February 4th, 2010

i don't want to be friends

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I can't sleep =/. Are you having trouble sleeping too, or is it normal time where you are?
Isn't Glee amazing?
I burp a lot. It hurts my stomach when I don't burp, and I do loud manly burps, not petite feminine burps. Could I have some sort of medical issue or just a gassy stomach?

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The saga of my housemate continues.
After getting rid of her "friend" who stalked her and controlled her every move, she found a new boyfriend. He seems like a nice guy, but yesterday evening, they kind of... let out that she wants to kick out our other housemate and let him move in with us instead (she does have the power to do this and there's nothing I can do to stop it except for convincing her of not doing this). They met 2 weeks ago.

TQC, help me! How do I tell her that this is a really really really bad idea?


I've been on 20mgs of Lexapro for a few months. My prescription is too expensive and I was going to begin to wean myself off in two days. I never had any side effects whatsoever from it. Yesterday I forgot to take it and then spent the night at a friend's house, so I haven't taken it at all in almost two full days. I haven't experienced any withdrawal symptoms at all.

Do you think it would be okay at this point if I just stopped taking it cold turkey, since I haven't experienced any negative effects after 2 full days?

I know I should theoretically ask a doctor but mine told me I could wean myself off it whenever I wanted (although she suggested doing it over a period of two weeks) and that she thought I probably wouldn't have a bad withdrawal.

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I'm designing some valentines day cards that I'm going to put on Etsy but I'd love some ideas of what to put on them. What cute, funny, sayings/words would you like to see on Valentines day Cards?

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I was recently approved for a new credit card. I applied for it because there's no interest on purchases until January 2011. I need to get a laptop and can't afford the $600+ up front, but can afford monthly payments. After January 2011, the APR is 18.9%.

Three days after applying for the card, I received an offer in the mail for another credit card. This one had the same zero interest until 2011 on purchases. However, this one's APR is 12.9% after January 2011. Obviously, this is better.

Should I apply for the second one, and cancel the first one if I get it? Would that hurt my credit?
Whee!, Redbull

Tax season!

If you have filed your taxes this year: How much was your refund, or did you have to pay out?
If you haven't filed yet: What are you waiting on/for? How much do you anticipate you'll get/pay out?
I'm going to be getting 4k this year, holy crap! That's moving money right there.

DK/DC: Have you tried the Throwback-style sodas that use sugar instead of corn syrup? Which do you prefer?
I wish I could find the Dr. Pepper Heritage somewhere, I usually prefer sugar sodas to syrup.

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On a scale of 1-10 how important is music to you? (One being "Fuck music", ten being "Couldn't live without it")

Will you tell me about songs that make you happy every time you listen to them? Videos are appreciated.
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help me call someone out on their shit? (sorry, lot of text! D:)

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Dearest TQC, are there ANY religious holidays coming up this Sunday, February 7th, 2010? Specifically Pagan, but perhaps she has multiple religions, so I'll accept anything as a possibility.

If she's observing a holiday, it should be all day, yes? I have a feeling she just wants to switch her night for my midday shift so she doesn't have to do all the closing work.

If she really is lying, what should I say/do to call her out? She is really buddy-buddy with my boss, unfortunately, so I don't know if she (my boss) would do much. Also, I don't want to be too rude, as I will have to continue to work with her and I don't want to feel uncomfortable every time I do.

DK;DC: Will you tell me a story about a time where you called someone out on their bullshit? I know this is a kinda common question but I love it! And I hate perpetual liars!
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My girlfriend and I have had a ski trip planned for a few months now and we are supposed to leave on the 10th at 12:00PM. We booked the tickets using a flight reward that so the tickets there only cost us 10 bucks. Yesterday, she found out that her work rescheduled a meeting that she is supposed to attend from the morning of the 10th to the afternoon. There is no way that we can keep the same flight and she can attend this meeting. Here are our options:

  1. Keep current flights and not attend meeting (Even though it is important for her to be there)
  2. Travel one day later and lose a vacation day that we were supposed to have skiing traveling and forfeit one night hotel stay that we will  have to pay for.
  3. Travel separately: I go at 12 and she flies up at 4:30PM and we meet there (100 dollar flight upgrade)
  4. Both travel at 4:35PM. 100 dollars for her ticket and 386 dollars for mine. (Only one rapid reward tix available)

Rock and a hard place here. What do you all think?


