February 2nd, 2010

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1. To carry on this question;

Can you call yourself pro-life and still be for the death penalty? Or would you consider the person who is a hypocrite?

Why or why not?

2. I caught a case of food poisoning last week and I am still feeling the effects now. Have you ever caught a case? If so, from what? And what happened?

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Today I watched the Matrix and wondered, should they do a remake where Neo and Morpheus are made out of shit, or would that detract too much from the story and their characters?

If they did, should all the characters be made out of shit, or just Neo cause y'know, he's the one?
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Two people fall madly in love, and only more so when they both realize that they never want kids. Their nieces and nephews are great, but being a parent is something that doesn't appeal to them at all. They get married and have a great relationship for a few years (for the purpose of this question 4-7 years), until one decides that maybe being a parent wouldn't be so bad. They don't really fight over it, but the one who has changed their mind drops little hints and grows restless in the relationship.

#1. If you're the person who changes your mind [decides you do want kids], do you try to convince your child-free spouse of the many reasons having a baby would be awesome, accept the fact that you got married under different terms and let the idea of having your own baby go, or do you call it quits with your longtime partner? Why?

#2. If you're the person whose spouse changed their mind, but you still don't want kids, do you listen to your spouse's points of reason on the having kids debate and seriously consider having kids, expect your partner to go through this as a phase and return to their original "don't wanna be a parent" view, or do you call it quits with them? Why?

#3. What is something you feel very passionate about, to the point of leaving your longterm partner/spouse (again, 4-7 years) without regret, if they changed their mind? srs and non srs.

DK/DC: How loud does your alarm have to be for you to wake up?
I had my alarm turned all the way up this morning and didn't wake up once...in the hour it went off. I'm a little scared that I might not hear an intruder or the fire alarm, now...
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Well, I requested a three day vacation because I needed some time to relax, as I'd been working my ass off and doing overtime and shit. They okayed the time off because they needed to make up for the overtime they paid me. Win-win. I came back on Saturday and all the cleaners were asking me if I was leaving the company because some guy was answering the phones and said he was the new office rep. Then my field manager called me when I was the only one in the office, bitching about something I simply could not change and started harassing me and yelling at me and telling me that I was incompetent and when I told her I would not be spoken to like that, she bitched to my boss about how if I had spoken to her like that, she would have fired me (I was not rude, I merely had to raise my voice to get a word in edgewise because she was being so nasty).
WELL, I just got a voicemail from my office manager saying not to come in tomorrow, to come in at 10 on Wednesday (I usually come in at 8 or 9) for our weekly office meeting and "we're going to have a meeting with the President and the field manager". This is how they have fired every single staff member I have seen fired since I started working there - they schedule a meeting. My boyfriend's being annoyingly optimistic, saying that it's just a furlough day or whatever.

I'm going to be fired on Wednesday, right?

Should I just spare myself the shame and leave my office key and phone on the office manager's desk? I think it might spare them the time and make it less humiliating for me.

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What should I get my roommate for her birthday?

She's from Japan, loves dogs, traveling, history, and wants to work in tourism.

I'm horrible at buying gifts for people, so I was thinking of drawing something, but...I'm kind of bad at art. So...

DK/DC: What kind of accent do you have?


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Which movie do you like the best?

White Chicks
Yellow Submarine
Pretty in Pink
Blues Brothers
Red Dragon
Purple Rain
Men in Black
Clockwork Orange
Picture of Dorian Gray
Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown
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How difficult would it be for me to back my computer stuff up on an external harddrive? My warranty is about to run out on my Vaio and I want to get it suped up, but I have to back up first :\ I don't want to pay someone else to do it, sooo I need to know the most idiot proof way to do it. Suggestions?

Have you ever used Beats by Dr. Dre headphones? This can include DiddyBeats, Heartbeats by Gaga, etc. Are they worth the $$?

Are you good at scrabble?

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I had an emergency appointment with a dentist i'm not registered with today, as I have had toothache out of the blue since sunday morning.
She tapped my teeth a bit and said there wasn't a problem and to stay out of cold wind.
I still have toothache.
Do I go back to the same doctor and demand an x-ray, or go to a different one who may be better at spotting the problem? 
(I'm in the UK and I don't pay)

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Due to an error on the part of my gas company and them being TOTAL ASSHOLES and refusing to fix their mistake, I haven't had gas (read: hot water or heat) in my apartment since Thursday morning. Someone SHOULD be here between 8am-12pm. It is currently 917am. What time do you think they'll show up?

