February 6th, 2010


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If you were to be renting a "furnished room" what level of furnishings would you expect?

Would you expect bed linen? A quilt?

Tell us your creepy housemate stories, we always love those :)

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Poll #1522046 For ze fox

If you were a cat for one day, what would you do?

Lounge around in the nude on the sofa without anyone thinking it was weird
Poop in a litterbox
Chase birds and stalk little creatures for fun
Lie on my back and let others scritch my tummy
Spy on some people with my ninja kitty skillz
Lick my privates (because I can)
Throw up a hairball in the shoe of someone I don't like
Sharpen my claws on things. It'd be so cool to have claws!
Somehow fiddle with the camera (hard to do without thumbs) and take awesome pics for the 'I can has cheeseburger?' site
Go on Stickam as a webcamming chatting cat
Spend all day sleeping (as always)
Bat around a little ball or toy mouse for hours and hours
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Do you own more brown shoes or black shoes?

I have ONLY black shoes (besides a few different colored converse and a pair of red pumps) and I'm looking to branch out into browns...but most of my clothes are black! How can I make this work? D: If I get a brown belt too, would that look ok (as long as they are the same brown)?

Will you suggest to me some cute brown shoes and belts and stuff so that I don't fashionfail?
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What is the worst score you've ever gotten on a test that you actually tried on? Not a 0 you got because you skipped a test or something.

I just got a 42.5% on my biology exam and I'm really kicking myself over it now.

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Which of these edibles would be the hardest one for you to give up for a year?

Red meat
Baked goods/pastries
Ice cream
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So, I'm sending in an online application for a summer program. The only way to apply is online. Their application form is a .pdf file-- however, the file is non-writable.
I cannot save any of my information! Even if I "save as" something else, when I open the document, its blank again.

The application is pretty short and only contains my basic contact information. The important stuff can all be attached to the application email as word documents. But what should I do about this form?

I almost want to send it in blank, with my contact information again in the email.
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TQC, Verizon was supposed to give me a 20% discount on my BB service. They didn't. I called and complained and the woman said that I didn't qualify, only one line does and it ain't mine. She was supposed to call back this morning to troubleshoot my old phone, which I will switch back to if it's such a problem. She didn't.

Should I just wait until monday and check with the rep at the office, who told us about the 20%? Should I go back to the store where I was told I'd get my 20% and bitch? Should I try to make them replace my EnV2 for the third time (instead of me paying them $50 for another shitty refurb)? What would you do, TQC?

DK/DC: Do you prefer quality or quantity, in general?
quality, usually. however, if i find a suitcase full of ratty old $1,000 i will always choose quantity.

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How do you shovel your snow? Do you wait until it stops snowing and do it all at once, or do it once in the morning, afternoon, and night, or just marathon shovel all day long until the snow is finished?
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If you could pick any two celebrities to be your parents - and presumably inherit some mixture of their partucular talents, etc - who would you pick?

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.I am so jealous of their potential spawn

DKDC: Koalas or pandas?


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What was the last thing you sincerely worried about then realized you were being over-dramatic and it wasn't really such a big deal?

What was the last thing you sincerely worried about and no one took you seriously but it actually turned out to be a big deal?

If you have an Xbox what games are you currently into?

Would you feel it was an invasion of your 'you time' if your SO bought a game system you own to play with you online sometimes, but other games as well for their enjoyment, or would you think it was neat they were into something you were into?

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 I missed my contraceptive pill last night(normally take it around 11pm didnt take it til 2.15pm today) and had sex last on wednesday, am i still covered or should i get the morning after pill?

Autobots or Decepticons?

what does your name mean?
Xhinese friends after lunch in Guanghzou

Can't open Word Press

I can't open my Word Press blog.
Until a month ago I could log on and post on it.
Now all's I get is Internet Explorer cannot diplay the web page.
I could open and post on it in Hong Kong,but not now on the Mainland in China.
I could before a month ago.
Does any one have any suggestions on how to open the blog?
As far as I know it isn't blocked in China.
The blog is about travelling so it shouldn't be considered a threat.
I appreciate your help
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Xhinese friends after lunch in Guanghzou


I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with Squidoo.
I go through all the steps, but when I try to post an artical it keeps on saying "Under Construction"
Dose any one else have this problem?
How do you solve it?
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Snowed in and bored...

What does the term Fairy King mean?

What was the last weird thing to happen to you at work?

Dude I was giving a survey to kept trying to hit on me. It was creepy.

Has anyone ever done speed dating? Is it worth it?

I'm not celebrating Valentine's Day, should I stay home and be bored, or go into the office for a couple of hours?

