February 10th, 2010

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Have you ever had to do any DIY home remodeling?

What was it?

What type of budget were you looking at?

Did you cut corners?

If you haven't done it yourself, have you ever had to hire a professional contractor to do remodeling for you? What was that budget like?
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Inspired by cherry_pizza 's post.

Have you ever not left a tip to someone who expected it?
I did that once to a Chinese delivery guy. I felt like a douche after he left.

Why did you not leave a tip?
I didn't have enough money, and then he called me a cheap bitch so I told him to fuck off.
It was an epic fail night.
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I've never understood why the classic "nerdy" things are nerdy. Glasses, braces, being smart. Why are they so nerdy? They aren't. I mean, anything can be nerdy. What is nerdy to you?

For me, it's a personality that's nerdy. I'm not good with words so I can't explain but there are personalities that I consider straight up nerds...and they aren't the ones depicted or talked about as "nerds" in general.

And it seriously annoys me that having a lot of knowledge is nerdy. Seriously? gtfo.

Snow for the Snow-less

Where is the closest place to Atlanta,GA that has gotten a significant amount of snow recently? Bonus points if the snow will still be there this coming weekend. Extra bonus points if it will actually be snowing there this weekend.
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You walk into your bathroom and there is an empty cardboard tube on the spindle/toilet paper holder. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much does this piss you off?

If you pick up a new roll and put it on the spindle/TP holder, how do you do it? Loose end over, loose end under, just balance it on top of the TP holder? (Why the fuck do people do the latter, anyway?)

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There's a branch of christianity that hoists up some members on strings, where they soar about the church, acting as angels to the other members. I think this is dumb. To counter this dumb act, I want to start my own christian sect that's void of any strings.

Wanna join?

Wanna engage in no-strings sects with me?

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 TQC, I have had some drinks.  As a result, I am  making a food that is rice, sour cream, sriracha, and soy sauce.  It has a delicious flavor.

What is a delicious snack that you have made while under the influence?

my belly hurts
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What are some things you do that make you think "Wow, nobody else in the world probably does this"? Inspired by all these "Become a Fan" of pages on facebook, like "I listen to my voicemail messages just to get rid of the little icon".

I hate these pages and think they are obnoxious but some of them make me realize I'm not such a weirdo. :P
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My 24-year-old cousin is engaged to some guy she met four months ago. She's from a very conservative family and he's pretty much her first boyfriend. They met through friends/family playing matchmaker for her.

Do you believe the concept that sometimes you just *know* someone is the one for you and thus can have a speedy marriage? Or do you think that a marriage like hers is destined for failure?

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I want to put together a playlist for when I'm feeling really upbeat and like I wanna dance or something.
What songs would you put on such a playlist?

I've already got Tik Tok on there, dont worry.

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Background info:
I have never been in a relationship. I don't flirt very well, and not good at the whole, meeting people thing. But I am just fine around my friends (i.e: they think I'm funny, I'm not substantially awkward)

I have tried internet dating for a while and think that I may have found a pretty nice guy. He seems to be into me, and has yet to raise any serious red flags. I dig him for the most part, except sometimes I find myself making up excuses to not like him (If he texts me something cute or too soon, he's being too clingy.) Just stupid things.
I basically do this with everyone. Make a long list of cons that I make up...

Why am I doing this? Do any of you do this? Whats wrong with me?

If you don't care:

Did you file your taxes already?
Were they e-filed or paper?
How long did it take to get your refund if you already received it?


Been a long time QTC, TQC my question is...
anyone from Vancouver Island, British Columbia?
Near Comox/Courtenay?