I should switch gas companies, y/y?

Are you anxious about anything? Wanna talk about it?

What's for breakfast?
Should I have Great Grains cereal or a toasted cin. raisin bagel with cream cheese?
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i need ~inspiration~ TQC

will you post pictures of really neat/fun/differently decorated rooms you have or just rooms that you like? perhaps a picture of what you'd consider your "dream room"?
(i'm mostly looking for bedrooms, but any works)

will you post pictures of wall murals you like?

i have two dark grey walls and two dark/burnt orange walls in the room i'll be moving into next month and i want to paint something simple with black paint on the grey wall(s) because i don't want to hang a lot of pictures or anything on my walls... i'm looking for something like Collapse )

ALSO, will you show me a picture of your room? or a room in your house you like?
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I bought a book for school on Amazon. The book is supposed to come with a DVD, which I need for the class. When I got the book, it was wrapped in shrink wrap that said "CANNOT RETURN IF SHRINK WRAP IS BROKEN." It has a cardboard sleeve inside the shrink wrap that says "DVD INSIDE" but there's no way to tell if the DVD is actually inside without breaking the shrink wrap.

What do I do if I open it up and there's not a DVD in there?
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I have a 9:30 am class two days a week. I am in that class right now. Its in a brand new classroom with tons of electronic equipment (in the engineering building) but my class in a Political Science class and we basically need none of the tech-y bonuses of this room.

Apparently, there is a camera mounted on the wall that allows the engineering building enforcers to watch us. This guy just interrupted our class and told everyone who had a drink (even bottled water) that we were ruining the floor and can't even have them in our bags for later - all liquid has to be tossed before entering the room. He then stood there and glared until all that had been visible were tossed in the garbage, and then he removed the garbage like he thought we were going to take the bottles back out after he left.

Is this insane? I feel like I've suddenly moved to some crazy totalitarian big brother state.

I mean, the fact that they're watching us is creepy. I mean, what the hell? I didn't choose to have class in a brand new classroom, and I drink a ton of water everyday, especially in the winter when I feel more dehydrated. I have yet to spill an entire bottle of water on the floor.

Another girl in my class said that she pays tuition, and she'll drink if she wants to.

Anyone else have a similar situation at their university or school? I think every class I've been in has the sign up about "No eating or drinking," but I also have plenty of professors that violate that rule every class.

EDIT: And what should I do about this? Serious and non-serious answers are welcomed with open arms.

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I came into work this morning and no one else in my area was here. I'm third in line for the clerical staff supervisor, so I told them that if they needed anything, that they could come to me. My boss came in a little later and had to come over and say "You told them all you were in charge? Do you really want to be the boss SO BAD?" There is no communication around here and I thought I'd stop the buck with me.

Am I in the wrong?
What would you have done?

DK/DC - Who was your teen crush?

a dumb Q

Ok, so I've been seeing this guy on and off since around Thanksgiving. He's pretty cute and nice and I like him well enough. But the last few times I've tried to see him, he's been busy or sick. He hasn't tried to see me in about three weeks. So I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that he's probably not interested anymore and probably won't be contacting me again. And while this is somewhat disappointing, I'm not too broken up about it. HOWEVER...I loaned him one of my favorite books. And I want it back. How do I go about getting my book back? Should I even mention my suspicions that the "relationship" is over or just pretend that i need my book back really urgently?
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what do you think of women who wear toe rings? i hate that it draws attention to people's toes, and that's gross.

what do you think of sasha grey?

would you get a seasonal flu shot, if it was completely cost and hassle free? i did, only because i like getting injections.
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You are what you eat. What are you?

Edit: two more

If you had the chance to have a 10 minute chat with anyone in the world, who would it be?

What does your living space say about your personality?
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1. What are some words you overuse?
Dude, amazing, precious, awesome

2. What is one song you can't stop listening to right now?
Green Day - 21 Guns ft. the cast of American Idiot. It's a beautiful song and I love it! I was so excited to see the cast on the Grammy's with Green Day!

3. The spa where I get massages left me a message saying that I had a $25 credit applied to my account and that I can use it whenever I call to make an appointment. It can't be that simple, can it? What are they gonna try to sucker me for when I go in?
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I used to work at a comic book store, and every time I worked closing, my boss would tell me to "go do the cash register." I'd hit some button on the register and it would print out a receipt of the total amount of money we made that day, and then I'd count up the cash, the checks, and the credit card charges and see if it matched up with the total sales.

