office.

If you have an xbox, do you play 1 v 100? have you been the one? have you been in the mob? it's currently my new obsession.
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i am starting school on the 22nd. prior to this i just "got by" in school. after high school i just dinked around community college, when i didn't really want to be there, and developed really bad habits regarding studying and homework.

so my question to you is: do you have any little tips or tricks to keep you focused and not-falling-behind in school? aside from the obvious "study, do homework, and pay attention". i guess i'm looking for things to keep me organized and NOT forget things? any ideas?

i'm thinking of getting a planner/organizer/whatever you call them... so do you know of any that are any good ones specifically for using in school? or good ones that would be good for using in school? (if there's a difference, i honestly don't know) specific ones i could maybe find at target or walmart?

dk/dc: sorry, i can't think of another question for you ):

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If you have a bookmarks/favorites toolbar on your browser, what sites are on it?
I have Gmail, Facebook, Myspace, Torrents.to, Netflix, SparkPeople, Shiba Inu puppycam (lol), and ATL Craigslist jobs.

What kind of soup should I get at Panera?

When going to temp agencies for the first time in hopes of being placed somewhere, ...what exactly do you say? "I'd like to sign up"? That doesn't sound right. :T
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Worldly school projects

Yesterday I received a teddy bear in the post from my cousin's kid. The bear is meant to make his way to various interesting places outside of Canada. Each of the students in his class are doing this. Also, part of the instructions say to pass the bear on to someone in a different country if you have someone there that you know. You're to take pics of the bear and show him a good time. I think it's a kinda cool class project.

What was the most interesting class/school project you ever did?

Do you think, in this day and age, that there are people who truly do not know someone in another country?
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Ambient noise..


I saw a post yesterday where someone was listening to RainyMood.com. Are there other websites like that with ambient noises, where it streams in a loop, for free? So far all I've found is SimplyNoise.com and that's just white noise and the like.

Edit: Also why am I getting like 8 emails for every 1 comment notification?

Just counted instead of deleting...its actually 11.
Chococat with flowers


TQC, I'm having trouble deciding what to do with my life. I don't want to be a millionaire or anything, but I would like to end up with a career that is enjoyable and makes decent money. So, I thought I would ask you all, what do you do for a living? Do you like it? Are you paid well? If you don't like the job you have now, what are some things you think would be fun to do for a living?
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 I need to get laid even though I just did last week. I'm interested in someone that I'm taking it slow with so I can't really go and get laid until I know what this is turning into. What the heck do I do to distract myself?

And for the road:

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What are some traditional and untraditional love songs?

I'm making a playlist for my work for valentine's day. I work in a sushi bar so I want to keep it classic and mix it up with the hip*~*~.

So far I've got Bad Romance, I Kissed a Girl, and Unchained Melody. I'm considering Punk Rock Girl, but I don't know.
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I'm finally moving out of my noisy apartment in the next few weeks!

Have you ever hired professional movers? How much did it cost?

I can't find price quotes anywhere without having to register at a website or call a company and give them my personal information.

Do you have any tips or advice on moving? I'll probably just be renting a Uhaul or something and moving in batches. (My new places is only about 5 minutes away.)

Do you hate or love moving? For me, the manual labor sucks but I enjoy a new place and getting to rearrange my things and redecorate.
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Long haired TQCers: What's your favorite way to style your hair? I particularly want new everyday hair styles since I'm getting tired of a bun or a braid, but fancy is good too. My hair is about hip-length and I want to do more things with it.
Augustus Gloop

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1. What's your relationship with gravy? Do you eat it often? Is "gravy and biscuits" a meal by itself for you? Do you make your own?

2. Ever shave another person? What were the circumstances?

3. Which kind of greens do you like best -- Mustard, Collard, or Turnip? How do you prepare them?

4. Ever plant a chia pet? Which kind did you have, and how did it work out?

5. If a hetero couple has penis-in-vagina sex without a condom but with hormonal birth control, is that protected sex or unprotected sex? Are you amused by women who ask if they need to use Plan B after having sex while already on hormonal birth control, because the guy came inside?

