February 7th, 2010

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Twice I've woken up with one of my hands completely dead. As in it is colorless and limp and when I touch it, my other hand doesn't feel it and I can't move it at all. A few minutes later my hand gets colorful again and it stings like hell for a bit before I'm perfectly fine.

Has this happened to any of you? It scares the shit out of me.
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i can't find the entry to link it.

i made the post a few days ago about the guy from tokyo on okcupid who types "grad" instead of "glad" and also how i was worried i was too big for his tastes.

so if anyone cares i met him and everything went really well and he likes me.

anyway... i was wondering how anyone explained the concept of the "glistening" or the difference between things like "me" and "i",etc. to helen keller in a way that she comprehended them enough to write a gramatically correct, very descriptive book and become a public speaker.

how do you explain such things in sign language in a way that a blind/deaf person can understand and differentiate?
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If you lost a button on an item of clothing (and had no spare), which would you be most likely to do?

Assuming the garment still functions, just leave it.
Replace it with any old button.
Find a really similar button and replace it.
Replace all the buttons to match.
It's ruined! Get rid of it.
Zippers/velcro/snaps/whatever for life! Death to buttons!

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Alright, so I'm supposed to be going to Bound in Wonderland (http://dc.bound.org/) on Friday. I have NO idea what to wear. I own nothing on the dress code, but the guy I'm going with is going to take me shopping for something to wear. I'm about a size 16/18 & very pale if that matters, lol.

What would you wear if you were me?

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Are there any lines from songs or movies that always, without any prompt whatsoever (or perhaps depending on your mood), pop into your head and will not leave?

For me, if I get stressed at work I hear Craig T. Nelson yelling about headstones from when he was in Poltergeist. I think maybe it's because I want to grab people by the lapels and shake them the way he did.

ETA: What is the most DISGUSTING thing you have ever found in your own house?
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How do you find a good/ fitting/ effective therapist?

Have you been to a therapist?

Have you been to lots of them? 

Have you disliked one or more? 

Why have you disliked or liked your therapist(s)?

PS - Please let TQC's comment issue be over.
Halloween 2008

yay! superbowl!

1. My boyfriend lives in CA, I'm in NC, and because of my work I haven't seen him since last April :( I plan on visiting him and friends for a weekend in March, but in the meantime, VDay is coming up, and while I'm usually the type that hates that crap, I know he's sending me something and likely flowers. So I've decided to suck it up and be the awesome girl. Money is tight for me right now, so I'm sending him some of his favorite candies, a mix cd and a letter, and maybe something else non-gushy. So...

I need suggestions for songs about LDRs, as well as a couple that say "I'm falling for you, blah blah" because I am finally letting myself feel all those warm squishy feelings and want him to know.

2. I just started waitressing at Outback and finished my training two weeks ago. However, out of the past two weeks, and next week, they have me on the schedule only three shifts (all in the same week, too). I've waitressed before, rocked my training, and managed to pick up five shifts the last 14 days by being the "go-to girl" for when someone can't come in or wants to switch shifts. Those five days, I also got a couple compliments to my manager on my service, so they know I'm awesome. Should I say something about the lack of work? I seriously need money to help out my family and myself, and working 3 days out of 21 isn't gonna cut it. If I say something, how and what?

3. I am working tomorrow during the game, and know it will be super slow. How can I make it more interesting/make mad money/manage to catch the good commercials? The funnier answers, the better :P
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In about a month, I'll be getting $3200 to play with.

A lot of it is earmarked towards home improvement fun, but after the estimates, I should have a good chunk leftover.

What fun, frivolous and fanciful expenditures should I waste it on???

1) Nano cube fish tank (with clown fishies and corals).
2) A chest piece tattoo (big...all overs...expensive).
3) A two week vacation to Ecuador (alone).
4) Anything else amazing you could suggest?


If you were to design the perfect pamper-yourself bath-n-body gift basket, what would be in it?
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So I accidentally spilled water all over my laptop keyboard.
It turns on, but goes from the Toshiba screen straight to a blank screen. It won't let me hit F2 or F12 and it won't let me access Windows (or command prompt or whatever).

How likely is it that my computer is dead?

What can I do to give it CPR?

