February 3rd, 2010

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What is a good diet? Since I lost my job I have gained weight and I want to lose 20 pounds so I can try to feel better about myself.

DK/DC What is your favorite show(s)?

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What should win Best Picture?

The Blind Side
District 9
An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglorius Basterds
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

EDIT: I forgot to add Precious, which has also been nominated. Idk how to edit polls, so yeah.
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I just looked at pictures of a boy that I had (have) a huuuuge crush on. He goes to my University, but we never talk because I freaked him out by being way creepy in high school (I'm not creepy anymore...). He hates me :(
The pictures were... oh my God... Better than porn.

What was the last thing you did to depress yourself?
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i'm pretty freaked out about me getting the seasonal flu shot yesterday. i've never minded the occasional cold/flu/fever, i sort of enjoy them. i rarely get them and i like how it's working up my immune system.

is my immune system COMPLETELY fucked now? according to this article, it is. D: someone please reassure me.

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I just sent in my last batch of law school applications, and I kind of just realized that I will probably have to move very, very far away if I don't get into UT (I live near Austin currently). However, I'm not very familiar with most of the cities that the law schools I'm applying to are in, so I thought I'd find out what the good citizens of TQC think.

Poll #1520597 cities 1

Which of the following cities would you be happy moving to/living in?

Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Minneapolis, MN
Portland, OR
Bloomington, IN
Urbana-Champaign, IL
Williamsburg, VA
Houston, TX
Columbus, OH
Eugene, OR
Poll #1520598 Cities - 2

Which of the following cities would you be unhappy moving to/living in?

Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Minneapolis, MN
Portland, OR
Bloomington, IN
Urbana-Champaign, IL
Williamsburg, VA
Houston, TX
Columbus, OH
Eugene, OR
Any thoughts/complaints/etc. about any of these cities?
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1) does napping help or hinder a diet? i always think that if i'm napping, at least i'm not eating ... but .. that's not exactly scientific.

2) completely unrelated, my boyfriend has this problem where he can't completely empty his bladder. i don't really know how to explain it, but he'll pee, and then leave the bathroom, and two minutes later have to pee again, leave the bathroom, two minutes later have to pee AGAIN, etc etc etc.

it's not usually a lot each time, it's a lot the first time and then less and less. it annoys the hell out of both of us because when we are trying to sleep, he has to keep getting up to go.


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wtf do you do when you made your drink too strong and you have no ixers left? assume you can't get to a store.

eta: it's a screwdriver and you have no ice.

is there anyone here tht plays restaurant city and is willing to trade me an egg? i'll give you basically anything. or rice, i need a rice.

eta 2: guys i just saw a headline on my google reader that just says "Incident on Rochester's West Side" and all the article says is that they called in a swat team. WHAT DO YOU THINK HAPPENED?
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TQC, when you summon an elevator, do you stand directly in front of the doors, and enter as soon as they open? Or do you stand off to the side, wait for them to open and for anyone exiting to step off, and then board?

I stand to the side and wait, but I feel like I'm one of the rare few these days.

What's something that's really kind of pissing you off right now?

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My computer won't let me go to a specific website(it says cannot display website and even tried in a different browser, my internet it working fine, it lets me go to everything else, and i tried this website on my phone and the website is working, i've deleted internet cookies and everything, why won't it let me go to it?
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A friend-ish of mine owes me artwork (5 years ago I drew something for him and I never got anything in return. He reminded me the other day and asked what I wanted (he said anything) I can't think. ANYTHING is way too broad for me and I get stuck.

If you could ask an artist for anything (drawing or painting) what would you ask for?

Also! I remember a while ago polaroid was going to stop selling/making film...
Did this ever happen?
Is there any place I could buy film for my polaroid camera?
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Do over

Have you ever re-read a book or re-watched a movie that you loved but upon the second reading/viewing found yourself wondering why you thought it was so good?

Which book/movie was it?

What was the last book you read? Movie you watched?

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1)Who else here never has their looks compared to famous people?

2)Do you have trouble getting up in the morning? What have you tried?

I do. I've ever tried putting my alarm clock on the other side of the room from my bed...

Credit Shenanigans.

You sign into your online "Tag" checking account, and they've offered you a credit card. You apply, and get that "hahahaha no" letter in the mail, yet when you sign on 4 days later you see that your account is listing that card as one of your account dealies. You don't have the card yet, how long do you wait for it to arrive before you freak out?

*For the record, I waited oh, about 10 seconds, called and they said it should be on its way.

Have you ever been denied for a credit card and then got it anyways? Why is credit so confusing? Which is the dumbest credit card to possibly have?

EDIT: Called again, paranoid me. Turns out they let you know via the online site whether or not you get the card before they even ship the card out. It got shipped out today. Weird.
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Maleficent: sexy Disney villain or sexiest Disney villain?

Who's your favorite fictional villain ever? The most evil? The hottest?

Don't care about villains: What's the best way to warm up on a cold snowy day?
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Did I dream this or is it real?

I remember a Greek myth about a woman who became obsessed about having sex with a bull so she fashioned a cow costume and got the bull to mate with her and then it killed her. I tried googling this but found a lot of beastiality sites. =/

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 I had a job interview on Monday morning and was offered the position pending good references (they're totally good).  I emailed the interviewer yesterday morning, as per the interviewer's request to email and not call, to tell her that I accept the job.  I have not heard back.

Should I be bummed?  Should I call?

Don't know/care:

Do you like to bake?
Would you ever work in a bakery?

Got an email back saying that they're checking references and I should hear in a day or two.  Ee!
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 If your boyfriend just broke up with you, do you constantly let him know you will be there for him (as he is also taking this extremely badly) or do you give him time? I dont want to lose him further by letting him think Im not there for him, but I also dont want to smother him to death. He is the type who would really want to see that I care but I have been trying my hardest and its still very difficult.

Also he has posted things up saying he has a new girlfriend and a new bff and all that, I know hes doing it to get a reaction out of me to see how Ill handle it. I feel like he could be testing my loyalty.

Does never always mean never?
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 i'm having relationship troubles.

recently my boyfriend has been spending his money frivolously, and depending on me more and more to pay for things. he keeps asking to borrow my car, my phone, even money until he gets paid. he drives my car around all day and doesn't even fill up the tank. he says he doesn't use my phone that much, but i can see all these calls on my bill. he keeps using my credit cards to buy me gifts, leaving me stuck with the bill. he tells his friends he's rich and treats me right, but it's all bullshit. how do i tell him we're through, and that i need to find another man?

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My phone is really dying. I want another env, but I do not use the data packages. I just use it to text and take pictures. Verizon requires you to have a data plan now.

Is there a way to buy the phone without having to pay the data charges? I mean, they can look at my history and see that I don't even touch anything that has to do with ringtones and the web and stuff, even though my current phone has all that stuff.
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Yesterday a package was delivered to my apartment at 2pm with about $80 worth of stuff inside. I did not get the package. I live in a triplex and checked all the doors. I've talked to some of my neighbors since then and they didn't mention seeing the package. I left all my neighbors notes today in case they just forgot they have/saw it.

Where is my package?! 

I called the post office and they said they'll investigate and call me tomorrow. What are the chances of them finding it? 

What was the last thing USPS lost or destroyed for you?

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What bones have you broken? How?

Inspiration: I had x-rays for my 8-week follow-up appointment with my orthopedist after fucking up some muscles in my shoulder. Turns out that in the original appointment/x-rays he missed the fact that my collarbone was broken!

My first broken bone and I didn't even know until 2 months later, haha.
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What should I do today?

Play Animal Crossing on the Wii
Internet some more
Clean the litter boxes
Do the dishes
Read a book (Dune)
Take a nap
Cross stitch 8 bit NES/SNES characters
Something else which you will write in the comments

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Yesterday, I read some things make Top Ramen taste better... Like putting an egg into it while it's cooking to make it more like egg drop soup. [Which was awesome.]

Do you have any Top Ramen recipes aside from the normal one? Care to share them with me?

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Would you buy concert tickets from Ebay?
Have you?

I really want to bid on a pair of Muse/Silversun Pickups tickets but I don't want to get scammed.

ETA: Thanks guys! I'm bidding. *crosses fingers* :D

Stupid question is stupid

Is there a difference between a script for eyeglasses and a script for contacts?

I want to get contacts, but I don't want to have to pay for another exam (I had one about 9 months ago).

Are you at work right now?

If so, how strict/lenient is your boss's internet "policy" or whatever?

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For those of you who have had ingrown toenails:
I have one right now and it hurts like a bitch. It doesn't seem to be infected, it's just red and a little swollen. I've been Googling it like crazy and some websites say that if I soak it in hot water and put antibiotic cream on it it'll go away on its own, but other websites tell me to go to a doctor ASAP before it gets worse.

What should I do? If you've had one, did it go away on its own? I really don't have time to go to a doctor and my doctor is waaaay off campus so I'd have to get a taxi so I'd like to avoid going at all costs, but if it's gonna get gross/keep me from walking then I don't know...Helpppp?
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Have you ever had to move back home with parent(s) for financial reasons after being on your own?

I recently moved back after realizing dropping almost all of my income on rent and bills was ridic. I lived in a one bedroom apt for three years. My plan is to pay off credit card debt and save money for awhile.

Was it worth it?

I'm not sure yet, I've only been home a month. I do miss being able to walk around in the nude, have sexual relations and drink entire bottles of wine without being commented on. I do like having more than $5 in my bank account.


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At a party, I got told (several times) that I look like some woman out of the movie Dogma. Having never seen this movie I don't know who they were talking about and  I don't know whether I should take it as a compliment or an insult!!

Collapse )

Who is this person I (supposedly) look like?

Do you think I look like her?

Which celeb do people say you look like?

omg do my homework for me plz

Im taking Criminology. We have been assigned an "outside of class project".. pretty much anything relating to crime. The only idea Ive come up with so far is to take a trip to the local police station or something like that, but most people in my class have that same idea. Lame.

My mind is drawing a blank. Can anyone else think of any other suggestions?

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I had a job interview bright and early on Monday morning, which went pretty well - the HR manager told me that the president of the company had seen my resumé and wanted to speak with me himself, but something had suddenly come up and he couldn't. At the end of my interview/tour of the building, the HR manager told me that she'd give me a call for a second interview with the president as soon as she got in touch with him. I have not heard from her yet and it's 3:30 on Wednesday. When do you think I should call to follow up? Is it too soon? I don't want to seem annoying or desperate, even though I kind of am... :T (desperate, that is)

DK/DC: What's the last little thing that made you happy?
I just got home from the dog park. I love watching my puppydog run around with other goggies. I wish I had room for a friend for her here!

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The husband has scored us a free couch and love seat....

But they smell like smoke. Boo.

Do you think letting them sit outside for a couple days + massive amounts of Febreze will get the smoke smell out?

If not, what do you recommend? We kinda need the furniture. :(


My boyfriend LOVES Port, and I'd like to get him some for Valentine's Day.
Can you suggest a good Port that I can buy in-store (as opposed to online)?

How do I send a relationship status change on Facebook?

Do you celebrate Chinese or Lunar New Year?
If so, what do you do to celebrate--traditions, preparations, special foods...?

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if you could pick between this world we live in and a world where women were only fertile once a year with only one period but before that period for several days would be so sexually overcharged they would offer themselves sexually to any, ANY! man that approached them. Which do you you pick? are you male or female?

The single period would be no worse than a normal period
it's predicable and pregnancy is impossible the rest of the year'

for the rest of the time desire and enjoyment would be the same

lesbians would give it up for any man too

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What foods did you crave all the time when you were pregnant? So far, I really want tuna fish, anything with milk or cream in it, and hamburgers from Dairy Queen all the time. It's anoying that I can't eat tuna though.

What foods could you not stand at all? I really get ooki feeling when I smell ham or pork, or even think about it. Cheese is bothering me too for some reason, and the idea of wheat is bothering me.

I think the weird thing is that cheese is a dairy product....

What would make your perfect pizza? Thin crust with olive oil, sun dried tomatos, spinich, feta cheese. YUM. Or thin crust, pineapple, chicken, ranch, mango, mozzerella cheese :)

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Dear TQC

So I met this guy, a few weeks ago and we had an amazing date. A lot of things in common, a lot of eye contact, and a lot of chemistry between us. Things were awesome. We had a second date, where we ate pizza at his house, watched some movies, and I ended up spending the night and we cuddled in bed. We both woke up early because he had work at 8am, but as we were waking up, we were kinda touching eachother if you know what I mean. Well between these 2 dates, we have never kissed. He told me that he wants to take me to Lake Tahoe for Valentines day, and he plans on going out with me on my birthday which is the day prior as well as invited me to a party this Friday. The only thing I'm having an issue with is the lack of communication between us. He told me we we first started talking that he loves text messaging, and that if he doesn't respond he's either busy or didn't hear his phone. I haven't dated in 3 years anyone else other than my ex, and I'm used to a rapid exchange in texts and phone calls so I'm beating myself up wondering if this guy is really interested in me or not. Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill? What should I do?

And excuse the block of text and minor spelling and grammar errors as I typed this on my iPhone haha.
Priyanka Smoke

Uh, Help.

Hey guys I have seen some of you around before but never posted to this comm. I don't have anyone to talk to about this right now.

I just gave two weeks notice at my job. I don't have another job.

Now that I have calmed down I realize that I don't have a lot of prospects and I am very scared. At my current job I was making $15/hour, and I can't see being able to do what I gotta do for less than maybe $13. My boyfriend just had to go on partial unemployment, so we are kinda broke -- I don't have the luxury of enjoying my employment.

