February 1st, 2010


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Dear TQC,

I have a pair of Logitech 5.1 Speakers up for auction on ebay. I've been getting questions on the product, per usual. This nice lady from New Jersey would like to know "where and what is it?".

I'm assuming she wants to know where it is, to see how long it might take to arrive. But how in the world does she not know what it is? Is there something I am missing? I would like to answer her promptly, but I am not sure with what!

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What was the last thing you did that made you really disappointed in yourself?

How satisfied are you currently with your job?

What kind of, if any, body modifications do you have?

When was the last time you really had a good cry?

Site for buying seeds with no minimum price?

I'm looking for seeds for Acacia nilotica (Egyptian thorn acacia) and the Dahlia 'Arabian Night.'

I have found a few sites for each but not one that sells both, and even in the case of ordering them separate, most places I've found pose a $15.00 minimum to order. This is frustrating because I only need 10 seeds, less if I succeed in growing the first few tries, which are usually around $1.50 for the acacia (I don't remember the price for small packets of the dahlia and I'm going to bed after I post this so I'm not going to check). However, in the case of the acacia I would need to order a 500-pack of seeds, which I will NEVER use all of, in order to have a valid order.

I remember the dahlia being significantly more expensive than the acacia, but since I can't find a site that sells the acacia AND the dahlia that minimum price thing is really choking me here. I don't want to spend an extra $13+ for more seeds when I probably wouldn't end up using the entire $1.50 pack. However if the dahlia were to be found on the same site that would probably solve this problem.

Does anyone know of any sites with no minimum order price, and/or sells both the acacia and the dahlia? I think the reason I'm not having much luck is that neither of these plants are extremely common.

Hoping some of you have had some experience in online seed-buying and know a site or two that could help me out!
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how comfortable are you wearing skimpy clothes?

i wish i was more comfortable wearing skimpy clothes (i am still young after all!) but my mum has made me feel ashamed of my body. even wearing a slightly low cut vest is scandalous to her and she laughs and makes fun of me D:

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I'm going to call my dad in the morning, and also make an appointment with an optometrist. We have insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, to be exact. Does insurance generally cover the cost of glasses as well as the visit/examination? I seriously have no idea how insurance works and I'll be thinking about it all night.

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I can't for the life of me get my DVD burner to work. It's a Lacie brand 8x DVD+RW burner that plugs in with a USB cable. It came with Lightscribe and Roxio Creater XE software. I tried using Roxio to burn a movie with MyDVD, and I got the DVD on there, and when I insert it in my DVD player, the menu comes up and says Play Movie. I can see a little preview of the movie playing on the menu (audio and video work on the little preview), and when I select it to play, it starts playing, but with no audio. I'm using DVD+R disks (could that be the problem?). So, I downloaded Nero free trial and tried that using Nero Express. It spent half an hour on "Encoding disk.." and then this popped up:

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So I'm putting together a parcel for a 24 year old guy's birthday. He lives in Alaska, LOVES snowboarding, and is from Southern California. I'm already planning on baking something tasty, but I'm at a loss as to what else I want to put in there.

What should I put in his parcel???

Thank you :)

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I've been sick for the past two-three days. I feel a bit better today, but I slept in on accident and just missed the bus. My phone won't turn on even though it's been charging for 5 days, and I can't find my sister's, plus I can't use the car without consequences, so I stuck behind.

Even though this is the first time I've been out the whole day sick since the fourth grade, I'm really not supposed to be. I'm not sure how my dad will react, so I'm:

Cleaning both bathrooms
Fixing the living room
Washing dishes
Cleaning my room
Folding laundry

What else should I do to make this time I'm out a bit more productive?

TL;DR: I'm out sick though I'm technically not supposed to be because I missed the bus. I'm doing a bunch of chores to be productive. What else can I do?

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 I"m in a relationship with this gur for two months...we're out in west virginia since he has "buisness" out here..
Last night was an "all for me" night...got drunk saw a movie etc...but
he was talking about how he n his bro r going to a strip club next week 2 blow some money..
It made me feel like shit....like Im not good enough for him...pretty enough ..skinny enough
I've had anorexia since I was 12...and this situation doesnt help my recovery...
Any suggestions please? I just wana throw up the Peanut butter he made me eat...


I'm trying to find a unique (indy I guess) looking tri-fold wallet to purchase. What's some of your favorite places to shop online that are similar to etsy.com or shanalogic.com?

Don't care/don't know - When's the last time you did something you really didn't care for in order to make someone else happy? What was it?