This happened about five hours ago and still nothing :/

(on my SO's computer now)
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I'm going to be in Los Angeles on Tuesday while a friend is taking a career class. Is there anyone who would like to do something that day? Here's looking at you fourcorners and l3antha

What woke you up this Sunday (or Monday, depending) morning?

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Have you ever taken advantage (or attempted to) of a "full money-back guarantee"?

What was the product?
Why did you want your money back?
How did you go about getting it?
Were you successful?

Edit: Not just like returning something to the store, but where you had to go through the manufacturers with a warrantee or any of that shit.
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It has been said that if we legalize same-sex marriage, polyamorous marriage will be next.

Provided all parties involved are consenting adults, is that really such a bad thing?

What sort of views do you hold that might seem radical?
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I finally have enough of a social life that I'm going places like bars and clubs pretty regularly, but I don't drink alcohol at all because of a) medication and b) not trusting myself with it.

What non-alcoholic/virgin drinks do you like or recommend? (Other than straight-up soda, water, or Shirley Temples)
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Do you wear your seatbelt when you're in the car? Does it make a difference if you're driving or just a passenger, or in the front of the car vs. in the back?

I always do. It feels strange if I'm not wearing one.

Is this an effective PSA?

I think it's really gorgeous and effective in a non-violent way, which is always nice.
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Do you ever get depressed after going out with friends for no particular reason, even after having a good time?

Have you ever been to an anime convention?  I was invited to go to one and don't know if this would be fun or fail.  Also, did you dress up and what should I dress up as?

Should I start going to the gym at 5am (damn work schedule) or just become fat and lazy again?

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Lame photoshop question:

I'm putting together my school's newspaper, and we have one full page ad that is completely clear except for some text in it which is fuzzy. I've tried enlarging it and shrinking it down, but the ad won't load onto the newspaper layout since the program I'm using said it's too big, and if I try to save it as a JPEG and open it on the layout, the program says it's in a bad file format. Does anyone know how I can make this ad really clear? I need to send this out by 1:30pm :(


Did it snow by you? If yes, how much? If no, what's for lunch?

female education

does anyone know of any good movies or documentaries about girls education and how in some areas, like Africa, girls often do not receive education? i want to show a short documentary at my school to go along with a project i did on education.

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 How much are you willing to shell out for a concert? 

What's the most expensive concert you've been to?

I won't usually go above 25 bucks, but I honestly don't normally have to because folk and the like isn't super popular. 

Leonard Cohen
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If you had to do an art project based on 'Greek/Roman mythology' and then make a clay head based on it afterward, what aspect would you concentrate on?
Do you know any interesting Greek myths or gods/goddesses?

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 Honey and peanut butter. what delicious things can i make with them?

i just mixed them together in a bowl with some rice krispies and eating it from the bowl with a spoon.
last lazy food you made?

Will you be my Valentine?

A wine recommendation, if TQC so pleases:

I want to invite somebody over for dinner and terrible monster movies next Sunday. I plan on cooking chicken and veggie stir fry (he's veg*n so I'll just add the chicken to my plate) with wild rice. Broccoli, red and orange peppers, carrots, onions, whole sugar snap peas, maybe some sprouts, with ginger sesame sauce. What kind of wine can I pair with that? Brand recommendations under 20 bux?

I prefer whites to reds b/c I don't like really dry wine with lots of tannins in it. I'd do a sweet red or a rosé though.

DK/DC: what are your plans for Feb 14th this year? Do you have something awesomely romantic lined up? Are you spending it alone or with friends?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being "OMG YIPPEE" 5 being "meh" and 10 being "OH GOD IT BURNS) how much do you hate VD Day?

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are you wearing any nail polish right now? if so, what colors?
are there any colors of nail polish you particularly dislike?

should i paint my nails yellow or just do clear with gold sparkles?

ETA: pictures encouraged!!

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What do you think about parents who use guilttrips on you to coerce you to do what they want you to do and its against what you want.

What if its connected with your life choices, your passion, likes, even something as simple as a hobby?

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Has this ever happened to you? Someone makes you really angry and you call them out on it. You're all pissed off and then they do a 180 and apologize, and it's almost like they apologized too fast because you're still pissed and were ready for a fight. Or am I the only crazy person who has felt this way?
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1.  What are some subjects/topics/things you like learning more about on your own time?  Or things you're interested in learning more about, but haven't gotten around to them yet?

