February 5th, 2010

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inspired by my friend's mom having a patient name her daughter Chlamydia...

if you had to name your/a friend's baby after a disease, what would you pick?

eta: lj has emailed me 10 duplicates of each of your comments. i can't stop laughing

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I have to write a paper on something overrated and I'm drawing a blank. I thought of some stuff but they're all pretty boring.

Soo what do you think is overrated? It can be a movie, band, food, place, anything.

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Lets say you have super long hair and found out that it could be sold for up to $2000. Would you put it up for sale or donate it?

I just found this site where women are making mad money off of their hair. I also think it might be a fetish site because most of the comments are of creeps saying stuff like, "Oh baby I'll pay you NOT to cut it. MMMM it's so sexy and silky..." lol


Quick! What is that site where you can upload a picture and the site figures out who or what it is?
I remember seeing it on TQC months ago but am failing at google.



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What are some food items you wish existed?

For example, I wish they'd bottle the hot cheeto red powder so that I could season everything else I eat with it. I think they're discontinuing Flaming Hot Funyuns and that makes my stomach so, so sad!

Also, what do you eat your cheetos with?

If you don't like cheetos, what are you favorite kind of chips?
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alright tqc.

do you guys play games on the pc? what kind? i'm not talking like, solitaire, hearts, etc. but i guess that's ok too.

what do you play? why?


what are your favorite tv shows and movies?

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Do you have any exes that you feel like you "dodged a bullet" with?

When I was in high school, my then boyfriend tried to get me to have unprotected sex with him by telling me that he had a low sperm count from smoking so much pot. He got really pissed when I didn't believe him, and he broke up with me shortly thereafter. A month after we broke up, he got back together with his previous ex from before me and got her pregnant. He dropped out of high school and became a father at 17.

I am so glad that I didn't believe his bullshit.
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Why does everyone seem to love Taco Bell so much? Every time I've gone there, they always fuck up my order. Seriously, every single time.

It also just does not taste very good to me. I really don't get the obsession.

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do you know of any majors centering around a specific country? i just found out another school in my school's system has a canadian studies major, and i'm curious if there are other majors like that.

dk/dc: have you been getting comments emailed to you multiple times? right now, my record is eight times for one comment.
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I was (shopping) at CVS yesterday at around 5am when a grumpy gentleman asked me where the cough drops were. Having just walked past them I told him the aisle number and he left. I was wearing an ice-blue long-sleeved t-shirt that couldn't have been mistaken for an employee's shirt and I was with a friend. Strangers seem to approach me often enough as it is.

So! Does this happen to you?
Do you think or know you come across as warm, friendly, and/or approachable?

...are you of the type that walk up to me and offer unsolicited commentary on the weather or my sweater?
Take a Look


Thanks to awesome professors & the impending snowpocalypse I have the whooooole day off. The only catch is, leaving the house is a bit of a pain, since we're expecting snow & the roads will be full of crazy people.

What should I do? Besides go back to bed for a bit.

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For those of you into Dominance/Submission, does this always work within a reward/punishment paradigm? If not, how does it work?

BDSM related or not, what is the craziest thing someone has suggested you/they do in bed? Optional: did you accept and how did that go?

I know someone who tried to convince their new partner that BITING HER CLITORIS was a great idea and she'd love it, and by 'tried to convince' I mean after he started doing it, and she said 'WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!'
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My good friend is currently at the hospital having her baby.  What is something special I can do when I go see them later that isn't flowers or another damn baby wrap thing...or whatever?  Thankfully, as I haven't had children yet, I don't know anything about baby shit.  I just don't want to bring the typical flowers.

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I have a crapload of books that I have already read or really do not plan on reading anymore. I would love to sell them.

Do you think ebay is the best bet, or is there any place else that would sell books?

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What are those of you who don't have SOs doing on Valentines Day next weekend?

My SO is going to be far away and I don't have any girlfriends to hang out and/or wallow with. Should I go see the movie Valentines Day by myself, or will that just depress me?

DK/DC: How often do you wash your hair?