Love Coupons

So I spent all day yesterday making these love coupons for my boyfriend using some of your ideas. These are the actual "coupon" sides of them, but now I don't know what to put on the back. HELP ME DECIDE TQC!

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If you don't care, are you doing anything for/with your SO this valentine's day?
If not/you don't have an SO, what is your favorite dessert?

EDIT: What is that community called where you can post a follow up after a question here? I could post these after they're printed! :D
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Will you describe the last dream you remember having in one word?
What's your favorite breakfast?
Do you have a Facebook? Why/why not?
What's a song that's relevant to a phase or event in your life?
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1. In a relationship? How Long have you been with your current SO?
2. Not in a relationship? How long have you been single?
3. Are you happy with your current situation?
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Have you ever traveled from America to Ireland? Have you ever taken a tour of Ireland (no matter where you originated from)? We athinking about doing so and I really want to know about the experiences of others. If we do this, we're going to have to take a LOAN to do it and it would be more or less a birthday treat...this year is a "landmark" year. Husband is looking at bus tours, he doesn't really want to hire a car and attempt to drive us himself. If you went to Ireland, what where your experiences?

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I want to make some quiche for my kids, but I've never made it and I'm not going to eat it, so I turn to you, TQC. Can you share with me your favorite quiche recipes and tips?

I am looking for a simple crustless quiche, without veggies or meat in it for now (though I am thinking about tossing some imitation bacon bits on top). I would like to possibly make mini quiche in muffin tins or something, so instructions/tips for baking them that way would be appreciated.
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To the tattooed of TQC....

I'm going to be searching for a new tattoo artist to do my half sleeve, and I've gotten a few suggestions of really great artists from friends. If I elect to not go with one of my friends artists what kind of qualities should I look for in a new studio/artist?

Have you used the same artist for all of your tattoos?

How many tattoos do you have now? How many more do you want?

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What is a reasonable price to pay for new tires? On a coupe? To be exact, the tire size is 195/55/15.

How much did you pay for your last new set of tires?

Yes I know the price will vary, I'm just wondering if pepboys is trying to rip me off asking for 515 dollars.
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Quick question for those of you who have applied for the census jobs.

When you took the test, how did you dress? I'm guessing jeans and a tshirt are no but what kind of clothing would impress but not look over dressed?

How long did the test take?

And if you've done the job in the past, is it hard? Did you have any scary encounters at people's houses?
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Yesterday I didn't eat dinner because I was sick, tired, and not very hungry. It's a salad, which is really unusual for a dinner at my house. Salad sounds AMAZING right now.

My dad has three separate containers he put the leftovers in for his work lunch different days.

Is it wrong if I go eat one? Technically it wouldn't be there if I ate dinner yesterday.

Don't know and/or care:
Have you ever owned an aquarium? What was in it? ETA: Kind of fish. :P
What have you accomplished today?

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Do you listen to the radio?
If so, how often?
What is your favourite radio station?

I'm listening to Q101, a Chicago alternative station that's also one of my favourite radio stations. I used to listen to DC101, but I lost respect for them after hearing a Rihanna song on there.

Don't know or care, which genre of music do you listen to the most?
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Why, as I'm marathoning Buffy, does Hulu suggest I watch the next episodes out of order? And by out of order, I mean both out of sequence and in a way that breaks up story arcs.

Anecdata sought

For the men:

Do you find public men's restrooms that don't have dividers between the urinals to be homoerotic?

For the women:

Have you ever tried to pee in a urinal?

For anyone:
Do you like chicken croquettes?
g girls; sophia and dorothy
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Anyone of you first time homebuyers this year? If so did you file for the $8,000? I'm just curious about how long it's going to take, because I have a feeling it's going to be awhile.
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inspired by the weird-childhood-ideas question:

what were your strange/wrong/whatever-misconceptions of sex before you knew how it worked?

as a kid i thought it had something to do with belly-buttons.
and then when i figured out boys had penises i pictured them as maybe the girth and length of a pinkie-finger. but i could NOT figure out where those things went or how that could have anything to do with sex.

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I am in Japan. I am leaving Japan in 2 weeks.
I dont feel like going to class today.
I already skipped the first half of school.
Should I go to class?

Also, how do you spend your long airplane rides?

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What is your eating structure? Do you eat 3 big meals a day? Do you skip meals? Do you eat small, snack-sized meals all day? Something else?

If you eat snacks throughout the day, got any good ideas to share?
1 cup of plain (or vanilla) yogurt mixed with a handful of walnuts and a sliced banana...it's awesome.
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You've decided to get a divorce.

You ask friends/family members for suggestions as to a good attorney to call. You have the attorney's phone number.