Spreadsheet help

I've read through some, but the google tutorials are not helping much.

I need a spreadsheet with the following:

Score total
Spendable points total

A box to add points
A box to subtract points

Points added should be added to both the Score and Spendable points totals.
Subtracted points should only be subtracted from total spendable points.

How do I do this in google docs?

I've been mucking around with it, but every time I think I have a breakthrough, I've done something else wrong. It seems like it's incredibly simple, I've just never used formulas in a spreadsheet before.

ETA: SOLVED. TY, this works perfect.
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after being "single" but interested in one or two people for a long time (read: years) how do you go about starting to be single and actually actively looking for/considering new people?
i hope that makes sense. i never give anyone a chance, and am really closed off and it sucks.

was there anything you were "known for" in highschool?

Two parter.

I got my W-2 from my old job, where I made about 12k. It only has 120 dollars withheld. I understand if it's wrong there's nothing I can do about it, but it does suck because I thought I'd get more back. :( Does that sound right, or did I get screwed?

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Peggy Blink

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Hi techies of TQC!
I got that nasty virus that LOOKS like a legit antivirus, but I can tell it's not. It interrupts everything I do on my computer and it's just annoying. I switched to the other profile on my computer, and it seems (knock on wood) to not have infiltrated it. I can't open AVG or any other anti-virus I have on my computer to get rid of it under my profile, but under my boyfriend's I can. If I had the disc, I would just re-format the whole damn computer.
1. Will running an anti-virus on the other profile help get rid of it on mine?

2. If not, do you think deleting my profile and creating a new one would help? this is what I did and it seems to have worked.
3. Why has it only infiltrated my profile?

I don't download shit! I think I got it because my stupid boyfriend insists that going to shady-looking websites (you know, NOT Hulu) to watch Arrested Development logged in to my profile on the laptop is a good idea. Ughhhh.

ETA: It's a Vista.

What did you eat last?

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I'm going to a Food & Wine show here in MN in a couple weeks. How much should I budget to spend on buying bottle(s) of wine?! I love wine, but I haven't really had GOOD wine before. What should I look for? Any recommendations?

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How much weight did you gain in your freshman and sophomore year of college?

0 lb
1-5 lb
5-10 lb
10-15 lb
over 15 lb
I didn't/don't go to college.

If you've taken any athletic or physical activity courses in college, what were they and did you enjoy them?
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 I'm pretty sure I have food poisoning, and it's about to start raining outside. I'm skipping my 12:30 class, and possibly my 3:30 if I still feel this bad in 3 hours. TQC, how do I cheer myself up on this abysmal day? The boyfriend is in class til 4:45 and thusly is not available for cuddling purposes.


Do you like the sweetheart candies? What's your favorite color?

Do you read the messages on them before you eat them?

If you could add a new message to the sweethearts message bank at the necco factory, what would it be?

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If someone close to you (parent, sibling, etc) was on probation and did something that violated their probation and involved lying/not fully disclosing things to their probation officer, would you take it upon yourself to tell their PO?

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Do you think that if your childhood friend turned out to be the next 'jesus christ' you should get into heaven automatically?

What have you been up to in your individual areas TQC?

Any interesting NEWS?
Mitty box

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If you could travel in time without consequences where would you go?

The past
The future
I would not travel in time

Would you just visit or would you live there permanently?

I would go to visit
I would go to live
I would visit a bunch of places and then settle down in the one I liked best
I would not travel in time

Inspired by this Rick Steves episode on ancient Rome.

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1)What are your family's unwritten rules?