2. I have a list of things I want to learn or reeducate myself about.  Here's the list.  Can you suggest books for me to read about any of those subjects?  (ETA: The subjects on that list are purposefully broad and somewhat vague, because for most of the items, I don't know where to start!)
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Do you ever have phrases stuck in your head?
Right now, it's "bow-chicka-wow-wow".

Are you planning to watch the SuperBowl today?

For those of you in regions hit by the huge snow storm, do you think this week will be cancelled due to another impending snow storm?
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What are some really good questions to ask at an end of the year senior bonfire?

Each year, the senior class president organizes/holds this annual event  for seniors at the beach where we have a bonfire and just sit around and we pick out pre-written questions and then as group, or as an individual, we answer them. The entire thing is usually extremely meaningful and definitely a fun time for the seniors to reminscene on their past 4 years. It's also very light-hearted and also a time to share secrets (for example: confess our crushes from throughout the years.) Anyone is open to submitting questions and I already have a few typed out that I'm sure will spark interesting if not, meaningful discussions.

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 Also posted to liking.

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Hey guys,

So I'm trying to sell some stuff on eBay as a total newb. Just wondering what the most popular shipping option is. I'm selling clothes - so do you guys buy the flat rate shipping boxes? Do you weigh your things before? etc. etc.

I've only sold one thing so far and did flat rate priority shipping and it ended up being $10.00! When I had only charged $5. Definitely don't want to lose money again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

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 Should girls with size A boobs have to wear a bra? Does the cultural/social norm of bra-wearing apply to women with size A boobs? Is it satisfactory to just were a tank-top with a built in bra? 
Coffee cups

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Why do we have so many flies in our house?? Boyfriend just killed 7 13 in the last 15 minutes and there are still a bunch flying around.

Alternatively, what is your favorite flavor of potato chips? We just got BBQ and jalapeno and they are delicious.

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I went to David's Bridal today to try on my bridesmaid dress, but I wasn't too fond of it and ended up trying some other dresses on. I've heard that sometimes the maid of honor can wear a different dress from the other bridesmaids? Have you ever seen this happen at a wedding?

Will you vote on what dress suits me best?

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Ahaha, oh shi-

Hey TQC;

I've got plans to make serious moves on this gentleman I fancy, and I just found out that he's moving from his current place into a place with my Dickhead Ex-Friend/FWB (the jerk who still hasn't bothered to talk to me for almost a month now) soon.

How hilariously awkward is this going to get?

What do I want to eat for dinner tonight? DECIDE FOR ME.

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what's the weirdest food you've ever had at a Superbowl or any other kind of party?

i'm making deviled eggs cause i'm obsessed with them and my boyfriend is picking on me for it. :-P
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What is your opinion on community college? A good way to get better grades and or mature before a four year college? Or is it just the most terrible thing ever? And if you are going/have gone to community college and or know someone who has gone, what's the story on that? 
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So for my birthday I kind of want to have a huge buffet of little snack-able things.
I'm going to make tiny sandwiches and a fruit platter.

However, I want a bunch of kinds of candies or desserts that will not only look nice, but will be something you don't find every day i.e: reese's cups, something you can buy at a gas station.

I want things I can make a lot of, in small portions.
Rock candy, small cupcakes and such.

What should I make?

Also, how do you feel about salt+chocolate?

Worlds Bestest Sporting Event ?

Which is the Universes premier sporting event?

Super Bowl- which is Super!

World Kicky Ball Cup - Which only happens once every four years which is about the best thing I can say about it!

Olympics-r-us - also an every four year thing but! they break it up in to HOT and COLD sports both with sequin and ribbons , originally done in the nude!

Which is the best?

Srs & non-srs welcome

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Is it judgmental or bad to not want to be friends with Person A who, firstly, it appears you have nothing in common with, and secondly, openly goes about bragging about how he, on a fairly regular basis, fills Person B's beers half-full with urine? And then continues to tell Person B that he's just being a pussy, when Person B complains of the beer tasting weird?

Is it wrong to not want to go to Person A's Super Bowl party?
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Is anyone else not studying when they are supposed to?
Did anyone else have 1 week to prepare for this exam tomorrow and not do a single reading or even started studying at 6pm?
Does anyone else feel screwed and doesn't care?