Have you or anyone you know ever been on/auditioned for a reality show? Which one? Were they on it?

My hairdresser was actually on Split Ends. It was awesome.

Do people take Facebook to seriously?

Is Farmville the new Mafia Wars?

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Who is your favorite reality show contestant? You can pick from any show.
I really liked Russel from the last season of Survivor.

Who is your favorite reality show TV host?

Your house has an extra room magically added on. What function does this room have? Who is the primary user of this room? What color is this room?

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I'm no expert at it, but I like to decorate cakes when I make them. I've noticed though that when I'm piping designs on to a cake, eventually the icing in the bag gets warm from my hands and starts to melt a little bit. This makes the designs not as "crisp". How can I prevent this?

Also, can you post pictures of cakes that are not overly feminine, but also aren't just novelties shaped like footballs or spiderman or something? lol

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Do you use Blackboard for something college-related? If so, what OS do you use?

I'm using Windows 7 and I'm wondering if it's interfering with Blackboard. The browser check that occurs when I log-in only mentions Vista, and I'm having problems. :\
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Would you eat a mayonegg?

1. mayonegg
a hard-boiled egg covered in mayonnaise
Oh, it’s so cute. She sometimes takes a little pack of mayonnaise, and she’ll squirt it in her mouth all over, and then she’ll take an egg and kind of... Mmmm! She calls it a “mayonegg.” Are you okay?

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I have to do a short piece of writing for an exhibition thing my dorm community is doing. We're all meant to write about our life story/how we define ourselves. I've only lived here a few weeks and I'm stressing out because at the moment it feels like my entire life / understanding of who I am revolves around the fact that my Dad died last year. I'm not comfortable writing something emotionally exposing right now. But I don't want to blow it off and write something stupid either.

What should I write about, TQC?

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1. Do you find that different kinds of people post, or different kinds of questions get asked on TQC at different times of the day/night, or different days of the week?

2. How many questions in one post is too many?

3. What are questions your sick of seeing the most? How often do those questions get asked?

4. When you shower do you literally wash your feet like you do your arms, hair, etc, or do you just let the water and excess soap run over them?

5. I'm going to a super bowl party, and I've decided to make a chocolate checkerboard cake. If you were going to a super bowl party, what homemade baked good would you be happiest to see there?

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 TQC will you suggest some tunes for me to download? specifically those that are good to drive to. i like rock , rap and pop music so anything in those genres will be grand. doesnt have to be recent and doesnt have to be in the genres suggested. GO!

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Have you seen A Serious Man? What did you think of it? Did it suck all of the happiness out of you?

I just got back from it and it has made me so damn depressed.

ETA: What movies have made you really, really, sad?

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Have you ever been to an erotic party?
I'm going to one tonight and I can't find one of my damn boots! Now what?! 
Should I wear makeup tonight? It's going to be a fun time....but heavy sweating...
oh crap cheer me up

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I checked and I didn't see this question asked today so for all of you snowed in, How much snow did you get?
We got 36 inches. My mom's house 2 hours away got 23.5.

A couple days ago someone asked for a community that does editing of papers... Anyone know where that post is? Or can you point me to such a community?

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Guyyyzz. I am stressing out about my dissertation, and I really need/want to crack on with it; get into the "nitty-gritty". My own house is quite cold, and there will be noisy drunkards coming back later, but it's my house and (bar a working printer) has everything I need to get on with my work. On the other hand, there are places on my university campus (about 30 mins walk) which are open 24/7, warm and quiet, so I won't get disturbed. I'm quite behind now, and I really need to get my arse in gear.

However, I've said I'll go out tonight, my housemate has bought me a ticket, and I haven't been out for ages. I'm getting a bit figgety and frustrated, so I need to let my hair down. I'm definitely going out next week though. Definitely.

So, TQC, what should I do? Go out? Not go out? Stay in? Go to campus? I don't know, please help my life be better.

Poll #1522189 tonight

What should I do?

Go out.
Stay in - Home
Stay in - Campus
Something else - I'll say in comments.

Haven't learned my lesson about the email notification barrage

Which of these would you say you have more in common?

A child molester who went to your alma mater

Which of these would you say you have more in common?

An STD-ridden furry who happens to have the same initials as you
The property tax code from 1947, found on microfiche

Which of these would you say you have more in common?

A mentally retarded young kid who happens to have the same blood type as you
The state of Idaho

What can be concluded about this poll?

You're a filthy child molesting furry with a learning disability
You're microscopic, outdated and famous for your potatoes

Have you considered getting professional help for your....shortcomings?