Assuming you have severe phone anxiety, what do you say when the receptionist picks up? How do you tell them what you want to do/need to do?

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Is my dog okay? What could this mysterious affliction be? :(

EDIT: :( Just got some news. The vet suspects a Spinal disc herniation... he's coming home now in a harness and won't be able to walk for months she says...
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Are you an Amazon Affiliate? Have you actually made any money from it? If so, how'd you do it? So far I've only made $0.41. I suck.

Do you do Amazon's Mechanical Turk thing? Have you made any money from that? I've made less than 5 bucks from it. Again, I suck.

What sort of things do you do on the internet to make some pocket change, besides the above mentioned two?

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What exactly can you make a guy for his birthday? I know you can make bath things, jewelry containers, etc. for women, but I never really see much diy gifts for guys, aside from food-related things.

I'm already baking him his favorite cookies, but I want to do something more and I don't exactly have a lot of money to spend on him. Plus, when he likes/wants something, he goes out and gets it himself anyway. He likes homemade gifts, but I'm just not sure what I could make for him. We both love games and he likes my artwork, but I feel like just cookies and fanart wouldn't be enough. He's telling me he doesn't need anything, but I WANT to do something for him.

Any suggestions? His birthday isn't for another two months, so I have plenty of time to make something decent.

Fish tank

So Im thinking about getting a 37 gallon fish aquarium. Is it worth it?
Id be getting fresh water fish, and a power filter. And some kind of sucky-fish that helps keep the tank clean (no snails).. will there be a shitload of maintenance?

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I have an interview at Dairy Queen tomorrow. Considering it will be (hopefully) my first job, I'm unsure what to wear.

Is wearing a skirt too overdressed? I mean, it's Dairy Queen, sooo. :/ What do you think I should wear?
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Have any of you ever had to take a ServSafe food exam? Was it easy?! D: I'm taking one on Wednesday and I'm super nervous.

If you haven't,

have you ever ordered anything from Bliss? How'd that go?
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So I'm trying to get a job as a tutor. All of my professional tutoring experience has been in biology, and the nearby tutoring places around me are basically only hiring for chemistry, physics, and math tutors.

I was only supposed to take two quarters of each of those subjects back at college to get my degree, but instead, I took four of each, and also at a more advanced level than was required. Most of my professors for those classes also wrote me pretty kick ass evaluations.

Should I copy and paste the evaluations into my cover letters, or does that look...suspicious? Or should I perhaps try to contact my old professors and see if they'd be willing to be a personal reference for me (which could be difficult, as some of them have left the school, some of them I haven't seen in three years, and some of them are kind of huge flakes)? Or should I say I took more advanced classes than was necessary and leave it at that?

Thank you, dear TQC.

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questions for the ex-veges:

how did you begin to start eating meat?
what was the first meat you ate?
how often did you eat it?
what were your reasons for eating meat again?

eta: how long were you a vegetarian/vegan beforehand?
devon ramen

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i have a spare $170 from selling some old jewellery of mine. apart from hookers, blow and transferring this money into your accounts, what should i do with this money? 

i usually just spend it on food/groceries but this time i want to pamper myself.

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Anyone have tried and true dip or salad recipes with yogurt?

How about recipes with avocado? I saw FoodNetwork advertising 64 recipes for guacamole but a lot of the recipes on that site aren't reliable.

Ever make gyros and care to share your technique/recipe?

What's the last medical/dental procedure you underwent?

Why are medical and dental separated as if each had nothing to do with the other?

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I'm going on a night out with friends tonight and we're dressing up as sailors.
We're students, so the outfits are pretty much going to be stripes and a few anchors.
Whiat do I wear, the dress under the cut, or just a stripey t-shirt?
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1.what are some sites that sell "cheap" airline tickets? anything you recommend? i'll be going from east coast USA to AUS if it matters..
2. why do they call it a brain fart? haha like where did it come from? 
3. can we make this a lost discussion post?  :) i can't be the only lost fan here :D

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Have you ever lived with someone who can't pick up social cues?

My roommate came in my room to ask me something and is now just standing in my room texting while I try to eat and get shit done. I tried the "well, I'm gonna do this now..." and she just doesn't understand that its time to get out of my room!
Julia Murney

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 What was the last thing that made you giddy?

Today was the first day acceptances were given to college bound students, and I got 4/5 offers.

What are you making for dinner?

Butternut squash soup, and pork chops.

What should I snack on while I wait for my squash to roast?