Is there an "official" term or phrase for this task? This has been the only job where I've handled money before, so I've only ever known it as "doing the cash register," which doesn't sound very professional on a resume.

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Hey guys, I need help picking a topic for a short article that I have to write for my class. I picked a few topics but I need to narrow them down to one.

Out of these, can you tell me which one would make the best article or the one you'd be most interested in reading?

-Gandhi is murdered
-Bloody Sunday
-Guy Fawkes is executed
-The Hama Massacre where 7,000-40,000 people are killed in Syria
-The Day the Music Died (Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper die)
-Patty Hearst is kidnapped


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1)Are there any foods you associate with older people?

eating cornbread in buttermilk, a love of pickled beets.

2)How many shirts should I wear today? The high is 40.

eta: Do you believe the results of this poll?

No, I totally can't believe that 31% of repubs are against contraception being legal.

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A friend of yours takes you out with a person you've never met before. This person is driving, your friend is in the front seat, and you are in the back. You're having a great time but you really have to pee. There are no bathrooms around so you hold it. You really like this new person and at one point you laugh too hard, and oh no, you have peed all over their back seat.

What do you do?

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I filled a thermos flask with tomato soup about 3 months ago, and have been too scared to open it since.
Do you think it will be absolutely disgusting, and I should just chuck the whole thing, or will it be ok as it has a long life in the can anyway?

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Does anyone here have an invitation they could extend to moi for that nifty ffffound.com site?

Also, what are your experiences with online highschool-level courses? Good/bad?


I forgot, I have another question.

For those of you from Canada...

I got a ticket at a concert for underage drinking, but I had no ID on me so the police officer trusted me that I was giving him the correct information. I didn't though, the address is wrong (my neighbours... but regardless, I gave them the neighbours address at my DADS house, but all my documents have my mother's address anyways, so for all they know, its TOTALLY off and I dont live anywhere near the address I gave) and my first name is spelled incorrectly.

Do I technically have to pay the ticket?

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Does anyone work for Wal-Mart?

My sister's girlfriend accessed her w2 online today and there's a problem. All of the info matches her last pay stub...except for her last name. First name and middle initial are correct, but last name is wrong.

Is there a number to call to get this fixed?

I was going to e-file her taxes today...but I'm assuming I can't since the name is wrong...right?

I hope it's right this time

Values According to the poll results, a good portion of people felt that contraception should be outlawed, gay people shouldn't teach and Genesis' creation of the world should be taught in schools. How does this make you feel?

Depressed. People just suck
Amused. Some people are so dumb
Proud. There's some good people left, with good values
Angry. WTF
Surprised. I had no idea that so many people felt this way
Happy. I know I'm not alone with my opinions
Hungry. It's almost lunch

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Glee fans of TQC,
Do you ship Artie/Tina?

DK/DC: Do you still use a land line? That is, does your house/apartment/castle in the sky still have a telephone number that receives calls regularly?

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I only have 3 more days to work on things for a craft fair. The fair lasts for 6 hours and will have about 3000 people attending. How fucked am I? 

How much merchandise do you think I should have? Since everthing is so tiny I feel like I definitely will never have enough. And I haven't even remotely tried to price anything yet or looked at how much I actually spent on supplies. I can't tell what will be the best selling either! I don't know how much to make of each thing. I have 9 mini cheeseburgers and like 40 mini donuts. I think I'm going to put them on rings, but I only have 40 ring blanks. Do I order more?

What else do I make? I have maternity bears, happy bday bears, penguin princesses, mini food... 

Cats pawing at mommy's face

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I have to fly in for a wedding, but the friend who's picking me up has class until noon. Given the choices, would you
a) leave early and have a direct flight, then a few hours to hang out at the Phoenix airport looking at the art exhibits, or
b) leave later and have a flight that's ninety minutes longer, but get to Phoenix just before noon and not wait around the airport?

What really small thing have you been grateful for this week?
I'm unexpectedly working a double today, and my boss let me go home for an hour between shifts. It's so minor, but it totally makes the idea of working 12 hours not make me want to die.

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Can you recommend a cleansing/masking product for a urine test?

Do those urine masking agents at GNC and head shops show up in drug tests?

Have you ever used one and did it work?
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Have you ever ACTUALLY had beer goggles?