Trick question. I have no shortcomings

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I don't have a link to my previous post...but...

The husband brought home the free furniture he got from his brother. Yeah. There's no effing way that shit is coming in my house. It's just nasty.

Anywho..since that furniture plan is out, I was thinking about buying a couple of futons until next tax season when I'll be able to afford a nice furniture set.

Can anyone recommend a sturdy, comfortable futon? (If there is such a thing) And preferably under $175 since I'll need to buy 2 of them.

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"Tell me some funny/frustrating/crazy/odd/bizarre/embarassing stories about your ex girlfriend/boyfriend or your significant others exes. We all have a story when it comes to exes for sureeee. Let's hear them and nothing is taboo. Let's get a good laugh and relate!"

This non-question entry was deleted.
Would you like to have a good laugh and relate how easy it was for her to make a question out of this?
Perhaps in large fonts, if possible?

Since gwenhyffer posted first, I will revise this question into the actual non-question that was being asked-

WILL YOU"Tell me some funny/frustrating/crazy/odd/bizarre/embarassing stories about your ex girlfriend/boyfriend or your significant others exes. We all have a story when it comes to exes for sureeee. Let's hear them and nothing is taboo. Let's get a good laugh and relate!" ?
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i can't decide between an ipod touch (16g, 2nd gen) & ipod nano (8g, 5th gen/video)

someone is selling me their ipod touch for $150. i can get the new nano refurbished on overstock.com for ~$140.

i will be using it mainly for walking to class/school, working out, & snowboarding among other things. what do you think i should get? i cannot decide. i used to have an ipod touch but it got stolen.

idk how to do polls im sorry :/
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Can someone who's good at drawing help me out with something? I need this redrawn in paint or photoshop in a black outline only. I am trying to put it into PC Stitch to make a cross stitch pattern and it's not doing right. I would be really pleased if someone could do this for me.

I want to make a cross stitch ST:TNG comm badge and sew it on a shirt for my big brother's birthday! And maybe make a smaller one for his babby.

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validate me plz

i just went downstairs and caught my dad feeding my dogs sugar cookie dough. i took the cookie dough away and made them some rice and pork and my entire family freaked the fuck out and told me i should stop being a self righteous bitch and let the dogs enjoy something once in a while. on what planet is feeding your dogs cookie dough (especially when one of them is already really fat) a good idea?

and so that this is not a complete rant post... since we are out of dog food i have been making them food myself... just rice and pork or chicken. is there anything else i should be adding to make sure they are getting all the nutrients they need?

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Have you ever built a webpage from scratch(not a WYSIWYG one)?
How difficult was it?
Will you tell TQC about any other special computer skills you have (aside from basic browsing and checking email)?

(no subject)

What does your typical internet routine consist of? (Internet routine: the things you do within the  first 5-10 minutes of getting online)

What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
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My boyfriend really wants to take a vacation. My dislike of traveling aside, I don't think we should be spending this kind of money when he pretty much lives paycheck to paycheck at this point. (He would be paying for this with his tax refund)

He really wants to take me to Disney world. I am convinced there are places where we could have just as much fun for a lot less money (his mom would let us use a few days of her timeshare so that would lessen the cost, but everything else is just too expensive and he doesn't like rides!!)

What are some places we could go in the continental US and spend about a week for under $1200 (including airfare)? Bonus points if there is historical significance, but definitely not a necessity.
Kitty Lick
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Living Area

Would you kindly post a picture of your living room?

I'm moving soon and I really dislike my living room right now, what are inexpensive things I can do to make it look nicer? (I'm moving to an apartment so painting and/or altering the room not an option.)

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I'm going to my cousins baptism tomorrow.
What do I wear? I was going to wear dark jeans & a nice top, but should I wear a dress? It's REALLY cold out =[. I do not have dress pants..
Also, What do I bring for a gift?

It's pretty last minute. I should know this kind of thing, but I have no idea =[. help?

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I've had toothache for about a week, seen 2 dentists, and neither could find a problem. Have you ever experienced unexplained tooth pain? What did you do about it?
How can I make my painkillers more effective/kick in faster?

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do you think people are asking less questions here because they will get 10 emails per response?

what are you doing tonight?

how do i stop my keyboard from being french? i mean i hit something, and now when i try to do a question mark it does this: É
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Have you ever drank soda pop that was at least six months past the expiration date? Did it taste "off" to you?

My aunt and I have been having a disagreement about this for years; one time I came over and had a diet pepsi and it tasted weird...almost as though the flavor had changed. After I drank it, I checked the bottom of the can and the expiration date was over a year past. She insists that soda never changes and doesn't go bad, but I think she's crazy. I'm having a can of soda at her house right now that expires on Feb. 8th, and I told her I'm hiding a few of them at my house so we can have a taste test in a year to see if they taste differently from brand new soda.