I'm moving from Ontario to B.C. in a few hours, for work... never been on a plane, never left home, would love to know people!

catching a cold

Several of my friends have had this nasty, horrible, spluttery cold for the past couple of weeks. Sneezing, big ugly cough, very congested etc. I have had lunch with one, given one a short lift to work in my car, had breakfast with one, otherwise spent time with them and of course then we have my office co-workers, who are all sick with it to varying degrees. And yesterday I started feeling it--itchy throat, tired, stuffy etc. So last night I hugged one of my cold-suffering friends and told him to get better soon, and someone opined that I had just infected myself. I said, "Whatever, my throat has been scratchy all day, I figure I'm doomed." And I added that I hug my child when he's a lot sicker than that and I don't worry about contagion. But seriously, this was a casual hug, not kisses. It was dry and faces were not involved. I'd worry more if he had wanted to shake hands.

Do you avoid hugging someone with a cold, lest you catch your death?

Snow Day?

It's reasonable to not go to work when the highways are snow covered, it's expected to snow 5cm more, work is 45 mins away and you're 7 1/2 months pregnant - right?

I just called into work and I'm feeling mighty guilty. I know I would feel worse though if I got in a car accident and hurt the baby.
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It's a snow day here, and I am home with my children (ages 11, 9, and 8).

They've requested that I make them bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. I requested that they go shovel out the driveway so I didn't have to do it later. They have whined and refused to do so. Am I a bad mom for telling them to just eat cold cereal? I don't think it's right that I have to cook for them when they refuse to help me out.

Edit: Just a little bit of clarifying.

1. My husband and I spent all afternoon yesterday and half the night taking turns shoveling. There's maybe an inch of snow in the driveway to be shoveled. I'm more than willing to shovel again when I have to go out later.

2. I'm not allowing them to NOT do chores, there are some that they still HAVE to do no matter what. It was a simple request I made to them in exchange for the request they made of me. They're free to say no, but they do so at the risk of not getting a special breakfast that is usually reserved for weekends.

3. They're not starving, there's plenty of food in this house that they can prepare for themselves, and they get to play and do whatever.

dk/dc What are your plans today?

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My mom argued and pleaded with me to call out of work due to predicted poor weather conditions (all the schools are closed, but there is no snow yet) I called out and my manager was being a bitch and is really annoyed at me and now I feel like shit.

Have you ever felt guilty about something so stupid?

What if you knew your work was cutting hours for people trying to save money and you think they shouldn't be mad at you, especially if you being out doesn't make anyone's life harder?

How can I feel better?
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Don't you hate when a restaurant has a picture of the animal their food is primarily made from as their logo!? Like a pig at a barbecue restaurant? It makes me totally NOT want to eat there, or meat anywhere ever again.
*betty draper reading


Dr. TQC, today is Day Four of having a sore bottom-right wisdom tooth. I has no moneys and no dental insurance, so I can't go to a dentist. It hurts to open, chew and swallow, but I've been coping so far by taking double-doses of ibuprofen (800 mg at a time) and surviving on soups and oatmeal. It doesn't seem to be getting any better, or any worse, so far... but, people don't DIE from having infected wisdom teeth, do they? D:

What should I do?

keep on chowing down ibuprofen and waiting it out
go to the ER, baby in tow, and get a prescription for antibiotics

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do meteorologists and weathermen get in trouble if their predictions are completely off? a spank on the tush perhaps?

I'm pretty sure our entire city shut down in preparation for the BIG SNOWSTORM, but it is morning, and not a speck of snow is to be seen.

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My mom was telling me a story about one time when I got in trouble in elementary school, because out of my brothers and sisters, it was the only time she's ever had to have a parent teacher meeting.

A girl asked me if I had a staring problem and I asked her if she had a bitch problem haha.

What's the most bad ass thing you've ever done?
(Sadly that is mine)

Have you ever got suspended in elementary school?

For what?

Will I Die?

yesterday after work I picked up some frozen hamburger patties at the store and when I got home I took my bags in and put the stuff away but totally missed that there were no hamburgers. later that evening I did remember and I checked my car and the hamburger were sitting there in the back seat. The temp outside was under 40F and they still felt frozen (not soft and squishy)So tell my TQC are my Hamburgers safe for lunch? or will i die?

I like my burgers just this side of crunchy if that matters.