Don't talk about sex or menstruation even around my dad. Enforced by mom. Not sure if dad actually cares.

2)How can I not be spacey? *tries hard to pay attention*

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You have 5 seconds to come up with a Valentine's Day poem or saying, TQC. WHAT IS IT?

Do you collect button pins? What do you do with them? (keep them in a jar, pin them to a display thing, wear them on your coat/purse/backpack, etc.)

Have you ever bought your parents a V-Day gift? What was it?
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People you've had a crush on sometime in your life

Fellow classmate
Comic book or cartoon character
Fictional character from a book
Waiter/barista/register operator
Person your friend was dating
Parent or Sibling of a friend or your SO
Your dentist/doctor
None of the above

Have you ever had a crush on someone of your own gender before?

Lord of the Star Wars

Wisdom Teeth

Getting one of my wisdom teeth out very soon - and have heard an insane amount of horror stories about weeks of pain, swelling up like a balloon and horrific bruising.

Has anyone here had their wisdom teeth out and NOT had such a terrible time afterward? Gimmee a little hope to hang on to here!

...or scare me more, because obviously 34920835923 people are going to post explosive-teeth-bleeding-through-my-eyes stories here just for the lulz.
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On the show House, they briefly mentioned that humans have an innate aversion to psychopaths, and that people will get creeped out in the presence of psychopathy, probably as a biological/evolutionary survival tactic, even if they don't KNOW that the person's a psychopath.

Has anyone ever heard this, or know what it's called, or if it's even a thing?

Googling only turned up an article on how women are less able to recognize psychopathic behavior, which is not quite what I'm looking for.
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Does dancing around naked make you feel as awesome as it makes me feel?
Cause I'm feeling pretty good.

What makes you feel good?

Will you tell me one thing you love about yourself?

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So I have an appointment scheduled in 2 weeks to go for a contact lens eye exam and I'm researching the different brands/prices/etc.

So..if you have contacts:

What brand?
Where do you get them?
What solution do you use?

Yo quiero...

Ok guys, I have a problem. For some reason I am SERIOUSLY craving Taco Bell... even though I've never had Taco Bell in my life. IF I were to go there tonight, what should I get??

DK/DC, will you tell me something happy/good that you're excited for?
oh crap cheer me up

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I'm supposed to write a synthesis paper on the Allegory of the Cave and Maitrayana Brahamana Upanishad. I've read them both, but I'm having a terrible time actually understanding the Upanishad. Has anyone read this or can you point me to someplace that can help?

What's the hardest thing you've ever read?

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If you're in a region where they're predicting bucketloads of snow over the weekend (Snowpocalypse, Pt. II?), do you have a three-day weekend? What are you going to do while snowed in?

If you're not from a region that's facing the snowpocalypse, what are your plans this weekend?
TK and Kari

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Have people mistaken you for your dad's girlfriend/any parent's SO

Once I was walking with my dad late at night (I was 18, he was 54) and there was this Mariachi band stationed on the sidewalk. They saw us in the dark and started playing romantic music, but as soon as we walked closer they realized "Oh crap" and stopped playing. My dad started laughing really hard, whereas I went -_-

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I just had a "job interview" today for a cleaning company. Turns out, they wanted me to buy several hundred dollars' worth of supplies, and they'd "supply me with contracts." They'd advertised a flat hourly rate of pay online. I'm so bummed; it's the firs interview I've had since I started sending my resume out two months ago.

How did you get the job you have today? How long did it take you to find?

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In The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke was attacked by the Wompa, he was left badly wounded. Han Solo found him, and cut open his dead tauntaun, and stuffed Luke inside. I always thought that it was to keep Luke warm, but now, in light of this furry epidemic sweeping our good society, I wonder if it was to satisfy some kind of sick furry fetish, taking advantage of a helpless jedi. After doing some more thinking, Han always did hang around a large ape-thing. It was called a wookie, but we don't know if there was a zipper on that suit, buddy. Later, he's found cavorting about on Endor with many an ewok.