My roommate and I are debating and I don't understand. Even when I'm drunk, I don't find people attractive that I wouldn't find attractive sober, and I still wouldn't do anything with someone I'm not attracted to. Do people actually hook up with other people drunk and then wake up and be shocked by who they slept with?

Explain please. Personal experiences?
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There is a Qdoba Mexican Grill opening in my area. Has anyone here ever been to one? Bonus points if you worked there or know someone who worked there.

I have an interview there Friday, and I've never been there so I have no idea what to expect, but I've been unemployed for a long time, so I'm pretty much taking what I can get right now.


1. Do you like cereal?

2. Which is your favorite kind?

3. What kind of milk do you use?

4. Do you drink the milk?

5. Do you like to have cereal for dinner?

6. Do you have a favorite spoon or bowl that you like to use when you eat your cereal?

Collapse )

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To the comic book readers out there,
Can you recommend some comics for me? Preferably stand alones or short series.

I read Modern Warfare 2, Prototype, 300 & The Hard Goodbye yesterday. And I've got Batman Year One, The Killing Joke, Arkham Asylum, The Dark Knight Returns & Planetary: Night On Earth on my to read list (yeah, I watch Attack of the Show lol).
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what are some good and/or favorite snacks to take to school?

i have class 8am-5pm and i am either starving or broke from buying food court food. i don't like bringing veggies or fruit unless i eat them early on in the day... they always end up in the bottom of my bag and are nasty by the time i get hungry.

reuben on rye

I'm supposed to go to a party in DC this evening (I'm in northern VA).  However, it's going to snow.  The weather channel is only predicting about an inch of snow on the ground by 11 pm.  This area is super horrible about preparing the roads for snowy/icy conditions, and I'm driving into DC, which I don't do often and will probably end up getting lost at least once.  If I go, I probably won't start heading for home until about 10:30-11 PM.  So...should I go, or should I just stay home?  ETA: Decided to stay home, even though I could have taken the metro and walked (I'm lazy and I need to study anyway).  The party's hosted by this great girl I'm getting to know, so...bummer.  :'(

tldr: What's your favorite kind of sandwich?  
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inspired by me falling down a bunch of cement stairs just now

can you break your butt?
how can you tell if your butt is broken?
i can feel (and see, if you must know) a massive 12" by 6" bruise forming on my left butt-cheek/thigh... is my butt going to swell and is it going to be a bitch putting my jeans on tomorrow?

also, what's the stupidest or most embarrassing or even clumsy, for that matter, thing you did lately?

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Will you show me what your eye makeup usually looks like? Will you also show me a pic of your eye makeup on a more dressy occasion?

ETA: I feel like I have rounder eyes & thicker eyelids than most people.. I feel incompetent at applying eyeshadows and when I put eyeliner on my eyes look ridiculous. Any suggestions or tips? :/
de best sci fi is goofy

Fear de evil dat is me!

I have seen every single Star Wars movie in the theaters when they came out. The only thing that bothered me about the newer ones (1 & 2 & 3) is that too many of the aliens spoke English.

What claim can you make that you're fairly sure not many others can?
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Living in the Hills

I'm Australian, and we get bushfires, and we have snakes and spiders that freak me out.

I was brought up thinking it's a bit reckless to live in the hills, due to the fire danger. But at the same time, I would love a lot of land, my boyfriend really wants to live in the hills, I'd love an orchard,a big house, an alpaca etc. Another concern is proximity to supermarkets for emergencies, friends visiting you, close to activities...

Please, do convince me that I won't die/have no social life/lose all my stuff in a fire?

Also: tell me of your travel adventures? Most adventurey thing that has happened to you while travelling?
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Are you as pumped for Lost as I am??!?!

Agree/disagree: If you are a fan of Lost, you are a diehard. If you don't like Lost, you don't like it. There is no inbetween. I, as well as many other Lost fans I know, could spend hours theorizing/reading lostpedia.com articles/etc.

If you don't watch Lost, what are you doing tonight?

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 If you saw Avatar, did you like it? Is it as good as the hype, or is it overrated? Does it deserve the 9 Academy Award nominations?

I for one am pissed that it passed up Titanic, but I haven't seen it so I guess I can't say anything.
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It's on in 13 minutes. And I don't know if ONTD is having one.

If you DGAF, why don't you post a gif to make everyone happy?
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After tearing my room, the living room, and my car apart, I cannot find my iPod headphones anywhere.

