February 8th, 2010


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best television chef?
either ina garten or mario batali, the only person i can ever forgive for wearing orange crocs in public

most repulsive, non-rachael-ray (such an easy answer) television chef?
not really a chef, but that female judge on chopped who always looks like her eyelids weigh 40 lbs each. such a bitch.

these are the billboard top 100 songs for this week. which one can't you get out of your head?

was anyone actually rooting for the colts?

would you rather view the existing kim kardashian/ray j sex tape or the hypothetical kim kardashian/reggie bush sex tape? i mean just wondering.
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We all know at least one person to whom we just wish we could say something, but we don't -- because we know it's mean, or rude, or snarky, or because that person is our superior, our friend, or our loved one.

So without disclosing who it is you wish you could say it to: what is the one thing you wish you could say, but can't?

need some sleepin'

my biological clock is screwed up.
i've been finding it so difficult to sleep at night these days.
it's going to be 1 am soon.

1.does anyone have any insomnia solutions? what do i do?

i've been eating dinner later than usual.

2.could this be one of the factors that makes the "non-sleeping" worse?
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If you have a cut that you keep covered with a band-aid/plaster, do you generally find it's better to keep it uncovered at night?
I got a rusty nail in my foot earlier can't decide if leaving the bandaid off while I sleep will be beneficial or not...

Do you keep up with your vaccines?
Not really. I have whatever it is I need for college, but I refuse to get the meningitis vaccines. I don't get flu vaccines, though I'm considering getting the hot dog flu vax to be on the safe side.

When you get vaccines, like the flu, do you get sick immediately after, or generally stay well?

DK/DC: What color is your hair right now?
suuuuuuuper blonde

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So, TQC. I have to write a research paper for class. I've got to pick ANY culture of America and ask a specific question about that culture (and answer it). And she wants it to be something intriguing / not overdone.

The first thing that came to my head was Furries, lol. They're kind of their own culture. I was thinking I could ask something like, 'What shines a worse light on America: the unusual things that Furries do (making America look like we've got a bunch of weird sex addicts running around) or the rest of America's negative attitude towards Furries (making America look judgmental and close minded)?' Or something like that.

What do you think about the subject of a research paper being on Furries? Do you think I'd find enough stuff on them? I'm afraid that this specific question would be really hard to answer, seeing as 'how America comes off' is really subjective. I dunno, I might do Star Wars / Sci-fi culture instead.

If you dk, what was the weirdest thing you've ever done a paper on?
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Ok, there is a Petco opening by me and I want to apply, but I am getting a bit worried about all the negative things people say about working there(maltreatment of animals, craptastic management, misinformed groomers...). I need a job badly, so idk...

Have any of you worked at a petco/petsmart? Any advice? Should I just suck it up and work there or look else where? :\

edit::: thanks guys. If anything, it will be some help towards the training I'm getting this summer. :)

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Okay guys, I know you can help me with this.

This weirdo keeps messaging me on OkCupid. And not instant messaging, either; the full put-some-effort-into-it messages. I'm listed as "seeing someone" so I have no idea what his intentions are. It's possible he just wants to hang out and be friends but, regardless, I'm not interested because he just sounds so fucking boring.

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My first instinct was to just reply, "I hate you." What do you think? Too harsh? Not harsh enough? Suggestions?

Edit: OBVIOUSLY I could just stop replying or block him or whatnot. But that wouldn't be nearly as satisfying.

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 I recently got an enV touch from verizon, and I'm wondering what type of MicroSD cards they use. I've never had the removable memory before, and I'd really like it. I was wondering if you could just buy a microsd card at wal-mart or something, and then use that or if they have sd cards spefic for each phone.

So! For you people who know, can I use any plain microsd card or do I needone specific for my phone?
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To add to an earlier question, does anyone know of sites where you can post pictures of your rooms and people can give you design ideas? We just bought our house and we're going to re-do the kitchen and our bedroom.
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Adoption and sleeping.