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In American culture, are there any colors that would be totally inappropriate to wear to a funeral? The only black dress I own is this one, which isn't entirely black, and is a very summery dress. :-/ I'm not sure if that would work because it's February and/or it's too easy breezy casual. Urgh.
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last january-ish i got offered two jobs. one i took, the other (at a pet-sitting-type-place) i didn't take. the pet-sitting offered me the job first, but the other one was $5 an hour more so i took it. i didn't tell the pet place that i was no longer interested in the job, never called back, etc.

many regrets later i'm no longer at the job i took, if i apply at the pet place again, do you think they'd still remember me as the girl who took the job and then heard nothing from ever again, or do you think i have a chance?

if you don't care... uh, what color is your hair? do you wish it was another color?
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So I'm 22 years old and still haven't gotten my driver's license. I'm trying to rectify that now by taking driving lessons, but I feel like I'm totally sucking at it.

Can you please tell me about how much you sucked at driving when you first started? Because everyone sucked at driving when they first started...right?

EDIT: Any tips for city driving? The only driving experience I've really had was driving for a few hours out in the suburbs, but now I'm in the city and it's...so fucking scary.
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I am running a stall for a small food co-op. What questions would you like to ask me? You're welcome to be irritating annoying or stupid, as well as just plain curious.

Basic info: it's volunteer run, mostly food items, organic, biodynamic, non-gm, and gluten free produce available. Self-serve, bring your own containers kind of deal.

Do you shop at co-ops? Why/why not?
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What would you do if you ordered a meal at a fast food joint through the drive-thru, and the guy who gave you your food told you to have a nice day and "enjoy your heart attack"?

What if, when you contacted management, they didn't do anything and just gave a general apology?

srs/non-srs answers appreciated. Yes, this really happened (but not to me).

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Have you ever had nutritional yheast? I put it on my popcorn :)
What are your weekend plans?

It's 2am, and you wake up in the middle of the night, and you are not in your bed anymore. Where are you?

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My mom was supposed to be going to Virginia today, but she told me she changed her plans after learning how much snow they were expected to get.

I came home last night to a note saying she needed a ride today at noon, and her suitcase is in the kitchen, packed.

Where is my mom going?

shoes and bunnies

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My four-year-old cousin just told me in a secretive way that my mom is getting married to her boyfriend. It's a good possibility that she'd know before I did, because my mom would probably tell her sister first who would tell her daughter(my cousin). Should I believe her? I really don't want to ask my mom about it because I really don't want it to be true.

ETA: My mom and I are really close and I feel so totally weird and icky about this.
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Poll #1521796 Sleeping in your clothes

Did your parents (or other parental figures) teach you not to sleep in your clothes?

Other (explain in comments)

If yes, what reason(s) did they give?

Bad for clothing
Change of clothes after nighttime bath/shower
Don't remember
Other (explain in comments)

How often do you sleep in your clothes (1=never, 6=always)

Mean: 2.53 Median: 2 Std. Dev 1.64

***Socks and undies don't count, and it doesn't have to be the entire outfit.

My girlfriend regularly does this (usually a regular shirt with pajama pants), and I find it very strange.

ETA: By "clothes," I mean things you've worn that day or usually wear outside. I usually sleep in big comfy t-shirts—not actual pjs, but things I would almost never wear outside the house.
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Are there any names that you automatically make assumptions about? Like, "anyone named Josh is a douche" or "Kelly's a dumb blond name" Why do you make these assumptions? Are they usually right?

(I'm just making these up, ok)

When will LJ fix the notification freakout?
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mac or pc?

I will be purchasing a new desktop computer in the next couple of weeks... I am deciding between a custom-built PC and an iMac. Which should I get and why? I need it to be able to handle running the Adobe creative suite quickly with other programs open (like many Internet browser windows and a music player).

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do your real life friends know about your internet friends?

if not, do you ever talk about or mention your internet friends to them without admitting how you know them? like 'oh my friend from class/work said this' or 'some girl i know does this blah blah' etc. 

do you think your real life friends might have secret internet friends you don't know about?
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How old are you?
How old do you feel?

If you ever buy alcohol from a Wine & Spirit shop - what do you call the store when you say it? Like, "I'm going to pick up some wine from the liquor store", etc.

Do you know about fried plantains? If so, how often do you have them? Where do you get them?

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i made a facebook account ages ago but i don't actually use it... i never accepted friend requests and i never updated my profile or anything. today i logged in to search for someone and now all those friend requests that i never accepted have been accepted? is that normal??? i am confused D: i don't know why anyone would try to log in to my account but i guess they could have.

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I've bought 3 vehicles from dealers in my lifetime, but I've never had this situation arise.  Have any of you ever done this?  How'd it work out for you?

About a year ago, my wife and I bought a new car.  I REALLY like the car, but money is getting real tight these days and I am starting to realize that we bought way more car than we should have.  We're making the payments, but life would be MUCH more comfortable if we weren't.