How do you like your meat cooked?
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What should I do on my snow day?

school work
read my lovable yet trashy chicklit book
watch About A Boy
catch up on my tv shows
clean/tidy up
video games

Space Cadet

Home Depot Service

I'm going to buy a Hotpoint refrigerator from Home Depot and I'm trying to decide if I should get the extended warranty. I know that extended warranties are usually a bad deal, but this is a "repair or replace" warranty on a fridge that will be used in a rental property I own. I'm thinking of getting it so I can give my tenant the contact info and she can go ahead and work out any fridge problems directly with Home Depot.

I'd like to hear from any TQC folks who have an extended warranty from Home Depot and have made a claim. Was the service you received satisfactory? Do you have any complaints or complements about your experience? Warranty war stories are welcome.


dkdc -- Where are your favorite places to go swimming? You are welcome to share a photo of the place if you have one.


Dear TQC,

Should I go to class today? It's at 2:30.

Collapse )

ETA: I wound up e-mailing my professor to let him know I won't be in. And it's started to snow, complete with wind so I think I made the right choice.
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Iphone help

I am usually able to figure out this kind of stuff on my own but I haven't been able to for a month now.... I get everything on Iphone's Mobile Me except how to upload (and backup) my pictures and videos.

I can see my email but not pictures. When I connect the iphone and computer by USB, I don't know what to do.

I am a total Mac-idiot, so be gentle!

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A newly sixteen year old girl is a passenger in a car. It's 4am, friend crashes the car, they find heroin on the friend. Girl's mom wants to sue the friend for the *emotional damage* done to her daughter.

Thoughts? Is that totally ridiculous?

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1) If you were going to choose to learn another language, would you choose based on practicality, because of an interest in a certain culture, or another reason?

2) If you have ever been on the nonreciprocating side of an unrequited love but were still friends with the person, how did you deal with it?

3) If you were the person who loved a friend that didn't love you back, how did you deal with it?

4) Can you think of any situation where a dating or marrying out of pity and not real love turned out well? (please elaborate)
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Have you ever tried one of those creepy mirror tricks? What happened? Example is under the cut.
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Have you ever had a near death experience or known someone who has? What happened? 

Have you ever had a really spiritual experience? What happened? 
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lurking around facebook at people i went to highschool with, a girl posted pictures of a dead guy in an open-casket funeral. these were intentional, and it's not just one, there's five in a row of different angles.

what's the most disturbing thing you've seen on facebook?

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Bored and even though I still have 7 months to go, I want to take a vote on baby names!

Which of these do you prefer?
(One boy and one girl please)

Hannah Ophelia
Hannah Cecelia
Odessa - no middle name
Odessa Sophia
Eisley Hannah

Calvin James
James Calvin
James Ludwig
Lewis James

Everyone in my family has more uncommon names than my husband and I:
Crisia, Nikoli, Kasia, Elsjbeta

We are Christian and Rachael =(

How much would my potential daughter hate me if I named her Winny? (Winifred)
d20 :: natural 1

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It really bothers me that I can't tell the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese just by listening to them. (Of course, the fact that I don't know any Chinese at all is doubtless a contributing factor.)

If you had the resources to learn one or the other, would you study Mandarin or Cantonese?

What languages do you speak, and if you want to learn any more which order would you cover them in? If you don't want to learn any other languages... why the hell not?

I speak English, passable Spanish, and basic Japanese. Realistically I'd probably cover German next, then Arabic, then some form of Chinese.

Don't care: Are you snowed in? Whether or not you are, what are your plans for the day?
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On a scale of 1-10, how angry does Sarah Palin make you (1-not at all; 10-I rue the day she was born).

She doesn't seriously have a chance at the Presidency in '12, does she?

When will she disappear from the public scene?