What is the week-long weather forecast for your city?

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Do I go to the gym or read my uni book for next week (Hard Times, Dickens)?
The mars bar I just ate is telling me gym..

How often do you read a full book/how many books do you read a month?
vapor jonathan

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Ladies (or gents, I suppose, whatevs), what cup size are you?

My girls with big ol titties,where do you get your pretty bras? It's such a pain to find really cute bras above a C cup. 
shock-me-gray, bored, apathy

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Have you ever had a pet cockroach? Like a Hissing Oriental Cockroach? We had one at my elementary school.

Have you ever had a pet iguana? How big did it get?

What's your favorite type/species/breed of reptile?

What animal/insect are you the most afraid of?
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<lj-cut text="What kind of haircut should I get?">

I haven't had a professional haircut in about 5 years and I've decided to treat myself to one tonight.

This is me now:

<img src="http://images1e.snapfish.com/232323232%7Ffp%3A79%3Enu%3D4382%3E388%3E25%3A%3EWSNRCG%3D33373%3B6%3A52335nu0mrj">

I really like this sort of haircut, but I don't know how it would look on me.

<img src="http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a350/din00/Hair/834517550_72ad96cc3f.jpg">

Any suggestions?


EDIT: <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/tqc_updates/236375.html" I did it and I'm happy with how it turned out. Thanks for the advice, everyone!</a>

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How easily can you switch from music genres when listening?

i.e. I just got sidetracked by Chicane when I wanted to listen to the Distillers, and now I have very little desire to listen to the Distillers.

eta: How varied are the genres of music you most commonly listen to?

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I'm looking to make food over the weekend so I will have enough to last me through the week without cooking.

Does anyone have any interesting ideas? Bonus points if its a one dish casserole (like tuna noodle).
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I got Rosetta Stone, and for ease of use I want to listen to it through headphones. I have a great set of USB headphones, but I am not sure how to make it go through them--currently I only have a voice chat program routed through them, but it's set to them on its own settings which Rosetta Stone doesn't seem to have. Any ideas?

Don't know/don't care: What are you having for dinner tonight? (We're having potatoes, green peppers, onions and smoked sausage all done in a skillet, it is not done yet but smells awesome, and I am hungry, hence the question)
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I got my hair cut on Tuesday, after work.

At work Wednesday, one of my students (a Freshman boy) told me that my hair looked like a broom. He meant it as a compliment.

How the hell did he think that was a compliment?
Take a Look

Decide my fate, TQC!

I got invited to go to happy hour tomorrow after class. What are the chances that with this mega storm that's rolling through DC-MarVa, I'll have to cancel?

Should I take the metro to school tomorrow, since it's unlikely my stupid university will cancel evening classes? Driving home at rush hour in a blizzard seems like a nice venture into Hell.

Have you stockpiled TP, milk, & bread yet???

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Do you think some people are just meant to be unhappy?

When years of therapy/treatment, several medications, life style changes, time, self-discovery, friend support and more don't work, does that person have a right to say "maybe I'm just broken"? Is that person expected to live for ever in misery?

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When shampooing your hair, after you lather and rinse, how often do you repeat?

ALSO, do you use matching shampoo and conditioners? So for example you would use Pantene shampoo and the matching Pantene conditioner?

Superbowl Sunday Food Ideas

I need a great dessert to bring to a Superbowl party this weekend. My husband signed us up to bring a dessert and suggested brownies. However I just received a text from the host asking me to please bring a dessert, and please no brownies because two other couples are bringing brownies. Now I need ideas of a dessert that the guys will love and are easy to eat while watching the game. So here are my questions..

Who are you rooting for on Sunday?
What is one snack/dessert that would you like to eat?

...And for those that are not watching the game, what will you be doing instead?