It's current trade-in value is a hair over $22,000.

Is it possible to go to a dealer, find a car that's worth less (but close to) than the trade-in value of mine, and just make a straight up trade?  It makes sense to me, but I feel like I might be missing something.  They'd have to finish paying it off, but it'd still be even by my way of thinking; they get rid of a car that's worth (hypothetically) $16,000 or so and take on in that's worth $20,000.

They'd do that...wouldn't they?

Okay, so I was right...I WAS definitely missing something.

So...umm...whatcha doing this weekend, TQC?
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What are some creative ways to tell a child that they'll be getting a new bike in the next couple of days?

I bought a bike bell and am going to wrap that, but it doesn't seem too exciting. I was going to put a free bike coupon in there, too, but guess what, the internet doesn't make those to print out. And I can't draw. Holy cow help. His birthday is on Tuesday.

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While I was waiting at the bus stop yesterday, a woman came up to me and started staring at my feet. It was chilly and I was wearing an old pair of thongs. I was about to ask her if something was wrong, when she suddenly handed me two twenty dollar bills and told me to buy a nice pair of shoes. Then she walked off.

When was the last time something odd and random happened to you?
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I've missed two calls from the same landline in the past two days. I do not know the number, and reverse lookup told me it was a landline from Westchester, District of Columbia.

Should I call them back or is this another spam phone call urging me to vote?

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what's your favourite decade(s) for clothing/fashion?

pre 1900s
other, please state
I <3 TLV

Help me name my smoothie!

I'm a smoothie fiend, and I enjoy creating my own smoothies. Or maybe other people have already come up with these combination, but I like to pretend they're mine. I want to give them fancy names like you'd find a a juice/smoothie bar.

Today's smoothie included: Strawberry soy yoghurt, banana, kiwi, frozen strawberries, peanut butter, soy milk, and chocolate syrup. It looks orange.

What should I name it?

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For the ciggy smokers out there:

When you're smoking and you put out your cig before it's finished and save it to finish later, do you/people in your area call it a short, a refry, or something else? I've always heard people call them refrys back in Colorado, but up here, I got weird looks and heard them called 'shorts' for the first time ever.

DK/DC: Has your day been going abnormally slow for you?
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Can anyone recommend me a book that deals with the protagonist moving to another country or continent (voluntarily or involuntarily), dealing with the language barrier, trying to find tjeir own identity etc.?

I'm writing a paper for a seminar called "Literature and multilingualism" and want to pick a modern novel that I'll enjoy reading, it can be any genre and the length doesn't matter as long as it's not something like Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace".

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Did you put a doppelganger on facebook? If so, can we see the real you and your doppelganger?

Have you seen any that actually look like your friends? Will you post the most accurate one you've seen and the real pic, or the funniest one you've seen and their real pic?
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It's raining/sleeting outside and you have to go somewhere. Do you take your crappy paid off already dented and beat up car, or do you take your newer car with side curtain airbags that you still owe 15k on?

FWIW, a 2002 Saturn SL1 vs a 2008 Scion xD.

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I'm going to Target in a little bit. What should I buy?

I bought a yoga mat yesterday, but I have no yoga dvds or anything like that. Can you recommend me one for beginners? Maybe one I could find at Target? :)
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I was just called "intellectually arrogant" and told that "horoscopes rob God of his glory."

What is the wackiest insult or belief that you've ever heard?
Do you have any nutjobs in your family?
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What concerts have you been to?
I've only been to one. I don't get the appeal. Most of the bands I like are dead or don't tour anymore.
Who are your favorite musicians?

Mine, in no particular order (sorry, there's so many?): Weezer, RHCP, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Alanis Morissette, Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Eazy E, NWA, the D.O.C, Elton John, The Doors, Pink, Madonna, The Cranberries, Lenny Kravitz, Lily Allen, the Goo Goo Dolls, Ben Harper, etc
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What was the last random text you got?

Someone texted me asking when my last period was.

Someone told me a friend of mine from work may have a drug problem or be on his way to having a breakdown. Despite the fact that he and I are not on speaking terms at the moment i still care. I have noticed a 180 in his personality too and debated saying anything. Now that someone else has, should I tell someone? How do I wirhold my name from this?
Is it snowing where you are?

Posted via LiveJournal.app.

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If someone wrongs you, are you the type of person who tries to get him/her back or get revenge on him/her? Or are you more likely to ~forgive and forget~? Does it depend on the person or what s/he did?

What's the best revenge you've ever gotten on anyone?? Deets plz.

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whats the last random thing that happened to you?

i was sitting in a parking lot today, and a guy hit my car with his truck. He didnt have insurance so he gave me 20 bucks. He didnt even make a scratch on my car, so i bought liquor with it and put gas in my car, and said cheers to him :)

What are you doing today?

Do you keep a journal?

I love journaling.

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Will you tell me about your experiences not having a couch? Assuming you do have a TV...

I'm considering bean bag chairs or just a couple comfortable chairs? There are only going to be two of us and it's a tiny little room. Any tips on balancing comfort with space?
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I'm tired of hearing about this snow. The weather here is amazing, It got to 60 today. Is the weather nice where you are? What are you going to do in this nice weather?

I'm just outside of seattle, I'm thinking of going down to the lake tomorrow with my dog after she gets her hair cut and maybe get some fish and chips and sit in the grass and eat it and maybe feed some ducks or geese or whatever birds I can find (: I do love this weather.

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My MacBook has been making crackly noises for a few days, and now whenever I start it up it displays a message saying 'you need to restart your computer'.
I've already replaced the hard drive once.
Is this a problem that I can fix or will it have to go to an expert? I don't have the installation disks with me.

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1. Scenario: You work at a pharmacy that receives prescriptions via computer. A customer comes to the "drop off" and says a name. -Would you look at the customer with an "I'm clueless here" expression and gesture, while saying "You need a prescription filled?" If so why would you do this? Is the customer an asshole for looking at you and say "Yes?" in such a way as to convey that you are a dipshit?

2. Why should I try out or avoid MAC cosmetics?

3. Do you have a gumball dispenser? Where did you get it please?

4. What's your favorite brand of colored pencil? How about pastels? I got some felted blenders and I'm not sure I like them. They're too absorbent or something. Any suggestions you wouldn't mind sharing?

5. What brand of writing pencil do you prefer?


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I know it's asked all the time but can I please have the addresses of online shopping sites that sell inexpensive/cute/useful things? Clothing, shoes, knick-knacks, around the house stuff, etc.

Thank yoou TCQ, you're the BEST!
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I've just come to the end of a two month vacation where I was supposed to work, work, work on this project. But due to a number of reasons (depression, illness and so on), I didn't. Now, of course, I'm more or less screwed, but I really need to get motivated and start like... yesterday. Anyhow, I've realized my problem is basically that motivation usually comes to me when the deadline is looming uncomfortably close to me, but unfortunately that's not gonna work in this case.

TL;DR - TQC, what do you do when you really need to work and aren't feeling motivated enough?
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Validate me, or slap some sense into me, whatever.

I just got a call from my mom saying my dad got two passes to go skiing tomorrow. I have to be to their house and ready to leave by 7am, its 8:30 right now and I've been packing and cleaning all day to get ready to move. This was the first I even heard of this and I really don't want to go, or be up and ready by 6:00 tomorrow, I want to sleep in. I told them I had plans tomorrow afternoon, as well.

Does it come off as "bratty" if I call now and say I don't want to go, or should I appreciate that my dad wants to take me? Even though I really do not want to go.

Don't care?... When's the last time you were made to do something with very short notice?

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What random questions would you suggest someone should ask a fairly new SO?

I was just thinking about how I want to ask they guy I'm dating what kind his favorite candy is from the sample chocolate boxes and wanted to think of more questions that are similar. :)

dk/dc: What is your favorite candy from the sample chocolate boxes? I love coconut.
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Can someone help me come up with a good decent alcoholic drink made with the following items?

dark rum
some mini bottles of flavored van gogh vodka
hazelnut liqueur
vanilla flavored soymilk
the pineapple juice left in the can after i ate the pineapple
half a can of coconut milk

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When was the last time you panicked and it turned out to be unnecessary?

This morning I thought I'd lost my wallet but I'd just put it in the wrong pocket and had forgotten! ;)

(no subject)

When was the last time you were really excited about something?

My SO is a huge Spurs fan, so I just bought him the champions SE dvd for his birthday. I plan to put that, plus his other presents, into a treasure hunt, and I cannot wait!

(no subject)

Do you happen to know anybody who is desperately trying to get to the Superbowl in Miami but can't get there because their flight from Washington DC got canceled? I happen to have an AWD van and room for six passengers, and a vast emptiness in my wallet.

I <3 TLV

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The people doing a report on the omgsnow here in the DC area just said that many people have been reporting seeing blue flashes of light and so far no one can explain them.

What are these flashes? I'm thinking aliens.
Quinn Twin

Bathtub Pillow

Upon rediscovering reading in the bathtub yesterday, I come to ask one of life's most important questions: What is the best bathtub pillow EVARS?

I stupidly previously bought one shaped as a penguin (because, hey, it was shaped like a penguin) and it is not relevant to my interests.


Do you have any freckles/birthmarks/scars/other marks on your body that are in the shape of, or look like, something?

Will you show us?

What's your favourite Slurpee flavour and combo?

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There's this form I have to fill in for HR at work and I have to fill in my ethnic origin, which I have no problem doing, but...

4) Ethnic Origin

*Black African
*Black Caribbean
*Black Other

Why is Irish in its own category? Why is it not being classed as White? Oh and there are loads of other bits which make no sense, like what if you were say, Japanese? Or Mexican? Is it me or is this a realllly odd list?

It's UK based btw if that makes any difference.

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Inspired by this: http://tinyurl.com/yjpr6de

"According to OKCupid.com's study of the most successful online dating profile pics (with "success" being measured by how many messages you receive), the "MySpace Pose" is the best way to make yourself attractive to guys."

I want to hear from you guys now:

What's the Best Online Dating Profile Picture?

The MySpace Angle
In Bed
With friends
Doing something interesting

Same question about men.

With animals
Showing off muscles
With friends
Doing something interesting

And why?

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Are there any dates that have strong negative associations for you? Which dates?

What do you do to keep yourself from brooding on those days?

Mine are December 2nd and February 14th. December's not so bad, because nobody makes a big deal out of 12/2, but 2/14 is unfortunately a holiday, so I can't avoid thinking about the date as it comes up.
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Sometimes I get irrationally emotional, like when someone has gone to the store but did not tell me, even though I didn't want anything I feel hysterically upset. I feel abandoned for some reason. I know it's completely irrational but for some reason I cannot control it.

Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like I've lost track of time and I slept longer than it seems I did and that I must be horribly mistaken. I woke up for work this morning and cried and freaked out because I convinced myself it was later afternoon on Saturday and I missed work. I knew it wasn't, I just doubted myself so badly.

I haven't been able to get rid of the painful nausea I've been experiencing.

Am I going crazy? Why am I freaking out like this?

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My 5th anniversary with my fiance is coming up on the 11th. He's taking me to see Tanya Tagaq and to Disney on Ice.
I have no money and no idea what to get him, but I'm good with crafts! What should I make him? 

What did you do for your last anniversary? 
What is the last thing you made? 
Collapse )
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(no subject)

have you ever attended/heard of a shuttled house party?

(for example: large house party, but everyone parks at a nearby church/park/parking lot and someone designated and sober from the party picks everyone up at times that were decided on the party invite. there is also a similar process to return the party guests to their cars, but if someone wants to leave early, it's close enough that they can walk back.)

if you've been to a party like this, what was your experience?
if not, how do you think this would work out? (or if you even have a suggestion of how to throw a party like this, i'd love to hear it!)
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My psychiatrist/therapist recommended I start doing dialectical behavior therapy. She recommended a group I can join. Problem is, they don't accept insurance plans so I'd have to pay out of pocket. It'd be over $200 a week to do this. My psychiatrist really thinks I'll benefit from it.

My questions to you are:

Have you ever doe DBT before? Did you find it beneficial?

Whether or not you've done it before, do you think I should at least give it a shot? Do you think it'll be worth it?

ETA: to be more specific, on the website it says it does not a participant in any insurance plan but will provide a bill suitable for insurance. So does this mean insurance could potentially cover it?
Clem & Joely

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After discovering how amazing the Dexter TV show is, I became curious about the books. If anyone's read them or knows about them, is it true that in the books, Dexter's character is possessed by a demon or something? I'm still curious to check it out, but I admit the demon thing in the amazing-psychology of the Dexter character is something of a let down to me.

(no subject)

Writers: Do you listen to music while you're writing? Which artists/songs? I am trying to put together a good writing playlist.

Everyone else: What was the best concert youve ever been to? Who would you love to see live?

(no subject)

1. favourite song to sing for karaoke night?

2. do you get annoyed when people use nouns as verbs?

3. facebook; is walling a word now? firefox doesn't have those squiggly lines that signify a spelling error.