Don't know or care, are there any public figures that make you angry in general?
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desperate times call for desperate measures...

what are the most "desperate measures" you have taken involving the release of human waste (urine, feces, vomit, uterine lining, blood, semen...)?

maybe a time you couldn't find somewhere to shit so you shit into a plastic bag... or a time when your friend's toilet was broken so you hid your tampon behind their bathtub... list as many true stories as possible.
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For the opening of the Winter Olympics, my family is having a party. Below are the dishes that are already on the menu and the country/region they are supposed to represent (some more accurately than others). What additions would you recommend? I am making crab rangoon, but I can make at least one more dish and my mom and/or sister might, too.

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I'm supposed to have a professor from my college watch me teach a class tomorrow. Today was a snow day and the kids will be going on their week long winter break starting next week.

Is tomorrow a really bad day for her to watch me? Would it be in really bad form to suggest another day? (She said if the snow is bad enough that she will probably cancel anyway...)
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1. Will you help me finish this statement? Also, if there is something grammatically incorrect about it, will you fix that too?
"Don't tell me you feel sorry for me because that makes me think there is something about me that I should be...." 

2. Is there anything you would change about your friends?

3. What's the oldest tagged picture of you on facebook?

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None of my friends will answer me on AIM. So, TQC, which should I watch - Up in the Air or The Blind Side?

Do you try to keep track of calories or other nutrients over the course of the day?
(Inspired by the fact that I'm a little flabbergasted that, according to my new SparkPeople account, I ate 600 calories for breakfast, when I thought it was a considerably healthy breakfast. O_o)

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Has anyone here taken Lexapro and experienced weird...temperatures? lol since i've started taking it i've been incredibly hot, constantly. it was 43 out today and i went out in a tshirt and i wasn't even cold. i'm not running a fever or anything so i don't know what the deal is and my doctor said he hadn't heard of it before but he'd look more into it.

whats the last weird thing you experienced?

i have my first real date this weekend, how the fuck do i get over these jitters?
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I'm having an argument with my Mom- once again. I know this is a community for fun, but I'm hoping for serious answers here. I'm sorry!
Help me sort it out TQC!

Are you okay with gay people? y/n

Are you for or against gay marriage?

Do you think people are born gay, or is it a choice?

What is your age and gender?
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 If you could work at some sort of recreational facility (arcade, bowling alley, golf course, etc) where would you want to work and why? Which job would you want there?
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Sorry if this has already been asked...didn't see it in any recent posts though.

What is google buzz and how is it supposed to be different from wave? (Ok, aside from the obvious difference: buzz is available to everyone and is already here like it or not.)
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Can you think of any good, non-pregnancy related reason to have a civil (state) marriage if you have a huge wedding planned six months later?

Where did I lose my glasses this time?

How much TV do you watch in a week?
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In the US, if you stay in a bed & breakfast or a small motel that is only staffed by the couple who owns it, are you expected to leave tips?

In hotels, which staff members are expected to be tipped?
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When you watch a movie with your parents do they still tell you to "close your eyes" or "don't look!" When a sex/nude scene comes on? How old are you?
-My mom still does, I'm 21.

If you ever go somewhere with your grandma does she do "embarrassing-grandma-stuff"?
-Mine does, she practically holds my hand when we cross a street lol.
ETA: I'm NOT embarrassed by my grandma doing these things now, I think its cute. I just said "embarrassing" because I was embarrassed when I was a kid (8-15ish y/o).

Will you tell me ways in which people still treat you like a kid? (Unless you are a kid, in which case... well I don't know)
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On average, how many hours of sleep do you get in one weekday? on a weekend day?

How long does it take you to fall asleep if you are not excessively tired?

How do you keep yourself awake in class when you feel so drowsy that you can barely keep your eyes open?
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So, TQC, I'm trying to apply to work at the seafood section at a nearby grocery store.

It says on the job description, I "must have knowledge of cooking and cutting techniques." While I have no professional cooking and cutting experience (besides chopping off the heads of trout at my volunteer job) I cook all the time at home. I know how slice, dice, julienne, mince, chop, sautee, pan fry, sweat, steam, boil, bake, and roast. And probably a few other things I can't remember.