What is wrong with me?!
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How long does it take your oven to preheat? Because mine just took 20 minutes to preheat for my polymer clay to 275 degrees farenheit for such a small clay piece that it only had to be baked for 5 minutes.

What do you use on your face as far as face maintenance goes? How much does it cost you? What age did you start taking care of your skin? 
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So I am trying to apply to retail job at the museum where I volunteer.

I worked at burger joint as a waitress for three months in 2006 and I hated it there. My boss was a cheapskate asshole who could never remember my name.

Is it a bad move to put down that experience on the job application, but mark "no" for the question, "may we contact this employer?" Should I just leave this job off the application entirely? Or perhaps another idea?

Oh yeah, and besides working at a comic book store for a year, this is the only other customer service experience I have.

luv and crushes

what kinds of things do you find yourself doing differently when you have a crush on someone? do you make it obvious to the person, or completely opposite, or maybe just drop hints around?

have you ever tried to hit on someone or ask someone on a date and it just failed miserably and/or comically? tell me about it.

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I just made a really good sandwhich. That was the highlight of my day. What was the highlight of your day?

How do you tell people really close to you big news?

Will you post your favorite superbowl commerical?

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My mom's cat just had kittens and I was thinking about taking one.

For those of you who have ever had a kitten:

When you were home for a long periods of time did you come home to a trashed house?

He's so cute, but I don't want him to be running around and scratching up my furniture when I'm at school and work. Are they really as bad as they seem in my mind? How can I prevent him from wrecking everything? Will you tell me about your personal experience of getting a kitten.
I <3 TLV

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Do you give Valentine's cards from your pets? I found a "From the cat" card section at Target so the cats are sending Valentines this year. If you received a Valentine's card from someone's pet, would you think it was cute or dumb?
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Ok, I'm an idiot. (Like that's news) Does anyone know where I can find a pattern making guide for dummies? (online & free would be ideal)

I'm trying to learn how to make stuffed animals, but all my patterns come out looking like shit because I don't know how to translate sewing allowances.

Thanks, guys!
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What is the quickest and simplest way to cut someone i called my bff from my life?

DK/DC: What has your favorite super bowl commercial been, thus far?
The casual friday one for career builder was amazing.

For those of you not watching the bowl: What is your favorite academic subject?
I like music and language

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How tolerant are you of other people?

A friend of mine is a lovely girl, if a bit naieve, but turns into a know-it-all generally annoying person when she has a few drinks.
What do you do to deal with annoying-drunk friends?

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I need to be asleep in about two hours. My stomach is uncomfortable and making weird gurgly noises, but I'm also hungry. (The noises aren't due to hunger.) Should I eat a broccoli and cheese lean pocket? Or should I just drink some water since it's so close to bedtime?

Do you ever eat close to bedtime? Does it affect how you sleep in any way?

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Is your metaphorical clock ticking, or do you (reasonably or unreasonably) feel that time is running out for you to do something that as the days go on, you feel more and more compelled to do? What is it? How far are you from doing it?

When's the last time you had sex? How long have you ever gone without sex?
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 Dear interwebs: I have a laptop with 4 gb of ram and a 2.2 ghz processor. It came with a 32-bit operating system. Would switching to 64 bit make it go any faster, y/n? When I go to my computer properties it says 4 gb (3.5 usable). Is this because .5 gb is taken up by system resources, or because I have a 32-bit OS?


Edit: I'd be doing this to improve FPS while gaming, both online MMORPGS and stuff like dragon age: origins.


What was the last thing you had to eat?

How do you get to tqc - through a bookmark on your bookmark/links toolbar, a bookmark in a subfolder, typing it into the browser, other?

Dinner was tilapia with green olives, rosemary and olive oil, roasted potatoes and asparagus. Homemade flax bran muffins with almond butter for dessert.
A link in a subfolder. I was just thinking that I go to the page so much that I should move it to my bookmarks bar
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How's school going?

What was the last assignment/assessment you received a C+ or below on?

How would you respond to someone who complains when they get near-perfect grades? There's this freshman girl I know who was furious that she got a 96% in one of her classes. I wanted to slap her. And she does it all the time.
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Clips of a insecure little bear getting scared was included on a Japanese show. The show's guests thought it was hilarious and cute, but Youtube people think it's animal abuse. I am not sure what to make of it.