Inspired the adoption-related questions that have been popping up here.

Have you adopted any children, or know anyone who has? If so, will you share with the class what the process was like?

DK/DC: What kind of silly things does your body do when you're starting to drift off? Do you twitch before falling asleep? Have you ever twitched so hard/made a noise so loud that you woke yourself up?
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Guys, I've been single now for about a year. I've been in one long term relationship, and have failed miserably so far in rebounding and moving on despite me initiating the break up. To say the least I'm incredibly discouraged.

I'm 24 years old. Please tell me I'm not going to turn into an old hag of a cat lady! Alternatively and preferably, what are your suggestions for getting back into the dating scene when you don't do bars/clubs, are out of school  and most of your friends have left town?

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Have you ever actually seen a C-string? It's basically a g-string/thong but more.

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How the heck do they stay on?

Have you ever worn them or know anyone who have? How is it?
If you haven't, would you wear it?

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If your class at 11:25 am was cancelled (sign-in sheet on the door saying "mrs. ____ will not be here today-no class, but you must sign in), would you assume the lab for that class, taught by the same teacher, at 1 pm was also cancelled? If so, do you think there will be another sign-in sheet for the lab?

I'm in this position. Id really like to go home, but I live 30 minutes away, so once I'm home, I'm there for good. I don't know whether I should wait around to see if I need to sign something for lab. :/

Dk/dc: what's for lunch?

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Through facebook I just found out my friend from work passed away. It's really confusing me because he was 23 and seemed fine. Has something this weird ever happened in your life? Like, someone without any obvious medical problems just dropping dead.

Is it a negative side effect of facebook that this news travels so fast, or a positive side? Opinions please.

What are your favorite store bought chocolate chip cookies?

What is your favorite home made chocolate chip cookie recipe?

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I am given the opportunity to inform my class on anything I want for 3 to 5 minutes. From Martin Luther King to Down Syndrome to how to paint walls. Literally anything! What should I talk about?

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1.) I'm feeling so down today, for numerous reasons. Will You post a funny pic, youtube video, joke, kitty macro, or something along those lines for me?

2.) Do you watch court TV shows? If so, which Judge is your favorite and why?

3.) What's the last really dumb thing you did? What did you do to remedy it?
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It's supposed to snow more tomorrow. What did DC/MD/VA/PA do to piss off Old Man Winter? I say BRING IT!

If you don't care/don't live around here, when was the last time the weather where you lived was completely nuts?

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Do you have a good immune system?

I get sick all the time - at least once every three months, and in the winter I basically always have a cold/the flu/gastroenteritis. Any tips for boosting my immune system? I'm a little skeptical of things like Airborne etc. as there's no scientific evidence that, uh, they do anything, but I'm open to anecdata.
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TQC I need your help.

Earlier my little kitten escaped my house and now he won't come back. All my attempts at getting him have failed and he runs away when anyone tries to go after him. We've tried leaving out food, which he comes to, but again runs away when anyone comes near. We've only had him for a short time so he isn't very fond of us which makes this a little more difficult.

Does anyone know how I can get my kitten back? I might have to resort to trapping him in some way if I can't catch him. Anyone have any ideas???? :(

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Did my neighbor die?

Sometimes notes will pile up on their door for days or weeks, and last night I heard one of the maintenance guys out in the hall talking into his radio. He said, "You want me to knock on a resident's door because they aren't answering their phone?" He knocked and there was no answer. He knocked again and again before giving up and finally leaving.

Today, coming home after class, I saw one of those huge rent-a-dumpsters in front of the building. It was filled with tables, chairs, bookcases, and miscellaneous furniture. The door in question was open but I couldn't see inside--someone had blocked it off with a large wooden panel, and a strange smell was coming out. Not like a death smell, but something like candles or incense.

If my neighbor DID die, how did he or she kick the bucket?
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Will you go to canvaspaint.org, draw a map of the world, and then post it here for us to discuss?

