February 9th, 2010


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I have a test in my criminology class at 6 pm. It's 1:24 am right now. I was debating studying, but I have a really bad headache that's migrating to behind my eyes, and I'm pretty tired.

Should I just go to bed and study for a few hours tomorrow? If it matters, this stuff is really easy and I already feel pretty confident without even studying.

dk/dc: What deodorant do you use?
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What do you define as prose fiction?

Backstory: I joined a writing group at my school and was told upon entering that it was for strictly prose fiction.  Fine, that's what I write, I have no issues with that.  So I was expecting serious, well written, quality fiction. 
I did not expect to read a story for children about fake animals who give bad luck.
I did not expect to read a story about a tourist who has no money and holds someone up in Hong Kong so he can buy 2000 cigarettes. 
(and I use the word story very loosely considering that both of these pieces had barely any real description or plot)
Etc etc.

So, here's the other question: do I just have a very narrow idea of prose fiction, or are people submitting ridiculous things?
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When you get a crotch (Brazilian) wax, do you expect them to wax your asshole?

What would you do if they didn't wax your asshole? What's the right way to say, "can you put hot wax on my asshole?"
first love

to the Macs!

My laptop did indeed bite the dust.

So now I'm in the market for a new one. Dell seems like a good bet, but after looking on Ebay, it seems that I can get a used Macbook for about the same cost as customizing a Dell.

So: whats the cheapest place to buy a Macbook (or macbook pro)?

Ebay looks alright, but I'm wondering if there are better deals out there.

Can be used, refurbished, doesn't matter as long as it works and works well.


A couple years ago, I had a Mac G4. I found some really good deals on them refurbished, but I have questions (i'm not tech savvy).

I know that technology gets outdated really quickly, so if I got a G4 today would it die really really soon? Would it need updates to run all proper like with new internet technologies? Etc advice on buying older model computers would also be helpful.

Any and all advice from Mac owners (or techies in general) would be very appreciated. I don't want to spend a lot and get screwed.
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I dreamt I was talking to someone on a video phone, and they were about to tell a very interesting and awesome story about some craziness friends of mine had gotten into. I was eager to hear it but had to pee, so I told the person to wait just a moment while I went to the bathroom. And then I woke up.

What were they going to tell me??? I want to know the story =(

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What is your favorite kind of bread for toast?
What do you love to put on toast?

Where did you buy your first bra?

Where do you buy your facial cleansers?
Where do you buy your makeup?

SVU marathon anybody? I've got oodles of poptarts!

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trying to dye my hair from orange to platinum blonde is asking for disaster, right?
salons are too expensive but i have an interview tomorrow and need my hair to be a "natural" color but going back to brown would make me too sad.
have you ever done your own hair bleach job? how did it turn out?

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How did you and your significant other meet?
How long was it before you became a couple, and how did it come about?

If you have no significant other, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?

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I'm an Undergrad Biology major. I'm trying to plan ahead to the summer where I'm going to need a job.

I would like to get a job at the hospital, but I frankly don't know what I would apply for?

My only past work experience is a food clerk at a deli, a cashier at Sea World, and basic office work at my University's Admissions Office.
So I doubt I'm even qualified for anything at a hospital past entry-level.

I'm not entirely sure what career path I want either; (aka Im not looking to be a doctor), just something health related i guess. So work whether volunteer or paid in a hospital will be good.

My questions are:
What jobs could I apply for?
Where would I even apply for them?
Do hospitals have online application websites or do I have to apply in person?

I'm basically clueless so any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to get some idea of what I'm going to need to look for, plan for.


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They must be flat. The model is wearing a red shoe, but red shoes and a red dress? Eh, I don't know. I'm thinking silver, but am not completely sold on it. Also, sandals in October? It should still be warm, but is it more appropriate to go with a peep-toe style?

me cartoony


Have any of you tried Dr. Scholl’s Fitness Walkers or Skechers Shape-ups? I’m trying to decide which to buy based on which one works better for toning. I’m hoping it’s the Dr. Scholl’s since they’re less expensive.

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I have a very long shift ahead of me, where I am not expected to do anything at all aside from microwave something every 3ish hours.

So, my question to you is:
What movies/TV shows would you recommend I watch on Instant Netflix tonight?