Bite me, bitch...

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What things (generally considered perfectly normal) fascinate you? How do you justify your fascination?

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by seeing lefties use their dominant hand - especially to write. It used to blow me away, now I just feel a little mix of excitement, awe and envy. You would've thought I was watching someone... do something that was actually fascinating. Anyway, beyond the scope of "I'm a righty, so it's weird.", my justification is limited.

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Tonight, I am finally going to say something to the roommate who has been eating my food. It's gotten more blatant lately and I am considerably less inclined to let it slide.

How awkward do you think this will be?

Should I actually go through with it?

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My boyfriend's latest thing is to scowl and poke fun at my choice of a sandwich that I like to make, it's mostly cheese and condiments. I just don't think he gets me. Do you think I should break up with him?

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Flipping through the channels the other night, I came across a cartoon with characters that are all named after food. My fiance and I started talking about what our food names would be.

What food would your name be?

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What do you do with/on your Facebook?

Make pithy status updates
Make status updates that reflect what's on my mind at any given moment
Play Farmville or any other Zynga game
Stalk people
Look at people's pictures
Become a member to as many groups as I can
Keep in touch with people via message
I have a FB but I rarely use it
I don't have a FB and don't plan on ever having one
What's Facebook?

Do you have a MySpace?

Tom's more than just my friend...he's my friend-with-benefits

Do you have a livejournal account?

Door #3, Door #3!
I don't use livejournal and I never will
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What jobs/roles might some animals have in society if they were of human-level intelligence and could also clearly communicate with us in some manner?

i.e. dolphins, who are already intelligent, as marine biologists. or ants as SPIES.
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When did you discover your first grey hair? And how did that make you feel?

I was washing my hands a few minutes ago, and I happened to catch this glare in my eyes when I looked up. Two. Grey. Hairs. And no, I didn't pull them.

Tour Excursions in Italy

Check out the site below and pick an excursion you'd want to do, price aside. Keep in mind, the full day trips will take away from your free days in specific cities. Will you tell me which excursion you would you pick, and why?

http://www.goaheadtours.com/tours/MIT/grand-tour-of-italy-southbound.aspx#excursions Excursions

Here is the itinerary for reference http://www.goaheadtours.com/tours/MIT/grand-tour-of-italy-southbound.aspx
zombie baby cede! :D

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I just got a large package of new underwear (like thirty odd pairs and a few bras) for my 21st birthday from my mother, she knew that I would have to open it in front of the other 30 girls I live with and thought it was quite hilarious.

I need to send her something to her work for revenge. What should I send?

DK/DC - what was the oddest gift someone gave you? As a gag or otherwise?
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What are some must-do/must-sees/must-eats in Philadelphia?

There are 2 of us and we'll be spending 2 nights/3 days there, if that matters. We're both from DC and will be visiting Philly for our first time (weekend of March 5).

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So let's say that, hypothetically, you're a woman in an open relationship. You meet an amazing woman and begin to fall in love with her, and she feels the same way about you. She is new to the concept of open relationships and is not sure she could handle it. She would want someone she could sleep next to every night.

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I have to do a 10 minute presentation in 1 week and a bit
A 2000 word essay on a subject I like due in 3 and a bit weeks
and a difficult essay due in 5 weeks.

Which do I do first?

ETA: My neighbour just walked past and STARED into my room as I was inspecting my armpit. I'm in my bra! How do I pretend this didn't happen? Do you have nosy neighbours?
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If I go to pinup events and vintage car shows around Atlanta, what should my pinup/vintage name be?
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I don't want anything with Lolita or anything Dita von Teese esque (though the von thing was pretty cool, ngl). Serious/nonsrs answers plz.