What should I do?

Edit: I know it seems rash -- this came after repeated attempts to get my boss to even have a dialogue with me about the issues that I was having, mainly -- no raise in 2.5 years, responsibilities tripled, making less than two male coworkers who have comparable amounts of responsibility, being called sexist names and spoken about crudely by other workers.
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You know how bands do mellow covers of pop and rock songs? I was wondering if anyone knows of a cover like that of "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga?

Thanks :)
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isn't it funny how many people are stretching to find celebrities they "look like?"

thanks for the lulz, facebook. you've informed me of many people who are way too full of themselves.
Spelling Contest

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Which of these movies do you like the best?

Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers
Three Men and a Baby
Four Weddings and a Funeral
The Fifth Element
The Sixth Day
Eight Crazy Nights
Ninth Gate
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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You're at a store or a restaurant and someone serving you says something that you find offensive. It's not about you, but it's racist/sexist/classist/anti-gay/whatever, take your pick. Do you say anything to that person or do you let it go? If you do say something, what would you say?

What if this is a friend of a friend that you only just met?

What if this is an acquaintance at work?
Razor Blade Smile

Killing time until I can go home

You and your SO (or, your last SO if you're single) go together like _____?

Two peas in a pod. We're so much alike
Oil and water. We're complete opposites but find a way to get along
Pancakes and syrup. We're different but complement each other
The Narrator and Tyler Durden. My SO doesn't actually exist

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Hi, I'm AshleyLynn. Soo, I have an embarassing question, but I can't find a straight answer online and am too shy to ask a friend.

My boyfriend and I finally had sex after dating for three solid years without it. Now that we have it (not a lot) it hurts and isn't improving. At some points it's really good, but one slight shift or whatever and it'll hurt really bad. I don't know if it's because I'm...too tight and it'll just take time? Or if there's just something wrong with me. I know it's not him that's doing anything wrong, it just hurts and ruins the experience for both of us because I can't take the pain.

Is it something I can't fix? Or...is there something I can do to make it not hurt?

k, thanks~
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Do you get annoyed if you're talking to someone on IM and they randomly sign off in the middle of a conversation without saying anything at all? Does it depend on who the person is?

What's the last movie you watched? Would you recommend it to others?

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Lately, every time I play music or a video, my computer slows down and skips/stops responding/goes AGONIZINGLY slow even if what I am playing is already fully loaded. It has been running more slowly in general lately, and it's driving me insane.

I know you are not psychic, TQC, but what could be a few causes of this? How can I get my computer to go faster again? I'm using Vista, if that makes any difference.

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Hey guys here's another question about Dairy Queen!

We have commercials here for DQ that have someone singing "DQ...That's what I like about Texas!"

Because of this, my boyfriend was convinced that Dairy Queen was a Texas-only thing. I showed him their website to prove that they aren't, but now we're curious about other places commercials.

So. Does your state/area have DQ commercials? What do they say?
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What's the worst cover you've ever heard?

Up until a few minutes ago, I could have sworn it was Godsmack's cover of "Good Times, Bad Times," by Led Zeppelin.

But I just heard Taylor Swift destroying one of my favorite Better than Ezra songs and I'm quite sure my life will never be the same.

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1. Have you, or anyone you know, met someone on an online dating site?

2. What are the qualities you look for in a partner?

3.If you could ask a potential partner any question to get to know them better...what would it be?

DK/DC? Whats your favourite type of ice cream?

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Two more questions and then I'm off to study:

How does one prevent a crush from forming?
For those of you with 200+ FB friends, how do you keep track of them all? Do you? How often do you interact with them? How do you know them? (Be as general or as specific as you like)

I have a stupid, random question

1. Have you ever bought anything from an infomercial? If so, what was it? Did it meet your expectations?

2. My Canadian friend went off on me when I jokingly referred to Canada as Canadia. Is using Canadia instead of Canada, in general, considered disrespectful and something to avoid?

3. For those of you who drink soda, which kind do you drink most often?
TK and Kari

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You have a friend who wants to become a ~famous actress~ and she majors in Theater in college. She really, REALLY has her eyes on becoming a ~famous actress~. Except her acting isn't very good and she can't even get roles in school plays.

Would you tell her she can't act and ask her to go into something else, or would you sit by and let her figure out her own mistakes?
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Are you watching the Man vs. Food live event? Do you love this show as much as I do??
Yes; I doubt it. It's sickening, my obsess.

What have you eaten today?
Three flts--facon, lettuce, tomato, on mini sourdough slices, a snackpack bag of original sunchips, and a red delicious with creamy pb, and two pieces of mini pumpernickel toast.

What have you drank?
three 20oz bottles of water, two 12oz cans of diet coke.

What do you wish you'd had to drink?
I really could have gone for a glass of wine tonight instead of a nap. Or, you know, a fine wine product like Arbor Mist.

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Do you want to play a game?

Can you comment the first lyric that comes to your mind, and reply in a comment to the comment above yours in a lyric from a song?
Who is the artist?

"You sexy mother fucker"

TK and Kari

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When I saw Austin Powers (the first one), I was a little kid and laughed my head off.

When I saw it again just a few years ago, I thought "...this isn't funny at all. The humor is really, REALLY immature."

Are there any movies/shows/books you see that way? I wonder if I would have gotten into Twilight if I read it as a 14-year-old instead of a 19-year-old.
The Office - Nowai Kelly

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Have you ever submitted something to Lamebook?

I just did and I am so hopeful about it getting posted.

If you were a typically unattractive person, and had a "hot" wife, would you feel like its appropriate to post this picture up on your facebook with absolutely no privacy filters? And not just this one, but a series of them, some of which show nips?

I obviously put a little box over her face for some anonymity, along with the caption for the picture compliments of her husband.
Collapse )

If you were the person's wife, how would you feel about your goodies being on display for all of his facebook friends? Because as far as I can see, these pictures have been up since October and she apparently is ok with that.

They have a two year old child. How awesome would it be if they keep their facebooks until the kid is grown up, and then he friends his parents and sees his mom with skoal over her boobs?

Do you have any "friends" like these that you keep around just for the lulz? Because I haven't talked to this guy since I worked with him ages ago, but the amusing shit he posts just blows my mind.

Do you have any white trash stories to share with me?

(no subject)

i live on the third floor of a three story house. whatever, it's a room on the top floor. WHAT IS INSIDE MY WALLS SCURRYING AND WHEEZING?

will the cat keep me safe if it gets in?? she's got all her shots and she's kinda vicious.


(no subject)

Have you been to a therapist? Will therapists help you with anxiety about a specific thing?

I'm thinking about going, but I've only been to a psychiatrist once and that's not exactly what I'm looking for.
Cupcake //

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What happens during a second job interview?

I've got one next week and I'm meeting with different people than I met with for the first interview, but what the hell is going to happen? Are they going to ask me the same questions? How should I prepare?

for those familiar with the Bay Area (CA)

I will be moving to the Berkeley area soon.  I've only been there once and we are currently apartment hunting.  What are the good and bad parts to live in Berkeley?  What are some fun things to do there?

For everyone else:

What goes on your perfect ice cream sundae?

Or if you don't eat ice cream...what's your favorite dessert?

Image Editing Program Suggestions

I'm looking for a program to edit images on, but I can't find anything that works the way I want it to. I used to use ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5, and that was 95% perfect for what I wanted it for. Now I run Windows 7 and 5.5 isn't compatible with it. I've tried PhotoStudio 6, but it is balls and I hate it. It won't even run anymore for me without crashing every five seconds.

Collapse )

I've tried Paint.NET and PhotoFiltre, but those don't do what I need them to do. My husband has Photoshop, but I don't understand how to use it, and I'd like something a lot less complicated, since all I do really is make icons. Can anyone make some image editing program suggestions for someone who is not good with computer? Free is good, but I'm willing to pay if it will do what I need it to.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Dr. Tqc, for shits and giggles:
All over body itching, nausea/not being able to keep food down, and an apparently suppressed immune system (keep getting cold sores) - what do you think?

Are you a naturally curious person?
Do you hate going to the doctor?
k.bell ♥ biggest smile

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What should I bring with me tomorrow?

an apple
turkey sandwich on toast
egg sandwich on an english muffin
honey-pretzel rods
white cheddar popcorn

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Is there anyone in this world that you would, without hesitation, die for?  If so, who?

I would happily die for my brother....

dk/dc how much do you love liiiiiiiittle baby animals?  what is your faaaaaaavorite baby animal?
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This summer, I plan on spending some time in Iceland on the way home from the London. I've been trying to amass as much research as possible to make the most of my time there, and was wondering if any of you lovelies have been there and have any advice/must-sees to share with me?

I will, of course, be going on an elf tour.

Cost permitting I'd like to rent a car and drive around, but I may be rather broke by that point and am not sure if it's worth the price.


(no subject)

TQC members who have lived with the opposite sex in a platonic roommate situation:

What is the standard etiquette for disposing used tampons and pads in a shared bathroom?

ETA LADIES OF TQC who use tampons: used tampons do down the toilet, or in the garbage?