Should I put this on my resume? If so, where? Or should I put this in the "Enter any other comments here" box?

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Annoying fashion question time, TQC

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DK/DC: What's the last really stupid thing you've done today?

I left an open bottle of diet coke, that was half-frozen, on my desk, and I went away to get some chips, and when I came back a bunch of pop had been forced up by the frozen bits and it got all over my desk and under my speakers and on the floor behind my desk. At least it's winter now, so it won't attract bugs or anything :C

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Have you ever buttered your toast before putting it in the toaster? I was just thinking about making some toast but I'm not sure if this would work.

What's your favorite breakfast item? Mine are chocolate chip pancakes or bacon.  
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mind the rules

Every time I ride in my friends' car, she doesn't put on her seatbelt or if she does, it's late. Every time. I put mine on first thing because it was always drilled in my head, but not her. Her car will make the warning noise the whole time until she either reaches the place she's going or she puts her seatbelt on, which is usually like 10 minutes or so later. I've warned her about it, told her that it should be the first thing you do, told her that it's not safe, said accidents can happen... it never works. It's annoying.

So, am I wrong to keep on warning her? Should I just resign myself to the fact that she's 21 and should be in charge of her own safety and stop warning her?

Do you always wear your seatbelt no matter how long the trip? (Not like moving a car around, but going someplace a few minutes away.)

DK/DC: What should I have as my first legal alcoholic drink?

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What is one of (or two of...or three of...whatever) the most absurd questions you have ever heard in a class? I'm especially looking for college and higher.

Last week in one of my upper level science classes I helped a girl formulate an equation, it ended up being something like 95x + 4 = 200. Then the conversation went something like this: "What do I do now?" "Solve for x." "How do I do that?" "Are you serious?" "I haven't done math in years!"

And earlier this week in a genetics class (or more, philosophy of genetics) someone asked "what is a chromosome?"
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Reminders and Clocks

So I'm trying to work/study from home, and this whole business is quite new for me. I'm bad at managing my time. Who isn't right? I'll just sit for 5 hours straight working on it, but then I am all burned out. So I want something to remind me to stretch every hour. To eat every 3 hours..etc etc.

Okay, okay, question: Does anyone know of a good free online/downloadable alarm clock (or other reminding device) that can handle multiple settings? For example I want it to ring every hour, two hours, 4 hours..etc. So an alarm clock that can handle multiple settings, without me having to set it every hour?

I just won't notice the clock for hours and when I do I realize I'm sore/hungry/miserable because I lost track of time.

Thanks in advance everyone!
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Tqc I have strep, a fever sore on my upper lip, and there's tons of snow outside. I should reschedule a date I have for tomorrow night y/y?

I really don't want to because I've been stuck in the house since Sunday and it would really nice to go out, but it seems like nothing is going right.
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You have to torture someone by locking them in a room and making them listen to the same song over and over again for 3 days unless they tell you the whereabouts of their nuclear weapons.

What song will they be forced to listen to?
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When you're in other communities/groups do you have to remind yourself that you're not in TQC?

When you see someone who tYpEs lYkE DiS does it bother you? Do you say anything to them about it?

Sarcasm is a way of life? y/y

Should I complain?

TCQ, if you received really bad customer service, would you complain?

I was at the grocery store using the self-check outs. I bought 3 muffins in bulk and keyed in the code... then entered the quantity of 3. The cashier froze the screen and yelled, "You have 4, not 3!" Then she added an extra charge. I was so confused so I showed her that there were in fact only 3 and I was not trying to scam the store out of 99 cents! She came over and checked and mumbled, "stupid" before returning to her little station. Then she left the charge on and went to go harrass someone else. I was in a hurry and didn't want to deal with her so I just paid the extra for the muffin I didn't have. It's only 99 cents, whatever.

As I was driving home I started thinking maybe I should write a complain letter. It just makes me not want to shop there anymore (but I don't have a lot of other options). Will someone actually read my letter or will it fall on deaf ears and be pointless?