DK/DC: when was the last time you put your foot in your mouth? What happened?
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How long is your hair?
When you don't often get haircuts are you aware of your hair growing, or do you have a "how did my hair get this long?" moment?
What was the longest you've ever had your hair? The shortest?

-I just realized my hair is bra-strap-length and I had no idea it had gotten that long (or, you know, didn't realize it was).
-Longest: now, and when I was like 7... but I'm actually pretty sure now is the longest its ever been.
-Shortest: ear-lobe-length. Never EVER again. It looked awful on me.

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TQC, should I schedule my own doctor's appointment? I don't know what kind of rules there are for minors, since she's always scheduled/payed for them. Also, how pissed will she be? I'll be super embarrassed if there's nothing wrong and I went behind her back and did this.

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Do you think that they celebrate Valentine's Day in prison?

If so, what makes it different from other days?

If you were a prisoner, what would you get your cellmate on VD?

How do you giftwrap sodomy?
jumping bear

and TWINS!

If you were forced to suddenly become conjoined twins with somebody, who would you choose to be attached to, and where would you be attached?
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photo cards

You know those greeting cards with photographs in them? Usually they are just a long card with a picture of your friends' kids or dogs on one side and then "happy holidays from your friends the petersons" or whatever on the margin.

What do you do with those?

I have all my christmas cards still scotch taped to the kitchen doorway and it's time to put them in the recycling--but I'm conflicted about the photo cards: should I save them?
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 Ok I feel like I'm exceeding some kind of posting quota (two posts on one page!) but whatever. Of these countries, which would you study abroad in?:
Italy, Spain, France, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.

This is from CCI Exchange, does anyone have experience with a different company? CCI was the first that popped up.

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1) Are you an adventurous/varied eater? Or are you picky? (Be honest with yourself, folks)

2) If you were an adventurous eater, could you be with someone who was picky?

My friends girlfriend doesn't like ANYTHING. She likes mexican, pizza, burgers and italian and THAT IS ABOUT IT. Everything else is "weird". She won't eat spicy food, most vegetables, any seafood, fish included, most beef, anything other than skim milk, chocolate, and other things I am doubtless forgetting.

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I took my dog for a jog/walk, she did her business, she has fresh food and water (she's been eating regularly) she appears to be in no pain at all, she keeps wagging her tail...

So why does she keep whining? (she's laying on the floor by my bed)

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My boyfriend just came home with a cake and booze AND is now cooking me dinner.

What funny indiscretions can I accuse him of trying to make up for (the most ridiculous answers are very welcome!)?
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How often do you wash your hair?

What is your favorite hair product and why?

ETA: Sorry if this has been asked already, but did LJ finally fix the email glitch? I'm getting one email per reply! Amazing!
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Favourite R&B girl from the 90s/early 00s?


How about R&B girl groups?

En Vogue
Destiny's Child
itw emile

Long time no tqC!

TQC, I screwed up.

I'm making lasagna that was supposed to cook for 45 minutes in a covered dish. I was distracted when I put it in the oven and I forgot to cover it. :( It's 30 minutes in and I just covered it now.

Will it be edible?

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guys, what should i name my neighbor's dog? he's huge, white, and barks a lot. right now i call him mr barky but i feel like that's not creative enough.

how many bottles of nail polish do you have?
I <3 TLV


How do you like your salsa?

Extra Hot
Super duper extra hot
I don't like salsa

How do you like your pasta?

Al dente
I don't like pasta

How do you like your broccoli?

Just the florets
Just the stems
I don't like broccoli

Do you like mushrooms?

organ donate

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What is your opinion on the common practice of women adopting their husband's surname?

Is it the One True Way? More misogynist bullshit? Or do some women just suffer an affliction that makes them hate the name they were born to?

DK/DGAF: What book changed you?

Encouraging drunk driving?

Why do they sell single cold beers next to the register at the gas station when it's illegal to have an open container in your car? Do they want people to break the law? They can't honestly expect you to go home before you drink it, otherwise they wouldn't make sure it was cold.
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TQC, I bought my dad Pulp Fiction on DVD a few years ago. Why does he watch it every time it airs on regular tv, where they change "motherfucker" to "little sucker" and generally ruin it? The dvd is with all the others, it's not like he lost it.

Are there any movies that you prefer the poorly edited version of instead of the original?

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My roommates are being stupid heads and saying that it is too cold in this apartment.

It's like 72 degrees F or so. (22 C)

Could somebody with a perfect temperature (eg, 64F/18Cish) please trade with me so that my roommates can turn it up to 80 degrees F? (27 C)

Now they are making passive aggressive comments.

Me: I'm going into the city
Them: Be careful, the buses have heat, you wouldn't want to be ~too hot~


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does anyone know of a widget or small program or something that will display at little box or something at a specified time? i want to use it to remind myself of when i need to harvest my crops in farmville.


Do you listen to them?
Who has your favorite reading voice?
If you could have an audiobook read by anyone, who would it be?

I don't listen to many audiobooks, but Neil Gaiman's reading voice makes my ears go all wibbly. I'd love an audiobook read by David Tennant.

And side question: where's a good comm or place to download audiobooks? I need more Neil Gaiman ones.
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Which is worse to use?

A teleprompter
A hand-o-prompter
They're both pretty bad

Seriously though, why didn't Palin just use fucking notecards? Was it that difficult to remember "budget tax cuts"?

Inspired by the man I want to be my husband, Stephen Colbert

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Men & ladies of TQC: what "signals" from someone of your preferred gender do you generally take to mean they're [sexually] attracted to you?

What "signals" do you personally put out when you're attracted to someone?

ETA and by signals, I mean physical signals. Eye contact, facial expressions, physical contact, body language, etc.

(no subject)

when you're feeling lonely, sad or angry, does hearing/seeing other people's laughter, belligerent good times, etc. make you upset?

if you knew that cheese was made out of cow poop and not cow milk, but it still tasted delicious and wonderful, would you still eat it? you can replace "cheese" with "tofu" or something if you don't eat cheese.

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Apparently it's snowing where I live, in east Texas. I'm in my pajama shorts. Should I put on pants and shoes and go outside to see for myself? Or should I just live vicariously through everyone on my Facebook who are posting pictures?

What's your favorite breakfast food?

(no subject)

Will you please describe your perfect sandwich?

Also, if you had to choose to live in one country other than your own for a year, where would you go?
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I have $2,500 that I want to spend on a vacation for me and my boyfriend's 5 year anniversary.

Where should we go, TQC? And cruises are out because he's terrified of them.

Edit: $2,500 is meant for both the hotel/airfare. We're only looking to do possibly 4 nights because of our work schedules.

And if $2,500 really isn't a lot for a short vacation for 2 people that is very depressing. How do people/families afford to go on vacations?!
I <3 TLV

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I need to paint my nails to match three outfits - pink/red on Friday, purple on Saturday, and pink on Sunday.

I have pink, purple, and red nail polish. How should I paint my nails? I'm thinking of using one as a base color with the other two as polka dots. If that sounds good, which color should be the base? If that doesn't sound good, what should I do instead? I like doing fancy designs so I'd like to use more than one color rather than doing boring solid colors. (I think these three colors look good together and would feel nice and Valentiney)

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how do i estimate utilities on an apartment? i'm guessing the aparment would be around 500 sq ft (maybe less, i only ever saw the two bedroom apartments at this complex and i'd be getting a one bedroom), and gas, heat, and water are included.
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omgguise, I've been texting this boy I met last week and he's just sweet and funny, and now I'm all girly and squeeful. Hee. Don't you love the beginnings of a crush?

Who wants to burst my bubble?
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Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Courage the Cowardly Dog

How do you post to TQC? (Through the profile page, through the update page then select tqc through the drop down, a client, etc)
Typically through TQC's profile