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would you have any sympathy for someone who lets their small dog outside without a leash and without supervision when they don't have a fence, and someone takes the dog in and gets him fixed?

eta: lady A who claimed the do was originally hers sued lady B who took the dog in because now lady A can't breed the dog. she lost because she couldn't actually prove it was her dog (her only proof was "but i know my dog!"). from what was said, lady B took the dog in because she thought it was a stray, not because she wanted to steal someone's dog.

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there is this billboard here that i always see when driving on the freeway... it used to say just "god" in big letters on both sides, then they changed one side to "jesus" and now the other god side says "lord of hosts"

what is the purpose of this? are they advertising for god? there is no church name or anything, just "god"

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If you were completely late to the party on getting your cousin a congratulatory gift for signing his NLoI what would you get him?

No hookers and blow, he has to pass drug tests and avoid baby mama drama if at all possible.
I &lt;3 TLV

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I want bananas to make smoothies this weekend during the omg snow. There's a 24-hour grocery nearby store that may not be too crazy late at night. Buuut I'm tired and I don't feel like going out. Should I go out and get bananas, or go without delicious smoothies?

What's your favorite smoothie recipe?

I have frozen strawberries and raspberries, soy milk, coconut milk, and peanut butter. If I go out, is there anything else I should get for my smoothies?

Please be doing my homework

In this sentence:
"I have observed how museums are also repositories of information (that is) (that are) scrutinized, catalogued, displayed and promoted for public enjoyment."

Which one is it?

"My specific interest in this developed over my (two year)(two-year) employment at [Mickey D's]."
Is two-year hyphenated?

And this one is just a run-on sentence that I can't fix:
"However, in my thorough research on librarianship I have learned that it comprises much more than a love of books and I believe I possess the inquisitive, intelligent and meticulous characteristics required of a successful information professional."
Peggy Blink

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When you're really anxious, how do you calm down?

I have really bad anxiety problems, and when people randomly disappear, I freak out and think of the worst. My SO signed off AIM an hour ago without explaining (he usually says "BRB, taking a shower" or something) and he's not answering his phone or responding to my texts, which is super uncharacteristic of him. I have to talk to him about something MUY IMPORTANTE before I go to bed. I DUNNO WHAT TO DOOOO OMG.

Will you show me your Facebook default photo?
books/writing - german words

Heya, TQC

Do you like to write? If so, what do you like to write? Any poetry writers/aficionados in the house?

Normally I consider myself a fiction writer (specifically sci-fi or fantasy stuff), but a while back I tried my hand at writing poetry and turned out what I consider to be some fairly good sonnets. The problem is that I really don't know if they're good or not, since NO ONE will ever offer a decent critique for poetry. So while I'm pretty pleased with them personally, if prevailed upon to show them to someone I get really insecure and anxious. Meh.

DC: What was the last phone call you made?

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What was your favourite book as a child?
What are your favourite myths?

For those of you in college, what have been your favourite classes so far and why?

For my creative writing class I can pretty much do WHATEVER I WANT for my ~term papers~.
The class is called Mythological Narratives, and all the assignment has to do is be creative & explore something (whether it be fact or fiction) in depth.

For the first one I'm doing a short story about family & rites of passsage.. sort of haha.
Any suggestions for the other two? I'm sure I'll be able to figure something out, but thought I'd come to you guys for suggestions :) It's a pretty wicked assignment because we can take it ANYWHERE. I went and spoke to my prof about it & he said we can do a research paper type thing, or a simple narrative, or a collection of poems, whatever we feel like, so I'm pretty excited.

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If you have a job, which fictional work environment is most like yours? Would you be right at home alongside Dilbert with a pointy-haired boss of your own? I feel like I'm working for Veridian Dynamics (Better off Ted). If you're in school, what school is most like yours? Are you and your friends the Buffy gang or the Glee kids? If neither situation above applies, what fictional group of friends/family are most like yours?

final vowelsssss and consonantssssss

When you see a statement like this on the internets:

I loveeeeeeeee ice cream!

in your mind, which does it sound like?

a. I love ice cream (with the "o" in "love" held longer than normal)
b. I love-eeeeeeee ice cream

Or this:

I want some wineeeeeeeeeeee!

a. I want some wine (hold the "i" extra long)
b. I want some wine. EEEEEEEEEEEEE.