Difficulty: You are not allowed to cheat and look at a map before or while you are drawing, and it would be better if you didn't look at anyone else's drawings before you do your own. I want to see what people think the world looks like in their head, and what parts we emphasize or even forget!

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LAWL MISTAKE Sorry guys.

How's the weather?

Do you ever wait too long to eat and then get real dizzy and stuff?

Doesn't facebook chat SUCK?

Did you know that where it says "Allow Comments?" it now says "Don't Notify" instead of "Don't Email"?
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 Hello folks! Does anyone know how to get rid of the yellow highlight completely? I'm filling out this list for the boss and putting everything in order but  can't get this dang yellow line to go away!

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What do you think of your living room's aesthetics?
I'm so sick and tired of mine. My mom designed it long ago and with age it all looks piss yellow and crap brown now. >.<

If you don't like it, how would you change it? Are you planning on changing it?
We're gonna rip off the carpet this spring and go back to the original hardwood. I'm also gonna rearrange a lot of things and get rid of some furniture that's been ruined by the cats. If I'm really lucky I'll get to paint the walls but that's Dad's call.

If you're happy with it, why?

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1)How can we get parents to visit their children's schools more often?

2)Have you ever sprained your back before? How did you do it?

I just did. My 10 minutes of exercise per day.
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Help, please!

My car broke down and I need a bike FAST! I have $1,000-$1,500 to spend. I can spend more if it will get me everything I want:

-Lightweight (Please! I'm not that strong)
-Good for street travel (a hybrid would work nicely if it's light)

Do you guys have any suggestions?

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I have a friend asking me for a ride for the umpteenth time. I know I should just be like "No, I don't want to drive you" but I am feeling pretty spineless today.

What is a good excuse to get out of this? She wants me to give her a ride at 9pm at night when she lives almost 40 minutes away. She will probably give me gas money so it's not about that it's just the fact that it's kinda far and I don't feel like driving so far at that time of night.

DK/DC: What are you looking forward to tonight?
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Have you finished your taxes yet? Are you getting any money back/do you owe any? How much?

Or if you don't like answering that... Who is the weirdest person you know? What makes them weird? (Define "weird" however you want)

Did you ever think you were adopted when you were a kid?
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What's the most inconsiderate thing anyone you've been romantically involved with has ever done to you?

What's the most inconsiderate thing you've ever done to someone you've been romantically involved with?

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"I decided to get a tattoo because it was the most shocking thing I could think of doing. Now I'm utterly disgusted and shocked because it's become completely mainstream, which is unacceptable to me."
Helen Mirren

Okay,  I've read so many people bitch about how tattoos have become mainstream. This one is just the last in a freaking long line. Why do they care? Okay, yes, tattoos used to be about rebelling. They're not anymore. Get over it. Why is it such an awful shame that they have become mainstream?

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What was the last cute thing you heard/saw a child say/do?

Last week, I did a listening worksheet with my kids about George Washington. You know, you read some sentences then ask them questions about the paragraph.

Well, today one of my kids told me George Washington was a farmer (that's what he remembered about the page...not being the first president)
then, asked me if Abraham Lincoln was a farmer or a spaceman? (two choices from the question last week)
i LOL'ed @ imagining A.L as a spaceman.

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So about 15 minutes ago I noticed this weird spot in my vision. It wasn't black, I can't explain how it was I just just couldn't see that one spot. Now it's spread to about half my eye, like if I'm looking directly in the center of my computer screen I can't see the entire right third of the screen.
TQC, am I going blind? What's going on and what should I do? I'm seriously starting to freak out.

ETA: It went away, but I think I'm going to schedule an eye appointment just in case.
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What are some services you think your town/city/county/state should cut to save money? (Here is a general list)

What should not be cut?

I think, school buses should be cut in my community. Kids can walk, their parents can bring them or they can carpool.

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i have a HUGE stain on my carpet which is about 3/4 of  bottle of jager that got dumped onto it. and to top it off, i have no carpet cleaning product left. (i dont get paid for a few more days so i cant go and buy some).

SO do you know of anything else i could use to try get this bastard of a stain out? any homemade concoctions i could try?
....or will my carpet reek and look like crap forevs?

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TQC, i know nothing about dogs, i'm a cat person and have had cats all my life.

what is the 'proper' way to scold a dog when they pee on the carpet? I told her 'no' in a firm voice and put her outside in the pen for a while. my grandma said to rub her nose in it which i'm sure isnt right? also, she went pee when she was outside less than ten minutes before this, why did she pee again?
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If I put some mozzarella on my baked chicken now, will it be brown in 45-60 minutes? I want it to be melty and not brown. If I cover it, will that keep it from browning?
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So this guy at work kept staring and smiling at me today. Every time I talked or was near him, he would be looking at me with this cute, goofy smile. We are very good friends (although recently things have been odd thanks to a hookup) but I am confused. Why is he doing this?

Should I go into work tomorrow even though we are supposed to get over a foot of snow in the afternoon?

Who thought it was a good idea to put a show like Little Miss Perfect on the air?
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So, my husband is looking into buying insulin (he is diabetic) online from some place in Canada. Our insurance sucks, and this looks to be cheaper.

1. Have you done this (or something similar) before? If so, how did it work out?
2. Is this even legal? (it seems like the pharmaceutical industry would have lobbied this in to being illegal by now)

What's your favorite potato-including dish?

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What did they feed you when you attended elementary/middle/high school?

What food item did you hate the most?

What food item did you always pray they'd have that day?

I always liked the crap pastas and squealed with joy when they had berry juice!

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What is you personal mecca of sandwich shops?

What's the best thing on the menu there?

Pickle Barrel. I always get one when passing through one of the towns it's in, because it is amazing! I usually get a half sandwich, and then split that in half to save for later because they are ridiculously huge.

The Bobcat is the best sandwich there, if you ever go.
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Amtrak - City of New Orleans

TQC, I'm thinking about taking a train from Chicago to New Orleans for my son's spring break. (The whole backstory is tl;dr but we won't be flying because of all the stuff we're taking, and I don't want to drive because my car has been flaky of late.)

Have you ever taken this route via Amtrak? Is it really 19 hours or is that a laughable underestimate designed to lure travelers onto their train?

ETA: Lest everyone find my question just too weird, bear in mind that my son is in middle school, lives an average middle school life with his parents, and will be coming with me on this trip to visit family friends. It's not a beer bong and bare body kind of spring break. I just wanted to know about the train. Thanks!

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Do you have strange personal rules to live by that are not the ten comandments?

What are some wedding dress fitting do's and don'ts?

What are some doctors appointment do's and don'ts? (I haven't gone to the doctors in about a year and when I go next week it will be my first appointment with my OB for my pregnancy. I know I'm going to get nervous)

What was your favorite snack when you were little? (our three year old has to bring snack to her new preschool tomorrow so I am sending her with some sliced fruit, half a sandwhich, and a brownie)
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Does anyone know how to put T-Netix on a cell phone so I can receive phone calls from someone (my dad) that is incarcerated?
Does anyone have experience getting off of Seroquel? I've been trying for a long time and I just get very depressed and anxious. It's no fun.
What's your favorite thing to go in a salad? I just made the yummiest salad. Spring mix, romaine lettuce, feta cheese, apples, chicken, almonds, craisins, mushrooms, green onions, croutons, with light buttermilk ranch dressing. Sooooo good.

based on that xkcd comic weeks ago

1. How old were you when you stopped believing that you could magically enter another world and/or take part in some fictional/fantasy-type adventure? (Or that someone would take you away, etc. etc. - all that kind of stuff that happens in kid's fantasy novels)

2. How old were you when you stopped hoping it would still happen?

3. Philip Pullman or CS Lewis? (Golden Compass vs Narnia)

4. For those of you who have grown up in either an agnostic, atheist, apathetic, or non-God (you know which one I'm talking about) environment, how familiar are you with biblical stories, ex. the garden of Eden, Abraham's family line, Moses in Egypt, Jesus and Peter walking on water, certain biblical quotes, and so on? If you are very familiar with them, how so? Did you read the bible for fun?

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Do you know why you have to turn off ALL electronics, even those without any wireless capabilities, during takeoff and landing in an airplane?

After you go grocery shopping (a considerably big grocery trip), assuming you haven't planned your meal in advance, how do you go about deciding what to make for dinner?!?

So Kirsten, Kristen, Gibby, what are your guyses hopes and dreams What are your hopes and dreams/what do you want to do before you die?

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I have a nose piercing. For some reason, when I got it pierced, the lady put in lip jewelry instead of a proper nose stud, so the jewel piece is the piece that screws out and there is an unremovable base inside my nose. I cannot get this thing unscrewed for the life of me. I have tried holding the inside of it with my fingers and with tweezers while trying to get the outside unscrewed, holding the outside with both my fingers and tweezers. I can't get a good enough grip on it to start unscrewing it. Does this make sense? I'm getting to the point where I just want to cut it with wire cutters or something, but this is a horrible idea. What should I do to get this thing out? I have some new pretty jewelry I want to put in.

ETA: I did it! Latex gloves totally worked. Well, I put a glove on one hand, and had to cover the tweezers that went inside my nose with a glove too haha because my fingers wouldn't fit inside my nose with the glove on. I managed to get enough grippage for it to work! ;-)

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Which are your favorite documentaries?
Why do you like them so much?

EDIT: Also, do you have any recommendations for me? I really seem to like psychology documentaries.

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There was this game I used to play almost 10 years ago on the internet. It was, I believe, a penguin launching game. There were bombs you could aim your penguin to land on to further his journey. Do you know what game I'm talking about? Do you know where I can find it? Google search has left me empty-handed.
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Do you abuse caffeine while studying? If so, how many cups of coffee/energy drinks do you have?

I'm going to pull an allnighter studying for 3 tests, I'm on my 5th cup of coffee and have a few red bulls waiting for me.

Also, if you are religious, do you find yourself praying more when you actually need something?
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My university canceled classes for tomorrow already in apprehensionANTICIPATION (THANKS hajiomatic) of more snow. I am drinking in celebration.

What should I drink?

How lucky is it that my exam that was scheduled for tomorrow is now pushed back to next Tuesday! (!!!!!!)

Is your job/school canceled in advance for more of the snow-pocalypse that has been happening on the east coast?

What should I do with my day off tomorrow?
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Which of these do you drink at least once a week?

orange juice
apple juice
grape juice
soda/pop/whatever you call it
soy milk
almond milk
rice milk
other juice
energy drinks
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How long do you feel you have to date someone before you think it's okay to live with them? Is there a minimum amount of time at the very least for it to not seem like a total disaster waiting to happen?
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The quest for the ulitmate sandwich.

Yes, I'm quite aware that Subway is in no way, shape, or form, the Mecca of sandwich shops. However, how do you build your perfect Subway sub? Straight off the menu? Some super secret combination of toppings that makes the heavens part and the angels sing?

TLDR: What is your perfect Subway sub?
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I'm listening to a regular radio. Not XM or other fancy satellite radios. It sounds like a drama is on. It has been on for at least 10 minutes. I don't know what station this is because I can't see the dial due to the numbers faded away. I didn't know they still made scripted radio shows. This is extremely crazy to me. Have you ever heard of a scripted radio show in 2010? Do you know what I'm hearing? It sounds like a mystery or a drama. I'm freaked out for some reason.

Also, what do you consider "indie"? Are "hipsters" "indie"? Is it all just stupid? 

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Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Where are you from? Is it a major holiday where you are?

Are you excited about it?

How much money from red packets are you expecting to get this year?

Or if you're married, how much money are you preparing to give away this year?

Do you have any special traditions in your family when celebrating the Chinese New Year?

In Malaysia where I come from, it's a major holiday, even more so because I'm of Chinese ethnicity, but I've never really celebrated it or felt excited about it all my life. I don't expect to get more than RM20 ($6) in red packet money, simply because nowadays everyone only gives about RM2 per red packet anyway. We don't have any traditions in our family, not even a reunion dinner, which I'm fine with, since I generally prefer Christmas more than the Chinese New Year anyway, even though I'm not religious.

If the above doesn't apply to you, what are you craving for right now? It could be food or non-food.

I'm craving spicy spaghetti so much right now. And tom yum noodles.

tqc what is wrong with me?

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Why can't I stop thinking about her? The fact that she was so academically accomplished and was on her way to a great career makes me feel like a loser, but I know she wouldn't have said anything like that. TQC what the fuck is wrong with me? Every few weeks I think of her name, her face, the car... Is this normal? Am I supposed to mourn for a person who wasn't even close to me? Did this happen to any of you? Am I really mourning? I think of what could have been, if I would have seen her, she would have told me about the married man (she wasn't secretive, she was a very, very open person and I just posted about it that I would have told her that I don't care, but advised her against it for her own heart, not for morals)

If you don't care, scroll down. I feel really absolutely horrible about this and being winter and dark outside doesn't help.
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TQC, have you ever flat out slapped someone across the face? Not a playful little slap, but a "your hand hurts for a few hours afterwards" slap. What happened to merit the face slap?

Was there a time you wished you had slapped someone? What happened to make you not follow through?

DK/DC: Who are your rolemodels?
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My internal clock is used to getting about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. However, I'm especially exhausted today and am gonna try to get more of a full night's sleep tonight. Buut, from past experience, I can bet that no matter what time I go to sleep, I'll go 5-6 hours and then wake up then sleep uncomfortably, knowing I have just a couple more hours. So my question is, does anyone have any tips about how I can get an uninterrupted sleep, convince my body to stay asleep the whole 8 hours?
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TQC, have you ever dropped a class? Have you dropped a class after the refund deadline, if there was one? What was the reason?

I'm thinking of dropping my geography class tomorrow because we have an exam and after seeing the format and the material for it I just don't think I'm going to well at all. =/

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What do you think of Bear Grylls, the man from Man VS Wild, or the show in general?

I was just watching it and I know it's the whole point of the show to put himself in dangerous situations etc etc but I can't help but think what an idiot he is. He just lowered himself into a hole in the ice on a ice field and is now doing his dramatic voice over about how he can die any minute. Then he seemed to realise - oh shit, it's impossibly difficult to get out of this hole that I lowered myself into. Cue dramatic hero music when he finally gets out.

Now he's all wet and has taken all his clothes off and is running around the ice field naked.
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Have you ever applied for or successfully secured a business loan?

If so, how the hell do you do it? To whom do you go? Your bank? What if you hate your bank? Assume you have a (very) small business going already that is successful within the capacity of what you can afford, but that you aren't really established or legally formed or anything like that. Also, it's just you and your computer and your sister who helps when she's not being a douchebag. And you wish you could go on Shark Tank but they never answered any of your 4 applications.

If you DKDC: if you had the money, time, and means to start your own business in any field you choose, what type of business would you start? Why? What would you name your hypothetical business?
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I totally embarrassed myself at a party last night and am not looking forward to going to school tomorrow. So, TQC, in a hope to reassure myself that everyone makes a fool of themselves sometimes, what's the most embarrassing thing you ever did at a party?
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In the TV show Farscape the first episode shows John Criton*sp* not being able to speak to the aliens on the ship until he got this implant thingie. And in a later episode called ET they land on a planet and are able to talk to the locals. What is up with that?
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I'm a biology major focusing on zoology & ecology and I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of human knowledge. I just ordered a book about the medical & cultural history of childbirth (exerpt here) and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Will you recommend some good books about history, women's studies, sociology, psychology, or other human topics?