Thanks for any advice!

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Let's say you have your Tarot cards read (purely amusement, no life planning). Woman says that you're going on a trip, you say there isn't one planned. The next day you're invited on a trip.

How many things would need to match up before you think this woman might be somewhat ...credible? (for lack of a better)

Have you ever had a Tarot card reading or physic reading that was really accurate? Any details?

(no subject)

My friends and I are going to a nightclub in New York on Friday and due to the train schedule we'll be there until 4am. None of us have been to this club before (Pacha) and we're not used to being in NYC during those early morning hours, so in case we get bored with the club and want to go somewhere else what places would be open around 1am?

Edit: The club is on West 46th street so anything in the area or near Penn Station would be a plus

save the dates

I was browsing the couples on this site after being asked to vote for a friend, and found this picture of this couple's save the date. It's the best one I've ever seen.


What do you think?

What was/will be your save the date when you get married?

Will you tell me about interesting/unique wedding invitations, save the dates, favors, cakes or weddings themselves you've seen?

(no subject)

This is so gross, but I had to ask it somewhere because google has given me a bunch of people looking for the same answer without anybody really saying they tried something that worked.

Our dog just started eating our new cat's poop out of his litter box. So gross, I know. What the hell can we do to keep the dog from eating the poop? We can't keep the cat locked up in that room all day, so we need to leave the door open for him, but that allows the dog to roam in there and have her treat. Yuck :( Have you ever had this problem? What works?!
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(no subject)

I am not kitchen savvy. Im pretty culinarily stupid actually. I want to put diced chicken in a pasta.

How do I cook the chicken? Bake? Fry?....boil?

Its getting mixed with veggies and cream of chicken if that matters
Bite me, bitch...

And then what?

If you believe in the concept of an afterlife, what does it consist of? If you don't, why not?

If there's so many supposed mediums, why don't we have a definite answer on this yet?


What doomsday theories do you know and which, if any, do you think may be true?

(no subject)

Dr. TQC-

On a bottle of amoxicillin I found, it says "use before 2/15/10". I started taking some earlier today. Will it still work? Am I going to die?

DK/DC- What is your favorite Subway/other sandwich shop sandwich?

Today for lunch, I had a turkey sub on herb and cheese bread with pepperjack cheese, green peppers, jalapenos and southwest sauce. So good, but I feel like I'm pooping razorblades lubed with hot sauce :(
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(no subject)

Why does it seem like everyone got engaged in the past week?

If you were to audition for the Bachelor/ette, what would you say in your video/application?

Have you ever tried the Jack LaLanne juicer?

Anyone else watching the Charlie Brown Valentine's Day special?

Do you think Peppermint Patty and Marcie are really lesbians? Who the hell started that theory anyway?

Why am I in love with the guy from work I hooked up with that things are now super weird with (the one who gives me goofy smiles and looks now) even though I know this may not be a good idea?

(no subject)

What the fuck is up with this straight edge dude on my local forum that keeps claiming straight edge people are better than non-straight edge people? And he definitely doesn't mean health.

EDIT: What the hell is a person in Green Bay, Wisconsin doing on a Singaporean forum, anyway?
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(no subject)

Well, I don't know how but I got sucked into a racism debate.
Do any of you have some online links to any race or gender related essays/blogs/etc that blew your mind or explain things in perfect logic?

I have some links, but I'm on a different cpu and can't remember them. I don't think "stuff white people do" is gonna cut it.
Cookies if Affirmative Action is mentioned.
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(no subject)

Do you feel TQC responds better when you only ask one or two questions, versus asking 3 or more? Why do you think that is? Do you feel like it matters if the questions are all related?

What are you watching?
Miss Congeniality

What are you listening to?
rainymood.com is on in the background

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if you have had success with making pão de queijo (brazilian cheese rolls), what recipe did you use? the ones i've found on the internet have been really different from one another and i don't know which one to choose!