I recently finished the first seasons of Dead Like Me and this Australian show called Satisfaction, and I loved them both, but season 2 is not available yet for either one... .so now I'm at a loss! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

(My apologies for adding to all the other movie questions!)

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One of my housemates is taking massive liberties and has her boyfriend round 5 days every week, for every week. He's not contributing ANYTHING to the house, doesn't even come down to see anyone else. He's got his own house and car, they just can't have sex there because he lives with his mother. Exactly.

We need to talk to him and her about it, because it's not fair they're doing this, but I hate confrontation, TQC. How do I approach it?

ETA: He *is* using resources. Smokes in our (by-contract non-smoking) kitchen, blocks our drive, and is very noisy all night.
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I have strep =/. I also have work this afternoon, and I'm trying to hear back from one girl, while I know my supposed bff has the afternoon completely off, but can't go in for me because "she has to do stuff with her mom". I'm a little peeved. Am I right in being so? It's fine. Usually when we have to call out, we should have someone to replace us, but as soon as I said "strep" they were like "STAY THE FUCK AWAY" so it's good.

I haven't eat a full meal since Sunday since it hurts to eat pretty much anything. Besides soup, what are other things I could eat that won't irritate my throat too much?

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Do you think that health insurance premiums should have health-based/wellness incentives that factor into your premium? For instance if you try to lose weight through diet and exercise or quit smoking or something like that and it is shown in tests that you health has improved, your premium could be reduced by a certain amount. And if you start smoking again or start eating a Big Mac every day and tests show your health is becoming poorer, your rates could be increased.
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are there any friends of yours of the opposite gender, that when you hang out together people ALWAYS assume you two are in a relationship? want to share an awkward story or two about that?

one of my friends and i always get assumed that we're together. they never ask, just assume. today i went with him to look at the rottiweiler that he's getting and the guy talking to us asked if we had any kids.

also same friend and i used to work together at a grocery store. one day while he was cashiering and i was cashiering about 5 checkstands away a customer pointed to me and asked him if we were married. we were nowhere near each other. awkward.

ETA: if this doesn't happen to you, will you tell me some awkward assumptions people make about you?
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My coworker just told me he wants to cheat on his fiance with me. I should take him up on this, y/y? (jk.)

A 21 year old man at my university died on Sunday morning by being too drunk and slipping on some gravel while crossing a railroad track. He hit his head on cement and bled to death.

What was the last thing that made you realize that life is fleeting and unpredictable?

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There are loud noises of someone sawing something... possibly metal? I am in a top floor apartment, what is going on? Should I be expecting someone to pop through my ceiling shortly?

What strange happenings are going on where you are?

How can I fix my cutlery drawer? The front came off it and I can't just nail it back on because the wood the nails were in snapped off too.

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Has your Facebook home page changed yet? What are your thoughts on this?
How early is to early to have a glass of wine?
How often do you have alcoholic beverages?
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If I told you a train leaving Columbus, going at 85mph to Denver is departing at 12:30pm, and a train leaving Little Rock, going at 65mph to Helena was departing at 2pm...what question would cross through your mind?

What time will these 2 trains intersect? Will they intersect?
Oh goody! It's apparently a math question!
Who still catches trains anymore?
Trains? How the hell am I supposed to fap to trains?
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What is on your to-do list today?
Get a new umbrella and lip pencil, study, vacuum out my car, tidy up my room, set my hair...and tons I'm forgetting :(

Do you prefer to pay with debit, credit, or cash? What does your card of choice look like?
I prefer to pay with cash, but if not, I'll use my Hello Kitty BofA debit card

What bank do you do your primary banking with?

Do you have direct deposit? If not, how do you receive your money?
Yes. If I didn't have it, I would get a paycard that costs me money to get my check.

Since I'm marking this post don't notify, does that mean if you comment, and I reply, you won't get my comment reply? Or do I just get to enjoy the fruits of no notification?
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Knowing that I won't be going anywhere today, should I straighten my hair? It'd give me something to do, but I'd be damaging my hair for nothing. So should I straighten it?


Also, what are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?
The Dresden Dolls - "The Gardener"

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Is ice cream a seasonal treat for you? Do you eat ice cream in winter?

I eat it all the time and people are like IT'S 15 DEGREES OUT ARE YOU CRAZY!!? I don't get it. It's not like I'm eating outside in the cold or something.
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TQC, I'm really frustrated. >=[
So my laptop's primary photo viewer is windows live photo gallery. I keep trying to crop a picture and then save the cropped one separately but it won't let me, so HOW DO I DO THIS?