Should I buy the $30 Apple replacements? My only problem is that they have a mic attached that I most likely will not be able to use/want with my 5th gen iPod. Or should I just not be a snob and get some cheap ones?

DK/DC: What is the last thing you lost recently?

edit: I'm going to buy cheap ones. I think I was being an idiot and overreacting because this is about the 1090478958903 thing I've lost recently :|

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I'm an Anglo-Irish student, with very little knowledge, but a fondness for country music.
Can you suggest a few introductory artists?
So far my knowledge extends to the fairly well known ones and the Brokeback mountain soundtrack.
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I just made/ate sticky rice with mangoes and sweet coconut sauce for the first time ever tonight and it was amaaaaazing.

What's a food that you recently tried for the first time in your life? How was it?
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TQC, I've been studying and writing essays (nearly) non-stop for the past four days. I finally have the night off (meaning nothing is due immediately).

Poll #1520559 What to do, what to do...

What should I do with my free time?

Study for my midterm, which is on Friday
Do reading for my class, which is at 2pm tomorrow
Watch a movie online
Catch up on The Daily Show
Stretch, do yoga, relax, and go to bed early
Get my bf to take me grocery shopping at the 24hr Safeway

DK/DC: What news source (if any) do you subscribe to/watch/read online/etc?
I recently subscribed to The Economist, thus fulfilling a dream I've had for years.
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My favorite professor this semester has online office hours right now, from 9-10pm. He sent an email earlier in the week changing his actual office hours because of his schedule, and then mentioned that the online ones will stay the same and that they've been rather lonely. I planned on logging in and seeing what it looks like, but I don't really have anything super specific thats bugging me about the course as I'm doing well and we're only a month into the semester. Should I log in? What should I say? If I log in, see that no one else is in there, and then log out, how stupid will I look? I have to face him tomorrow in class.
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TQC! My friends and I are moving into an apartment together this summer! It'll be four of us girls. What questions should we ask each other to make sure this goes smoothly?

What questions do you wish you had asked roommates and made clear before you moved in together?
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Have you or someone you know ever been on tv?

Due to annexation, my neighborhood is being interviewed and they're taking pictures. They just showed a neighbor on the news and showed a big picture of my house.

I have a bad feeling my redneck brother is going to end up embarrassing us on the local news.

Have you seen any of those 'Is it a good idea to microwave this?' videos? What's your favourite?
I like the Elmo vid.

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If you went out for lunch/dinner- would you be more likely to have a starter and a main course, or a main course and a dessert?

(Let's pretend you can't have three because there's not enough time.)
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My husband was hired by his current company to complete a specific project that, after four years of trying, no one else could do.  There was a clause in his contract that said that upon completion of the project, he was due for a raise.  He finished the project three months ago and has yet to see a penny.  He can't make waves or take legal action because they could retaliate and fire him.

Is there anything we can do?  What would you do if you were in this situation?

DK/DC:  Would you rather earn salary or hourly wages?
Chessy: Mad Here

LOST fans.

Wtf? Is anyone else as utterly and completely confused and, pardon the pun, lost as I am?

I feel like I would have understood tonights episode better if I was on some kind of mind altering drugs lol

Ps; anyone else sad they killed Juliet? (I know the actress is on another show already, but still =< )
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Any tips on how to write book reviews (not for publication but for my LJ and communities) would be much appreciated. I suck at it.

DK/DC I got this overwhelming sense of dread, hopelessness and despair when I realized I'm a 27 year old girl with no college degree, physical and mental ailments, working as a temp at a shit job where I make sure people have enough coffee, milk and air freshner in the pubic bathrooms. I considered stabbing myself today with one of the non-serrated plastic knives I'm supposed to make sure we have a hefty supply of at work. Help! If you've ever realized your life is going nowhere fast, what did you do about it? Help!

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It's my friends birthday on thursday, and we're going for a meal and then the rest are going out. I'm not going out after, as my mum is visiting and I want to be able to make the most of her visit.
Do I have a few drinks at the restaurant (her parents are paying for drinks) and get a taxi back (£10-15, or I may be able to get a lift if i'm lucky) or drive?

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How forgetful are you? Do you have a better long term memory or short term memory?

My long term memory is excellent, but my short term is terrible. I am the person who forgets what the end of the sentence is supposed to be halfway through saying it. Also, I often need to look something up on the internet, then go to type it into google and realise I've already forgotten what I needed to look up.