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This, I think, is my first ever clothes question posed to TQC and I'm excited :D

Anyway, I want to wear a dress tomorrow which I don't do too often. The dress in question ends a couple inches above the knee, and I plan on probably wearing a cardigan over it. Since it's winter time, should I wear leggings under it, or can I go without? What is the done thing?
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Supposing you want kids or have kids, what would you want their first word(s) to be? Or what were their first words? What were your first words?

I think my first words were boring. "Mom" or something. But my cousin's first words were "starbucks". =o I don't know what I'd want my childrens' first words to be, but something interesting, for sure.
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For those of you that have been under general anesthesia: How was your experience? Did you have any problems? Anything you want to share?

Should I go to work tomorrow, or take another day off to heal? (Had a wisdom tooth pulled today, and my boss would be okay with me being gone... But I get bored easily.)

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Let's say you had to move to one of those gun-crazy towns where people are allowed to walk around in public places with a pistol at their side. About a quarter of the town's residents are armed at any given time. Would you feel safer or more afraid?

More afraid

Someone buys you a gun for your birthday. What would you do with it?

Carry it around in public, since it's my right as a member of this town
Hide the gun somewhere in my house where I only I knew its location
Return it for store credit
Regift it
Keep it next to my bed
Pawn it
Rob a store
Bury it or destroy it somehow so no one can ever use it
Go hunting. I wanna shoot something
Upgrade from cutting myself to shooting off little pieces of myself
Have it melted down into an anti-gun art display
Turn the gun around on the friend that gave it to me. This'll show him what a bad idea it is to give me a gun
Give it to my kid/SO so they can carry it around for safety
Immediately join a neighborhood watch program so I can better protect those I love

QUESTION: my dog got sprayed by a skunk. What's the best way to clean his smelly ass?

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What's your favorite BLAST FROM THE PAST (80s or 90s or early 2000s) TV show?
(Inspired by season 1 of The Wonder Years being 25 minutes away from finished downloading. :D)

Will you describe how you are feeling, physically and/or emotionally, right now?
I have a headache, my uterus hurts, I'm sleepy, and lonely because my SO is gone. I'm also super anxious because I should be hearing about 2 interviews (one from this morning, one from last Wednesday) sometime tomorrow and I NEED A JORB. :T
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I'm seriously considering changing my given name. Has anyone else done this/looked into this? How'd it work out?

You see this couple?

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How can a loving God allow that to happen?

Did you know that 'Fido' means faith? Does that seem odd to you? Is it odd that its odd to me?
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 Is your ketchup in the pantry or fridge? [or somewhere else?]

What kind of ketchup bottle do you have? [As in upside down squeeze bottle, glass bottle, etc etc]

When you put ketchup on your food, do you put it on the side or on top?

What is the weirdest food you eat with ketchup?
Arch Rock Mack Island
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Scent of a woman

A few years ago there was a study that was done on what scents are best at attracting/arousing/whatever men. The study found that the most appealing scent to a man is pumpkin pie.

1. Does this help support Freud's belief that all men really just want to have sex with their moms?

2. Ladies, what is your favorite scent/perfume to wear?

3. Men, what scent/perfume do you find most appealing for a woman?

4. I'm going to be out of perfume in about 2 weeks. What kind should I buy???

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My microwave has developed this very naughty habit of turning on when I open the door, every five or six times I use it. Not just the interior light, not just the motor for the spinny disc, but it full on starts blasting when I hit the open-door button.

So I suppose my concern is--is it possible to cook my flesh from ~1-2 seconds of microwave exposure with a partially open door in between us, couple of times a week? I kept getting paranoid and thinking my hand is tingling and falling off.

I don't want to be like that urban legend of the dog in the microwave.

Also, is there a lawsuit in this? Will I become a katrillionaire? If the answer is yes, I just want you to know I will buy TQC a lifetime supply of paid time.

Thank you.
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Trivia Time

Without looking it up, do you know what movie the film "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?"  came from?

Edit: I asked the wrong question because I got interrupted while I was posting. I'll post the real question in a moment.
Peggy Blink

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What would be something annoying/funny to reply with that will make my boyfriend's friend get the hint that having a full on conversation with her two other friends in a mass Facebook message to all her friends (which means any time someone replies, everyone gets it) about her birthday is rude and obnoxious? I don't want to sound too bitchy, because it's my boyfriend's friend and I like making his friends think I'm cool and awesome. But fucking seriously. Would an event invite have been difficult? I don't want to know all this info, and OH ALSO I don't like getting 400 messages in my email inbox because of it.
Also, this conversation isn't even important, it's stupid shit. I would cap it, but then I would have to block out their names and that's too much work. Long story short, they're talking about wearing space suits and smoking pot.