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If you were taking a shit in a McDonald's bathroom, and Ronald McDonald walked in and went into the stall next to you. Then suddenly you heard him laugh deeply and bellow "Im the human butt wiping machine!" would you investigate further?

If not, do you think your curiosity would haunt you?

NY state pharmacy refil

A CVS pharmacist (in NY) told me today that he couldn't refill my prescription, because it was originally filled in a different pharmacy (it was, in a different CVS pharmacy, also in NY). He said that there supposedly is a law in NY forbidding them to refill prescriptions if they weren't originally filled in their store. Sounds like BS to me, because I'm sure I've refilled in different pharmacies before... Do you know anything about this?

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Are there any social situations you're terrible at reading?

I can almost always tell with a good degree of certainty when someone in the room has a thing for someone else in the room, yet once I''m one of those people, I get all turned around. Sometimes I think the other person feels it too, but then a moment later I'm pretty convinced they're not interested or perhaps only tolerate me.

I was just watching this movie my friend made and I honestly can't tell you if it's good or bad. I'll avoid a cheesewheel and just sum up in words. I enjoyed it. However, his character in the movie was basically him in real life with a different name/circumstances. It didn't feel scripted but the personality was totally him. Is that good acting or bad?

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I need a good computer in the price range of under 500 dollars. One that has Word on it and space to put pictures off my camera but other than that I'm open as long as it is not a Dell. Any suggestions?

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I was thinking about getting a small tattoo done in white ink on my wrist, just saying "This is water." (From David Foster Wallace's commencement address at Kenyon, which is here if you are at all interested.)  I really want to have this done, but I have some concerns.

Do you think that it be noticeable enough to have to worry about covering it up at future jobs? From what I've read, it seems like most white ink tattoos tend to look like scars after they've healed, and ideally this tattoo wouldn't prevent me from wearing shorter sleeves.

Also: what are some good websites that have nice fonts for things like this? I don't mind paying for fonts as long as they're not too pricey. If you have any specific font recommendations, that would be awesome too!
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Have you ever made dumplings before? I just bought some dumpling wrappers and I don't know how to cook them. I don't want to deep fry them, and I don't own a wok or a bamboo steamer. Help! I asked cooking but since posts are moderated, I don't know if I'll get an answer in time.

Do you like or hate cooking questions on TQC?

What should I watch on Hulu tonight?

Is your hair your natural hair color? If not, do you miss your natural hair color? If it is, do you want to change it? To what? I have naturally reddish brown hair and I've been thinking of getting highlights or something.... but I feel guilty about it =/ From the ages of 16 to about 25, I never had my natural hair color. Now that I do, I feel like I shouldn't mess with it. But I'm bored.
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Oh. Well then.

TQC, have you ever received a bizarre message on Facebook or some other networking site? Have you ever felt the need to report someone?

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So tell me, am I going to be raped and murdered by Kefka? On a scale of 1 to 10, how freaked out would you be to get this message from a total stranger? I'm not really worried about it myself, but it is the first time I can recall getting a message from a total stranger on Facebook, let alone something like this.

EDIT~! My sister found out who it is. It's some guy (who I've never talked to but know of) from World of Warcraft (which I haven't played in months) who is a known misogynist and has sent me hateful and threatening messages before through another sock puppet account. Makes it slightly more creepy, but at least I know.

On another note, I joined the community a few months ago on my newer LJ account but I'm still not able to post entries or comments. Y U H8? :'(
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Poll #1523501 movies

If I go to the movies tonight, which of these should I see?

Dear John
It's Complicated
The Book Of Eli
When In Rome
Edge of Darkness
From Paris With Love

mtn, girl

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so, my 9 month old little girl hit some buttons on my keyboard and now I my browser is full screen and I can only access other things if I roll my cursor over the top where the task bar should be....
how do I fix this back to default?

eta: thanks!
now, why am i getting 7 emails of the same comment from each person!?
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Do any of you use e.l.f. makeup products? If so, what do you think of them?
A friend of mine suggested them to me and since it's all so cheap I tried some of it out. I am now officially in love with their $1 eyeliner pen and I kind of want to try their mineral line.

What is the last thing that made you vocally express surprise?
I looked out my window to see that it's snowing again, wtf. We've already got like a foot of snow!

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do you plan to get a tattoo soon?

why did you choose what you did for your upcoming tattoo (if you're getting one)?

have any questions you need to ask tqc about this tattoo?

did you get it out of your system yet?

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do you know of any belief systems that don't let their women cut their hair or wear makeup, but let them wear pants, have jobs, use electronic stuff, and otherwise live an average mainstream life?
Liz Lemon

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Do you think that snooping on someone is ever justified? Is there a difference between a person snooping on their significant other versus a parent snooping on their child?

Have you ever snooped on someone? Find anything interesting?
The Time I Forgot How to Sit Down

Prejudiced Against All Races?

Right so I got a letter in the mail today saying I've been selected for Jury Duty!

It's supposed to be a 6 week criminal trial and sounds like srs bsns.

I don't do well in enclosed situations, have anxiety issues and also have a short attention span.

How should I get out of this?

SRS/Non-SRS answers welcome!

ETA: I'm in Australia, so answers from Aussies also appreciated :O)
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I just came across a girls myspace who took  EVERYTHING off of mine and pasted it onto hers. Would you be irritated? I am.

EDIT: and my profile is PRIVATE and she even took things out of my livejournal. WHAT THE HELL.
anontang DA

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TQC, it was so cold and the wind was blowing so hard today that it made my legs burn, and my legs are super, super dry. Can you recommend a good body lotion to rectify the dryness? Seems like the lotions I've used aren't moisturizing at all. I've tried Vaseline, Aveeno, and Dove.

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Today, my boyfriend worked all day then came home to snow plow the driveway, do the dishes, give the dog a bath, and is now watching our kid until I get off work. What nice thing should I do in return?

DK/DC: Would you rent the Jersey Shore house if you could afford it?

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Can you suggest some LJ communities or websites (aside from TQC) I should read in order to waste time?
Are you a character?

Don't know or care, what are you doing tonight? Snow-bound people, how are you keeping yourself entertained?
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So I follow a stupid amount of people who post pointless articles on twitter in their spare time, and this was one of the links that someone posted.

What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers

The last video of the girl from Argentina is pretty good, but the music video in post #1 after Family Guy is really awesome. As the description says "pure eye candy" I loved it.

What is your opinion of this?

For people whose first language is not English - is this close to what it first sounded like?

How many of you like to imitate other languages? Which ones are your favorites to imitate?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I am going on a dress up date on Friday and I want to look hot.

Some people say NO to tights.
Some people say yes to (purple) tights (shown in picture.)
Some people say black tights/nylons.


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Legal drug quatresprincess at greatestjo

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Commiserate with me TQC.

What's the worst thing you've ever been forced to read? Why did you have to read it? What made it so bad?

I'm reading The System of Comics by Tierry Groesteen for class. It's the doctoral thesis of a German man, written in French, and translated into English by two French Canadian linguistics Professors. I really didn't think it was possible to make comics this boring but boy have I been proven wrong. It's like reading the manual to the Batmoblie. Sure, everything associated with Batman SHOULD be awesome, but when you break it down its still just made of fuel lines and break pads and all those other things that you've never really given a shit about before.
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AFTER you poop, do you wipe until you're almost finished (let's say 75% done or so) or completely done?

Sorry about the confusion. And sorry about the confusion again. Yeesh.


Cadbury Creme Egg

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What are your plans this February 14th?

And do you love/hate/not care about Valentine's Day?

V-Day doesn't affect me as I don't have a partner, but I think it's sweet to see all the couples out being romantic. And I love the half-price Valentine's candy the next day. But I do obviously think people should treat their partners well all year, not just on one day. This Sunday I'm going to some kind of Chinese New Year celebration...I'M SO EXCITED!
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1a. In reference to lustyevilgnome's post below: do you ever look at the health score sheets that restaurants are required to post? Does the number really bother you? Do you look at the violations, and then decide?
I do, and I'll decide based on the number if I will eat there or not. I don't look for individual violations unless I'm waiting and just standing around.

1b. What is the lowest score you've ever seen?
54, at Chili's

2. In the movie Pretty Woman, why does she get so butthurt when he treats her like a prostitute? If it walks like a duck...

3. What's a movie you would have liked if it weren't for things like I mentioned in #2?

DK/DC: What is your non-alcoholic drink-of-choice?
I <3 TLV

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Which would you rather drink RIGHT NOW?

Milkshake (any type of milk)
Alcoholic beverage
Coffee or espresso drink

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THANKS GUYS. I feel I better understand this weird state in which I live and its weather patterns.

What is the purpose of backing your car in to a driveway before a snowstorm?

Backstory: we have a 2-car driveway; my upstairs neighbors came by to ask me if it was okay that they backed their car in so that it's front-facing-the-street, because of the snow. I could tell they were asking to be courteous but I had NO idea why they'd be asking me that, and was like "uhh yeah whatever, I don't care which way your car is pointing." I'm from NYC and never had to deal with cars there, and these girls are from some snowy rural part of New England. They seem to know snow things.

Is it somehow helpful to them to be facing the street in snowy weather? And is it inconvenient for me?

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I have to choose a book from this list for a major assignment in my English class.

Which book do you suggest?

Edit: the list is obviously long, if you dont feel like glancing at it then save your time (which you must not have a lot of... ....naht ... . ) and dont click 'comment' either

and..... is livejournal sending you a million emails for the same comment as well? WHAT THE FUCK! :(

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Will you tell me about your pet(s)?

What advice would you give to someone who is considering getting a cat?

Also, is it true that indoor cats - [ETA] who don't have any other cat friends to be with - get get lonely and bored easily?
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In my recent snow days I've been watching a bunch of Degrassi:TNG on Netflix. now I'm watching the episode where Liberty becomes manager of the girls' floor hockey team, and the boys' teams get more funding because there's more boys' teams than girls'.
Is there no equivalent of Title IX in Canada (which basically says schools must have equal opportunities for sports and other activities for girls and boys)? How would I find this out? None of my google phrasing has worked so far.

If you don't care, when's the last time it snowed where you are?
dianna agron ;;

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So I just finished watching "Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep" (lol@shit science fiction) and I realised the one thing that always pisses me off in horror films is when people die and their friends appear to not give a crap. They're all "NOOOO JIMINY-BOB IS DEAD oh but we survived, HOORAY! *throws a party*"

Which movie cliche/thingthatalwaysseemstohappen bugs you the most?
What was the last incredibly shit film that you watched? & WHY DID YOU WATCH IT THEN?!

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Okay, so I pronounce Yoshi as yah-shee. Not yo-shee. Everyone tells me I am insane, but in my head I hear the Yoshi saying it's name like that in a game. Do you happen to know which game this might be?

Rename and...

If you were going to rename yourself on LJ, what would it be?

anaphylexis, finally ditched donnajane757. very happy about that...

Any good sites for playlists? Besides tinymixtapes?

I have well over 200 cd's (cases and all), the Hubs thinks I should ditch the cases (keeping the liner notes) and put them all in binders. I'm not sure I want to as I like all the packaging. Which option would you chose, cases or binders?

edit: What should I make the Hubs for Valentine's Day dinner?


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Which musicians do you like that everyone else considers to be cheesy?
Meat Loaf
Which genre(s) of music do you like that everyone else considers to be cheesy?
80s rock

Don't know or care, have you seen any movies that made you feel sympathetic towards the villain?
Peggy Blink

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What are your plans for February 14th?
I am making home made French onion soup, a fresh salad, and a heart-shaped red velvet cake with PINK GLITTER SPRINKLES! and bought some body paint pens. ;) My SO's making some chicken and asparagus dish with hollandaise sauce. Mmm. Now my room mate needs to stay on good terms with her baby daddy because she told me the house would be mine that night, but she keeps bitching about him, so IDK. :(

How do you keep yourself motivated when unemployed?
I feel like dying right now, but that's not productive.

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7 other CUNY schools have already closed for tomorrow, why is mine not yet among them?

NYC is supposed to get a bunch of snow- if my school does NOT close, should I skip anyway and tell my professors I couldn't come in because of the weather? (It would give me time to get a bunch of stuff done)

ETA: If you were snowed in, how long would you survive with the food you have assuming unlimited water and a means to cook?

How about with only a can opener and a candle?

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1. I've notice that there are a bunch great new commercials floating around on television lately. What is your current favorite?

2.This is for non-American TCQers, after reading Sesame Street: A Celebration of Life on the Street, I am curious. What is the version of Sesame Street like in your country? What is it called? Did you watch it as a kid?

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