If you don't care - how do you personally define "toleration"?
look really good.
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i'm going to college next year & already have the school i'm going to listed as one of my schools on facebook. do you think it would be creepy/weird to send a friend request to other kids that are going to be freshmen there next year?

[i know i'm going to be meeting them eventually because it's a really small school (800 students).]

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tell me a fairly boring anecdote about your mom (or whichever relative in your family you consider yourself the closest to).

a few weeks ago Collapse ) song came on the radio while the both of us were in the car and my mom said "this song really made me like the name charlise" and i was like "wut" and she was like "you know, 'charlise is like a melody in my head'" and i was like "mom it's shorty" and she said "well this young man needs to learn to sing correctly."

if you don't have one, do you have a guilty pleasure?
best saturday night live castmember?

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What are some of the cutest mispronunciations you've ever heard?

My co-worker Norma saw that I'd brought some Popeye's to work and said, "Oh! Poh-pay-yay?!"

Which Law and Order spin-off do you like the most?

I love SVU. Mmm Christopher Meloni...

It's almost the Lunar New Year. If you have any Asian neighbors, have they set off firecrackers at midnight before? Does it annoy you?

I live in a primarily Asian neighborhood and a few years back, it seemed like everyone was doing it. Last year, only 5 families did it. I can understand how it could be annoying to everyone else but back when my family used to do it, I was super excited!

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Have you ever owned a dog? What breed was it? Did you have problems with it?

(I'm asking, because my husband and I have been debating for a few months now to get a dog, and we can't agree on what breed to get. I want a German Shepherd, he wants a Beagle.)
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So I'm moving across country for 6 months and I can only fit so many things in my car (the rest will be safe until I return). I'll have quite a bit of free time (and I'll be living in a boring town in Iowa), so should I bring my sewing machine, my mini synthesizer, or my guitar? I am equally amateur at all of them. The guitar takes up the most space, so that's *probably* out, but still on the table. I'm terrible at the synth, but I'd love to get better and write some silly tunes with it. I'm pretty good at sewing, but then I'd have to bring supplies and organization for those supplies. I could potentially make things to sell on Etsy (not really for profit but more for fun).

So what will it be, TQC? Guitar, synth or sewing machine?!

ETA: Or I'm planning on bringing drawing and watercolor supplies already, maybe that will keep me busy enough? Plus I can do digital art and webdesign easily enough while there. Plus I want to teach myself Revit. Okay I think I just talked myself out of all these things :( But I have room so maybe through the sewing machine in there anyway? lol idk
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quick! how do you turn someone down for something without making it sound like you never want to again?

edit: i said "i'm in a really bad mood tonight and not much fun...maybe next time?" it seemed to work.


What is the last thing you bought?
tank of gas

If I go to a party tomorrow night, what should I bring as my community donation of alcohol? If i'm bringing diet coke for myself, do I just bring it in my purse or do a public supply of that as well?
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How long does it take for nailpolish to dry?

If you dance, how do you dance?
Do you have a special dance with your friends?
What's your inspiration when you dance?

Should I wear my fake pearls, even though they're ugly and heavy?


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So I just saw I am Legend for the first time. I had pretty low expectations, but I really enjoyed it.

What did you think of the movie?

Which movies did you not expect to like but you did?

The Mist is the worst movie ever, y/y?

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Aunt Flo just came into town and she is making me miserable. I have super bad cramps, I'm just curled up here on my bed almost unable to do anything else. I'm crying for no goddamn reason and I am so hungry but nothing sounds good to me and I won't eat it unless it sounds good. I am completely frustrated with everything. Ladies, do you get like this too?

What the fuck can I do to make myself feel better? Getting inebriated is not an option, as sad as that is.

What are your plans for tomorrow?

ETA: Decided to make myself a burrito and now I wish that I didn't. I burned the FUCK out of my mouth. Like, there is now a bubble blister on the roof of my mouth. Yeah, this day sucks. Thanks, karma, whatever I did you definitely got me back for it.
I <3 TLV

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I have an eggplant, canned tomatoes, potatoes, black olives, and spices. I want to combine them all somehow. Those are the ONLY things, I have nothing else to add to them (well, nothing else that I think would taste good). What's the best way I can cook these things together to result in maximum tastiness? I've been looking at crock pot recipes and they all involve extra ingredients I don't have, and I'm not skilled enough with cooking to customize a recipe.