What's your favorite underrated movie?
"Keeping the Faith" with Edward Norton and Ben Stiller. Also the chick from Dharma and Greg. I LOVE IT and it's on Lifetime right now.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you get?
I'd totally have a doe.

Work whining.

What complaints do you have about your job right now?

My boss has gone on a firing spree, and we've lost 2 baristas in the last month. Every time someone gets fired, I have to pick up some of their slack, putting me into overtime. I complained about this, because I'm the only one that gets everything turned upsidown anytime something changes. They think I'm "the best" and rely on me to babysit people who can't do their job properly, or just flat out replace them. So because I complained about having 50 hours one week, he does my schedule and gives me 35. I prefer 2 days off, but he snootily replied that I "complained about being overworked." I guess there's no in between.

Another barista is planning on quitting, too, and he's an asshole so I guarantee he won't give a 2 weeks notice. Guess who is gonna get effed in the ass over that? HRGHL.
Thanks Squeaktastic

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Ok so my google fu is failing me. There is a commercial making the rounds on tv right now that is a spoof of the old debeer's diamond ads. Ya know, the ones with the shadows and the dramatic music.

I can't remember what the commercial is for to youtube it!

Help me Tqc! I know you can do it!

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What is your favourite book-to-movie adaptation?

Have you read the book? If so, how does it compare? Did the movie stay true to the book?

On a random side note, have anyone ever had a chilli con carne pie? Because they are AWESOME! :)

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Which quote do you like best?

1. "Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself."

2. "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

3. "Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words."
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Hey, look, it's another one of those 'omg you guys, i totally don't know what haircut to get!' posts! With bonus, how much do you tip your stylist question!

So, how should I get my hair cut? It's really long after not being able to cut it for six months since I was unemployed. I'm not fond of fringe, so I'd prefer not to have them. ETA: I also prefer shorter and thinner cuts because my hair is very thick and it tends to contribute to headaches and neck pains.
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I'm going to a place that a coworker recommended and she said it was about 30$. About how much would you tip if the cut was really good?

How annoying are these posts?

Do you think they're more or less annoying than the 'what should I wear' posts?
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what was the most genius birthday gift you have ever come up with for someone?

i decided to make a little video compilation for my SO's birthday next month. so i'm going to start taking lots of videos of him...i'm excited to start!

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 Okayyyy. So I went to Ross today and got a super cute shirt. Trying it on again at home I realized oh shit, it's a maternity shirt. Which makes NO sense because it isn't big at all. I am sort of confused...I'm not very big. 5'5 and 130 pounds. Should I cut the tag off and pretend nothing happened or should I return it?

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Would you ever eat another person to stay alive? As in, all your other food sources are diminished and you are trapped somewhere-the Andes during the winter for example-and you have no idea when/if a rescue party would come.
If yes, would you tell other people about it once you were rescued?
If no, what would you eat in order to survive

Edit: There are people that are already dead.

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have any of you heard of this?

I work at an elementary school.
Today, one of the kids I work with came to me & asked for help with his writing project.
The paper said
"Opening sentence: __
Four facts about the MONKIZARD__
and he wrote "travel in packs, eat seeds and small animals, AND?"

I was confused but just went with it. whatever.
Then another kid did the same thing, but with a different assignment... about a MONKIZARD.
AND THEN, in 3 students agenda's it said "look up more info on monkizard"
perhaps they made it up.. but the kids were talking about it like it was all factual. Obv I know it is not a real animal =/, but is this some famous character I should know!?

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I just booked a flight to visit my friend in Arizona (I'm in New Jersey) (flying Newark to Phoenix). It's only my second flight, and last time, I got sick flying to Daytona. What medicines do you recommend, and when and how often should I take them for maximum effectiveness? They don't have to knock me out, I just don't want to spend the 5 and a half hour flight puking.

DK/DC: What is one good thing that happened to you today?
I <3 TLV

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I'm finally going back to my husband after staying with my parents for over a month, woo! Anyway, I want to celebrate our reunion with baked goods! I'm plan on surprising him with something yum yum.

Which would you be happiest to be surprised with?

Chocolate chunk blondie bars
Coconut chocolate chip bars
Lemon-lime squares
Blueberry coffee cake

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Do you ever have any strong ideas in your head about what a music video should look like after you hear a song? Like, do you have imaginary music videos that play in your head when you listen to it?

Oh, and please can you share some of your favourite 'fan videos' from Youtube?! I love them recently.

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Tomorrow I'm going to bring a cake to a guy I like for his birthday. This will make him fall madly in love with me, yes?

If you have a significant other, will you tell me how you two got together?