(no subject)

Do you sing in the shower?
Do you dance in the shower?
Do you do anything in the shower that might be outside the norm (aside from having sex or masturbating, which is not abnormal)?

Don't know or care, will you tell TQC your morning and evening routine?

(no subject)

Would you bother making/eating dinner if it was late-ish (for you, at least) and you were planning to go to sleep within the next hour and a half or so?

What was the last tv show you watched? Was it on tv, DVR/Tivo, or did you watch it on your computer (Hulu, iTunes, downloaded from somewhere else)?

(no subject)

Inspired by a conversation with my mother and my brother:

Do you have a moral code you try to live by?

Rank these virtues (arranged alphabetically): compassion, courage, fairness, honor, integrity.

Also: Apostle Paul or John? And why?
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Best drug store non-smudging mother smurfing mascara?

I am using Lash Blast Waterproof and it's making me a sad raccoon (or panda, your black eyed animal of choice). I've also used Almay One Coat that did the same, and before that I was using some Bourgeois that did, too. If there's a pricey brand (but still not OMG pricey) that I can get with relative ease, you can tell me about that, too.

Oh, and I'm looking more for volume, not length, but honestly anything that doesn't make me look like a sad, tired hag will do.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

(no subject)

Have you ever had a cranial sacral massage? I have a gift certificate and I want to treat myself to a massage on Valentine's Day. I'm looking up different massages on their website and this one looks interesting.

Also, will you post a picture of the cutest animal in the world?
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So I technically have a date tomorrow as long as classes remain un-cancelled, I think. We're going for sushi, and this will be a first date. My original goal was to attempt to look pretty nice, but with the snow all over the city, I am thinking wearing my cute new shoes will mean disaster for them. This means I probably will have to resort to wearing my doc martens, which I love but are not especially attractive, or for ultimate snowproofing, a pair of snowboots I have that really aren't cute at all but keep my feet really really warm and dry.

Should I wear the outfit I originally had planned even though it went with the black dressier shoes and not the (brown) docs or the (brown) snowboots? I really hate wearing black with brown, so this option seems terrible to me, but I was in love with this outfit.

Should I find something that goes with brown shoes in either situation? If so, would you wear the ugly warm snowboots or the non ugly, but casual shoes?

Should I suck it up and just wear my super pretty shoes with the original outfit? My biggest concern with this is that I literally just bought them three days ago, and really would prefer not to ruin them, and I feel like that'd probably happen in this weather.

Don't care - What kind of sushi should I get? I've only had it twice before, and haven't had anything super adventurous, but I like tuna a lot so I'm thinking maybe something with that. This is the menu, if you'd like to make suggestions of deliciousness.

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How can I get this garlic smell out of my hands?  
I've tried scrubbing with salt and rubbing them on stainless steel (both several times) and it hasn't helped.  Other suggestions?

Can you chop an onion without tearing up?
I thought I could, but tonight was horrible!  My eyes stung so badly.

What's your favorite scent of candle?

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So after 2 weeks of tooth pain, i'm pretty sure it's my wisdom teeth coming through and causing the others to become overcrowded, in turn pushing one at a funny angle.
When will it stop hurting?!
I can see myself having to have the wisdom teeth removed, if not the one thats being pushed out. Can you tell me stories about how easy and not scary it is to have teeth removed?
If I do have to have them pulled, I should do it in my Easter holiday when I don't have any work, y/y?
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1.) So there's this guy in my university Model UN club who is exactly like my first boyfriend in nearly every way, shape, and form. Same voice, same physical appearance, same mannerisms, same personality quirks, similar interests. I can pretty much accurately predict this guy's every move by thinking about what my ex would do. They have never met, and most likely never will. It's really really really fucking creepy.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

2.) Who's a celebrity you've been told you look like?

3.) Who's excited for the Olympics?

4.) Toque or scarf?

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If you happen to have the Blackberry Curve 8900 of the T-Mobile Dash, would you tell me about it? Pros, cons, just anything in general. I've watched a million [exaggeration] reviews and I am still undecided.