Collapse )

ETA: The purpose of it, the show claimed, was to have the little make friends with each other.
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I have a group of my friends who have suddenly stopped talking to me. What's the best text I could send them to get an answer as to why they aren't talking to me? Because I've tried a lot, they won't answer me. I've tried being nice, funny, sarcastic, caring... nothing is working for me.

What's one text you could receive that you would answer no matter what?

Obviously I'm looking for only serious answers...

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Has anyone here had their boobs done or know someone close who's had them done? 
What kind? How were they inserted? How much did they cost? Do they look shitty?

I'm looking for referrals to surgeons around NYC and when I say NYC I mean definitely not in the city because that will cost me a fortune. I already asked the surgeon who did my nose and he said $7500 for the surgery plus recovery room, implant, and anesthesia costs aka like $15,000. So that's a no go. I'm looking for a surgery that will cost me $8000 tops, I know they're usually around $6500. I know people in CT and GA that paid that or less, but I'm not really willing to fly to GA for that. Tri-state area would be fabulous.

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Are you glad the Saints won?
Yes. The Colts deserved to lose after stealing the Superbowl from the Bears in 07.

Don't know or care, do you have a favorite sports team (can be from any sport)?
My Chicago teams.
[edit]Except the Cubs. White Sox ftw!

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A girl I work with, who I'm pretty good friends with came up to me today and was like "what are you getting for J?" That's her daughter. I ask what present and apparently tomorrow is her 6th birthday. she did this about a month ago when it was was her son's second birthday. Like what you getting my baby? but this she asked the day of his birthday party, which I wasn't even invited to. I really like her and stuff but she just is pretty rude about this. I just don't know what to do in this situation. I don't really have money to get the kid anything and don't want my friend to get angry or something. What would you do?
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I finally sold my shitty, terrible, horrible 1990 Acura Integra today (okay, I loved it cause it was my first car but it NEEDED to go). I bought it when I was 17, didn't have anyone look at it, and I didn't negotiate the price.

I've been looking at used cars for the past week. I plan on taking my boyfriend with me to look at all the cars because he's a great negotiator and my good friend who happens to be a mechanic. A lot of the cars that I've found on craigslist and called about turned out to be dealers. I've been told that buying a used car from a private seller is better than buying one through a dealer. Would you say that this is generally true? Is there any reasons for that?

Not sure if this matters or not: My budget is $3000 and I have about $500 set aside for a tune up, oil change, title transfer, and any other small things like that. I don't want to make any payments on a car.

Any other tips you have for buying a used car?
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On Friday I was talking to a girl at my work who said that she had never eaten fairy bread before. Until I explained it to her, she had no idea what it even was. I KNOW, RIGHT? I jokingly said I'd make her some next time I had ingredients and she said, "Well, Monday's my birthday, so that's a perfect gift!". Should I actually follow through and buy ingredients to surprise her with it? We can share it with the office. Difficulty is, I don't know her or anyone else at the office very well, so I don't want to seem like a creeper or anything.

DK/DC: What was the last random act of kindness you performed?
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Tomorrow is my one-year-anniversary of the day I got my nipples pierced (and screamed in my piercer's face because it hurt so fucking badly). freakshownia says I should bake a pierced-nipple cake to celebrate. So once I find a boobie cake pan, what flavor cake do you think I should use in the pan to best represent this event?

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So, I work at a coffee shop and have become a friend to some of the customers. One in particular, I hang out with and am incredibly attracted to. But since we're still just friends, would it be okay if I got her a cactus for V-day? I really feel like I would creep her out with sending her flowers and I don't to scream I'M DESPERATE (even though I might be). Or should I just not get her anything? I was also thinking of a venus fly trap. Help a poor lovesick boy, tqc!

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I got this old ripley's book and I'm confused about this one fact. It says this woman lived in 3 centuries, was born may 27, 1800 and died may 28 1901. How is that three centuries? Isn't it only two?

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Is it just me, or are the Brian Jacques Redwall novels disturbingly racist? I just spent the past half-hour trying to find a reputable source of lit-crit calling him on it, and the best I could find was Something Awful's fabulous lampoon.

What's the most bigoted work of (recent) children's fiction you've read?