What about something like this:

OMG I hate trainsssssssssssss!

a. I hate traaaaaaaaaains!
b. I hate train-sssssssss (like a long hiss)
ha ha

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Is there a Livejournal community specifically made for proofreading things?

Have you ever had a surreal day? Doesn't have to be a good surreal either. What was it like?

Why does everyone make a big deal out of bacon?
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What is your idea of a perfect salad?
I'm pretty damn close right now...iceberg lettuce, green bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, facon, a sprinkling of cheese, and homemade pumpernickel croutons. All with a side of greek dressing. OMFG party in my mouth!

What is the last thing cool thing that happened to you?
I pulled out a B on an art history exam that I thought I was gonna die on. Hopefully he curves :( I want that 4.0, damnit!

Did you ever have a 4.0 in college?
My first semester ever lollll but not since.

If not, did you ever make the Dean's List? What did your school require to be on it?
My school now requires a 3.6, I'm hoping to make it this semester. My old school didn't have one.

sorry for the double post!!!

PS why the fuck is LJ sending me SIX EMAILS every time someone replies to my comments?? is anyone else having this issue?

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You wake up one morning and find this person laying next to you, naked. How do you react?
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How about this person?
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Don't know or care: If you could live in any other state besides your own, which state would you live in? For international members, which area of your country would you move to (aside from the area where you currently live)?

(no subject)

What was the last movie/book/CD/etc. that deeply affected you?

Me: I watched the movie Boys Don't Cry last night and found it very upsetting and moving. Has anyone else seen it and if so, what did you think of it?
Rahm - damn.

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Dear fat ladies of TQC: Where on earth do you find khaki pants? I just searched our entire mall and didn't find a stitch of khaki above a 24 (I'm a 26) that weren't elestic waisted, saggy butt, old cat lady pants. I'm losing weight, but in the meantime I'd rather not dress like... Well, like a fatass. Help?

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What's a good book to read about the organization of the U.S. Military? I just finished reading The Thin Red Line, and all the way through I kept thinking, "This would make more sense if I knew how a Platoon was organized/what the job of an exec is/etc. etc."

(no subject)


I've never been to a Bridal Shower and I have been invited to one...

What goes on at a Bridal Shower? Do you need to bring a gift to it? Do you ask the bride what she wants as a gift? HAAAALP!
screen clean

a stupid question, really, but whatever.

i met this guy on okcupid and we have been talking on text for about a week. we are meeting this weekend.

anyway, he is from tokyo. he lived in new york for five years, and now he lives here in minneapolis. i have not spoken to him on the phone.

he understands english really well, but does text things that are notably a bit on the side of "engrish". like when i asked him about the type of music he likes he said "i like rocks. i listen j-rocks and j-pops mostly."

any time he says "glad" he types it "grad". i think it is adorable. but a part of me think that i should at least tell him that the word is "glad". i mean it's highly likely he pronounces it "grad", but i don't want to look like an asshole.

it's possible he just accidentally has it in his iphone auto-correct like that. but i don't know.

what would you do in this situation?

on the same note i am really nervous to meet him because i am not tiny like japanese girls. i have big boobs and a big butt. if that is what he is used to/what he likes, he is in for an unpleasant surprise. i do have a couple photos on okcupid that show my whole self, but i don't know if they really get across the point that i am not tiny.

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MacBook Mail App

Hey all

I just got my Macbook today and I'm trying to set up the Mail App to use my @live.com email. I'm following the steps I found online and it receives emails fine but when I go to reply or send it says the outgoing mail server is wrong.

Is there something else I have to do? I'm using the outgoing server that the guide told me to use

DK/DC: How would you rate the following three shows in order of greatest to worst? (The Office, 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation)